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1. INRTODUCTION:Business is collective activity concerning a large number of people. Profit earning cannot be the sole motive of business activity. Businessmen have certain social responsibilities that must be met. In olden days the important of the study of consumer behavior was not realized by business and industry. It was taken for granted that whatever is produced can be sold easily in the market. Now, time has changed, recognitions have changed and consideration have changed. All the businessman and the industrialists have came to know that none of the marketing efforts could be successful if the choice, taste and attitude of consumers are not properly considered. So now stress is laid upon marketing research and the study of consumer behavior. So now let us discuss in brief about each and every aspects of marketing strategy that are been used recently. 2. MARKETING:Marketing can be defined as a social and managerial process through which individuals and groups obtain what they need and want through creating, offering and exchanging products of value with others. This definition of marketing is on the following core concepts of need, want and demand products, value, cost and satisfaction, exchange,


transaction and relationship, markets, marketing and marketer. Marketing means working with markets to actualize potential exchange for the purpose of satisfying human needs. 3. MARKETING RESEARCH:Marketing research is the systematic design, collection, analysis and reporting of data and findings, relevant to a specific marketing situation facing the company. The function of marketing research is to provide information that will assist marketing managers to recognize and react to marketing opportunities and problems. 4. CONSUMER BUYING BEHAVIOUR:Consumer buying behavior is influenced by four major factors. They are cultural factor, social factor, personal factor and psychological factors. A study of these provides clues to reach and serve buyers more effectively. Consumer buying behavior consists of four different types. These types are: • Complex buying behavior • Dissonance – reducing buying behavior • Habitual buying behavior

Variety seeking buying behavior

These are based on whether the consumers have high or low involvement in purchase and whether brands exhibit many or few significant differences. Consumers go through complex buying behavior when they are highly involved in purchases and aware of significant


differences among brands. In Dissonance buying behavior, consumer are highly involved in purchase but see little differences in the brands. Variety seeking buying behavior is characterized by low involvement and significant brand differences. Many products are brought under condition of low involvement and insignificant brands differences and our of the habit consumers by the same product frequently behavior of the consumers constitutes the ground on which the marketing operate. The study of consumers behavior initiated and developed by the trade in its attempt to formulate marketing strategies had captures the market and conquered the consumers. Study of consumer behavior plays an important role in the determination of marketing policies of any enterprises. Today the number of companies that are involved in ONGC (Oil & Natural Gas Corporation) in India had increased the stiff competition is there. Only an organization that is founded on effective marketing system can stand in the market. Effective marketing system calls for research on consumer behavior. Let us see the necessity of studying the marketing strategy. In market many companies are having their Oil & Gas products and all of them are trying to increase their respective sale. For that each and every company has their own policies and marketing strategy to confess the consumers. Brand popularity too plays a vital role in the sale of the products. Less known brands are not able to influence the market to greater extent even if the standard companies manufacture them, while as the local brand if they are population have large scale. Thus to capture the huge market share study and updating of marketing is necessary also study of consumer’s behavior is necessary being they are the end users of the product.


Modern marketing calls for firms to develop a new product, price it attractively, making it accessible to target customers and more importantly communicate with their customers. Communication is a very vital aspects because those for whom a product is designed and developed have to told about it if they are to buy it. Although the old adage says “Good wine needs no bushel” –meaning that word –of mouth alone is all that will be needed to create customers if a product has a competitive edge, this is not generally so. Because, in today’s competitive scenario over and above the word of communication, it is necessary for the seller to also use persuasive communication to increase level of business and accelerate the diffusion process. If title firm neglects ‘the problem to communication, it will wake up to realize that their competitors (though late entrance) have admirable positioned to capture that market with a me-too product that is supported by persuasive communication techniques.

5. MEANING OF COMMUNICATION:Simply stated, communication is the transfer of information from the sender to receive the information being understood by the receiver. There is no doubt or exaggeration when we say that communication function is the means by which organized activity is unified. The function of communication is to provide a means by which people are linked together with an organization to achieve a common goal. Marketing communication can be defined as a phenomenon that starts with the presentation if ideas or messages of information to a target market through various medias & cues, with the intention of creating a positive impact and thus soliciting a favorable response from the market towards the company’s producing and


