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“A Synopsis Submitted to Rashtrasant Tukadoji Maharaj Nagpur University for Partial Fulfillment of the Degree of Master in Business Administration (MBA)”
On the Topic of “Analysing the impact of service as an effective CRM tools for selling TATA Motors cars at Nagpur ”
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Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies and Research, Deekshabhoomi, Nagpur
Dr. Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies & Research, Nagpur

NAGPUR 2010-11 Dr. Nagpur . Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies & Research.

A study of the services of a selected car dealer is taken up with a view to assess the efficiency to his service from the point of view of customers to suggest possible improvements.INTRODUCTION: In this era of cut-throat competition. Stiff market competition coupled with new and improved product line segments is the emerging trend. It is not uncommon to find more entries of business into almost all sectors of consumer goods like cars.The market for cars-light and middle cars markets in particular faces a stiff competition. no company can even survive the market place without knowing it & its product strength & weakness. of middle economic in and higher middle economic groups are raising. This aspect covers both products and services. the company has to conduct regular surveys to know the customers opinions. This helps the company to manufacture the products like wise for each customer expectations. Multitude of products and wide variety of choices often baffle customers. which takes to total self Re-engineering in the areas of production. Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies & Research. As a part of study curriculum for my MBA. satisfaction is of utmost important in this field. Dr. a need rises for business house to rethink mission and recreate itself to the Valiant environment. Nagpur . The main purpose of this report is to study customer-care activities in an authorized sale cum service of a car manufacturer and their effectiveness. marketing etc. It has to fortify itself against threats from environment & exploit its strengths or increase profits. preferences & buying behavior. So it’s is necessary for existing companies to reassess their potential and to reposition them in the changing market environment. Though incompletely. And in order to do so. needs. In these days of high business revolution and global transformation. computers etc. capital. it is quite appropriate to study the nature and quality of service provided by a car manufacturer through various dealer’s service stations. This need is felt by industry.

4. HYPOTHESIS: H ° : CRM is unaffected by service quality offered in AUTO SECTOR in TM H ʹ : CRM is affected by service quality offered in AUTO SECTOR in TM Dr. 2. 5. Moderation to be found and suggested as per the expectation of customer. To provide a better service provision which reduces “customer greavances” and increases good mouth to mouth publicity which is the best publicity format for capital goods sales enquiry generations. To analyse the present service network set up at Nagpur. 3. To decrease the lead time of converting enquiry to prospective potential customer. Nagpur . Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies & Research. The study will help the company to make proper strategies and emphasize on their weaker areas. To make a better service network which reduces the inventory load of automobile channel strength.RATIONALE FOR THE STUDY: The main purpose of the study is to understand the satisfaction of customers towards after sales services of TATA Motors which will help the company to make proper marketing strategy to render good services and satisfy the needs of the customers. OBJECTIVES: 1.

__________________________________________________________________________ __________________________ 3. Method of Data Collection: Primary Data Collection: a) The data collected from the company persons. __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________ 4. Nagpur . Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies & Research. Type of Research: Data exploratory & Questionnaires 3.BRIEF DESCRIPTION OF PREVIOUS STUDIES IN THIS AREA (STUDY OF EXISTING LITERATURE) 1. __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________ 2. study at hand Dr. Sampling Methodology :The design of the sample is as follows: Population: Sample Size: Nagpur city Nagpur city Sample technique: Random 2. b)Questionnaires Secondary Data collection: Secondary data is the data. which is not gathered for the immediate for some other purposes. __________________________________________________________________________ __________________________ RESEARCH DESIGN: 1.

Weblinks. Term restricted to only Nagpur city only. Catalogues. Interviewing with the owners of cars b. Auto magazines and internet etc. Awareness factor PROPOSED CHAPTERISATION: ________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________ PROPOSED Journals): BIBLIOGRAPHY (Books. Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies & Research. b. Data interpretation and analysis: Pie chart & statical analysis of the data . Nagpur . etc Dr. c. LIMITATIONS: a. Tatamotors. Articles. Magazines.Secondary data for the research is collected through magazines like Business World. Time factor c. newspapers.. a.

Tataaria. ______________________ ______________________ (Guide) (Student) Google. Auto car magazine & other autocar magazine . Ambedkar Institute of Management Studies & Car dekho magazine .com Autospare. Nagpur . Prof.