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With 12 years of industry experience building software, I am looking to further my career in a highly challenging and dynamic environment. An ideal position would allow me to demonstrate my technical abilities in a company small enough where my individual contributions make a difference.

Languages Technologies Development Tools App/Web Servers Caching/Messaging Database Platforms Java, JavaScript, HTML, SQL, PL/SQL, Ruby, PHP, C/C++ Spring (Core, AOP, Txn Mgmt, JDBC), Java SE/EE (EJB, JSP, Servlet, JDBC, JNDI, JMS, JTA, JavaMail, JAX-WS, JAX-RPC), Web Services (SOAP, WSDL, Axis, CXF), OAuth, Twitter APIs, AJAX, JSON, YUI, jQuery, Prototype, Struts/Tiles, Hibernate, XML, Ruby on Rails (RoR) Ant, Eclipse, TestNG, JUnit, TOAD, PL/SQL Developer, SQL*Plus, CVS/Subversion/BitKeeper/ClearCase, FishEye, Confluence, JIRA, Emacs WebLogic, Tomcat, WebSphere, Apache HTTP Server Oracle Coherence, Amazon SQS, RabbitMQ Oracle, Informix, MySQL, MS SQL Server, MongoDB Linux, Unix, Mac, Windows

Squarespace (www.squarespace.com) - New York, NY 2009 – present Director of Engineering / Lead Developer Member of core engineering team responsible for the development, maintenance, and production support of the Squarespace system. Part of key team that achieved $38.5 million investment round led by Index Ventures and Accel Partners. Key contributions: • Designed & implemented HTTP Session replication & failover on top of Oracle Coherence • Designed & implemented transition of data sync backend with Twitter to use Twitter’s Streaming API • Implemented database sharding solution • Migrated messaging infrastructure from Amazon SQS to RabbitMQ • Developed system features including social widgets, tag cloud widget, pricing & billing changes, and support system enhancements. • Technologies: Java 6, YUI, CSS, Mongo, Oracle Coherence, RabbitMQ, Amazon SQS, Solr, MS SQL Servers IGT (Thin Client Group, WagerWorks) - San Francisco, CA Technical Lead 2007 – 2009

Thin Client Group Served as Technical Lead for PAMS and TIS, two key sub-systems within Thin Client System (TCS). TCS is a thin client gaming platform for the video lottery market based on a distributed architecture. Contribution Highlights: • Led development team spanning 3 offices (San Francisco, Las Vegas, and China) • Co-designed distributed architecture for TCS based on complex requirements • Chose technology stack and implemented the foundation for PAMS and TIS • Technologies: Spring, Web Services, Flex, SQL, Apache, Tomcat, MS SQL Server WagerWorks

etc. Memento Viewer) • Added asynchronous JMS infrastructure • XML Broker improvements and rework . and enhanced Portfolio Management features including Asset Allocation. Portfolio Construction. Ant. PL/SQL. Technical contributions: • Served as Technical Lead on the Portfolio Management team • Designed. developed. payment processing. a comprehensive enterprise platform for the online casino gaming business. It includes a full set of features such as player registration. PL/SQL. XML. Lending.g. Oracle. EJBs.) through a middleware platform called APS (Account Product Services). Informix FINAPLEX .Served as Technical Lead for WagerWare®. Accessible via HTTP or JMS. and Performance Reporting. promotions. EJB.San Francisco. APS is built using Java. Efficient Frontier. Oracle).San Francisco. Technical contributions: • Design and development of over 20 business services including: • Retrieval of account information • ATM/Credit card activation • Wells Internet Banking logon • Application framework changes and improvements • Development of various tools (Component Viewer. the verification engine for WagerWare® • Technologies: Spring. Brokerage. Finaplex Wealth® is a comprehensive product suite built on J2EE n-tier architecture (JSP/Struts. Providing components such as Data Consolidation. Servlets. identity verification. Contribution Highlights: • Served as Technical Lead of a team of 8 for the WagerWare® Casino Platform • Drove product releases by working with product managers to define and size scope • Designed and led development for all major features • Replaced existing EJB architecture with Spring Framework • Co-inventor of Tiered Verification (patent pending). Web Services. Struts. Portfolio Management. WebLogic. XML. Struts/Tiles. and PDF Generation • Application framework improvements (e. Target Portfolios. CA 2002 – 2004 Applications Systems Engineer Enterprise Business Services offers shareable business services for many lines of business in the bank (Retail. CA 2004 – 2007 Senior Java Engineer As part of the core engineering team. EJBs. Finaplex Wealth®. Web services integration with WagerWorks rgs™ provides access to a rich library of games with brands such as Monopoly and Wheel of Fortune®. Servlets. WebLogic. AOP. KavaCharts. Goal Analysis. Tile components/controllers) • Worked closely with DB engineers on schema design and stored procedures (PL/SQL) • Worked with professional services team to deploy UAT/Beta environments • Produced technical design documents • Technologies used: JSP/Tiles/JavaScript. APS provides re-usable enterprise services by encapsulating business logic functionality and data access to over 20 systems of record and databases. Apache. deployed onto IBM’s WebSphere Application Server. and content management. JSP/JavaScript/AJAX. a holistic enterprise solution for the wealth management industry. TestNG. and SOAP technologies. JUnit Responsibilities as Technical Lead: • Designed and oversaw the architecture for the Portfolio Management module • Reviewed and provided feedback on design documents by junior developers • Worked closely with product managers to define project scope and functionality • Helped with the management of the offshore team in India • Mentored junior developers • Conducted technical interviews WELLS FARGO – Enterprise Business Services . account management. helped build the company’s flagship product.