services. It is India’s largest commercial enterprise. IndianOil and its subsidiaries account for a 47% share in the petroleum products market.” We should also define a product item according to American Marketing Association “A product item is a distinct unit that is distinguishable by size. numbering about 17606 (15557 regular ROs & 2049 Kissan Sewa Kendra). (NSE: IOC) is an Indian stateowned oil and gas company.5 million households through a network of 4.also simultaneously make provision for receiving market feedback to enable them to improve & modify their product offering. use or consumption that might satisfy a want or needs. It has also started Auto LPG Dispensing Stations (ALDS). It supplies Indane cooking gas to over 47. organization and ideas. “A product is any thing that can be offered to a market of attention acquisition. or IndianOil. The Indian Oil Group of Companies owns and operates 10 of India's 19 refineries with a combined refining capacity of 60. places. An item is sometimes called a stock keeping unit”. price appearance or some other attribute. According to Philip Kotler. HISTORY OF COMAPANY:Indian Oil Corporation.2 million metric tons per year. IndianOil's Research and …5 . 6. IndianOil operates the largest and the widest network of fuel stations in the country. In addition. ranking 105th on the Fortune Global 500 list in 2009.990 Indian distributors. persons. concept of Oil & Gas industries came into existence. 40% share in refining capacity and 67% downstream sector pipelines capacity in India. It includes physical objects. While development process of India in all aspect.

Subsequently. develops and provides the necessary technology solutions to the operating divisions of the corporation and its customers within the country and abroad. with a vision to market the technologies developed at IndianOil's Research and Development Center.a wholly owned subsidiary.Development Center (R&D) at Faridabad supports. was set up in 2003. IndianOil Technologies Limited . It has been modeled on the R&D marketing arms of Royal Dutch Shell and British Petroleum …6 .

which supplies oil and gas to the different stockiest in different areas. To determine the standards of judging adopted by consumer in brand choice. MAIN OBJECTIVES ARE:There are following main objective of study . is purely research based on the Indian oil and gas(IOCL) company. To determine the factor affecting the dealer attitude towards various brands To determine the acceptable range of prices. To determine the suitable to advertise the new product.CHAPTER-2 OBJECTIVE OF STUDY The dissertation. “Study of sale of petroleum products with Specific Reference of Indian oil in Chadrapur city”. …7 . 1] 2] 3] 4] 5] To determine the consumer preference in quality product that gives more mileage & long life to consumers vehicle.

4] 5] To check the successfulness of strategy adopted by the company.:- 1] 2] 3] To check the approximate sales. To find out marketing strategy of ‘IOCL’ with respect to other oil & gas companies. …8 .CHAPTER-3 SCOPE OF STUDY There are following points of scope of studies. To check the distribution network from manufacture to ultimate customer. To check the fulfillment of demand by the company.

Indian oil [petroleum products] has most used in Chandrapur as compare to any other oil companies petroleum products. …9 .CHAPTER-4 HYPOTHESIS 1] 2] 3] 4] Among all the oil & gas companies. Advertisement of Indian oil product does effect on its sales in Chandrapur City. the Indian oil corporation is most popular in Chandrapur city. Indian oil corporation which is a market leader in national is also National Leader in Chandrapur city.

This part of the research is much vital. so that significant factors can be included and answer obtained will be reliable and valid.CHAPTER-5 RESEARCH METHODOLOGY The study is based on first hand data. In order to obtain proper and factual information the researcher has frequently visited the area of the present study and has undertaken to study of problem in depth. which had to e studied for valid generalization about the phenomena. collected from the field of investigation which includes both collection of data from unpublished Government records and contacting the workers working in the field and information also collected from the Supervisors and Managerial Cadres. He has also kept in mind the different angles used in RESEARCH METHODOLOGY. because methodology is the heart as well as brain to complete any research work. …10 . Without methodology no research can be completed. Methodology is the guidelines and road to completion of the research project on sound footing through which you will gather the collections and observations we adopted a certain method for the research project as under which is found very suitable for the accomplishment of the work itself. The researcher of the present study employed scientific procedure of collection of data and therefore this thesis consists of different types of analytical approaches. as greater care to be taken in planning the study and collection of data. This selection deals with the different aspects of the study selected for the research.

