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Dive Club Newsletter


Club members Christmas Outing Please Welcome Mark our PADI Course Director Dream Divers First Open Water Scuba Instructor Course Last Year's Dream Divers Christmas Function Photo Mrs Sharon Abbott

October 2011 Volume 6 Issue 10

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Club members Christmas Outing

This year we are to have a pub crawl round Swinton and then go for a curry, on Saturday 3rd of December, we will be meeting at 7.00pm at The Gate to start the crawl.... We will be taking names of people who want to join us at our October and November meetings.

Dive Club Meeting Club Members Benefits Swimming Pool Sessions

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Course Diary

Please Welcome Mark our PADI Course Director

Latest Qualifications

UK Sea diving on club trips

Guided Sea Dives Club Events and Trips Calendar

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome Mark Edley to the Dream Divers Team. He started diving at Loch Fyne in 1974, and has always been a confirmed UK diving fan. Please feel free to contact Mark directly, whenever you have even the smallest question, about how you can become a PADI Dive Pro, today; 07813 782417, or

Club Trips for 2012

Dream Divers First Open Water Scuba Instructor Course

Stoney Cove on 17th & 18th of December.

We are running our first Padi Open Water Scuba Instructor course to coincide with the PADI instructor exams which are at Rugby and
If you are a suitable qualified PADI professional and interested in taking the next step, please contact our PADI Course director Mark Edley at or on 07813 782417for more information.

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Dive Club Newsletter

Thursday 29h August 2011 Chaired By Mrs Alison Smallwood

Dive Club Meeting

We released details of next years club trips and members attending rapidly reserved their places, which leaves us with only limited available on some of the trips so if you are interested in joining us please bring 10 per trip to reserve your place to the next meeting, or drop it off at the dive shop.

Club Members Benefits

With your club membership you can save many times the low 12 annual fee. Discount on the specialty of the month.

Now 1 off Air and Nitrox fills in our shop. Use of the swimming pool every other Sunday for 5, during the pool sessions, provided you have own equipment, 10 including full equipment hire .

Members discount on Items purchased in the Dream Divers Shop 10% Discount on regulator and cylinder servicing

Swimming Pool Sessions

At Chapeltown Swimming Pool
As Dive Club members, you can use the pool for only 5 per person, during our pool sessions, using your own kit, or just 15 per person including rental of full kit. So whether you just want to refresh your skills, have a piece of new kit to try out or just having that burning desire to get wet.

Call the dive centre to book your place.

Next Sessions


6th November 6.00pm to 8.00pm 13th November 5:30pm to 7:30pm 27th November 5:30pm to 7:30pm December 5:30pm to 7:30pm (New Date) 11th December 5:30pm to 7:30pm

Dive Club Newsletter

Are you interested in taking any of these courses?
Please contact the dive centre on 01709 525480 ASAP to book.

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Course Diary

To help you plan your diving training we are now going to list the scheduled specialty and other courses, over the next few months.

Next Available PADI Open Water Diver Course

The classroom theory sessions can be arranged to suit students or you can study this section of the course online using PADI eLearning Materials. Confined Water Training Sessions at Chapeltown Pool: 13th November, 27th November, 4th December Open Water Sessions: 10th and 11th December

PADI Dry Suit Diver

Dates: 12th November Location: Stoney Cove Cost: 95 (Club Members Price 80) Number of Dives: 2 Learn how to use a dry suit safely and correctly so it keeps you warm even in very cold water.
PADI Night Diver Specialty

Dates: Wednesday 16th November Location: Stoney Cove Cost: 135 (Club Members Price 120) Number of Dives: 3 No matter how many times you have dived at a dive site during the day, diving it at night puts a whole new perspective on it, with the chance to observe the different night-time behaviour of the fish and other aquatic residents.

PADI AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Course

Damaged Coral Photo: Ian Wilson

Dates: TBA Location: Dive Centre Cost: 75 (Club Members Price 65) The AWARE - Coral Reef Conservation Specialty course teaches you about the vital role of coral reefs in the marine environment, you will become aware of how fragile coral reefs are and how you can help preserve them. The course also familiarizes you with the current state of the world's coral reefs and how you can help. How coral reefs function Why they are so important Why many reefs are in serious trouble What you can do to prevent further decline

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PADI Enriched Air Diver Specialty

Dive Club Newsletter

Dates: TBA Location: Dive Centre Cost: 95 (Club Members Price 80) Learn all about Diving using Enriched Air (Nitrox), covers the benefits of extended no decompression limits or reduced Nitrogen absorption, but also covers the risks and limits that need to be taken into account when using Enriched air during a dive. This Certification allows you to use Nitrox with an Oxygen content of upto 40%

Other Courses
In addition to the courses listed above we can arrange to run any additional specialty courses you are interested in taking. Also we are continuously running PADI Open Water Diver Courses, so if you have family or friends who want to learn to dive.

