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644 Stinchcomb Drive #6 Columbus, OH 43202 (206) 307-7031

The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, March 2012 Major: Finance GPA: 2.8

Work Experience
Nicholas Laboratories of Indonesia (June 2010- July 2010) - Assistant of Purchasing Department, Jakarta, Indonesia Listed all the prices that suppliers offer for raw and packing materials on a monthly basis; listed the raw and packing materials needed for 3 upcoming months Made sure the materials were in supply and met the criteria from the quality control department for the production to run in 3 months Kept track of the raw and packing materials that came to the warehouse and were used by the production department Renewed the raw and packing companys database for every flow of the materials on a monthly basis Worked as a moderator when the raw or packing materials did not meet the quality control departments criteria that were sent to other branch offices Made all purchase order that were made by the company Scheduled yearly audit for suppliers warehouse to minimize the different compositions of the raw and packing materials Purple Cell (September 2007- November 2007) - Customer Services, Jakarta, Indonesia Introduced different types of cell phones that the shop offers Listened to what the customers concerned about the cell phone that they need Matched the type of cell phone that customers need to the available products Explained the advantages and disadvantages of having those type of cell phones Related the products feature to the buyers concern and need Taught the buyers on how to use the product Helped the buyers to set up the cell phone for the first time

Volunteering Activities
Mentor (Winter 2010) Helped disabled high school students before encountering their work fields, Specialized in teaching students how to use graphic design by making year books Helped students so they could bring out their ideas, which hopefully could ease them in finding a job. Shoreline Family Support Center (2008-2009) Took care of children while the parents were in training, presentation section or consulting. Shoreline Chamber of Commerce- The North King County Green Business Conference (June 23, 2008) Assistant pianist in this conference

Leadership Activities Red Cross (2005-2007) Secretary, Treasurer Student Government (2005-2007) Planning Team Extracurricular Phi Theta Kappa (Fall 2009-2010) Member Indonesia Fellowships Club (Fall 2008-2010) Member

Computer Skills: Windows XP and Microsoft XP (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access 2007) Language Skills: Indonesia and English