The normal procedure is to interview some people individually or in groups.e. CONSTRUCTING THE RESEARCH Data Sources Research Approach Research Instrument Contact Method Primary data. For the …11 . 1. collected for another purpose. 2. Mail. Data was collected from the primary source i. focus group. Secondary data Observation. Secondary data provides a starting point for research and offer advantage of ready availability. 1. Primary Data Primary data consists of original information gathered for the specific purpose. secondary data or both. Dealers list available in the company. Also along with this I carried out personal interviews with direct dealers and consumers. Mechanical Instruments Telephone. definition of universe and information regarding the method of data collection etc. Most marketing research involve primary data collection. Personal Source of Data A research plan calls for gathering primary data. I met them personally and collected required data from them. surveys. For secondary data I realized on the company’s reports. Experiments Questionnaires.It gives the exact meaning of various units measurements or terms used for this purpose. Questionnaires was developed with the help of which personal interviews were carried out. Secondary Data Secondary data consists of information that already exist somewhere.

shops etc. method was adopted. commercial journals. Questionnaires were farmed and visited to colleges academic institutions. newspaper. To analyses consumer buying behavior a total of 50 consumers of various age groups were interviewed. For calculating the market shares of various types of Dealers and 50 consumers were interviewed. offices.purpose of this dissertation both primary and secondary data are used. CHAPTER-6 …12 . survey. like economic time were offered. 2. magazines. In the primary source. METHODOLOGY:The data collected through primary as well as secondary sources in secondary sources.

it became a corporation in 1964. Among the 53 petroleum companies listed.1 Company:Indian Oil’s position as India’s Company remains unbeaten. Assam Oil and Research and Development. Servo Lubes-for every use:- …13 . Indian Oil owns and operates six of India’s 10 refineries with a refining capacity of 54. It has also moved up to 170th place in the Global 500 listing by FORTUNE MAGAZINE in 2005 of the Largest Industrial Corporations in the world. It has a cross-country pipeline network of 3850 kms. The corporation has four Divisions-Refineries and pipelines. when the Indian Refineries Limited was merged with the Company. The sophisticated R&D Center is the only one of its kind in Asia.2% of the country’s total refining capacity.COMPANY PROFILE The No. it ranks 29th by sales and 19th in terms of profits. Indian Oil Blending Limited has been blending a variety of lubricants since 1964 and produces over 450 grades of lubricants and greases which are marketed under the Servo Brand name. Marketing. Markets 57% if nation’s consumption of petroleum products and is the canalizing agency for import of crude oil and petroleum products.20 million tones of crude oil per annum which is 51. It’s wholly owned subsidiary. Incorporated in 1959 as Indian Oil Company Limited.

A new four liter bag-in-box package was also introduced for the premium engine oil Servo Superior Multigrade. To engine oils has been phased out. synthetic oil for application in compressors. hydraulic systems and metal cutting. During fiscal 2005. It has developed over 1200 lube formulations and over 99% of the international quality SERVO lubricants marketed today are indigenous formulations.Indian Oil’s Servo brand of lubricants account for more than 50% of the country’s market share. the center developed 84 lubricant formulations including cold rolling oil for steel plants. marketing of lubricants was introduced in 20 liter packages. There is a SERVO lubricant for virtually every application. Other R & D efforts during fiscal 2005 include doping motor gasoline with multi-functional additives for improving its performance characteristics and experiments to study operability of diesel fuel doped help conservation of lubes. For optimizing Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) plant performance to suit the low conversion distillate mode of Indian FCC units. In Quest of Excellence:Indian Oil’s R & D center. has helped inject dynamism in product development and technology upgradation. Over 250 approval have been received from major national and international engine builders. a steady state process simulator called ‘FCC MOD’ was developed and installed at MATHURA REFINERY. A high performance lithium complex and high temperature greases for specific requirements of steel plants were also developed. load carrying steam turbine oil for the INDIAN NAVY. production and marketing of MIL-B monograde …14 . the only one of its kind in Asia. During fiscal 1991 along.

Also installed during the year was a facility for measuring exhaust emission from two stroke engines. The major projects on hand. The center. include a 1. During the year. at GUJRAT REFINERY to increase yield of distillate products. the corporation also diversified its sources of supplies of crude oil and products. Steel Plants. for the first time in the country.with Middle Distillate Flow Improver (MDFI) additives in the new climatic chamber.2 million tones per year capacity Hydro-cracker.1039 crores of exported. about 2. Projects:Among the major projects completed during fiscal 1991 are – slack wax augmentation facility at BARAUNI REFINERY.262 crores during fiscal 2005.000 tones valued at Rs. Defence.13 million tones of crude oil and 8. Energy Conservation:Concerted efforts continue to be made by Indian oil to not only achieve energy savings in all its areas of operations but also guide others and promote the concept. also received approvals for 24 products on trial in different areas with Railways.76 million tones of petroleum products at a cost of Rs12.36 crores have already been achieved through …15 . radial well ‘D’ at GUJRAT REFINERY and LPG Bottling facility at SILCHAR in Assam and Calicut in Kerala.67 million tones of surplus petroleum products values at Rs. Heavy Engineering Industry etc. Recurring annual fuel savings of over 127. International Trade:As the nation’s canalizing agency. Indian Oil imported 24.

