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the massacre at twinleaf


it was spring time in twinleaf town. the pidgey and chatot chirped in the trees, the
pachirisu scurried around and the people of the town were enjoying another beautiful day
in sinnoh. unfortunately, in the hills not to far away, a horrible plot was forming. an evil
and very powerful bibarel was plotting the destruction of twinleaf in order to begin the
systematical destruction of all of western sinnoh. however, a great and powerful trainer
is currently on a journey to twinleaf to visit an old friend. will he arrive on time, or will
he be to late to stop the massacre of little root.

the alarm clock’s buzzing stirred the trainer from his deep slumber. having stayed
the night in the pokemon center in eterna city after a long hike through mt. coronet, the
trainer named hiro was exhausted. hiro was born in kanto in saffron city and had been
traveling the world to train so that he could become the champion of the sinnoh region.
he had long dreamed of holding the title of champion and living in the beautiful sinnoh
area. “yawn, is it already morning? it feels like i just fell asleep.” grumbled hiro as he
rose from the bed he was in. “i guess it’s about time to get back on the road to twinleaf.
if i keep at my current pace, it should be no more than a week till i arrive.” he
considered. hiro gathered up his gear and his pokeballs and headed for the door just to
hear someone yelling in the sitting area of the pokemon center. “hey boy, i don’t know
who ya think ya are but you can’t just leave here without battling me!” the burly man
roared from across the room. turning to face the man who declared such a bold
challenge, hiro simply said, “you’re on!”

“it’s almost time to attack the town.” bibarel told all the bidoof at the gathering.
“soon we will destroy twinleaf and then take control of all of western sinnoh!” he
declared. having gathered a small army of bidoof and weaker bibarel, the leader had
decided to take all of western sinnoh for all his kind. “but how will we destroy a human
town, much less conquer the whole western part of the area?” asked an older, wise
bibarel. “it’s quite simple.” explained the leader. “we will use our allies to destroy the
houses, and we’ll gather the humans and eliminate them!” he exclaimed in obvious
bloodlust and excitement. “allies?” the other bibarel asked. “yes, i have managed to get
allies in a small group of machop and machoke.” he explained with an evil smirk. at that
time the group walked in lead by a large battle scarred machoke. “we’ve answered your
call. when do we start?” the fierce leader asked. “we attack in less than a week, when
the humans are celebrating the true tidings of spring. we will attack and eliminate them
then, when they are all gathered and vulnerable.” simply nodding his head, the machoke
lead his group away from the meeting to begin planning how he would fit in the scheme.
“soon brothers, soon we will rule this area as our own. ahahahahahahahahaha!!!!”

“alright, let’s end this tyranitar. use earthquake.” hiro called our. the battle had
been relatively short due the other trainers obvious inexperience. tyranitar’s powerful
earthquake defeated the other trainers graveler in one hit. after the battle, hiro resumed
his trek to twinleaf with renewed vigor. as he exited eterna city through the western pass,
he realized he was about to enter the famed eterna forest. growing excited about the
possibilities of finding new pokemon and battling trainers (that he secretly hoped were
stronger than the last one) he began jogging, then running, then he was in a full out sprint
towards the forest when suddenly bam! “ow, crap.” hiro said as he laid on the ground
holding his forehead. “watch it, geez that really hurt.” a girl about his age said sitting on
the ground about 3 feet away holding her head and sitting with her legs under her. “i’m
sorry, i was just so excited about getting into eterna forest that i started running as fast as
i could and before i knew it i ran into you… literally.” hiro apologized. “why are you
going into eterna forest from this side? usually this is the exit for the forest, are you
heading to sandgem?” the girl asked. “no, i’m going to twinleaf to meet with an old
friend of mine. oh, by the way i’m hiro.” “hiro? what a strange name. where are you
from?” she asked. “well it’s usually customary to introduce yourself before asking
questions.” hiro mumbled. “oh! i’m sorry my name is lanna. nice to meet you.” “well,
lanna, i’m from the kanto region. i was born in saffron city and i’ve made my here to the
sinnoh region.” “wow, i’ve never met someone from the kanto region before.” she said
softly. “where are you headed lanna?” hiro interrupted. “oh, right i’m going to eterna
city to pick up something from a friend of mine. maybe i’ll see you on the road. later.”
lanna said as she sprinted toward the city. staring slightly surprised and even more
confused, hiro shook his head and started back towards the forest.

