16 FIX: Visual Editing: Alter a view from Oracle -> Tables -> Dependencies -> V iew, is not setting the schema correctly. FIX: Visual Editing: MySQL : Alter Table on table with an "int" datatype. C hange to Unsigned = YES and rename. DDL doesn't generate UNSIGNED syntax FIX: Visual Editing: Oracle : Alter Table on table, default value for parall el when creating table will not script a value. FIX: Visual Editing: Alter Table on PostgreSQL with VARCHAR(0) prevents modi fication FIX: Table Data Editor: will not save data if you close the window and choos e to save ... if PK is not defined. FIX: ER Modeler: PostgreSQL : Varchar does not require length anymore FIX: ER Modeler: Relationship positioning isn't always saved FIX: Subversion: Locking issues with refresh workspace would cause refresh t o occur more often. FIX: Open API: Added compare options to AQSchemaComparator FIX: Open API: Fix for DB2 compare of procedures. The parameters for arrayl ist where not sorted on extraction. FIX: Open API: Oracle Schema Compare saveToHtml would overwrite Package with PackageBody FIX: Open API: Added API : AQDataSet[] AQStatementResult.getResultList() FIX: Open API: Added API : AQExcelSpreadsheet FIX: Open API: Open API CoreResultSet.getRow() was not making special conver sions for datetimes FIX : Query Window : Added unicode support for the rich text clipboard trans ferable. FIX : Query Window : Queries of length 14,000+ chars would prevent execution . FIX : AquaProjects : Allow context menu to "Debug in Procedure Debugger" in Projects FEATURE : Add icon with tooltip to each Grid Results where the tooltip is th e first 100 chars of the SQL for the results 9.0.15 FIX: Printing : No longer forces print margins FIX: PostgreSQL : Added bigserial to postgresql datatypes FIX: SQL Server 2008 : Added Geometry & Geography datatypes FIX: nCluster : Results Format for dates on nCluster not being applied FIX: Oracle : Storage Manager : If zero space available on datafile, bar ind icator showed 0% used instead of 100%. FIX: Schema Compare : Permissions in DDL were not sorted, so same permission s might show as differences if in different order FIX: Open API : DDL generation on Oracle could fail on some datatypes with N PE. FEATURE: Added Informix Driver authentication for PAM : com.aquafold.aquacor e.api.security.PamAuth : Register a connection, and in the Driver tab include the value : ifx_pam_class=com.aquafold.aquacore.api.security.PamAuth 9.0.14 FIX: MySQL : View Extraction was quering on all databases FIX: PostgreSQL 8.3+ : Extraction and scripting of extra index options (USIN G, NULLS, FILLFACTOR, FASTUPDATE, TABLESPACE) FIX: Oracle : Scripting comments on views was use COMMENT ON VIEW, but shoul d be COMMENT ON TABLE FIX: JDBC Driver loading order now puts Informix before DB2 to prevent obscu re messages on Informix connection failure FIX: AquaProjects : Drag and Drop from AquaProjects now matches same as Serv er Tab.

9.0.13 FIX: SQL Server : Schema Browser didn't show encrypted triggers. FIX: Sybase Anywhere : Added REAL to File->Options->Results Format as Anywhe re returns REAL for FLOAT datatypes sometimes. FIX: Sybase ASE : Scripting foriegn key constraints somethings throws NULL p ointer exception FIX: Sybase ASE : Extract View extracted incorrectly if you had views with s ame name in different schemas. FIX: Sybase ASE : Partition information extraction when the partition was sy stem generated.... for tables and indexes. FIX: nCluster : When setting Max Results, we now also setFetchSize() as nClu ster needs this to actually do a Max Results. ENHANCEMENT: DB2 iSeries : ER Modeler ->Tools->Generate HTML Report : Add to report the system name for table/column ENHANCEMENT: DB2 LUW : Debugger now shows more debug information in the cons ole ENHANCEMENT: Added Open API on for AQServerConnection public Connection getJdbcConnection(); public void setAutoCommit(boolean enable) throws Exception; public void rollback() throws Exception; public void commit() throws Exception; 9.0.12 FIX: MS SQL Server : Object Search : Procedure source didn't search function source code. FIX: MS SQL Server : Procedure Editor : Executing a function with a timestam p or datetime parameter failed. FIX: MS SQL Server 7.0 : Scripting constraints included syntax valid only fo r SQL Server 2000 and above. FIX: PostgreSQL : Procedure Editor : Executing function with a MONEY datatyp e parameter would fail. FEATURE: Server Registration->Advanced : Added option "Always display column name in results" ... instead of column label. 9.0.11 FIX: Query Window : WebEx application sharing or Windows Remote Desktop caus es application UI to reload and would cause the currently open query window to lose some keyboard strokes, and the toolbar UI to be missaligned. This would require user to close window to fix. FIX: Query Window : Reconnect on SQL Server would initially change database to 1st database, which would cause error dialog if user did not have permission to change into the database. FIX: AquaProject : Deploy dialog window hides the password field on OSX. 9.0.10 FIX: Chart engine : Intermittent chart repaint problem and flicker on resize is fixed, which also increases stability. FIX: SQL Server : Debugger : DCOM connection would fail on Windows 7. Updat ed jInterop library for fix. FIX: Postgresql : ER Modeler : Added PostgreSQL version 9.0 label. FIX: DBA Tools : Sorting problem in session manager would cause temporary mi s-alignment. FIX: Editor : Removed key sequence of Alt-U : E for end of line, as it cause d confusion for many users. 9.0.9 FIX: SQL Server : Scripting Table FULL did not include contraint partitionin g. FIX: DB2 8.2 : Work around for JDBC driver bug when using the retrieveMessag esFromServerOnGetMessage property for connections, would disconnect.

FIX: Charts : Tooltips showing Exponetial "E" for large numbers. FIX: Schema Tree : Multiple indexes with the same name were only shows once FIX: Script Generator : Scripting Indexes with the same name to one file per object will overwrite, now enumerates filename. FIX: Projects->Server : Multi selection right-mouse click menu did not have Delete and did not match the multi selection menu in Schema browser. 9.0.8 FIX: Schema Compare & ER Modeler Database Compare : "Ignore Schema" and "Ign ore Database" were converted to "Include Schema" and "Include Database" FIX: ER Modeler Database Compare : Include Tables and/or Views of the ER dia gram only when object type selected in Database compare list. FIX: FIX: Sybase ASE & SQL Server : Explicitly script CLUSTERED and NONCLUST ERED for indexes and constraints 9.0.7 FIX: Anti-Aliasing for the SQL Editor did not take advantage of ClearType on Windows FIX: DB2 LUW Session Manager : locks, lock types now have descriptions FIX: ER Modeler : Database Compare : Ignore Schema would still hook on schem a difference 9.0.6 FIX: .saveResults command : format option required case sensitivity. ENHANCEMENT : Schema Compare now has options to ignore schema and ignore cas e on object alignments for comparison ENHANCEMENT : ER Modeler->Database Compare now has options to ignore databas e & schema and ignore case on object alignments for comparison ENHANCEMENT : Results Compare : Results choice dialog now allows to choose p rimary key columns before compare 9.0.5 FIX: Server Registration : ODBC Datasource browser for 64bit now lists 64bit sources. FIX: ER Modeler : Database Compare didn't have all the options that the Sche ma Compare had FIX: Save Results to Delimited Text would wrap http:// values with <a href> tag FIX: Oracle : Table Data Editor : If a compound key contains data type of RA W, then UPDATEs and DELETEs would not take effect FIX: Apache Derby : Fix on handling boolean to support version 10.6.x FIX: SQL Server : Added option for NOCHECK in DDL FIX: Sybase ASE : Script CREATE TABLE on default segment now quotes default since it is a keyword. FIX: Typo in Open API AQSqlFormatter.setUseTabIdent method ENHANCEMENT: Added Open API aqua.system.getProperty(), aqua.request.getRemot eHost() and aqua.request.getRemoteAddr() 9.0.4 FIX: ER Modeler : When comparing Model to Database never use Database name i n fully qualified name, otherwise all objects are different. FIX: Table Data Editor openning from Schema browser doesn't have limit to 10 00 FIX: DB2 LUW : Differentiated between ASC/DESC columns in an index & INCLUDE D columns in the extraction. FIX: Apache Derby : Version 10.6+ queries comparing boolean columns can no l onger use 0/1, must use 't' or 'f' now

0.sh/.FIX: Query Window : CTRL-ENTER will auto-complete popup is up would not exec ute current statement.00 FIX: Merged 8. Launching and closing ADS about 1000 times would cause ADS GUI refre sh issues.0.0-beta-3. FIX: I18N : Object Permission Dialog did not work on non-English interface b ecause of I18N bug.isTeradata() in AQMetaDa ta FIX: Open API : AQUtil. Paints smoother and prevents crash on unreliable Windows video d rivers.05 .03 . 9. [Restart Windows] FIX: Pie Chart : Pie Chart label location calculation is much better now.1 FIX: Charts : Changed the method or repainting charts on AWT window. FIX: nCluster : datatypes returning null type now made to varchar to minimiz e issues.0-beta-3.0.Internal Build .06 FIX: Merged 8.0.0.Internal Build 9.0-beta-3.25 fixes FIX: MS SQL Server : Schema Tree View : Disabled Triggers now have icon to i ndicate status FIX: Windows Chart Software Renderer : Handle to Windows Device context was not released when closing ADS.0.0-rc-1. FIX: Aqua Commands : parameter parser did not work in certain scenarios FIX: RunScript. 9.26 fixes FIX: ER Modeler : Now auto-generates names for new objects FIX: ER Modeler : You can now copy/paste regions and notes across models reg ardless of database type.bat : would not exist after execution of script.0.27 fixes FIX: DB2 iSeries : Extraction/Scripting of tables/views to include column sy stem names FIX: OSX : OpenGL hanging bug which occured when you try to resize window af ter a query and grid results were enabled but the charts not shown.24 fixes FIX: Drag & Drop of servers from Projects to Servers didn't work.0. 9. Occured because of FPSAnimator 9.0.0. 9.isTeraData() to .04 FIX: Merged 8.0 FIX: Merged 8.3 ENHANCEMENT: Added option File->Option->Results->Grid Results->[Persist sort across execution] FEATURE: Netezza : Native support for Netezza. ENHANCEMENT: Enabled access to Swing/AWT in Open API. FIX: Open API : Lowercased method .isNetezza() to AQMetaData 9.htmlEncode() did not convert all characters correctly FEATURE: Open API : Added method .0.2 FIX: Procedure Editor : Execution of procedure remembers parameter values of previous execution. 9.

0-beta-3.27 FIX: DB2 LUW : Schema Browser .01 FIX: Query Window : If you query and sort grid results.26 FIX: Oracle : Explain Plan : Numeric nodes should have values right aligned.0.0.5. FIX: nCluster : Added filter to nCluster schemas for "nc_temp%" so that temp schemas are not displayed 8.Security : Added Role and Group members node under Role FIX: nCluster : Schema Browser : List of schemas did not refresh if new sche ma created in query window FIX: nCluster : Visually Create Table now allows CHAR and VARCHAR without le ngth.0. becuase of non I1 8N of <DEFAULT> FIX : Visual Editing when ['. FEATURE: AquaScript Editor : Lines with syntax error now give description of what the syntax error is. FIX: nCluster : Scripting CHAR didn't include length on nCluster 4. FIX: Save Results Dialog on OSX had button sizing issues.9.25 FIX: Sybase ASE : Explain Plan line feed for German warning messages.0. then query a differe nt result without the sorted column would cause grid result not to show for that query.http://www. FIX: Sybase ASE 12.aquafold.02 FIX: Updated geo.0.jar for enhanced world map resolution.0-beta-3. FIX: Sybase ASE : UDDT DATETIME -> Export Tool FIX: MySQL : Alter Table GUI would not generate a Identity column change to remove the Identity FIX: Informix : VARCHAR(100.0 and below : Query Window : Change Database would fail b ecause of [] quote identifier in DDL FIX: Open API : aqua.getComment() to aqua.[Invert Mouse Wheel] 9. except when it is a procedure/function/package .0-beta-3. 9.0.wikipedia.or g/wiki/List_of_colors ENHANCEMENT : Open API : Added method . 8.1) was using Precision/Scale and it should use L enght/Scale FIX: Informix : Schema Script Generator should always default schema to <All Schemas> : Just for Informix FIX: Generic JDBC/ODBC : connections for non-English User Interfaces would n ot display tables sometimes depending on database vendor and driver.00 . FIX: AquaScript Editor : On Linux a Shift-F1 on a function woult open browse r to JavaDoc incorrectly because of space in URL.random.nextColor() now matches : http://en. FEATURE: Server Registration Dialog : Added "Driver" tab to give more inform ation on URL and driver parameters.vcs -> AQRevisio n ENHANCEMENT : FEATURE: Server Registration Dialog -> Driver tab enhancements OPTION : Added File->Options->ER Modeler:[Enable Mouse Wheel Zoom] .' Statement Separtor] is enable should use the setting.com/d90/docs/ 8.

nvarchar2 datatypes FIX: Informix : ER Model convertion on varchar(100. 17.22 FIX: Sybase Debugger : Second debug session would have connection disconnect .21 FIX : MS SQL Server : Debugger would not allow a Step Into a User Defined Fu nction.xed that wouldn't open.0. FIX: Server Registration: choosing SQL Server Single Sign On and then Sybase . 8. doesn't show values for Bit columns 8. CHAR used on columns of type varchar2. and minor fix to fillfactor.18 FIX: SQL Server : View in Excel.0.0.24 FIX: Oracle : Package Editor : Toggle comments didn't work correctly FIX: SQL Server : Extracting constraints : Removed the permissions(objid) cr iteria on ms sql server queries.0.0. Broken in build 8. caus ing problems for fast typers 8.20 FIX: Schema Tree : Drag & Drop table/columns to editor.0.0. FEATURE : MS SQL Server : Script Login now scripts password encoded FEATURE : MS SQL Server : Script Login now includes Script CREATE (Full) to include database users associated to Login FEATURE : MS SQL Server : Script Job now inlcludes full Job information such as steps. FEATURE : Sybase ASE : Script Login now includes Script CREATE (Full) to inc lude database users associated to Login CHANGE : Query Builder : Execute Edit now uses the Max Results from the Quer y Builder 8. nchar.1) would convert to varch ar(0) 8.0. FIX: SQL Server : Scripting Table DDL : Added TEXTIMAGE_ON clause support FIX: Sybase ASE : Export Tool : didn't apply quote identifiers to UDDT of Da te/Strings FIX: MySQL : Script DROP UNIQUE index syntax was incorrect FIX: ER Diagram Generator : Database Object comments with illegal xml charac ters would create . now fixed. 8. This was used when extracting constraints from tables and should not have been. doesn't re-enable the username/password FIX: Grid Results : Aggregate bar broken if SUM is not chosen FEATURE : Debugger : Parameter dialog now has menus to set NULL or DEFAULT t o all parameters or selected UPDATE : Updated jConnect JDBC Driver 8.23 FIX: Sybase IQ : Added support for "IQ UNIQUE" clause in table DDL FIX: Sybase IQ : DBSPACE extraction was using deprecated system catalog tabl e FIX: Oracle : Fix for DDL generation on table. char.17 .19 FIX: SQL Server 2008 : Extract Index with WHERE clause was not supported. FIX: SQL Server : Scripting Index DDL : Fix for INCLUDE columns not been dup licated.0. 8.FIX: Query Window : Max results field gets focus briefly after opening.

Aggregate bar would calculate with every cell change. FIX: Sorting in Grids for String now uses Collator instead of Comparator UPDATE: Installers now have Java 1. FEATURE: Schema Compare : Schema compare now has option to include indexes/t riggers on table comparisons. FIX: Sybase ASE : Object Search tool had a join condition missing in query f or procedure body searches. OPTION: Sybase ASE : inverted default sybase quote_identifier option FEATURE: Oracle : Package Editor : Added support for .0. instead of Java 1.0. FIX: DB2 LUW : Added extracting and scripting of pctfree # table information as ALTER TABLE FIX: Sybase ASE : DDL Generation : Create table ddl where column has multi r ows in catalog table but is not computed would make datatype length "null)." statement separator] which woul d cause procedure editing to fail. 8.5 OPTION: Added option to datastudio.keybindings. PERFORMANCE: Informix storage information for Tables issues query that is no w more optimized.5 and above. FEATURE: Query Windows : When you reconnect.0_16.14 FIX: Oracle : Added support for SYSASM role in Connect As FIX: DB2 iSeries : ER Modeler Table editor didn't support extend column prop erties.completion ShowAction" to allow to change keybinding for autocompletion 8. FIX: DB2 LUW 8.0. See ms to happen on databases dumped in Sybase ASE 12. 8.6. 8. procedure list would show empty list because one missing column in query.pck / single file open ing and saving. FIX: Allow .FEATURE: Memory Monitor Dialog which is accessible by single click on botton right memory status indicator.16 FIX: Server Registration : ODBC datasource browser now includes User DSN fro m Windows Registry FIX: nCluster : Script table which inherits from other table will not script inherited columns for table. including identity column info.0.properties "editor.15 FIX: Sybase IQ : Time / Date columns would return "[Err]" because IQ doesn't return the column type name in the resultset for Time and Data columns.5 and imported to 15.0 FIX: DB2 iSeries : ER Modeler : Generate Script would always fully qualify P rimary Key in DDL FIX: ER Modeler : ER Modeler : Relationship route is not saved in some cases FIX: Export Tool : Oracle 9i and above now supports "WITH CLAUSE" in the exp ort data "SELECT" statement option PERFORMANCE: Table Data Editor : Performance problem when setting NULL on la rge resultsets.0_18 bundled. FEATURE: Grid Results : Added "View in Browser" to menu item FEATURE: SQL Debugger for Sybase ASE : added support for Sybase ASE 15. it now refreshes the list of da tabases and schemas FEATURE: Schema Browser : tree will now show users that belong to a role und er db2 9.variable TIME/TIMEZONE format to specify fractions with up to na nosecond precision .1 and below : Schema Browser. This is to resolve Windows 7 GUI issues.6.13 FIX: Visual Editing was using option of [". which made search slow.

the odd numbered window open would focus on incorrect tab.8 FIX: FIX: . FIX: Query Analzyer : Chart : Script Full to New Window didn't include the S howMarkers option. FIX: Query Window .FIX: Quick Filter : Column filter popup would not scroll it the list was too big. Causing _ to come be fore space. Otherwise procedures show up as different objects."null" is appended to name.0. 8. Added change password functionality to Server Registration dialog on button right to password field.3) : Object search for procedure bodies would fail.7 FIX: Schema compare for functions and procedures needs to be compared based on parameter prototypes list. 8. FIX: Autocompletion sorting was using TERTIARY sorting.11 FIX: TeraData : Alter User would not put double quotes on password for chang ing password DDL FIX: MS SQL Server : Alter SQL Server Agent->Job would not display correct E mail Alter user. 8. FIX: (MySQL) Table Data Editor didn't allow modification of TIMESTAMP column . If a database was dumped and restored. 8. FEATURE: Sybase ASE -> Added support for Execute Callable Statements for pro cedure with EXECUTE BIND OPTIMIZATION : Oracle : Extracting DBMSOUTPUT is now handled on server with annonymous PL/SQL block to increase extraction speed for large results.0.0. FIX: Query Analyzer Window : Incremental Find hot key didn't work.10 FIX: Oracle : Query for columns of LOCAL TIMEZONE would return error for dat a. FIX: ery long (MySQL )Auto Describe not working (SQL Server 2005+) Table Data Editor : Was unable to INSERT a XML value (Sybase ASE) : Script CREATE on tables with computed columns that are v would create a multi-line computed column and cause the column name to display as multi ple columns of same name.9 FIX: (Sybase ASE 15) : View Database : Space Usage was merging Data and Unus ed together for Data size.Openning windows.0. 8. FIX: Sybase ASE : New jConnect driver no longer allows connection when passw ord expired. now does.with MultiTab/SplitPane results . and leaving Unused as zero.jar JDBC driver to latest EBF patch. FIX: MySQL : Script Table CREATE (Full) would script Unique Indexes that wer e system generated to support Unique Constraints 8. .12 FIX: ER Modeler print grid is wrong for scale other than 1:1 FIX: Schema Browser: Multiscript Indexes -. the query would not show all groups. FIX: Sybase ASE : Minor fix to extraction of database groups. only when the database supports parameter overloading for the object of Function or Procedure.0. FIX: (Informix 7. FIX: PostgreSQL : Rules are now displayed under tables and views tabs in the schema tree.0. UPDATE: (Sybase ASE) Updated jconnect6.

FIX: File->Options->Compare: compare option prompt label said "left". Now only when it is in another database. 8. we show schemas to be Users & Groups now.0. Linux and OSX). .2 .FIX: Teradata connection type didn't allow for "Driver Params" in Server R egistration->Advanced . .FIX: Oracle : Table CREATE Scripting now supports VARCHAR2(255 CHAR) forma t .345) .3 . when it should have been "right" 8.FIX: Quick filter was filtering numberic values as formatter values "comma s" (eg 1.FIX: Informix : Added syntax coloring on keywords : RETURNING. FIX: Sybase ASE . RESUM E.FEATURE: SQL Archive table now has sorting enabled. DEBUG. .5 .0.3 and above: Added UUID datatype support.FIX: Sybase IQ/Anywhere : Database schema nodes didn't refresh if new sche ma created. FILE.FIX: Oracle . . .3 .0. (Worked for Windows 64bit.FEATURE: DB2 9. .0.FIX: Sybase ASE : Scripting constraint would include database everytime fo r referencing table.FIX: Schema Script Generator : Disable option "Generate full script for ta bles (indexes etc)" if user chooses Trigger or Indexes individually . Server Script Generator.FIX: Sybase IQ/Anywhere : When grouping by schema in Sybase IQ & Anywhere.8.query results with timestamp subtractions would result in [e rr] results for column data.FIX: Oracle .5 and above : Now has suppprt for Roles in Schema Browser. Scripting. (Dual monitor switching) 8. 8.If a function series was added and a "Merge Ser ies Axes" option was chosen. Visual Editing. Reason: Groups can be an object owner.FIX: PostgreSQL 8.Visual DROP of Login.FIX: SQL Archive : Delete Selected in SQL Archive would only delete one. Object Permissions and Secur ity Manager.FIX: Grid Results Charts . ELIF.0. .1 . .200.FIX: TAB key does not move cursor to adjacent cell in the Table Data Edito r . Required disconnect/reconnect.FIX: DB2 Explain Plan : Column Names and Partition Columns values were dis played as Java Class names of the object. Oracle drivers return INTERVALDS datatype.0. then the chart would not refresh until the OK button was clicked.FIX: Disabling Auto Popup for autocompletion did not work for Windows 32bi t. o rder of columns for the foreign key constraint did not match. This is because of how Sybase ASE driver handles execution of stored procedures.FIX: Informix 7. 8.TIMESTAMP TIMEZONE / LOCAL TIMEZONE columns are now retreive d as strings so to include the timezone information . under rare circumstances.Procedures were not listed .FIX: SQL History : window opens outside of the visible screen area if prev ious instance saved it that way.Schema browser . If drop of login fails.4 . ADS would r eport as successful.6 FIX: PostgreSQL : Script Foreign Key constraint. .FIX: Autocompletion now handles Sybase Index Hints . REPLACE .

FIX: Added support for Global Temporary tables in DDL Generation.FIX: ER Modeler -> Generate Script .0-Beta4 .8. . . DB2 z/OS and Teradata .FIX: Oracle : Script Table Full with Default Parallel would not script NOPARALLEL clause.FIX: nCluster : Performance problem with nCluster indexes extraction. columns.FIX: Scripting DB2 LUW Create Table with Identity/seed/increment by no cache from ER Model would fail.0. would not persist sorting on pivot table.becaused it used "?" instead of "/" and ". now focus traversal with tab. . now linking to 8.FIX: nCluster : Fixed nCluster data types in ER modeler . Sybase INI and ODBC browse dialog now have quick filter. need to add option "Tables: Use conditional drop" .FIX: Added File->Options->Registration Defaults for nCluster.FIX: SQL Server : Minor GUI fixes in Restore Database dialog.0.FIX: Update from JIDE library 2. .FEATURE: Server Registration : Oracle OCI. 8...0. . ." as parameter separators in driver URL.. so now using @@nch arsize .5 .2 to 2.FEATURE: ER Model : Copy will copy image to OS clipboard for pasting i nto Office and Email clients 8.FEATURE : Added "Clear Document" action to Text Results and Message Re sults editor popup menu.FIX: Sybase ASE 12. Visu .FEATURE : Procedure/Package Editor now use Tab Title Format just like Query Window.0-Beta3 . 8.FIX: nCluster : Added Views selection option to Query Builder for nClu ster . 0 .7. 8. co nstraints and references.FIX: Sybase ASE : Database Device DDL scripting didn't include the dsy nc option.FIX: Reexecution of query with multiple sorted Pivot Tables.FIX: SQL Server : Job History dialog would not display history because of GUI refresh issue. .0 doesn't support @@unicharsize.0.0. but as java class names. 8.FEATURE : ER Modeler : Find Dialog : Now includes indexes. .. .0-RC1 .0-Beta5 .FIX: Options dialog still defaults to 'General' regardless of last cho ice .0 . .FIX: Results Compare: Dialog for choosing results.LOCALIZATION : Completed localization of new prompts to all languages except Japanese.FIX: Online Documentation was linking to ADS 7. .FIX: ER Modeler conversion : informix->mysql conversion sets auto_incr ement option . .LOCALIZATION : Completed localization of new prompts for Japanese (all 21 languages complete).FIX: DB2 XML Datatypes values where not extracted as XML text.0 to fix minor UI bugs. shift-tab .