Haldia. Panipat and Digboi Refineries will yield further savings of 37. as a pioneer of petroleum. The “Award of Honour” from the National Safety Council. Mathura. for the 6th consecutive year won by the Koyali-Ahmedabad pipeline. Seventeen states have been adopted for a concerted conservation action plan. The “Sword of Honour” of British Safety Council was awarded to the GUJRAT REFINERY for the best safety performance in 2004.replacement of low efficiency furnaces. Other projects under implementation at Gujrat. conservation in the country. A media campaign was also launched to promote multigrade long drain lubricants and use of energy efficient appliances like NUTAN Kerosene Wick Stove. Assistance is also being rendered to industries for replacement of inefficient boilers. The corporation’s GUJRAT REFINERY was awarded by the Government for “Best Insulation Effectiveness”. USA was. Indian Oil. Chicago.300 tones of fuel annually. Indian oil also won two of the Oil Industry Safety Directorate awards – “Best …16 . These include 54 bulk installations and depots. optimization of heat exchange system and provision of waste heat recovery facility. 17 bottling plants and 14 aviation fuel stations. High Premium on Safety:Indian oil believes in maintaining the highest standards of safety which enabled 85 units of the Marketing Division alone winning the prestigious BRITISH SAFETY COUNCIL award for 2005. organized a mass education conservation week during the year. A new fuel efficient LPG HOT PLATE with a thermal efficiency of 73% has also been developed. A new thrust has also been launched by the corporation on adoption of renewable energy sources.

Finance and General Management. Even noise pollution is being controlled. Assistance also continues to be rendered to MALDIVES AIRPORT AUTHORITY and BHUTAN OIL CORPORATION. technical cooperation agreement was renewed with NEPAL OIL CORPORATION for rendering assistance in aviation fuel handling and maintaining their facilities at air fields in Nepal. and pure has seen it setting up pollution control cells at all its refineries.Overall Performance” to HALDIA REFINARY and the “Best LPG Marketing Company” to the Marketing Division. Fuel Station. During fiscal 1991. Sharing its Expertise Abroad:Indian Oil lends its technological know how to other developing countries in every area of petroleum Refining. The treated effluents of Gujrat and Mathura refineries are used for irrigation. Another agreement has also been signed with NEPAL OIL CORPORATION for assistance in blending of lubricants. Ambient air quality is continually monitored and effluent discharge systematically treated. Marketing and Distribution. green. Research and Development. …17 . Occupational health centers are being set up at all refineries and regular monitoring undertaken of work place environment. Sir Lanka Oil Corporation ltd. An ecological park is being set up at Mathura refinery and a 100 meter wide green belt is being established at Gujrat Refinery. Environment Consciousness:Indian Oil’s firm commitment in keeping the environment clean. Tree plantation programmers are undertaken by all units to help preserve the ecological balance.

thereby achieving a capacity utilization of 165.552 tones. Board of Directors B M Bansal Chairman & Director (Planning & Business Development) S V Narasimhan Director (Finance) G C Daga Director (Marketing) B N Bankapur Director (Refineries) K K Jha Director (Pipelines) …18 .561kl respectively.6 precent respectively.33.Indian Oil continually creates a modern technological base to grow self-reliant enrich the quality of life and earn foreign exchange for the country.3. Its lube blending plants at Mumbai and Calcutta produced 2.4 percent and 133. Indian Oil Blending Limited:Indian Oil’s wholly owned subsidiary Indian Oil Blending Limited earned a net profit of Rs.56 crore and declared a dividend of 20% amounting to Rs. Mumbai touched an all time high of 10.72 lakhs.48092kl and 1. The grease production at Vashi.

Aun Fuelling Station 8. Depots 7. R K Malhotra Director ( Research & Development) Sudhir Bhalla Director (Human Resources) INDIAN OIL – AT A GLANCE RANKS NO. 1. State Office 4. Regional Office 3. Indane Area Offices 6.Dr. Divisional Offices 5. LPG Bottling Plants 9.1 COMPANY IN INDIA Division Marketing Refineries Research & Developments Assam Oil Division Pipelines Indian Oil Blending Ltd. Head Office 2. Refineries Head Quarters Mumbai New Delhi Faridabad Digboi New Delhi Mumbai Situated in Mumbai 4 15 44 35 162 94 87 10 …19 .