database) eBusiness solutions for dot-com and enterprise clients. SOAP) as well as access to multiple back-end systems. JDBC. wrote.San Francisco.com). and images Designed and implemented the eStore’s Checkout module (J2EE. SQL) Managed the integration of the Checkout process with the EAI system Integrated the ClearCommerce payment processing interface Implemented queue-based email module Main responsibilities: • • • • ♦ Boats. This platform. was designed to be a flexible middle-tier solution that allowed for multiple delivery channels (WWW. United Kingdom Digital Wellbeing – Complete end-to-end eBusiness system (WebLogic 5.boats. Project engagements while at Scient: ♦ Boots – London.com – Content-driven website (JSPs. JSPs. JNDI.com) dedicated to health. check calendar of boating events.4ds. WebLogic 4. CA www.com – San Francisco.1. Servlets. CA 1999 . added asynchronous JMS capability • SOAP channel/interface to the ATSP using Apache SOAP. editorial content. EJBs. Servlets.Responsibilities as a Development Lead: • Managed small team of developers on project work • Worked closely with clients and business analysts during project definition phase • Served as development contact during production installs • Mentored new developers ATINERA . configuration) SCIENT CORPORATION . Oracle 8i) consisting of: • • • Content-rich eStore (www. known as the Atinera Travel Services Platform (ATSP). Responsibilities included design and implementation of the following: • • Foundation search module – generic search functionality (caching. the ATSP provided CONTOUR’s search and book (air/car/hotel) functionality by making calls to CONTOUR’s EasyLink® API. responsibilities also included the following environment-related tasks: • Worked with IT and QA teams to set up development and QA machines • WebLogic configuration (EJB.com – Customizable portal for members to read articles.wellbeing. save their . managed the integration of SOAP channel with dev team in Australia • Testing facility for CONTOUR’s Easylink® API • Singleton class used for loading configuration properties from files In addition to development. beauty. Oracle 8i) for the boating community and marine industry. application. designed and implemented a robust J2EE platform on top of CONTOUR®. Using J2EE technologies (EJBs. CA 2001 . database access) used in Boat/Product/Engine searches My boats. 3-tier (presentation. build procedures. PL/SQL. a complex travel reservation system by Fourth Dimension Software (www. JDBC) on top of WebLogic and SQL Server. JMS.2001 Senior Associate Developer Designed and implemented large-scale. and well-being Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) system that integrates the order management and fulfillment systems Content Management System (CMS) that integrates products. JMS. Contributions included design and implementation of the following: • Various business component EJBs (search and reservation functionality) • Flexible logging system on top of Apache log4j. and maintained build script (ANT) • Performed builds on development and QA machines • Documented development/deployment environments (software installations.2002 Software Engineer As part of a small development team.5. using J2EE technologies on top of WebLogic and Oracle.San Francisco. clustering) • Designed.

etc. Oracle 8i) that allows brokers to manage the marketing. snowboarding. traveling. playing/watching sports. sales. References available upon request . dancing. Berkeley – Bachelor of Science with Honors in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. CA www.com – Business-to-Business system (WebLogic 4.5. and playing poker. movies. Responsibilities included: • • • Implementation of health insurance rate structures and various client maintenance functionality Bug fixing Documentation of technical specifications EDUCATION/CERTIFICATIONS University of California. and servicing of group benefits.• • • ♦ favorite searches. 1999 Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 Platform HOBBIES/INTERESTS I enjoy reading.benefitpoint. National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) Appraisal – a “Blue Book” database for pre-owned boats Community profiles – allows members to create a profile page Boat Listings – allows members to sell a boat by creating a listing BenefitPoint – San Francisco.

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