7 and above : Added support for Global Temporary tables in DDL Generation .al Editing and ER Modeler .FIX: Schema Compare : Indexes are now sorted by name so that the compa re is a logical compare even if they were ordered incorrectly . .35 .32 . Added SybaseAS E-timestamp and Informix-Serial 7.6 and above) Scripting Procedure would script com piled/unformatted create procedure code.0 : http://www. Now scripts original code from system catalog sysprocedures. 7. .FIX: Sybase ASE : Script Temporary Databases didn't include the TEMPOR ARY clause.FIX: ER Modeler DDL generation script for DB2 LUW Identity was not cor rect.source.FIX: Teradata : Script comments for tables and columns .5.0-Beta1/Beta2 .5.FIX: DB2 XML Datatypes values where not extracted as XML text..FIX: Sybase ASE . This renders dot ted relationship lines as gray lines.Also.FIX: Re-Executing a query with a defined pivot grid and hidden headers would show refreshed pivot grid with headers.FIX: Sybase IQ : (12. Now enabled.30 .FEATURE: Visual edit now supports create/alter database for Teradata. 7. .FIX: Oracle : Script Table Full with Default Parallel would not script NOPARALLEL clause.0.34 .FIX: DB2 LUW 9.5.FIX: SQL Formatter would not handle CASE correctly under certain scena rios and would break SQL .aquafold. Deleting of constraints were disabled.com/d80/docs/ 7.6 and above) : Scripting Procedure.FIX: Table Data Editor : Now has the ability to defined unclonable col umns for datatypes that are automatically generated by database.source which causes ADS to script a blank CREATE PROCEDURE block.5. . . 7.5.5.FIX: MySQL : Visual Edit Table ->Constraints.31 .OPTIMIZATION: (ER Modeler) Now able to open large 2000+ tables and 200 0+ relationship models. (dotted are very slow because of Java 2D) 8.36 . 7. .FIX: Sybase IQ : (12. . Some IQ insta llations (primarily upgraded installations) sometimes have zero length or padded blank values for sysprocedures.FIX: ER Modeler->Generate Script on DB2 LUW : Scripting Table with Ide ntity ALWAYS would cause exception.33 . 7.See new features for 8. added Window->Faster Rendering option. but as java class names.. now use @@ncharsize and @@unicharsize to calculate lengh of nvarchar and univarchar length for server with different sizes.5.

5.setLoginTimeout() was initially set to prevent ADS from pausing for a long on a connection attempt that failed.FIX: DB2 iSeries : DriverMangaer. 7.FIX: Disabled DriverManager. if explain tables don't exist on user sche ma.. 7.MINOR CHANGE: OSX . so c hanged to CTRL-Command-[M/Up/Down] 7.5.23 .FIX: DB2 Visual Explain .. but we can't do anything abou t that) The DriverManager.Lowered acceleration on mouse scroll wheel for nav igating editors.FIX: Table Data Editor: A cloned row of a cloned row would not retain data formats.25 . . 7.27 . case sensitive for table names was no t working.5.FIX: Schema Compare: Now sorts triggers by name in DDL generation to h ave closer and more acurate matches in the DDL text compare.28 . MODIFIES SQL DATA .loginTimeout() as a connection timeout. .5.FIX: Import Tool : MySQL : Create Table from import tool would have in itial values of "PREVIOUS" for datadir and indexdir which would prevent creating table. Workaround.FIX: DB2 Alter Tablespace was not extracting datafile size 7.5.26 .loginTimeout() is global. ADS doe sn't set LoginTimeout for DB2 iSeries. Set to 0 ( zero) when attempting to connect to iSeries because of JTOpen bug 7. (Which is stupid.FIX: Sybase ASE : Extract Table Check Constraint : Check constraint lo nger then 255 characters was truncated to 255.FIX: Table Data Editor: on Mac OSX selects first typed character .FIX: MySQL : Script CREATE PROCEDURE & FUNCTION now includes in DDL : NOT DETERMINISTIC.5. 7.FIX: Document Tab Pane : Having multiple windows open in multiple Vert ical Tabs. 7. .FIX: OSX : Default key bindings for bookmarks on OSX didn't work.setLoginTimeout() because some JDBC driver s use this as a socket timeout. such as RDF data.FIX: Localization Mnemonics : Now avoids duplicate mnemonics in dialog s.29 . .FIX: DB2 Visual Explain would not work if user would change current sc hema to different then user login name .22 .FIX: Oracle : Query on Oracle Struct objects now converted to strings..FIX: DB2 iSeries : Execute Edit. .5. fall back on SYSTOOLS schema .5. CONTAINS SQL.FIX: Schema Compare : Small memory leak fix . subject to mis alig ned triggers because of order.24 .FIX: DB2 iSeries : New JTOpen JDBC driver for DB2 iSeries has bug that uses DriverMangaer. . . READS SQL DATA.FIX: DB2 iSeries : Execute Edit was always case sensitive on table nam es requiring upper case all the time. NO SQL. and then clicking on a tab in one group would also select appropriate tab in other groups.

7.FIX: SQL Server 2005+ : VARBINARY(MAX) column datatypes where scripted as VARBINARY(-1) .FIX: Oracle : Executing or Debugging Functions/Procedures which had a return type of TYPE AS TABLE <TYPE> would fail. .framework/V ersions/A/Resources/MacOS/JavaApplicationStub to .5 Java 6 Update 4.FIX: Sybase ASE : Script Index truncated columns after 15 columns.FIX: Query Analyzer: Executing query with bracket object identifer tha t had // in the name. Used workaround with java. This allows a user to run Import Tool from Query Window popup menu..FEATURE: Query Window: Popup Menu now has Tools menu for Import Tool. 7.16 with the new "post con nection script" feature.getObject () returns Boolean value for TINYINT(1) datatypes which is a bug.18 .FIX: Oracle: Openning Query Window would not refresh the current schem a in combo box on initial openning.getShort() which works.19 .FIX: Bookmarks on Package/Procedure editors didn't work with the popup menus. To apply and fix the bug you need t o do the two following things : 1) Update your ADS installation with this patch. 2) On OSX copy you /System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM. /Aqua Data Studio. import into temp table and acc ess temp table in Query Window. Export Tool and Object Search which uses the same connection as the Query Window . .FIX: MySQL: Tinyint(1): MySQL JDBC driver java. .5.FEATURE: Export Tool: Now has option to export to Excel Worksheet 7.NOTE: This build does not have any changes to ADS.sql. create temp table in Import Tool. .5 Java 6 Update 4 has a bug which prevents ADS from laun ching.FEATURE: Informix: Create Table dialog.FIX: Query Window: Syntax Coloring: Disable comment coloring in bracke t object identifier names.5. . This ADS patch only includes patches to the JIDE libraries to work around the bug introduced by OSX 10.5. would interpret // as comment if // was set as client side comment.5.FEATURE: File->Options->Results->Save Results->[Maximum string length saved for Excel worksheet] / Default: 10240 7.21 . // are no longer identified as comments in [] quote identifiers. .16 . Only a bug in 7.20 .app/Contents/MacOS/JavaApplicationStub . The JIDE patches dynamically determine the Java version to determine how to work around the bug. ADS printing would fail silently.17 ..ResultSet.. storage tab now has option for TEMP and WITH NO LOG.FIX: Query Analyzer: If the native print method of the JVM/OS would fa il.sql. (eg: SQL Server: CREATE MESSAGE TYPE [tcp://BOOTES/TS_staging/se nd_phone_transaction_msg]) . (eg: SQL Server: CREATE MESSAGE TYPE [tcp://BOOTES/TS_staging/send_phone_trans action_msg]) 7.PATCH: OSX 10.ResultSet.

ini Datasource lookup didn't work on Linux/OSX because of file separator was using Windows forward sla sh." instead of ":" .FEATURE: Table Data Editor: If only inserting rows.5. . storage tab.5. then allow saving without primary key. Changed to "b". .FEATURE: Server Registration: Now has a "Script" tab. and no primary key is defined.FIX: Query Window: Popup menu had label "Compile" for the action "Exec ute". but would cause the SQL string to be incorrect in the Text Results if the option to dispaly SQL was e nabled.FIX: DB2 Table Visual Editing and DDL generation: Added APPEND ON/OFF clause 7. . .14 . 7. .FIX: Import/Export Tool: Minor layout of GUI on OSX. This allows user to SET connection settings for a server connect ion. . ALTER SESSION SET XXX). 7. .000 tables in system catalogs would extract a single table in 1 0 minutes.FIX: DB2 Table Visual editor dialog.FIX: Execution Monitor: If execution monitor would popup warning dial og while user in a modal dialog.15 . Informix database with 54. user would need to hit ESC to exit modal dialog to continue even though user could not see dia log if the execution monitor dialog was on top.FIX: Sybase ASE Storage Manager : Removed "Space Available" column fro m database tab as value was always "Unavailable". .5.FIX: Explain Diagram: Contained minor memory leak.5. 7. (eg: SET ROLE.5. .11 . .10 . .FIX: Oracle Session Manager: Explain Plan on Current statement would n ot work if no schema was indicated and create/drop option was disabled.FIX: Informix Table extraction queries have been optimized. which allows use r to enter an SQL Script that is executed each time a new connection is establis hed.FIX: Query Window Parser: A double quoted string with a "//" in it whe re the option of "//" comment being a client side comment would cause the SQL statement to be truncated. 7..12 . . fixed label to "NOT logged initially". 7.FIX: DB2 iSeries : connections with Driver Param need to create URL wi th ".FIX: MySQL Security Manager : Unable to drop user if list is grouped b y username. This would only h appen on invalid SQL statements.FIX: Save Results: button mnemonic for "Save to clipboard" was "c" whi ch matched "Cancel".FIX: Editor : Replace functionality would replace twice sometimes is m ultiple windows of the same editor type were open. Now they do.5.FIX: Editor: Anti-aliasing option didn't affect font of the line numbe rs of the editor. Changed to "Execute".13 .FIX: Explain Diagram: Force memory collection when closing window as l arge diagrams were causing large memory consumption over long term use.FIX: Server Registration: Oracle TNS and Sybase.

delete.7 . R elative tests on a 100. ..FIX: Text Results: Speed Optimizations. .FIX: Results Compare progress bar was broken so it didn't allow you to cancel comparision.FEATURE: Query Builder: Added support for BETWEEN operator in Quick Cr iteria Mode 7.FIX: Query Builder: Mouse Click Menu on tables->Unselect all columns w ould not work .2 . Found workaround. they would be remo ved before execution.FIX: Query Builder: Saving to file with column expression and alias co mbination would fail .5 . as Ctrl-C doesn't map since it is consumed by all other components ..5. 7.FIX: Export Tool: If SELECT statement had comments.7. clicking on Table Entity Pane background w ould print harmless exception. 7. ER Modeler: Russian translation fix for dialog closing window." as statement separator] 7. Values were converted f rom Long to Float and back to BigDecimal. change primary key.FIX: .CRITICAL FIX: SQL Server BIGINT datatypes: Large Numeric Values (great er then 16 million) would lose precision in data extraction.5. now fixed. .5. 7.FIX: Table Data Editor: Syntax coloring bug fix for sequential operati on of clone.5.FEATURE: Query Window: Added CTRL-SHIFT-.000 rows SELECT for Text Results : ADS 6.FIX: Results Compare would fail on NULL comparison values .FIX: Query Builder: Loading new query build file on a different connec tion would not refresh database list in Add Table Dialog . .5.FIX: Query Builder: On OSX.3 . Informix w/ Replication: Possible performance issue to Script->CR in databases with replication. which could loose precision. hot key to enable/disable [" .5.5 and would require recreation if there were more then one. clone.5 == 18 seconds ADS 7.4 7.FIX: Applied Text Results optimization fix to Text History Results.5.6 .5 == 13 seconds .FIX: EATE on tables 7. Oracle: Package Editor would fail to open.FIX: Query Builder: Default keybinding for Copy SQL is now Ctrl-ShiftC .8 . The new editor component intr oduced performance issues in Text Results for ADS 7. .FIX: Informix: Index Extraction: Optimized extraction query for perfor mance. which was possibly slowing down Table->Script->CREATE .0.Internal Build . We have fixed the issues and increased performance even over ADS 6.FIX: Informix Indexes extraction queries had a missing JOIN criteria w hich would produce a very slow query taking minutes in certain databases.5.FIX: .0 == 1 minute 3 seconds ADS 7.FIX: Editor Abbreviations from previous versions of ADS would not tran sfer over to 7.9 .5. Bug in OSX Java.

7.1 . .FIX: (DB2 for LUW) GRANT and REVOKE Scripting was not working for Proc edures and Functions .FIX: (Sybase ASE) ER Modeler: Support for Sybase ASE IDENTITY paramete r .FIX: Table Data Editor : Truncation warning on numbers with large scal e values is now removed as the warning was not correct.FIX: ER Modeler: Sybase numerics labels didn't include precision and s cale. and did not exist in version 7.0 . only remove the changed row.FEATURE: Local Permissions now use a dynamic tempdb name for SybaseASE as the tempdb is dynamic for logins . This bug is new in the 7. If you have any questions on how this may affect your systems please contact us at (architect@aquafold.FIX: (Sybase ASE) Visual Editor for Create Table had identity option e nabled for all numeric fields except for "numeric".FIX: ER Modeler/Visual Editing : Added support for length on binary/va rbinary datatypes for SQL Server. . . Debug ger for longer then 6 minutes at one time would sometimes disconnect debugging s ession.5.5 branch. For SQL Server BIGINT datatypes. . .FEATURE: Double click on Execution Plan Grid and Properties Grid in Ex plain Diagram now displays in Text Dialog. .FIX: (Oracle) Optimized Oracle queries for Table Extraction .FEATURE: Added "'.FIX: (SQL Server) Database Restore : running ADS on Linux would not al low UI to indicate restore file .FIX: Editor: Abbreviation expansion would place cursor at beginning of the expanded on first row only.See new features here: http://www.5. ADS stores them are BigDecimal values..' Statement separator" option to File->Options->Scri pts for each database to allow enabling on a per database basis. Sybase Anywhere and Sybase IQ .5 code branch as part of the memory opti mizations included in 7.FIX: Query Builder: Adding a table with "Auto Join" enabled will add a join for FK''s where the FK is to the same table . 7.FIX: Query Builder: When unchecking a row in graph entity.scale) . ER (precision. The bug was introduced in the 7.FIX: Editor: Option to enable anti-aliasing was not working.aquafold. The bug would convert the Long values to Float and then back to BigDecimal values which would potentially loose precisi on values depending on the actual value. and does not ef fect others.0 or p revious versions. and memory problem. .FIX: (OSX) Checkbox renderer was messed up in Option Dialog for OSX .FIX: Results Diff: Preview didn't expect nulls. This would effect any data extraction on SQL Server with BIGINT datatypes. Sybase ASE.com) This bug only effects the MS SQL Server database server. but the JDBC drivers return them as Long values.com/d75/docs/ 7.FIX: Update to jInterop library to fix SQL Server Debugger Bug.37 .5.0.

0.FIX: Automate Morph to Lower/Upper would be incorrect when there was a comment containing an unclosed single quote ..0.CPU Peak bug.FIX: Sybase ASE: Script Procedure EXECUTE to a procedure with "bit" pa rameters would generate default values of "false" instead of "0" .OPTIMIZATIONS: Minor memory optimizations accross the application. 7. in connection di alog. 7. .0.0. Execution should be faster and more noticable on o FIX: Sybase ASE 15 : Support for Computed Columns in Table Extraction/ FIX: Custom Pivot Field Aggregate Functions didn't with Totals were en FIX: Grid results toolbar repaint problem (with cell aggregator). .29 .35 .FIX: Oracle & DB2: Scripting DDL to new window would not set current c ontext of schema based on browser.0. 7.OPTIMIZATION: Query Analyzer: Execution of queries .Schema Browser : Table constraints node used [] quote identifers for query which failed on 12.FIX: ER Modeler: Unique clustered constraint fix for DDL generation . 7.0. calibrated perf ormance and memory recovery. 7. Seems that a 400ms memory recovery operation can ta ke alot longer on older CPUs.33 . fixed few minor repaint bugs.31 . If a query with a huge memory usage is executed. but would pause applicati on for an extended time with a high CPU usage.FIX: Sybase IQ 12.FIX: Sybase ASE: Table Data Editor: Enabled "sysname" datatype for edi ting.FIX: OSX: ER Modeler would not print on certain printers from OSX..0.FIX: Query Analyzer: Executing a script with .FIX: Removed internationalization for ansi_nulls etc.FIX: Schema Script Generator: title reflects database/schema for clari fy on minimized dialogs.FIX: Query Builder: Opening query builder file saved in one language a nd opened in a different one would fail . Ho pe to better performance over long term use of the application.28 .setPivotResultSettings would not set saved Stacked Charts option. the ADS will cancel query to quit.30 Scripting abled. 7.FIX: Sybase IQ: ADS now provides APPINFO information for EXE so that s essions provide the name of the application.FIX: Memory Consumption . FEATURE: DB2 iSeries: Added "Logical Files" folder to schema browser. .5 .32 .FIX: OSX: ER Printing on OSX. .36 .34 ..0. 7.FIX: Sybase IQ: Table Data Editor had datetime datatype columns disabl ed. 7.5 .FIX: Sybase ASE: Visual Create of Database Device would limit device numbe r to 9 or below. 7.FIX: ER Modeler: Indexed column order didn't match order is DDL.0. . .

FIX: Sybase ASE 12.27 . 7.FIX: Sybase ASE : Alter Table Dialog: Adding and Dropping columns at t he same time would cause incorrect SQL statement. .24 .FIX: Register Server: Configuration an Oracle connection for use with RAC would require a SID (although you could put space).FIX: Sybase ASE: Extracting procedures and functions in Sybase ASE on UTF-8 databases would add extra blank spaces. "Rows Effected" and "Rows Updated" 7.0.FIX: Generating Full Script of Charts where the chart was Stacked Area Chart would not save chart type. 7.FIX: Table Data Editor: UPDATE or DELETE where the primary key was a U nique Index and one of the columns was Nullable. ADS would make WHERE condition COLUMN=NULL instead of COLUMN IS NULL.0.FIX: MS SQL Server : Objects named with Asian charactersets would fail to extract because '<STRING>' literals used in extraction query instead of N'<S TRING>' .25 .ENHANCEMENT: Script Detail Results: Persist column widths in script de tails results. tabledataeditor.settingtableoverwrite=MyDatabase.0. Adding columns or dropping co lumns in any single operation would be ok.ENHANCEMENT: Script Detail Results: Added columns "Resultsets".properties file with this option and format .{FULL_TRANSACTION BATCH_TRANSACTION THRESHOLD_TRANSACTION}. Sybase 11 only supports MB.5 : Extract Index would fail because of [] quote ide ntifier. No longer required.FEATURE: Table Data Editor: Added feature to provide table level trans action settings in the datastudio.3 7.23 . . . . .26 .FIX: EXECUTE BIND for Oracle.FIX: Sybase ASE 11: Script Database for ALTER and DATABASE would use K B number format. 7.MyTable. .FIX: Sybase ASE 11: Extract Index tried to get crdate of indexes. but column doesn't exist in Sybase ASE 11 .FIX: Context Menu key on keyboard didn't trigger popup menu. and the value of one was a NULL .2 + YourDatabase.FIX: Sybase IQ 12. .FIX: Table Data Editor: Would give a truncated data warning on paste w hen no truncation happend.0.FIX: Oracle : Object Search: Searching for column names would potentia lly return duplicates are JOIN query would only join on TABLE_NAME and not OWNER .0.FIX: Auto-Describe now includes UNIQUE and CLUSTERED option in text de scription .5 : Detail View and Storage View for tables in temp databases now exclude segment name and use isolation 0 for queries to reduce co ntention . no longer sets NULL value for user defin ed datatypes .dbo .lder machines..{FU LL_TRANSACTION BATCH_TRANSACTION THRESHOLD_TRANSACTION}.YourTable. . Changed to "" .dbo. .

FIX: Sybase Any/IQ: Use "[" and "]" as quote identifiers for Sybase An y and IQ so they always work without set quoted identifiers .FIX: Sybase ASE: Export Date column would also put time . .0.SCHEMATA.22 . Also optimized memory on SVN Update and Commits.OPTIMIZATION: Optimize free memory reallocation when executing queries and closing query windows.FIX: ER Modeler: Table Dialog: Delete key didn't DELETE row.19 .(Status: Review) : 100% : French .000 lines on Sybase 12..FEATURE: Table Data Editor: If no primary key.LOCALIZATION: Japanese Translation.(Status: Review) : 100% : Chinese (Traditional) .0. now uses SYSIBM.20 .FIX: DB2 iSeries. 7.FIX: Sybase ASE: Alter Database.FIX: SQL Server Procedure Editor/Debugger would fail when procedure ha d a parameter with BIT datatype 7.FEATURE: Schema Script Generator: Added Inline Schema Script Comments option .(Status: Review) : 100% : German .(Status: Review) : 100% : Chinese (Simplified) .0 server would be out of order. .(Status: Review) : 100% : Japanese 7. .(Status: Review) : 100% : Korean .(Status: Review) : 100% : Italian .FIX: SQL Server Job History: job history columns shifting in GUI fixed . recalculating size when changing size type was incorrect .(Status: Review) : 100% : Portuguese (Portugal) .(Status: Review) : 100% : Portuguese (Brazil) .FIX: DB2 Session Manager: Didn't display current SQL for 9. Now includes a complete and new translation which is very accurate an d usable by users.FIX: SQL Server: Scripting binary datatype didn't include length .FEATURE: Query Analyzer Results: Script Details: Added Server Executio n Time . or unique constraint de fined.(Status: Review) : 100% : Spanish .FIX: Script EXECUTE for Oracle procedures with STRING datatypes now sc ripts (2000) with initial length. 7.FIX: Detail Views numbers are now formatted based on locale . .0.LOCALIZATION: Update .FIX: Sybase ASE: Script Procedure CREATE. .0 and 9. . now does.21 .0. Original translation was not good enough according to Japanese users. . Certain procedures with ove r 15.FIX: Support for Table and Column comments in DB2 iSeries .SCHEMATA for schema list queries ins tead of QSYS2.FIX: Drag-n-Drop from cell of Grid results now uses displayed value in stead of raw values for Numbers and Dates.FIX: Parameterized Scripts: Multiple /* */ comments in scripts would s . .(Status: Review) : 100% : Russian . TDE will look for a unique index to identify primary key columns.LOCALIZATION: Minor bug fixes .5.

FIX: Right click menu on results grid shows default hot key (ctrl+shif +k) for results compare even when the hot key has been redefined by the user .. G and M as keywords for syntax coloring.FIX: Query Window: Auto Describe would not display indexes and contrai nts in SQL Server and Sybase when user was not logged in as "dbo" .16 .FIX: DB2 iSeries script properties where not configurable in File->Opt ions->Scripts because they were not set. . .FIX: Sybase ASE 15: Schema Script Generator: Permissions for Functions were not scripted . Find Incremental didn't work.12 .FIX: Inline Diff in editor was using HEAD copy for diffing in SVN.FIX: Focus on query window editor after changing database in query pan el through a pop down menu with arrow key navigation.FIX: Fixed wrong percentage during schema comparison if only some of t . .0.FIX: Oracle Debugger : Debugging packages on OSX would not break on br eakpoints when running with "run" command.FIX: Informix Scripting Table with storage with their is a fragment wo uld include same table space multiple times.0.FIX: DB2 iSeries .Table extraction filtered on QSYS2.FIX: ER Modeler: View DDL generated from extracted view would script i ncorrectly .FIX: Automate Introduce Columns.systables where TABLE_TYPE='T' . 7.LOCALIZATION: Minor Updates 7. . .0. 7. .FIX: Added number formatting for BigDecimal in Detail View . . Qualified Columns and Value Stubs did n't work with quoted tables.13 . .FIX: Optimized Queries for Sybase Table and Index Detail Views.FIX: Don't show sybase explain plan I/O stats table if statistics IO n ot executed.14 .ometimes prevent parameterized script from running.17 .FIX: Oracle Debugger would fail when debugging procedure with paramete r of type STRING .FIX: Conditional DROP for MySQL and Postgresql had syntax error .0.LOCALIZATION: Minor Updates 7. Jobs Tab had labels for cr eating Login and not Jobs. .0.FIX: Oracle Package Editor on Body tab.15 .FIX: Tab Compare lists the tab full name with file name now.FIX: Show Changes in SVN History with filter enabled prevented show ch anges from working in some cases. . . 7. .. now filters on (TABLE_TYPE = 'T' OR TABLE_TYPE = 'P') .LOCALIZATION: Minor Updates 7.18 .0.FEATURE: Chart Options toolbar now has two buttons for Save Defaults & Reset Defaults. 7. now scripts clustered i ndexes before other indexes.FIX: Generate ER Diagram Dialog: reverse selection button didn't extra ct correctly.FIX: Sybase ASE: Scripting Table with Indexes.0. .FIX: Removed C. K.FIX: SQL Server: SQL Server Agent DBA Tool.

Server Registration .FEATURE: Detail Views: Added number formatting to Detail Views .(Status: Review) : 99% : Portuguese (Portugal) . 7.(Status: Translating) Russian: 54% .FIX: Saving properties when datastudio.(Status: Review) : 99% : Italian ..FIX: Sybase ASE: Detail View for Tables didn't display tables with siz e above 4gigs .FIX: Minor spelling changes to I18N prompts . .sybase.0.(Status: Translating) Chinese (Simplified): 75% .9 . FIX: ER Diagram Generator is now a frame and can be minimized. would not save chart types for both series accross reexecution. remembers split position is now first row.properties was read-only would cause Storage Managers to not function .(Status: Review) Portuguese: 99% . 7. .LOCALIZATION: Update .(Status: Review) : 99% : Spanish .(Status: Review) : 99% : Russian . added Created Date 7.(Status: Review) Japanese: 99% .(Status: Review) : 99% : French .(Status: Review) : 99% : Chinese (Traditional) .FEATURE: Detail Views: Added popup menu for enhanced copy .10 .(Status: Translating) Korean: 58% .(Status: Review) Spanish: 99% .(Status: Review) : 99% : Portuguese (Brazil) .(Status: Review) : 99% : German .(Status: Translating) Chinese (Traditional): 50% .(Status: Review) : 99% : Japanese .Fix: Right click mouse click on top left pane of Grid Results now also pops up menu .0.FIX: Results Diff filter was displaying NULL values where no row shoul d be.8 and Total FIX: Results Diff filter was not working.Complete review and rewrit e in progress .0.FEATURE: Sybase ASE: Detail View for Indexes.he object types were selected. LOCALIZATION: Update .0. .11 .(Status: Review) German: 99% .FEATURE: Sybase ASE: Detail View for Tables & Indexes: Added storage i nformation. 7. FIX: Sybase ASE: Explain Plan Statistics IO.(Status: Review) Portuguese (Brazil): 99% .FIX: re-execution of query.(Status: Review) : 99% : Korean .ini lookup. FIX: Garbage Collection button now also runs finalize..(Status: Review) : 99% : Chinese (Simplified) .FIX: Server Registration: ODBC Datasource browser didn't work. where there was a chart with two series an d two different chart types.(Status: Review) French: 99% .FIX: Sybase ASE . support for '(' and ')' tokens in grammer .(Status: Review) Italian: 99% .

