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Proper Run-in for Yamaha R15

“Run-in” or “Running-in” are the terms synonymous for letting the new factory condition engine to wear down and settle so that you can make full use of the mill for the life of it. Now, you might ask why did I chose R15 running in instead of a general run-in topic. Well, there are reasons… Firstly, I own a R15; secondly, it’s a different machine altogether and quite rev-happy… so I have to be particular. I’ve seen many folks just take the delivery and immediately try to clock above 100 Kph on the R15 just to chase their dreams… but it’s like raping your own wife (pardon the pun!). If you do so, not only will your beloved’s engine would get spoilt, but also the performance, mileage, feel, etc. would be held in jeopardy. So, act smart and be patient. The ideal run-in period is 2000 KMs for most engines including the R15. When you’re done, there’s nothing to lose but to enjoy your motor between two wheels! The Steps… When you take the delivery, do check with the dealer when this particular bike was produced. If the lot is more than 3 months, change the engine oil immediately and refill with Motul 3000 4T mineral oil. The reason being the default engine oil, if sits for more than 3 months in the bike has no guarantee of being in good quality. 0-1000 KM on the odo… Use Motul 3000 4T mineral oil (~Rs.180) and do not go above 5k rpm most of the times till 750 on odo (yea, you can hit 6-7k but for short spans of time, ie-10/20 secs). Unlike common perception, speed isn’t the deciding factor to maintain, while rpm is… The official manual says 5k till 500 KM, but we better be safe and take it to 750 on the odo. At 150 on the odo, change the engine oil as well as the lube filter. You should see lots of metal dust accumulated on the lube filter. Most friction occurs within first 150 KM, so let not the debris circulate in the engine oil… hence the filter change. When you have done 450 KM, change the engine oil again. Now start giving few short “speed blasts” of about 20 secs every 100 KM increment. Keep the max speed of these blasts to 80 Kph. For every 40 KM, allow the bike a heat cycle… take a break for 5 minutes and then start again. This will develop the engine better. Choose a route which includes city as well as highway conditions. That way, you can play with differing rpm’s and gears. The more you play with the gears the smoother the engine and shifting becomes. This is really important throughout the run-in phase. Change the engine oil again at 750 on the odo. 1000-2000 on the odo…

heat cycle stuff as earlier. It’s very common for the engine to overheat till first 1000 KM. there’s no hard and fast rule as to the speed to maintain while running in… you can go to 6k rpm on 3rd gear to have 50 Kph… isn’t it? But we shouldn’t do it! Hope you get the point… More Tips… It might seem idiotic to change engine oil so many times during this period… it costs a lot… I don’t disagree… some people might say you are mad at doing so (even service center people will do).By now. you’d be overjoyed when you ride it after the oil change! Keep up with playing with the gears and rpm’s. in fact. my R15 is way different and refined than the other guy who changed the first oil at 2000 KM and keeping the same lube filter ! Don’t skimp… expend to get something irregular and better! Keep the chain clean and lubed. Now you can take upto 7. But if you can bear this cost. Gear shifting should be real butter smooth as well as the overall feel.430). but for very short periods) Change the engine oil at 2000 on the odo and you’re done with the run-in! Enjoy your bike… Now no chance of your wife getting raped LOL! Contrary to some myths. Ride with pillion sometimes so that the mono suspension gets some chance to be loaded and release a bit! I prefer Motul engine oil than Yamalube (official) cause they both are the same. you should feel the engine pretty smooth along with the gears and clutch… but you ain’t done yet! Hold more patience… Now another time for engine oil change… This time onwards refill with Motul 5100 semi-synthetic oil (~Rs. you will be proud to say… yea. yet you pay more for the yammy version! Do NOT use fully synthetic oil (eg – Motul 300V) as it will ruin your high revving engine in the long run.5k rpm for most of the time (again. do not modify your bike. it’s the higher friction that comes into play. speed blasts. a way costly way to spoil your engine… Remember that your engine will overheat during the first 500 KM and new parts emit smell… Don’t get startled by it… the radiator fan might also kick into action sometimes. That’s it for now. you can cross. might add more points if it crosses my mind later…  18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18 18  1 1 1 1 1 . Also.

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pathan says: November 25. 2010 at 12:10 AM I’d agree with the breaking procedures followed here. 2010 at 10:52 AM Ohh! I’m late to read this.. spent gases will continuously keep rotting your engine oil for the rest of the engine’s life. don’t let the engine overheat. if the radiator fan kicks in. This will put more pressure on the cylinder walls.5k…wud everythin b fine? Reply 5.. . if you take it easy. 2010 at 3:41 AM What It will surely a help many write new riders for up… maintaining their Agnivo….!! bikes… Brilliant … Reply 2.. Roy says: October 24. and help in breaking in. Took the bike’s delivery. If you take it easy during the breakingin. but at the sametime. Ragesh says: October 26. Jeet says: October 24. At any given point during the first 500 kms. 2010 at 4:11 AM Thanks… more technical topics to come up in the future… Reply 3... took it on a straight empty stretch and did Motoman’s breaking-in... I’m a bit too radical than the rest.. 2010 at 6:53 PM i took her to 70-80 kmph in 1st 200km…n d rpm max to 7. accelerate hard and decelerate hard. 2010 at 12:10 AM Not a major problem if u did it single time…but if you did it several times…then there must be a problem in long run… Reply 4. The phenomenon is called glazing. I took her to 120 kms when she crossed 400kms Can I save her? now she crossed 1200 kms Reply But was after the first service and oil change! waiting for 2nd service this month! o Jeet says: October 27. The idea is to ride the bike hard. Thilak says: December 14.. turn the bike off! And which breaking-in..1. you’ll end up screwing your engine..

Venkatesh M says: September 24. it is best for R15 Reply Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published.Do the oil change as mentioned in the above article. gonna follow this for my R15 2. run in for most of [. 2011 at 4:45 PM [.com : The Global Indian Biking Community says: March 4.] Reply 8. there is nothing in the user's manual about this too.xBhp. Ride Safe! Regards.. I reached here through a FB link.] Reply 9.com : The Global Indian Biking Community says: April 15. Required fields are marked * ... will it be ok? Reply o Jeet says: October 3..xBhp. 2011 at 9:02 AM [. Should i go for this version or stick to word to [.] up with anything. The Official Hyderabad Offline Meet(G2G) Thread . 2011 at 12:07 AM try to use motul 5100.. Thilak Rao Reply 6. Nice information.. What about Shell Engine Oils.] Posted by Vikas02 Here – Proper Run-in for Yamaha R15 | Caravan Biking Well this is originally for R15. Just go through once. Thank you Here – Proper Run-in for Yamaha R15 | Caravan Biking Well this is originally for R15. 2011 at 1:04 PM Hi. i bought new R15 2.. but It should help. The Official Hyderabad Offline Meet(G2G) Thread ..Page 1520 .Page 1133 .Page 1132 .xBhp.] in ^^^ Proper Run-in for Yamaha R15 | Caravan Biking This site gave me good running in details BTW.. Just go through [. also change the oil filter element at 300kms or so. [Ownership Thread]: Yamaha YZF-R15 ..com : The Global Indian Biking Community says: March 5. 2011 at 1:52 PM [..0 yesterday. and stick to Yamalube because otherwise you are jeopardizing your bike’s warranty. but It should help.0..] Reply 7..

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