objective. Vision and Mission. Course syllabus Course specification. Clinical practice ( module and rotation).

• Is “ the art and science of giving nursing care to children from birth through adolescent with emphasis on the physical growth, mental, emotional and psychosocial development “.

Pediatric nurses provide preventative and acute care in all settings to children and adolescents. Pediatric Nurse perform physical exams, diagnose illness and injury, and provide education and support to patients' families

Pediatric nursing department's vision is to qualify candidate with the most advanced, compassionate and safest nursing management for children in different pediatric settings.


• The mission of the pediatric nursing department is to promote practice that is evidence based and knowledge driven through research. • The graduate will be able to provide the highest quality family-centered care throughout children's hospital, improve children's health through appropriate nursing interventions and education within the inpatient and ambulatory settings.

• Excellence in pediatric nursing. Sharing expertise and leadership through services to professional organizations.

o Support the university's mission, vision, and goals. o Conduct proper communication and counseling for children and their families. o Prepare students to be self-motivated. o Prepare graduates who are competent to meet the unique multiple and complex children health needs.

• Find proper innovative methods to solve patient problems through scientific approaches. • Acquire a high level of knowledge of the physical and psychological growth and development of children so that deviation from the normal can readily be detected

• Prepare competent, professional nurses in the general& specialties, of pediatric clinical settings as (in neonatal surgical, Pediatric intensive care units). • Investigate physical, social and psychological impact of illness, handicap and hospitalized children at different stages of development.

• Preparing competent professional graduates to be able to work at the national, local, and international level, to improve children health at different age groups. • Critique researches in pediatric field. • Implement evidence based in pediatric nursing.

• This course provides theory and practice essential for the nursing management of the healthy as well as the sick child. It emphasizes growth and development of children from infancy through adolescence.

• It also applies competency of based practices in neonatology nursing. Students' experiences include training in nursery schools, practice in medical and surgical pediatric wards, intensive care units and outpatient department.

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