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Acknowledgment of Receipt of Employee Manual Mission Vision Philosophy Brief History of SJMS SECTION 1 - INTRODUCTION 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 1.6 Changes in Policy Employment Applications Employment Procedures: Process and Orientation Employment Relationship Employment Guidelines Kinds of Employment

SECTION 2 - EMPLOYMENT POLICIES & PRACTICES 2.1 Non-Discrimination 2.2 Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality 2.3 New Employee Orientation 2.4 Office Hours 2.5 Lunch Periods 2.6 Break Periods 2.7 Personnel Files 2.8 Personnel Data Changes 2.9 Inclement Weather/Emergency Closings 2.10 Performance Review and Planning Sessions 2.11 Outside Employment 2.12 Corrective Action 2.13 Employment Termination 2.14 Safety 2.15 Health Related Issues 2.16 Employee Requiring Medical Attention 2.17 Building Security 2.18 Insurance on Personal Effects 2.19 Supplies; Expenditures; Obligating the Company 2.20 Expense Reimbursement 2.21 Cash Advances 2.22 Conflicts of Interest


SECTION 3 - STANDARDS OF CONDUCT 3.1 Attendance/Punctuality 3.2 Absence Without Notice 3.3 Harassment, including Sexual Harassment 3.4 Public Image 3.5 Formal Grievances 3.6 Deployed Employee/Client Relations 3.7 Confidentiality 3.8 Categories of Intervention 3.9 Accident 3.10 Acceptance of Gifts SECTION 4 - WAGE AND SALARY POLICIES 4.1 4.2 4.3 4.4 4.5 Wage or Salary Increases Timekeeping Paydays Payroll Deductions Allowances

SECTION 5 - BENEFITS AND SERVICES 5.1 5.2 5.3 5.4 5.5 Insurance Social Security/Medical Benefits Record Keeping Holidays Training and Professional Development

SECTION 6 - EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONS 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4 Staff Meetings Bulletin Boards Suggestion Box Procedure for Handling Complaints

Appendix Island Merchants Corporation (IMC) Table of Disciplinary Actions


It supersedes all prior agreements. no other designated officer in SJMS has sole authority to enter into agreement. I understand and agree that it is my responsibility to read and familiarize myself with the policies and procedures contained in this handbook. express or implied. signed by the Manager or to any properly delegated authority as inevitable circumstance requires. Further. I understand and agree that nothing in this Employee Manual creates or is intended to create a promise or representation of continued employment may be terminated at the will of either SJMS or myself and that my signature herein certifies that I understand the sole and entire agreement between SJMS and myself concerning the duration of my employment and the circumstances under which my employment may be terminated. and working conditions at any time.Acknowledgment of Receipt of SJMS Employee Manual I have received my copy of the SJMS Employee Manual. or to make any agreement for employment. only the Manager has the legal authority to make any such agreement and then only in writing. I understand and agree that other than the Manager of SJMS. and representations concerning my employment with the Company. SJMS properly reserves the right to change the hours. for employment at any specific period of time. wages. understandings. I understand that any and all policies or practices can be changed at any time by SJMS. Print Name _____________________________________ Employee’s Signature ______________________________________ Date ______________________________________ 4 .

SJMS is committed to increase employment opportunities in Dumaguete City by making available to businesses and other clients competent. and values-oriented personnel. Diocese of Dumaguete. To provide the people of Dumaguete City a decent and sustainable employment in order to improve their socioeconomic conditions.St. 5 . Joseph Seminary College. qualified. competent. and zealous workforce that would approximate the kind of service expected of them. Joseph Manpower Services (SJMS) is a person-centered and values-oriented manpower agency composed and organized by competent former college seminarians of St. who have the collective passion for social change and preferential option for the poor. 2. To instill into the local community’s consciousness the value of honest work in order to effect a vibrant business environment in the City of Dumaguete. 3. MISSION 1. To supply businesses or client-partners with responsible. To regularly monitor our deployed workforce in order to ensure competency and consistency of their character. and 4.

there happens to be a small band of young men with shared ideals and common goals and whose fraternal respect and affection for each other have crossed the boundaries of time and space. They are some of the best young people you can find in society today. every Christian is made to serve the least and the dehumanized. a victim of Stage 4 Breast Cancer. a sincere and concerted effort in order to extend financial assistance to the late Mrs. After all. Joseph Manpower Services (SJMS) was born. for the better chapter of their youth. on October 17. On that special night. loving wife of Adrian Antique. a golden idea of establishing a manpower agency was born out of their desire to help more poor people especially the unemployed. Joseph Seminary College. as the fire of charity was burning great in their hearts. 2011. their Alma Mater. Therefore. After all. They realized the fact that there lies a very wide abyss between the urban poor and the surging economic conditions even in Dumaguete City alone. They are young professionals whose individual lives have made considerable impact on their chosen various fields and advocacies. The brothers ended up staging the relatively historic Verses for Lea: An Evening of Music and Poetry. As fate would have it. one night in September 2011. Husband of Mary. They felt that they had to collectively articulate into concrete praxis their response to the Gospel and love for the Church. one of their own. in rhythm with the 52nd Foundation Day of SJSC. They are the former seminarians of St. Joseph. they were nourished by the virtues and ideals of dear St. it would be truly living God’s Word in its best humanitarian sense. Patron and Guide. The brothers witnessed the sacred blessing 6 . the day after the birthday of the Blessed Virgin Mary. After all.BRIEF HISTORY In this contemporary world of fleeting friendships and temporary affiliations. their creativity and sensitivity to the needs of others were challenged into an acid test. St. Lea Aguinaldo Antique. They pondered on how to practically articulate the social doctrines of the Church in their own way.