PADI Professional Courses

PADI Divemaster Internship

For any suitably qualified divers (minimum of PADI Rescue Diver) wishing to start their journey to becoming a qualified PADI Professional, we are looking for suitable candidates for our PADI Divemaster Internship program; if this is you contact John or Alison for full details. Dream Divers currently have several trainee divemasters progressing through our internship program, at all stages from just starting all the way through to nearly qualifying as a PADI Divemaster and achieving the prestigious status of being a qualified PADI professional. We would like to welcome Sean Miller as our latest recruit to our divemaster internship program.
PADI Assistant Instructor Course

Tom and Mark Practicing their Divemaster Skills Photo:John D Smallwood

For qualified PADI Divemasters, wishing to take the next step to becoming a fully qualified scuba instructor, we will be starting our next Assistant Instructor course soon, so please contact John or Alison for full details.
PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor Course

For qualified PADI assistant instructors, wanting to advance to the next level and train to be full qualified PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors (OWSI), Please contact John, Alison or Mark for more information.
PADI Instructor Development Course

This course combines the Assistant instructor and Open Water Scuba Instructor courses, taking you all the way from Divemaster level to been fully prepared to sit the PADI instructor exams. Please contact John, Alison or Mark for more information.

Dive Club Newsletter

Latest Qualifications

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Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty Diver

Congratulations to Dave on passing the PADI Peak Performance Buoyancy Specialty course at Capernwray this weekend.

New Advanced Open Water Diver

Congratulations to Jacqui on completing the PADI Advanced Open Water Diver course, all well done to Michelle for completing the Navigation & Peak Performance Buoyancy dives towards her Advanced Open Water Course certification this weekend at Capernwray.

Open Water Divers

A big well done to Mike, Gary & Erica for successfully completing all the requirements for the PADI Open Water Diver certification over the weekend at Capernwray.

New Dry Suit Diver

Well done to Erica for passing the PADI Dry suit speciality course over the weekend at Capernwray.

Michelle is now a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver

Congratulations to Michelle on passing the PADI Advance Open Water Diver Course & a Job well done to Neil on completing two Adventure Dives at Stoney Cove over the weekend.

Mark is now a qualified Gas Blender

Congratulations to Mark on successfully passing the Tec-Rec Gas Blender Course

Two Newly Qualified PADI Divemasters

We would like to congratulate both Mark and Louise on successfully completing all the requirements of their PADI Divemaster certification. Welcome to the PADI professional ranks.

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Dive Club Newsletter

UK Sea diving on club trips

We dont mind planning club trip so we can all enjoy some of the great sea diving that the UK has to offer, but as qualified divers you need to be accountable for the following.
Have you practiced your basic diving skills lately?

Sea diving in UK waters can be sometimes challenging so before joining one of our club trips it is important that you have refreshed your basic scuba diving skills this is especially important if you havent dived in quite a while. So prior to the trip you must ensure that you come to an inland dive site, to practice your basic skills: Descending Ascending Buoyancy Navigation etc Dream Dives are regularly at Capernwray or Stoney Cove during weekends, and are quite often joined by club members practicing their diving skills, so if you need a buddy just ask at a club meeting, or in the dive shop I am sure you will find one. Additionally if you havent dived for over six month I would recommend doing a Scuba Review where you can practice and run through the basic dive skills under the expert guidance of a PADI Professional.
Kit configuration

It is also important that you know your own weighting, you all have log books and you should refer back to the weight you previously used. This is one of the reasons it is important to log each and every dive in your log book. If you have a new piece of Kit, a boat dive in the sea is not the place to try it out! Come to one of our regular pool sessions or visit one of the inland sites to test it first.

On average you burn off 1000 calories scuba diving, so the level of fitness required is completely different to walking, biking etc... You need to be accountable for your own fitness.
Boat briefings

On the boat the skipper will usually give a briefing before each dive, listen and follow his instructions especially regarding safety and the deployment of DSMBs. They are experts in the local conditions and will give basic information about the dive site. If you and your buddy want guided dives please arrange this before the start of the club trip as they are subject to a PADI professional being available on the trip (See Guided Sea Dives), otherwise as qualified divers you and your buddy are free to plan and enjoy your dives exploring the dive site together within the limits of your training and experience.

Dive Club Newsletter

Guided Sea Dives

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We are now offering guided sea dives for anyone who has not been on a boat before or been in the sea for the price of 25.00 per day for a PADI professional to take you diving. On our trips we will put the names of the Divemasters and Instructors who will be willing to take you on a guided dive and you pay the 25.00 to the Divemaster / instructor direct to contribute towards their trip cost. This will enable you to have peace of mind that you can conduct a buoyancy check and be shown all the fabulous critters underwater.
Photo John D Smallwood

Club Events and Trips Calendar

If you have any other ideas for club trips for next year, please let us know at the next club meeting, so we can organise and book boats etc... This is because we need to book early to ensure that we can have access to the best boats at each destination. If you want to secure a place these trips you must bring 10 per trip to the meeting otherwise your name cannot be put down to reserve a place. Anyone who pays a deposit and revokes must pay for the trip in full if you do not find anyone to take your place as we have to book and pay for our boats in advance.

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Dive Club Newsletter

Club Trips for 2012 June 2012

Location Dates Trip Details

PorthKerris - Cornwall
16th - 17th June

110.00 for 4 dives (2 Dives per Day) including lunch on the Cat Maximum 12 divers. Suitable for Advanced Open Water Divers and above.

Places Left

Full Pymouth
21st and 22nd

July 2012
Location Dates Trip Details

4 dives (2 Dives per Day) 90 for two days diving includes hot food and drinks on a hard boat with diver lift.

Places Left

4 places left Anglesy

8th -9th September

September 2012
Location Dates Trip Details Places Left

100 for the trip on Large Rib with diver lift. Maximum 10 divers. Suitable for Advanced Open Water Divers and above. Full

October 2012

Egypt TBC

Dates Depart around 13th October actual dates TBC. Trip Details

We are also planning to run several day trips to the Farne Islands during the Year.