KTE-300 Camera Housing

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.......13 APPENDIX B: USING THE KTE-100/200-PA POLE MOUNT ADAPTER...........................4 1 2 3 4 5 MOUNTING THE BRACKET ................................................................................................17 ADVANCE REPLACEMENT POLICY ....................5 OPENING THE BACK COVER ................................................15 WARRANTY AND RETURN INFORMATION ..........................................................6 ATTACHING THE HOUSING AND CAMERA ................................................KTE-300 Camera Housing Table of Contents TABLE OF CONTENTS BEFORE YOU BEGIN .............................................................10 4...........................17 1040243A / December 2002 3 .......................................10 CLOSING THE HOUSING ........................7 MAKING CABLE CONNECTIONS ...........11 APPENDIX A: USING THE KTE-100/200-UA UNIVERSAL ADAPTER MOUNT .........................1 CONNECTING TO CAMERAS .................................

Before You Begin KTE-300 Camera Housing BEFORE YOU BEGIN Read these instructions before installing or operating this product. Conventions Used in this Manual Boldface or button icons highlight command entries. Note: This installation should be made by a qualified service person and should conform to local codes. and Note statements identify potential hazards: * WARNING: Improper use of this equipment can cause severe bodily injury or equipment damage. and troubleshooting this product. operating. refer to this document and any other documentation provided. * This symbol indicates electrical warnings and cautions. The following WARNING. ** This symbol indicates general warnings and cautions. This manual provides installation and operation information. Kalatel division Call: 800-469-1676 Fax: 541-752-9096 Note: You should be at the equipment. To use this document. you must have the following minimum qualifications: • A basic knowledge of CCTV systems and components • A basic knowledge of electrical wiring and low-voltage electrical hookups Use this product only for the purpose for which it was designed. ready with details before calling Technical Support. maintaining. 4 1040243A / December 2002 . Note: Notes contain important information about a product or procedure. contact Kalatel Technical Support: GE Interlogix. If you still have questions. Customer Support For assistance in installing. ** CAUTION: Improper use of this equipment can cause equipment damage. CAUTION.

2) 3) Prepare the mounting holes appropriately according to the type of surface (concrete. Note: If you are using the KTE-100/200-UA Universal Adapter Mount or KTE100/200-PA Pole Mount Adapter.) and fasteners used. Feed the cables through the mounting bracket. There should be at least 28 inches (71 cm) of free cable to run through the housing and make connections. see the appendices for installation instructions. remove one of the slot covers on the mounting bracket to provide an opening for the cable to enter. 4) 5) Cables protruding from bracket Mounting Bracket Slot cover Cables protruding from mounting surface Figure 1. ensure that it is level. and mark the location of the four mounting holes. Mounting the bracket 1040243A / December 2002 5 . etc. If the cables are attached externally to the mounting surface. 1) Place the mounting plate against the vertical mounting surface. see Figure 1 and perform the following. Attach the bracket to the mounting surface with appropriate fasteners.KTE-300 Camera Housing Mounting the Bracket 1 MOUNTING THE BRACKET Ensure that cables are accessible at the chosen mounting location prior to the installation of the bracket. wood. To attach the bracket to the mounting surface.

Opening the back cover 6 1040243A / December 2002 . To open the back cover. Swing the back cover up.Opening the Housing KTE-300 Camera Housing 2 1) 2) 3) OPENING THE BACK COVER Slide the sunshield forward at least 4 inches (10 cm). Sunshield Back cover screw Back cover Figure 2. see Figure 2 and perform the following. Use a screwdriver to loosen and remove the screw in the back cover of the housing.

Attaching the housing to the bracket. Cables passing through the swivel head on the housing Cable opening Attachment screw Figure 3. 1040243A / December 2002 7 . Note: The attachment screw should be loose enough that the swivel head can still rotate in the bracket opening. Use a screwdriver to tighten the attachment screw into the swivel head. Line the base of the swivel head up over the cable opening and attachment screw in the bracket. Feed the cables through the swivel head. see Figure 3 and perform the following. 1) 2) 3) 4) Grip the swivel head and allow the housing to hang toward the ground.KTE-300 Camera Housing Attaching the Housing and Camera 3 ATTACHING THE HOUSING AND CAMERA To attach the housing to the bracket.

