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Good day, Im John Lawrence Kanazawa Jolley.

Currently life on the planet is having a stroke, diagnosed from a humans anatomy point of view, severe blockage of its flow ways so to speak. From lifes point of view humans are dam, pyramid building (with no water collection), ditch digging, drain the well dry, GMO food of the gods, monocultural, sewage pumpers. This is the case. If we do anything well it is container transportation. I have a degree in Environmental Horticulture, University of Florida. I am a gardener, trapper, carpenter, fisherperson, and teacher. Drainage is the most important idea to consider when gardening. I paddled a canoe across North America, and then some. I am the foremost gardener in the world, the point spokesman for life, the PSO, HOle puncher, obstacle remover, or the pencil man. Call me what you want, but I insist upon at least the recognition of the fact. Im actually a specialist, designed specifically to solve the currentless dam problem. The timeliest, most intellegent, aggressive, offensive, desperate character ever created. For a reason. The health of life on the planet is in severe question. The oceans are turning blood red. The timely flow of naturally fertile water to the sea has been stopped by the dams on lifes rivers. Modern agriculture is sending fertilizer laden water down to the sea in late summer and early fall instead of when the snow melts and the rain falls. The fish and other organisms that eat the algae and move this energy up the food chain have been overfished and even if they hadnt they wouldnt be waiting for the unnaturally timed discharges. As a result the Red Tide algae bloom rots absorbing all the oxygen and killing everything alive in the affected area which is getting larger every year. The carbon dioxide from the fossil fuels that we are burning, the largest part from the energy required to control the flow of fluids, is being absorbed by the ocean. This lowers the pH and burns the life in the sea. We are dependent upon the health of the ocean for humans continued existence on this surface. Plus, weve got have a product (the genetic info within the chromosomes) to put in the container to transport. The solution to the problem, the Infinity Project, is an idea that goes the furthest for the longest time. This summer around the world we had some floods. In the past this was good as the flood water deposited its fertile sediment load on the flood plains. Foolishly, we decided to build our cities in some of the most fertile areas, dam the rivers, control the waters flow and grow food in the desert. The sediment load the river once carried is filling up the reservoirs behind the dams. This will reduce the ability of us to control the floods. Eventually the reservoirs and canals supporting the agriculture will be completely filled with sediment, the water will flow over the dams, and theyll fall like dominoes. Of course without diesel fuel our ability to maintain the damned system will collapse. Realistically, it looks like the whole system is likely to collapse before either of these scenarios pans out. The foundation of the development scheme installed over the last several thousand years, certainly the last hundred, is the dams and their associated dikes, weirs, piers, ditches, and levies. This is what imperials life, the most, of all the dumb stuff we do. To do anything to fix the dam problem without solving the particular foundation of the problem amounts to a repair of the faade. Any repair one does to the structure of humans civilization without first fixing the foundation would be wasted effort as the repair would be lost when the foundation is eventually repaired. Any fine tuning, green fix, or basically anything that prolongs the currentless stranglehold on life is worse than having humans exit stage left ASAP. Really, there is absolutely nothing good to do on the surface of this planet except undam it first. Nothing. I call this The Suicide Mud Staircase Cemetery Project / Last Carp Locust Farm. Humans express this currentless dam situation in many ways but the expression 6 one way a half dozen the

