Present: Fr. Hennessy, V Watts, J King, N. Gorham, W Ablard, D Richardson, J Smith, M Jones, T Doran, D Thomas, M McDonald, B Pinto, T. Brazier, J Ablard. Apologies: A. Deveney Election of Chair: Nigel Gorham was elected Chair. Quinquennial Reports and Action to be taken: ST. FELIX CHURCH 1. Clear gutters and gullies every year. Quote from small builder with insurance cover required. 2. Replace roof window-lights in sacristy. May just need cleaning. 3. Evidence of damp on third arch on right hand side. Was replastered 3-4 years ago. To be investigated. 4. Need woodworm and dry rot inspection. J King – Sacristy checked 4-5 years ago. To inspect. 5. Consider replacing ancient CH boiler. Boiler in cellar at present. British Gas to install new boiler in Sacristy cupboard at a cost of 3,000 pounds. 6. Church floor in need of repair. Floor mainly in good order except where access to under floor pipe is needed. Epoxy resin may fix. Carpet would be a consideration 7. Restructuring of church entrance. To be considered within next 2 years to make the area more functional – one entry door, re-site fount, create new area for parents/children. Request for structural engineer/architect via newsletter. CHURCH HALL 1. Urgent – Repair defective toilets in male cloakroom. Floor needs updating. Drains need surveying. Thought to be design fault. Try to get plans from SCDC or P. Leaming. Need quote for work. D Richardson (survey/quote) 2. Clear gutters. W Ablard Actioned by

D. Richardson

W Ablard

Fr Hennessy/C O’Brien

D Richardson

Fr. Hennessy

W Ablard

Fr Hennessy

PAC Meeting 2.10.08 -2– 3. Replace some of the double glazing which is showing its age. Not thought to be needed. 4. Floor is showing its age. If ground right back will last 15 years. Doors to hall need fixing to stop scraping floor. To get quote for whole hall. 5. Check fire doors Door seals defective. 6. Redecorate externally in the next five years. No action required at present. 7. Have electrics checked. Emergency lighting defective. Electrical check needed (PAT test). To find contacts. Fr. Hennessy/P McIntee 8. Service HW and CH systems As 7. 9. Deal with problem trees at front of property. Already arranged. Council can do – 6 week waiting list. 10. Paint Cooper Room Was last done by B McDonald and team. Working party to be arranged.

D. Richardson

Fr. Hennessy/P McIntee

PRESBYTERY 1. Urgent problem at right front end; cracking may be indicative of structural movement. Problems here before, thought to be caused by drains. May be covered by Buildings insurance – to check. 2. Corresponding cracking interiorly As 1 3. Future of garage and fence facing road? Garage thought to contain asbestos.

Fr. Hennessy

Fr Hennessy/ C O’Brien

4. Complete double-glazing. Check roof insulation. Roof insulation to be checked and updated.

Fr Hennessy/ L Ablard

PAC Meeting 2.10.08 -3–

5. Prune rear garden trees. Already in operation.

W. Ablard

ST.CECILIA’S 1. Urgent – replace missing and defective room-slates. Already completed. 2. Clear gutters and gullies. 3. Arrange electrical wiring test. 4. Service boiler annually. Done earlier this year. 5. Prune all trees and hedges. Completed. 6. Front railings need repainting. To be arranged next spring. B. Pinto Fr. Hennessy/ P. McIntee

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