digesting. Our working objective has always been to provide you with a work 7 . understanding. and it finally opened the floodgates of gifts and challenges for SJMS as the agency is about to face the call to serve and love the poor in the way Jesus did. This necessarily means that it applies to the Executive Committee as well as to the deployed personnel assigned and under contract with the clientele of SJMS although majority of the items and statements contained herein are more specifically intended for the latter than the former. Poblacion 3. Carmelito Q. benefits. In brief. Jr. with St. The rites were presided over by Rev. Indeed.. The policies described in this Employee Manual are considered as strict conditions of continued employment. which are presented here only as a matter of quality corporate information. Colon Street. love conquers all. SECTION 1 INTRODUCTION This Employee Manual is designed to fully acquaint you. (Batch ’97). our valued Employee. However. Fr. the information contained in this Manual applies to all employees of SJMS. Joseph Manpower Services (SJMS). The contents of this Manual shall not constitute nor be construed as a promise of employment or as a contract between SJMS and any of its employees. In a word. Love always finds a way. this Employee Manual is a summary of our agreed policies. Dumaguete City. and complying with the provisions of this Employee Manual. and policies directly affecting your employment.and grand opening of their second-floor office at Kwan Bldg. You are personally responsible for reading. your Company of value. nothing in this Manual necessarily alters an employee’s status. and provide you with enough information about your working conditions. Limbaga.

change. the members of the Executive Committee. will be effective on the dates determined by the Company. Be that as it may. reserve the right to interpret. and beneficial to both your personal and professional growth both as a Christian and as an individual worthy of utmost respect. and memos that may have been issued from time to time on pertinent subjects already covered in this Manual. transparent. The following items are to be highly considered under this section: 1. SJMS has no room to do further research in this concern. or material omissions in any of this information or data may result in exclusion of the individual from further consideration for employment or.1 CHANGES IN POLICY This Employee Manual supersedes all previous employee manuals. 1. termination of employment. Such policy changes.2 EMPLOYMENT APPLICATIONS We rely upon the accuracy of information contained in the submitted employment application and the accuracy of other data presented throughout the hiring process and employment. however.environment that is constructive. However. If you are uncertain. 1. Inasmuch as verification to such submitted data is generally recommendable. falsifications. procedures. if ever. The Manager has the sole authority to enter into an Employment Contract with a properly-evaluated applicant. please confer courteously with your Station Supervisor assigned in your work area. That is why. and after those dates all superseded policies will be construed as null and void. doubtful or dissatisfied about any policy or procedure herein. or dispute with or without notice all or any part of our policies. and benefits at any given time. any misrepresentations. cancel. 8 . we. if the person has been hired. no individual supervisor or manager or member of the Executive Committee has the sole authority to change policies at any time without going through the motions and processes with the Executive Committee as a governing body. since our business is subject to change and amendment. We will notify all employees of these emergency changes. suspend. correspondences.

and with the employee in focus. Availability of work. to wit.2. 1. is mandatory to all employees. however. a mutually acceptable starting date must be determined between SJMS. and you are free to resign at any time for any reason or no reason at all. If ever a change of job is effected. This particular 9 . 5. However. however. The Manager. an employer-employee relationship only exists between a deployed employee and SJMS within the duration of a contract. 4. Executive Secretary. However. its client concerned. outside the bounds of a duly notarized employment contract there is no connection with you and this Company. workshops. As is relatively normal in contract-based employment. Therefore. deployed employees will not be eligible to transfer until the contract in question is satisfied. such occurrence reasonably rests also in a joint agreement between SJMS and its client concerned. in a constructive and humanitarian manner. 3. SJMS is free also to conclude its relationship with you or with any employee at any time for any reason or no reason at all. Marketing Supervisor. Similarly. and Station Supervisor(s). depends so much on the posted positions given to SJMS by its clientele.3 EMPLOYMENT RELATIONSHIP You understand that you enter into employment in this Company voluntarily. trainings. it must be noted that there are two kinds of employees: Managerial Employees Managerial employees refer to those whose primary duty consists of the frontline management of SJMS in which they are employed. This possibility also considers the best interests of SJMS and that there are also no impediments whatsoever from the applicant’s end. Here in SJMS. They are. Any unreasonable absence to these job-related occasions is considered a major form of negligence and will gravely affect future employment. SJMS though. would strive to renew your expired contract with our client insofar as the same need would still be in existence from our client’s end. Attendance to job orientations. seminars.