(Status: Review) Portuguese: 99% .0.FIX: Informix functions and procedures now are listed in schema browse r correctly.FIX: SQL Server : View GUI for Procedures. 7.Mnemonics didn't work in dialogs.CHANGE: ER Modeler & Script Generator: Script Generation now scripts c .(Status: Translating) Korean: 37% .5 . Functions.FIX: SQL Server: Scripting DDL for Procedure that user didn't have acc ess to would give NullPointer exception error.FIX: ER Modeler: Generate DDL Script was scripting DROP of Primary Key s. .FIX: ER Modeler: Generate DDL Script dialog is no longer modal.FEATURE: Sybase ASE: Explain Plan Statistics IO numbers are now format ted 7.0.FEATURE: Import Tool: Now supports empty last column values per row in the import file. .LOCALIZATION: Update . .FIX: Ctrl-] hotkey now pulls down tab list popup menu.FIX: Memory monitor bar was inverted for memory used.(Status: Translating) Chinese (Traditional): 50% .0. .FIX: SQL Server: SQL Debugger would fail to login if the registration used Windows Authentication or Single Sign On.(Status: Review) French: 99% . . 7.(Status: Review) Spanish: 99% . .0. .2 .FEATURE: Sybase ASE: Explain Plan Statistics IO now has quick filter a nd aggregate calculator 7.(Status: Translating) Russian: 29% .FIX: SQL Server: SQL Debugger would fail to login if the SQL Server is not listening on port 1433.FIX: Query Analyzer: Table completion didn't show schema name.(Status: Review) Japanese: 99% .(Status: Translating) Chinese (Simplified): 50% 7. where the multiple comments were separated by an empty line with spaces .7. . .0. as before some were missing.(Status: Review) Portuguese (Brazil): 99% . .FIX: Option Dialog property heights didn't calculate correctly for big fonts .FIX: Alt. will now warn the user.(Status: Review) German: 99% .FIX: Server Registration: Oracle OCI: Now has work on driver compatibi lity. now also displa ys hot key in tooltip. but no longer does this as the DROP TABLE handles this.0.(Status: Review) Italian: 99% .3 . .4 .FEATURE: Pasting into Table Data Editor text values that exceed dataty pe length.FEATURE: Procedure Editor and Debuggers: Execution Parameter Dialog no w has a "Load" and "Save" button to allow the user to Save and Load values for parameters. Views.6 .7 . now provides better error. would dis play blank if the CREATE DDL started with multiple comments. .

Expanded Text].(Status: Translating) Chinese (Traditional): 1% .FIX: t when the tab .(Status: Translating) Korean: 17% .FIX: SVNKit Library Update.LOCALIZATION: Update .0.FEATURE: Added Script CREATE & DROP menu items for Materialized Views for Oracle. now fixed. Table Data Editor: foreground color of text for tabs was too ligh colors were user defined.(Status: Review) Japanese: 99% . 7.1 . Never.15 .(Status: Review) French: 99% .reation of table primary key embedded in CREATE TABLE statement. instead of [Expande d Text .0.0.CHANGE: Disabled (temporarily) Syntax Coloring Copy to Clipboard becau se it disables the Paste Command .FEATURE: Added 2 options in RunScript to define encoding of input and output encoding .FEATURE: Tab Coloring enhancements .FEATURE: Abbreviations.Release .FEATURE: Sybase ASE : Execution of query with Show Explain enabled wit h now also "set statistics io on" . autocompletion now shows the Abbreviations in the autocompletion window as [Abbreviation .Abbreviation] .FIX: JIDE Library Update. 7.FIX: Editor: Opening Editor with initial file would have an initial Un would clear the full text.FIX: do buffer that . which was not reproducable on .FEATURE: Sybase ASE: Explain Plan Statistic IO grid now has aggregator . and logical IO is first column. a separate statement caused issues for MySQL with au to increments that require primary key to be defined on auto increment columns.0 .(Status: Review) Portuguese: 99% . . .FIX: Windows/Linux .FEATURE: Copy to Clipboard now works for the HTML and XML editors in a ddition to the SQL Editor. Editor: Find Next selection was not invoked by hotkey (CTRL-F3 on and CTRL-CMD-G on OSX) RunScript.Change: Tagged as release 7.bat/.sh was broken in RC.Spanish: 99% .FEATURE: Sybase ASE Statistics IO grid for explain plan when executing with Show Execution Plan .(Status: Review) Portuguese (Brazil): 99% .5 Se rvers . Previously. .LOCALIZATION: Update . . Always.(Status: Review) German: 99% .14 .(Status: Review) Italian: 99% . Bug fix to allow connections to SVN 1. When File Exists .(Status: Translating) Russian: 5% .FIX: Opening SQL file in script tree would not open a GenericSQLKit. Minor bug fix.0.FEATURE: Added option to File->Option->General->Query Windows:Show Fil e Name.11.0. j ust a plain text with no syntax coloring.(Status: Review) Spanish: 99% .0.RC.(Status: Translating) Chinese (Simplified): 22% 7.RC.

7.RC. This gives you syntax coloring for pasting to Wordpad. .11: .0." menu for Hor izontal/Vertical to a custom dialog with options to choose Horizontal/Vertical. . .FEATURE: (Oracle) Detail View on Table Partitions have more informatio n now.FEATURE: Tab Coloring: Added smarts to use black or white color depend ing on the background luminosity.FIX: Sybase ASE: Script to Window -> CREATE DEFAULT would remove doubl e quotes on a default value if created with double quotes.FIX: Table Dialog: Adding new column and clicking on datatype wouldn't automatically create new empty row.13: .12: .properties so they may be pre-defined and distributed independant o f datastudio.FEATURE: SQL Editor: Added basic support for copy to clipboard in RTF.0.FIX: Sybase ASE: Script Table CREATE (Full).0.FEATURE: Tab Coloring: is now extended to Table Data Editor and Query Builder.FIX: Query Window: Reexecution would not save position and settings fo r pivot and charts.0.FEATURE: Grid Results popup menu: Converted "Copy As . . ex: SELECT * FROM TABLE (NOLOCK) ^ .0.10: .properties.FEATURE: Tabs: Added CTRL-] as hotkey to pull down top right popup win dow for list of tabs.FEATURE: Abbreviations: Autocompletion now also completes Abbreviation s as long as you have one character typed.0.FEATURE: Tabs: Added "Tab Title Name" option in server registration to allow expressions for naming tab titles when they open.FEATURE: Query Window & Query Builder: The default current folder for openning and saving files is superseded by the mounted folder 7. And shading of non active tabs. Quote Identife r and Enclosure. .FIX: Autocompletion now supprts table hints in SQL Server.- French: 99% Portuguese: 99% Italian: 99% Portuguese (Brazil): 99% German: 96% Japanese: 89% Russian: 1% Korean: 1% Chinese (Traditional): 1% Chinese (Simplified): 1% 7.FEATURE: Enabled Evaluations 7. . applied condition on tabl e lock type to determine parameters max_rows_per_page & exp_row_size . . Delimiter.FIX: Pivot Charts: Would include totals and subtotals. . . . . no longer. .0.RC.FEATURE: Abbreviations: Abbreviations are now saved in abbreviations.FEATURE: Import Tool: Added smarter auto-alignment of columns when imp orting file with column names.RC. and it completes on the abbreviation text and not the Ex panded text.. ..p roperties instead of datastudio.0.RC.

Alter View -> Compile would also remove the trigge rs.FIX: (SQL Server 2005) . [Do esn't always work depending on Driver quality] .FIX: (Sybase 12." would gene rate numbers incorrectly for SQL since in SQL numbers always use ".FIX: SQL Server 2005: Object Permissions for Database Roles were not v isible in Object Properties .g.FIX: Sybase 12 and below..5 Grid Performance Bug . reset focus to the editor . and the current s chema is different.aquafold.5.. where the explicit schema of a table is i ndicated in lowercase. .FIX: Save Results .Preview Tab would have incorrect syntax for Delimi ter and QuoteIdentifier is either were double quotes. .Script Generator and Schema Compare would not script/c ompare triggers bound to views.7.FIX: (Oracle) . have a database combo box database change wi th a click. . .FEATURE: In Query Window. .FIX: Fix problem when DebuggeeThread finishes (e.FIX: (Oracle) Execute Procedure in Procedure editor would fail if para mter datatype was INTEGER . 6.FIX: (SQL Server 2005) .FIX: Informix . which doesn't reset toolbar.FIX: OSX 10.RC. where numerics would script 0 for precision.12 .0 .com/d7/docs/index.max length (length -1) .FIX: (SQL Server 2005) .11 .0) .5.FIX: Sybase IQ/Any .FIX: Partial Fix for User Defined Data Types in Sybase ASE stored proc . due to script erro r) before Debugger is ready. . but the actuall schema is in uppercase.RC.FIX: Enabled Export Tool to support Generic JDBC/ODBC connections. 6.10 . the Script DDL for procedures didn't work . one in different schemas.Script Index CREATE would place index columns in incor rect order.5. would cause the execute edit to fail. .Script Generator didn't script RULE constrain ts correctly .. .Script Generator would script Trigger twice i n certain cases.FIX: Table data editor fix .FIX: (SQL Server 2005) ..FEATURE: Added "Open In. but shows Roles . Now more refined.9: [Internal Build] 7.FIX: (Oracle) .Added support for Function in Schema Script Gener ator in Sybase ASE 15.9 .html 6.".0) .FIX: Execute Edit in Oracle.5.FIX: Memory check issue bug.FIX: (Sybase 15.0.Script Generator would script Trigger and tri m trailing spaces on line .Schema Browser wouldn't show one procedure if the re were two.0.0.1e03) .Schema Browser Database Roles don't show Groups.FIX: PostgreSQL single/double quote bug in old procedural language syn tax. 6.Schema Browser would not script triggers on view when scripting CREATE or REPLACE.Scripting for User Defined Data Types." popup menu in the script tree .FIX: Import Tool now supports importing numeric values in scientific n otation (eg 1.8: Please see .0. . http://www.FEATURE: SVN Support for SVN_ASP_DOT_NET_HACK .FIX: Import Tool: Having a decimal delimiter other then ".

which worked in 6.FIX: Results Compare copy to clipboard only copied one value on modifi ed values when option File->Option->Results->Grid Results->Clipboard Copy as def ault format was enabled. . must include NULL or NOT NULL .FIX: TreeTable sections of DBA Tools now allow you to select all rows and copy to clipboard.OPTION: Added option File->Options->SQL Editor:General:Caret Insert/Ov erwrite Color.0. Header. . .FIX: Table Data Editor: max field length is not checked when modified with dialog. HMTL and XML Editor tabs.FIX: Fixed proc debugger user defined types support . 6. .OPTION: File->Options->General->General:'/' at End of Line Terminates Statement.FIX: (SQL Server) Added support for Computed Columns for DDL CREATE of Tables. Also to Text.FIX: Fixed columns for session manager 6. . .FIX: Results Compare copy to clipboard would copy incorrectly when fil tering.FIX: Table Data Editor: Syntax coloring didn't display spaces at end o f value. .FIX: Fix for Sybase ASE column scripting when changing datatype in vis ual editing .OPTION: Added to Grid Results popup menu "Copy All w/SQL" which will c opy Data. .FEATURE: (Oracle & Sybase ASE) Debugger now has animated icon while de bugging. . which wouldn't script t he parameter for execution .6: . .FIX: Pivot Grid: Added support for Filter Fields to be saved to Excel and for them to persist accross execution. .. . Also to Text.5.FIX: (DB2) Script Generator sort dependecy didn't take into account vi ew dependecies on functions. .FIX: (Informix) Script CREATE User would not include statement separat or.7 .edure exeuction .FEATURE: (Oracle & Sybase ASE) Debugger now has "Copy" command in the editor popup menu .FIX: (Sybase) Security Manager: Combo box with databases is not sorted .FIX: Table Data Editor: Fix the bug that prevented a length check in t he changes in a table data editor . 6. . 6.FIX: Fixed procedure debugger null parameters.FIX: (Oracle 9i) SQL Debugger when debugging on 9i on Linux would not allow breakpoints..5.5. .FIX: (Oracle) Server Registration: Advanced Tab: Added "Use DBA_ views " as an option. . . . Rows and SQL to clipboard.OPTION: Added option File->Options->General:Appearance:"Use anti-alias ing fonts for editors".5.5: . HMTL and XML Editor tabs.8 .FIX: (Sybase) script proxy table is not correct.OPTION: Added option File->Options->SQL Editor:General:Editor Foregrou nd Color. .FIX: (SQL SErver) Schema Compare on SQL Server without password saved and Windows authentication doesn't work. .FEATURE: Procedure & Package Editor: Added Save Results action to save results just like Query Window.FIX: (Sybase ASE) Scripting DDL for Caches didn't script object bindin gs.FIX: Fixed postgres trigger scripting.

.FIX: (Sybase ASE & Oracle) Debugger : Stepping action was not threaded and would cause a pause in the application while step processed.CHANGE: (Sybase ASE & Oracle) Debugger tab now contains username & ser vername 6. .94 .FEATURE: (Sybase ASE & Oracle) Debugger : Status line while debugger r unning now includes "Step Line" and "Step Time" 6. . .FIX: Save Results wouldn't save settings for delimiter in the case the delimiter was not in the list. 6.5. .OPTION: File->Options:General:Query Windows:Hide Results on Open .com/ads/6.FEATURE: Grid/Pivot charts: Now has option for grouping values in pie chart. .1: .OPTION: Added Option File->Options:Table Editor: Prompt for Ambiguous Columns.FIX: (Sybase ASE) CREATE UNIQUE INDEX on Sybase ASE shouldn't script i gnore/allow_dup_row . 6.html 6.95 .FEATURE: Grid Results popup menu now has "Save Cell To File" primarily to save BLOB/CLOB data.FEATURE: Table Data Editor: Added "Reconnect" button to allow a user t o reconnect in case the connection has been closed. .OPTION: In Server properties under advanced tab.FEATURE: Added to Window Menu: Show/Hide Editor Window .5.FIX: (Sybase ASE) Debugger: When Sybase returns 0 as line number.4: .0: http://docs.FIX: Save Results would not include delimiters in CSV.FIX: (Oracle) Debugger: Was broken in previous build.3: . .FIX: Table Data Editor: Clone action should copy the selected rows as a block instead interlaced one row at a time.FEATURE: (Sybase ASE & Oracle) Debugger: Editor Popup Menu: Added "Got o current line" 6. disp lay in console and not move current run line.FIX: (Oracle) Index Script CREATE on functional indexes would not scri pt expression in position of column name. 6..Ctrl-Alt-F6.OPTION: Added Option File->Options:General:General:Query Window Divide r Size.5.5.OPTION: Added "Procedure Editor" category to File->Options with "Packa ge Compile Header & Body" option.FIX: (Sybase ASE) Debugger: Run to cursor on a line that is not valid will now print warning message in console and not run. . . .5/features_6_5. . which allows to execute edit on multitable queries without prompting fo r ambigious columns. .aquafold.2: . .FIX: (OSX) Grid Results: if last column was extended to be wider then the scrollbar wouldn't allow the user to scroll over with mouse. added Data warehouse mode: "Write/Read" or "Read".96 . In Read only mode and "Execute Edit" will prompt the user to continue.FIX: (Oracle) Procedure/Package Editor: Added support for PLS_INTEGER. .FIX: (Windows) File->Options: Font Chooser on Windows would not select . . .FIX: (Sybase ASE) Debugger: Fixed synch issue in debugger that would o nly occur sometimes while debugging procs on a server under heavy load.FIX: Minor auto-completion fixes. 6.FIX: Auto-completion: Table list would popup after a table had complet ed and a space was used (ex: select * from mytable ^) .

.FEATURE: Object Search: Added support to search multiple databases at once.FEATURE: (Oracle/SybaseASE) Debugger: Current line is now blue instead of gray so it isn't confused by a comment . the column default wouldn't put the constraint name.93 . .FEATURE: Results Diff: Now has option to select Source & Destination r esults. . the parameters where not correct.FIX: Query Window: Execute with parameters: The Alt-E and Alt-A mnemon ics in Parameter dialog didn't work.FEATURE: (Oracle/SybaseASE) Debugger: Breakpoint grid popup menu now h as "Goto" to move focus of the editor to the breakpoint .FIX: (SQL Server) Script CREATE table. added Re mote Server support with DDL Scripting. . . . .added support fo r CTE syntax and a few other bug fixes.FIX: Query Analyzer: Autocompletion & SQL Formatter .FEATURE: Options:Results:Text Results: Added Display Column Header opt ion .FEATURE: (Sybase ASE.FEATURE: (Oracle/SybaseASE) Debugger: The breakpoints grid are now sor ted by line number of the breakpoint .FEATURE: (SQL Server & Sybase) Schema Browser: Security Node.FEATURE: (Sybase ASE & Oracle Debugger) Added to popup menu "Run To Cu rsor" .FIX: Schema Browser: Doing a Delete on a server and then hitting ESC w ould still delete the server.FEATURE: Added File->Options->Results:Text Results:Margin Character Le ngth.FIX: Query Analyzer Clone: When in a Debugger.FEATURE: (Sybase ASE & Oracle Debugger) Added to toolbar the "Profile" option which will list all steps and the time each step takes. Oracle.FEATURE: Query Window: Pie Charts now include percentage. .FIX: Options:Results:Alternate Color Readded option to choose colors f or alternating color in Grid Results .4. . .FEATURE: "Morph to delimited list" now supports multiple delimiters fo r destination .FIX: Query Window: Re-execution when a Line Chart was laid out didn't retain the Line Chart . .FEATURE: Added File->Options->Results:Text Results:Display Warnings.FIX: OSX : Query Analzyer window popup menu didn't have the extended a ctions. .FIX: Query Analyzer: Client Statistics and Script Details result panel has the graph button enable and it shouldn't .FEATURE: Export Tool: Added "Decimal Symbol" option for numeric values .FIX: Grid & Pivot results: Popup Menu Script Full to New Window now op ens new window with same database and schema. . .FIX: Package Editor/Debugger when executing package with functions & p arameters that overload because of the same function names. Query Analyzer Clone wo uld not open a query window with the same connection. s ince Excel doesn't support dates this old.FEATURE: (Oracle/SybaseASE) Debugger: Added support for "Max Results" .FIX: Save to Excel now converts date older then 1900-1-1 to strings. . . 6. SQL Server.FEATURE: (Oracle/SybaseASE) Debugger: Step execution is now threaded s o the application doesn't pause on long operations. . .FIX: Pivot Grid Results: Show Sub Totals now defaults to false ..FEATURE: (Sybase ASE & SQL Server) Schema Browser: Added support for D atabase Link and Remote Server visual editing and DDL generation. DB2): Table Properties dialo g now contains Referencing-Referrenced Objects .

FEATURE: Debuggers and Procedure Editors. 6.4.FIX: (Oracle & Sybase ASE) SQL Debugger: Now places execution into the SQL History.87 .[b..1972] .FIX: (Oracle & Sybase ASE) SQL Debugger: If procedure was changed exte rnally to debugger. .4.[b.FIX: (Sybase ASE) Query Window: If application level "Show Execution P lan" was enabled and a full script execute occured. save them to a file and then copy and paste them back anytime the procedure is executed.FEATURE: (Oracle) Session Manager: Added "Long Ops" tab to add support for long operation status.2006] .FIX: (Sybase ASE) Connecting with user with default database that was inaccessible prevented login. 6. . .91 .88 .FIX: (Sybase ASE) SQL Debugger: Parameter dialog on executiong where t he parameter was a date didn't allow you to enter a date that worked .4. .92 .FEATURE: Launching browser now uses OS default for Windows. . .4. 6. .4. the show plan would also tak e effect as a second execution of the same query. .FEATURE: SQL History: SQL Header file now contains USER_NAME(OS User) and HOST_ADDRESS(Ipaddress).FIX: Open File Dialog SQL Filter not working .FIX: (Oracle) Schema Script Generator for Packages and Package Bodies when saving to single file per object would overwrite each other. 6.FEATURE: Sybase ASE: Schema Browser Tables Detail View now has "Estima ted Row Count" . . the debugger will reload before execution . effectively executing the quer y twice. so that a user can copy all the values of the parameters.FEATURE: Query Builder: F5 key is now mapped to Execute .2022] .FIX: Query Builder didn't show system tables. . date values where displayed in incorrect format 6.FEATURE: (Oracle) Debugger: Added support for debugging Packages.FIX: Save Results: Save to Excel would create files that Open Office 2 .1 and above would not display cell values.FEATURE: (Sybase IQ) Detail Panel View for Indexes now contains "Index Type".[b.86 .4. the Parameter Dialog now has support for Excel like copy and paste like the Table Data Editor. 6.FIX: Table Data Editor: Inserted rows.FIX: Formatter: The characters "::" and " " would break up a token.FIX: (Sybase ASE) Save Results to Excel for bit datatype now uses 0/1 instead of false/true .[b.2053] .4.FEATURE: (Sybase ASE) SQL Debugger variable and watch panel now have C trl/Cmd-F hot key to find in table.FEATURE: (Oracle/Sybase ASE) Debugger now persists parameter values ac cross execution even if it is modified externally.FEATURE: (Oracle/SybaseASE) Debugger: Added to status bar "Step Time" to indicate the amount of time it is taking for the current step. .FEATURE: Subversion Show History Revision file items now has option to Revert to selected revision 6.85 . including the properties dialog.84 . .FIX: (PostgreSQL) Schema Browser: system fuctions parameter where not listed.

FIX: (Sybase ASE) SQL Debugger: Now saves parameters across executions . .FIX: (Sybase Debugger): Stopping the debugger would do a continue with out breaking till the end.FIX: (Sybase Debugger): Debugging procedure with numeric parameters wo uld fail.FIX: (Sybase ASE) Scripting a CREATE on a table that had UDT datatypes for columns would script columns duplicated. "Pivot Results".FEATURE: (SQL Server) Database Properties dialog now has Space Usage t ab to display usage. .FEATURE: (SVN) Added "Switch" command to SVN.FIX: Table Data Editor: Resizingn of columns after save was different then the initial column widths .FIX: (Sybase ASE) SQL Debugger: Execution Monitor no longer monitors d ebugging session .81 . .FEATURE: (Oracle) SQL Debugger .4.80 .FEATURE: Tools->Object Search: Now allows you to search any database f or objects. 6. .ShowProc1'. .FIX: (Sybase ASE): Script Procedure CREATE didn't include "sp_procxmod e 'dbo. . 6.4. . .FIX: (Sybase ASE) SQL Debugger: Now supports execution of procedures w ith Default values and Nulls.FIX: (Oracle : OSX) Alter User on OSX would not allow you to change th e quota of a user.FEATURE: (Oracle) Tablespace Properties dialog now has Space Usage tab to display usage.FEATURE: (Oracle) Jobs support in the Oracle Instance Manager . user. .FEATURE: (PostgreSQL) Added support in Schema Browser for PostgreSQL t o have parameters for Functions/Procedures . 'Unchained'" to indicate transaction mode.FIX: Introduce Columns would introduce them qualified . "Switch" and "Tag" 6. .FIX: (Sybase ASE) SQL Debugger: Toolbar now includes: database.FIX: (Sybase ASE) SQL Debugger: parameter variables that changed durin g debugging would not be reflected in variable tab. "Merge". 6. . .FIX: (Sybase ASE) SQL Debugger: Canceling a debug session now longer p rints results.FEATURE: (SVN) Added "Branch/Tag" and "Merge" command . . .FEATURE: (CVS) Added commands "Branch".4.FEATURE: Save Results: Excel Format: Sheets are now named "Grid Result s".4.83 .FEATURE: (Sybase) SQL Debugger: Added to toolbar the "Debug Query Wind ow" that allows the user to execute commands while debugger is running.FIX: Editor: Editing a Read-Only file would not allow you to edit in t he editor.FIX: (SVN) Checkout new project from root node would not work. It would generate the incorrect SQL.FIX: Table Data Editor: Filtering would prevent the deleting or modify ing of rows.FIX: Save Pivot Table results would save the aggregate function as "su m" everytime.FEATURE: Detail View for Table Columns now resembles the describe resu lts. spid and debug spid .FEATURE: (Sybase) SQL Debugger: Added support for default values on an y parameter.FEATURE: Added a File->Options:Query Windows: Reuse Editor. schema . Now the procedure stops.. includin g SELECTing from temp tables .FIX: Editor Find/Replace would not save history of searches . . "Charts" . .82 . [Double cl .

