To the private woman standing in honor Renee Bates acting as a member and corporal of the Royal Canadian Mounted


Dear Renee: Thankyou for your respectful honest and factual manner that you spoke to me with today December 20th 2010A.D. subsequent to our conversation In November near the 17th of that month 2010A.D wherein I related to you the facts that I am being intimidated unlawfully and without meritable cause to submit myself to false oathed impostors claiming dejure authority when in fact they are without valid oaths in law, operating de facto , and are impostors obtaining power by perjury and violating section 126 and 122 of the criminal code. Since this seems so bizarre are unbelievable I have taken the time to get agreements with those involved in taking this case of fraud before what are called the courts. I will try to be concise and brief in this complaint to you.

I live in fear of false oathed officers violating my sincerely held faith and beliefs in the laws of Jehovah of the King James Bible her Majesty as sworn to uphold with all her power Where a man who has sworn a false oath sits on a bench and claims he has authority over you are entitled to full defence and answer to ensure the man trying to get you to submit the legal fiction all caps name to him is for real in honor and has a valid oath in law. When they, sitting in de facto power, imply they do not have to provide a copy of the property they are in control of. namely their oath of allegiance, they commit a violation of 337 of their criminal code that applies to them. If they commit nuisance 180 CCC at the same time by failing to perform their duty to respect your sincere and diligently noticed faith and beliefs and potentially commit a 423 intimidation if they continue to intimidate you before providing the proof of their competency to practice law they are privately liable for those infractions as they apply to government employee’s . Reading section 32 and 52 of the charter will point that out to you. SCR 1988 R.V. McKibbon demonstrated that in their corporate law everyone is entitled to competent counsel. The conundrum for those with bogus invalid unlawful oaths is they simply cannot be called competent to practice law if they have bogus oaths. I will be posting herein a web address for the video private agreements I have diligently sent to all those named Herein such as the private man Adam Halliday (who replaced Malena Rawluk as crown prosecutor) and of the Asseveration that was filed upon her by minister Jason savoy back in Aril of this year which led to her withdrawal from the case. Adam was also served with the criminal complaint which was also filed into the case via the clerk at the Stony Plain Law Courts under protest of threat duress and intimidation.

Notice and private agreement with Adam Halliday Notice and private Agreement with Frank Oberle Robert Nicholson Alison Redford and Victor Toews Notice and Demand to Heather Klimchuk to deregister my name from the You will find herein evidence of not only unlawful oaths but of a fraud the corporation of CANADA has been formed under with the aid of powerfully connected and corrupt lawyers working for and with the British Monarchy corporate offices in 1901 the date of Queen Victoria’s death. My intent here Renee is to beyond a shadow of a doubt convince you I am correct in my analysis and indeed have been damaged contrary to the law the Queen is sworn to defend and your sworn to be truly allegiant to. It is also to impress my ministry upon you so you can be sure I am not feigning faith to escape true justice. The contrary upon the face of the impressive evidence is the truth. Blessings upon examining the Evidense.and February 18th I and minister Donald Gordon Friske are stopped and obstructed on a civil infraction of displaying an unregistered plate on the 1988 Volvo station Wagon church Property known to the Alberta sherrif as it was released after 10 months of impoundment no charges or fees payable as of proving no jurisdiction exists to proceed against the property of an unregistered Church citing 176 of the criminal code as the hole in law officers may fall into should they ignore the law. Gary Hanna Auctions in Edmonton will coo berate that claim. I was arrested as the arresting officer Bowmeester said he smelled marijuana, then searched me without consent or reasonable cause. I was asked if I understood the Charges but promptly and clearly replied that No I do not! Understand means to stand under and submit. The ecclesiastical Volvo travel unit was towed by reliable Towing out of Stony Plain with all my and Donald Gordon Friske’s possessions in it that Constable Bowmeester had seized in full knowledge of all the valuable contents claiming trusteeship over it then transferring that trust to reliable towing...including 1 Toshiba laptop computor valued at 600 dollars , 1 Vitamin bottle with $150.00 in Loonies and Toonies in it also a stainless steel Thermos with $75.00 in quarters in it as well as A Buck Hunting knife worth $125.00 a Machete worth $50.00 and my Nelson Publishing King James Zipper Bound Bible with private letters from the Queen to me contained within. Also contained my brief case filled with documents and case law my clothing worth about three Hundred dollars My Winter Coat worth about four Hundred dollars and my Buck Utility tool worth about $ 80.00 all of which were

turned over by Constable Bowmeester to the owner of Reliable towing without documenting the value of the money or property being delivered to the towing facility..upon great complaining the towing company returned the laptop but refused to return anything else. The smell of marijuana has been held to not constitute a reasonable cause to conduct a warrantless search. I was Charged along with brother Donald Gordon Friske with trafficking a controlled substance. Minister Friske admitted to being the Steward for God’s gracious gift and had plans to make the anointing oil mentioned of at Exodus 30:-23-26 wherein calumus has been proven to have been mistranslated and indeed Cannabis is the correct ingredient. We upon the decision of that unlawfully sworn JP were then unlawfuly detained as he said the public would be apalled if you were released as it would indicate we are not doing our duty in protecting the people from you. The people would be apalled if they knew how you ignore innocent till proven guilty in the name of turning the poor accused into money for trade on the stock exchange as every case with an all caps name is billed for value. Each courthouse is a trading entity on the Stock exchange..Sample below. We then got transferred to the Edmonton remand torture facility where I and minister Friske were denied our distilled water and raw food for over a week. The Edmonton remand has me as historically proving I drink only distilled water as they almost killed me by refusing to provide it in 2003. While their I spent extra careful time to get my copy of the bill of sale out of property to show the towing company who owns the Volvo. My efforts were frustrated by the incompetent actions of Remand staff in claiming they lost my bill of sale...eventually they admitted they had it and released it too late to prove ownership of the car to get it out of impound....Then we got transferred to the Fort We were both brought before a man name Wilson claiming to be a Justice of the Peace. I claimed the right to inquire as to the validity of his oath and told him it was invalid and did not consent to his false oathed offers. He wished me to say I understood I never did and was as a result unlawfully detained for four months...The Administrative complaint below was sent to all the judges I could get to and was sent twice to ensure receipt. They are in conflict to deny the facts. I was brought before Judge Fuller in stony Plain fgor traffic charges did not understand the proceedings had no hearing and the man Fuller totally discriminated against my faith of not submitting to commercial codes when I am not engaged in commerce..Wes Dunfeild of StonyPlain prosecution can Cooborate that fact as he has withdrawn charges against me before and will be called as a witness to that fact as in March of 2003 he withdeww five moving violations as of my ministry 176 of the code and the provinces laws only applying to copmmercial activity...That was in front of judge Mahar who was stunned I was proven correct.

On August 4th 2010 A.D. a man named Caffaro acting as a provincial court judge intimidated me openly in front of many witnesses to violate my faith and beliefs of not associating myself with a dead in law name formed for a financial purpose without my informed consent and verbally stated he would show me intimidation when I told him I appeared under protest of threat duress and intimidation ...Catherine Fraser, one of my witnesses, was physically assaulted by court bailiffs, by that mans order, when she asked the Question “Why don’t you show him your oath”? and thrown out of the courtroom with no warning, She complained at that detachment but was scoffed at by the attending officer August 18th 2010 A.D I was threatened to appear in Front of a man named Pahl A man named Pahl acting as a provincial Judge also intimidated me to violate my faith by threatening jail if I did not enter his court past the bar and scoffed at me for defending my faith on that date... Then I was in front of the private man Peter Ayotte on October 12th . Peter Ayotte has a history of obstructing my ministry and counselling abuse and detainment for practicing my faith and beliefs of not entering into the body of the Admiralty court. He demanded I appear again for more discriminatory treatment and ritual abuse on the 24th of January 2011. I demanded of the superior Judges that I need to see the oaths of these impostors and indeed Vaughn Myers provincial court judge who I came before on March 18th 2010 A.D. ordered Malena Rawluk, who was prosecutor on the case, to produce her oath as part of disclosure after on the record admitting he recognised me as a man of the cloth. The transcript of that hearing with Vaughn Myers the former prosecutor for St. Albert in 2000 who stayed Charges against me for possession of Cannabis and was in quite the conundrum as of my letter to him of November 2000. ubb=showflat&Number=80710&page=1 Those transcripts of him sitting in conflict of interest and with a false oath have mysteriously disappeared and he is not listed as sitting on the case...Fraud follows fraud!

Adam Halliday is the man who replaced Malena Rawluk as prosecutor for the federal government.
Counsel Public Prosecution Service of Canada Edmonton Regional Office 211 Bank of Montréal Building 10199 - 101st Street

Edmonton, Alberta T5J 3Y4 Canada Telephone : 780-495-5757 Fax : 780-495-6940

Here is a copy below of one criminal complaint sent to all the private men and women judges who should be acting to correct this but then they are in conflict as they all have false oaths...I am afraid of their historical contempt for my Christian faith to not bow to false god’s submit myself to dead in law process or appear in their ungodly forums of commercially vested business and am in need of protection that respects that men can never be forced to submit to the will of another unless he consents to it...These men and women are impostors engaged in commercial crime and deliberate intimidation Obstruction of my ministry and fraud amounting to a real nuisance to myself and others of my Church. Irv Engelhart the Old detachment commander can verify my sincere intent and history with him. He knows I am right and sincere as I asked him once to arrest a Judge but he was between his pension and the truth...He went for his pension and aided the Judge...He told me privately he knew of the Fraud but said the politics of the Force meant if he went honourable he would suffer consequences as of the systems corrupt backdrop...That was in 2001...I had Neil skinner from justice as Dave Hancock’sassistant confirm my accurate reading and it being bogus. David Hancock confirmed he knew it was false but was leaving it the way it is. In 2001 I noticed the court Clerks were being instructed to remove the Authorised version of the King James Bible the root and rule of law mentioned in the preamble to the Charter froms it’s lawful place in the courts replacing it with a commercial copywritten version in violation of the Coronation Oath duty to defend the laws of God with all of her power. A commercial version of the Bible has no standing in her Majesty’s courts. It is an impostor Bible with no letters patent nor Cum Priviligio indica. No official court of her majesty is in session with a false oathed Judge on the bench and a fake Bible beside him! They are running a full blown commercial Fraud!! They are violating the duty of the Monarch to uphold the laws of God with all of her power and they are doing it with force! That’s treasonby usurping her authority under the guise of a false Bible False oath and false motive for doing it...Fraud for easy and consistent business..You simply cannot have a Christian Monarchy that allows it’s officers to intimidate the so called subjects to violate the commands of God....That is the biggest and most obvious fraud I can think of!

.......... Her Heirs and Successors......... Her Heirs and Successors according to law..... do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second. desires to take an oath of allegiance shall have administered and take the oath in the following form.... Alberta >> Statutes and Regulations >> Consolidated Statutes of Alberta >> OATHS OF OFFICE ACT for Alberta CHAPTER O-1 swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her MajestyQueen Elizabeth the Second....this day of....... Queen of Canada........ ( Notice no words saying "according to law") Now on to the oath all of the legislature of Alberta and it's employee's have taken for decades as well as all the lawyers and Judges and police. [SOR/95-152] [>] Locally-Engaged Staff Employment Regulations SOR/95-152 (Public Service Employment Act)SCHEDULE IOATH OF ALLEGIANCE I..... except the Constitution carefully and note the word "shall" is an imperative absolute. 1867 and the Citizenship Act... or in obedience to the directions of any Act or law in force in Canada.. either of his own accord or in compliance with any lawful requirement made of the person....Signature of Employeeat......From the Federal Oath of Allegiance Act that says ............. Canada >> Statutes and Regulations >> Consolidated Regulations of Canada >> Locally-Engaged Staff Employment Regulations....... and no other: I. ..Here’s the false Oath This below is the oath of allegiance from the Public Service employment act folks............. It is federal yet is different from the other one of precedent as it is all about the oath and is the anchoring legislation regarding the oath in Canada.. So help me God........ (1) Every person who....Sworn and subscribed before me...... So help me God....Signature of Person Administering Oath [About CanLII] [Disclaimers] [Advanced search] [Help] [Français] [Terms of use] [Intellectual property] [Privacy policy] [Questions / Comments] Now...

. according to law. . I. So help me God. enacts as follows: Oath of allegiance 1(1) When by a statute of Alberta a person is required to take an oath of allegiance it shall be taken in the following form: (Notice there is no word “Do” and no “Queen of Canada” and the words “According to law are not in the federal enactment”. This altered oath is confirmed by it’s violation of the British North America Act Schedule 5 prescription for the form of the oath. The Governor Generals Act of 1947 wherein sections 10 and 11 delineate the form the oath shall be in and finally the Westminster Confession of faith from 1648 Chapter 22 entitled lawful oaths all being Acts of Parliament that section 126 of the criminal code is written for. In the county of Parkland on the land mass known as Canada.HER MAJESTY. . swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second. . her heirs and successors. . . .D. . 2010 A. . . . Non-Domestic Mail C/O The Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International 10620-112street . Those law3s statutes and thereby their regulations require the duties of the promise to bear true allegiance fulfilled and to ensure the form of the oath is kep in style law and honor as per the Royal style and titles Act that entitles her Majesty with the Style and Title “Defender of the Faith” Haveing sworn allegiants intimidate men and women to violate the commandments of God was not what the legislators or Queen had in mind when drafting that oath and swearing in the Monarch binding her to defend the laws of God with all of her power by Royal oath as prescribed by the Coronation Oath act of 1688. . . . From: minister Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger August 8. . . . by and with the advice and consent of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta. . .

complete. are not misleading. 4 I am a living on the land known as Alberta. or Myself. having been duly sworn. are not hearsay. code non commercial non statutory Asseveration/Affidavit of Criminal complaint Alberta ) ) Parkland County ) Subscribed. depose and say to be true as far as I am capable of knowing and expressing. and further. 5 I am a sovereign living soul. if not rebutted and proven inaccurate. 2. as found in the Edmonton Vital statistics registry of live births as a legal fiction registry of an event recorded as EDWARD JAY ROBIN BELANGER and the . 6 I am not in the military. I have personal. Sworn. a minister of Yahushua/Jesus the Christ. and further. also known as minister Edward-Jay-Robin : house of Belanger. (so-called) 14th Amendment citizen. My. 1 All the Facts stated herein are true. and if testifying. and further. and further. correct. 7 I am not a Canadian citizen or US citizen. I shall so state. executive and documented knowledge of the Facts stated herein. I have standing in God’s law in capacity as God’s minister to act and profess as a watchman as to all the lawful matters herein. or other fictitious entity. and further. but are admissible as evidence. 3. nor defined in all capitals as a nom de gerre and further. Sealed I.

