Opening Statement: We apologize for the correct general impression that
there was a total failure of the Occupy Now movement to motivate Authority to implement even 1 demand made by literally millions of people in thousands of communities. AND it's because focusing on any one issue was subverted by Authority,.who responded with indifference or violence

This fundamental flaw has been fixed by starting a WORLD
COMMITTEE that offers leadership by example by providing any Occupy Now community a structure and tools like pamphlets to demonstrate THAT: With just Peaceful inTENT and planning that the sky will not fall from a GENERAL STRIKE and this can be achieved by supporting what Margaret Meed called a small group of dedicated individuals who can act, and in fact it's the only thing that has worked WE'RE FOCUSSED ON ONE-ISSUE which still is the 1st demand of every Occupy community that really is the core issue to all demands NAMELY: We demand to be governed under the Articles of the 1948 United Nations' DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS and due to the fact that this basic minimum cannot be recognized anywhere means a general strike is the only alternative to tyranny

We the 99% simply can't afford this experiment of defining Democracy to be: “By the people for the ECONOMY“ It was skeptically called “Reaganomics” when it was introduced and we were asked to be patient until it was fully implemented and 30-years later, we the people [the 99%] must Peacefully rise to say “No, we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it anymore!” DEAD THINGS [aka CORPORATIONS] rule the world = NEW WORLD ORDER
It's high time to say WORKERS OF THE WORLD RELAX - it's self evident that The mere mention of a general strike will cause Authority to bash heads of any protester - Even civilized countries [like England] turn into pigs against common citizens AND equally so – some protestors want this confrontation, which happens every time we focus on the real target [not some decoy] - Does that mean we must never challenge the real issue? /Of course not... With this OCCUPY WORLD initiative we can project a real way to wage Peace in order to create a Peaceful resolution This can be done by simply not going to work from May 1st on AND plan on staying off until authority demonstrates genuine reform to return to Constitutional law by respecting every line of the 1948 Original U.N. DECLARATION OF HUMAN RIGHTS IF WE DON'T ACT NOW then when? - What is being initiated is this question: What if we started a revolution and nobody showed up? For more info go to: www.facebook,com/Occupy World