Gujrat and Goa. (Marketing Division) G – 9. Nagpur. marketing and distributing petroleum products through its Marketing Division. Surat. of consumer outlets INDIAN OIL CORPORATION LIMITED (Marketing Division) - 24. No. of LPG distributorship 14. Western Region. Delhi.10. Western Region’s span of control covers whole Maharashtra. Indian Oil Corporation Limited. Bhopal. …20 . Ali Yavar Jung Marg. of Retail Outlets 12. of SKO/LDO dealership 13. No. Pune. No. Indian Oil has its four Regional Offices located at Mumbai. and Raipur. No. Mumbai (Marketing Division) having nine Division Offices at Mumbai.40 million tones 10228 3553 4699 4563 Indian Oil Corporation Limited. Rajkot. Bandra (East). Madhya Pradesh. Mumbai – 400051 For effective supervision of marketing. The Marketing Division of the Indian Oil Corporation has its Head Office at Mumbai. Jabalpur. Refining capacity 11. Calcutta and Madras. Ahemadabad.

One Small Can Filling Plant (SCFP) at Khapri. WCL. From their dispatch of these Petroleum Products by Rail or Road to their Consumers. Sironcha. BULK STORAGE DEPOT TADALI (CHANDRAPUR). MCW. It is situated on Chandrapur Nagpur Highway and it is 15kms away from Chandrapur. Wani. Marathwada. Nagpur Divisional Office is headed by CDCSM & CDCSM. Chimur. It caters. In addition to this. SKO. Power Grid. Ordance Factory. two Aviation Fuel Stations at Nagpur and Aurangabad also coming in the jurisdiction of Nagpur Divisional Office. NAGPUR DIVISIONAL OFFICE:Nagpur Divisional Office is one of the major and very important Divisional Office of the Western Region and it is located in the center (Heart) of the India. Terminals and Depots. BILT.ROLL OF MARKETING DIVISION:To receive the finished products from refineries by Pipeline/Rail/Road and store them at their Installations. Private customers. HSD. Maregoan and Gadchiroli Districts. Manickgarh. This Divisional Office cater Vidarbha. UltraTech.This is one of the major depot of Nagpur Divisional Office. and Nagpur(Khapri). Gadchandur. Retail Outlets and private customers. MEL. and other …21 . Chandraput. In short. Tadali Depot commissioned in May 1994 in 35 acres of land. Chandrapur(Tadali). Tadali depot handle MS. receipt of petroleum products in Bulk and distribution to its Consumers. ACC. according to their demands or indents. Nagpur Kivisional Office having 3 Bulk Storage Depots located at Akola(Gaigaon). Khndesh covering 15 Districts. Retail Outlets. Tadali Depot takes care of 34 Retail Outlets and cousumers like MSEB.

Metal working oils and special oils marketed by Tadali Depot. Lube Oil barrels contains 205 liters. 180 and 182 kgs. 207 liters and 210 liters of lubricants and Grease Drums of 175. Greases. Depot Manager. …22 . Tadali Depot receive petroleum products by Railway Tank Wagons from Manmad Terminal.private consumers. Capacity. Tadali Depot is headed by Sr. About 121 grades of lubricants covering Automotive and Industrial Lubricants.

Gondpipari. Paddy is the main crop grown by the farmers culturally & educationally people were far away from the main stream of life. Rajura. Nagbhid. The district is rich in minerals. Sindewahi. Since then the process caught momentum till today. There was first traced in act 1985 & iron deposits were treated in 1873. the district is know for the best quality at teak trees & species. Thermal Power Station. Bhadravati. There are 13 Talukas in the district. iron. WCL industries. and Ballarpur. To exploit the rice natural resources & all avenues for economics and industries development state Government has prepared a master plan in 1960 and offered a number of privities and tax relief.CHAPTER-7 PROFILE OF CHANDRAPUR CITY * OVERVIEW OF CHANDRAPUR CITY:Chandrapur city is the biggest district in Maharashtra state. Industries like Ballarpur Paper Mills.434 sq. specially coals. Electrosmelt Glass Factories. Mul. They are Chandraput. Now there are more than sixty medium scale industries humaning the district. Now most of the region is in the state development. Worora. Chimur. Bramhapuri. …23 . Rooting Files Plywood. chandrapur district remained undivided till 26th August 1982. copper clay & lime stone. when the district emerged Gadchiroli district occupy the area 16.498 1cm. Ceramics etc. Provided incentives to the industries map of India. The district endowed with beautiful forest Covering surface area of 29.