The man acting as the Judge Fuller in Stony Plain The man acting as the federal crown prosecutor for CANADA named Adam Halliday The man acting as the federal minister of Justice for CANADA Robert Nicholson. and further. Minister of Public Safety for Canada in charge of the RCMP Vic Toews. "Therefore. 9 Neither the men or woman listed herein and acting as the judge in Stony Plain on August 4th 2010 named Caffaro. 610-625. 8 Even though I am not a Canadian citizen . The man acting as the. of a Citizen of one of the several states. and Malina Rawluk prosecutor for THE PROVINCE OF ALBERTA Stony Plain nor the Superintendent of Canada Border Protection Services Agency. nor any other government entity. the woman acting as the minister of health for CANADA Leona Aglukkaq with authority over the civil legislation The Controlled Drugs and Substances Act Ultra Vires of the Biblical gift of Genesis 1:29. Reporter’s Rd.of the dead law of corporations. living and ministering on the geographical land mass known as Canada. nor any “person” anywhere is competent in any of My affairs.S. 298 U. the U. It is my belief with witnesses affidavits confirmation the afore mentioned did criminally conspire without authority of law and did intend to intimidate thereby breached their trust as Allegiants of the Christian Defender of the faith to save my faith harmless from reproach. Fox.mention of US case law is per the 11th amendment to the US Constitution and the registry in 1934 of the corporation called CANADA ceded into the US securities registry as a subordinate corporation of the United States and the provisions of Ezekiel 33:6-10 wherein I act as the watchman making no use .Ed. Maryland S.Ct." Wheeling Steel Corp.S. The minister of Justice and Attorney General for THE PROVINCE OF ALBERTA Alison Redford.” Hendrick v. citizens [citizens of the District of Columbia] residing in one of the states of the union. are classified as property and franchises of the federal government as an "individual entity. 773. “A “US Citizen” upon leaving the District of Columbia becomes involved in “interstate commerce”. I am a man born upon. . 1143. The man acting as the Judge Ayotte in Stony Plain. and further. nor any BAR member. I asked the man named Caffaro on August 4th 2010in Stony Plain Alberta at 10:00 AM if he was aware I could not violate my sincerely held faith of not associating . as a “resident” does not have the common-law right to travel. v. (1914) and further.C. and the chief prosecutor for the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA Steven Bilodeau. 56 S. 80 L. 193.

CA BR Government Of The Province Of Alberta Also Traded as Provincial Archives of Alberta 8555 Roper Rd NW. Edmonton. Type Company Name Address BR Government Of The Province Of Alberta 1A Sir Winston Churchill Sq NW Suite A. Sherwood Park. so as to provide clarity to effect clear cause for my complaint. discrimination. CA BR Government of the Province of Alberta Also Traded as Provincial Courts 5210 49 Ave. AB. I have by the herein so included excerpts of letters cases etc. CA BR Government Of The Province Of Alberta Also Traded as Provincial Court 190 Chippewa Rd. AB. CA BR Government Of The Province Of Alberta Also Traded as 4711 44 Ave. CA . CA BR Government Of The Province Of Alberta Also Traded as Provincial Court of Alberta 237 Pembina Ave Fl. AB. do provide so as to provide clarity to effect clear cause for my complaint. CA BR Government Of The Province Of Alberta Also Traded as Provincial Court of Alberta 237 Jasper St W. AB. Camrose. name with a dead entity in law a legal fiction all capital letter version of my name used as a pledge to trade as value on the stock exchange. Hinton. Hinton. My diligent efforts have been rewarded with intimidation. AB. insults. Stony Plain. Listings from Dnb. assault kidnapping and unlawful confinement. AB.

D. of notation at the end of everyplace I was intimidated to put my name in ink. under the following conditions. and that at the time the bill was negotiated to him he had no notice of any defect in the title of the person who negotiated it.D. Section 55 and 57 of the Canadian Bills of Exchange act Holder in Due Course Holder in due course 55. (1) A holder in due course is a holder who has taken a bill.I. complete and regular on the face of it. (a) that he became the holder of it before it was overdue and without notice that it had been previously dishonoured. Saskatchewan Correctional Centre. means under Duress and Intimidation.I. (Please think for a moment…Who has any authority to form my name other than what I dictate?) I did put my name to those fraudulently formed documents with the letters U. U.. namely. if such was the fact. and (b) that he took the bill in good faith and for value. Title defective .Provincial Court BR Government Of The Province Of Alberta Also Traded as Provincial Court Alberta Criminal Div Se Monitor My Business Credit | Product List | D&B Data Quality | Glossary | FAQs | Refund Policy The Crimes of The man acting as judge named Caffaro as is evident by his actions on the 4th of August 2010 wherein it was observed by witnesses undersigned that I as God’s minister attended the Court room 01 in Stony Plain Alberta to fulfill a promise to appear on that date that was obtained on June 21st at Fort Saskatchewan Correctional Centre obtained by intimidating me that if I told the truth on that document and signed that appearance notice with a false version of my name on it under protest of threat duress and intimidation they would not let me out of incarceration at the Ft.

and further.. 10 I as God’s minister am not a bankrupt entity like the debtor criminal corporations UNITED STATES. unless and until he proves that. c. and who is not himself a party to any fraud or illegality affecting it. or under such circumstances as amount to a Act of the Canadian parliament. 11 I have recently converted some silver to land with all of the rights and privileges of the original land patent. value has in good faith been given for the bill by some other holder in due course. 58. 56. Presumption of value 57. (1) Every party whose signature appears on a bill is. or other unlawful means.S. c. s. 57. 12 I am not a beneficiary of your trust as per the definitions of the Canadian Ownership Control and Determination Act . B-5. or illegality. therefore I have absolute ownership in land. or for an illegal consideration. c. one ounce silver maple leaf coins with a face value of five dollars each). R. the burden of proof that he is the holder in due course is on him. deemed to be a holder in due course. has all the rights of that holder in due course as regards the acceptor and all parties to the bill prior to that holder. R. duress or force and fear.S. whether for value or not. in an action on a bill. . B-5. issue or subsequent negotiation of the bill is affected with fraud. the title of a person who negotiates a bill is defective within the meaning of this Act when he obtained the bill. s. or when he negotiates it in breach of faith..S. Right of subsequent holder 56. by fraud.. or the acceptance thereof. in the absence of evidence to the contrary. who derives his title to a bill through a holder in due course. much more than one hundred dollars in lawful money (twenty each. in the absence of evidence to the contrary. duress or force and fear. I have always waived and continue to waive all alleged benefits and DEMAND that My servants honor their oath of office by protecting My unalienable rights. R. and further. and further. and I have in My possession. or CANADA. B-5. deemed to have become a party thereto for value. subsequent to the alleged fraud or illegality. it is admitted or proved that the acceptance. s. A holder. Presumed holder in due course (2) Every holder of a bill is. but if.(2) In particular.

as trustee for all the copyrights of the Church. . being: Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International©. they may not be used. of all it’s members copyrights so listed below. Edmonton Alberta No code non commercial and for anyone who wishes to communicate with Me. as in forever. . revised. has appointed Minister. Maria Jane Carter©. ticket. or machine on this planet earth. My Christian given name is Edward-Jay-Robin: house of Belanger and My proper address is. Terra-Michelle: Belanger. without the written permission of the appointed trustee for the copyright holder. Helen Irene Clark©. The Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International© being the copyright holder. altered in whole or in part. reversed. all take notice. Tyler Christopher Ryan Carter©. abbreviated. Donald Christopher Carter © for copyright holder: Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International © address indicated below. Requests for permission must and shall be made in writing and addressed exactly as herein provided and delivered as registered non commercial mail. Private copyright notice to all private parties acting as private commercial enterprise and all public officials. display or any other formats of communication or formed upon any paper for record or offered for sale or access or as any assumptive inducement as in a bill of exchange of any kind via mails or private/public hand service . C/O 10620-112St #2. incorporated into any computor. by anyone man or woman.or edited. Ellis Goodland©. regarding the religious beliefs of defending the ancient right of name’s and physical place’s. corporation or corporation sole. Cole lionel Tyson cole Carter©.is private and the property of Yahushua/Jesus Christ. Non-Domestic Mail. and beneficiaries of: International copyright protection: The Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International©. spiritual or temporal.publication. edited. having indicated the names as indicated. or corporations sole. to the Church’s appointed trustee: Minister. Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger© Trustee. Amber-Lee-Belanger©. are not to be altered in whole or in part. who herein does formerly declare notify and make known that the names as provided. uppercase capitalized or copied for commercial use. broadcasting system. with a postal address of. court docket.13 My name so all here so noticed can never be confused or under any assumption otherwise. Herbert Radau©. revised.(Copyright Holder) The State Of Awareness©. any mailing program. reversed uppercase capitalized or copied . unless they want to be guilty of mail fraud. conversion and coercion and further become consenting and contractually bound debtors to the Church. government registry. Donald Christopher Carter©. any contractual offer . and or any utilization of any of the Church’s copyrights in any other format not specified. Sherwood-Theodore: Rodrigues©. BrianGary Seaba©. electronic recording.(Local) Donald Christopher Carter©(Trustee) Beneficiaries: Daniel Carter©. theatrical performance. my name shall in respect for my sincerely and deeply held faith and beliefs shall be shown in exact form with no alterations whatsoever as my name is ecclesiastically Copy written as per the |Notice in the 2004 Quesnel Observer.

inclusive of my name. or in any be the guarantor. and further. and Perjury of oath. Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International © 4584 Barkerville Hwy Quesnel BC no code non commercial 1-250-992-9092 14 It is my intent. Full defense of all Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International© copyrights is intended and a statement of claim will served upon any and all offending parties their heirs.detained and forced against his or her faith to comes before the defacto Canadian courts whether provincial and allow the copyright holder to decide the amount of damages also as defined by the copyright holder. assigns. I write to you with intent to make you privately aware of who I am and what I believe. Their power .D. number 00030494AC which is incorporated herein by reference in its entirety. and I am not responsible for anything that the fraudulently created unincorporated corporation BELANGER Robin Jay does. Hello fellow brothers and sisters in the gift of life. in the province of Alberta in its capital city of Edmonton as of this date the deponent herein proclaims and is stated for the courts notice that at this moment he is performing a function of his calling as an officiating minister of God of the Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International. Coercion. Unauthorized Usage of any and all of the Church copyright’s is tacit contractual agreement by any and all offending parties. trustee.or assigns and or beneficiaries as a result of copyright infringement damages shall and will be born by all the offending parties and or their heirs. living in the geographical local of the State of Awareness within my skin.000. No one is offered permission to alter any record. I have ecclesiastically copyrighted and claimed the name(s) Edward-JayRobin: Belanger. a violation 366 of the Canadian Criminal code and being recorded as born on the 29th day of September in the year of our Lord 1952.00 to$1. they are the anointed of the Lord.or an accommodation party for the fictitious entities created by government officials through Fraud. The intent of the character and nature of style of Queens and Kings and the power of their oath is sacred.. and or beneficiaries. and vested of powers by virtue of their office. .00-$25. director of records for vital statistics being recorded in a grammatically incorrect form. It is under threat duress and intimidation by unlawful authority that causes me to offer this notice of the present and future good faith and intent of the man or woman that maybe unlawfully kidnapped. assigns. 15 Because of unlawful and criminal conversion of My name and the names of My family members. I Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger am not associated with BELANGER Robin Jay as an AKA or otherwise.. appointed trustee’s and or. and further. or any derivative(s) thereof and others as found in the Judicial Notice of April 9thst 2001 recorded in the record of the Court of Queen’s Bench.00 (fivethousand to twenty five thousand)Canadian Dollars in Gold maple leaf coin for each private abuse and $25.00 (twenty five thousand to one million )Canadian Dollars in Gold maple leaf coin for each and every corporate commercial abuse.000.Violation penalties range from $5. I offer the allegiant and non allegiant agents of her majesty and the courts inclusive no consent or permission to assume or presume my intent is of a negative purpose as my intent is hereby declared in truth and is of good will as follows and is displayed by such words of intent .a pledge. I as God’s creation and under his law being of sound mind and of an expert capacity in matters such as unlawfully being forced to appear before the de facto court and this man under God as his savior and creator is in truth declared to be known by his fraudulently obtained birth record name in correct English grammatical form and no other than such form as Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger and relating to no other record of the name other than that which is live birth record verifiable via the vital statistics record under the authority of Barry Haugrud in Edmonton. Intimidation. assigns and beneficiaries. Any and all costs incurred by the copyright holder. as per penalties specified and provided forever in perpetuity. as per signature acceptance of this notice . .000.000. Official Trustee for the Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International © : Minister Donald Christopher Carter © C/o The State of Awareness © Cariboo Ecclesia© . their persons are inviolable. 00030494AC Judicial notice of intent April9th2001A. Never to act as surety.000. in any form or fashion without my hand authorized written consent.