. . .FEATURE: Added to "Window" menu the item "Show/Hide Panel Toolbar" to be able to show/hide the right aligned toolbar in the main frame for viewing det ails. .FIX: SVN and CVS delete operation now also delete the filesystem files . SQL Server.FIX: MySQL "User Properties" dialog now allows you to change the datab ase permission combo box so you can see permissions. Security and Session Ma nager: Added Quick Filter for TreeTable list item tabs. .ick on a tree to open file in the current editor tab] .4. Sybase. . Sybase) Added to popup menu for triggers in schema browser an option to Enable/Disable triggers. .FEATURE: (Sybase IQ) Server Registration Advanced Tab now has option f or "Query Temp Space Limit".FEATURE: Scripts Browser: Added the ability to create folders and to d rag and drop mount points from folder to folder for organization.55 .FEATURE: (Oracle. the pro cedure node popup menu now have an option to debug the procedure.4.FEATURE: (Sybase) Procedure Debugger: Added to Schema Browser. . SQL Server) Storage.FIX: Sybase Role permissions in Role Properties was incorrect under ce rtain circumstances.FIX: Enabled Ctrl-Shift-K keybinding for Word Match feature in editor. 6.FIX: Procedure Editor & Sybase Procedure Debugger: When executing and parameters are prompted the cell edited will overwrite data on initial keystroke . . .FEATURE: (Sybase IQ & Sybase Anywhere) Server Registration: Added to a dvanced tab the option to enable/disable "quoted_identifiers" on the connection.FEATURE: (Sybase ASE) Database Properties dialog now has a "Usage" tab to display a graph of usage. .FEATURE: (Oracle.FIX: Save Results: EOL was sometimes incorrectly used.FIX: Save Results: Save to INSERT would not use the user defined Table Name. Sybase. .FEATURE: Subversion: Added action "Move" and "Rename" in the action po pup menu. 6.54: . .FEATURE: (Sybase ASE) Index Dialog now supports options for "allow dup licate" and "ignore duplicate" .53: .FEATURE: (Oracle. EOL errors and sometimes failure to save .FEATURE: (Oracle) Registering Oracle with Thin-Drivers using the "Orac le" connection type. now allows you to connect to Oracle RAC and Oracle Connecti on Manager by entering into "Host" value: Oracle Connection Manager Examples ------------------------------------(description=(address_list=(address=(protocol=tcp)(port=1610)(ho st=webHost))(address=(protocol=tcp)(port=1521)(host=oraHost)))(connect_data=(INS TANCE_NAME=orcl))(source_route=yes)) Oracle RAC Examples: ------------------------------------(DESCRIPTION=(ADDRESS_LIST=(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=PRIMARY_ NODE_HOSTNAME)(PORT=1521))(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=SECONDARY_NODE_HOSTNAME)( PORT=1521)))(CONNECT_DATA=(SERVICE_NAME=DATABASE_SERVICENAME))) (DESCRIPTION=(FAILOVER=ON)(ADDRESS_LIST=(LOAD_BALANCE=ON)(ADDRES S=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=xxxxx)(PORT=1526))(ADDRESS=(PROTOCOL=TCP)(HOST=xxxx)(PORT= 1526)))(CONNECT_DATA=(SERVICE_NAME=somesid))) 6. allowing users to "Move" or "Rename" a file or folder. SQL Server) Session Manager now has option o n toolbar to enable color syntax of sessions by status.4. .

output file [-o] put. . .FIX: (DB2) : Visual Explain: If the current schema context in a query window was changed.4.4.sq l" "-oc:\myscript-out. a Compare to local rev ision will show the differences between the local copy and head revision 6. .sh] "-cMy Connection" "-fc:\myscript.FIX: If File->Options->Statement Separator whas changed to ".21: .FEATURE: Schema Diff Tool & Schema Script Generator include storage fo r MySQL now includes ENGINE option. . instead the user would get an error.username [-u] If not indicated.[required] File name of the script to [-c] .FEATURE: Informix Script Table CREATE now contains LOCK MODE & CREATE (Full) contains LOCK MODE and EXTENT .FEATURE: Added Option File->Options->General:General:Disable Drag and Drop in Editor. [optional] Max Results in any given q [optional] true/false in option to co [-f] .FIX: Printing would not obey the margins.(this will complete a word based off of previous words in the editor) .FIX: Show/Hide browser didn't persist the browser tab select before th e hide. Standard out is used if not defined.FEATURE: SVN history now has popup menu option to "Compare Revisions" with a interface like "Directory Diff"s .filename execute. then Execute Explain would not work. 6. . .FEATURE: Schema Browser filtering on Object Folders is now applied to [optional] File name for the text out [optional] Username to use for login.FEATURE: Script Table CREATE (full) for MySQL Tables now includes ENGI NE option .maxResults [-m] uery resultset. . [optional] Password to use for login. . . . will be used. This prevents the droping of text into the editor." then th e Visual Editing dialogs would not apply changes.FEATURE: Query Analyzer Window: Added in Server menu "Query Analyzer C lone". . . allowing a user to open multiple tabs in the Window frame as long as it is on the same server.FEATURE: SVN Update: When a file is conflicted.bat .FIX: Server script generator generated DDL in an incorrect order of de pendencies.FEATURE: Schema Diff tool now has option to script Storage on tables f or compares.0. then the saved username .FIX: Grid Results: Quick Filter on a specific column sometimes wouldn' t work. then the saved password .txt" "-uusername" "-m100" "-htrue" .FIX: (Sybase) : Sybaes Storage Manager: Device usage was incorrect in the case the server was setup with a 4k page size.password [-p] If not indicated. will be used. . .51: .52: .connection name.[required] Identifies the connection .binaryToHex [-h] nvert hex to binary. .FEATURE: Database script may now be executed from the command line wit h the syntax: Usage: runscript[. 6.FIX: (Sybase) : Sybase Storage Manager: List of Cache would display in correct size on caches bigger then 4 gigs.

FIX: (Sybase Any & IQ) Schema Browser and Script Table didn't support GLOBAL TEMPORARY tables.FIX: Procedure/Package Editor: If the connection of the editor was dro pped.FIX: (Sybase ASE) .FIX: (Oracle) File->Options->Results Format: Added TIMESTAMP for Oracl e .FIX: SQL Editor: Comment Block with space between ending "*" and "/" w ould cause unclosed comment.FIX: (Oracle) Schema browser and Script Table didn't support GLOBAL TE MPORARY tables.FIX: (PostgreSQL) .FEATURE: AutoCompletion: File->Options->Scripts-> Now has options "Quo te Identifier for Object Table Completion" and "Quote Identifier for Column Table Completion".20: .saveResults" and ".Session Manager now works for users that don't hav e sa_role .FIX: (Sybase ASE) . which will allow auto-completion to complete object/column names to be quoted on completion.Script Procedure CREATE and executing Procedures w ith $$ syntax: Minor bugs .the Schema and/or object name defined in the advanced tab.FIX: Application icon has been changed to a higher resolution. it would warn that the connection was closed. . . .FIX: (SQL Server) .0.dc=world/y5 .zz Port: 389 SID: cn=OracleContext. .19: .Scripting a Primary Key or Foreign Key constraint as a separate and individual script would generate the DDL incorrectly.FIX: Query Analyzer Clone: Now keeps the same divider location as the previous window.FIX: Editors: Key bindings for Duplicate Line/Selection changed to Ctr l-K (Cmd-K on OSX) 6..0. 6. .saveLastResult " with the following syntax . . . 6. but any subsequent compiles would report successfully. mad e the bottom panel fixed width and top resizable.FIX: (Sybase Any) Extract methods on database with BLANK PADDING ON wo uld script with spaces in datatype name .FIX: (Sybase Any & IQ) .Script Table CREATE which had columns with Us er Defined Datatype would script with base datatype . . 6. .FIX: (Oracle) Register Oracle Database: Added support for LDAP in this format Host: ldap://xx.18: .17: .0.0.Script Procedure where the procedure had a comment block before the definition with 1 or more line feeds seperating the comments and definition.FIX: (MySQL) . Example: "/* **** */". . if the schema and object name are defined then the filter will be appli ed to the schema and object name instead of just the object name. and a compile was executed.FIX: Procedure/Package Editor and Image Viewer: One window resize.Create Database Dialog sometimes would generate a blank SQL statement. So.FEATURE: Export Tool: Now has option to indicate the Date quote identi fier.FEATURE: Added aqua script command ". would not script correct ly.yy.. .

FIX: (OSX) ..0.14: .Text/XML/HTML Editors .FIX: Script Generator: Sort Dependency would return a "null" error mes sage..9-RC1: .0.Syntax Coloring in Editor: Added "STATISTICS" . .12: .FIX: Query Windows: Execute Edit: Doing and Execute Edit on a statemen t that wasn't a SELECT would still execute the statement. . . 6.0.0.FIX: (Sybase) . .Added Shift-DELETE to cut current line.FIX: (Sybase) Script Database CREATE: Now recreates DDL in the same fo rmat initially used to create the database to maintain logical positioning. . 6.FEATURE: (Oracle) Schema Browser Scripting: Added support to script CR EATE & DROP for Database Links 6.<PROCNAME> 6.15: ould fill table in pted.11: .FEATURE: Added File->Options:General:General:[Display Splash Screen] t o give the user to disable the splash .FIX: (Sybase) .0.Script DDL on foreign key constraints contained an inc orrect "ON DELETE" clause if there was no action set initially .FIX: (Sybase Anywhere) Script Procedure CREATE would pad procedure nam e with spaces.10: .Script Permissions didn't always get all the permissio ns (under unreproducable scenarios) 6..FIX: (SQL Server) hich didn't perform well on .0.FIXL SQL History: nt database and would cause 6.Script DDL on NONCLUSTERED INDEX with ALLOW_DUP_ROW no w explicitly adds ALLOW_DUP_ROW into DDL .FIX: Editors . . the foreign key would not be scri FEATURE: (DB2) Support for DB2 Kerberos Authentication . In some cases Oracle drivers didn't return the curre SQL History not to save statements.FIX: (Sybase) DBA Tools: Storage Manager: Now calculates size with @ma xpagesize instead of @pagesize 6.FIX: Tab Labels: Label names are no longer truncated with ".16: .0. FIX: Unable to rename an Editor Tab FIX: Table Data Editor: Fill Up/Down where the initial value is NULL w a string value of "(null)" FIX: (Sybase ASE) Script Table CREATE with foreign key that references a different database then the table.FIX: (Sybase) ." in the center of the label name.FIX: Procedure & Package Editor Tab Labels: Now have the initial tab n ame <SERVERNAME> .FIX: (Oracle) .FIX: Query Builder: Clicking on a shortcut would not clear the old cri teria values if the cell editor in the cell was still open Extract & Script database user: Optimize the query w databases with many users.13: . and CTRL-L to d uplicate current line or selected text 6.Preview in browser didn't work on OSX.FIX: (PostgreSQL) Script CREATE (Full) on a table would script an inde x that was bound to the primary key.0.

FEATURE: SQL History: Added "Database" column to identify the database the database the query was executed in. .FIX: (Oracle) Schema Browser: Package Functions & Procedures: Script-> Object:EXECUTE BIND would not work. A table selection to import into is now required.8-RC1: . The SQL History is archived into <USER_HOME>\.FIX: (Oracle) Query Window: Changing current Schema didn't use double quotes on schema name.FEATURE: Query Builder: Shortcut buttons now have in the popup menu "A dd selected to query". " -" and "*" would not complete .FIX: (Sybase): DBA Tool: Session Manager: Current database was always 'master' . .5-RC1: .FEATURE: (Sybase) Script Server Login DDL now includes fullname.FEATURE: (SQL Server) Script Server Login DDL now includes sid and enc riptopt. then the editing value would reappear when the Option Dialog was reopenned. .FIX: Auto-completion: column completion imidiately after a "/".0.0.FEATURE: File->Options->General:History:Enable SQL History Archiving. .0.FIX: Import Tool: Not selecting a table would still allow the user to proceed.FEATURE: Grid Results: NULL values are now in italics to distinguish b etween "(null)" string and "(null)" value.FEATURE: File->Options->SQL Editor:[Syntax Coloring:Enable Bold].FIX: Sybase DBA Tools: Storage Manager: Databases with size usage grea ter then 4gigs would show a size of zero.da tastudio\history\archive 6.FIX: Sybase Anywhere/IQ: Alter Table Dialog would modify the table by using the user name as the schema regardless of the schema owner . "Overwrite query with selected" . passw dexp.FIX: (Sybase): DBA Tool: Session Manager: Session name was always 'Pro cess ID' + (background) and not user name.FEATURE: Table Data Editor: NULL values are now in italics to distingu ish between "(null)" string and "(null)" value.FEATURE: Added File->Options->General:[Query Window: Show File Name] w hich determines if the currently open file name is displayed in the tab name. .FIX: (Generic JDBC/ODBC) after executing a statement/script the databa se would reset to the first one .7-RC1: . Thi s option allows the user to enable/disable boldness in the keywords. This will archive SQL History instead of deleting them.FIX: Schema/Directory Diff: The initial diff of the files and objects would not take into consideration "Ignore Case" .FIX: Options Dialog: If a value was changed but the cell editor was op en and the "cancel" button was clicked.FEATURE: Server Registration: Advanced tab: Added "Enable db filters f or query window" to allow the filtering of databases in the query window 6. . 6. . maxfailedlogins and auth_mech.4-RC1: . minpwdlen. 6.0.0. . . "+". so schemas with case and numbers would not work.6-RC1: . .FIX: (SQL Server): DBA Tool: Session Manager: Session name was always 'Process ID' + (background) and not user name . .FEATURE: (DB2) Script Generator: Added support for "Enable Identity In sert" for GENERATED columns 6..

This allows a user to copy/paste within the Table Data Editor and to keep NULL values. .FEATURE: Added File->Options:General:Difference Tools:Ignore Spaces. .FIX: [Generic JDBC/ODBC] Schema Browser didn't apply filters. This option provides the ability to set the behavior on how to h andle text values of '(null)'.0. referenced ta ble/columns and check text.0. . .FIX: Options: Key Mapping: Changing a keystroke on a profile would be saved and used correct.FIX: Could not open Image Viewer from Toolbar if there were no Query W indows open.FEATURE: Directory Diff Tool: Now added a filter option to filter resu lts .FIX: SQL Formatter: Line break after comma would happen after commas i n functions calls . . Added options "Igno re Leading Spaces". "Move Left" and "Properties" . setting a keybinding and indicating if all tables are to be cleared .FIX: SQL History: The start/end date was always the current date even though the dates were stored correctly. . Query File}: Determines if the shortcuts in the Query Builder are saved within a query file.FEATURE: Options: Key Mapping: Double click on action will edit the sh ortcut for quicker access 6. .FIX: Oracle Session Manager: Lock Tab: Tree was not showing icons. or not at all. .FEATURE: Editor: and Edit menu: Added "Goto Line" action with Ctrl/Cmd -G keybinding. This allows the user to goto a specific line in the editor.FIX: SQL Server: Editing a Procedure with a comment before the procedu re where the comment was more then 4096 bytes would cause exception .3-RC1: . Application. . "Ignore Embedded Spaces".Added to popup menu of shortcuts "Move Right". but would display correctly in the tree list.1-RC1: .FIX: Table Data Editor: "Insert Date Only" would insert next day if cu rrent time was after 12noon.FEATURE: Schema Diff Tool now show progress while extracting initial o bjects for better progress display.FEATURE: Auto-Describe: Constraints now contain columns. as a global list of shortcuts. 6.FIX: F5 key shortcut to execute query window was not working as in pre vious versions of ADS.Properties for Shortcuts now allow the renaming of the shortcu t. . .FEATURE: File->Options->General:[Difference Tool].0.2-RC1: .FIX: [Sybase ASE]: Import Tool: The schema combo box now contains the "guest" as a schema option to allow importing temporary tables. .FEATURE: Query Builder Shortcuts . 6. .File->Options:General:Query Builder [Shortcut Persistance] = { None.. W hich indicates whether the right/left trimming of lines before comparing. Added this back.FIX: Table Data Editor: Added option in File->Options:Table Editor: "T ransform '(null)' to NULL value when pasting from clipboard". "Ignore Trailing Spaces". "Ignore case" as options for comparing.FIX: [Sybase ASE] Import Tool: Exporting from a SELECT statement with an alias would display the column name as the label .

instead of the alias. - FIX: Application: If a single Query or Editor window is open with a fi le and then closed, the application header still has the file name in it. - FIX: ER Diagram Frame: with L&Feel of Aqua Data Studio(Stylus) would h ave the "Layout:" and "Entity View" labels in Gray. - CHANGE: Oracle Package Editor: Selecting a function/procedure in the c ombo box doesn't highlight anymore just goes to the first character. - FEATURE: Added a Splash Screen - FEATURE: Table Data Editor: If the results are truncated then the bott om right box of the status bar indicates the Truncation with coloring if enabled. - FEATURE: Table Data Editor: Current focused cell now has black border like Excel/OpenOffice. - FEATURE: Table Data Editor: Added "Copy" and "Paste" to Edit menu and popup menu 6.0.0-RC1: http://docs.aquafold.com/ads/6.0/features_6_0.html 4.7.1: FEATURE: Query Builder: Add Table Dialog popups up when initially openin g the Query Builder FEATURE: Query Builder: Add Table Dialog is now modeless so that the use r can add tables and work on the Diagram pane at the same time FEATURE: Query Analyzer Permissions: (SQL Server & Sybase): Now permissi ons are not applied to SQL statements on temporary tables and tables in the temp db FIX: Query Builder: When a statement is executed, if a cell value in the columns pane was being worked on but not commited then it would not apply to th e execution of the query. FIX: Query Builder: Added tables which had matching tables in other sche mas would have the columns added from the other schemas into the graph as well. FIX: Query Builder: Creating a second JOIN criteria between two tables d idn't work if the variables are (a,b) in table 1 and (b,a) in tables. The secon d drag-and-drop was ignored. FIX: Query Builder: FULL OUTER JOIN on MySQL, Oracle 8i and Sybase was n ot generating complete SQL FIX: Query Builder: WHERE Criteria for SQL statement now has correct par anthesis for all AND and OR statements FIX: Script Generator: Now sorting constraints by type, then name to mak e diffs of schemas easier to do. FIX: Script Browser: F5 would not refresh. FIX: Script Browser: Did not have the ability to display files without a n extension. In File->Options->General:Script Filters a "*" may be added to inc lude files without extensions FIX: SQL Formatter: Uppercase Keywords would not uppercase AS, CASE, THE N and ELSE FIX: (Sybase) Table Data Editor: If a SELECT is done on a table with no primary key or unique constraint, but has a unique index, ADS would not use it a s a primary key. FIX: (DB2) Query Window Syntax Coloring: Added keywords COLLECT, SAMPLED and DETAILED FIX: (Oracle) Session Manager: Sort order in Session Stats was not saved between refreshes. 4.7.0: CHANGE: Tagged current build as 4.7.0 FEATURE: Visual Query Builder: Added new query builder which may be acce ssed through the main application toolbar and the popup menu in the schem browse

r 4.6.17: FEATURE: (DB2) SQL Statement Execution. All "--" comments are removed f rom SQL statements except for CREATE PROCEDURE, FUNCTION and TRIGGER before exec ution regardless if they are client or server side comments FIX: Grid Results: copy to clipboard would add a line feed after last li ne. FIX: (Oracle) Script Generator: If a foreign key constraint was created on a reference table column which had an Index created on the column before the primary key constraint was created, then the reference column would not appear i n the CREATE CONSTRAINT statement. 4.6.16: FEATURE: (Oracle, DB2) Query Window: There is now the ability to change the current schema. The toolbar now has a combo box with a list of schemas. Cha nging the current schema will change the context for auto-completion and the context o f the database. FEATURE: Syntax Coloring: Added an option in File->Options:Editor for co loring numerics. Default syntax color of numerics is magenta. FEATURE: Editor: Added an option in File->Options:Editor for enabling/di sabling auto-brace matching. Default value is enabled. FEATURE: Schema Browser: - Added the ability to mount different folder locations into the sch ema browser, so that users can mount shared directories to share folders. - Added ability to rename a Server connection in the Server Properti es - When deleting a folder with connections in it, ADS will notify the user that all connections and sub folders must be removed before proceeding. - Added the following Key Bindings to the schema browser functionali ties - CTRL-INSERT: Connect - CTRL-DELETE: Disconnect - SHIFT-INSERT: Register Server Clone - ALT-ENTER: Server Properties - ENTER: Will expand/collapse current node FEATURE: (DB2) Schema Browser: Added "Materialized View" node to display a list of Materialized Views and the columns and indexes of the views FIX: (Oracle) Script Generator: Now includes the PUBLIC schema. FIX: (Sybase and SQL Server): Query Analyzer: Executing an UPDATE statem ent with an "exists" clause would set the Statement.setMaxRows() limiting the ro ws modified. FIX: (Sybase and SQL Server) Permissions: INSERT statements on temporary tables avoided permissions 4.6.15: FEATURE: Queray Analzyer: Optional popup confirmation dialog for uncommi tted transactions now warns if a UPDATE or DELETE statement is executed without a WHERE clause FEATURE: Parameterized Scripts: option to define a default value for a p arameter in a parameterized script Example: SELECT * FROM DEPARTMENTS WHERE DEPARTMENT_ID = &id=10 Example: SELECT * FROM DEPARTMENTS WHERE DEPARTMENT_ID = &id='<ENTER SSN>' Example: SELECT * FROM DEPARTMENTS WHERE DEPARTMENT_NAME = '\&name=' John Doe'' Example: SELECT * FROM DEPARTMENTS WHERE DEPARTMENT_NAME = '\&name=J ohn' FIX: Query Analzyer: Script parser: Statement with a quoted string that contained a linefeed,GO,linefeed would be split into two statements FIX: Parameterized Scripts: Parameter names with special were allowed, t hey are no longer allowed and are terminated if the name contains any character

other then a-z/A-Z/0-9. FIX: Parameterized Scripts: Execute Edit now supports parameterized scri pts FIX: Query Analzyer: Auto-Completion where a column was in a function wi th more then one parameter would cause the auto-completion to always complete wi th tables. FIX: Procedure Editor: A "--" client side comment in a quoted string wou ld through off the parser. FIX: (Oracle) Create Table Dialog: Foreign keys would be created as DISA BLED. (bug introduced in 4.6.10) FIX: (Oracle) Schema Browser: Foreign Key constraint sometimes had doubl e identical values. FIX: (Oracle) Table Data Editor: SQL Generator for Date modifications no w use TO_DATE('','YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS') instead of TO_DATE('','YYYY-MM-DD HH12:MI:SS PM') to prevent a synta x error when running ADS in Japanese locale 4.6.14: FEARURE: Schema Browser: Servers that don't have their passwords saved. When a user connects and specifies a username and password, ADS will now hold the username and password in memory until the user disconnects or closes ADS. The username and password will be used when openning a query window, too l or scripting. FEATURE: Added File->Options:General:Prompt for commit when auto-commit is OFF which will determine whether the application will prompt the user to commit if rows are modified and auto-commit is not enabled. FEATURE: (Oracle) Session Manager: Added column to session tab for SPID. FEATURE: (Oracle) Session Manager: Added in toolbar the MAXIMUM number o f processes FIX: Query Analzyer: Executing a CallableStatement with .executeCallable Query would not print out sql warnings. FIX: Parameterize Scripts: An "&" in a single quoted string without a le ading "\" where it is not the first character in the single quote, a parameter dialog would prompt for a variable. FIX: (Oracle) Profile Dialog: editing or viewing profile would not set t he "Expire in" correctly. FIX: (Oracle) Security Manager: User tab: Added columns "Locked Date" an d "Expired Date" FIX: (Informix) Create Table Dialog: (Bug Introduced in 4.6.10) Prevente d from creating table with VARCHAR/NVARCHAR because it required a precision and scale value 4.6.13: FEATURE: (Oracle) Session Manager: Added in toolbar the ACTIVE, INACTIVE and MAXIMUM number of sessions FIX: (SQL Server, Sybase, Sybase Any): ADS would not use the Statement.s etMaxRows() to trunace rows because of a driver bug. This caused performance issues when quering on a table with large nu mber of rows, even if the Max Rows was set to a low amount. ADS now analyzes the query and only uses Statement.setMaxRows() with statements that have a SELECT statement. FIX: Parameterized Scripts: Client Side Comments are now not replaced or prompted for when executing script FIX: Parameterized Scripts: Parameter Dialog: parameters were not in ord er of occurance. FIX: Parameterized Scripts: Parameter Dialog: multiple parameters of the same name in a quoted string incorrectly replaced the values FIX: Parameterized Scripts: Parameter Dialog: Cancelling on the dialog w ould still execute the script.

