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For Listeria




Materials Required But Not Provided

Available from Neogen*
1. Incubator capable of maintaining 30 ± 1°C
Intended Use
2. Water bath or heater block capable of maintaining 80 ± 1°C
The Reveal for Listeria test system provides for the rapid recovery of 3. Glass test tubes of 5-8 mL capacity
Listeria spp. in foods and environmental samples, allowing detection 4. Pipettor and pipettes capable of transferring a 10 mL volume
and presumptive identification of the test organism within 43 hours. 5. Pipettor and pipette tips capable of transferring a volume of 100
to 135 µL (or Neogen bulb droppers)
The Test 6. Weigh scale
A preheated portion (135 µL) of the secondary enrichment culture 7. Neogen bulb droppers (pack of 500)
is placed into the sample port of the Reveal test device. The sample
Not available from Neogen
flows through the lateral flow device providing distinct, visible results.
1. Sterile water
If a line develops only in the control zone, the sample is negative for
Listeria. If lines are present in the control and test zones, the sample * See Equipment and Accessories, pages 91–95
is presumptively positive for Listeria.

The Procedure
1. Add an environmental swab or 25 gram sample to prepared Half
Fraser Broth Plus. Mix well and incubate 21-24 hours at 30°C.
2. Transfer 0.1 mL (4 drops) of mixture into 10 mL of prepared
Buffered Listeria Enrichment Broth (BLEB). Incubate at 30°C
for 21-24 hours. Ordering Information
3. Transfer 2 mL of the incubated BLEB into a glass test tube. Prod.# Product description
4. Place the glass tube containing the sample in a heating block or 9780 Reveal for Listeria Complete System – contains 20 devices,
water bath at 80°C for 20 minutes. 20 bottles of Half Fraser Broth Plus, 20 bottles of BLEB
5. Allow sample to cool to room temperature and add 135 µL medium, 20 transfer pipettes and 20 media bags.
(6 drops) to the blue sample window of the test device. 9780E Reveal for Listeria Environmental Sampling System – con-
6. Read within 20 minutes. Blue lines in the result and control tains devices, Half Fraser Broth Plus, BLEB medium, 20
windows mean the test is positive. If a blue line appears only in transfer pipettes, and environmental sampling kits for 20
the control window, it is negative. tests.
9781 Reveal for Listeria – contains 20 Listeria devices and 20
See package insert for complete instructions transfer pipettes.
9781M Multi-Pack Reveal for Listeria – contains two 10-packs of
Product Specifications devices. 9782 Reveal Half Fraser Broth Plus Kit for Listeria
Sensitivity: 1 - 10 CFU/25 grams – contains 20 bottles of Half Fraser Broth Plus and 20
media bags for 20 tests.
Test time: 20 minutes, after a 42-hour enrichment 9783 Reveal Buffered Listeria Enrichment Broth (BLEB) –
Tests per kit: 20 contains 20 bottles of BLEB for 20 tests.
Approvals: AOAC-RI #960701 9590 Reveal® AccuScan™ Reader
9785 Bulk Half Fraser Broth Plus – contains 500 grams for 40 tests.
9786 Bulk BLEB – contains 500 grams for 1,000 tests.
To use media other than those listed, see our Acumedia product line.

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