other pretty much says it. Damned if you do and damned if you dont, or come hell or high water is another way to look at it (Id take high water if given the choice, which I have). In large part, this is the history of the rise and fall of past civilizations. Humans in the past would usually have an exodus and move to the next valley and start the process over, but now practically all the rivers have been dammed and there is nowhere to run to. This spring in the United States we had some floods. In the pictures shown in the Wall Street Journal we saw President Bush appearing to do nothing (this might have been the best thing to do). Presidential hopeful Senator McCain was seen organizing and directing the National Guard to help stop the rising waters. Considering the situation, I think it would have shown more foresight if he had directed the Guard to assist the people in moving their houses to higher ground. Soon to be President Obama was shown shoveling sand into sandbags. To the average person this might appear to be a get the job done type of action. I looked up the word sandbagger in the dictionary. A sandbagger is a very large powerful force. Apparently, President Obama likes to roll up his sleeves, and get the job done. Son, the sleeves protect your wrists while working, plus theyre an agricultural product which should be treasured and used for its designed purpose, not wasted. As far as trying to get the Dam Dike Job done Obviously, they all should have been putting forth the infinity project idea (its not like I didnt send em all a copy, Crimeania, an old copy of the rules would suffice). Supposedly, Chicago is a word that means smelly onion. The Indians, when asked what they called the place said, Chicago referring to the onion like plant that grew along the river the city now occupies. When I traveled across the United States rivers by canoe I was told Chicago meant frozen locked up water. When viewed from space or when examined on a map one can see that this is what Chicago truly represents as it is the biggest city on what amounts to the greatest amount of locked up fresh water. MOB means Men of Organized Business. The words Chicago Mob refers to the frozen locked up water men of organized business. As our new President Obama moves into the White House he has decided to get a dog. The Wall Street Journal reported that he was considering one of two types, a Labradoodle or a Belgian Water Hound. A Labradoodle is one-half Labrador, a dog with an affinity for water and one-half Poodle a security dog, or another dog which looks like a Labradoodle the Belgian Water Hound. Ober Rivers (the little dike boy meets Jim Joness water control cult of doom) is a German complete control type of idea and its centered in Chicago. Obamas mum is of German descent, as his #2 man, Biden. Im Scotch soled, French underground, Dutch mafia. Currently, President Obama and Vice-President Biden are pushing legislature that will force automakers to produce more efficient cars. The average person would probably think this was a step in the right direction towards reducing fuel consumption and solving global warming. From what Ive seen of humans behavior it seems more likely that they would just drive more and further meaning we would need more roads. Essentially roads are dams, canals, or both that stop the free flow of water. Also humans would likely trade in one of their less efficient cars and buy a new one. In addition to the energy burned to manufacture these new cars, cars are made out of metal which is mined from the ground. This mining would further deteriorate the water quality going downhill. Is this the change that we can believe in? Ive learned in my life that once one is fully committed to a belief one stops thinking. Thinking is better than believing because it allows for learning. Plus, who would want to be fully committed to any idea except a dam free planet? After all, its nice to have options, beside doom, then one can make a choice. Being free to choose is nice. Although we (YOU) have no choice until its at least dam free.

Change that rises up from the bottom can be problematic, there is very powerful forces at the top. Strong powerful leaders need to lead and set a good example for the meek (not to be confused with the silent lambs). In order to remove the dams from the rivers of life and reestablish free flow one must consider an option to the monocultural agriculture machine that these monolithic dams enable. The purest easily accessible source of natural water is that which falls from the sky. It would be super to capture it as it falls off ones roof. Former President Bush captured his with clay tiles that fed into an underground cistern below his ranch house in Texas. It might be nice to have a container just below the drip line. One should probably consider another option to freshy aluminum as it is extracted from bauxite using an energy intensive process powered mostly by hydroelectric turbines in the dams. Bamboo gutters would probably send the best message (perhaps not). The ideal material solution looks like the same stuff as the trash on the side of the dam road. So while we dammed life on the planet for the last several thousand years or walked on water, water being a metaphor for life, we came up with or produced the solution to our water collection, etc... /container problem. Were just witnessing life saving or enabling technology used detrimentally. After undamming the surface, youre ready to plan and plant or proceed hencthforth. Most characters apparently arent able to think their way out of the currentless dammed shitty situation. Fortunately, were not all like this. I would imagine for long term security purposes your White House super already collects water, if not start here as thirst is certain. The most important thing to do is to plant site specific native plants collected from seed (let the birds and squirrels plant some, too). This will ensure that youll have plenty of pollinating insects for your fruit, vegetables, herbs, roots, nuts and funguses. Also, it will provide sustainable timber products to repair your structure. Its good entertainment for children, too. I think now is a great time to plant fruit trees in Washington and cherry trees could be appropriate. Apples might be nice, too. Some fruit trees from seed would send a strong message. Dont forget to plant nuts. Diversity is the spice of life. Vegetables and herbs will have to wait until spring of course and heirlooms are your strongest message sender. Get rid of most the lawn and dont mow it incessantly. The rabbits will have some shelter. Id perhaps have a putting green sized lawn that doubles as a clothes drying picnic spot. After all, if you abort the seeds of the grass before they mature the birds will have nothing to eat and they will starve and then if we have an exodus the righteous/ lefteous ones will not be delivered there flock. A clothes line is a big message sender, it saves lots of energy, and plus the U.V. rays break down bacteria and other harmful stuff. You could even plant future cloth drying bushes and small trees. I think a solar water heater would look good and you might want to reuse former President Jimmy Carters solar cells. Whatever you do dont turn up the heat on the White House as some fellows or entities might take that figuratively. Put on a sweater or two instead, I recommend 6 to 8 layers. The third thing one does to solve the problem after undamming the rivers and superdriplinewatercollect or the #2 problem solution: restroom/bano/sitting room/fertile room remodeling. Make sure its a composting (etcetera), NO FLUSH toilet, with a squirt gun. If one considers this an odoor problem, eat less meat, smoke indoors, myrhh, frankincense, get out of the stinkin city. Without the flush toilet we wont need to dam the rivers to insure toilet water flow or bury the creek in a concrete sewer pipe to insure it keeps going downhill. With a squirt gun one wont need toilet paper or even to touch oneself to achieve a satisfactory, environmentally friendly, hygienic state. If you do anything to the sink, add a soul (foot) valve to easily conserve water while allowing for hands free use. Plus, you wont need to wash your hands with soap or even wash them, and you can drink the water instead. Use the night soil to fertilize food grown as close to your table as possible.