FIX: Schema Browser: Performance increase on expanding nodes with large lists. FIX: (Sybase): Script Generator the order of CREATE DEFAULT and CREATE T ABLE were not in the correct order. OUTER.6. . Example: SELECT * FROM DEPARTMENTS WHERE DEPARTMENT_ID = &id Example: SELECT * FROM DEPARTMENTS WHERE DEPARTMENT_NAME = '\&name' . FIX: (Sybase): Script CREATE TABLE: Binded defaults were not scripted as a separate bind statement. user may now select multiple files at a time with Cont rol-Click.7.12: FIX: Query Analzyer: Executing a statement when "Auto Commit" enabled. FIX: (Informix): Auto-commit being disabled would prevent the user to ch ange the current database. FIX: (Sybase): Script CREATE Table now contains LOCK DATAROWS.4.version UPDATE: Upgraded to JGraph Library 5.10: REQUIREMENT: This build now requires Java 1." at the end of the CREA TE statement. FIX: (Informix): Script Procedure/Function: Scripting Functions & Proced ures with a script separator of ". JOIN and ON where no uppercased when Uppercase Keywords option was on. FIX: (Informix): Extract Index: Informix 9. LEFT. Parameters are defined by a leading "&". Parameters in quotes need t o be escaped by "\".Added option to specify default value of "Parameterized Script" for each database. before update verify ADS is being run by Java 1.2 FEATURE: Table Data Editor: Option in Options:General:Table Data Editor . ALLPAGES. " Commit" and "Rollback" are not re-enabled after query completes. DATAPAGES syntax FIX: (SQL Server): Script CREATE TABLE: Binded defaults were not scripte d as a separate bind statement." would include two ". FIX: (SQL Server): Script Generator the order of CREATE DEFAULT and CREA TE TABLE were not in the correct order. User may disable transaction require ments at own risk. FIX: (PostgreSQL): Script CREATE Table: Tables with varchar columns with out column size definition would script as "varchar(-5)" FIX: (Sybase): Constraint Scripting & Script Generator: Scripting Table w/ Constraints would generate CREATE INDEX for unique constraints.6. instead of firing event f or each new node.Query Window toolbar: added "parameterized scipt" toggle button. FIX: SQL Formatter: RIGHT. Some Inform ix databases my have transactions disabled.5. FIX: SQL Formatter: Formater didn't format statements wit "~" in it. FEATURE: Server Registration: Generic JDBC connections: When browsing fi le selection for drivers. Pack age Bodies.11: FEATURE: Options:General: Added "SQL Server Quoted Identifier (Default)" and "Sybase Quoted Identifier (Default)" so the user may define the default val ue when registering a Sybase or SQL Server FEATURE: Query Analyzer: Parameterized Script: Ability to execute script s with defined parameters.2.5 in Help->About:System:java.Option to disable transaction requirements for table data editor.5 and JGraphLayout 1. FIX: SQL Formatter: Added "PLAN" as a keyword for line breaks. UI event update only fired once for all items.3 and above only supported 8 columns in index when up to 16 are supported.4. 4. Package Functions & Procedures and Parameters. FIX: (Oracle) Schema Browser: Optimized queries for folders Tables. FIX: Query Analyzer: Query statment with a "--" server side comment at t he end of the statment would prevent "Execute Edit" from executing.6. . FEATURE: (Oracle) Session Manager: Added USERNAME to the Session columns and the Grouping toolbar button. 4.Options:Query Analyzer .

Security Manager. Logs only contained date. Now reverted back to old format. Rollback Manager.. FIX: (Sybase): Openning a query window with no database context selected in schema browser now sets database to the user default.Database Visual Editing/Scripting: If a log file had a MaxSize = M AX_INT then the log file would not be included. SGA Manager and Server Statistics . . Rules and Defaults FIX: Export Tool: When exporting a table (not a resultset) ADS will preq uery (select count(*) from table) to get a total count of rows to be exported to make an exact estimate to completion.8 I changed the connection URL to use the format jdbc:oracle:thin:@//host:port/servicename which prevented connect ions in certain scenarios. . Certificates and Symmetric Keys FEATURE: (SQL Server 2005): Schema Browser: Added Schema name to objects in Datatypes. Log Manager.org) Source /License: http://download." would include two "." messages. and p rompts user with "Searching . FIX: SQL Server 2005: .com/download/libraries/swingx/ 4. FIX: (Informix): Table Script CREATE definition.6.6. .Triggers Schema browser/Scripting: Would not be visible or scripta ble if the schema was not "dbo" FIX: Save Results: XML Format: Added encoding for ><&"' characters 4.FEATURE: (Oracle) Oracle DBA Tools now use threads and delayed tab queri ng to increase UI response time in case of long running meta data queries.." at the end of the CREATE statem ent. FIX: Schema Browser: Drag-n-Drop of servers from groups to groups didn't work since the new Shortcut Toolbar. added support for Constrain t state keywords ENABLE/DISABLE. Assemblies. FIX: (Informix): Script Generator: Scripting Functions & Procedures with a script separator of ".Schema Browser context menu now contains Oracle DBA Tools menu for Oracle connections. XML Schema Collections. VARCHAR and NVARCHAR d atatypes with reserve values (ex: VARCHAR(3. FIX: (SQL Server 2005): Schema Browser. FIX: Server Registration: Components on General Tab would not resize wit h the window size. RELY/NORELY and VALIDATE/NOVALIDATE FIX: (Oracle): Schema Browser: Previously didn't display tables based of f of Object Types.1)) would be scripted with incorrect length values. Session Manager. in which case A DS will use the new URL ServiceName format jdbc:oracle:thin:@//host:port/service name.Application Menu bar now provides a list of Oracle DBA Tools. FIX: (SQL Server.9: FEATURE: Server Registration: Oracle Connections: SID option: Service Na me is now allowed by appending "SERVICE:" in front of the value. Storage Ma nager. ADDED: SwingX Library by Sun Microsystems (http://swinglabs.6. FIX: Import/Export Tool: Average Row Time and Estimated time was calcula ted without fractions of a millisecond which had less time accuracy. FIX: Oracle Connections: In build 4. Sybase Any): Query Window Max Results affected UPDATE/INSERT statements row max modifications because of Driver bug. Now time is calculated with 1/1000 of a millisecond accuracy.8: FEATURE: Oracle DBA Tools . System Views. Sybase. Workarou nd now fixes issue.aquafold. FIX: (Oracle): Script Constraint defintions. Asymmetric Keys.Added DBA Tools for Oracle including: Instance Manager. Now ha s full log. FEATURE: (SQL Server 2005): Schema Browser: Added folders for Synonyms.

1) Security Permissions: Added support for the new ma . . FIX: Grid Results/Table Data Editor: HTML Text values where rendered as HTML in the cell of the grid. FIX: (PostgreSQL 8.This line comment) FIX: Table Data Editor: Save Refresh wouldn't refresh (Bug Introduced in build 4.Default Permissions: Added File->Options->Permissions to set the d efault permissions to a server connection by server type. and are modif iable after server selection.defn catalog view to extract the tr igger source instead of the systrigger. Example: On Windows. FIX: (Sybase) Extraction: In some cases Unique Constraints where not ext racted. FEATURE: SQL Formatter Options: Options Dialog now has a tab for the SQL Formatter options. but binary executables work FIX: Toolbar Shortcuts: Allow shortcuts from any node FIX: (DB2) Table Data Editor: Enabled editing for LONG VARCHAR data type s. including an option to allow for formatting to happen withou t the prompting the dialog each time. Th e source was formatted slightly different.source table.txt has the username or pass word in it.Query Analyzer: SQL execution is restricted depending on server pe rmissions. FEATURE: Visual Editing & Scripting for Storage & Security: Added quoted identifiers to SQL generation. To specify an external application. FEATURE: Options->Scripts: Added "Visual Editing Quote Identifier" optio n to enable/disable quote identifiers in SQL generation while using Visual Editi ng. wrap the value with a "~`" at th e beginning and "`~" at the end of the value. FIX: Auto-Completion: A line comment that is after a table name where th ere is no space between the table and the comment would not include the table in autocompletion (Ex: FROM MYTABLE.trigdef and sysprocedure. the username or password value can be ~`cmd /c more "%HOMEPATH%\username. Note: On Unix you may not execute scripts because the JVM has pr oblems retreiving the StdOut when running a command shell (sh.txt"`~ where username. FIX: (MySQL) Extraction: Procedure & Functions with 0 parameters where t he parameter brackets have a space in between Example: "( )" would not extract 4. bash). Developme nt & Test}. Trigger and Procedure would use the systriggers.FEATURE: Query Analyzer Permssions by Server Type {Production. . FIX: Syntax Color: ' ' would not terminate keywords and prevent coloring of the keyword.15) FIX: (Oracle) Show Execution Plan on AutoCommit:disabled: Executing woul dn't warn user transaction would be commited if the Explain Plan needed to CREAT E/DROP the plan_table FIX: (Sybase Anywhere): Script CREATE View. YOURTABLE-. .Server Connection Dialog: Added Permissions Tab to specify Query A nalyzer permissions. FEATURE: Register Server: Username and Password may now be external appl ication which provides the username or password in the StdOut.5.source FIX: (Sybase Anywhere 9): Unique and Check Constraints would script CREA TE statements incorrectly under certain circumstances. Source is now extracted from systrigge r. CHANGE: Options->Scripts: Changed options into grouped grid layout.5. Permissions are set by selecting Server Type.source and sysprocedure.16: FEATURE: Server Registration: Added button next to the Port field which will do a socket connection test on the host and port specified.source and sysprocedure.

keaclitem() signature so that permissions would be supported.5.5.14: FEATURE: Auto-Completion: Added support for SHOW CREATE TABLE <TABLENAME > Syntax FEATURE: SQL Formatter: Added support for indenting Sub-Select statement s FEATURE: (SQL Server 2005): Added schema folder to schema browser in dat abase objects FIX: Table and Column drag-n-drop to editor was not working (broken afte r build4. Changed from using USER_NAME() to SCHEMA_NAME() in 2005 4. FIX: (SQL Server 2005): Schema names other then dbo(database owner) wher e not showing up. Pattern is no longer displayed in the cell when editing a NULL value. there is now the ability to add fil ters to folders with wildcards.5. FIX: Convert Binary to Hex: [File->Options->Results]: Blobs where not be ing converted to hex. ?=any character FIX: Grid Results: Rearranging the column locations and then coping to c lipboard would leave the data in the original order. Added support to schema browser and for DDL scripting.13: FEATURE: SQL Formatter: Added option to wrap line after X number of char acters in a line. . .5. Increased to 65.5. FEATURE: (PostgreSQL): Added to Schema Browser a Procedure folder to lis t functions with a VOID return. FEATURE: Table Data Editor: Added status bar which displays the format p attern of the current selected cell. PARTITION and Functions: ROW_NUMBER FIX: (Informix): Script Table: Decimal and Floats didn't have precision/ scale values. FEATURE: Added Wildcard filtering to Schemas and Folders in the Server R egistration. OVER. but the headers in the new order. In t he Server Registration under the Filter tab.536 and rows are broken up into sheets. 4. FIX: SQL Formatter: SQL Statements which had column names starting with ORDER or GROUP would result in an empty string. FIX: (Oracle): Editing source of Procedures/Packages where a '?' was in a quoted string and a commnet block had a single quote (with no matching quote) would save the '?' as ':1'. and are not filte red the same as the schema browser FIX: (Oracle): Oracle JDBC driver sometimes returns Date value for Times tamp column.15: FEATURE: Query Window: Added "Format Current Statement" and "Format Scri pt" commands to automate menu. Disabled in Oracle JDBC driver EscapeParsing with Statement. ADS was returning Err. 4. setEscapeProcessing() to fix this issue.10) FIX: Query Panel now shows all databases in combo box. *=wildcard. FIX: Syntax Coloring: Single quoted strings incorrectly colored when pre ceeded by '-' (Ex: tdate-'01/01/2001') FIX: Grid Results: CTRL-Click on a column to select where the columns we re moved around would cause the wrong column to be selected.Added option to align indent on AS and align on JOIN FEATURE: Application frame now saves maximized status when exiting and r estores it at startup. FEATURE: (DB2): Support for Nicknames. FIX: (DB2) Syntax Coloring: Added keywords: MATCHED.12: FEATURE: Added support for Object Filtering in the Schema Browser. 4. only other binary datatypes FIX: Save Results: Saving to Excel Spreadsheet was limited to 32.767 row s.

FIX: Table Visual Editor: Changing datatype from VARCHAR to NVARCHAR (or vice versa) with the same length would not generate a change.5. so it will not open a connection if the node is a ser ver node. FIX: Script Formatter would append the last character of a script as a n ew statment if the last character in the script was a line feed.5. If the shortcut is clicked. . FIX: Import Tool: Now takes into consideration files which only use carr iage returns to separate lines (Mac) FIX: Shortcut Toolbar: Renaming button would rename the path so shortcut wouldn't work properly FIX: (Oracle): Procedure Editor: Executing a procedure in a package with a parameter of type REF CURSOR would fail.Scripting support for storage for Tables (CREATE (Full)). Sybase Anywhere.4.5.5. When openning the query it will go to the database and open a query window t o that database. but will not expand the node. af ter executing a query the CPU time for ADS was still high because of a Thread bu g in Java related to animated icons. Indexes and Clusters.. The empty.5 on other OSs.8: FEATURE: SQL Formatter: Added SQL Formatter that will format SQL stateme nts according to specify parameters defined in an options dialog. FEATURE: Status bar: Application status bar now contains the path that i s selected in the schema browser FEATURE: Editor: Copy and Cut action when there is nothing selected will perform the action on the current line. MySQL) Query Window: Added Connection ID to window toolbar.10: FEATURE: Shortcut Toolbar: Added support to drag a database as a shortcu t. .Added hot keys CTRL-B to format current statement and CTRL-Shift-B for format script FEATURE: Short Cut Toolbar: Added Shortcut Toolbar. Found work around.9: FIX: Opening a Query Analyzer with a Toolbar shortcut didn't allow the u ser to execute a statement.Added menu items "Format Current Statement" and "Format Script" . 4. right si de of the application toolbar accepts drag-n-drop actions. FIX: Opening a Query Window didn't allow a user to execute a query (rela ted to animated icon for tabs) 4.. FIX: Shortcut Toolbar: Clicking shortcut will browse to server node. FIX: Auto-Completion: Added support for HAVING clause which would throug h the parser off FIX: Grid Results: Selecting all column values with CTRL-Click on column would not allow you to copy to clipboard FIX: (SQL Server) Query Window: If auto-on-all schemas was enabled and u ser was not database owner the description of the table would have the username . If the user drags a server from the schema browser into the toolbar it will crea te a button/shortcut to that server. FIX: (Informix 10): Extracting Table with columns having "default ''" wo uld fail because Informix 10 stores it as NULL. Sybase. PostgreSQL. the application will automatically browse to that server and open a quer y window to it. FIX: Query Window Animated Icon: On OSX and on Java 1. 4. .Visual Editing storage support for Tables. Indexes (CREATE) and Clusters (CREATE). FEATURE: (SQL Server. FEATURE: Query Analyzer: Added an animated icon to the tab of the query window when a query is executing. FIX: SQL Formatter: Now the statement separator is preserved instead of being replaced by GO.11: FEATURE: (Oracle): Storage Support .

FIX: (MySQL) Scripting Table CREATE Full would generate an extra CREATE INDEX for the primary key. the word would be colored as the comments. the numeric values will be copied completely instead of the formatte d value is results format in case the format truncates data. not character length. FIX: (MySQL) Visual Editing now uses backtick quote identifier. FIX: (Oracle) Schema Browser & Extraction: Declared NUMBER datatype with out precision or scale was scripting as (22.Ability to select all cells in a column by clicking on column with CTRL hit pressed.0) when it should be defined at all to define unlimited value. FIX: Table Data Editor & Query Results: String results now do not get ri ght trimmed. FIX: (Oracle) Schema Browser & Extraction: NVARCHAR2 lengths were define d as byte length.5.with a leading character wor d. FIX: Auto Completion: Fixed more column context bugs.xls FIX: (Sybase) Script Table CREATE(Full): If table would have more then o ne trigger. FIX: (MySQL) Added "`Object Name`" quote identifier option to Import/Exp ort tool. which allows more flexible font settings. 4. FIX: (SQL Server) Change Database in query panel and the schema browser would fail if "Set Quoted_Identifier" is disabled in the Server Properties. FEATURE: AutoCompletion: Added support for multi table column completion on aliased sub queries with multiple columns.6: FEATURE: (Oracle) Auto-Completion: support for PUBLIC synonyms in the ta ble list FIX: Auto-Completion: Column context was wrong when query contained '!' FIX: Script Generator: (Introduced in build 4.5. FIX: Syntax Coloring: Comments of // and -. it would add the trigger create to the script more then once.as the schema name instead of dbo. Ex: "select SubTab.Ability to highlight rows by selecting row columns.5: FEATURE: Added CTRL-Y hot key to Delete Current Line FEATURE: Grid Results: . FIX: Save Results: If data format of Excel is selected and the file brow se is activated to select a file name without an extesion. . added Events folder to support ev ents.Column width and height are now calculated using the font metrics. FIX: (DB2 8. . FIX: (DB2): Visual Editing: Added support detailed error messages.4) Would fail to extract tables without primary key. FIX: (DB2): Converted almost all SYSIBM schema reference to SYSCAT refer ences in extraction to better support DB2 variants other then DB2 for LUW(Linux/ Unix/Windows) FIX: (Oracle): Extract Trigger was not appending the WHEN clause 4. . When coping numeric data to the clipboard.2): Stop removing CR/LF from queries in Visual Editing.^ from (select * from table1. . Script Generator and File->Options->Scripting 4. .7: FEATURE: (MySQL 5): Added support for bit datatype FEATURE: (Sybase Any): Schema browser. FIX: AutoCompletion: Now supports Unicode characters (was broken with ne w parser) FIX: Cycling through tab windows with CTRL-TAB would not reset focus to editor FIX: Export Tool: Now does not right trim string values. table2) SubTab" FEATURE: Added Option in File->Options:Grid Results[Copy to clipboard as default].5.txt is appended to t he file instead of .5.Added secondary column sorting capability.

FEATURE: (Oracle) Query Window Auto-Describe: Added Table and Column Com ments to description FEATURE: File->Options->Appearance:[Editor Background Color]: Added opti on to set the background color of the editor. .column=table. UPDATE: Updated to libraries JGraph 5.Auto-completion now supports subqueries. . YEAR to SECOND)+13 UNITS HOUR+59 UNI TS MINUTE+0 UNITS SECOND) 4.1 where queries failed when statement had a CR or LF in it.2): Query Execution: Stopped removing CR and LF from queries .1. LEAVE." compl etion. . JGraphLayout 1. FIX: (Sybase 11.5. Unique.3.Auto-completion now supports aliased query tables (eg SELECT SUBTA BLE.Auto-completion now supports ANSI JOINS and all modern JOINS at an y depth. FIX: (SQL Server) Script Procedure EXECUTE: Variable declarations didn't contain length.* FROM (SELECT * FROM MYTABLE) SUBTABLE) .22.Auto-completion now supports column completion on tables/views wit h spaces in it with [] and "" quote identifiers. because IBM fixed the bug in 8.4: FEATURE: Options->Results Format: Added the option of "[None]" so that t he results are displayed in raw values.5 FIX: (DB2): Execute edit didn't extract primary key on a SELECT where sc hema name didn't match because of case sensitivity FIX: (Informix) Import/Export/Save Results . UNTIL. so this is now removed. ADS would format the date with a trailing ". and Dropping in reverse order.2 FIX: Save Results: HTML format of data didn't have a closing ">" on </FO NT> terminator. LOOP. LOCATORS.1999). SIGNAL. precision and scale FIX: (Informix) Import Tool: Importing into a datetime column.0" which would cause a syntax error.3.Auto-completion now supports for "where table. . If user logged in as dba instead of DBA and SybaseAny server was configured for case-sensitive comparisons objec ts would not be listed 4. FIX: Query Results: Added seconds to the default format of and Time/Date Time datatypes FIX: (DB2): Query Analyzer: Syntax coloring added for vendor keywords of ASSOCIATE.Auto-completion now supports UNION (and UNION ALL) queries.1 and L2FProd 0. IF. This allows the saving of formatted query tex t in CREATE VIEW. FIX: (Sybase) Index Scripting & Script Generator: Scripting Table w/ Ind exes would generate CREATE INDEX for Indexes that were supporting constraints. . JGoodie s 1.2. RESIGNAL.5.7. WHILE. FIX: Procedure Editor: The adding of "Save Query" made the procedure edi tor require a file to save to everytime a proc was compiled if there was no file defined.FIX: (Sybase Anywhere) Schema Browser: Didn't take into consideration ca se sensitive schema owners. Check and Foreign Key. REPEAT.Changed date/datetime forma t to work under any DBDATE formatted connection (ex: EXTEND(MDY(7. FIX: Script Generator: Ordered the creating of constraints in order of P rimary Key.2. ELSEIF. .5): Scripting Tables & Indexes didn't work because of la ck of support for index_colorder() by Sybase 11.3: FEATURE: Enhanced Auto-Completion: Rewrote SQL Statement parser to suppo rt more complicated SQL syntax. DO FIX: (DB2 8. These indexes are automatically created and dropped with the constra int.

Ability to ALTER columns. .Ability to ALTER columns. Sybase) . 4.MySQL .Support for ROWGUIDCOL Sybase: . 4.0. nullable and default value.Added the option "Object Quote Identifier" so the user may specify the option. FIX: (Oracle) Visual Edit & Scripting of View: Column aliases in the CRE ATE & CREATE OR REPLACE were not added.5 Up date 4 FEATURE: Visual Table Editor: Added support to rename column on Informix . Supports the ability to change the d atatype to VARCHAR or the length of a VARCHAR column. nullable and default value. FIX: Query Results: Numeric fractions were truncated to 3 decimal values . (8i doesn't support renaming o f columns) DB2: .Ability to turn on Identity_insert values [SET IDENTITY_INSERT <ta ble_name> ON] (SQL Server. FEATURE: ER Diagram Generator: Added to the tools menu "ER Diagram" whic h allows a user to extract tables and views from a database to generate and mani pulate an ER Diagram. nullable and default value. The default value is the value specified in File->Options->Scripts.Ability to ALTER columns. 4. datatype/length. Supports the ability to change the d atatype/length. FEATURE: Visual Table Editor Oracle: . FEATURE: Export Tool .Ability to turn on Identity_insert values [SET IDENTITY_INSERT <ta ble_name> ON] (SQL Server.Added the option "Object Quote Identifier" so the user may specify the option.0 Function Extraction: Parameter names are now ex tracted when generating a CREATE or CREATE/REPLACE statement. nullable and default value. Sybase) FEATURE: Import Tool .Ability to turn on Identity_insert values [SET IDENTITY_INSERT <ta ble_name> ON] (SQL Server.1: FIX: Script Generator didn't take into account multiple tables with same names but different case. datatype/length.Support for ROWGUIDCOL FEATURE: Visual Explain Diagram: Added "Save Image As" which allows the user to save the Diagram to JPG or PNG image format. Supports the ability to change the n ame. The default value is the value specified in File->Options->Scripts. Supports the ability to change the n ame. (Sybase doesn't support renaming col umns. FIX: Visual Editing for DB2: Now uses double quote identifiers to genera te SQL to support case sensitive object names.5.0: PACKAGING: Tagged current build as 4.Support for ENUM and SET datatype values .Ability to ALTER columns. (Sybase Anywhere doesn't suppo .4.2: FEATURE: Procedure Editor: Added "Save Query" button to toolbar. Supports the ability to change the n ame. FEATURE: Script Generator .5. PACKAGING: Created new installation packages and bundled with JRE 1. (This is the only ALTER co lumn DB2 supports) SQL Server: .18: FEATURE: Postgresql 8. Sybase 11 doesn't support renaming and changing datatypes) Sybase Anywhere: .Ability to ALTER columns. FEATURE: Script Table CREATE .5.0.MSSQL . Sybase) .5. datatype/length.

Ability to go back and redo a script generation after it has compl eted or been cancelled.10 and abo ve. Supports the ability to change the n ame. (PG 7. nullable and default value. so that the next import the options will de fault to the last import.rt the ability to change a NOT NULL to NULL) Informix: .Added support to script INSERT statements to preview window where a user can copy to clipboard.Also added option File->Options->Visual Explain->[Display Comm it Warning] to allow the enabling/disabling of the warning.Options Tab: Date&Time combo box: added "dd/MM/yyyy:hh:mm:ss" and "dd/MM/yy:hh:mm:ss" as options. FEATURE: Save Results: Added a "Save to Clipboard" button to allow the u ser to save the result to clipboard instead of to file.Ability to ALTER columns. FIX: MySQL Table Creating/Editing and Scripting: Didn't support precisio n and scale for INT datatypes and decimal/numerics. Default is set to TRUE. FEATURE: Visual Editing (Oracle): Added support to CREATE/ALTER/DROP Arr ay Type. .Ability to go back and redo an import after it has completed or be en cancelled. Change "Ok" to "Save to File" FEATURE: Script Generator: . FEATURE: Import Tool: . (Informix doesn't support renaming c olumns) PostgreSQL: .4 doesn't support of changing datatypes.Saves current options.Ability to ALTER columns. nullable and default value. . Supports the ability to change the d atatype/length. nullable and default value. Date combo box: added "dd/MM/yyyy" and "dd/MM/yy " . FIX: MySQL Table CREATE Script: Default values where not being quoted wi th single quotes.Added support to script to preview window where a user can copy to clipboard.Ability to go back and redo an export after it has completed or be en cancelled. 4.2 doesn't support changing datatypes or NULLs) MySQL: . datatype/length.Added support to export to preview window where a user can copy to clipboard. . FEATURE: Visual Editing (Oracle): Added support to CREATE/ALTER/DROP Clu sters. FEATURE: Export Tool: . . Supports the ability to change the n ame.Ability to ALTER columns.3/7.0. PG7. .0. Now displays a w arning telling the user that the current transaction will be committed. .Support for ENUM and SET enumeration values. FEATURE: Drag&Drop: Added support for drag-n-drop support for Indexes in to the query window FEATURE: Query Analyzer for Oracle: Execute Explain while auto-commit is disabled and the explain table CREATE/DROP feature is enabled. . NOTE: MySQL users require the JDBC driver version 3. FEATURE: Visual Editing (Oracle): Added support to CREATE/ALTER/DROP Tab le Type. datatype/length.17: FEATURE: Options: Added to File->Options->Results->[Convert binary to he x] which will convert all binary data retuned by query results to Hex values (Th is does not include BLOB or CLOB data).