No. Chanda. There are more than 25 big and medium scale industries private as well as public sector and industries registered upto 78-79. 4. Ghugus Maharashtra Elektrosmelt Ltd. LARGE SCALE INDUSTRIES:Sr. . Awarpur Electrolux Regrigerator. 7. 5. 6. Ballarpur Asswociated Cement Company. Chandrapur Ordnance Factory.Chandrapur UltraTech Cement Work. 2. Name of Industry 1.Moreover there are 585 small-scale industries. Bhadrawati No. As far the Chandrapur city is conserved once it was the most traditional & backward town surrounded by fort has now turned into busy business and industrial centre. Worora Mnikgarh Cement. This has provided employment to thousand of people in the district and engaged an different posts. 3. Ballarpur Paper Mills.of person employed 4500 1135 1044 375 626 ----244 small-scale Population Of Chandrapur City In Fast Rising As Indicated In Followed Table …24 .

744 51. Increasing in population brought an increase in demand and also created demand of Petroleum . CHAPTER-8 …25 . Now people want to spend more and procedure more comforts. And that’s why the increase in transport. Churches. Mosques are located in the city as well. and because that the Chandrapur city consume more petroleum oil. It is found that there is an increase in personal income of the people of city. The gives a new momentum to development of new marketing ideas.67. Famous Temple of traditional nature.481 75. Due to increase in population Chandrapur city has opened a wide field of the marketing of all fields.777 2.000 As we see above we come to know that population of Chandrapur city is increasing day to day we found that various that various classes of people live in Chandrapur city. LPG etc.736 40. deasel.15. Chandrapur being a city of district place all governments officers established in separate complex.890 8.00.Year 1941 1951 1961 1971 1981 1991 2001 Total 35.134 1.

…26 . paid of personal communication the ultimate purpose of which is the impart information. 2. To force middlemen to handle the product (pull strategy). Therefore.ROLE OF ASVERTISEMENT The word advertising originates from a Latin word ‘Advertire’ which means ‘to turn’.” According to R. According to condiff still and Govarri. develop attitudes and induce action beneficial to the advertiser. Cooey. To introduce new product (by building awareness among potential buyers) 3. the objective of advertising are: 1. by an identified sponsor. DEFINITION:The American marketing Associate. To build brand preference and company image (thus marking it difficult for middlemen to sell substitutes). H. Chicago has defined advertising as “any paid of non-personal presentation or promotion of ideas.” 2. effectiveness of advertising has to be evaluated against the specific goals of advertising. “Advertising is mass.OBJECTIVES OF ADVERTISING:The whole of advertising effort has to be geared to again the organization advertising goals. good or services. To do the entire selling job (as in amil order marketing). 4. 1. Therefore advertising means “Marketing to people to turn them”.

we have to check the effectiveness of our advertising. a price change.5. Once a strong like is established between the need and the name. 6.e. advertisement can induce buying action. 4. it means that the advertisement is very effectiveness and efficient. socially acceptable excuses). The communication i. Provide rationalizations for buying (i. Expenditure on advertising should not be a waste but-it should yield rich dividends. a new model of a new product). The ultimate purpose of advertising to sell the product. We cannot afford to spend on wrong or effective less advertising hence. To acquaint buyers and prospects with new user of the product ( to extend the product life cycle). If an advertisement creates anticipated sales volume as per our sales forecast. To improve the morale of the sales force and/or dealers (by showing that company is doing its share of promotion). 8. Success or failure of an advertisement ultimately depends upon the effectiveness communication of desired information and attitudes.e. 10.e. 9. To public rationalizations for buying (i. Ability to generate sales is the test of an advertisement. EVALUATION OF ADVERTISING EFFECTIVENESS:Advertising involves major sums of money that can be misspent by organizations due to various weaknesses. ides or service. To remind users to buy the product (Reminder Advertising). at the right time and at the right cost. To combat or neutralize competitors adverting (competitive or comparative advertising). the flow of information understanding must be to the right people. …27 . 7.

awareness. It is goal is to achieve a specific change in consumers. the effectiveness of that campaign should be measured in terms of sales result. According there are two techniques for measuring and effectiveness viz. Communication Effect Research 2. It also called Theme Contest Test. MEASURING TECHNIQUES USED FOR ALUATING ADVERTISING EFFECTIVENESS INCLUDE:6. A responded is given a magazine and asked to recall anything he remembers by seeing it.TECHNIQUES EFFECTIVENESS:- FOR EVALUTION OF ADVERTISING If advertising is regarded as a sales tool in our advertising campaign. 6. 6.3Error In Recognition Measurement :- …28 . Sakes Effect Research 6. 1.2Triple Association Test :This test measures the degree of brand learning among its users.1Gallup Robinson Impact Test :This test employs the aided recall test method. then the measurement of the advertising effort should be in terms of changing consumers attitudes.5. The respondent is provided which clues or ideas with which he is asked to associate a brand name. attitude of behavior.