solemnity and lasting application of all Oaths. perhaps overturned? No. when he said: "Where is the power on earth to absolve me from the observance of every sentence of that Oath. that alone can keep alive. nor to the people of Canada. he is no longer a legal member of Parliament. or elsewhere I may come before them. but to some powerful foreign commercial masters in the United Nations who demand illicit allegiance with threats of Treaties and International Law. Such disloyal Parliamentarians and judiciary are happy to take us from under the Common Law protection of the Christian Monarchy. particularly the one requiring me to maintain the Protestant Reformed Religion”. are to take note of the prime reasons and my intent as a minister of God in asking the private men and women acting as agents of the crown. and every indignity offered to them. and not on the shifting whims of the people's will . compare a Roman pagan God to the Christian defender of the faith. The court or any agent of her majesty when failing to acknowledge it has an oath of allegiance to the defender of the faith and . Any minister of God when asked if they recognized the supremacy of God would loudly and proudly proclaim yes! . becomes an indignity offered to God Himself. The court in attempting to use the quote “Give unto Caesar that which is Caesars” would by intent. a word or act. . but I cannot break my oath. being lawyers judges justices and masters etc. blasphemic and contemptuous of her majesty’s court. I can quit my palace and live in a cottage.” "I can give up my crown and retire from power. King George III set the standard for the value. I had rather beg my bread from door to door throughout Europe. over three hundred years ago. with intent of proud defense of the royal law that is in every court room in Canada by royal letters patent. in a scoffing and licentious age. if a Parliamentarian violates his sworn Oath. combining in itself in obedience. The Coronation Oath Act of 1688 made it law the Westminster Confession of Faith of 1646. The coronation oath of 1953 established for all men and women of a competent capacity becoming or already members of the Bar. All those that wish to classify themselves as government. As the Queen was given advise and consent by the Lords spiritual and she cannot commit blasphemy in stating mans law is superior to God’s. and salt to purify the heart from its grosser tendencies. the arch type. instead of being abused by official public disdain. has also sworn these Oaths. judiciary and all agents of the crown to their Oaths of true Allegiance. It is that spirit begotten of faith. and by the very allegiants sworn to them. defines it’s meaning in section 22. All receiving this notice. in all of their authority of man’s law may do so. preserving it from all that is mean. Church and state. It becomes a sacrilege to violate their persons. It is this view of Royal rule and style. Our present Queen. than consent to any such measure. dignity and style. reverence. of this province. "Was not my family seated on the Throne for that express purpose. "If I violate that oath I am no longer legal sovereign in this country. and in acting out my faith in God as supreme. . an act of the British Parliament. and love for the majesty of Queens and Kings which was at once a bond of social union. The unwritten rule of the court in separating itself as truly allegiant to the Queen and from God as Supreme is like saying true justice flies with only one wing and it has the self ordained right to sever her majesty in two! The Biblical priest Melchizadek. The preamble and the royal law is the law for the people not of the classification as government or members of the body corporate known as Canada. No. Roman’s 13 is of the fact that Gods judges were ministers of God. selfish and contemptible. We owe it to our Queen and to ourselves and our children and grandchildren to hold our members of broad based upon the Will of God. The Statute for Settling the Coronation Oath was passed by Parliament at the beginning of the reign of William and Mary. Otherwise. I can lay my head on a block and lose my life. the spirit of ancient loyalty to justice. be it in denial of allegiance. demonstrated that true justice imparts both aspects of rule. this again is sac religious. This also being written recorded and accepted as true service by the clerk of parliament and recorded as being the intent of the parliament via the preamble to the Canadian Constitution Acts of 1981 and two and supported by section 32 of that act stating that the charter of rights and freedoms as the supreme law of Canada only applies to the government as defined in section 118 of the criminal code and the interpretation act . sanctioned via a coronation. and put us into slavery under the non-Christian United Nations. like all other British Monarchs over many centuries. an incentive too noble daring. that the Queen is a Christian monarch bound to uphold the laws of God and that all who become allegiant to her are in recognition of the royal law as supreme and of it’s author’s supremacy." In the same way. The Canadian federal and provincial governments law is section 1-60. federal and provincial or members of the Canadian body corporate and debt. their true allegiance is no longer to the Queen . Canada. They are to be spoken of with exulting reverence. is to demand their acknowledgment of their allegiance to the Queen as defender of the faith when asked. and shall I be the first to suffer it to be undermined. My intent is to ensure true justice transpires to be fair and integral as in God’s law.

convened under God. of her majesty Queen Elizabeth the second of England. or officer of the court. acknowledge understanding and receipt of this notice and any rebuttal by affidavit to a failure on my part to establish the truth and primarily my intent before the court! I am not a member entity or person of the body corporate known as Canada. in a display of good faith and understanding of true allegiance . Asking Questions of the court is religiously and lawfully mandatory to establish in official performance of a function of my calling in my faith to ensure that competent Authorised jurisdiction of the court exists. and establish in front of witnesses of good record. whose hallowed halls of justice must maintain to keep the reputation and validity of the of the Canadian courts Authority in check. by the courts answers. Please. to commit further treason by partaking in a conspiracy to overthrow her majesty’s government under God and offering threats of violence enforced with guns to any who ask the questions of the court as to it’s capacity and true authority to convene and establish jurisdiction. I intend no contempt for court as I as a minister hold God as supreme and as I in defense of the faith and belief hold God as supreme and having and holding faith in my spiritual father as God and as the founder of the court I cannot be in contempt. unauthorized by the Queen. I cannot. in form of court of her majesty’s authority. presided over by these gentlemen imposters. and punitive measures.. Contempt is committed by the man or woman acting as the court or an officer of the court in failing to provide in signature or verbal an oath of true allegiance or recognition of God and his law as being Supreme. authority or legitimacy in a matter.offered by the appellants would establish jurisdiction and the court would relieve all parties of confusion caused by the action of perceived treason on the part of the court against the people. Those that choose to flagrantly disregard their oaths of true allegiance vesting authority of the court established under her majesty with God as supreme are the ones in contempt. or lack of them. I am a man under Gods rule and no other. It is in the intent of my declaration and authoritative questions put to the court to make clear to all. Gods royal rule of law is as proclaimed in her majesty’s royal law the King James Bible. When a non allegiant man or woman. posing as a justice. master. and oversee’s the Canadian courts authority.recognition of the supremacy of God relieves itself from sworn duty and reverts itself to a private man or woman with no more judicial authority than the sovereign inheritance of birth. the purpose of the judicial system is to impart justice under the guard and watchful eye in defense of the faith. My intent is to verbally and spiritually convey to the semblance of a court in Canada or abroad. to the Monarch of Canada of Christian heritage. of faith and duty to God. recognize the de facto fiction person of a court attempting to operate without acknowledging their allegiance to the Queen and the recognition of it’s the corporate supreme law. I proclaim this without any reservation or contempt forher Majesty’s court. Unfortunately for those truthful brave souls that confront the appearance of a court with these ultimatum queries. proceeds against you when there is no damaged party . a court bonafide bearing sanctioned jurisdiction sanctioned by her own oath. a knowledge and comprehension of the structure of the courts authority. judge. As it has been witnessed. with force. It is my intent to convey that threatening the people or those who asks such legitimate questions of the courts jurisdiction. power. implemented. Treason is to threaten with violent force in attempting to usurp the royal power using the appearance of the Queens authority when it is not in the possession of the one using the force of violent nature.without your permission. as her majesty’s style. with . It is necessary and sanctioned by my faith and duty as a minister of God to display my intent is. has consistently without reason or explanation refused to acknowledge the courts royal allegiance by their lack of a positive response to the question “Does this court bear an oath of allegiance to her majesty the Queen defender of the faith?” In complication of it’s own error the court further fails to acknowledge and recognize the supremacy of God. that the semblance of her majesty’s courts.Since her majesty is the anointed Christian monarch standing in defense of the faith and her majesty proudly administers such defense being the foundation of the court. guns. that is treason!!! The unauthorized court has declared war upon the people using the Queen as their Champion. The release of a positive answer by the court to the test of integrity . the appearance of court is still in a position of usurped. In an arrogant display and denial of royal true allegiance to defender of the faith and the supremacy of God. as I am a minister of God of declared faith being Christian. clearly does not exist unless it has an understood oath!!!. by way of reply. both justices have tacitly declared they have no allegiance to her majesty and possess no jurisdiction in the matter and all such orders or decisions rendered by them are void ab initio. that established. to preserve the judicial good name of God and the continued convention of his integrity.

19 According to the law. and further.000.00) if violated for the purpose of profit/gain. In receiving no reply in acknowledgment of jurisdiction I then correctly assumed the court had no jurisdiction. payable only in lawful money. minimum.D. with being a guest of her majesty in jail is wrong. is in God as supreme Minister of God Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger 16 Any violation of My ecclesiastical copyright(s). and personally. or making a legal determination for Me.000.R.000. or c) ten million dollars ($10.000. 18 Any violation as described in paragraph 16 above.00) if violated for the purpose of profit or gain more than three (3) times within a year. for each and every violation.000.. CITY OF QUEBEC. 299 . or one million dollars ($1. there is no such thing as a drivers license required to execute duties as proclaimed in 176 of the criminal code. which I in defense of the faith and the people I stand for declined to accept in front of witnesses who have filed affidavits of testimony and witness to this action of treason.M. I thank you for your sincerity in acknowledging and recognizing my faith. severally.contempt of court for asking those questions as I . Supreme Court of Canada SAUMUR v.00). jointly. representing Me. [1953] 2 S. constitutes an agreement that I shall seek relief from all of the private men and women acting as corporate officers and directors as well as any parent corporation(s). as an ecclesiastic officially performing his functions of calling is not bound by civil law unless registered and submitted into the commercial registry with knowledge of the effect of such registry. the deponent was. or communicating with Me in any manner not "under penalty of perjury" would constitute an agreement to the fee of. a) b) Twenty Five thousand dollars ($ response to asking the questions of allegiance and recognition of the Supreme law . at 9:35A. was a private party attempting to contract with me. Justice McClung committed this observed act of treason upon myself in court room 515 April 4th 2001 A. and its officers and directors.C. and further. 17 I am the ecclesiastically authorized holder of the name Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger in its entirety. and further.

a true copy of which was attached to the .W.W. However. Keith Brooks v. 2d 360 We have held that there is no such license as a driver’s license known to our law.W. Crim. 546. 149 Tex. 20 Because there is no such thing as a drivers license. Crim. 274 S. 194 S. I will not have one in the event it is requested by any corporate commercial hired police. State. as there is no such license as a driver’s license known to the law. Campbell v. Claude D. I renounced their lowlife scumbag US citizen by Registered Mail RA 351 949 910 US which is attached to the Non-Negotiable Notice and Demand Corporate Commercial Agents which is recorded with the PINAL COUNTY RECORDER at FEE NUMBER 2010-034479. which is now public policy.W.2d 401 An information charging the driving of a motor vehicle upon a public highway without a driver’s license charges no offense. Crim. a) an Ecclesiastic proof of existence card.Date: 1953-10-06 Added to the fact the provincial registries also have intimidated me to renounce my religious beliefs and refuse to grant me a license in my correctly formed name Thereby causing me much discomfort and distress as I travel in my ecclesiastic capacity and have been accosted and deprived of Church property as of the officers not knowing or respecting 176 of the criminal code and not knowing the difference between commercial and ecclesiastic activity thereby failing their duty to know the law. I do have. 333. 627. 160 Tex. Crim. it follows that the information.2d 317 There being no such license as a “driver’s” license known to the law. Lee Hassell v. This court has held that there is no such license known to Texas Law as a “driver’s license. W. 320 S. 21 Because corporate commercial hired thugs insisted on falsely accusing Me of being a lowlife scumbag US citizen/slave. The State. State. 167 Tex. charges no offense.” Frank John Callas v. State 158 Tex..2d 400 and further. 375. in charging the driving of a motor vehicle upon a highway without such a license. 258 S.

" United States v Otherson. 442 US653 667. all of which is incorporated herein by reference in its entirety.C.Ct. partnerships. 99 S Ct 2529 (1979) (quoting United States v Cooper Corp. Chapter 1 – Rules of Construction. 604. 94 U.. 23 Because I am not involved in commerce in any way. U. 24 L. 91 L Ed 884. c) the words "person" and "whoever" include corporations. 2d 45. I do not have a Motor Vehicle. 11 Am.S.. "The term "Motor Vehicle" means every description of carriage or other contrivance propelled or drawn by mechanical power and used for commercial purposes on the .S. companies. Rep. Supp. v. Title 18 USC § 31 says. 192 b) and further..foreigners.” Church of Scientology v U. the term 'person' does not include the sovereign. 535. a) " 'in common usage. 22 I am not a person. 315. because a "person" is: James 2:1-9 a sinner! and further.. 105 L. or regulations are concerned. Fox. and joint stock companies. as far as any codes. 312 US 600. [and] statutes employing the [word] are normally construed to exclude it. and further.. 67 S Ct 677 (1947)" Will v Michigan State Police. societies.Title 1 U. 85 L Ed 1071. 480 F. Ed. See also United States v Mine Workers. 275. Department of Justice. 61 L Ed 2d 153. 612 F2d 417 (1979) at pg 418 ”.S. 2304 “a sovereign is not a person in a legal sense” In re Fox.S.NOTICES that were served on Vic Toews. Y. 491 US 58. 61 S Ct 742 (1941). and Gerry Selk. not citizens.. 1369 (1979) at pg 1373. Section 1 and a sovereign is not a "person" in a legal sense and as far as a statute is concerned. associations. 330 US 258. 751. firms. 52 N. 109 S. Ed.' Wilson v Omaha Tribe. a) b) “a variety of entities other than human beings. rules..

within any document created by Me. does not apply to Me. it is subject to all United States Codes. or property or cargo. and if anyone attempts to impose law merchant so-called contracts upon Me. and giving aid and comfort to the enemy in a time of war. and further. Canada and the Magna Carta. Sedition to the Constitution. Rules. and Regulations. rules. that it also I am not a "person" as found in any corporate commercial codes. and an Man living on the land of Canada in Alberta. law merchant. and further. there is no authority whatsoever. they will be engaging in Perjury of Oath. a/k/a private international law. 24 None of the Canadian codes. and therefore. therefore. fee. which is the prosecutable form of Treason as found in the constitutions for the united States of America. 27 The use of any statutes. passengers and property. charge or other consideration.highways in the transportation of passengers. and incorporated herein by reference in its entirety. . and further. regulations. or regulations are positive law. 26 Because I am a minister and bondservant of Yahushua/Jesus a living soul. or directly or indirectly in connection with any business. The term "used for commercial purposes" means the carriage of persons or property for any fare. 25 Because CANADA is a municipal corporation domicilied in the District of Columbia. codes. and regulations. as found in the US SEC webpage which is attached hereto. is only to officially perform my functions of my ministry and calling in giving warning and notice that which is applicable to government . to impose anything in any of them on Me. but they do recognize US Codes. at any time. the republic of Texas. or other undertaking intended for profit. or court citations. rate. a/k/a martial law. rules. Rules and Regulations." and further. who is currently travelling on the land of Alberta. rules. and a holder of the office of "minister".

I have not been referred to. at p. L010409 British Columbia Supreme Court Vancouver. Azevedo suggests. the king's Bench acquired jurisdiction in actions for debt by "surmising" or "feigning" that the defendant had been arrested for a trespass which he had never committed and then allowing the plaintiff to proceed against him for debt. and create a legal fiction with respect to Mr. petitioner. to mean that I have conferred. [para10] As defined by the Oxford Canadian Dictionary a "legal fiction" is "an assertion accepted as true (though probably fictitious) to achieve a useful purpose. groups the fictions used into three classes: (1) fictions used to increase the jurisdiction of Courts. Azevedo submits that the Court has jurisdiction to make the declaration and order sought by Mr. This case in case in Canadian Law seems to prove the point Philip staufen BCSC Indexed as: Staufen v. Thus. What is sought here would . submitted to. 28 A Canadian Citizen doesn't exist.officials. and have not in my own research found. Staufen was born in Vancouver or. British Columbia Scarth J.C. provides two examples in order to illustrate how the former practice and jurisdiction of the courts rested largely on fictions.(In Chambers) Short case! [para8] Mr. the law is riddled with legal fictions.). Jowitt's Dictionary of English Law (2nd ed. it is said. In An Historical Introduction to English Law and Its Institutions (3rd ed. or entered into any jurisdiction alluded to. Ezekiel 33:6-10 and is not intended.J. and further. In the second example the Court of Exchequer acquired jurisdiction by permitting the plaintiff in certain actions to plead that he was a debtor to the king and that by reason of the cause of action pleaded he had become less able to pay his wholly fictitious debt to the king. No. and The Attorney General of British Columbia. and there is no such thing. esp. not shall it be construed. for that matter. [para9] Whilst there is no evidence before the Court that Mr. The Court may do so here. at p. 787. 302. an instance where a fiction has been used by a court to invent the facts necessary to decide the very issue before it. Judges are frequently told by appellate courts not to speculate on the evidence. [para11] Although fictions have been used extensively over the centuries to expand the jurisdiction of the courts and the nature of the relief they can grant. (2) fictions designed to avoid cumbersome and archaic forms of action. (c) fictions having a false assumption of fact in order to extend the remedy the Court could grant. 1109 2001 BCSC 779 Vancouver Registry No. the learned author. Staufen's name and place and date of birth. in legal matters". where he was born. Mr. Staufen as parens patriae or by virtue of its inherent jurisdiction. British Columbia (Attorney General) Between Philip Staufen. respondent [2001] B.) by Harold Potter.

