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Alfresco ECM and Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems

Enterprise content management (ECM) has long been characterized by costly and complex pricing models and configuration options, with thousands of choices to consider when configuring and pricing solutions for ECM in general and document management, including storage, in particular. Todays enterprise needs reliable, cost-effective solutions that are straightforward and simple to deploy and use, and that can easily scale to adapt to growth and changebut without requiring a significant initial or ongoing IT investment. For these reasons, organizations are increasingly turning to open source solutions for ECM and the document storage requirements that come with it. organizations rely on Alfresco for internal document management, necessitating a secure solution for storing vast amounts of information in a fault-tolerant manner. Thats where Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems come in. They combine industry-standard hardware components with Sun open source software stacks, to offer an open alternative that scales easily to accommodate growing amounts of data. Both the Alfresco and Sun solutions are simple and straightforward to deploy and maintain. And, being products of the open source community, they also both provide a more secure and more economical alternative to proprietary solutions.

Reduce the cost and complexity of document management with Alfresco ECM and Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems
Alfresco is a leading open source alternative for ECM that offers simplicity, scalability, and a low total cost of ownership. And open source-based Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems, with their corresponding ease of use Deploy ECM on a storage device you can set up in less than 5 minutes Easily drag/drop content into Alfresco Modular scalability up to several petabytes for thousands of users 97% cost savings when deploying open source-based technology for ECM and related storage and scalability at a low cost, work ideally with Alfresco to meet intense document storage requirements. In content management environments where large numbers of users are retrieving hundreds of millions of documents, and where storage is being shared across a network with many clients, the combination of Alfresco and Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems is ideal. Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems are About Alfresco ECM and Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems Alfresco is an open source-based solution that supports all aspects of ECM, including document management, Web content management, and collaboration for companies ranging in size from small- and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises. At the high end of this range, similarly simple to use, with an easy-to-use management interface for system installation, configuration, and tuning. With little effort and a modicum of training, an administrator can determine how the network is performing, where capacity is growing, which files are being affected by which clients, and other important information for storage management.

Ease of use
Alfresco open source document management replaces overly complex proprietary approaches with a solution that offers a powerful Web-based user interface and uses shared drives and everyday office software to capture, share, and retain content. Because the Alfresco repository is configured as a shared drive, knowledge workers can easily and flexibly author, version, and search for content using everyday tools from Microsoft Office to Open Office, and Dreamweaver to AutoCAD. Theres no desktop installation or retraining required.


Alfresco ECM and Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems

These capabilities are critical for document management, where growth is likely to be both rapid and unpredictable. Rather than struggling to find the bottlenecks that come with growth, users can rely on the 7000 series analytics capabilities to identify the root cause and enable corrective action. Then a simple point-and-click capability makes it possible to respond accordingly by dynamically increasing the size of the storage pool or adding solid state disk (SSD)-based caching devices to improve performance. This ease of use allows Alfresco to take full advantage of the capabilities of Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems for efficiently and reliably storing vast quantities of contentwhile also having the flexibility to expand as an enterprises content storage demands evolve. hard drives to the system, and adding more performance is accomplished by adding more SSDs. This makes the Sun systems extremely well-suited to the high-transaction and highvolume content management environments that are typical of larger organizations.

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Try the Storage Simulator: see how easy it is to manage a Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System on your laptop or desktop, go to: unified_storage/resources.jsp To learn more about Alfresco, visit: And unlike proprietary systems, there are no additional software licensing fees for any of the included software features. This dramatically reduces the cost of the solution over many proprietary alternatives.

Low cost of ownership

Both Alfresco and Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems keep costs down through the use of open source technology and open, industry-standard components. Alfresco employs a low-cost subscription model that requires minimal upfront investment. Comparisons of Alfresco pricing with that of other solutions, using publicly available pricing information, show that the Alfresco solution configured for 1000 users costs $33,500 in the first year, while competitive solutions cost up to $863,937 for the same configuration. Alfrescos

Part of Suns commitment to using open source to open possibilities

By supporting open source applications such as Alfresco with open architecture-based hardware and applications, Sun illustrates its longstanding commitment to helping customers maximize their ROI in the enterprise. Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems and the entire Sun open enterprise stack make it easy for customers to download free software, develop prototypes, and quickly create and deploy cost-effective enterprise solutions. Sun provides the ideal infrastructure with which to deploy open source applications and easily integrate them into existing IT environments.

Built for scalability

Alfresco makes it extremely easy to scale to accommodate growing amounts of data. Scalability is achieved by simply adding more nodes (servers) when theyre needed to support more data. As proven by both customers and independent benchmarks, Alfresco has demonstrated itself capable of supporting a large number of concurrent transactions and a repository in the hundreds of millions of documents consuming many terabytes of storage. In one test benchmarking scalability on enterprise-class equipment1, Alfresco scaled to load 107 million documents at an average load rate of 140 documents per second, far exceeding the test goals, with response times for read and write operations of less than one second. Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems provide an outstanding complement to Alfresco scalability because they are also designed for high-performance file-sharing with sustained I/O throughput. The systems use Hybrid Storage Pools, which combine DRAM, SSDs, and HDDs to increase capacity and performance while lowering power consumption. As storage requirements grow, adding capacity is as easy as adding more

subscription model also allows the cost to be paid out of an operating expense budget instead of requiring a capital investment. The Sun solutions are based on open storage architecture and the open source OpenSolaris operating system. They are full-featured systems that come with a complete software stack feature setincluding clustering, management interfaces, snapshots, backups, and so forth.

This sample configuration from Suns lab illustrates how Alfresco and Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage Systems can be configured to support 500 concurrent users.

See Benchmark Results: Scalability of Alfresco Content Management System in a Unisys ES7000/one Enterprise Server Environment white paper at See Total Cost of Ownership for Enterprise Content Management white paper at

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