Types Of Product:1) MS – Motor Spirit (petrol) 2) HSD – High Speed Diesel 3) SKO – Super kerosene Oil 4) LPG – Light Petroleum Gas 5) Marine Fuels & Lubricants 6) ATF/Jet Fuel 7) Indian Oil Aviation Service 8) Bitamen 9) Servo Lubricants/Greases …29 .4The Liker Scale :This is an attitude measurement instrument. 6. The advertisement with the highest score is considered to be more effective and efficient. Then a panel of judge is asked to rank the statements and indicates the extent of their agreement with given statement.Under this techniques advertisement are shown to the respondent at high spread either in whole or it part and he is later asked to furnish further information on these advertisement. The method requires collection of a large number of statement relevant to the attitude under investigation. Each statement it assigned a numerical value and the score is calculated on the basis of that value for all the statement.

CHAPTER-9 …30 .

e. The Relience Petroleum not working in Chandrapur. Relience Petroleum Ltd. Different companies has different terminology for the sale of their product in the market or to capture the market. …31 . 25%. 1. No. 3. i. 1. 30% and Bharat Petroleum Ltd.DATA ANALYSIS According to the present market positions there are many different kinds of factors that are responsible for the sale ratio of the product and plays the important role in the growth of the company. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd. 2. Respondents in Chandrapur City to the Oil Companys :Table – 1 Sr. Oil Company’s Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. 4. % of Respondents 45 30 25 00 The data presented in the table – 1 show that the most response gets to Indian Oil Corporation ltd. 45% and it is closely followed by the Hindustan Petroleum Ltd. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd.

Selling Information in Chandrapur City:Report of Retail Out let in Chandrapur:- …32 .45 40 35 30 25 20 15 10 5 0 IOCL HPCL BPCL IOCL HPCL BPCL Respondents in Percentage 2.

14. 19. (Dealers Service Station) 1. Marta Om Sai Kissan. 2. Gadchiroli Vilas Kerosene Agency Narendra Kissan Seva. Ghugus Sharma Brother. 5. 8. Gangalwadi Aditya Servo. 4. 7. Sakarwahi Shubham Service Station. 15. Tadodhi Shrivastava Petroleum. 11. Chandrapur Sharma Brother. Khambada Goldan Servo. Mul Shree Servo. 13. 17.MS – Motor Spirit (petrol) HSD – High Speed Diesel SKO – Super kerosene Oil LPG – Light Petroleum Gas Table – 2 Sr. Rajura Balaji Petroleum. 16. Sindewahi Prabhakar Petroleum. Retail Out Let MS (inkiloliter ) 11280 576 432 144 288 864 576 576 576 864 288 288 216 288 1008 HSD kiloliter) 15600 576 21600 432 1800 3600 1296 576 576 1440 720 720 720 576 1728 9600 1440 3480 2880 SKO (in (in kiloliter) LPG (in Refill) No. 6. 12. 18. 9. Pombhurna 288 …33 . Adarsh Service Station Prasanna Service Station Modern Service Station Shubham Service Station Gurukrupa Service Station Shiva Automobile. 10. Madheri Pornima Petroleum. 3.

000 10. 28. Customers MS(Petrol)in HSD(Diesel)in …34 . 24. V. Gas Agency 2160 1440 2160 2160 2160 2160 20. Bakade Agency Chandake Oil Agency Saroj Gas Agency Kamal Gas Agency Chetan Gas Agency Durgapur Gas Agency M.S.000 20.000 10000 10000 Report of Direct Customers in Chandrapur:Table – 3 Sr.20. Mehta & Son’s Agency Venkatesh Oil Agency Mahesh Oil Company G. G. 22. 21. 30. 29. 27.C. 25.L. 23.E.M. 26.

1. 2. CTPS. Chimur MS-RTC (ST). 3. 9. 5. Total Sale of Product:Table – 4 Sale in kiloliter/Refills …35 . 6. Chandrapur Maratha Cement UltraTech Cement ACC Cement NTPC Maharashtra Elektrosmelt Ltd. 8. 4. Durgapur WCL Tadali Workshop Ordnance Factory 144 288 KL 1152 2880 1728 1728 1440 144 864 720 144 432 3. KL MS-RTC (ST). 7. 10.No.

