Master of Business Administration (MBA) 

ASSESSMENT COVER SHEET Program Module Number Assessment Assignment Title Lecturer Student Name Date Handed Over Date Submitted Assessor’s Feedback 10th November, 2010 Due Date Pass/ ReSubmission Student Number 24th November, 2010 Master of Business Administration MBA 401 UWIC MBA BATCH - 04 Semester - 01

Module Title Accounting for Decision Makers

Assignment 01 Use of financial information for effective decision making


Final Grade Assessor’s Name Assessor’s Signature

A 70+

B 60-69

C 50-59

D 40-49

E 35-39

F -35%

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International College of Business and Technology 

Relevance and Discussion– 35% Conclusion and Recommendation .25% Individual Skills – 25 % ( Presentation style.30% International College of Business and Technology  . Refer annex 1 & 2 for the details Marking criteria The following criteria will be used when marking your Presentation: Structure of the Presentation and timing – 15% Clarity. timing. All groups are expected to prepare for the required topics but two groups will be randomly selected to present.      Master of Business Administration (MBA)  Assignment Brief (10 Marks) Aim of the assignment To understand different types of ratios and their meaning by interpreting them Learning outcomes How these ratios could be used to make managerial decisions Brief/ Topics The assignment consists of two parts A) You are required to produce a 20 minutes power point presentation on one of the two topics below. Relevance and Discussion – 45% Conclusion and Recommendation . Audience attention) The following criteria will be taken into consideration in marking your Report Structure of the report – 25% Clarity. B) You are required to prepare a 1000 word written report on the chosen topic. All groups should submit the Hard/Soft copies for marking purposes.

• • • International College of Business and Technology  . No late submissions are allowed. Please refer to Student Handbook on Assignments – Re-submission.Late Submissions).      Master of Business Administration (MBA)  REPORT STRUCTURE Paper Size Word Count Printing Margins Binding Margin Header and Footer Printing Basic Font Size Line Spacing Font Style Presentation : A4 : 1000 words : LHS. RHS: 1 Inch 25 mm : ½ Inch 12 mm : 1 Inch : Single Sided : 12 : 1. • Please note that plagiarism is treated as a serious offence and therefore the work you produce must be individual and original although may work in groups in some instances (Please refer to Student Handbook on Plagiarism & Cheating).5 : Arial/Times New Roman : Bound Document Important Information for Students • The assignment should be submitted as a SOFT COPY in a word format ONLY (CD ONLY) as well as HARD COPY on or before the due date. All sources of information must be referenced using “Harvard referencing” where a reference listing should be included at the end of the assignment. (Please refer to the Student Handbook on Assessments . Please note that the submission date given for this assignment is the final date that you can hand over the assignment.

(a) Ratios you would compute to assess the credit worthiness of RDB PLC. Commercial operations of the 2nd hotel of the Company in trincomalee was started on 2nd April 2009. (based on your analysis) You may include other factors to be considered in granting the loan.8 54% 6 times Rs.      Master of Business Administration (MBA)  Annexure 01 Group (1). International College of Business and Technology  . You are required to write a report detailing.50 90 Days (d) Your recommendation as to whether banking facility (loan) could be granted.2 0.6. (2) and (3) 1. RDB PLC has been in the business of running a Tourist Hotel in Galle. Gross profit ratio Net profit ratio Return on shareholders funds Return on capital employed Current ratio Quick ratio Gearing ratio Interest cover Earnings per share Debt collection period 2009/2010 57% 22% 23% 18% 1. The Company (RDB PLC) has requested a long term loan from your Bank to meet working capital requirements of the Company and settle some of the loans for which interest is paid at relatively higher rates. (b) Why you have selected the ratios referred in (a) above (c) Critically analyze the financial performance and financial position of the Company from the following information given.6 48% 4 times Rs.14.30 60 Days 2008/2009 52% 28% 27% 21% 2 0. in addition to the outcome in the financial analysis.

(b) Why you have selected the ratios referred in (a) above.8 32% 2008/2009 52% 28% 27% 21% 29% 26% 1.67% 21% 16% 28% 1. (c) Critically evaluate the financial position and financial performance of the Company from the information given below. The Directors of the Company have invited Mr. He purchased these shares at a price of Rs. 2009/2010 35% 21% 4.120/.000 shares of Goodluck PLC.120/.100/.000 new shares of Goodluck PLC at a price of Rs.      Master of Business Administration (MBA)  Annexure 02 Group (4). (a) Relevant ratios you would compute to understand financial position and financial performance of the Company. Mr. The Directors of Goodluck PLC have initiated a private placement of shares of the Company at a price of Rs.) Price Earnings ratio Dividend yield ROCE Current ratio Gearing ratio (d) Your recommendation as to whether Mr.a share. Alex to subscribe for 250.9 37% Gross profit ratio Net profit ratio Earnings per share (Rs. Alex has already invested in 500. International College of Business and Technology  .a share. (5) and (6) 2.a share in 2009. Alex should accept the private placement of shares. You are required to write a report detailing.

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