Dear Ms.

Tan, It has come to the attention of some of the editors that Alicia Kim has become a detriment to the progress of our yearbook. This is not a personal attack against her as a person but will attempt to be an objective account of her multiple shortcomings. She has rarely taken time out of her own schedule to assist with the development of the yearbook and yet still complains about her lack of involvement. She has made ridiculous, unfounded accusations against others and solicits supports from others in order to justify herself. Once she feels she has the necessary support, she will get into a confrontation with whoever she is displeased with. We think that she believes she is representing the student body as a whole when she solicits support, but instead her personal opinions always take precedence. She has a tendency to lash out when she feels her support is slipping and has demonstrated herself to be extremely rude to her fellow Editor-in-Chief as well as, we feel, to you. There have been many responsibilities entrusted to her that she has failed to perform. She failed to secure fundraising dates in the summer Senate meeting, which is now causing many problems, due to her unexplained absence. Besides her shirked duties, we have noticed that the duties she has attempted to perform have been of subpar quality. The Hall of Fame nominations process was unnecessarily confusing and has caused discontent among the student body due to her arrogance. The original ballot she created was difficult to understand and had a few mistakes. But when we fixed her mistakes with a new ballot, she insisted on using her own and nobody was able to reason with her. In addition to the disconcerting issues caused by the use of two ballots, she took it upon herself to sample an additional class without first consulting anyone else, not to mention with her own faulty ballot. This threw off the balance between our intended even split between regulars and honors classes. Overall the process became hugely unnecessarily convoluted due to her inability to reason with others. We personally feel that she does not exhibit the qualities necessary for her position. It has been claimed by others that she herself stated she did care about her title and was willing relinquish it. She also stated that she did not intend to dedicate herself to the yearbook this year. We take this to be absolute proof of her negligent attitude towards what we do here. If she does not care about her title then she does not care about the responsibilities entrusted to her position, which has already been proven. Her attitude is harmful to our environment; she has caused emotional distress for others and does not actively seek to rectify her mistakes, nor does she even recognize her mistakes. Overall she has proven herself to be a gossipmonger, volatile in confrontations, hypocritical in her arguments, unhelpful to our cause, and generally incompetent in the few instances she attempts to perform a task. To relieve her of her position would be a radical action, but she has already

been given many chances to prove her commitment and has failed each time. If we give her more chances she will only continue to bring everyone else down and cause us to fall further behind.

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