FEATURE: Script Generator: Option tab now has option to "Sort By Depende ncy". FIX: Schema Browser (Sybase. not the trigger for that table. TRANSACTION_NONE . Date combo box: added "dd/MM/yyyy" and "dd/MM/yy " . FIX: OSX 10. FIX: Query Analyzer: Execute Edit would not execute if a single table SE LECT had a table name followed by a tab that is not extended. which will order the CREATEs taking into consideration object dependencies . SQL Server.0 (requires 5.A constant indicating that dirty reads..0. FEATURE: Printing: Added new printing dialogs with extra capabilities an d control to Query Anzalyzer.A constant indicating that dirty reads are prevented. non-repeatable reads and phantom reads can occur. phantom reads can occur. visual editing and extraction/scripting. FIX: MySQL Script Table: decimals were not scripted with precision and s cale. Script Generator: Model dialogs are c onverted to a full frame which allows the minimizing and maximizing of the tool window to allow the continued use of ADS. Sybase Anywhere): Table/View co lumns where not sorted by ColumnID. so that the next export the options will de fault to the last export.4: Look and Feel name was changed from "Mac OS X" to "Mac OS X Aqua" which caused ADS to incorrectly set the default Look and Feel to the Aq ua Data Studio Look and Feel. non-repeatable reads and phantom reads can occur. ansi_nulls.15: FEATURE: Server Registration: Support for setting Transaction Isolation Level in Advanced tab. TRANSACTION_READ_UNCOMMITTED . FIX: Sybase Script Index CREATE or Table CREATE (Full): Now supports ign ore_dup_key.0. Fix requires MySQL 5.A constant indicating that dirty reads and non-repeatable reads are prevented. Procedure Editor and Explain Diagram. 0. which the tool runs. ansi_null_dflt_on. n on-repeatable reads and phantom reads are prevented.0. FEATURE: Server Registration (SQL Server): Support for setting quoted_id entifier. FEATURE: Query Results in Query Analyzer & Table Data Editor: Results of numbers and date are now formatted in accordance to the current locale (Regiona l Settings).6+)Constraint Extraction/Scripting: Scripti ng didn't extract foreign key columns because MySQL didn't provide them until 5.A constant indicating that transactions are not s upported. 4.Options Tab: Date&Time combo box: added "dd/MM/yyyy:hh:mm:ss" and "dd/MM/yy:hh:mm:ss" as options. FEATURE: Script Generator: Option tab now has option to "Include blank l ine between statements".0 (requires 5. TRANSACTION_READ_COMMITTED .16: FEATURE: Query Analyzer & Procedure Editor: You may now drag and drop fi les from the Operating System desktop or file manager/ finder into the editors t o be loaded.6 or above.Saves current options. FIX: Print Dialog: Now the ESC and ENTER keys are bound to the Ok and Ca ncel buttons. ansi_warnings in Advanced .10+): Added Support for Triggers in the sch ema browser.0. sorted_data. FIX: MySQL 5. FIX: Informix Scripting: Table CREATE(Full) was extracting the last trig ger in the database. TRANSACTION_REPEATABLE_READ . FEATURE: Import Tool. TRANSACTION_SERIALIZABLE . ignore_dup_row in the index CREATE statement. 4. FIX: MySQL 5.A constant indicating that dirty read s. Export Tool. FIX: Script Generator: Setting plaform option to Windows wouldn't conver t LF in the body of procedures to CR/LF when writing to file.6.0. which will place a blank line between statements in the script generated. ansi_padding.

Informix) Proc E ditor: Added "Execute Procedure" which allows user to execute the procedure curr ently being worked on. FIX: DB2 Script Table CREATE: Constraint definitions sometime included i nfo from other schemas.PKS" and ". Procedure. FIX: Oracle Schema Constraint Browser: Now shows GENERATED and USER DEFI NED constraints. FIX: Query Editor: Multi-Line comments were not completely syntax colore d as quoted strings FIX: Oracle Editor: Added "ELSIF" keyword to syntax coloring. View and Trigger is now copyable able to the clipboard. FIX: PostgreSQL Script Function CREATE/REPLACE: Added support for IMMUTA BLE STABLE VOLATILE .CALLED ON NULL INPUT RETURNS NULL ON NULL INPUT ST RICT .13: FEATURE: Sybase: Added support for jConnect 6. All that is required i s to download and include the jConnect driver in the ADS classpath. including INSERTs of data . 4.6.tab. FIX: Oracle Server Registration (OCI Connections): Added detailed inform ation when JDBC driver doesn't match Oracle Client Libraries.14: FEATURE: Script Generator: Allows user to Script the CREATE and DROP def initions of all/selected objects in a database. FIX: Oracle Table Editor: Extracting Primary Key and Updating table data from a SELECT statement where the table name doesn't use the same case values i n the name is now fixed. 4.2 to JGraph 5.1 FIX: Script Generator: Changed the DROP statements to script in reverse order of the CREATE statements FIX: DB2 Syntax Coloring: Added MERGE and MATCHING to DB2 syntax colorin g keywords. FIX: Oracle Table Editor: Now shows GENERATED and USER DEFINED constrain ts. FEATURE: Procedure Editor Toolbar: Added "Open Script" button to the too lbar to allow a user to load the script for creating or modifying a procedure FEATURE: Upgraded JGraph 3. FEATURE: Oracle: Added ability to Script CREATE. FEATURE: (All Databases) Table Scripting: Added "CREATE (Full)" which wi ll script a Table CREATE for the table. FIX: Oracle: Result columns with nested tables didn't display correctly. PostgreSQL. indexes and triggers FEATURE: (DB2. 4. REPLACE. FEATURE: Server Registration (Sybase): Support for setting quoted_identi fier in Advanced tab. SQL Server. Package Body.0.0. Package. FIX: Text in Properties Dialog for Function.12: FEATURE: Memory Optimizations: Optimized the reclaiming of memory across query executions by the JVM . ALTER and DROP of Array Types.SECURITY INVOKER SECURITY DEFINER FIX: Register Server: Passwords with a space as the last characters had space removed when saved.0. Sybase Anywhere. FEATURE: About Box: Added JDBC Driver tab which displays a list of avail able JDBC drivers in the JVM and the version numbers.0.PKB" to Script Filter defaults in File->Optio ns->[General:General]->Script Filters FIX: DB2 Script "Execute Bind": Sometimes would order parameters in the incorrect order. Rule. constraints. FIX: Text in Preview SQL tab in Visual Editing Forms is now not editable . Table Types.Accessibility in Tools Menu -> Script Generator and Schema Browser Popup Menu Tools -> Script Generator FEATURE: Oracle Schema Browser: Added "Java Classes" folder to list all Java classes available in the schema. Object Types and Clusters CHANGE: Added ".

0.x: Error messages now contain the full d escriptive messages.ODBC) contains browse button to browse the available ODBC data sourc es.Oracle Schema Browser: Popup menu on Folder nodes: Procedures. .11: FEATURE: Proc/Func Editors for SQL Server. Double clic .0. functions.FEATURE: Query Window for DB2 8. FEATURE: Register Server on Windows: (SQL Server . FEATURE: Query Text/History Results: Status bar now contains resultset a nd row count FIX: Query Grid Results: Sorting on a string text column where all the d ata is the same didn't perform very well 4.0. Packages.Schema Browser: Popup menu on Folder nodes: Procedures.Editor displays any compilation errors in a grid list. pac kages and package bodies within a tabbed editor similar to the Query Analzyer .ODBC. Functions. Packages and Package Bo dies . FIX: Generic ODBC: Connecting to Navision database server would not allo w to open a query window.9: FEATURE: Oracle Editor for Procedures. Informix . . Fun ctions. Double clic king on an error will highlight the appropriate line in the editor. FIX: Oracle Script Table CREATE: User defined check constraints with nam es starting with "SYS_C" were not scripted. 4. Package Bodies contains "Create XXX in Editor" to open new edi tor. Function contains "Edit XXX in Editor" to open editor for editing. (PostgreSQL required latest JDBC driver for correct line numbers: http://www. indexes and triggers FIX: Query Results: SQL Server: If a query execution returned an error a nd warnings the warnings were not displayed.Editor displays any compilation errors in a grid list. FEATURE: Query Text/History Results: Status bar now contains "[Truncated by Max Results]" if any of the resultsets are truncated by the maximum results FIX: DB2 Explain Plan: Missing icon for TQUEUE operation. FEATURE: Oracle Table Scripting: Added support for Table and Column comm ents FEATURE: Oracle Table Scripting: Added "CREATE (Full)" which will script a Table CREATE for the table.Editor allows user to create and modify procedures. FIX: Syntax Coloring: Any string aligned with a quoted string not separa ted by a space was colored as a quoted text even if it wasn't in the quotes (eg firstname+'lastname') 4.ODBC . Sybase Anywhere.x: Warning messages now also contain the full descriptive messages.aquafold. P ackage. . DB2.Schema Browser: Popup menu on nodes: Procedure. functions with in a tabbed editor similar to the Query Analzyer . TREE_EXPLAIN_S POOL FIX: Informix Table Check Constraint Scripting: Check constraints with c heck text greater then 33 characters would produce multiple copies FIX: Informix Query Results: TEXT database was retreived as hex values. Postgre SQL and Informix . FIX: Oracle Schema Constraint Browser: User defined check constraints wi th names starting with "SYS_C" were not listed. comments. constraints. Package Body contains "Edit XXX in Editor" to open editor for editing.Oracle Schema Browser: Popup menu on nodes: Procedure. . Generic . Functions contains "Create XXX in Editor" to open new editor.10: FEATURE: Oracle Proc Editor: Added "Execute Procedure" which allows user to execute the procedure currently being worked on.Editor allows user to create and modify procedures. Function.com/download/jdbc-drivers/Postgresql/ ) FEATURE: Query Window for DB2 8.

ADS wil l not allow to edit the table. FIX: Sybase Extract Table: Extracting tables with columns having comments would return multiple columns of the same column having the comments.king on an error will highlight the appropriate line in the editor.Schema Browser: Added Constraints.<table> where schema case-sensitivity doesn't match. FIX: Sybase Schema Browser & Constraint & Index columns Exctraction: Brow sing and Extracting on a different users objects (other then dbo) would not show up.0: Constraints node didn't list cons Oracle 9i/10g Server Registration: Advanced tab. Also includes the SQL statement. which may be enable d with the last button on the applicatin toolbar.Visual Editing Security: Added User Database Privileges: Create Vi ew.procedure. Ability to reconnect if the connection has been lost. driver parameters d Schema Browser (SQL Server) .Sorted Jobs and Operators node . Views. failed or with warnings.Abil ity to enable the clearing of the message results prior to execution FEATURE: Query Analyzer (Sybase): Errors Results now have Msg: X.0. The results column contain the number of resultsets and number o f rows returned in the format X (Y) where X=#resultsets and Y=#rows 4. Execute FIX: Table Data Editor for Oracle: Doing an Execute Edit on a fully quali fied table <schema>. Level: Y. line feed formatting isn't always correct. message and beginning and endin g line numbers. Line: A FIX: FIX: traints.0 Support . Server: ServerName. FEATURE: Text Results: Added to SQL Statement and Error message the scrip t line number location in the script FEATURE: Text Results: Syntax Coloring for error messages and SQL stateme nts FEATURE: Options: Added to File->Options->Results 1)Enable Syntax Colorin g 2)Color for SQL Statements 3)Color for Error message FEATURE: Query Analyzer: Database combo box is now filtered according to Registration Filter.Scripting DDL: Added Scripting CREATE/DROP for Constraints.Visual Editing Schema: Added support to CREATE/DROP Views. FIX: MSSQL Server Schema Browser & Constraint Exctraction: Browsing and E xtracting on a different users objects (other then dbo) would not show up. Views. Procedures and Functions . A double click on an item will highlight the statement in the e ditor.0.. Alter Routine. FIX: Schema Browser for DB2: Columns where not sorted by physicall order. Show View. Procedure: schema. Procedu res and Functions .. 4. Procedures and Functions . Create Routine.6: FEATURE: Visual Explain Tree . Create User. FIX: Query Results: If "Query Stats" are disabled and "Always display rec ord count" is enabled.0. Provides a list all statements executed in a script with an icon representing whether the execution was successfull. Schema Browser for Sybase Any 9. State: Z .7: FEATURE: Query Analyzer: Added "Reconnect" button to the toolbar. FIX: MSSQL Table Exctraction: Extracting on a different users tables (oth er than dbo) would not show up. 4. FEATURE: Results: Added new "Script Details" results.8: FEATURE: MySQL 5.Added to popup menu "Save Column Positions " to allow the customization of the position of the explain node columns FEATURE: Option: Added to File->Options->Results:[Message Results] . FIX: idn't work.

The Explain Diagram now has support for color coding . now SQL displayed only has a top line separator of "---------------" FIX: File Mnemonics: Added _M_ to "Mount Directory" and _U_ to "Unmount D irectory". . Level_2 = Full Table Scans. The pla ns may be moved/removed with the popup menu on the caption of each explain plan FEATURE: Visual Explain Color Coding for Critical Path. including ability to enable/disable coloring in popup menu. Visual Explain WhiteBoard: Right-Click Popup menu on Visual Expl have an extra item "Add to Whiteboard" .0. DB2 and SQL Server 3. Informix): Triggers are now sort ed FIX: MySQL Schema Browser & Scripting: Added support for objects with nam es containing "-" in them. 4..Critical Path: This colors the critical path which is determin ed by the costliest sub-node of each node.0. FEATURE: Options: Added File->Options->Results:[Script Execution:Stop On . FEATURE: Explain Tree Results (Grid Results/Whiteboard): Added color codi ng support.4: FEATURE: FEATURE: edit CLOBs and FEATURE: ain results now Grid Results: Enabled the drag-n-dropping of selected cells. Also.0.5: FEATURE: Grid Results: Popup menu now has "View As Text" to view multi-li ne CLOB/Text values FEATURE: Tools Menu: added "Explain Whiteboard" to allow activation of Wh iteBoard without adding Explain plan. . FIX: Oracle EXECUTE BIND: Executing a Procedure with a REFCURSOR paramete r that was of both IN and OUT value would through exception. Added options to specify background/foreground colors for nod es in Critical Path. FEATURE: Scripting Table Foreign Constraints (DB2. the name "column[colposition]" is now dis played.. . Leve l_1 = Cartesian Joins.3: FEATURE: Save Results: HTML Formatted Results: Hyperlinks are now wrapped with <a href> to create hyperlinks in the HTML document. SQL Server.<name> instead of just <name> FIX: Schema Browser (Sybase. FIX: Grid Results: Columns with no names would not have correctly calcula ted widths. 4. FIX: Enabled "Display SQL" didn't display the SQL in the Messages Results . Added options for default value of Color Critical Path. Table Data Editor: Added a "Edit in Window" command so users may large text fields with multi-line data.4. FIX: Schema Browser (Sybase): Store Procedures are now displayed as <sche ma>. Critical Node and Critical Operations.The whiteboard allows users to compare explain plans. FIX: Oracle EXECUTE BIND: Executing a Procedure with a IN/OUT REFCURSOR w ould not print resultset correctly. FEATURE: Visual Editing for Oracle: Now supports multi-case object names by using Quoted Identifiers. For columns with no names. MSSQL Server): Now sup ports ON DELETE and ON UPDATE clauses. FIX: Explain Diagram: Property-Value table columns are not resized each t ime the user selects a different node in the diagram. Level_3 = Sorts FEATURE: Visual Explain Options: 1. Moved Visual Explain Options from Results tab to new "Visual Explain" tab 2. Node and Operations FIX: Oracle Schema Browser: Procedures & Function nodes under Package and Package Bodies didn't refresh with the "Refresh" command.Critical Node: This colors the top 3 costliest nodes in the en tire path. Criti cal Node and Critical Operation for Oracle.Critical Operation: This colors the costliest operations.

2. dates. 4.4. (Only Windows Authentica tion Option supported on non-Windows platforms (Linux.Advanced tab has driver properties for all database types where a user may specify driver parameters . FEATURE: Visual Explain: Diagram nodes now have more detailed information .aqua fold.2_07 Updated added License directory to include files with licenses for JDBC d rivers from vendors and libraries used by ADS. FEATURE: Visual Explain: Tree table (grid) results now have tooltips for each explain node.0 & 2000/5 . 4. Ability to include the SQL Statements in the results 7.23: FEATURE: MS SQL Server 7.7. Updated JRE to version 1.0. etc) . FIX: MySQL Results for tinyint(1) would return as [Err].0: Package Release: Updated all JDBC drivers to latest versions from vendors. OSX. Enhanced the look and formatting of the HTML document saved 4.Added Option: "Windows Authentication" option to login using Windo ws Authentication with the specified username/password. 3. 4.0. FEATURE: Save Results: Enhanced Save Results to have the following new fe atures: 1. which also makes the toolbar a little smaller.0 with ntlmauth. Ability to save results to an Excel Worksheet 5.Advanced tab has Characterset combo box for Sybase. (Only supported on Windows OS) . The options of the last save results are stored and used for the next save results.Added Windows Authentication . Saving the results to HTML and Excel will use the File->Options-> Results:Grid Results for alternating background colors 8. FIX: Save Results to Excel Format: Data in cell is now stored as correct datatype for numbers. times and boolean values. .1: FIX: Informix Registration Dialog: Driver Properties didn't work. The path of the last saved results is automatically set in the fi le path when activating a save results dialog. Added the ability to save the results of an explain plan 10.2: FEATURE: Aqua Data Studio Look and Feel: Made toolbars to have rollover b uttons.0. After clicking the save button of the Save Results dialog. FEATURE: Options:Text Results: Added in File->Options-Results:Text Result s the ability to enable and disable the display of the SQL statements executed i n the text results (Default is FALSE).Error] which determines whether the execution of a script stops if an error occu rs on a query execute. Added the ability to include the row count in the results 9.24: FEATURE: Register Properties Dialog: Now has an advanced tab.dll (http://www.com/download/jdbc-drivers/jTDS/) .Requires latest jTDS Driver 1. FIX: SQL Server: Scripting Functions.Added Option: "Windows Single Sign-On" option to allow a user to l ogin using Windows Authentication with the currently logged in username/password of the Windows OS. FIX: Save Results to Delimited Data: {tab} and {space} separators were no t saved correctly.Procedures&Triggers: In certain case s Scripting would not work if the name of the proc or function was too long.7. FEATURE: Register Properties Dialog for Sybase Anywhere now has Database field so user may specify the database to connect to. Ability to save results to INSERT statements 6. 3. 3. the di alog is closed and the user is not notified that the data is saved.

FIX: MS SQL Server Registration: Host name for instances now supports "h ostname\instance" in addition to "\\hostname\instance" FIX: MS SQL Server Schema Browser & Query Analyzer db combo box: Now onl y lists the databases which the user has access to. FIX: Postgresql: Drop Function sometimes didn't work.jar) .dll) FIX: MySQL 4. 3. ? .Syntax: .0 .variable .Added commands variable...copy jtds.. Procedure..1/5.2. } ) } { ? = CALL <PROCEDURE_NAME>( ? { . which didn't work in all locales.jar to location (<ADS_INSTALL>\lib\jtds.21: FEATURE: Variable Binding: Query Scripts: Added 3 client side commands t o support execution of stored procedures with variables binded to parameters.{in out inout}>[. value] .1 Schema Browser for Table didn't show columns and indexes.Process Info List didn't show the l ist of processes. Sybase Anywhere 9.print) .println { variable_name 'text value ' }..0. println and executeCallableQuery.7.executeCallableQuery 'parameter_n ame<datatype.7..dll to root ADS directory (<ADS_INSTALL>\ntlmaut h.Syntax: . Format is now set with SET DATEFORMAT FIX: Execute Edit: Didn't work when query contains character "�" (eg Stra�e (st eet)).Syntax: . print. 3. ? .executeCallableQuery .. FIX: Sybase Anywhere 9: Extract Constraints didn't work. DB2 8. Trigger.. . not all resultsets were displayed FIX: Main application title still contained last file openned even after last query window was closed. Postgr esql 8. P ackage and Package Body: Added "Show Errors" button to display errors for source of invalid object FIX: SQL Server: Show Explain Plan: When Show Explain Plan was enabled a nd a multi-result select query was executed. Functions and Parameters to Query Window.copy ntlmauth.]'. depending on wheth er the parameters were extracted in the correct ordering.variable <variable_name> datatype [.. <LINE_BREAK> { CALL <PROCEDURE_NAME>( ? { .println (. This character becomes "SS" when converted to uppercase. n . . } ) } FEATURE: Schema Browser: Script Procedure: Added Script EXECUTE & EXECUT E BIND FIX: SQL Server: Table Editor: Generated date formats with "YMD". FIX: SQL Server 2005 Schema Browser/Constraint Extraction: Didn't list o r extract check constraint... FIX: Sybase Anywhere 9 Schema Browser/Constraint Extration: Didn't list or extract check constraint. MS SQL Server 2005 FIX: Schema Browser Drag-n-Drop: Added ability to drag-n-drop Procedures . FIX: MySQL Schema Browser: 4.. Now only shows files with exten sions defined in File->Options->General FIX: Sybase: Executing Procedure which returns row counts and an error m essage produces a "getUpdateCount" error message instead of the actuall error me .0-Alpha). .20: FEATURE: Oracle Visual Editors for View. MySQL 4. a dded functions and procedures to allow the browsing within the package and to sc ript EXECUTE and EXECUTE BIND TESTING: Tested database version support for Oracle 10g.7. Function. FIX: Scripts Browser: Showed all files. 3.22: FEATURE: Schema Browser for Oracle: To Package and Package Body nodes. (Use Procedure->Script Object->EXECUTE BIND to generate example syntax) .1 (5.

19: FEATURE: Dialog Windows: Converted border of Titled Borders from single black line to Etched Borders for a better look. FIX: Grid Results: Formatting of Grid Results was broken in build 3. FIX: Unclosed single and double quotes in server side comments caused pa rser to disregard statement separators.15 FIX: Import Tool: Informix 7.7. FIX: Query Analyzer: Alt-D hot key only worked for the last query window openned FIX: Query Analyzer: Multi-Panel View . but not save.7.CTRL-E didn't work while in a re sults tab FIX: Grid Results: Sorting for numeric/date data types was broken in bui ld 3.18: FEATURE: Editor: Added Windows shortcut keys for Cut: Shift+Del / Copy: Ctrl+Ins / Paste: Shift+Ins FEATURE: Table Data Editor: Added refresh button to only refresh the dat a. FIX: MS SQL Server & Sybase Anywhere: Extraction of Procedure/Function.7. [In case the Max Results is changed] FEATURE: Table Data Editor: Inserting Date/Time and setting NULL now aff ects all selected cells. Converted q ueries to use ANDing decimal values. FEATURE: Script Browser: Folders and Files are now sorted FIX: Text Results: When 'Display Query Stats' are OFF the Record Count r esults prints extra line feed. not just the current. FIX: Sybase Index Extraction: On HP/Unix: Unique and Clustered flags not retreived. Trimming spaces from procedure lines could cause problems if line doesn't end wi th line feed FIX: Grid Format of NULLs: NULL value formatting was not being displayed in Grid Results. FIX: DB2 Function/Procedure Scripting: Added support for external functi ons/procedures FIX: SQL Server: Introduce Value Stubs: Months in the date were zero bas ed. fixed.3 doesn't support quoted qualified columns FIX: Query Analyzer in MultiTab results: Fixed focus of components as CT RL-TAB cycles through query windows. (was fixed in 3. Changed to one based. FIX: SQL Server: Table Data Editor: UNIQUEIDENTIFIER columns are now edi table.5. The ANDing of Hex values doesn't work on Sybase HP/UNIX.18 3.ssage. FEATURE: Application & Query Toolbars are now 16x16 size.13. FEATURE: Table Data Editor: Added File Menu with Hot-Keys FIX: Table Data Editor & History Toolbars: Changed Toolbar button/icon t o 16x16 instead of 20x20 FIX: Script Index CREATE: Multi-column Index would omit columns after th e first one. FEATURE: History: Selecting text into Query Window now selects all of th e selected statements and not just the current statement FEATURE: History: Added "Save Script" toolbar button which saves all cur rently selected statements into a file.1) . 3.7. reintroduce d in 3. FEATURE: Import/Export Tool: Added "yyyyMMdd" and "yyyyMMddHHmmssZ" date /datetime formats FEATURE: Query Analzyer & Popup menu: Added CTRL-SHIFT-DELETE short-cut for Clear Document.7. FEATURE: Text Results Options: Added "Always display records effected" a s an option which will display "records effected" even if Display Query Stats ar e off. FEATURE: Message & Confirmation Dialogs: Now have Mnemonics enabled for hot key actions.

FIX: Schema Browser: Oracle Packages. the CTRL-/ w ill do a block comment around the selected text. including the option to set the backgroun d and foreground colors of the alternate row.7. "Copy w/ Row Count" and "Copy w/ Headers & RowCount" to allow the coping of the selected text with the headers and a row count column FEATURE: Grid Results: Added option in File->Options->[Results] to speci fy alternating colors in grid results. th e connection will be set by default to the default database assigned to the user . FEATURE: Editor: Auto-Comment: If a text selection is made. FEATURE: SQL Server Query Analyzer: When openning a new query window. FEATURE: Closing Query Windows: Added option in File->Options->[General] to allow the ability to specify if ADS prompts a user to save a modified query window that doesn't have a file associated with it. FEATURE: Query Analyzer: Openning a Query Analyzer window will automatic ally set the current database according to the database selected in the schema b rowser FEATURE: Application: When closing the application the Dialog prompt to Save files will also have "Discard All". FIX: Option "Do Not Prompt to Save For New Scripts": was not working whe n opening and creating new files. This will only be overridden if the user currently has selected a different da tabase in the schema browser. column2) would add a space to the beginning of column string data. instead of a line comment .17: FEATURE: Query Analyzer: Added option in File->Options->[General] to ena ble MultiTab query results where the editor is the first tab and the results com e after. th e connection will be set by default to the default database assigned to the user . FEATURE: CTRL-1 HotKey: Cycles through Query Window Results FEATURE: CTRL-ALT-(RIGHT/LEFT ARROW) Focus back and forth between the Tr ee View and the Query Tab View FEATURE: Grid Results: Popup menu. 3. added "Copy w/ Headers". FEATURE: Query Editor and Text/History/Message Results: Added "Clear Doc ument" option in the popup menu to clear all document text. FEATURE: SQL Server Query Analyzer: When openning a new query window. This will only be overridden if the user currently has selected a different da tabase in the schema browser. FIX: Sybase Indexes: Extracting and Viewing didn't work for non-capitali zed Indexes. FEATURE: Text Results: Added option in File->Options->[Results] to enabl e/disable the displaying of the Warning headers along with the Warnings. FEATURE: Window Menu: Added option to enable the toggling of the current Query Analyzers MultiTab/SplitPane mode. Q ueries are now based on ALL_OBJECTS.FIX: Displaying of Query Stats: Added "Command was executed successfully " into the query stats to be enabled/disabled. Package Bodies and Java Sources. FEATURE: Popup menu on Query Analyzer tab now includes "Close All" and " Close Others" FEATURE: Window Menu: Added option to Hide/Show application toolbar (CTR L-F8) FEATURE: Schema Browser: Added to popup menu "Refresh" . FEATURE: Query Analyzer Window: Added Window Menu with options to Hide/U nhide the Query Toolbar and Query Results. which is displayed when a stateme nt is executed and zero records where modified FIX: Import Tool: Importing files with spaces between comma separated co lumns (eg: column1.F5 to allow a u ser to refresh the node without collapsing/expanding the node FEATURE: Schema Browser: Added to popup menu "Script Object -> SELECT (* )" to Tables to generate a SELECT statement with '*' as the fields instead of th e column names listed.