4.950 kl 29.Sr.580 kl 30.000 rf 2007 70000 60000 50000 40000 30000 20000 10000 0 HSD MS SKO HSD MS SKO 2008 …36 . 2.540 kl 30.No.000 rf 2009 63.480 kl 35.460 kl 55. Product 1.400 rf 2008 61.950 kl 60.500 kl 58. HSD(diesel) MS(petrol) SKO(kerosene) LPG 2007 60. 3.500 kl 28.976 kl 28.

70000 60000 50000 40000 30000 20000 10000 0 HSD MS SKO HSD MS SKO 2009 70000 60000 50000 40000 30000 20000 10000 0 HSD MS SKO HSD MS SKO Total Sale of LPG …37 .

60000 59000 58000 57000 56000 55000 54000 53000 2007 2008 2009 LPG CHAPTER-10 …38 .

there is big traffic on city road and ‘Adarsh service station’ sale 32 kiloliter petrol per day this is the most petrol selling service station of Indian Oil. including more than 10 Kisan Seva Kendras (KSKs) in the Chandrapur City. IndianOil services every nook and corner of the City. 5 LPGas Agencies. and maximum industries preferred Indian Oil’s brand. Servo engine Oil. There is large computation between the transport companies and because of such computation the most of diesel also consume by the Transport company. It has more than 30 petrol & diesel stations. energy brands in Chandrapur city. and Servo lubricants etc. The chandrapur is know as a industrial place and there is a more than 100 Large & Small scale industries. There is more than 65% HSD(diesel) used for the Industries. and industries etc.CONCLUSION From the survey done by me I have reached to the following conclusion:The present study is related to the selling of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. These is most use of energy brands in Chandrapur for the vehicle. home. Chandrapur city has increased in size and population the need of the residents to have means of transport(vehicle) also increased. so there is the large market for Indian Oil Corporation ltd. And one bulk storage terminals & depots in Tadaly (Chandrapur). and according to study there is maximum transport companies preferred to Indian Oil energy brands like Diesel. IndianOil has a keen customer focus and a formidable network of customer touch-points dotting the landscape across urban and rural area. …39 .

XtraPremium petrol. SERVO lubricants. CHAPTER-11 BIBLIOGRAPHY …40 . XtraMile diesel. While taking personal interviews I observed that Dealers and Marketing Officers of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.It has a portfolio of powerful and much-loved energy brands that includes Indane LPGas. gives more important to the quality services and marketing approach. etc.

C.N.BOOK NAME • • • • • • • • • • AUTHOR Thakur R. Mehta Marketing Principal & Techniques Modern Marketing Principal & Practice Research Method In Marketing & Management Marketing Management Marketing Research Marketing Research Journal Foundation of Advertising Theory &Practice Life Style Management Advertising Management Marketing Concept & Cases CHAPTER-12 QUESTIONARY …41 . Sethna Sexena David J.N. B. Luck Philip Kotler Ghunawall Mach Hanon Rathor S.S.

7) Which Marketing Strategy you are using? a) Diversification b) Social Responsibility c) Communicate Q.9) Yearly sales Figure :2006-----2007 2007-----2008 b) Facing competition …42 .2) Address of Dealer Q.3) which media of you chose for advertising? a) News Paper b) Magazine c) Holdings Q.4) Which product sale most? a) Petrol b) LPG Gas c) Diesel Q.8) What policy you are using to compare with other competitor? a) Competitors strength & weakness Q.6) What is position of percentage of your Service Station for Session 2010? a) Good b) Satisfied c) Unsatisfied d) Very Good Q.DEALER QUESTIONATIES Q.5)Who is you main competitor? a) HPCL b) BPCL Q.1) Name of Dealer Q.

2008-----2009 Q.12) Which of the following give best outcome? a) Advertisement c) Quality of product b) 24*7 service d) Any Other Q.11) During which month is the demand least? Q.1) Name Of Customer:- …43 .13) Is there any impact of TV or Other advertisement on the sale? a) Yes b) No Q.10) During which month is the demand greatest? Q.14) Is the customer satisfied by the serviced? a) Yes b) No CUSTOMER QUESTIONATIES Q.

3) Financial position of Customer:Q.7) Have you visited to other company in your city for details information About Petroleum Product? Q.6) Please specify the reason and factor which influence you to purchase from IOCL? Q.4) Which Factor influence you to purchase from IOCL? Q.2) Address of the Customer:Q.5) Which Factor influence you don’t want to purchase from IOCL? Q.8) What is your opinion about the Indian Oil Bulk Storage Depot regarding Service during sales & after sales? …44 .Q.