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Information Age & Introduction to programming

Name:__________ _______ __ Marks: ____/50

Class:S.4 C/S.4D( )
Time allowed: 30 mins Date: 25-9-

A. Multiple Choices(20 marks)

1. Which of the following words is not a reserved word?
A. end B. var C. write D. copy
2. Which of the following pair of symbols is used to enclosed comments in Pascal?
A. (*..*)
B. (..)
C. <..>
D. *..*

3. Which data type is the most suitable for storing an address variable?
A. real B. Boolean C. char D. string
4. What is the difference between ‘1’+ ‘2’ and 1+2 in Pascal?
A. They are the same.
B. ‘1+2’ is a string with 3 characters ‘1’, ‘+’ and ‘2’ while 1+2 is an
expression with value 3.
C. ‘1’+’2’ is a character while 1+2 is an error.
D. ‘1+2’ is a string while 1+2 is a character.
E. Both ‘1+2’ and 1+2 is an expression with value 3.

5. How many characters are there in the string ‘Our Lady’s College!’?
A. 11 B. 13 C. 19 D.20
6. Which of the following involves both IT and entertainment?
A. An Internet game Web site
B. An online CD store Web site
C. A personal Internet banking services Web services
D. A search engine Web site3

7. GPS which is used with satellites stands for

A. Ground Point System
B. Global Positioning System
C. Global Power System
D. General Purpose system
8. Which of the following is an example of electronic money?
A. Electronic transaction system
B. Business information system
C. Expert system
D. Telecommunications system
9. Which of the following statements are correct?
(1)e-Banking, e-commerce and e-learning are examples of IT applications.
(2)Long distance phone call is an example of IT application.
(3)Internet technologies can be applied to entertainment.

Our Lady’s College

(4)Online shopping can save a lot of manpower.

A. (1) and (2) only.
B. (1) and (4) only.
C. (1), (2),(3) and (4)
D. None of the above
10 Designers can create photorealistics three-dimensional building designs by using:
A. Computer-aided design(CAD)
B. Electrostatic Discharge(ESD)
C. Virtual Reality(VR)
D. Database Management System(DBMS)

Answer for A.
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10

B. Long Questions(30 marks)

1) Complete the following program by filling in the missing words.(10 marks)

__Program________ AddTwoNumbers;
Writeln(‘__Please enter two number__.’);
___Readln/Read_____(Num1, Num2);
___Sum_____:= Num1+Num2;
__Write/writeln_______(‘The sum is’, __Sum);

2) Complete the following program by adding punctuation and symbols.(5 marks)

program ProgramErrors ;
Num1 ,Num2 : integer ;
Ans= 15;
Read ( Num1, Num2);
Writeln ( Ans )

Our Lady’s College

3) Which of the following are valid Pascal identifiers? If not, explain why.(3 marks)
A ‘Hi’ Invalid
No quotation marks are needed
B 3rMark Invalid
No number is allowed at the beginning
C End Invalid
Reserved word

4) Gives 3 examples of the use of computers in the commercial world.

(3 marks)
-ATM (automatic teller)
- Stock control system
- Electronic point of sale system

5) (a) Mary works on one of the local offices of a big organization as a clerk. She
has to type a lot of documents everyday. Occasionally, she needs to work on the
company accounts by performing some calculations. Besides, she has to
communicate with colleagues in other offices. Suggest how she can use IT in
accomplishing these tasks.

(b) Mary’s company is planning to sell products to clients through the Internet.
(i) List TWO advantages of the above transaction method.
(ii) Suggest TWO practical ways so that the company can sell new products to the
customers through the Internet.
(iii) List TWO shortcomings that may discourage customers to use the above
transaction method.
(9 marks)
(a) She can use a word processor to prepare the documents;
and use a spreadsheet program for calculation
send electronic mails to colleagues for communication
(b) (i) Reduce transaction cost /Attract more customers/
Increase the competitive strength of the company
Enhance systematic office operations
(ii) Send e-mails to potential customers
Ask other popular web sites to add hyperlinks or advantages that may direct
people to the web sites of company
(iii) Customers could not touch the products when shopping
Need extra fee and time for the shipping of products.
~End of Paper~