FIX: Oracle Export Tool: Timestamp columns with precision would cause ex port to not work... datatypes. (Postgresql requires latest JDBC driver. FIX: Import/Export and Save Results Dialog: Added [Default] item for enc oding types. FIX: After closing last query window. FEATURE: Morph to Upper/Lower: The toUpper/toLower now do not change sin gle or double quoted text CHANGE: Introduce Value Stubs: For MS SQL Server and UniqueIdentifier da tatypes. 3. Minimum Pane Size FIX: Default for Instant Substitution in Auto Completion is now false FIX: Auto Completion: Tab key now closes completion window after complet ing if there is only one item in the window. M aximumn Pane Size.Converted option settings to PropertyPanels FEATURE: Syntax Coloring: Supports coloring of System Tables. system tables. FEATURE: Syntax Coloring (File->Options->[Editor]): Added ability to ena ble/disable and set the syntax color for keywords.0 . FIX: Large Resultsets/Out of Memory: ADS now has error checking for runn ing out of memory while quering for very large resultsets FIX: Editor: Find & Replace would replace multiple times according to ho w many times it had been used.14: FEATURE: Postgresql 8.7. Visual Editing and SQL Scripting..7 FIX: Auto-Complete: Bug which caused auto-completion to only show "Pleas e Wait . FIX: Query Stats: Added hot key to enable/disable ALT-SHIFT-R. 3. the value stub is now NEW() instead of ''.Visual Edit User/Role: Added permission option s for tablespaces FEATURE: Option Dialog: Changed the Tabbed View to an Outlook Tabbed Vie w (aka Firefox/Intellij Option Dialog Look) FEATURE: Auto-Reconnect: Implemented Auto-Reconnect for Schema Browser. f unctions.setMaxRow() is not supported by som e JDBC/ODBC drivers (SQLite) which caused ADS to fail on queries. Instant Substitution.FEATURE: To Upper/To Lower: If no selection is made then the command wil l apply toUpper/toLower to the current word based on the caret position. vendor keywords. 3.15: FEATURE: Option Dialog . FIX: Auto-Complete on Synonym columns stopped working after build 3. give focus to Schema/Script Browse r.7. now fixed.. Auto Popup. unique and check constraints. FIX: Generic JDBC/ODBC Connections: . FIX: Postgresql: Script Function or Visual Edit Function incorrectly gen erated parameter type definition for datatype varchar by placing a '()' after th e varchar. Auto Popup Delay. FIX: Sybase: Database Devices: Support for Visual Editing and Scripting of devices larger then 2G. FIX: Schema Tree: Move (Drag/Drop): You may now move servers to the root 'Database Server' node. comments and quoted strings FIX: Execution of empty string when trying to change database on databas es which don't have the concept of databases. which cause problems if the find string was a sub string of the replace string. .16: FEATURE: Auto Completion: Supports customization of auto completion in F ile->Options->[Editor] . and I nformix is not supported by Driver) FIX: Oracle Schema Browser Table Node: Filtered Tables that start with B IN$ for Oracle 10g which are the tables in the Recycle Bin FIX: Oracle Scripting Constraints: Added constraint state to the DDL whi ch was being omitted for primary key. FIX: SQL Server/Sybase: Script Alter and Alter of Procedures/Functions w hich had comment blocks before the CREATE statement would not work." and nothing else.7.7.

7.0: Users. Max retrieval size of BLOBs and Max retrie val lines of CLOBs FEATURE: Added File->Options->[Editor] tab with 3 options: Expand Tabs t o spaces.Dependancies Node: Added query to include Proc edures that are dependant on the table FIX: Query Analyzer: Quering and displaying large BLOBs would lockup ADS .Background of application was beening set t o light gray. Roles. Roles. Object Permissions. Object Permission s. FIX: Oracle Scripting Foreign Keys: Added constraint state to the DDL wh ich was being omitted. FIX: Schema Browser for Oracle/Sybase Anywhere . Display Query Stats. Object Permissions [Column Permis sions not supported by Postgresql] Postgresql 7. scripting the SQL and added to a uto-completion.3: Not Supported FIX: SQL Server schema browser. FIX: Oracle Visual Editor for Users/Roles: System Privilege list is now specific to the database version 8i/9i/10g FIX: Oracle Visual Editor for Users/Roles Object/Column Permissions: Tab les/Views/Columns have the appropriate index/references columns for User/Role an d version type of database FIX: MS SQL Server Visual Editor for Object Permissions: Separated Scala r and Tabular functions for permissions. Object Permissions. FIX: DB2 Schema Browser .4/8.2/7. These settings allow s for automatic Tab/Space conversion in the Editor FEATURE: Syntax Coloring: Added Keywords for security related SQL statem ents FEATURE: Postgresql 8.Tablespaces: Added support for tablespaces: Sc hema Browser. Roles.11: FIX: Mac OSX Look and Feel .7.3. Object Permissions. Roles. 3. Server Roles. Column Permission s Sybase: Logins. FIX: Postgresql: Added support for Implicit Case-Sensitive schema object s 3. Column Permissions Postgresql 7.7. Profiles. column node: Was displaying length of NC HAR and NVARCHAR twice the size. Object Permissions. Object Permissions.Sorting Procedure and F . Column Permissio ns Sybase Anywhere: Users. Object Permissions.0 . Visual Editing and Scripting DDL CHANGE: DB2/Sybase/MS SQL Server Schema Browser . Column Permissions Oracle: Users.13: FEATURE: Added File->Options->[Results] tab with 4 options: Max display size of columns.Dependancies Node: Con verted the Dependant Object Node to the actual object node so the objects have c ontext sensitive menus and object icons CHANGE: Applied refactoring to source to enhance speed of key function c alls and streamline database support infrastructure for new databases and databa se versions. Colu mn Permissions MS SQL Server: Logins. Users. FIX: Index View Properties: Was displaying the datatype of the column in correctly.12: FEATURE: Visual Editing for Security: DB2: Users. Number of Spaces in Tab expand and Size of Tabs. Roles. Column Permissions MySQL: Users. Roles. Roles. Server Roles. FIX: Oracle Schema Browser: Added the "PUBLIC" schema folder in the sche mas. Users. Column Permissions Informix: Users. FIX: Informix Synonyms mapped to objects in different database: Added su pport in displaying them in the schema browser.

STATISTICS. FIX: DB2 Column Check Constraints: Column check constraints created with GENERATED ALWAYS AS (CHECK) were not being scripted. FIX: Generic Schema Browser: Schema Filter wasn't working.Drag-n-Drop: User may now move or copy (CTRL-D own) a server registration from folder to folder by dragging and dropping a serv er registration node.Numeric & Decimal types now su pport Precision and Scale. " prepended) FIX: SQL Server Case Sensitivity: Stored Procedure & Function schema ext raction and visual editing didn't work on SQL Servers with case sensitivity FIX: Informix Queries on System Catalogs now explicitly query on the inf ormix schema (eg informix. 3. FEATURE: Import/Export Tool: Scripting INSERT statements now use the con figured scripting options for identifiers and statement separator FIX: View/Alter Table for DB2: Identity value was displayed incorrectly for columns with a column check constraint. FIX: Look and Feel: Setting a Look and Feel not supported (e.forcelaf=<full class path of Look and Feel>" FIX: Table Editor for Oracle OCI connections: Didn't set the correct dat abase and schema which prevented the creation of a table FIX: Execute Explain (CTRL-Shift-Enter): was treating all comments as cl ient side comments which removed Oracle Hints before execution.7.unction folder.7. MEDIUM . FEATURE: Visual Table Editor for Sybase: Added ability to drop columns FEATURE: Scripting Columns for Sybase: Added ALTER and DROP columns FEATURE: Look and Feel: Added optional command line parameter called ads .9: FIX: CLOB data type: Multi-Line CLOB values were converted to single lin e values in Text Display and Import/Export Tool. FIX: MS SQL Server Query Results: values of tinyint columns where being displayed incorrectly.8: FEATURE: Browsing the Schema & Script browser with the keyboard will aut omatically scroll the pane to the selected entry.7.g.forcelaf which allows users to set their own look and feel with command line op tion of "-Dads. FIX: MySQL & Postgresql: Import/Export Tool and Table Data Editor now es capes backslash to a double backslash when generating string values in INSERT st atements 3. FEATURE: Schema Popup Menu: Now has Tools->Import/Export menu item for c ontext sensitive import/export functionality. (ALT-Down will add i tem with a ". FIX: Script Table CREATE for Postgresql .6: FIX: MS SQL Server Script & ALTER View: Views over 4000 characters were trucated.systables) FIX: Informix Syntax Coloring: Added RESOURCES.7.Drag-n-Drop: User may now drag-n-drop a Table/ View or Column from the schema browser to the Query Window. FIX: Table Editor for Postgresql . 3.Numeric & Decimal types now support P recision and Scale. FIX: Syntax Coloring for Postgresql: Multi-line/Single quoted text is co lored as if it was not single quoted for support of CREATE Procedure syntax colo ring 3. .10: FEATURE: Schema Browser . Windows LaF on Linux) would prevent ADS from starting. HIGH.7: FEATURE: Export Tool: Tool allows user to export data results from query or table into delimited data or INSERT statements. FEATURE: Schema Browser . SUBSTR 3. FEATURE: Import/Export Tool: Scripting INSERT statements now has an opti onal statement separator for the script.7.

3.7. 3." wh ich will prompt the user for a username/password before openning a connection fo r the Query Analyzer. 3. such as "Default" FIX: Import Tool: Negative numbers for numeric columns were being import ed as positive values FIX: Authentication Dialog when making a connection on registered server s without passwords saved. the la st character is truncated.7. CHANGE: Added ALT-D hot key in Query Analyzer window which gives focus t o the Database Combo Box to remove the need to use the mouse to change database.3: FEATURE: OSX Look and Feel: Added the ability to change the application font for the OSX look and feel. Long running auto-completions display popup with "Please wait" until completed.FIX: Visaul Editing Dialogs: Mapped the BACKSPACE ("Delete" on OSX) key to delete columns. CHANGE: Query Analyzer Window: Now contains the name of the connection i n the title. (Feature in new Netbeans Editor v3. 3.7. FIX: Stored Procedure Extraction: If Stored Procedure contained paramete rs with an opening '(' and no space before the procedure name.6) FIX: Double Clicking on the last word in the text doesn't highlight (Fix ed in Netbeans Editor) FIX: Block Syntax Coloring: Block Syntax Coloring was not displaying cor rectly if a '/' was in the block comment. FEATURE: Schema Browser Table Node: Popup Menu now has the option "Table Data Editor (Top 1000)" to easily edit table data without writing SELECT statem ents and execute edit.4: FIX: Create/Alter Table: Combo Boxes in detailed column info were not ed itable. with the ability to cancel. FIX: Oracle w/ Oracle 10g JDBC Drivers were getting the time of a DATE f ield truncated.32 FEATURE: Added ALT-X hotkey to map to Execute FEATURE: Auto-Completion is now threaded. 3. FIX: Import Tool: Files with a blank line at the end of the file display ed a blank line in the sample record grid.1: FIX: Import Tool: The reported number of records imported on the status tab was one higher then actually imported. the comment was truncated CHANGE: Added the APPLICATIONNAME. FIX: PostgreSQL: Resultset returns NULL for CIDR datatypes.2: FEATURE: Integrated the Netbeans Editor v3.7. the '(' was trunc ated. FIX: File->Options[Format] -> DataType formats where limited to the list .7. FIX: Import Tool: If CR/LF not included as part of the last line. Default of Lucida Grande size 11 FEATURE: Schema Popup Menu now has the option "Query Analyzer as .. FIX: Parser: If server side comments for "--" was enabled and disabled f or "//" and a single quoted "/" was in the comments.6 from v3. PROGNAME and HOSTNAME connection para meters to SQL Server and Sybase connection types . FIX: Table Editor [MSSQL Server]: UNIQUEIDENTIFIERS were not being singl e quoted when generating SQL statement FIX: FIX: Block Syntax Coloring: Block Syntax Coloring was not terminati ng on "**/".5: FIX: Import Tool: Import was removing "[" and "]" from strings in certai n cases.. the username was disabled.

jar and xml parserv2. Defaults.1 Schema Browser: Some fix pack versions of 8.jar 3.Script CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION added FEATURE: Scripting refined to support visual editing FIX: Informix schema browser & extraction failed to extract "char(x) not null" datatypes .23: FEATURE: Visual Editing for Sequences. Fixed. FIX: Table Data Editor would hold an open transaction after a "Save Refr esh" until the window was closed. Synonyms/Aliases.22: FEATURE: Visual Editing for Indexes. RedoLogs.5. SQL Scripting and Visual Editing FEATURE: Import Tool: Allows to add a new table while importing using th e column info of the imported file FEATURE: Edit Menu: Added Redo and Select All commands FIX: OSX: Key mappings for Redo.1 return the sc hema with padded spaces.21: FEATURE: Visual Table Editor: Added more error validatation FEATURE: Visual Table Editor: Added autocompletion to the combo boxes. Datafiles.5. FIX: Oracle XMLType: Added support for XMLType. Dump Devices.so process info displays what application is being used.5.25 to 3.5. Control files.5. Visual Table Editor and Table Scripting 3. Functions. FEATURE: Syntax Coloring: Added more keywords support for all databases.24: FEATURE: DB2 Sequence Support: Schema Browser. Database Devices. Stored Procedures. ALTER and DROP table from the popup menu on the schema browser FEATURE: Postgresql: Added System Views and System Functions to separate user and system objects.5. 3. Databases Informix: Databases MySQL: Databases PostgreSQL: Databases FIX: Reading of SQL Scripts in Unicode-16bit didn't work FIX: DB2 Schema Browser: Stored Procedure & Functions are now sorted FIX: MS SQL Server Import Tool: If User didn't have access to any databa se the tool would not work. Packages and Package Bodies FIX: Added "Double Precision" as a datatype for Sybase. Undo and Select All use the Apple Key i nstead of the CTRL key 3. Archive Logs MSSQL Server: Databases. ALTER and DR OP} FEATURE: Scripting Postgresql . Containers Oracle: Tablespaces. Rules and Data Types 3. Requires xdb.20: FEATURE: Visual Table Editing: You may now CREATE. FIX: DB2 8. Backups Sybase: Caches. Triggers. Views .25: FEATURE: Visual Editing for Storage: DB2 8. Rollback Segments. FEATURE: Scripting Table CREATE now supports Default Values FEATURE: Scripting Table Columns are now supported {CREATE.7: CHANGE: Changed Version 3. Visual Table Ed itor and Result Formatting.1: Tablespaces. FIX: Informix: Script Table CREATE: Default Values for CURRENT on DATETI ME/INTERVAL didn't have the extended date fractions FIX: MySQL: Table Extraction now supports PRIMARY KEY constraints for Ta ble Data Editor.5. 3.7 for Packaged Release 3.

FIX: Query Text Results panel would turn grey after Describing a table a nd then executing a query. Korean)". Fixed 3. Also en abled Table Editor support for CLOB datatype on appropriate datatypes. then the executi on plan results were always selected after execution. "GBK . 3. FIX: If only grid resuls and execution plan is enabled.(TIS620. "ISO2022KR . PRC standard)".Schema Browser . Traditional Chinese)". FEATURE: About Dialog: Adding 3 tabs: System.19: FEATURE: DBA SQL Scripting: Scripting on Storage.3+ . Simplified Chinese)".17: FEATURE: Import Tool: Added date format preview on Option Tab and added variety of formats FEATURE: Import Tool: Added combo box of file column names in the Table Column table or the Format Tab FEATURE: Encoding: Added new encoding support for scripts and results "Big5 . Fixed FIX: Table Editor didn't allow modifications of Oracle CLOBs. "ISO2022JP .5" CHANGE: Save Results Dialog: Changed "Double quote values" check box to a combo box to specify "Quote Identifier".5.4+ . Dump Device and Cache browser folders. Auto-Completion/Automation didn't work on certain tables which had columns/indexes removed from them. Values will be quoted and characters .Scripting CREATE of a Trigger Function would fail with new JDBC driver.Moved information_schema. Japanese)".(GBK. FIX: Informix: Scripting Trigger would script the trigger body out of or der.x-12.5.(ISO 2022 KR.5. 0208 and 0212.5. FIX: PostgreSQL 7. 3.5 TDS 5.<tables > to system table folder 3. Japanese)". "EUC_KR . CHANGE: Connection Dialog: Changed the "Sybase 12.Scripting. Thai)". FEATURE: Sybase Schema Browser: Added Storage folder which contains Data base Device. If a column name that ended w ith "FROM" was in the SELECT statement.3+ . grid results and query toolbar.(Shift-JIS. in ISO 2022 form.FIX: Informix queries on datatypes of "datetime hour to second" failed FIX: Informix datatime variations: formatted correctly and allowed to ed it on Table Data Editor 3.TDS 5. CHANGE: Forced the 'Auto On All Schema' settings to OFF on all databases .18: FIX: Fixed CLOB results display support for all database types. FIX: PostgreSQL 7. columns after that would auto-complete. Fonts and Charsets. FIX: Import Tool: Made demlimiter editable so any delimiter can be speci fied.15: FEATURE: Added Data Import Tool in Tools menu. "EUC_JP . Traditional Chine se)".(JISX 0201. "SJIS . Fixed FIX: Query results for Oracle CLOBs didn't display correctly.5. 0208.(JIS X 0201.(Simplified Chinese. Security and Managemen t Objects.(Big5 with Hong Kong extensions. Fixed FIX: Auto-Completion on SELECT statement. EUC encoding Japanese)". "TIS620 .5" title to "Sybase 11.5 . FIX: PostgreSQL 7. Korean)".16: FEATURE: Added 'Window' menu which allows to show and hide the server br owser. "GB18030 . FEATURE: Import Tool: Added time/performance statistics to status tab.(KS C 5601. EUC encoding.(Big5. "Big5_HKSCS .

" statement separators.11: FEATURE: Options -> Added support for enabling whether the schema browse r displays the Server Type on the browser {Production/Test/Debug} Option->General Tab includes a check box to enable this feature. FIX: "Auto on all schemas" . Fixed 3.x-9. Processes. NOTE: This requires the latest jTDS JDBC Driver from http://www. FIX: Informix 7.5. Added 'Aqua Data Studio . which didn't display the objects. FIX: Execute Current was not sending Server Side Comments to the server. fixed.When registering an SQL Server you may specify in the Hostname text the name of the SQL Server and the Instance name in the format \\ServerName\Inst anceName without a port to enable an Instance connection. Constraints.13: FIX: Unclosed single and double quotes in server side comments caused pa rser to disregard statement separators.3. Also.net FIX: Grid Formatting of Nulls .3.com/download or jtds.Fixed Scripting of Tables. Indexes and Contrai nts .x-11. FIX: Visual Explain Tree: Fixed color of tree and made tree expandable a nd collapsable. 3. Look and Feel may be changed in Option->Appearance[Tab] FEATURE: Visual Explain Diagram: On the tree-grid results of a explain p lan you may right-click on the results for a menu that allows the user to bring up a new frame with a diagram representation of the explain plan. Comments on Stored Procedures would be lost by Execute Current on creating a p rocedure.This version of Sybase doesn't support CASE statements in SQL or index_col order() built-in function.4 . FIX: Auto-completion wasn't working when table name or alias ended with line feed.x-9.Formats of grid results are now saved in the same manner as displayed FIX: Sybase 11.12: FEATURE: Added new connection type of "Informix 7. 3) Fixed scripting of stored procedures which didn't work on 7. 3.14: FEATURE: New and Enhanced Look And Feels: Enhanced Default 'Aqua Data St udio' Look and Feel. .5.5. The default value is disabled. Option->General Tab includes a check box to enable this feature.x .Fixed Schema Browser for Indexes. view and indexes FIX: Postgresql: Added REPLACE.ODBC" to suppo rt Informix through an ODBC datasource.XP' Look and Feel.0. aquafold. Fixed. FIX: Sybase 11.x-11. 2) Trimmed whitespaces returned on object names. FEATURE/FIX: Extended "Auto on all Schemas" to include table autocomplet ion.Nulls on the grid were not displaying ac cording the the set format FIX: Saving Results .3: 1) Schema Brower: Removed functions and datatypes whi ch are not supported by 7.4 .0.5. RETURNS and RENAME keywords to syntax hi ghlighting.10: FEATURE: SQL Server Named Instances .in value matching the quote identifier will be escaped. The default value is disabled FEATURE: Options -> Added Optional support for ".Changed default to OFF instead of ON for al l databases. "Auto on all schemas" will autocomplete on all schemas for both tables and columns. and polished scripting of tables.sourceforge.5.x" FIX: Sybase: Script Table was not scripting the "NOT NULL" section of a column correctly. 3.3" connection type to "Informix 7. renamed "Informix Dynamic Server 9. 3.3D' and 'Aqua Data Studio .

5" text in connection dialog to "S ybase ASE 11. FIX: Explain Plan .Data type precision and scale in the schema browser columns and column autocompletion window now are formatted corre ctly according to CREATE TABLE syntax.moved columns Cost. FIX: If there are any errors while processing Explain information.5" FIX: Infrequently the text results panel becomes grayed out and unusable .8: FEATURE: Results Formatting. Option dialog has formatting tab to specif y the formatting of numbers and dates FEATURE: Schema Browser Filters: Filters for Schemas/Databases and Datab ase Objects FIX: Changed "Sybase ASE 12.Fixed retreiving of explain data resultset bug which occured in DB2 8.5.1 Schema Browser .CTRL-Click would not open popup window as right click. New Window a nd Save As to a file.fixed tree display which was not displaying the tree correctly. FIX: MySQL Connections : Added unicode support by passing unicode and UT F-8 parameters to JDBC connection FIX: Table Editor did not work when editing on a SELECT * FROM SCHEMA.3: FEATURE: DB2 8. Fixed by using GUID instead of se ssionid 3. FIX: DB2 Visual Explain . 3.TA BLENAME. mades some changes to hopefully prevent this.1 Registration: Chaned the default port text to 446 instead o f 50000.1 Fix Pack 2 3. FIX: DB2 Explain Plan . Changed so CTRL-Click opens popup and CMD-Click doesn't 3.Added "Containers" node to the tablesp ace node to display containers of a tablespace.9: FIX: Oracle 8. FIX: Visual Explain for Oracle .5.Prioritized columns in order of importance. the e rrors are displayed in the text/message results FIX: OSX . INSERT and DELETE statements FIX: Server Registration: Server Type and Script mount was not being sav .Fixed query that retreived DB2 explain data.5: FIX: Fixed Visual Explain for "MS SQL Server . FIX: Removed Unicode JDBC parameter from MySQL Connections 3. It would contruct the table name incorrectly in the UPDATE.5. but CM D-click would. w hich was causing incorrect visual explain.0.Added a subtree and node cost column. Cardinality and Byt es to beginning FIX: Fixed "Execute Explain" for MS SQL Server which didn't work.3.ODBC" connections which d idn't work. FEATURE: Added support to script objects to Current Window.7: FIX: DB2 Visual Explain .5 . which is the port the JDBC driver attempts to connect to if a port is n ot included. Added "Management" node to top level which contains detailed information on Connection and Lock information. FIX: Explain Plan . DB2 and MS SQL Server FIX: DB2 8.5.6: FIX: Execute Explain now defaults results to the explain plan FIX: Schema Browser Table Columns . 3. FIX: Changed the layout manager of the Multi-Grid query results to have a better look.5.TDS 4.5.5 .6 doesn't support the SYS_CONTEXT() method to get sessio nid.x-12.5. which was causing ADS to fail on results.4: FEATURE: Support for Visual Execution/Explain Plans (with Tree-Grid resu lts) for Oracle.TDS 4. with the cost column including the percentage of the total cost.

FIX: MySQL table editor .. "A connection to this server has failed. The CTRL-C/X/V/Z and Delete keys in the editor work correctly FIX: Query analyzer . 3.28: FEATURE: Scripting .. Cance lling a query while preparing text will cancel immediately. FEATURE: Register Server .5.5: CHANGE: Changed Version 3.[] 6. Comments .Added Scripting for Sequences on sql FEATURE: Scripting .. Describe. Test and Production/Live]. /} in multi state ment DDL and DML scripting 5. Scripting .5.29: FIX: OSX CTRL/Apple Hot Keys . FIX: Server Registration: You may now register a server even if you are not able to connect to the server. FIX: The Table Editor now uses the quoted identifiers and schema when ge nerating SQL for changes. Synonyms/Aliases FEATURE: Added following Option settings: 1. TINYTEXT. FIX: Auto-Completion now supports ansi-join syntax "table1 join table2".Option for identation size on scripting DDL and DML 4.Option for Fully Qualifing object with schema in DDL and DML scripting 7. ADS will prompt the user with the message .Enabled ability to edit columns with t he NTEXT datatypes FIX: Introduce Value Stub values for dates and time are now the current date and time.Now able to define whether a Server is of typ e [Develop.Enabled ability to edit columns with the TEXT. and associated to a specific server. Fixed.2: FEATURE: Register Server . 3. // or /* */ FIX: Saving a file when closing a Query Window would fail. MEDIUMTEXT and LONGTEXT datatypes FIX: MS SQL Server table editor . FIX: Saving a file with Save As or creating a new file.All CTRL hots keys are now mapped to Appl e hot keys.Option for specifying the max # of lines in the text hi story results 2. Scripting . to support trusted connections. which will provide the appropriate icon for the server in the schema browser and query windows. History .1: FEATURE: Added cancel granularity in the prepare text of a query. when appropriate.Option for Statement separator {GO. Do you wish to register anyway?" FIX: Informix connections do not set the username and password on connec tion if they are blank. History .29 to 3. Scripting .Added Scripting for Packages and Oracle FEATURE: Support for Synonyms & Aliases in Informix & Table Editor.Option for specifying the max # of lines in the text me ssage results 3.Ability to mount a scripts folder that can be browsed in the schema browser under the registered server.Option for specifying the Quote Identifier for object s in the DDL and DML scripting "". would not append .0. . Auto-Completion and SQL Automation now supports Oracle and Postgre Package Bodies for DB2 .ed when Registering a new server or server cloned.5 for Release 3. so that scripts can be accessed easier.0. FIX: Auto-Completion now supports Quoted Identifiers 3.double clicking on a word containing underbar char acters doesn't highlight the entire word 3.0.Option for specifying which comments are Client & Serv er Side Comments: --. Scripting .