. as authority for the proposition that inasmuch as the subject owes true and faithful obedience to his Sovereign. although technically and abstractly there is no such thing. A citizen of any one of the States of the Union.Robillard Sovereign human . that a US citizen is a 15 USC § 44 unincorporated corporation and that the entity GLENN WINNINGHAM FEARN is a 15 USC § 44 unincorporated corporation which doesn't exist and that is consistent with what the California Supreme Court said. Business Address Canadian Embassy 1746 Massachusetts Ave. Rep. All registrants into the corporate registries of CANADA are pledging their energies and so act as sureties and do consent unaware to be beneficially owned as per The Canadian Ownership Control and Determination Act and regulations schedules as amended and rewritten from the foreign investment act of 1933 to allow for a determination of ownership per Jubilee as cooborated by Cameron McEwan . and called a citizen of the United States. The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is ruled by CORPUS JURIS SECUNDUM or SECOND LAW OF THE LAND. Fax: 613-9989071 From Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger Tel/Fax: 780-9673915 To L. Azevedo refers to Calvin's Case (1688) 7 Co. Washington.. in case # 07-5674 with the US Supreme Court. Rep.require the Court to do more than speculate. 300 and further. [para12] Mr.senior analyst for the treasury board of Canada in the spring of 2004 in response to a Coronation Jubilee Letter I sent to Queen Elizabeth on September 29th 2002 and to the treasury Board Secretariat in the year 2000 To :Treasury Board Secretariat President L.. former US SOLICITOR GENERAL. PAUL CLEMENTS." Ex Parte Frank Knowles. Dear Ms. CANADA goes by CROWN LAW which is the LAW of the CROWN OF ENGLAND. Robillard . This is Canada’s Corporate registered number.. is held to be. Both in what is called CANADA and the UNITED STATES. 1. 77 E. 0000230098 CANADA DC SIC: 8880 American Depositary Receipt. 377. 5 Cal. admitted. might be correctly said that there is no such thing as a citizen of the United States.Robillard . ". so too "the Sovereign is to govern and protect his subjects". CANADA is a DEFACTO GOVERNMENT or CORPORATION and is registered with the US Securities Exchange Commission under the requirements of the securities Act of 1934 as a subsidiary of the UNITED STATES as a business trading on the stock markets of the world as such. NW. DC 20036...

Regulatory Policy as approved on November 9. other governments and interested individuals. It replaces the 1992 version of this policy and Appendix R to the Treasury Board Contracting Policy. To: Her royal majesty Elizabeth the Second. professional organizations. the federal government is committed to working in partnership with industry. I would like to understand my full association with the government as a partner by understanding if that partnership started with the registration of my birth. Ensuring that the public's money is spent wisely is also in the public interest. and focus resources where they can do the most good. Application This policy applies to federal regulatory authorities. Alberta [T0E1V0] CC: Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II Via her Excellency Adrianne Clarkson Governor General of Canada Golden Jubilee Coronation Petition September 29th 2002 A. the quality of the environment. The government will weigh the benefits of alternatives to regulation. Is my [Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger] Birth registration # 021593 registered in the province of Alberta in the year 1952 subsequent under Certificate#168166 issued the 23rd day of oct 1952 part of the Canadian governments accumulated record database of security items and vital documents? 1. and of alternative regulations. Is that registration listed as a bonded security? 2. Will I I would appreciate a reply as soon as the partnership and commitment would dictate as I have some very important decisions to make regarding the registration. Defender of the Faith. Please reply in writing and signification via fax and send original via mail. Policy statement Canadians view health. 1995. against their cost. Is there a stated value of that security available through Ralph Goodale? 3. Is the title to my skill and energy inherent in the ownership of that document as a security? 4.D. interest groups. Head of the Commonwealth. Via her private secretary Sir Robin Janvrin C/o Buckingham Palace London England .I am very interested in the treasury board secretariats regulation regarding the partnership that is an imperative and the commitment the government has to that imperative. and economic and social well-being as important concerns. by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom. labour. The government's regulatory activity in these areas is part of its responsibility to serve the public interest. Policy objective To ensure that use of the government's regulatory powers results in the greatest net benefit to Canadian society. To these ends. Sincere and in truth Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger Sovereign Human C/0 RR#3 Onoway. safety. Is this bifurcation of my sovereign human nature known as a strawminus hominus? receive title value of that bond via a bill of exchange “Given for a patent right”? 5. Canada and Her other Realms and Territories Queen.

Those in control and dishonoring their oaths are in a conflict to judge this as it is about their integrity that is non-existent. It is humbly offered that this issue must be examined in true allegiance to your majesty’s honor in biblical fairness and with all merited expedition. but this quest is in defense of the Christian faith. and showing distain for the Coronation oath. I did think that I as a Christian minister armed with God’s truth may be able to provide enough proof for your professed allegiant’s and courts here in Canada. desecration and discrimination against Christ’s ministry and church by such unlawful Commercial entities.SW1-A1AA From Minister of Christ Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International Heatherdown Ecclesia Near Onoway Alberta Canada no code non commercial Your most gracious Majesty defender of the faith. ministers. I appeal to you not as a corporate Queen but as the Elizabeth the woman created and anointed of God to hail and hear my plea and petition. I would never approach your majesty for aid lest I have no other forum that is bound by and of respect to God’s laws. to that defense of the faith. I am being unlawfully denied full defense in lawfully formed truly allegiant courts in Canada and as such am being obstructed from carrying out functions of my calling as a minister of God. This is untrue and if I did I would be preaching to them about God’s Kingdom not militant action. These Questions are posed for review and information of your majesty 1. I have no truly allegiant court of your majesty to apply to! Section 423 of the Canadian Criminal code is being violated. not have to know what the allegiance means and what the purpose of it is? . so reluctant to state the meaning of that proud oath of allegiance to your majesty? It is also poised for review: Why. The lack of concern and desire to have a valid understood oath of true allegiance. to show that the oath of allegiance to your majesty is being sullied by those of commercial minds and of no respect of the historical honor and integrity of the meaning of that true allegiance to your majesty’s defense of the Laws of God.and the Royal Canadian mounted Police. when to make it correct would have only been addition of one word? 2.Why is the Alberta legislature oath of allegiance from the Alberta oath of office act in direct violation with the Schedule five of the BNA act. the Governor General’s office and your majesty’s privy council. the Alberta Justice system and courts . The Golden Jubilee is under way and such glorious celebration will be compromised and indelibly stained as a result of the unlawful actions of religious blasphemy. It is humbly offered that it appears the timing is prime for such long overdue investigation and saving face of biblical and royal honor. No law or decision of man can violate the laws of God nor cause another man or woman to violate God’s laws. and officers of your majesty. that I approach you with this petition and news of disservice and treachery by your professed allegiants in Canada.Why are these professed oath sworn true allegiants acting as justices. according to Canadian department of Justice lawyers. it is my duty in performance of the function of my calling as a minister of God. Does the Alberta legislature have authority and sanction from your majesty to make up their own oath and then not require its members to know what the allegiance to your majesty means nor seemingly care if they do? 3. Historically we have seen our judiciary and parliamentarians ignore their oaths and get away with unlawful ungodly acts. They are defying their oaths and not offering the true allegiance they swore to provide in your name. Please show the world your power and the light of God’s integrity we all saw in your Coronation. It distresses me that I must approach your majesty for your majesty’s aid in this your Coronation year. There is a deliberate effort to smear my message your majesty. as you were not petitioned. The RCMP NSI have been following my movement and have made discriminating statements about me to others and have lied about me in saying I associate with militants. do those swearing to provide true allegiance to a Christian Monarch. It is not surprising in light of what this information invokes. without a valid oath of allegiance. as : Toronto Dominion Bank. by the men and women throughout the provinces in Canada and the commonwealth raises serious questions of immense implications for the history of Biblical standing and guarding over the justice in this country. masters. Does her majesty offer her authority and sanction to oath takers who have no idea what the allegiance means nor believe in that allegiance or who are not willing to carryout those allegiant obligations? 4.

the woman acting as a judge. Only Wayne Hatt knew I have been denied the truly allegiant justice of your majesty’s courts and could not appeal such conviction as all the judges I have stood before in Alberta are in denial of their true allegiance. did not know what her allegiance meant either and as such was and is void of all sanction in her decision to incarcerate me. I have stood in front of over 50 of those imposter judges. he replied without batting an eye “To uphold the laws of the King James Bible”. As a result of gleaning the knowledge from God’s scriptures and reading the records of mans law written in conflict with that holy text. I have asked over 100 Justices.since my birth and involuntary enslavement to the Corporate fictional body politic of Canada. I have also included the false oaths of allegiance all of the judges in the provincial system have taken. brethren and ministry in an extremely stressful and prejudiced position. including generations yet unborn that will Succeed at maintaining and exercising our cherished freedoms in that ancient lexum. that she was not going to allow that factual evidence. I was not successful. in the case to convict me of not taking orders from an imposter Ray Bradley. as the court refused to acknowledge it’s oath to her majesty twenty times on the record. prosecutors and clerks if they know what their allegiance to you means. as such. I produced all the evidence inclusive of the King James Bible letters patent version being the rule of law in all of the commonwealth and your majesty’s Coronation oath and definition of an oath from the Westminster confession of faith.D. by provision of God’s law in all of her majesty’s courts and by the strict adherence to God’s law covenant and constitution. as I showed her the proof of false oaths to her. I discover this by asking and performing a function of my calling as a Christian minister. They directly concern your majesty in your majesty’s ability to contractually maintain the Coronation oath. commented. It directly threatens all men and women’s God given unalienable rights and freedoms in having God’s law as supreme. Such case of prime focus being Failing to Obey the order of a non allegiant court by imposter Ray Bradley. masters. who sat to hear the case. ecclesia. as a Christian man in observance of the custom of God’s proclamation of Leviticus Jubilee and you as high priestess in this the Golden Jubilee of your coronation. factually disavowing and showing no respect or honor for her majesty. and undermines protection of alloidial title in land via oaths of loyalty to the Crown and ultimately the Bible. The court clerks and provincial registrar who are to stand as servants for the registry’s of her majesty’s subjects refuse to acknowledge their true allegiance to your majesty. I concluded upon that evidence and the fact that she did not know the meaning of her oath that even she was without your majesty’s sanction or authority . it calls for exceptional extraordinary measures. Wayne Hatt your majesty’s loyal Justice of the Peace in Edmonton Alberta. Lawrie Smith. deserves special notation and regard as when asked by me in my ministerial capacity if he knew what his allegiance to you meant. as I do. I was attempting to find integrity within her majesty’s Alberta Court. which exercises rights unused for over 49 years .How can that opinion be correct? How can federal laws of affiliation direct with the Queen be secondary to provincial when it is of mandatory nature to keep the oath to God and the allegiance to the Queen identical throughout Canada? This denial of the courts to acknowledge and provide” true allegiance” raises issues of major unprecedented constitutional and international importance. meeting the needs of every British subject. one Lawrie Smith. A true allegiant in singular and deserving commendation for his honorable methods and just manner. I do this as I cannot lawfully file into false registers run by non-allegiants with no official sanction. I have included the transcript partial Via email to the Golden Jubilee office and Sir Robin Janvrin. in exercising God’s privilege to us of Jubilee of Leviticus 25-27. These convictions were filed under the legal fiction nom degerre BELANGER Robin Jay with such fictitious number of ownership as being 618-774-079 which I do not accept being applied. to be in receipt of full pardon for the crimes I have been accused of and convicted of by the unlawful courts in Alberta Canada. in your majesty’s honored Royal Style. judges. being. Hence our petition to Her Majesty. The proof is overwhelming and irrefutable but. I find my Christian family. on May 9th of this year. I as a minister appeared in Edmonton Court of Queens bench of May 7th and 9th 2002 on account of the actions of professed judge Ray Bradley the man who refused twenty time to offer me a minister his true allegiance. This sacred provision of God’s rule of law as supreme and our duty to defend it is only effective upon those of your majesty’s subjects who are willing to stand and exercise those rights under God so long trodden upon by those of financial plunder and collective immorality. By the Grace of God your majesty is. A non-allegiant judge Lawrie Smith sentenced me on May 9th of this year to 30 days in jail for that act of faith as she was in denial of my jurisdictional challenge protest and questions of integrity. in asking for true allegiance and integrity. . as the Justice. I wish. Such foundational facts and points of history can never be considered fluff or the workings of every-day body politics. As a minister of a Church of Christ and having the knowledge about the meaning of the allegiance to all concerned. This is one of many cases in question where I as a Christian minister was asked to leave by a non allegiant man having none of her majesty’s sanction. leave my parishioner. Section 127 CCC June6th and 14th of 2001 A.

