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REVIEW OF A FILM STRUCTURE PARAGRAPH 1 • Give background information: name of the film and directors, genre of film, date

, prizes won. • If relevant, mention where and when the film is set. PARAGRAPH 2 • Describe the plot and the main characters. • Use PRESENT TENSES • Don’t tell the whole story. • Don’t say what happens at the end. PARAGRAPH 3 • Give your opinion of some different aspects of the film: acting, screenplay, soundtrack and directing. PARAGRAPH 4 • Summarise your opinions. • Make a recommendation. Remember to: • Use a variety of adjectives and modifying adverbs • Avoid using nice, good and bad or any simple adjective. • Use either formal or informal language but do not mix them. • Use relative clauses e.g. I loved the soundtrack, which was composed by Danny Elfman. It’s absolutely brilliant. / Bond is sent to Madagascar, where he finds… • Use passive voice e.g. He is ordered to defeat their banker in a game. Useful vocabulary The film tells the story of…, who/ whose…/ which… The whole film is about… The film is based on… Name of the film is made / directed by…who also made… The film, starring X, is another thriller/ mystery with a bit of science fiction. to be a spy film to be part of a seires to be set in ….(place or time) to be directed by… to be starred by… to play the part of…/ the role of… to be the best full length feature film made by the director It won as Oscar in…/ for…. The plot focuses on… The story begins… The plot has an unexpected twist. The film reaches a dramatic climax…

The plot of the film is very slow / original / thrilling/ moving / confusing/ highly-entertaining / gripping /shocking / involving / (un)imaginative/ brilliant / ingenious/ intriguing/ exciting plot / amazing It’s an absolutely brilliant animated comedy. The atmosphere is rather mysterious The cast is extremely good / excellent …is not a good enough actor for the part. …is very unnatural The acting is quite good / hilarious The stunts are excellent In one scene, The film is full of hilarious scenes… The film successfully portraits… This is a tough, violent movie/ film… the voice of is perfect for the character because… / the role of … …can express a huge range of emotions… It is quite funny in places It has a tragic / surprising end. superb acting The mad scientist in the film is acted by… amazing /beautiful/ stunning photography Well-designed / colourful costumes The script is dull / boring / clever / well-written / poorly-written / (un)imaginative fantastic/ incredible special effects Predictable end/ unbelievable end/ The special effects are so good that you can actually believe this world exists. The audience is taken into… The actor gives a good performance… Most of the actors are just average. To sum up, … All in all, … On the whole, … If you like…., don’t miss out …..! It’s a good film all round. I loved the soundtrack definitely not suitable for…under…. If you’re looking for action/ fun/ a movie full of action and suspense, you’ll love it! It may inspire you to watch the other films in the series again. Don’t miss it! It is well worth seeing… I would/ wouldn’t recommend it because…/ since… It is a film for children of all ages. You will love this charming story. It is a highly entertaining film. There are too many weaknesses in the story for it to be good.

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