“i’ve been in here for three days and still no sign of any unique pokemon or good
trainers.” hiro groaned as he made his way towards the end of the forest. having taken
the longer path through the forest, he had taken three days to get through instead of the
usual day and a half to two days. “well i guess since there’s the exit i’ll get out of here
and head straight to twinleaf. no more side trips or long routes, just the beaten path.”
hiro decided. “hiro! there you are.” a voice called from behind. “lanna, i figured you’d
be back home by now.” hiro called back. “i got sidetracked in the city and left
yesterday.” lanna gasped as she caught up to hiro. “do you wanna rest? i’ll wait for you
and we can head out of here together.” hiro said. “just a moment and i’ll be fine.” lanna
said still gasping. she stood up straight and pointed towards the exit and they started out.

“why do we have to wait for this stupid festival before we attack?” the machoke
leader asked. “i’ve told repeatedly, they will be most vulnerable during the festival.
they’d never expect an attack during that time.” the bibarel said clearly frustrated at the
machoke. “fine, but if the attack fails it falls on your shoulders, not mine.” the machoke
said fiercely as he turned to leave. “and so the success will be on my shoulders as well.
along with the reward.” the bibarel retorted although the machoke showed no interest.
the allies had been growing more intolerant of each other as the days went past. the
bibarel leader knew it would hold together long enough to begin the conquest and wasn’t
worried. he had though this through very carefully and had even managed to secretly get
allies in some buizel but that alliance was shaky still. “soon, soon.” he brooded.

“come on, lets go see the flaorama flower field.” lanna begged. “we’ll go for a
little while but we can’t spend to much time there. i need to get to twinleaf in he next few
days.” hiro agreed. “yay!” lanna shouted as she skipped ahead of hiro. he had to admit,
when they arrived, the flower field was breathtaking. he had never seen so many
different colored flowers in one area, and it still maintain it’s sense of beauty. he had said
they would only stay for a little while, but now he wanted to stay for the night and start
back tomorrow. “hey, lanna. let’s just stay here for the night. we can pick back up
tomorrow and still make it in plenty of time.” “are you serious?” lanna asked
unbelieving. “ya, we’ve been going nonstop all day, let’s call it a night.” “okay.” lanna
said happily. after getting rooms in a nearby house that was in the field, hiro went out to
sit among the flowers and just enjoy the cool breeze. “it’s a nice night.” lanna said softly
coming up behind hiro. “ya, it is. you never got to see nights like this in saffron.” he
lamented. “what’s it like in kanto?” lanna asked as she sat down in the grass and
relaxed. “well,” hiro began as he sat down also, “it’s kinda like here except the lights of
cities ruin nights like this by covering the stars.” he explained softly. “really? then you
must really be enjoying the nights here in sinnoh.” lanna said. “i haven’t really
considered it. i’ve been training so much to become the champion, that i just never really
considered how much different the night is here compared to back home.” hiro admitted.
they just laid quietly for what seemed like a long while, when suddenly they heard
screams from the town. jumping to his feet hiro ran back to his room and grabbed his
gear and pokeballs and ran back towards the town. “hiro wait for me!” lanna yelled at
his back. “i’ll be waiting near the entrance to the town.” he called back as he continued
to run towards the town. when he arrived he saw that the screams were from people
under attack by a large group of bidoof. “what’s going on here?” hiro asked himself as
much as anyone that could hear him. several bidoof noticed him and charged.
“what do you mean flaorama was attacked!” the bibarel leader yelled. “a group
of bidoof and some of the machop went and attacked the town.” a younger bidoof said in
a whimpering voice. “curses, this changes things.” the leader considered. “alright, let
them take flaorama if they can. i get the feeling it won’t work out quite like they would

“go, tyrannitar!” hiro called out as he threw his pokeball. the bidoof didn’t even
slow down. they rammed into tyrannitar with enough force from their combined weight
to know the titan over. “tyrannitar come back.” he called as he brought tyrannitar back.
the bidoof looked at hiro with their beady little eyes, so full of bloodlust, and attacked.
“jolteon, shockwave!” hiro heard someone call out just as an extremely fast wave of
electricity went past him. he turned and saw lanna standing with her jolteon next to her.
getting an idea, hiro sent out his electivire, and together with lanna’s jolteon, they
systematically defeated all of the bidoof and machop in the town, and the town quieted
down. now being completely exhausted, they both went back to their rooms without
saying another word to each other and went sleep.