The Bank act is unlawful and is proceed. 2. The contract was not revealed in total and was not fully understood because of that omission and as such according to international commercial law is void. but this is just what they are doing in your majesty’s name. I also pray your majesty will in honor of . 11. As a result of doing my duty and performing my function as a Christian minister under your charge and protection I am being denied access to truly allegiant justice and courts. No contract in her majesties name is valid if those forming those contracts have no sanction of your majesty. Minors cannot enter into contracts. 5. 12. The Canadian Ownership Control and Determination Act is an act of redemption written by Jean Chretien in 1982 49 years after the bonding started and for a determination of worth. 3. If I adopt Christ’s example I will be labeled as a threat and violent and am in fear for my life as I cannot violate God’s laws and commandments and associate with criminal traitors to her majesty’s Royal rule of law. Your majesty I fear if I as a Church and man of God am not aided I will be martyred as sacrificial lamb in this Golden Jubilee. Every man or woman has the right to fight to defend their faith and beliefs if being discriminated against or persecuted because of them. the debt of that usury is serviced by the income tax act. I am pleased that your majesty will in honor of Leviticus scriptural order accept and approve this petition and I would at this time be of extreme undying gratitude for your granting my wish to redeem my loving Wife Cheryl. Unlawful bondage and fornication cannot be forced upon other men and women 10. This was done by Canada in deceit as it was not revealed to the minor I was at the time that 1. 4. The men and women that are acting as your agents must by all common sense and biblical standard understand what they are swearing to. The subsequent regulations are with the actuarial tables of the value of men and women. Without that adherence and understanding of the reasons for taking the oath on the part of the oath taker there is no defense of the laws of the God of Abraham. 13. I am being discriminated against because of my Christian faith and defense of same. I have been recorded with the Canadian treasury under that Bifurcated capitalized name as a corporate legal fiction as part of the consolidated revenue fund of Canada as being bonded as a surety for the national debt of Canada as per the Canadian ownership control and determination act. God’s law of bearing false witness and coveting is also breached as first and foremost in the purpose of my Quest in Christ. The income tax act is usury and is a violation of God’s law that the king never assented to as it would mean abdication for violating the Coronation oath I am of humble reverence of this scriptural opportunity to obtain my freedom from being the one held in bondage and registered as a surety of a Commercially dead and bankrupt fictitious entity known as Canada. If I may at this time of Jubilee and upon my own Golden Fiftieth year indulge and also thank your majesty for the boon of your majesty’s acceptance of my Jubilee redemption money for myself and family to release me from my Birth record bond of surety for the body politic and corporate debt of the bankrupt commercial fictitious entity known as Canada. 7. This will undoubtedly bring attention to the corruption being disgracefully perpetrated in your majesty’s name and it is not being done by the grace of God. That would be aiding and abetting a crime. I cannot access such determination of my worth for your majesty. I have never been a violent man and have carefully studied what Christ did to the moneychangers that would ignore his warnings and did desecrate God’s temple. All law not in line with the laws of God is null and void upon those under the defense of the rule of law for the government of Christian princes. It is further recorded in fraud my altered name was added to a number being 618-774079. No contract to give up ones unalienable rights is valid. My father named me as Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger on September 29th 1952. both for the sum of Twenty Shekels of silver being ten shekels per daughter. 8. 9. as a result of those being in charge refusing to acknowledge their true allegiance and I cannot conspire with them nor accept their registries as a result of their imposter imposition and unlawful procession. who came into this world via Sunderland England under the surname of Gray on the 12th day of October 1957 SIN number 458-616-372 for the sum of thirty shekels and my two daughters Amber-Lea Belanger coming into this world on the 14th day of June 1988 and my daughter Terra-Michelle arriving for our joy on August 6th 1990. 6. I will not go into detail here but can provide proof of this system of recording birth records as sureties for the debt bonds that are issued in that sureties name and number. No man or woman has the right to dominate another to do things against their will and beliefs. To allude to any other conclusion is clearly in avoidance of purpose. They know who their father is! I will await your majesty’s response to this petition in defense of the faith I am so dedicated to protecting and serving as part of my calling as a minister of our glorious saviors teachings.

I have copied some of the below from a previous petition. as it is the mark of the beast. means and is purpose of. accept my 50 shekels of silver for redemption from my servitude in the corporate body politic of and under the bankruptcy of the legal fiction Corporation of Canada since September 29th 1952 the day and year of my birth. It is evidentiary. In January of this year the unlawful unsanctioned agent of the Toronto Dominion Canada Trust Bank Douglas Hughes. willfully fabricated and invalid process and we would ask your majesty to concur in showing her displeasure for such arrogance by dissolving the legislature of Alberta for reformation. I offer no offense to your majesty and prey such plagiarism will not be unfavorably received. sanctuary and family. let it be void and null. petition to have that transgression redressed without delay. Mr. All of the judges I have stood before in the Alberta courts have no legitimate oath as it is deficient not only in words but in that those who took such oath do not know what the allegiance to her majesty is about. the selfish coveting. Such action in awareness of the religious implications was filed against the fictional Capitalized name of my Wife and myself as title holders of the church and sanctuary located at the numbers allocated for definition and location of NE-31-53-1-w5th in the province known as Alberta in the corporation known as Canada. As your majesty may be aware. The fictional commercial entity has created a number of SIN 618-774-079 which I do not and cannot of faith and God’s knowledge accept. of the unlawful firm of Bishop and Mackenzie of Edmonton Alberta filed an unlawful action against my church. as well as clause 61 of Magna Carta. This reform would be upon those men and women that are equipped to know what they are swearing allegiance to and as such bound by such oath and honorably capable of providing such allegiance as it meet with her majesty’s approval and with lawful sanction of authority in God’s power. whereby any part of these concessions and liberties might be revoked or diminished.. Such obvious deficiency effectively and actually precludes them from being able to provide such sworn to allegiance. Runge of Alberta Land Titles refused to correct such record and Barry Haugrud the director of the Provincial registry vital statistics refuses to record my name in correct form as well.. and if any such things has been procured. John Bachinski did violate section 176 of the Canadian Criminal code and threaten myself as a minister with forcible expulsion from her majesty’s hallowed halls of justice denying me truly allegiant process and capacity to defend our sanctuary. I wish to point out the contract of. and the head Clerk John Bachinski both denied true allegiance in failing to answer my ministerial question of integrity in your majesty’s court. directly or indirectly. His Justice minister David Hancock has contracted with a private firm for consultation to alter the present defunct and unlawful oath of allegiance to your majesty to delete any reference to God from such oath.Leviticus scriptural order and my Jubilee right. I could not file against the fictitious entity that Douglas Hughes created in the illegitimate provincial registry as it would be consent and recognition I was a corporate fiction. the wording of clause 61 says: . Your majesty’s land title registry in Alberta run by a Mr.w5th is being unlawfully undertaken by the Toronto Dominion Canada Trust bank on account of acct # 501981 branch# 266 and is being facilitated for such bank by those alleged officer/agents of your majesty .and. It is our humble suggestion that this one act of fidelity would by your majesty’s proclamation ensure the respect for the Laws of God that is deserved. Wayne Samis. Ralph Klein is well aware of this failure on the part of his ministers to respect their oaths and my God given unalienable religious rights. to stay and withhold the procession of all unlawfully sanctioned proceedings filed in fraudulent bifurcations of the church’s parishioners names into the unsanctioned illegitimate corporate Canadian and Alberta Courts. I have heard rumor’s that because of my notice to them of their false oath the department of justice has required all judges in Alberta to re-swear their oaths. Such oath would by the dictate of section 22 of the Confession of faith be rendered an unlawful oath and of no force or effect failing the sanctionable test of integrity in defense of the faith and your majesty’s reputation.And we shall procure nothing from anyone. which were reinforced by article 5 of the Bill of Rights. Laurie Beveridge the provincial registrar refuses to recognize my faith and it’s lawful requirements of protecting our names from alteration. Ray Runge was notified of my religious requirement of not allowing my name to be altered from my Birth record and in keeping of my correct grammatical and lawful form of recording in your majesty’s English and in accord with the ”Canadian Style”. applies to all federal agencies. We do so petition Her Majesty as of this petitions receipt.. This is a document of form. Such men and women are imposters and are acting criminally in proceeding without your majesty’s consent and understanding of that proud allegiance to defending God’s laws! I could not lawfully protest such unlawful act of the TDCT bank as the Manager of your majesty’s Law courts in Edmonton Alberta. your majesty’s treasury board of Canada. Any process by such traitorous imposters focused and dedicated to expanding the depravity of Usury.. NE 31-53-1. It would exemplify the defender of the Christian faith being the Coronated and anointed of God in this the Jubilee redemption year of her majesty’s Coronation. Any process of a civil commercial nature such as a foreclosure proceeding against the Church and sanctuary of my family. laying the transgression before us. and lying in false witness is unlawful according to God’s law as defended by your majesty.

with the honored and respected advise of Westminster and. and agency servants sworn to be allegiant to her majesty in duty to uphold and defend God’s laws are absolutely sacred in the order of maintaining the rule of law forever as supreme. It is in support of usurious commercial law and has no intent on being tied to the Coronation oath. He said in chambers and I quote “ What do I care about treason and the Queen I’m Irish and I have a tough neck! This was in response to telling him in my ministerial capacity that he must have an understood oath to proceed as he commits treason against your majesty if he brought harm to another or his property with no sanction from your majesty to do so lawfully. This imposter Master Funduck has issued unlawful possession orders to seize our Church and sanctuary for the interest on the loan. They have violated their oaths. Lois Hole’s office will not put my communication through to her. So have the courts and all of the clerks. He did this for my performing my ministerial act of integrity in trying to verify his true allegiance. and I as a minister of Christ do so refuse to honor and acknowledge their having an oath of true allegiance to your majesty as the evidence is against them in dishonor. I was polite and direct in my reason for asking but he refused to answer and when I insisted he be bonafide to proceed he told the bailiff to eject me. No reply. I cannot accept them as your allegiants as they are acting as traitors to your law. I can not accept service nor file into records that are formed in a false name. and that is opposing and obstructing my ecclesiastical duties as a minister of God. to defend the biblical rule of law through like Oaths of allegiance to Her Majesty. with the Declaration and Bill of Rights. That was over a month ago. I pray and petition your majesty for release from the unlawful enslavement and persecution by these fraud spinning unlawful entities and imposter authorities. The Justice minister will not reply and has instructed his staff to discriminate against me. in front of witnesses. Every one of these protections for your majesty’s subjects stands to this day. I look forward to your reply and Royal inquiry. judges governors. with Her Majesties anointing by the grace of God. The RCMP will not enforce your law nor defend God’s law to provide true allegiance to your majesty and will offer no reason why. Our Church property and sanctuary. I beg that discretion. I have written The Chief Justice in Alberta Katherine Frazer about this and Court of Queens Bench Chief Justice Allan Wachowich as well as the justice minister and the premier. such being without a valid oath. acting in defense of the faith is humbly petitioning her majesty’s expedient action pending her majesty’s royal inquiry into this serious matter. This man conspired with Douglas Hughes to alter my name in the court record. I filed a complaint with the Edmonton City police who gave it to justice for review. I already know Chief Justice Wachowich’s opinion on that issue and it is not in support of true allegiance. We have also petitioned her majesty in this the Coronation year because there is clear factual evidence that the oaths of allegiance to your majesty are being violated and as such is in direct conflict with the Constitution of the United Kingdom under God. Royal respect for the allegiance is a problem that can be solved with your majesty’s aid. Please speak with Lois Hole the Alberta Lieutenant Governor on this issue as she did talk to me at my Church last year about one of these imposter allegiants. It would appear that such events are commonplace in Canada as others have heard similar reactions. It conflicts with Magna Carta. This Christian minister. These oaths of fealty and allegiance being imposed upon all of her majesty’s agents by her majesty’s royal law as proclaimed upon all of her majesty’s ministers. above all. and indulgence from your majesty in saving Grace for her majesty’s Coronation Golden Jubilee and the honor of God thereof. The two Chief Justices have indicated they do not agree with your majesty’s authority. in defense of God’s laws. I was just told I am supposed to write a letter to Allan Wachowich. He has issued unlawful possession orders to the Banks agent Douglas Hughes of the firm Bishop and Mckenzie. family. A master Funduck has had me physically ejected out of proceedings against our Church by the TDCT bank on August 9th. I have two witnesses to the event of him violating section 176 and 423 and 126 of the Canadian Criminal code and are willing to testify. He has ignored my demands for his oath-sworn allegiance. His arrogance and tyranny has gone unchecked and he is still performing as a master. (in which her majesty’s allegiants are connected with in process of violating 176 of the Criminal code in attempting to enforce a civil process) They are defacto and without lawful sanction of her majesty’s oath. which was actually an exchange. in law of Melchizedek ancient . and it’s attending Christians are being threatened by these unlawfully formed commercial financial entities. I have told them this and posted notices. Those who would flagrantly or in clandestine repose endeavor to disrespect and dissolve that honor rebels against God. Douglas Hughes in awareness of my instructions to not violate my religious beliefs regarding my name did this in defiance of my beliefs. This action by these non-allegiants is treasonous upon your majesty’s retention and defense of that royal rule for the government of Christian princes. a Judge by the name of Quinn claiming to be a master. This also prevented me from registering an opposition. as they have done nothing to correct this.

Recent statements by Various of her majesty’s sworn allegiant commonwealth ministers. a coronation promise.. As such inaction to honor that sacred oath is factually and unlawfully transpiring as I write. Yet the Alberta oath of Allegiance within the oath of office acts mandatory for judges and lawyers in the provincial court act. as were the Ten Commandments. is the duty of the sovereign. I have asked what the meaning of that oath is and have been sworn at rebuked. Ultimately. Please in ultimate familial dignity cede to my request dear honored Elizabeth and help this minister’s quest of your own Coronations design and honor. and that her Majesty is under. directed by. The department of justice refuses to offer copies of the signed oath of allegiance in violation of 337 of your majesty’s law the Canadian Criminal code and has instructed all employees to terminate calls I make to their departments. We have already observed that the prerogatives are vested in her via such glorious coronation for the benefit of her subjects. and allegiance and subjection. and not above. because of these dishonorable and vile imposters usurping your majesty’s ecclesiastical authority.observance and of clarity set in the stone of bethel. and are. the alleged allegiant courts in Alberta and throughout the commonwealth are ignoring that Law your majesty and their allegiance is to defend! These men and women need education or removal as they plan to remove the royal rule of law as supreme and are plotting against your majesty in arrogant disregard of their true allegiance to your majesty. jailed and rejected by the police because of my faith and unwillingness to accept imposters as having any authority over me. No sworn allegiant of her majesty can lawfully advise a breach of her majesty’s oath. The duties arising from the relation of sovereign and subject are reciprocal. the Alberta department of justice. My purpose is in performance of my calling and in defense of my faith in God and his rule of law as per 176 of the Canadian Criminal Code. Romans 11:29 I have asked why I cannot see the signed oaths and they. and legal profession act. as in any other . with reference to the same criterion. the duty of the governed. in effect. it is their sworn duty to advise in accordance with the Coronation Oath and defense of the Christian faith. Blackstone’s Commentaries (volume 1. respectively represents precisely such a breach. confirm that they would not advise any measure which might tend to Breach the Coronation Oath nor betray Her Majesties promise to her loyal subjects. will testify that she was told by a Federal Justice official that even the Governor General can not see the signed oaths. From the spiritual and my own single eye’s point of view. De prerogative Regina is merely declaratory of the common law. laughed at.. They form part of. The Queen has solemnly promised to govern the peoples of the United Kingdom of which Canada is according to the Statutes in Parliament agreed on and according to their laws and customs not being contrary to their God’s. page 239) says of the Royal Prerogative: The splendor. the constitution and laws of the country. Nor can they gain royal sanction or remain in power without swearing solemnly in understanding what that true allegiance is to the Christian Crown. it is unimaginable that Her Majesty would seek. and the Lieutenant Governor has now signed it with the false oath using the Royal Prerogative.the Governor General’s assistant. This Coronation year and your majesty’s honor in receipt of such factual information must not be sullied by allowance of such treason and intentional defiance to God’s rule of law. my unprecedented petitions is in defense of the Christian faith and based in truth with honorable motive and need. I humbly submit If they refuse to answer my questions of true allegiance in performance of my duties as a minister of God they are indeed imposters and a criminal threat to the defense of the faith and the honor of her majesty’s oath. rights. a divorce from her duty. Joanne Menier . Her Majesty accepts the advice of her ministers and the Lord’s Spiritual and it is noted for good faith and factual communication that conversely. refuse to say. the act of swearing that oath of allegiance must be by a man or a woman who knows what it means and is willing to abide by the requirements of that oath. which is why of necessity our petition is now invoking them. the Coronation Oath is a signed contract with God and the men and women she is to rule over in duty to protect them from usurpers and violations of God’s law. and powers of the Crown were attached to it for the benefit of the people. Her Majesty also swore to preserve all rights and privileges as by law do or shall appertain to any of them. Protection. For such words of an oath of allegiance to have meaning. our supreme protection is your Majesties obligations under the Coronation Oath in defense of the Letters patent Version Cum priviligio of her majesty’s Authorized King James Bible being in every Court Room in the commonwealth. that is. the rule of law. the security and governance of her dominions according to law. form. in return. From a secular point of view. generally speaking. as ancient as the law itself. Alas. Your majesty.