Opening the housing 1) 2) Use a screwdriver to loosen the two body screws and the outer slide screw until the body is loose. 1040243A / December 2002 8 . see Figure 5 and perform the following.Attaching the Housing and Camera KTE-300 Camera Housing When you feed the cables through the swivel head. Slack should be left in the cables inside the swivel head To open the housing. leave enough slack to allow for adjustments in the position of the housing. Slide the body along the runners until the body hangs from the end of the outer slide. (See Figure 4) Figure 4. Body screw Body Runners Outer slide screw Outer slide Figure 5.

Feeding the cables into the housing and attaching the camera 1) 2) Refer to your camera manual to make the necessary setup adjustments to the camera before installing. Confirm that the camera is centered and directed properly before securing it completely. To install the camera into the housing. 1040243A / December 2002 9 . Feed the cables through the cable glands. Cable glands Camera Camera bolt Inner slide Figure 6.KTE-300 Camera Housing Attaching the Housing and Camera To feed the cables into the housing see Figure 6 and perform the following. Use the provided camera bolt to attach the camera to the inner slide. leaving some slack between the cable glands and swivel head. 1) 2) 3) Loosen the ring nuts on the cable glands and remove the plugs. see Figure 6 and perform the following. Note: The camera bolt is shipped in a small bag inside the camera housing. Tighten the ring nuts on the cable glands so that the cables are gripped tightly.

Camera cable connections 10 1040243A / December 2002 . Cable connections to the KTE-300 housing panel 4. 24 VAC out to camera 24 VAC out to blower (optional) Heater (connected at factory) 24 VAC in (Heater requires 24 VAC 13W) (Blower requires 24 VAC 4W) Figure 7.1 CONNECTING TO CAMERAS To make cable connections to the camera see Figure 8.Making Cable Connections KTE-300 Camera Housing 4 MAKING CABLE CONNECTIONS Make cable connections to the panel inside the housing as shown in Figure 7. 24 VAC Video Figure 8.

Body screws Body Runners Outer slide screw Outer slide Inner slide Figure 9. Closing the housing 1) 2) 3) 4) Lift the body so that it extends directly out from the end of the outer slide.KTE-300 Camera Housing Closing the Housing 5 CLOSING THE HOUSING To close the housing. see Figure 9 and perform the following. Slide the body along the runners of the outer slide until the body fits snugly against the back wall of the housing. 1040243A / December 2002 11 . Lower the inner slide and camera so they can slide into the body. Use a screwdriver to tighten the two body screws and the outer slide screw.

Securing the back cover and sunshield 1) 2) 3) Swing the back cover down until it fits over the swivel head.Closing the Housing KTE-300 Camera Housing To secure the back cover and sunshield. see Figure 10 and perform the following. Back cover screw Back cover Sun shield Runners on housing Figure 10. 12 1040243A / December 2002 . Insert the sunshield into the runners on the housing and slide completely to the back. Tighten the back cover screw.

The universal adapter comes with the screws required to attach the KTE-300 to the adapter. The KTA adapters and brackets come with the connection bolts required to attach them to the universal adapter. Figure 11.KTE-300 Camera Housing Appendix A APPENDIX A: USING THE KTE-100/200-UA UNIVERSAL ADAPTER MOUNT Use the universal adapter mount to attach the KTE-300 housing to the KTA-25 Corner-Mount Adapter. Inserting connection bolts through the front access holes into the rear mounting holes 1) Line up the rear mounting holes of the universal adapter mount with the corresponding holes on the KTA adapter. 1040243A / December 2002 13 . KTA-29 Parapet Capping Brackets. KTA-27 Roof-Mount Adapter. see Figure 11 and Figure 12 and perform the following. or KTA-26 Pole-Mount Adapter. To install the Universal Adapter Mount.

