Farhan Hassan Khan

333-C, Street Allied Bank, Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Tel: (+92) 051 5478824 Cell: (+92) 0321 9509559 Email: mrfarhankhan@gmail.com

With significant experience in Java and SQL. Accomplished full life cycles on numerous projects, from initial conception to successful completion from customer liaison, systems analysis, design and development, programming, testing to implementation.

MS Software Engineering, 2007-8 NUST, Pakistan BE Software Engineering, 2005 UET, Taxila. HSSC, 2001 F.G. SirSyed College, Rawalpindi SSC, 1999 Station School No.2, Rawalpindi Thesis in progress 3.88/4 1st position

Aggregate (854 / 1100) (662 / 850)

86% 78% 78%

Grade: A+ Grade: A Grade: A

• • • • • • • • Programming: Databases: Web Development: Operating systems: Remote Access : Systems Analysis: Development tools: Java, J2EE, Expect. Oracle 10g, SQL Server 2000 JSF, Richfaces, JSP, Servlets, Tomcat, JBoss, Hibernate. Linux, Windows.

SSH, Remote Admin, VNC, Putty, PC Anywhere
Object Oriented Design/Analysis MyEclipse, Netbeans, JBuilder.

System Architect (Team Lead) in NGI Pvt. Ltd. ( April 2008 – Current ) - Designing the architecture and development of IPTV & VoIP Billing System. - Analysis and survey of latest technologies for development. - Development of IPTV Billing in JSF, EJB, Hibernate and JBoss. - Managing technical documentation, QA and development teams. Software Engineer (Team Lead) in Advanced VoIP Pvt. Ltd. ( October 2005 – April 2008 ) - Interaction with clients to understand their needs and transform into our solution. - Design & Development of Interconnect Billing System’s web interface using servlets and Oracle 10G. - Design & Development of backend billing applications including FTP, Mediation, Rater, Recalculation, Reconciliation. - Design & Development of Alarms Manager (via Email, SMS, LAN, IVR) - Design & Development of Database backup utility (Normal / Incremental / Chunks).

October 2005 ) Extensive knowledge about PTCL handling of Land Line and Mobile phone billings of local and abroad calls of various companies including UFone and Mobilink. present in the face database.Design & Development of various complex & efficient Reports. SCCP. • DISTINCTIONS & CERTIFICATIONS • • • • • • First position BE Software Engineering Final Year. Scholarship for First position National Online Quiz Competition. Certifications for participation in various software exhibitions at UET. Islamabad. using a skin sample database & a face template and then stores the detected face in a face database. TCAP. The application can send/receive any text message within the Diallog network. FINAL YEAR PROJECT • Face Detection and Recognition using MATLAB and Java Mobile Agents. Research on all the layers of SS7 (INAP. Certification in Professional Web Development and E-Commerce.MTP3/2/1) Research on different available boards and APIs like JCC/JCAT for SCP development. sales and support teams for the Advanced SoftSwitch product. • Consultant Team Lead in AI Soft.Integration of Mediation server and mediation web interface development using RMI. Peshawar. Using the Intel Dialogic board and the included VC libraries. Face Recognition is carried out by calculating the eigen vector based nearest neighbor of the input face. ( July 2005 . JBoss. GIKI. Research on Intelligent Network. Internship at PTCL Billings Department. Islamabad ( July 2006 . Peshawar Road. . Certification for Active Participation in workshop on Visual Studio held at UET Taxila. developed an SMSC application in Java using JNI. Struts.IS41-SMSC development in Java & VC (for Diallog CDMA. . Chur Harpal.September 2006 ) Responsible for designing products and providing direction to the development team for timely and successful completion of different ongoing projects in AI Soft using technologies like JSP. QA. . the program detects face(s) with any orientation from a skin segmented image.Design & Development of backend Scripts for various purposes..Integration of FTP in Interconnect billing and ftp web interface development using RMI. ADF. etc. 37405-0384425-1 05 – 09 – 1983 Single H # 333/C. . UCP. .Managing the development. Taxila. Street Allied Bank. Implementing skin based face detection algorithm. Fourth position in Software Competition held at UET. Islamabad). PERSONAL INFORMATION • • • • NIC No. Blue Area. Date of Birth Marital Status Permanent Address Rawalpindi. . .Development of Online Management System using servlets and SQLServer 2000.Research on SS7 Protocol Stack with emphasis on IN-SCP development. BRAINS. .

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