Which is why valid understood oaths of true allegiance place an essential limitation on parliament’s power. This honorable and light filled royal action would remove the ability of those in power to oppress prevent and curtail your majesty’s subjects from exercising their lawful God given rights and freedoms in demanding a truly allegiant court. nor people . the commonwealth and all dominions from immoral acts and violations of God’s law. on all who swear allegiance to the defense of the Christian faith. tyranny and the rule of Commercial law. and the Queens Coronation Oath is crucial as the foundation and origin of that sanction of God’s power and limitation of mans. and trustees. 2. As the Act of Supremacy and the Bill of Rights put it: all usurped and foreign power and authority may forever be clearly extinguished. Without these oaths.may tamper it demonstrates that those taking that oath like our alleged ministers. since it would allow the people of the Commonwealth to decide whether or not they wished the understood and true lawful oath of integrity or their constitutional and unalienable rights to be breached in this present unlawful manner. Her Majesty is rightfully . Have taken a briefing on and truly understand the meaning of their sworn true allegiance to you’re majesty and authorized form of the oath. it is a statutory obligation. use. and not an optional item. The ex-officio defacto government would then be faced with seeking elective power to introduce new royally approved oaths of loyalty under a new constitution as part of their new manifesto. The Coronation Oath is the Absolute pinnacle of oaths. or potentate shall at any time after the last day of this session of Parliament.neither sovereign. We are all tenants of it. Our religious freedom is absolute. and never used or obeyed in this realm. Your majesty could also dissolve the legislatures or Parliament. The Coronation Oath is a multi faceted obligation of Biblical contractual origins and religious power. nor government. preeminence or privilege within this realm. No foreign prince. nor parliament. for ever. a historically necessary obligation. So it is clear that no one . They are not ours to discard or diminish. That all of your majesty’s allegiants must indicate that they know that the allegiance is about defending God’s laws as supreme over mans laws and to provide such awareness in writing with witnesses. It is the duty of all of her majesty’s agents overseeing her governance of the King James Bible. and we have a supreme responsibility to ensure they are safeguarded and that we pass them on in good order to future generations. enjoy or exercise any manner of power. It cannot be limited in any way. The armed forces must subscribe and swear true allegiance to the sovereign liege lady Queen Elizabeth the second. This helps clarify the principle that understood allegiance is mandatory and a must in maintaining the biblical integrity of God’s rule of law. This would distil the issues as perhaps nothing else might. it is humbly offered in reverence of my duty to defend the faith that if necessary for the benefit of your majesty’s subjects a clear explanation and Clarification of the oaths meaning and the allegiants duties in accord with section 22 of the confession of faith would be a majestically wise choice in simple remedy. but that henceforth the same shall be clearly abolished out of this realm. a common law obligation. and all oaths of allegiance to its Monarch or other natures are bound by its limitations. as it is being an essential part of the checks and balances of our constitutional preamble. We return now to our reasons for stating that the unscrupulous act of taking of an sworn oath to gain authority is unquestionably invalid and immoral if the man or woman taking that oath of allegiance does not know what the allegiance means and is insincere in carrying out the requirements of that allegiance. and judges have de facto jurisdiction (unlawful) and in perjury have renounced their oaths of allegiance and are void ab initio of any standing or sanction of the Queen as God’s grace and law cannot be applied by nor honored by liars and imposters. state. or for the government to resign and fight an election on the issue. Indeed. lawyers. Such is why the oath came into existence in the first place. superiority. and their lawful enforcement. The Bill of Rights says so. It was to bond all monarchs to defending God’s laws to maintain and preserve those laws for the benefit of all of those men and women who believe unto him and his word of love and those who do not. it would be in universal benefit for the commonwealth and her majesty’s subjects to exercise her majesty’s authority to demand that all of her allegiant’s: 1. and it is sworn for protecting the nation. dismantle. destroy or surrender our constitution of God’s law. not to the government of the day. We inherited these rights from God. prelate. jurisdiction. person. we have little to protect us from unlawful government. In light of such factual information of such vital importance to her majesty’s honor and in contractual defense of God’s law. authority.

It is with honor and fortitude of faith I petition your majesty for attention to this immensely prominent conundrum of spiritual faith and secular audacity as it appears it has not been spoken to before in such a manner as to honorably petition and afford your majesty the opportunity to comply with her oath bound requirements in defense of the faith. justices and ministers in this land. – Liberates. That the pretended Power of Dispensing with Laws or the Execution of Laws by Regal Authorities as it hath been assumed and exercised of late are illegal. It is in the Hebrew name of our God Yahweh and his son Yahushua that I implore and beseech your majesty to rise to the defense of the Christian faith in God’s honor and invoke removal and termination of this historical slander and unlawful usurping of your majesty’s royal style. sneaking in to alter the laws ever so slightly so as to differ the meaning but not alert the reader with obvious notations. We know what happened in that story and it is the tale of our modern parliamentarians. Def. Such is the position of the Canadian parliament and it provincial counterparts. and diminish the significance of the Oath of allegiance to your Coronation duty contrary to good advice.. and of a clear capacity to perform. judges. much removed from their professed true allegiance to your majesty and the Biblical principles. They have not only altered the oath from it’s form but have no idea what the oath means nor do they care. to the change.. Def. and Lib.. they are deliberately challenging your Royal Style and forcing law upon your majesty’s subjects that is in violation of God’s law. Fid. Defends. They simply affirm that for all time the Kings of the realm shall obey by the just and right ruling of the agreement/contract/allegiance between the men and women of the realm and the King. or other officials. required to provide. we the undersigned would make it clear that these historical documents are men’s agreement’s/contracts with each other and do not purport to supercede God in allowing violations of God’s law. (This is further protection of our common law rights. only men that know the law of the realm and are minded to keep it well. Accordingly. 1st Peter 2:17 . Call it a pact or a covenant or a law it amounts to the same thing a promise to abide by the rules of the agreement. I am not exaggerating this for your majesty. That levying Money for or to the Use of the Crown by pretence of Prerogative without Grant of Parliament for longer time or in other manner than the same is or shall be granted is Illegal. as it is my duty to provide you with the truth. It is hoped far and wide throughout your majesty’s realm and in my own ecclesia that in this instance your majesty will see the compelling necessity for action fitting and meet with that which a monarch is expected of.. I have heard foul blaspheming remarks about your majesty made by the lawyers.) 2. 2 and 4 of the Bill of Rights: 1. title and defense of the royal rule of law the King James Bible. constables. sheriffs.) We respectfully request that Her Majesty grant us an opportunity and power to examine the integrity and opinion of those who seek to alter. How can such unlawful officers of the Crown organize such a referendum or plebiscite on the oath if they do not have true allegiance? Where does their motive and authority originate? These procedures would also infringe articles 1. God’s law. (This must include the Coronation Oath Act.By the grace of God Defender of the fidelity/faith/freedom/liberty We come back to the oath of allegiance. Magna Carta says: We will appoint as justices.inscribed on our coins of the realm as Dei Gratia. I am your humble Christian ministerial servant in same defense and allegiant to all cause to provide faithfully and truthfully such allegiance to defend God’s laws tirelessly and without fail. trivialize. under those same terms of Magna Carta and the Bill of Rights quoted earlier. in this your Coronation Golden jubilee. That the pretended power of Suspending of Laws or the Execution of Laws by Regal Authority without Consent of Parliament is illegal. They are exhibiting arrogant self sanctioned ignorance of the purpose and meaning of their own oaths. Now as we can see from what George Orwell exposed us to in the elaborate satire “Animal farm” that we must be seriously and of strong faith on guard and watchful eye for the assistant of Napoleon in the middle of the night. 3.. Such was the fate of Boxer Snowball and the other animals as they were initially of trust in agreement to have Napolean lead them and that trust endured with the axiom “Napolean is always right” They soon found out Napoleon was just like all the rest “troughers” as he selfishly controlled and enslaved the farm. when we are asleep.

I am a living man and no corporate fiction. I wrote my Mp John Williams who does not seem to honor his oath. If we do not act. “Some of us who have already begun to break the silence of the night have found that the calling to speak is often a vocation of agony. April 4. They offered no reply to myself as a Minister. Even when pressed by the demands of inner truth. and the House of Commons Mp’s. Defender of the Faith. We must speak with all the humility that is appropriate to our limited vision. Minister of Christ Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger Church of the Ecumenical Redemption International Heatherdown Ecclesia near Onoway. in short oral exam. we shall surely be dragged down the long. or decisions. in my estimation. and laid it before the Prime Minster. in Riverside Church. Head of the Commonwealth. I petition you for aid and honor in this unprecedented ecclesiastical matter of necessitated spiritual guidance and defense. especially in time of war.. It is when the allegiant defies his/her sworn duty to be allegiant to the Monarch and violates God’s laws and forces those ungodly laws.. “We still have a choice today: nonviolent coexistence or violent co-annihilation. men and women do not easily assume the task of opposing their government’s policy. and strength without sight. New York City Your humble minister and true professor of the gospels of our master and saviour Lord Jesus Christ in quest to save grace for and aid our Lords most trusted and revered earthly servant Elizabeth the Second.. a minister of Christ in humble repose yet proud and in stalwart defense of God’s laws at your majesty’s service. and shameful corridors of time reserved for those who possess power without compassion. I would be extremely honored to act as a Judicial Examiner Delegate International (JEDI) for your majesty’s aid of securing in place. Alberta No code non commercial CC: Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second C/o Her majesty’s private secretary. but we must speak. “Now let us begin. is attempting to over throw your majesty’s government. 1967.. upon those subjects of your majesty that are dependant on God’s laws for protection. if it please your royal style and comfort. but we must speak. might without morality. Canada and Her other Realms and Territories Queen. Nor does the human spirit move without great difficulty against all the apathy of conformist thought within one’s own bosom and in the surrounding world. These non-allegiant impostors are attempting to overthrow your majesty’s government.Treason. by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom. please communicate such need at your earliest convenience. dark. but beautiful struggle for a new world. “A time comes when silence is betrayal. Now let us rededicate ourselves in the long and bitter.” Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. I am sanctioned by God and praying for your majesty’s attention to this International fraud and disgrace upon this your Coronation GoldenJubilee. We must move past indecision to action. which is by the rule of the King James Bible. Sir Robin Janvrin Buckingham Palace 011-44-207-839-5950 The President of the Privy council of Canada The Honorable Stephane Dion 66 Slater Street 8th floor Ottawa K1A-0A3 Tel: 613-943-1838 Fax: 613-992-3700 The Treasury Board President Lucienne Robillard Tel: 613-957-2666 Fax: 613-990-2806 .. the veracity of the true allegiance that they swore to your majesty and their bonafide capacity to provide said true allegiance and in ecclesiastical honor aid your majesty as high priestess of God’s temple in carrying out your majesty’s duties and commands in God’s service. I have no truly allegiant courts of your majesty to turn and am being denied true justice in your name! I cannot participate in this fraud your majesty and perform my functions as a minister of God in defending his laws. Any other service of ministerial order I can offer your majesty.

Ottawa. 555 Mackenzie ave. Ont K1A0H8 Tel:613-992-4621 Fax:613-996-4516 The speaker for the House of Commons Peter Milliken House of Commons Ottawa Ont. 1-800-465-6890 Fax 613-998-1664 Prime minister’s office 80 Wellington St. Ottawa Ont. K1A0H2 Tel:1-800-385-864 Fax:613-990-5591 The Minister of Revenue Martin Cauchon Connaught Bldg 7th flr. Ottawa K1A0L5 Tel: 613-995-2960 Fax 613-952-6608 The Commissioner of the RCMP. Ottawa. Ottawa K1a0C8 Tel: 613-941-9053 fax 613-941-9047 The Privy Council of Canada Chair: Stephane Dion The Governor General Of Canada Adrienne Clarkson Tel:1-800-465-6890 fax: 1-613-920-7636 The Right Honorable Lieutenant Governor of Alberta Lois Hole C/o 3rd flr Legislature Bldg 10800-97 Ave Edmonton Alberta T5k2b6 Tel: 427-7243 Fax: 422-5134 The Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chretien Tel. 140 O’Conner St. K1A0A6 Tel:613-996-1955 Fax:613-996-1958 . Martin Cauchon Justice Bldg 284 Wellington St.Secretary of the Treasury Board Alex Sheppard Tel: 613-996-4984 613-996-4986 Lesplanade Laurier East Tower 9th Flr. Ottawa Ont. Giuliano Zaccardelli 1200 Vanier Parkway Ottawa K1A0R4 Tel: 613-993-0400 Fax:613-993-5297 The Attorney General of Canada.K1A0G5 Tel:613-996-7861 Fax::-613-995-5176 The Superintendent of Financial Institutions Mr. K1A0R5 613 -957-2666 fax 613 990-2806 The Registrar General of Canada Jacqueline Gravelle Gene Edmunds South tower 9th Flr 365 Laurier Ave W. John Palmer 255 Albert Street 13flr Ottawa Ont. K1A0A2 The Minister of Finance Paul Martin Lespanade Laurier East Tower 21st flr. 140 O’Conner St. Ont.

gc. Ont.422-0818 3rd flr. Charles Baillie Chairman & Chief Executive Officer .Alberta [ T5J2T3] Tel: 427-2742 Fax: 422-4290 Minister of Government Services for the Province of Alberta David Coutts Tel: 415-4855 Fax: 415-4853 Premier of Alberta Ralph Klein Tel: 427-2251 Fax: 427-1349 Rm 307 Legislature bldg. Senator Thelma Chalifoux Tel:613-943-0445 Fax:613-943-0450 Chalit (at) The Registrar for the province of Alberta Laurie Beveridge Tel: 780-427-4095 Fax. Edmonton.Edmonton. Commerce place [T5J4L4] The Director of Vital Statistics for the Province of Alberta Barry Haugrud Tel: 780-427-4645 Fax: 422-4225 3rd flr. The Leader of the Opposition Stockwell Day Tel:613-996-6740 Fax:613-947-0310 Day.gc.parl. John Senate of Canada Parliament Blds Wellington St.parl.K1A0A4 Senator Tommy Banks Tel:613-995-1889 Fax:613-995-1938 Senator Nick Taylor Tel: 613-947-1605 Fax:1-613-947-1607 Taylon (at) sen. Alberta T5K2B7 Mr.Minister of Canadian Heritage The Honorable Sheila Copps Room511-S House of Commons Ottawa. Brownlee 10365-97th St.s (at) parl. A. [T5J3W7] The Executive Director of Land Titles for the Province of Alberta Ray Runge Box 2380.Ontario K1A 0A6 Fax: (819) 994-1267 Member of Parliament Rob Merrifield 613-992-1653 Fax:613-992-3459 Parliament Building Ottawa Ont.10800 97ave.

