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Honda Accord Tourer

Genuine Accessories



Tailor your dreams

The Honda Accord Tourer boasts a most versatile package sleek, sporty and convenient. Whether you get behind the wheel for work or pleasure, the Accord Tourer has what it takes to match your personal desires. In order to add to your individual level of comfort, Honda has engineered an extensive line-up of accessories tailored to your specic desires, from luxurious interior to sporty exterior, and well-considered trunk and utility accessories. The time has come to take your dreams to the road.


See your sportier side reected in your Accord Tourer. Dress it in sharp-looking skirts, t it with impressive alloy wheels and add sports suspension. The result? A striking sports tourer that is bound to turn heads.



Alloy Wheels Rear Skirt

Front Skirt

Side Skirts

Fog Lights

Sports Pack

Painted Front, Rear and Side Skirts

Sports Suspension
Fitted with sports suspension, your Accord Tourer will not only sit closer to the road, it will also make for tighter handling and a sportier look.
(available as from mid-2006)

17" Alloy Wheels

Add a set of brilliant 17-inch alloys to your Accord Tourer and take to the road with stylish condence.

Body Trims

Body trims not only offer the condence of added protection, they also add a touch of well-considered design to your Accord Tourer.

Rear Parking Sensors

Parking your Accord Tourer was never this easy. 4 integrated sensors in the rear bumper spot any object within 1.5 metres and warn you with a clear audio-signal.



The Accord Tourer is a most capable all-rounder, ready for extended road trips or for transporting sizable loads. A range of utility accessories adds to the ease with which you can tackle the job.

carrying & towing

1 Top Box 350L

1 1

2 3 4 5

With 350 litres of extra capacity, this sturdy and lockable top box adds an extra packing dimension to your Accord Tourer.

2 Bicycle Attachment Classic

4 Bicycle Lift

Transport a bicycle on top of the roof of your Accord Tourer with the classic bicycle attachment. In combination with cross bars, you can even t a second bicycle.

Fitted with an anti-theft lock, the bicycle lift helps you lift your bicycle onto the roof of your Accord Tourer with ease. By simply adding the cross bars on roof rails, you can transport a second bicycle.
5 Base Carrier

3 Bicycle Attachment Easy-Fit

The easy-t attachment offers an easy xation by providing a slot that keeps your bicycle upright and your hands free while you strap down your bicycle. In combination with cross bars on roof rails, you can even t a second bicycle.

The elegant silver coloured base carrier forms the perfect base if you want to t your Accord Tourer with one of our carrying accessories. Cannot be used in combination with roof rails.



Apart from offering ample carrying space, the Accord Tourer gives both driver and passengers the comfort of a most elegant ride. With added interior accessories, you can now turn that ride into a most luxurious experience.


1 Interior Panel Kit

2 3

4a 4b 5

Turn your Accord Tourer into a luxurious ride, by adding a wood look interior panel kit and a matching wood look leather steering wheel. For cars with a black interior, a metal look interior panel kit and steering wheel is also available, offering the same level of quality and detail.

2 Gearshift Knob

4a Elegance Carpets

A perforated genuine leather, aluminium gearshift knob with a debossed pattern with a contemporary sports design. Available for 5-speed and 6-speed manual transmission.

Bask in luxury and smarten up you Accord Tourer with quality elegance oor carpets.
4b Blue Ambient Lighting

Blue ambient lighting adds a cool and sophisticated touch to your Accord Tourers interior.
3 Doorstep Garnish 5 Wood Look Leather Steering Wheel

With a stainless steel dual nish and a debossed Accord logo, these doorstep garnishes not only offer protection to your cars interior, they also add a stylish detail.

A wood look leather steering wheel offers integrated functionality within hands reach while adding an elegant and classic look to your driving experience.
(metal look leather steering wheel is also available)


1 Front Skirt

2 Rear Skirt

3 Side Skirts

4 Tailgate Spoiler

5 Front Bumper Trims

6 Rear Bumper Trims

7 Door Trims

8 Rear Bumper Protection

complete overview

alloy wheels

9 Fog Lights 10 Rear Parking Sensor 11 Door Visors 12 15" Alloy Wheel 13 16" Alloy Wheel 14 16" Alloy Wheel 15 16" Alloy Wheel 16 17" Alloy Wheel 17 17" Alloy Wheel 18 17" Alloy Wheel 19 17" Alloy Wheel

20 17" Alloy Wheel

21 17" Alloy Wheel

22 Locking Wheel Nuts

23 Wheel Nuts (20 pc)

24 Sports Suspension

25 2nd DIN Cassette Player

26 2nd DIN 6 CD Player

audio & electronics

alloy wheels

(In-Vehicle Entertainment System)

31 Front Tweeter Kit

32 Blue Ambient Lighting

33 Doorstep Garnish

34 Standard Floor Carpets

35 Elegance Floor Carpets (Black)

36 Elegance Floor Carpets (Ivory)

37 Childseat Group 0+

complete overview

27 8 CD Changer

28 Parking Aid Camera

29 I-VES

30 Bluetooth Phone System



38 Childseat Group 0+ Isox

39 Childseat Group 1+

40 Childseat Group 1+ Isox

41 Childseat Group 2 & 3

42 Armrest Pad

43 Gearshift Knob 5MT

44 Gearshift Knob 6MT

45 Wood Look Leather Steering Wheel

complete overview

carrying & towing

46 Metal Look Leather Steering Wheel 47 Wood Look Interior Panel Kit 48 Metal Look Interior Panel Kit 49 Base Carrier 50 Cross Bars 51 Roof Rails 52 Ski/Snowboard Attachment 53 Ski Box 320L 54 Top Box 350L 55 Bicycle Attachment Classic 56 Bicycle Attachment Easy-Fit

57 Bicycle Lift

58 Fixed Trailer Hitch

(with Intelligent Trailer Harness)

59 Detachable Trailer Hitch

(with Intelligent Trailer Harness)

60 Tie-Down Belt

61 Cargo Net

62 Cargo Mat

63 Cargo Tray

trunk & utility

carrying & towing

64 Rear Seat Back Pocket

65 Dog Guard

66 Separation Net

67 Coolbox

68 Net Adapter for Coolbox

complete overview



Interior Packs
69 Interior Pack 2.0 Metal Look Interior Panel Kit Gearshift Knob 5MT Leather Boot Doorstep Garnish (Black) 71 Interior Pack Wood Look Wood Look Interior Panel Kit Wood Look Leather Steering Wheel Doorstep Garnish (Ivory) 70 Interior Pack 2.4 Type-S Metal Look Interior Panel Kit Gearshift Knob 6MT Leather Boot Doorstep Garnish (Black) 72 Interior Pack Metal Look Metal Look Interior Panel Kit Metal Look Leather Steering Wheel Doorstep Garnish (Black)

Interior Packs
73 City Pack Front, Rear and Door Trims 74 City Pack (with Standard Floor Carpets) Front, Rear and Door Trims Standard Floor Carpets 75 Sports Pack Painted Front, Rear and Side Skirts

complete overview

For more information contact your local Honda dealer.




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