Attach the adapters to the mounting surface.Appendix A KTE-300 Camera Housing 2) 3) 4) Pass the bolts and washer through the front access holes and seat them in the rear mounting holes. Installing the universal mount adapter with the KTA-25 Corner-Mount Adapter. Secure the bolts. return to Section 2. 14 1040243A / December 2002 . Figure 12. Feed the cables through the pass-through holes on both adapters. To complete the housing installation.

If the cables are routed inside the pole. The KTA-26 uses adjustable metal straps to connect to the pole. feed them from the pole through the adapter and bracket. washers and nuts. use the KTA-26 Pole Mount Adapter.KTE-300 Camera Housing Appendix B APPENDIX B: USING THE KTE-100/200-PA POLE MOUNT ADAPTER To use the KTE-100/200-PA Pole Mount adapter to mount the KTE-300 to a pole see Figure 13 and Figure 14 and perform the following. 2) 3) 1040243A / December 2002 15 . remove one of the slot covers on the KTE-300 mounting bracket (Figure 1). Note: If the pole you are using has a circumference too large for the KTE-100/200-PA. Attaching the KTE-300 bracket to one side of the pole-mount adapter. 1) If you are using cables that are external to the mounting pole. Figure 13. Attach the KTE-300 mounting bracket to one side of the polemount adapter with the provided 2-inch bolts.

5-inch. 5) 6) Figure 14. Tighten the bolts firmly to ensure that the bracket and housing are securely attached to the pole. whichever is appropriate for the circumference of the pole. feed them into the hole opened by the removal of the slot cover (Figure 1) and through the housing bracket. 16 1040243A / December 2002 . return to Section 2. Attaching the KTE-300 and pole-mount adapter to a pole with internal cables. To complete the housing installation.Appendix B KTE-300 Camera Housing 4) Use either the 6. or 1. to couple the two sides of the adapter around the pole. 3.5 inch bolts. If the cables are external to the pole.5-inch.

We will hold equipment no longer than two weeks. The received equipment will be evaluated and the repair department will determine whether it is a warranty replacement. will cover all costs. If we are unable to reach the contact person for repair authorization after one phone attempt and two fax attempts. GE Interlogix. If a customer requests a faster return shipment. labor. For all warranty repairs. Kalatel division. Repaired equipment will be returned via the same method of shipment in which it was received.KTE-300 Camera Housing Warranty and Return Information WARRANTY AND RETURN INFORMATION GE Interlogix. The repair department will evaluate all equipment returned for repair to determine warranty coverage. GE Interlogix. GE Interlogix. 1040243A / December 2002 17 . which carry a 12-month warranty from the date of purchase. the difference will be charged. will replace the product with new equipment. • From 45 days to 1 year from purchase. Note: The three-year warranty does not apply to the following products: ® MobileView and the monitor CRT. Kalatel division. and shipping. the equipment will be returned without being repaired. or acts of nature are not covered by this warranty. equipment failures that are due to improper installation. The following guidelines will be used for all advance replacements: • Fewer than 45 days from purchase. modification. including parts. the product must be sent in for repair. warrants its equipment for three years from the date of purchase. labor. If you have questions about this policy. will replace the product with refurbished equipment. and shipping. The Tech Support Manager will resolve any questions that may arise during evaluation to make a final determination. For all non-warranty repairs. • From 1 year to 3 years from purchase. Note: Customers requesting an estimate prior to repair will be notified by phone. they will be notified by fax. we will send the customer replacement equipment from our stock and receive the returned product in exchange. Kalatel division. ADVANCE REPLACEMENT POLICY When an advance replacement is required. Kalatel division. abuse. If it is non-warranty. If they cannot be reached. Labor will be billed in half-hour increments. please contact Kalatel’s RMA department at 800-469-1676. This warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship only. see our repair policy above for details. Advance replacements will be sent for a fee of $100. the customer will be billed for parts.

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