Marshall A. Q. Mr.C. Counsel Cassels Brock & Blackwell Dr. Pierre H. Lessard President & Chief Executive Officer Metro Inc. Sopko Chairman Inco Limited . Edmund Clark President & Chief Operating Officer The Toronto-Dominion Bank Chairman & Chief Executive Officer. Dobson Professor and Director Institute for International Business Joseph L. W.The Toronto-Dominion Bank Executive Offices Toronto Ontario Mr. Ltd. Michael D. Ms. Helen K. G. Eleanor R. Sobey Chairman Empire Company Limited Dr. Henry H. MacNeill Chairman of the Board Petro-Canada Mr. Rogers President & Chief Executive Officer Rogers Communications Inc. Mr. TD Canada Trust Mr. Edward S. Mr. Clitheroe President and Chief Executive Officer Hydro One Inc. Mr. Mr. Montegu Black Chairman and President Txibanguan Limited Ms. Wendy K. Sinclair Chief Executive Officer BankWorks Trading Inc. Ketcham Chairman of the Board. Donald R. Roger Phillips President and Chief Executive Officer IPSCO Inc. Brian F. Cohen. Rotman School of Management Mr. President and Chief Executive Officer West Fraser Timber Co.

Thompson Vice Chairman of the Board IBM Corporation Mr. Criminal Code of Canada Section 37 (3) “Canadian citizen – …. “Whoever falsely and willfully represents himself to be a citizen of the United States shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years.” and further. but I do remember growing up on the land of Alberta. as I am told.Mr. 32 I do NOT owe any allegiance to the Queen. because I was given birth on the land of Alberta. the tyrant King John and Demanded that he sign the Magna Carta. as well as all of the respondents in this case. The Queen has the oath of office. but the Queen owe’s Me Allegiance. or they would run him through. It is My ancestors that put the sword to the throat of her predecessor. on the land of Edmonton. I have no first hand knowledge of said birth.” 18 USC § 911 and further. Richard M.a Canadian citizen or a person who owes allegiance to Her Magesty in right of Canada…. .. 30 I am not a Canadian citizen. or both. and further. 31 I am a Canadian national. because a Canadian citizen owes allegiance to the Queen. John M. Thomson Former Chairman and Chief Executive Officer The Toronto-Dominion Bank 29 It is a crime for anyone to claim they are a Canadian/US citizen when they know they are NOT. and the land of Strathcona.

33 Vic Toews. 635. in virtue of the law of war.Ed. 198 S. W. 330 F. 168 (1959) and United States v. 879. and the King. “The stopping of an automobile by a highway patrol officer for inspection of a driver’s license.R. Boston. even if the motorist was not specifically informed that he had been arrested. “Any restraint. Intervenor. 277 “A motorist stopped by a traffic officer for a traffic offense would be considered “arrested” . for they are freed from their promise of fidelity. can impose its will upon the other. See: 1 Varon. as the Charters of the predecessors of John. Criminal Code of Canada Section 122 “Breach of Trust by Public Officer – Every official who in connection of the duties of his office commits fraud or breach of trust is guilty of an indictable offense….Ct. however slight. 83 Ariz. . placed before them. Bannan. It is not always necessary for the officer to make a formal declaration of arrest.” Perlman v Piche and Attorney General of Canada. nor between two nations.2d 364. upon another’s liberty to come and go as one pleases.2d 633. Searches. 318 P. Re Habeus Corpus. in that one of the parties. or for any other purpose where it is accomplished by the authority of the officers. submitted to the conditions which the conquerors imposed upon him.” People ex rel. for we cannot say it was concluded between two legitimate and independent sovereignties. . nor is it a law. 184 Tenn. 4 L.L.2d 134.2d 875.F.” Henry v. The Barons do not appear in it as subjects. State. “Perhaps it should be mentioned that as a general rule a person is placed under arrest when he is deprived of his liberty by an officer who intends to arrest him. and Superintendent Maureen. Woolworth Co. . and further. Seizures and Immunities. emanating solely from the spontaneous will of the King..2d 937 (1964)..W. Magna Carta is therefore a contract obtained by the law of conquest. 80 S. 4 D.” Robinson v. 366.” Swetnam v. constitutes an “arrest. but resembles a treaty concluded between two nations. 147 and further.W. brought captive. is an “arrest. United States. and their hired thugs know that they perjured their oaths of office by violating Section 45 of the Magna Carta which says. Gerry Selk. 98. 189. neither is it a treaty.“The Magna Carta is not a unilateral act. 292. 372 Mich.” and further. Winkle v. 75 (1961). 125 N. 361 U.S.

they criminally converted it into a motor vehicle. as evidenced by the Certificate of Title. or disseized. and violated My right to property in the process. because all “Motor Vehicles” engaged in commerce are owned by the government. constables.” and further. and Superintendent Maureen. as it is not for hire no engaged in commercial activity and yet with calculated intent. 37 The The accused: The private man acting as the judge in Stony Plain on August 4th 2010 named Caffaro. and Superintendent Maureen. and they also unlawfully arrested and seized my Church private conveyance. and their hired thugs know that Section 39 of the Magna Carta says they have no authority to cause me injury in any way. nor any BAR member. “No freeman shall be taken and imprisoned.) and further. or in any way destroyed. 34 The perjurers Vic Toews. sheriffs. The private man acting as the federal crown prosecutor for CANADA named Adam Halliday . as follows. and any injury by them is perjury of oath. nor send upon him. 36 The aforementioned know or should know that a Church private set of wheels is not a motor vehicle. Gerry Selk. and further. and Church medical marijuana. and further. except by the lawful judgment of his peers. nor any “person” anywhere is competent or has any consent from me in any of My affairs as I absolutely waive all benefits. . 35 The perjurers Vic Toews. the private woman Malina Rawluk acting as the prosecutor for the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA Stony Plain. or exiled. (Take notice that no government entity. . or bailiffs. nor will we go upon him.“We will appoint as justices. only such as know the law of the realm and mean to observe it well” and further. and their hired thugs know that they unlawfully arrested Me. or by the law of the land. Gerry Selk. and further.

I am not her majesty or a public body 38 The man Vic Toews. know that they have no authority whatsoever over any living soul. "every one".. 41 The accused: The private man acting as the judge in Stony Plain on August 4th 2010 named Caffaro. nor any BAR member. . whether animate or inanimate. and Superintendent Maureen. 39 The perjurers Vic Toews. and regulations. their men and women acting as officers in that administration that they are the authority over should know that a “person” is a fictitious entity in law. The private man acting as the federal crown prosecutor for CANADA named Adam Halliday .only applicable to corporate entities and further. 40 The perjurers Vic Toews. anything. responsible for his agents via the RCMP and their unlawful contract to act as highwaymen in the province. Criminal Code of Canada Section 83. or fraudulently without colour of right converts to his use or the use of another person. (a) to deprive temporarily or absolutely. "owner". nor any “person” anywhere is competent or has any consent from me in any of My affairs. Gerry Selk.01 (1) “Definitions . and further. . Criminal Code of Canada Section 332 (1) “Theft – Everyone commits theft who fraudulently and without colour of right takes. the private woman Malina Rawluk acting as the prosecutor for the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA Stony Plain. engaged in the theft of Church private property by depriving me of the right to the use and enjoyment of that property. rules. and further. and that all of their codes. the owner of it…of his property…” and further. nor any other government entity.Entity – means a person…. and their hired thugs know that there are no crimes associated with their color of law codes.. with intent.” and further. "person". and similar expressions include Her Majesty and public bodies. rules and regulations are “color of law”.

nor any “person” anywhere is competent or has any consent from me in any of My affairs as I absolutely waive all benefits. but are slaves. the private woman Malina Rawluk acting as the prosecutor for the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA Stony Plain. The private man acting as the federal crown prosecutor for CANADA named Adam Halliday . . the private woman Malina Rawluk acting as the prosecutor for the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA Stony Plain. nor any BAR member. the private woman Malina Rawluk acting as the prosecutor for the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA Stony Plain. and further. . 45 The accused: The private man acting as the judge in Stony Plain on August 4th 2010 named Caffaro. nor . The private man acting as the federal crown prosecutor for CANADA named Adam Halliday . 44 The accused: The private man acting as the judge in Stony Plain on August 4th 2010 named Caffaro. nor any BAR member. and further.You are noticed to be aware and know corporations are property. Take notice that no government entity. and further. and further. Take notice that no government entity. 43 The accused: The private man acting as the judge in Stony Plain on August 4th 2010 named Caffaro. The private man acting as the federal crown prosecutor for CANADA named Adam Halliday . and property has no rights. As all Lawyers for the crown know that the court cases prior to the civil war in the United States of America. and make me their slave. . and further. because corporations have no rights. The private man acting as the federal crown prosecutor for CANADA named Adam Halliday . the private woman Malina Rawluk acting as the prosecutor for the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA Stony Plain. want to convert My citizenship and my property so they can violate My rights. . and further. but they don’t care about any Oath of Allegiance because by their actions they appear intent on criminally converting My citizenship and my property so they can violate My rights. Take notice that no government entity. nor any “person” anywhere is competent or has any consent from me in any of My affairs as I absolutely waive all benefits. 42 The accused: The private man acting as the judge in Stony Plain on August 4th 2010 named Caffaro. and their hired sheriffs know that their Oath of Allegiance requires that they protect My rights. the debate was ALWAYS over property rights. that were over slavery.

. and their hired agents are engaged in sedition to the Magna Carta by forcing their martial law on Me. 46 The accused: The private man acting as the judge in Stony Plain on August 4th 2010 named Caffaro.any BAR member. because the government cannot commit treason. The private man acting as the federal crown prosecutor for CANADA named Adam Halliday . nor any “person” anywhere is competent or has any consent from me in any of My affairs as I absolutely waive all benefits. the private woman Malina Rawluk acting as the prosecutor for the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA Stony Plain. The private man acting as the federal crown prosecutor for CANADA . nor any “person” anywhere is competent or has any consent from me in any of My affairs as I absolutely waive all benefits. and further. know that there is no valid contract between Me and any government entity. the private woman Malina Rawluk acting as the prosecutor for the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA Stony Plain. treason. least of all in a sworn officer of the law. or (b) publishes any writing that advocates. and further. "Ignorance of the law does not excuse misconduct in anyone. lose all immunity when they perjure their oath of allegiance. and engage in sedition. without the authority of law. 48 The accused: The private man acting as the judge in Stony Plain on August 4th 2010 named Caffaro. and they know that My rights are “unalienable” which means they CANNOT be alienated under ANY circumstances. and further. nor any BAR member. of force as a means of accomplishing a governmental change within Canada. 170 P. Take notice that no government entity. 284 F. The private man acting as the federal crown prosecutor for CANADA named Adam Halliday . . 177 C. 93. nor any “person” anywhere is competent or has any consent from me in any of My affairs as I absolutely waive all benefits.” 47 The accused: The private man acting as the judge in Stony Plain on August 4th 2010 named Caffaro. especially one of their law merchant so-called contracts. “An officer who acts in violation of the Constitution ceases to represent the government”. Supp. and further. Co. it is a nullity." In re McCowan (1917). 94. Brookfield Const. . 1100. Take notice that no government entity. the use. Criminal Code of Canada Section 59 (4) “Seditious Intention – Every one shall be presumed to have a seditious intention who (a) teaches or advocates. Stewart. and if there is any evidence of such a contract. assault intimidation kidnapping theft and fraud. v. nor any BAR member. and further.

