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MICHAEL CHEVALIER 607-227-9790 | | http://www.linkedin.

com/in/michaelcheval ier CAREER SUMMARY Experienced Human Resource professional with broad expertise in employee relatio ns, performance management, organizational streamlining, and building management teams in diverse manufacturing companies. Serve as advisor to management teams on crucial human capital issues including succession planning, integration, comp ensation and legal compliance. Astute business partner that initiates and implem ents human resource programs to match business needs and bolster profitability a nd viability. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Gerdau Ameristeel, Sayreville, NJ - HR Manager 2007-2011 the world's fifth largest steel company Managed Human Resources in two steel mills, one non-union and one unionized. Managed all human resources activities at these locations, with a team of six, w ith generalists, trainers and administrators as direct reports. * Revamped the site senior staff, replacing 4 managers with effective hires, usi ng competency modeling. * Teamed with site Continuous Improvement staff to deploy Operations into a 'no supervisor' operation mode, reducing supervisor staff of 35 by 40%. * Recommended and installed a team training package for 280 hourly employees, re sulting in no active supervision on evenings and weekends. * Identified and quashed a 'soft' union drive in mid-2007, avoiding a significan t cultural disruption and the cost of combating a full union drive. * Improved critical performance levels by site electricians by creating a skills building program, reducing hours spent on M&R by 25% and avoiding staffing incr ease, saving an estimated $100,000 per year. * Addressed productivity issues by creating a new shop employee evaluation, focu sed on skills measurement and teaming success, resulting in an accurate picture of training needs, per employee. Productivity rose 10% in one year. * Addressed a 5% retention rate for hourly new hires by introducing Employee Mod eling to the hiring function, resulted in a new retention rate of 60%. * Facilitated positive culture change by deploying a communication and focus gro up program that raised Corporate Employee Survey results for non-union site from 7th place in 2007 to Best Practice for measures on trust of management, job sa tisfaction and living by core beliefs in 2010. * Mentored a struggling expatriate senior leader over three years. Promoted to a site VP/GM in 2010. * Reduced backlog of grievances at union mill, shaping harmonious relationship t hat minimized future filing. Saved an estimated $50K per year. * Recruited and developed a generalist for union mill, promoted to HR Manager in 15 months. Contract Consulting, self-employed 2006-2007 Provided Safety and HR Policy consulting for a diverse set of clients, including Ingersoll Rand and Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals. Alcan Packaging, Washington, NJ - HR Manager 2004-2006 A designer/manufacturer of cosmetics packaging * Provided integration expertise during acquisition phase by Alcan * Partnered with turnaround specialist to remove location from discontinued stat us. * Created staggered work schedule to meet production demand and avoid significan t increases in overtime and new hires. Estimated savings of $200K per year.

* Addressed rampant absenteeism with a new policy that reduced the rate to under 1% and saved $500K in overtime, year over year. * Recruited and managed an EHS specialist, led the facility to ISO 14000 status in less than 12 months. LRC Electronics, Elmira, NY - HR Manager 1996-2003 A designer/manufacturer of cable systems hardware * Managed the HR, Environmental, Training and Safety functions for an initial em ployee base of 800. Total staff was 19. * Revamped hourly compensation with a combination of skills based reward and ach ievement based promotion, helped to increase productivity by 100% over 3 years. * Installed a four (4) shift operation for facility in 60 days, reduced capital spending by more than $1M. * Ramped up site manning to 1300 employees in an 11 month surge. * Convinced corporate management to allow a local self-insured medical plan, sav ed an estimated $1.2M over 2 year period when compared to a fully insured model. * Defeated powerful organizing drive by the IAM through new communications progr ams resulting in no significant employee participation. ABB Traction, Elmira, NY - HR Director 1994-1996 A designer and manufacturer of subway cars, now discontinued * Managed the HR & Safety functions for an initial employee base of 800. * Established a new HR policy suite, including broad banding compensation. Parti cipated in a JV process, with ABBT becoming part of Daimler Benz. Lockheed Martin, Orlando, FL 1981-1994 One of the world's largest defense contractors * Progressed from Technical Recruiter to HR Lead while rotating through assignme nts in Labor & Employee Relations, Recruiting & direct Project Support. EDUCATION BA - Anthropology, University of Maine, Portland, Maine CERTIFICATIONS AND SEMINARS Six Sigma Green Belt, SPC/Lean Certification Strategic HR and Modern Corporate Finance - Cornell Mutual Gains Negotiation - Harvard Project Management - SUNY Binghamton