after spending most of the day walking in an awkward silence, they stopped for
some lunch. “last night was scary.” lanna said. “ya. it was. i’ve never seen bidoof
attack like that before.” hiro remembered painfully. “you know you’ll arrive in twinleaf
in time for the true tidings of spring festival.” lanna said. hiro sat silently in
contemplation for a moment, then looked at lanna with a quizzical expression. “are you
not coming with me to twinleaf.” lanna blushed deeply and looked away. “well…
um..i..uh.” she stammered. “i understand.” hiro said as he stood up and prepared to start
back on the trail. “i didn’t think you’d want me to go all the way to twinleaf.” lanna
finally said. hiro turned and looked at her. “if you want to stay in sandgem that’s fine.
it’s your choice i’m not gonna force you to go.” he said as started away, leaving lanna
speechless sitting on the ground. he looked back at her and waved her to follow, and
acting like she had just come out of a trance she jumped up, grabbed her pack and started
after him.

“we attack tonight!” the bibarel leader called to his army. “so you finally decided
to take my advice.” the machoke leader said. “no, your advice was worthless. i made
this decision in the light of what happened last night.” he explained matter-of-factly.
looking like he was about to explode, the machoke just turned and walked away to get his
group ready for the attack. the attack that would prove to be quite entertaining to the
machoke leader.

a few hours later, hiro and lanna arrived in sandgem having taken a shortcut
around jubilife city. “well i guess this is goodbye.” hiro said. lanna stood facing him
and suddenly wrapped him in a hug. “i’ll go with you to the festival!” she said nearly in
tears. “if you really want to.” hiro said. all lanna could do is nod her head slightly
against his chest. after standing like that for a while she backed away, wiped the tears
from her eyes and they started towards twinleaf. when they arrived about an hour later,
it was already dark. they heard screams coming from the town, this time even more gut
wrenching than the last time. when they got to where they could see what was really
happening they were stunned. what seemed like a flood of bidoof and bibarel with the
occasional machop or machoke mixed in, were overrunning the town. it was like
something from the worst nightmares. those who weren’t immediately taken under the
initial wave gathered at the largest house in town, so hiro and lanna carefully picked their
way there, dodging the main groups of bidoof and arrived without incident. when they
got in the people weren’t making any plans of countering the bidoof, they were huddled
together in fear. hiro decided that if he didn’t try and turn back the assault, the town
would be lost, and at a high price.

the machoke leader had not been at the attack, instead he had made his way to the
location where the less enthusiastic and less loyal allies of the bibarel leader were
waiting. the buizel saw him coming, and their leader met him near the main group. “this
plan is going to fail.” the machoke leader said. looking completely surprised by the
straightforward statement the buizel couldn’t respond for a moment, but when he
regained his composure, he realized just what the machoke meant.

“hiro you can’t turn this back on your own!” lanna screamed when hiro told her
what he was planning. “i have to try. we can’t let this town be lost to the bidoof.” hiro
said calmly. nearly in tears, lanna could only stammer for an answer as hiro turned and
walked back out the door. once outside, he barred the door with a piece of wood from a
nearby pile of firewood. sending out his whole team at one time, he prepared to battle the
army of bidoof. tyranitar, garchomp, electivre, rhyperior, nidoking, and his ace-in-the-
hole darkrai all appeared ready to battle. they all fought their hardest against the flood of
bidoof, bibarel, machop, and machoke but it just wasn’t enough. until, suddenly the
machoke and buizel leaders appeared. the machoke leader called down, and like one
great creature, all of the machop and machoke that had, up till now, been fighting beside
the bidoof suddenly turned and attacked they’re former allies. then the buizel rushed
down the hill and attacked the bidoof. moving like one giant vice, the machop, machoke,
and buizel collapsed on the bidoof army. the bibarel leader was also caught, but by the
leaders of his “allies” and all of the bidoof were systematically taken care of. by the first
light of morning, all of the army of bidoof and bibarel was gone. the other two leaders
went their separate ways. the people in the house finally got out. but no one could find
any sign of hiro or his team. all lanna found was a piece of paper laying on the ground
near the door. “i’m sorry. i don’t know what will happen to me but i want you to know.
i’m glad i met you. goodbye, hiro” lanna fell to the ground in tears, clutching the note.
the towns people tried to comfort her but it was no use. until one of them pointed to a
spot a little ways away where he said he saw something moving. fearing it was another
attack, the villagers backed away leaving lanna by herself on the ground. it was hiro’s
electivire! it walked up to lanna and grabbed her hand and took her to an area just
beyond the town, where hiro’s team was gathered and hiro was sitting on the ground.
seeing him, lanna rushed to him and hugged him. she couldn’t say anything through her
tears, but hiro simply said, “it’s done.”

the end.

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