Encourage new construction to focus on water collection, fertile rooms, beehive or fish tank walls, the garden around them. If one wants a new cabinet, for instance try to steer away from any Form My CA. style material and point out for instance that the ant family Formicea includes some that collect plant produce, taste sweet, and could give children (most importantly), an additional protein source. Plus, they make your cereal crunchy. The best way to solve this whole carbon dioxide problem is to first of all quit damming the rivers, digging ditches and pumping water and sewage all over creation and get the food and water close to the domestic structures. Levy a very heavy tax on fossil fuels (remember business 101?) this should reduce demand. Give some of the money back to the fossil fuel burning enterprises so they dont get up in arms (the usual, perhaps in reverse, of course) or they could get smart and instead of being extorted by the politrickons, just raise the price, reduce demand, sell less product, and still make more money. Give out coupons redeemable for locally grown (from water collected with the surfaces) organic fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, and herbs. Think of this idea, instead of having police officers and cops cruising around loaded for bear, get rid of most of the cruisers and guns. Sheriff Andy could still keep a piece in his drawers and rifles and shotguns for hunting. We could still park the SSwat Team somewhere. Well have Barney put a single bullet in his pocket and make it gold with crushed enamel instead of lead. Well use the lead for shields on the spaceship reactors instead. Ya know? Well have the officers, who are wearing hard hats (to protect themselves from the current crumbling faade), carrying bubble gum scrapers and a signal device dispense fruit vegetable and herb coupons and a ticket with a stiff fine to obese persons (perhaps), eating the Devils Food (junk food) and throwing the plastic or any container in the waterway (the dam road). If an officer catches a cooperative citizen (perhaps a child) picking up trash (or potential product) and planting snow peas maybe they give em an ice cream card, pastry coupon, fruit, vegetable and herb certificate and no ticket. Invest some of the new tax money in public transportation. The skys the limit no longer. Once the dams are removed and the fences rolled back well have a change we can think about with a smile on our faces. Oh yeah, and lets at least decriminalize the good lords herbs, end the drug wars, and cripple the prison industrial complex. Weve figured out the farms are bad for life on the oceans, now lets put the pharmoresuetokill industry under the microscope. I think, considering the situation, if I was you President Obama I would turn the lights down low at your house, cut your home security detail in half, surround the garden with bee hives, and get a few German rat terrier-sharpeiakido-pitbull mixes from the pound. Currently, I am in pursuit of the President see?, myself and if elected wont get a dog until I solve the dam problem cause its, typically, illegal to collect water with a super (roof) in town and grow food. If I got a dog in todays world I would be, in effect, demanding that they cut down a few more acres of rain forest to grow GMO soybeans to feed it. The dogs dont enjoy eating the stuff anyway. Still wonderen how this is best accomplished? Have the U.S. Navy (the organization currently outfitted with the proper tools to solve the problem) remove the dams. If its led by a new Chinese carrier command ship who cares? Considering the situation, this is the most environmentally friendly, best, quickest way to expedite the situation. Send those nations caught holding the dam bag a bill for the good work done and refuse to pay this nations bill or multi-trillion dollar debt, until the U.S. Treasury gets payed for our good work. Or call it even, redeal, and save the world at the same time. Give noncooperative dam nations a larger bill than cooperative ones. Enforce a surface wide U.S. Navy Coast Guard led fossil fuel, etcCuban style blockado. The U.N. might be able to

take it from there, who knows, well find out. I often tell people in addition to container transportation were good at setting up systems and canceling them and doing something else. Like when we set up the Pony Express and got all the routes laid out, the stables built, the oats coming in... its working fine. Cancel it, set up the telegraph, cut the trees down, mine the metal, run the wires tappy tap tap, its working great. Cancel it, install the telephone marvelous. Cancel it, set up the celltowers Were naturals at this. Cancel the dam project, proceed with the Infinity Project. If one doesnt like and force this dam free idea, do life a favor and take a long walk on a short pier, see if you can catch a fish before bottom, or I, or one of my associates or crew, will hand ya a pink slip, and Ill cancel your door pass. Perhaps one believes they were for giving or something and theyre grandfathered in or I redesigned or remastered whats inside the door. You cant hide from double J. Now delivering responce as demanded, promised, and told about. John Lawrence Jolley 136 W. Chestnut St. #8 Asheville, NC 28801