My name is Christopher Correya.I had a close encounter with the Lord in the year 1977-1978.

But after two years the fire died down and I went back into the ways of the world. I began to commit sin I never dreamt of before. It was then that I got married and we now have two children. My wife and myself were partners of a successful restaurant called ‘ Continental Restaurant ‘ situated on residency road. We lived a comfortable life, spent lavishly and had every thing we needed. Money was never a problem for us for we had plenty of it. We lived for ourselves to enjoy life to the fullest. Life had so many wonderful things in store for us, but we never knew that Jesus had something more exciting and better for us. Jesus wanted to use us in his vineyard to gather the lost souls and to bring them back to him. We of course did not know him, nether did we love him and we did not want him in our lives. Life was beautiful (we thought so) and we intended it to stay that way. What we did not know was that without Jesus the entry to temptation and sin becomes easy and that’s what happened to us. My wife influenced by a friend opened her life to occult practices. her father had passed away suddenly in an accident and this friend told her she could speak to her father through the ouija board and find out exactly what happened. Influenced by all these wrong conceptions and being so far away from the Lord, she and her younger sister Sharon (a member of the Power Ministry team) were easy targets. They began to indulge in the ouija board and what started as a game soon became an addition. They together with a few other family members indulged in this everyday until one day their brother lost his temper and tore up this board. This practice stopped, but it was too late. My wife had opened the door to sin and now she was trapped in it. Things started to go wrong after this. My wife became restless, she was miserable and no one could do anything to help her. I knew something terrible was wrong, but I was helpless. There were times when she wanted to end her life, but I believe God had His eyes on her and through me he prevented this from happening. I think those were the most miserable moments of my life. I was desperate and I just did not know how to handle this entire situation. It was then I decided to take my family for a holiday thinking that a change of scene would help. It was then that God heard my silent cry and intervened.

As we were standing outside the hotel one afternoon, we noticed a lady looking at us from a distance. She kept looking at us for sometime and then she approached us. she told us that se never spoke to anyone unless she knew them, but that afternoon she was inspired by the Holy Spirit to tell us what Jesus had done for her. We listened patiently only because we did not want to be rude to her. She said God had saved her from a serious road accident and she is a living testimony of Gods love and mercy. She asked us to go to a brother who would pray for us and help us. I took my wife because that was my only hope. My wife went not because she was touched by that lady’s testimony or because she believed in Jesus, but because she knew she needed help. Early the next morning we went to see this brother. As that brother prayed for us as a family he said, one of us suffered from severe abdominal pain. My wife was suffering from this pain for the last four-five years, and no amount of medicine helped. As he prayed over her I was shocked at what I saw and heard. My wife was spinning like a top and she could not control her movements and she spoke in a male’s voice. He removed eight to ten spirits that day and each spoke giving its name and the reason why it had come. I had never seen a deleverance take place before and I was shocked. I could not believe my wife was tormented by the powers of darkness and that was the reason why she was in such a miserable state. What I will never forget is the look of torment in her eyes, I knew that she was terrified, frightened and totally helpless. As I watched I realized the importance of Jesus in our lives and how much we need to depend on Him. At the end of the day this brother who was praying for my wife asked me to take my wife home as she had become very weak and could not go on with the deleverance, and to bring her the next day so that the deleverance could be completed. He also advised her to read the Word of God which would strengthen her. That night my wife was terrified and scared. She sat up all night and asked me to read the Bible together with her. I did it because I love my wife and I wanted her back to normal. I remember how she cried to Jesus for help and how I cried within myself for her. The next morning before going to this brother, for the first time in her life my wife knelt down and cried out to Jesus loud. She screamed “God, Help me! Please help me Lord”, a cry of desperation, agony and pain along with fear, I knew God whould not close His ears to that cry so I took my wife and went, thinking that it was going to be the same as the previous day, but I was in for a big surprise. As this brother prayed for my wife she was not swaying but knelt straight, with tears rolling down her cheeks. I knew then that she had been delivered yes set free, God had taken her out of darkness into His marvelous light. My wife then received the anointing of the Holy Spirit and decided it was going to be Jesus all the way. Yes! We both made up our minds that day that we would live for Jesus and Jesus alone. We came back home determined to change our

lives and to make every effort to draw close to Jesus. Our initial walk with Jesus was tough, there were moments of pain, anciousness etc but we clung on to our Saviour. The desire in my heart to reach out to people who oppressed was sown the day I witnessed my wife’s deleverance, and as the days went by this desire began to grow, I fasted and prayed for a whole year asking God to fulfill the desire in my heart and finally God heard my prayer and the birth of this Ministry took place. Initially this Ministry was started in my residence where God began to send many people for prayer, healing and delverance began to take place. Later due to the increase in numbers it was decided to open the ministry to a larger gathering, so It was opened in a parish hall (Holy Ghost Parish) where there was a weekly attendance of about 200 (two hundred) people. The Ministry was later shifted of a convent chapel (Ursuline Convent) where the numbers increased further and there was a weekly gathering of about 250 to 300 people. The testimonies will show you how God worked in all their lives. The Power Ministries (India) is now a registered Trust and is engaged in conducting retreats in Schools, Colleges, Parishes and for youth groups. We also conduct healing Adorations, Passion Adorations, Inner healing sessions, healing the family tree, Praise and Worship sessions and teachings. Some of the topics covered in the teachings are : a) Holiness. b) Knowing the Father. c)Use of the Tongue. d) Why did God make us? e) Heaven,Hell and Purgatory. f) Powers of darkness (which also covers the topics on deleverance). g) Healing the family tree. h) Inner healing. I) Jesus the Rock. j) The Price that was paid for us. The services rendered by the Power Ministries (India) is entirely free, for we believe “freely we have received so freely we give”. The Power Ministries (India) are open to sharing the Love of the Lord to any part of the World as the Lord wills. If any of you feel a burden in your hearts to serve this Ministry in any way (see join us) or become partners with this Ministry do get in touch with us we will be ever so glad to hear from you (see contact us) May God bless you and shower you with His Love and Mercy. Christopher Correya, References : Fr.Jayanathan, Parish priest, St. Patrick’s Chruch. Fr. Washington, Parish Priest, St. Peter’s Church.

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