The accused: The private man acting as the judge in Stony Plain on August 4th 2010 named Caffaro. They know that they are responsible for the actions of their subordinates. nor any BAR member. 51 The The accused: The private man acting as the judge in Stony Plain on August 4th 2010 named Caffaro. nor any BAR member. nor any “person” anywhere is competent or has any consent from me in any of My affairs as I absolutely waive all benefits. Take notice that no government entity. and further. 1398 and further. the private woman Malina Rawluk acting as the prosecutor for the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA Stony Plain. The private man acting as the federal crown prosecutor for CANADA named Adam Halliday . nor any BAR member. the private woman Malina Rawluk acting as the prosecutor for the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA Stony Plain.C. have allowed for 52 . . and further. . and further. . and further. : are in fiction officers of her majesties court. . nor any “person” anywhere is competent or has any consent from me in any of My affairs as I absolutely waive all benefits. and further. nor any “person” anywhere is competent or has any consent from me in any of My affairs as I absolutely waive all benefits. the private woman Malina Rawluk acting as the prosecutor for the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA Stony Plain. 50 The The accused: The private man acting as the judge in Stony Plain on August 4th 2010 named Caffaro. nor any BAR member. Take notice that no government entity. the private woman Malina Rawluk acting as the prosecutor for the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA Stony Plain. . for they are deemed to know the law.T. and further. The private man acting as the federal crown prosecutor for CANADA named Adam Halliday . 49 The accused: The private man acting as the judge in Stony Plain on August 4th 2010 named Caffaro. nor any “person” anywhere is competent or has any consent from me in any of My affairs as I absolutely waive all benefits. . The private man acting as the federal crown prosecutor for CANADA named Adam Halliday . nor any “person” anywhere is competent or has any consent from me in any of My affairs as I absolutely waive all benefits. . nor any BAR member. and further. They have deliberately or in blind ignorance perjured their oaths of office and Allegiance. Take notice that no government entity. Take notice that no government entity.named Adam Halliday . have deliberately and calculatedly neglected to supervise their subordinates so that they can claim plausible deniability when their subordinates violate My rights under the color of law. the private woman Malina Rawluk acting as the prosecutor for the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA Stony Plain. and further.” Owens v Independence 100 S. and are presumed to know the law “Officers of the court have no immunity. Take notice that no government entity. when violating a constitutional right. The private man acting as the federal crown prosecutor for CANADA named Adam Halliday .

the private woman Malina Rawluk acting as the prosecutor for the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA Stony Plain. nor any BAR member.”and further. or no name tags at all. want to convert My citizenship and my property so they can violate My rights. because they know that they are violating My rights and the rights of all of “the people” under the color of law. because corporations have no rights. nor any BAR member. 54 The accused: The private man acting as the judge in Stony Plain on August 4th 2010 named Caffaro. The private man acting as the federal crown prosecutor for CANADA named Adam Halliday . 53 The accused: The private man acting as the judge in Stony Plain on August 4th 2010 named Caffaro. the Welsh Barons rose up in rebellion against the tyrant King John is because in 1213 he swore allegiance to the Vatican with the concession to the Pope and the tyrant King John was busy imposing martial law on the Welsh Barons in those days. and further. the private woman Malina Rawluk acting as the prosecutor for the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA Stony Plain. (a) uses force or violence for the purpose of overthrowing the government of Canada or a province……. nor any “person” anywhere is competent or has any consent from me in any of My affairs as I absolutely waive all benefits. Take notice that no government entity.. and unacknowledged by our laws. and further. but are slaves. and further. and engage in the theft of My liberty and property and then deprive me of the benefit of a trial by jury or My peers. The private man acting as the federal crown prosecutor for CANADA named Adam Halliday . giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended legislation.their subordinates to use numbers for names. nor any “person” anywhere is competent or has any consent from me in any of My affairs as I absolutely waive all benefits. know that I do believe with witnesses confirming that they are engaged in Treason by forcing their martial law upon Me. . . Criminal Code of Canada Section 46 (2) “Treason – Every one commits treason who. . and further. and they are using their “color of law” to violate My rights. For imposing taxes on us without our consent. Should know that the reason My ancestors. “He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution. in Canada.” “Pretended Legislation” is another way of saying “color of law” and that is exactly what these and further. For depriving us in many cases of the benefits of trial by jury. Take notice that no government entity. nor . and further.are operating under. Take notice that no government entity. 55 The accused: The private man acting as the judge in Stony Plain on August 4th 2010 named Caffaro. the private woman Malina Rawluk acting as the prosecutor for the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA Stony Plain. The private man acting as the federal crown prosecutor for CANADA named Adam Halliday . and further.

“A motorist stopped by a traffic officer for a traffic offense would be considered “arrested” . from his lands. 189. CAP XII. W. pursuant to Magna Carta Section 52 which says. 57 I DEMAND that my rights be restored. nor any BAR member.) know that the ONLY thing that can cause Me injury or harm.2d 875. 125 N. franchises. upon another’s liberty to come and go as one pleases. 56 The accused: The private man acting as the judge in Stony Plain on August 4th 2010 named Caffaro. even if the motorist was not specifically informed that he had been arrested. castles. (Take notice that no government entity. “If anyone has been dispossessed or removed by us without the lawful judgment of his peers. and further.any BAR member. 318 P. and criminal conviction. 58 I further DEMAND that The accused: The private man acting as the judge in Stony Plain on August 4th 2010 named Caffaro.. nor any “person” anywhere is . Winkle v. . however slight. the tyrant King George had passed An Act to Impose Taxes in Commerce Only which is located at George III. is a jury of My peers (We the people). after indictment. Woolworth Co. nor any “person” anywhere is competent or has any consent from me in any of My affairs as I absolutely waive all benefits. or from his right. “Any restraint.” Swetnam v. . . The private man acting as the federal crown prosecutor for CANADA named Adam Halliday . 372 Mich.” and further. in any way. let it be decided by the twenty and five barons of whom mention is made below…. or I DEMAND that this be brought before a jury.” People ex rel. the private woman Malina Rawluk acting as the prosecutor for the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA Stony Plain. 366.W. .F. nor any BAR member.2d 364. we will immediately restore them to him. constitutes an “arrest. 879. to make it perfectly clear that the only power the King extended to his agents in commerce was and is to regulate commerce upon commercial entities. Bannan. This enactment was accepted by CANADA in the act of Union 1840 and further was promulgated into the revised statutes of CANADA 1952 and again Revised in 1992 as unaltered and in force today. nor any “person” anywhere is competent or has any consent from me in any of My affairs as I absolutely waive all benefits. . and if a dispute arise over this. the private woman Malina Rawluk acting as the prosecutor for the PROVINCE OF ALBERTA Stony Plain. 292. 83 Ariz. 12. c. (Take notice that no government entity. The private man acting as the federal crown prosecutor for CANADA named Adam Halliday . and further. should know that after the US War of Independence was lost in 1778.

and reasonable and just. one of “Christ’s bondservants”. treason. complete. admissible as evidence. breach of trust. state and say that I issue this non statutory Asseveration/Affidavit of Truth with sincere intent in truth. correct. Me. Sealed . obstructing a minister. Sworn. that I am competent to state the matters set forth herein. intimidation. and will so testify in court. Autographed and sealed this day in August. and not a corporation or a fiction of any type. so it is done. kidnapping. and further.competent or has any consent from me in any of My affairs as I absolutely waive all benefit). and further. and further Further this minister of Christ sayeth not. Be prosecuted for perjury of oath. certain. by Me. ecclesiastic sovereign living soul. It has been said. two Thousand and Ten. or Myself. holder of the office of Christ’s minister and steward of God’s free grant of the the land of in Canada Currently travelling on the land of Alberta JURAT Alberta ) ) Subscribed. I. The Undersigned. and further. sedition to the Magna Carta. also known as Edward-Jay-Robin: Belanger house of Belanger. of Original Jurisdiction do herewith declare. nuisance. that the contents are true. and theft of Church property. in the year of our Lord. My. undersigned addressee. Ecclesiastically notarized Autographed and sealed in red ink on the land of Alberta. conversion. ______________________________________________ Minister Edward-Jay-Robin: house of Belanger.

Parkland County ) As a Ecclesiastical notary for Oaths. who is known to me. and a holder of the office of "Christ’s minister a freeman bondservant of the anointed of Jehovah".G. I hereby certify that EdwardJay-Robin: house of Belanger. currently travelling on the land of Alberta. in the year Two Thousand and Ten. Corinthians 7:2223. ________________________________________ Ecclesiatical Notary To all the private men and women acting as agents officers or fiduciaries of the corporate commercial entities known separately severally and in union with each other via a sworn oath of allegiance to God to be truly Allegiant to the Christian Monarch Elizabeth the second. who is a sovereign living soul. Lefever . an steward standing on the land of Canada. Vickery Chief Judge Edmonton The Honourable A.H. He did execute the foregoing document on this the _______ day of August. This is a criminal complaint of notice of criminal activities of the aforementioned accused to all the private men acting in the de facto positions indicated below as agents and de facto interlocking equities of her Majestys crown corporations and offices All of the below mentioned offices are occupied by private men…it is to those private men and women this is addressed to as notice of criminal complaint… Judges of the Provincial Court Calgary/Edmonton The Honourable A. and an officer of God’s court. appeared before me and after being duly sworn.

G.F. McNab Edmonton The Honourable Judge R.E.M. Day Edmonton The Honourable Judge D.D.J. Garriock Edmonton The Honourable Judge J.R.E. Ingram Edmonton The Honourable Judge N. Anderson Edmonton The Honourable Judge H. 2010 The Honourable Judge J.0. Mackie* St.E. Reilly Canmore The Honourable Judge T. Leveque Calgary The Honourable Judge W.R.G.T.T. Ayotte Stony Plain The Honourable Judge L. Fraser* St. Schollie Red Deer The Honourable Judge J.J.R.R. Gardner St.P. Burgess Edmonton The Honourable Judge S. Albert The Honourable Judge J.21 June. Groves Edmonton The Honourable Judge J. LeReverend Edmonton The Honourable Judge L.D.A. Maher Sherwood Park . Philp Edmonton The Honourable Judge M. Creagh Edmonton The Honourable Judge F.B.R. Caffaro Edmonton The Honourable Judge H.A.A. Malin Edmonton The Honourable Judge T. Wheatley Assistant Chief Judge The Honourable Judge M. Brand Medicine Hat The Honourable Judge P. Matchett Edmonton The Honourable Judge D. Paul The Honourable Judge B.G.J.R.W.L.J. Chisholm Edmonton The Honourable Judge F. Gaede Camrose The Honourable Judge D.W.K.M.G.J. Adilman Edmonton The Honourable Judge R. Lawrence Red Deer The Honourable Judge N. Pepler Calgary The Honourable Judge J.A. Bradley Edmonton The Honourable Judge D.H.A. Demetrick St.J. Henderson Edmonton The Honourable Judge E. Stevens-Guille Edmonton The Honourable Judge P. Albert The Honourable Judge H. Valgardson Edmonton The Honourable Judge E.G.G. Wenden Edmonton The Honourable Judge D.A. Walter Edmonton The Honourable Judge L. Jacques Fort McMurray The Honourable Judge P. Kerby Edmonton The Honourable Judge F. Tibbitt Vermilion The Honourable Judge S. Coward Lethbridge The Honourable Judge H.E. Wong* Edmonton Edmonton Region Edmonton The Honourable D. Albert The Honourable Judge B.R. Sully Edmonton The Honourable Judge D.M. Fuller Stony Plain The Honourable Judge C. Pahl Assistant Chief Judge The Honourable Judge P.W.L. Spence Edmonton The Honourable Judge R.R.L.C. Cleary Fort McMurray The Honourable Judge D.A Johnson Edmonton * denotes part-time Judges Alberta Rules of Court Binder 2010 Court Calendar 20. Chrumka* Edmonton The Honourable Judge S. Carminati Edmonton The Honourable Judge A.Deputy Chief Judge The Honourable Judge P.W. Allen* Edmonton The Honourable Judge L.P. Wood Edmonton Edmonton The Honourable J.M.G. Johnston Vermilion The Honourable Judge N. Bridges Edmonton The Honourable Judge M.D.M.

White Leduc The Honourable Judge K. Graham Calgary The Honourable Judge L. Simpson Assistant Chief Judge The Honourable Judge M.G.M.D.B. Mitchell Red Deer The Honourable Judge D.B.E. Cummings Calgary The Honourable Judge C.L. Delong Calgary The Honourable Judge G.R.L.M.A.0. Bascom Calgary The Honourable Judge P.R.F.J. Wilkins Assistant Chief Judge The Honourable Judge J.L. Deck Red Deer The Honourable Judge J. Millar Calgary . 2010 Northern Region Peace River The Honourable E. Golden Grande Prairie The Honourable Judge T.A. McIntosh Peace River The Honourable Judge G. Creighton Calgary Regional The Honourable Judge W. Norheim Hinton The Honourable Judge S.J.J.R. 2010 The Honourable Judge M. Hougestol Grande Prairie The Honourable Judge J.G. Kirkpatrick Calgary The Honourable Judge H.L. Holmes Red Deer The Honourable Judge J.J.E.D. Tjosvold Stony Plain The Honourable Judge M. Andreassen Camrose The Honourable Judge G.M.D. Paul * denotes part-time Judges Alberta Rules of Court Binder 2010 Court Calendar 20.A. Plosz Red Deer The Honourable Judge E. Dunnigan Calgary The Honourable Judge A.22 June.The Honourable Judge V.J. Hamilton Calgary The Honourable Judge I. Goodson High Prairie The Honourable Judge B. Lamoureux Calgary The Honourable Judge F. Barley Calgary Regional The Honourable Judge A.R.S. Peck* Sherwood Park The Honourable Judge D. Rostad* Camrose Calgary and Calgary Regional The Honourable R.G. Williams St.J.D. McIlhargey Calgary Regional The Honourable Judge G. Meagher Calgary The Honourable Judge B.0. Brown Calgary The Honourable Judge G.B.23 June. Maloney Calgary The Honourable Judge P.A. Fradsham Calgary The Honourable Judge B.J. Paul Peace River The Honourable Judge J.C. Myers Stony Plain The Honourable Judge L. Cioni* Calgary The Honourable Judge E.A. Gaschler Calgary The Honourable Judge M. Rosborough Wetaskiwin The Honourable Judge K.H. Grieve Calgary Regional The Honourable Judge S. Riemer* Red Deer The Honourable Judge B. Daniel Calgary * denotes part-time Judges Alberta Rules of Court Binder 2010 Court Calendar 20.D. Skinner Assistant Chief Judge The Honourable Judge W. Watson Grande Prairie Central Region Red Deer The Honourable W. Rae Fort Saskatchewan The Honourable Judge K.A. Hunter Red Deer The Honourable Judge J.R.W.E.A.A. Fraser Calgary The Honourable Judge G. Nemirsky Edmonton The Honourable Judge D.

Oishil Search the Next-Generation EDGAR System Search Results • • • • SEC Home » Search the Next-Generation EDGAR System » Company Search » Current Page Companies with names matching "CANADA" Click on CIK to view company filings Items 1 . Skene Calgary The Honourable Judge B. LeGrandeur Lethbridge The Honourable Judge S.8880 0000912239 CANADA MORTGAGE & HOUSING CORP SIC: 8888 .L.N. Hogan Lethbridge The Honourable Judge State/Country DC DC . Krinke Medicine Hat The Honourable Judge J. Van de Veen Calgary The Honourable Judge B.C.K. Shriar Calgary Regional The Honourable Judge C.J.M. Peterson Assistant Chief Judge The Honourable Judge G.W.C.R.The Honourable Judge J. Jacobson Lethbridge The Honourable Judge G.L.G.A.C.UNKNOWN SIC .B.C. Semenuk Calgary The Honourable Judge J. Fisher Medicine Hat The Honourable Judge D. Hironaka Lethbridge The Honourable Judge L. Stevenson* Calgary The Honourable Judge M.FOREIGN GOVERNMENTS http://www. DeBow Lethbridge The Honourable Judge F.sec. Ogle Calgary The Honourable Judge T. Tyndale Calgary The Honourable Judge S.2 CIK Company 0000230098 CANADA SIC: 8880 .L. Greaves Medicine Hat The Honourable Judge T.T. Veldhuis Calgary Southern Region Lethbridge The Honourable E.J.