COLLEGE OF NURSING Silliman University Dumaguete City

“Mangayo ko usa ka leaf day sa imu notebook. ng ability to cope 2. gi kasuhan ko ato. Verbalizi ng realistic thoughts and situations about self 3. Short term: life changes or nursing/healthcare 1. social. our  Neuman client was able to develop effective ’s Systems Model assumes that each coping behavior as evidenced by: individual experiences Verbaliz different stressors ed ability to cope in life and react to by talking to other each in certain patients or ways. . Naa man gud koy kaso arun matagaan ko og justice. Pwede kamo magpadala sa akong mama og papa?” • Verbaliz ed. One month na gani ko diri pero wala pajud japun sila ka bisita. “That’s why I’d like to write them (pertaining to the client’s family). integrity. patient’s integrity. and Verbaliz social integrity. Verbaliz ed use of  The four cigarette can conservation cause bad for his principles health mentioned in Verbaliz Levine’s ed willingness to Conservation talk to others in Model are the order to share his principles of the thoughts and conservation of feelings or listen energy. work environment. intervention.solving and decision making skills 6. “Magpadala man gud ko ug love letter sa balay.g. Willingn ess to call on • Identify others for developmental level emotional of functioning of the assistance client. Verbalizi management). from time to time providing a when feeling starting point for depress. Verbalizi ng increased insight and judgment 7. personal opinions. This helps student nurses define problem(s).CUES/EVIDENCES Subjective: • Verbaliz ed. Ni • NURSING DIAGNOSIS Ineffective individual coping related to inadequate support system OBJECTIVES INTERVENTIONS RATIONALE EVALUATION At the end of our care. I want to ask from my family twenty thousand pesos to pay to the lawyer. It ed decrease in is vital to negative feelings determine the especially when client’s own level he got to interact of functioning and with other people integrate that in who were willing the care so that to listen to him change will not be and when he’s so difficult to able to participate achieve while at in therapies the same time conducted by maintaining the student nurses. 4. Katong drugs ba. INDEPENDENT the patient will demonstrate effective • Identify coping skills as individual stressors evidenced by: (e. Modify lifestyle as At the end of our nursing care. katong ga marijuana ko” Verbaliz ed. family. Demons trating effective problem. Report decrease in negative feelings Long term: 5.. structural to others’ integrity.

He also wrote a letter for his mother and shared it to us. Pa. What really captured us in his letter was his statement “Ma. Every time we ask him about his future plans. Kindly visit me here if maka time mu”. He always feels lonely every time he’ll think about his family. To cope up from his emptiness and stress. he told us that he’ll masturbate and smoke. and to adjust with his current condition. it became clearly evident that this is one of the priority concern of our client who is suffering from inadequacy of social support system especially from his biological relatives. Not a single family member ever visited him nor get in contact with him as he verbalized. his frequent response is to go to Bicol and help in his father’s business and find a suitable woman to marry as this is what his father wishes him to do. Knowing this fact.NCP ANALYSIS Ineffective individual coping related to inadequate support system Since he’s admission until our last day care to him at the center. this nursing care plan focuses in guiding our client as much as possible in order for him to develop effective coping strategies to deal with his life concerns. gimingaw najud ko ninyo and I really don’t know why I was brought here. to find effective solutions to his current problems. .