(Windows Eastern European)" "Cp1251/Windows-1251 . Sybase Anywhere. FIX: Sybase Anywhere .Added Scripting for Databases on Sybase. M S SQL Server and Informix FEATURE: Scripting .If database registered was not sysma ster.. FEATURE: Schema Browser Synonym/Alias Node . then Query window would not open. FIX: The first click on grid results column now sorts the column in asce nding order instead of descending. MODIFY and TO FEATURE: Save Results .0. with 'Windows (CR/LF)' being defa ult on Windows and Unix on all other platforms 3. 3.(Windows Turkish)" . Postgresql and MySQL FEATURE: Informix . "ASCII ..25: FEATURE: Scripting .Added 'System Tables' and 'System Views' node s to the Schema Browser on Sybase Anywhere. it works on the selected text first .0.(Windows Cyrillic)" "Cp1252/Windows-1252 .22 introduced bug which didn't allow the saving of result s ...0.Support for the new TIMESTAMP/TZ/LTZ data type FIX: Execute Edit worked on the entire current statement. Now..Added the name of the corre sponding object to name of the node FEATURE: Data Type Scripting on DB2.24: FEATURE: Sybase Anywhere . FIX: Build 3.. to include all of the following .0. Informix. then user is not prompted to select one FIX: "Message" Results tab did not have the display set to the last appe nded message in the document.Added keywords for Synonym/Alias/Data Type sc ripting FEATURE: Syntax Coloring .(American Standard Code for Information Interchange)" "Cp1250/Windows-1250 .Added a more complete list of keywords for My SQL FIX: Informix Server Registration .Added Scripting for Synonyms/Aliases on DB2.23: FIX: If a script is being modified and another script is double-clicked for open.a default 'SQL' extension if the user didn't specify an extension. FIX: If no Primary Key or Unique Constraint is defined on table being ed ited. there is no prompt to save the current script.Added KEYWORDS to syntax coloring . PostgreSQL FEATURE: Schema Browser Data Type Node .Added the name of the correspon ding base datatype FEATURE: Syntax Coloring . FIXED FEATURE: Added support for Openning and Saving files in different Encodi ng types FEATURE: Added support for new Encoding types for Saving Results and Fil es.x 3. FIX: Sybase Stored Procedure Parameter node didn't show parameters of th e stored procedures.26: FEATURE: Scripting . Now display is always set to the bottom.Added Scripting for User/Group(Roles) for Sybase. Informix.Column and Table names are trimmed for metadata q ueries in auto-completion and schema browser for Sybase ASA 6. and the current statement if nothing is selected 3. Sybase. SQL Server . RENAME..0.(Windows Greek)" "Cp1254/Windows-1254 .0.Added Scripting for Defaults/Rules on Sybase and SQ L Server and Rules on PostgreSQL FEATURE: Oracle 9i .(Windows Latin-1)" "Cp1253/Windows-1253 .27: FEATURE: Scripting . Inform ix and Oracle. 3. SQL Server..Added option to allow user to specify the line-d ivider to be 'Windows (CR/LF)' or 'Unix (LF)'.

(Latin Alphabet No.(Russian)" "UTF-8 .Converted Mnemonic to "A" .0. FEATURE: Scripting . Sybase Anywhere FEATURE: Added Print capabilities from the Query Analyzer. the query window will closed.(Latin Alphabet No.x . Qualified Columns. causing a double prompt to save working data. FIX: Top File Menu (Automate) .0. 3. MySQL. 2)" "ISO 8859-4 . You may enable/disable it on the main toolbar FEATURE: Full support for PostgreSQL 7.2. CREATE and DROP didn't work 3.Table Index Node did not include all index es.20: FEATURE: Added Constraint Node in the Schema Browser (under the table n ode) for Informix. Oracle.3 and above.Script SELECT. You may pri nt SQL Scripts and SQL results with the CTRL-P hot key 3.(8-bit Unicode Transformation Format)" "UTF-16 .Added Scripting for Indexes and Constraints.a text result panel which displays conti nues to append the text results to the previous results FIX: When saving query results. Now the windo w does not close.18: FIX: PostgreSQL 7. FIX: Query Analyzer Popup Windows were being reclosed when closing A DS.New Keywords related to Constraint and In dex Scripting FEATURE: Schema Browser Top Index Node .22: FEATURE: Performance .21: FIX: Printing on OSX failed to print FIX: When closing a query window and prompted to save the file."Execute Parse" hot key changed to Ctrl-Alt-A FIX: Current Result Tab was not saved on requeries when "History Tex t" is the currently viewed tab 3.(Latin Alphabet No.19: FEATURE: Query Analyzer Window .(16-bit Unicode Transformation Format)" 3.0. 1)" "ISO 8859-2 . FIX: Changed Query Timer format in Query Analyzer to hh mm ss FIX: Changed the default max history for SQL history to 5 (from 0) 3. if Save As is selected but then cancelled. 7)" "ISO 8859-15 . FIX: Introduce Columns. .3 and above FIX: Table Editor didn't work on PostgreSQL 7.0.0.(Windows Baltic)" "ISO 8859-1 . 9)" "KOI8-R .(Latin Alphabet No.(Latin/Greek Alphabet)" "ISO 8859-9 . the encoding used is saved as the defau lt encoding for future saves.Memory consumption decreased by ~33% on Queries a nd Speed Increased on Queries.0. Value Stubs on SQL Server an d Postgresql didn't work when operating on a table that wasn't owned by the user logged in.Added columns node to specify t he columns in the index and sorting order FIX: DB2 Schema Browser ."Cp1257/Windows-1257 . PostgreSQL.(Latin Alphabet No. 4)" "ISO 8859-5 .Allows user to open a separate frame w indow for Query Analyzer FEATURE: Text Result History .17: FEATURE: ADS now support DBMS_OUTPUT for Oracle by displaying the outpu t in the text results.Added the name of the correspon ding table to name of the node FEATURE: Schema Broswer Index Node . 5)" "ISO 8859-13 .(Latin/Cyrillic Alphabet)" "ISO 8859-7 .(Latin Alphabet No. includ ing constraints for Table Scripting FEATURE: Syntax Coloring .

This wo uld cause ADS to fail.. now it is enabled 3.13: FIX: DDL Scripting for Microsoft SQL Server Functions and Stored Proced ures. then a UNIQUE constraint is used for setting the primary keys. FIX: DDL Trigger scripting for Microsoft SQL Server didn't retreive ful l source for large triggers.0 didn't work for tables that were not al l uppercase .. CREATE and DROP FEATURE: Sorted the Database/Schema Object Nodes in the schema browser in a consistent manner across databases in priority of important (Tables. FIX: DDL & DML Scripting for Views didn't work for Sybase FIX: DDL & DML Scripting for System Tables on MS SQL Server didn't work . Text results take up less memory and display much faster FIX: When registering a Server. because of MySQL's case sensitivity. FIX: Select All and Copy to clipboard from grid results didn't work ver y well with large resultsets. FIX: Removed Square Icon from first column of the grid results that spe cified the grid was not sorted. 3.FEATURE: Table Editor now supports UNIQUE constraints. FEATURE: Optimized the speed and memory of query execution with text re sults. ADS now prompts the user.0. The server name must be a valid filesystem name.. 3. the status bar now includes a [real] t ime elapsed executin time of the query. FIX: ADS was not cancelling any running queries when exiting.12:.14: FIX: SQL Server and Sybase allow for Databases with Spaces. If there is no Primary Key. Now Fixed.FEATURE: Trigger.. REPLACE. 3. 3. FIX: DDL Trigger scripting for Sybase didn't retreive full source for l arge triggers. Functions . Procedure and Function nodes in Schema Browser now su pport DDL scripting for CREATE. the server name allowed users to specif y special characters...11:.0.0.0. ADS now cancels all running queries before exiting.0. Procedures. FEATURE: View Node in Schema Browser now supports SQL DML and DDL for S ELECT. FIX: Table Editor for MySQL 4. 3.16: FEATURE: When executing a query.0. now ADS supports them. FIX: DDL Procedure & Function scripting for Informix didn't retreive fu ll source for large sources. Views. FIX: Table Editor on SQL Server had editing of the TEXT datatype disabl ed .FIX: Made the top toolbars non-floatable.15: FIX: Option Dialog didn't come up if there was a problem retreiving Fon ts from the OS (specifically on OSX). Indexes.. but ADS did n't support them . CREATE and ALTER didn't work.) FEATURE: Informix Schema Browser: Added Function and Top Level Indexes Folder FEATURE: Postgresql Schema Browser: Added Function and Top Level Indexe s Folder FEATURE: MS SQL Server Schema Browser: Added Top Level Indexes and Trig gers Folder FEATURE: Sybase Schema Browser: Added Top Level Indexes and Triggers Fo lder FEATURE: Sybase Anywhere Schema Browser: Added Top Level Indexes and Tr iggers Folder . ALTER and DROP FEATURE: Schema Browser: Top level Trigger Folder now contains Trigger nodes with the Table name which the trigger is on. Triggers.. Synonyms/Aliases.

FEATURE: Added "Select All" to the popup menu of the Grid Results which selects all the rows in the grid FEATURE: While executing a script or statement. FIXED: If OS Environment doesn't contain USER_HOME variable then ADS wo uld not be able to save any settings and would not run.0.8: .3 . Fixed.FEATURE: Execute Edit / Table Editor .ODBC a nd Generic .5: .FIX: Table Editor on Sybase only allows a save once. now fixed.Now supports PUBLIC Synonyms for Oracle FEATURE: Column Auto-completion now supports PUBLIC Synonyms for Oracle .9: . FIX: Generic-JDBC driver . now fixed 3.0. [Only if you downloaded an early build] FIX: If Table Editor is invoked on a SELECT statement which doesn't sel ect the Primary Key.ODBC. then cleared. INSERT.FEATURE: Table Node in Schema Browser now supports SQL DML and DDL scri pting for SELECT.ODBC.New connection types. then changed again. War ning is now displayed. . if a cell was changed. 3.6: .10:.you may connect to SQL Server using Trusted Connections FIX: In Table Editor. then execption was thrown when trying to save changes. SQL Server 2000 . FIX: Informix 7.0. FIX: Script Parser removed comments within quotes (eg 'LK--%'.The header on the Grid column looked funny. FEATURE: Table Editor/Execute Edit now supports Synonyms.0.Index folder for tables in Schema Broswer did not s how the Indexes.7: . ADS now prompts the user to set the USER_HOME FIXED: OSX . the pars er would remove --%').FIX: Script Table Create on Oracle didn't always put the precision and scale for NUMBER data type FIX: Account for null JDBC Driver MetaData when connecting to a server 3.6 if you tried to close the application it would not close. If you execu te edit on a Synonym it will edit the table the Synonym maps to FEATURE: Auto Describe now supports Synonyms FEATURE: Introduce Columns. Qualified Columns and Value stubs now suppo rt Synonyms FIX: In 3. Table Auto-completion will NOT display PUBLIC Synonyms because there are too many default defin ed PUBLIC Syononyms by Oracle. UPDATE.FEATURE: Table and Column Auto-completion now has support for Synonyms. the data would be set to null 3. FEATURE: SQL History 3. SQL Server 7 . and als o changed icon to a black arrow. ALTER and DROP FEATURE: Auto-Describe now supports Identity info for databases support ing Identity data type.0. FIX: Removed debugging info being printed on console/terminal window 3.Windows Authentication and Trusted Connection support: . and then fails on any other attempts.0. the status bar now show s more detailed status of the status of the execution FEATURE: The initial focus at application startup is now the schema tre e FIXED: "Copy" in the popup menu of the Grid Results only worked when th ere was one grid result. DELETE.0.Schema Browser would not show Tables and Pro cedures if the database didn't support Schemas. CREATE. With these connection types .

When Register a MySQL Server. and Made ADS current database support for MySQL case sensitive. .WORKS Informix .Added Option to change the font of the SQL Editor .1 .Buttons in dialogs now look like OSX buttons for OSX Look and Fe el .sh and datastudio-bundled. the commit and rollback buttons are now di sabled.OSX . If grid is current.Made the default fonts for OSX: Editor: Monaco/10 Text:Monaco/10 Grid:Helvetica/12 which are more readable . .WORKS Sybase .WORKS MS SQL Server 7. FIXED: Fixed some more issues with connecting to Sybase database with Rom an-8 character set. If message tab is the current tab but no mes sages then show text or grid. .Shell scripts.sh .Start 3.4: .Support for Informix 7.doesn't cancel .1: Enabled Execute Edit button to enable the Table Data Editor --.When auto-commit is enabled.OSX .0. Native Support for Sybase Anywhere 8. into: ADS_HOME=`dirname $0` for datastudio.0 Options -------------- .0.0 .OSX .doesn't cancel DB2 8. Now the column name is trimmed.0 --DB Support ------------1. If <USERNAME>.1 . 3. change the line: ADS_HOME=.0 database names are case sensitive.3 by not quering on sysxtdtypes table for schem a extraction .Testing the Query Analyzer cancel button on sample databases.WORKS Sybase Anywhere .Added all SQL92 Keywords to Syntax Coloring for all databases types .2: FIXED: Sybase Table Editor only worked on tables with all UPPERCASES. FEATURE: Opening a Query Analyzer window sets the current he database currently being browsed on the schema tree.3. FIXED: Postgresql TEXT datatype was not editable.Buttons in dialogs are now centered for OSX Look and Feel.TABLENAME .File->Exit (Alt-F4) is now File->Quit (Meta-Q) on OSX . FEATURE: Tabs now have an X button to close an individual to 18 charact 3. then show text or message tab.FIXED: Informix column auto-complete was padding the name ers. Native Support for Informix Dynamic Server 9.Made result pane smarter. the default database is set to 'mysql' i f one is not specified . Oracle 8i/9i .TABLENAM E doesn't exist. but has no results.Fixed SQL Server and Sybase schema resolution.0. then use dbo.OSX .3 2.Display error when unable to change current database.x are not.doesn't cancel DB2 7.WORKS MS SQL Server 2000 . . FIXED: MySQL v 4.0. database to t tab 3.Added Copy command to right-click menu on Grid results.WORKS MySQL . 3.3: . Trying to cancel a query while waiting on the database server to return from an executeQu ery() command.WORKS Postgresql .

Comment Line .. Have the subsequent queries select the tab that was previously selected. Allow multiple file selection with the browse button and to save the previous ly selected directory for Gen-JDBC. Ability to have files with no extension show up in the script browser (curren tly exceptions are thrown) 2.. 2. Added Syntax Coloring for all Built-in Functions with dark green 7.This will insert a list of columns for the tables in the current query 6. Introduce Qualified Columns .. Morph To Upper Case . (this does not store the password on disk or memory) 3.slash comments 11. including native OSX Loo k and Feel 2. 3.1. Option to not save password . this is to be used when connecting to a Sybase Server with Roman 8 Character set with a dr iver param of ?charset=iso_1 SQL Writing Automation -----------------1. Morph To Lower Case . You may sort grid results by clicking the col umn. 4. alternating between ascending. Introduce Columns . 8.This will insert a new SELECT statement and place the cursor to the table postion 2. Ability to specify the default behavior on saving passwords for registered se rvers Register Server ---------------1. Ability to select which fonts to use in the application 2. ( ) removed 5. Uncomment Comment .This will convert the current statement to all lower c ase. Introduce Insert Stmt . 0 for numeric values and NULL for all others. Ability to specify Look and Feel of the application.This will comment out the current line with a // 10..This will open a new Query Analyz er with a new connection using the same settings as the current Query Analyzer . Introduce Value Stubs .This will insert a new INSERT statement and place the cursor to the table postion 3. Introduce Delete Stmt . 7. Right-click Query Analyzer analyzer should open on the server even if a child is selected just like server properties. Comment Statement . '' for CHAR values.This will convert the current statement to upper case 12.This will uncomment the current comment. // or the -.This will insert a list of value stubs for the column s of the tables in the current query. 13. then set the focus to the "Messages" Tab. by removing the /* */. Added Query Analyzer Clone (Ctrl-Shift-Q) . 6. Introduce Update Stmt . So if Grid is selected and a query is executed then the Grid tab is now selected.5 and Sybase Anywhere. Ability to sort table columns.This will comment out the current statement by wrapping w ith /* */ 9.This will insert a list of fully qualified colu mns for the tables in the current query. If the tables are aliased the the tabl e name will be the alias. Introduce Select Stmt . If "Text Results" are disabled and a query is executed which does not return any results. 8.This will insert a new UPDATE statement and place the cursor to the table postion 4. SQL Prediction puts ( ) for set values in an UPDATE Statement .This will insert a new DELETE statement and place the cursor to the table postion 5.Ctrl-Backspace will now delete the current word Query Analyzer -------------1. Delete Word . Added Driver Parameter Option for Sybase 12. descending and no-sort.

setMaxRow() on a Statement before executing an SQL Stateme nt 12.7 : Sybase IQ returns (null) datatype on some queries which causes the ADS Q uery Window to hang. Miscellaneous -------------1.html" for HTML and ". saving res ults and saving files Bugs ------------1. Grid Results . Refresh the servers when openning the Dialog. It seems most driv ers do this because of performance reasons. FOLDERID=2. individual rows by row nu mber and columns by column header 10. Added Row #'s to the rows in the grid 11. ". Oracle . --. Installer & Packaging ---------------------1. Bug: Describe Query when there is no query generates a stack trace 5.9. If you right-click on the schema window it popups up the window but doesn't s elect the node. Fixed . I can't change this :( This is dri ver specific. Bug: Ctrl-Describe has an alignment problem on "smalldatetime" 3.txt" for delimited text.End 3. 2.0 --- 2.xml" for XML files Choose Server -----------------1. Schema Browser -------------1. Added Folder for Triggers to Sybase 4. When selecting a file and there is no extension. fixed.Display management and other folders even if the user doesn't have a ccess to them. NAM E='d' where " the quoted text is not red 4. Bug: The text results page loses text clarity if scrolled horizontally 2. Ability to hide the left browser panel 2. ".You may now launch the OSX installed applicatio n by double clicking on an icon.0. 3. NOTE: Generic-JDBC Connections don't refresh the metadata.Packager and Launcher . Fixed RAW datatype in Oracle were not displayed correctly.You may now select individual cells. Bug: Syntax Editor: UPDATE "update EMPLOYEE set EMPLOYEEID=1. Remember the "last SQL Directory opened" for mounting directories. Bug: Quoted text with N for NVARCHAR (eg: N'My Text') doesn't make the quoted text red. ADS now sets the . Save Results -----------------------------------------------1. Stop Button now works on long running queries on the database server. OSX . an extension will be added a ccording to what data format is currently selected.

1 : Fixed: Generic-JDBC . This will e xecute the statement the cursor is located on. Fixed. Execute (Ctr . 2. TABLE2 join formats in schema queries fo r Sybase so that it would work for Sybase 11. Changed hot-key for "Cancel" to Ctrl-Backspace. Now Fixed.5/jConnect5.9. Added ability to set the Auto-commit to ON or OFF 7.2 : Changed Font of the Grid Table to Courier New. Ability to refresh the autocompletion cached schema in case the user changes the schema structure 11. CTRL-E and F5 both execute the current script 3. Ctrl-D for auto describe now describes all the tables for the current query and shouldn't need the user to highlight the table Menus ----------------1. Button tooltips also display the hot-key for that actions ( e. 2. 2. 4. Ability to do a Find in the text results of a query. Added option to allow user to specify the max number of rows fetched per resu ltset 6. Added "New Server Group" and "Delete Server Group" to server menu Toolbars ---------------- : Mounting a directory with files that didn't have extensions caused a sta ck dump. Added "Execute Current" (Statment) mapped to CTRL-ENTER hot key.0.5 for Sybase 2. 10.6 : Passwords larger then 23 characters failed to encrypt. Mapped F5 key to "Execute". Set focus on the resul ts panel and then hit Ctrl-F and the find dialog will prompt for the text to sea rch the results 12. 2.Auto-Completion . Added ability to 'Commit' and 'Rollback' a transaction from each connection w indow 8.4 : Removed AS keyword from Sybase specific code so that the Sybase connecti ons work with Sybase 11.9. Added "Describe" and "SQL Prediction" to the query menu 2. Added ability to set the "Auto on all Schemas" feature. Fixed. 4. (Ctrl-Pause never worked :)) 5. Added "To Upper" and "To Lower" commands to allow user to quickly convert the highlighted text to upper or lower case.9 does not support this keyword 2.Some generic jdbc drivers did no t auto-complete on columns.0.0.g.3 : Converted LEFT JOINS to TABLE1. so that it displays Chine se Characters. Sybase 11. which allows the abil ity to query for a tables columns across all schemas not just the current one.2. Added ability to set the Autocompletion to ON or OFF 9. Also.0 --Database Support ----------------1.0. fixed minor bug on fieldautocompletion for Sybase.Start 2. such as ODBC-Access.0: --. Added support for JDBC-OCI driver for Oracle Query Analyzer ----------------1. 2. Changed "Run" text to "Execute" text 2. Added support for TDS5.

Solaris and OSX Script Engine ---------------1. Server Properties is editable even a child node of the server is selected. Default Values a. 2. Added filter for Scripts (defined in the options dialog) in the Open Script a nd Save Script file chooser dialog boxes Packaging ----------------------1. AutoCommit. Updated Shell Scripts for Linux. Scripts: Ability to specifing filter for scripts (.sql. 1.End 2. . AutoCompletion.Unable to connect to the Mckoi database . Max Result s 2. Removed Shell Scripts (.Schema precision and scale definition for numer ic types where incorrect. Bug/Feature: Optimized the Encryption/Decryption of passwords to speed up the ex pansion of Server Groups in the schema browser --. Auto on all Schemas.5. Made database server properties editable. Now Fixed. Added the ability to load drivers dynamically by specifying the driver jars a t registration Server Properties ---------------1.7 : Fixed: Generic JDBC connection . 2. Ability to print out binary data in HEX format in SELECT statements Schema Browser ---------------1.sh) from Windows installation 2.0 --- 1. Changed query for Oracle sessions to query on v$session instead of v_$sessio n Generic JDBC ---------------1. Scripts displayed are now configured according to the extesions defined in th e Option Dialog General ----------------------1.5. The AutoCompletion o nly queries on the current database and schema. 2.proc) Script Browser ----------------1.8 : Fixed: Postgres Schema .l-E) ) Options Dialog ----------------1. Added support for AutoCompletion on tables and columns. Added parameter folder for Oracle stored procedures and functions.

1. 4. Now fixed. Now Fixed. 1. because of driver registration implementation.3 : Fixed: Generic JDBC/Interbase .Views. Made registration/connections t o generic drivers more flexible.4 and 6. Feature: 4.Generic JDBC connection for Interbase didn't work. 1.5. 1.2 : Fixed: Postgres 7. Bug fix: Changed all SQL Server Catalog queries to lowercase. Users. Now Fixed.3 . 3. Bug fix: When using AutoCompletion and selecting to complete a column with the ENTER key while typing a TABLE.Version 1. 2. Feature: 2. You many now cancel a query at any time or execute multiple queries from different windows at the same time. Feature: 3. Bug fix: d..3 .1 --1.2 and 8.COLUMN definition. fixe --.5 --Support for DB2 7. If you can't access your database you will need to re-register the server.5.COLUMN definitio n would be replaced only with the COLUMN.3 meta data schema has changed). Feature: jre 1. copied and pasted into Notepad or other text edi tor the linefeeds are lost.Support for displaying Unicode characters. Feature: 5. 1. Bug fix: Encoding of encrypted password was incorrect.4 : Fixed: Postgres 7. In SQL Server configurations with case-sensitivity set to true the catalog queries would fail because the columns in the queries were in caps. Bug fix: SQL Server schema browser showed all columns with nchar and char types with incorrect size. Now Fixed. 1. 3.5. This bug only affects users who are logged into a database as a user who does not own the schema he/she is working on. --. Bug fix: Moved all /bin files to root directory for easier understanding of installation and execution of the application .5. Fixed. Feature: Changed Tar packaging so that shell scripts and java is untarred with +x mod set to true 2.If the text results in the "Text Result" tab of the Query Analyzer is selected.1 Support for Sybase 12. Feature: Added support for asynchronous query execution.5. --.3 .Version 1.6 : Fixed: Query Analyzer . Groups and other folders in schema browser are not displayed (It seems 7.Version 1.Table in schema browser are not displayed.1 : Fixed: SQL Server column auto-completion to query all tables in the current database and not to filter on schema. the TABLE. In this case you could not connect to your server. Now Fixed 1. which cause decrypting of some passwords not to work.5 Support for Postgres Support for Generic JDBC Added support for detecting JRE version to make sure users use above to run Aqua Data Studio A double-click on text in the editor would not select the text.5 : Fixed: Postgres --1.

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