10 .employment is not necessarily based on a formal contract but on a mutual. fraternal agreement between them as courageous founding pioneers of SJMS. Deployed Employees Otherwise known also as Field Employees. and are performing particular tasks based on what is legitimately required of them. this description refers to all SJMS personnel who are bound in their respective contracts for specific projects based on specifications warranted by our clients.

including selection. sex. Employees with questions or concerns about discrimination in the workplace are encouraged to bring these issues to the attention of their Station Supervisor. discriminate anyone in employment opportunities or practices because of race. and abilities. religion. Employees can raise concerns and make reports. including termination of employment. qualifications. Such confidential information includes. employment decisions at SJMS will be based on a contracted project. color. merit.1 NON-DISCRIMINATION In order to provide equal employment and advancement opportunities to all skilled individuals. termination.SECTION 2 EMPLOYMENT POLICIES 2. SJMS does not.2 NON-DISCLOSURE/CONFIDENTIALITY The protection of confidential business information and trade secrets is vital to the interests and success of SJMS. discipline. Anyone found to be engaging in unlawful discrimination act will be subject to stern disciplinary action. written or oral. job assignment. and access to benefits and training. compensation. both as an organization of former seminarians and as a Company engaged in manpower services. SJMS will make reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with known disabilities unless doing so would result in an undue hardship or embarrassment. in any way. national origin. 2. age or disability. the following examples: • • • • • • • Compensation data Financial information Marketing strategies Pending projects and proposals Proprietary production processes Personnel/Payroll records Conversations between any persons associated with the company 11 . This policy governs all aspects of employment. but is not limited to. without fear of reprisal.

m. SJMS employees who improperly use or disclose trade secrets or confidential business information will be subject to disciplinary action. The new employee’s Station Supervisor then introduces the new hire to SJMS Executive Committee and reviews his/her job description. except for Sundays and Holidays (See Section 5. 2. and Company goals. 2. and complete any necessary paperwork as mandated by the Labor Code. even if they do not actually benefit from the disclosed information in any way. to 5 p. and objectives. 12 .m. and mission. Lunch breaks generally are taken between the hours of 12 noon to 1:00 p. the new employee will be given an overview of benefits. and prepared for his/her designated position.5 LUNCH PERIODS SJMS employees are allowed a one-hour lunch break. and helps the new employee get started on specific functions.4 OFFICE HOURS SJMS office is open for business from 8 a. and scope of position.3 NEW EMPLOYEE ORIENTATION Employee orientation is a formal welcoming process that is essentially designed to make the new employee feel comfortable. tax deductions. Monday to Saturday. documentary requirements and legal issues. A copy of this Manual shall then be sold to the new employee at a reasonable price so that this would serve as a personal and handy reference to crucial eventualities and situations in the workplace. informed about the Company. including termination of employment and legal action.All SJMS employees are required to sign a mandatory nondisclosure agreement as a prior condition of employment.4. vision. specifics.m. 2. This includes an overview of the Company history. philosophy. Holidays). explains the Company’s evaluation procedures. In addition. This stage also includes a thorough explanation of this SJMS Employee’s Manual. an explanation of the Company core values.

this policy is only strictly applicable to SJMS Staff who are officially stationed in office. merchandising. However. 2. résumé. they must notify their Station Supervisor to discuss time away from work and make provisions as necessary. the employee may review his/her personnel file in SJMS’s office and in the presence of the Manager and the Executive Secretary. salary history. With reasonable advance notice and proper permission. Personal business should be. This policy does not necessarily affect them especially if they are involved in delivery. including termination. and mentoring. As such. job description. Personnel files are to be considered as property of SJMS. 2. as much as possible. records of disciplinary action and other pertinent documents related to employee performance reviews. and other related field assignments. Deployed SJMS personnel have their own relative schedules in relation to their varied work assignments.8 PERSONNEL DATA CHANGES It is the clear responsibility of each employee to promptly notify their Station Supervisor or Executive Secretary of any change in 13 . conducted on the employee’s own time apart from his working hours. records of participation in training and other related events. Employees who wish to review their own file should contact their Station Supervisor. employees who do not adhere to the break policy will be subject to disciplinary action.on a staggered schedule so that absence does not create a problem for co-workers or clients. 2.7 PERSONNEL FILES SJMS employee personnel files initially include the following: job application. Management personnel of SJMS who have a legitimate reason and proper permission from the Executive Committee to review such files are allowed to do so provided they exercise discretion. coaching. and access to such exclusive information is legally restricted.6 BREAK PERIODS If SJMS employees have unexpected personal business to take care of.

Pag-IBIG. the planning sessions are designed for the employee and his/her supervisor to make and agree on new goals. When an abrupt decision is made to temporarily close the office. employee and supervisor discuss ways in which the employee can accomplish goals or learn new skills in his assigned work. and discuss positive. PhilHealth. and others Photocopy of Driver’s License (optional) NBI/Police/Barangay Clearance (as necessary) An SJMS employee’s personnel data should be accurate. 2. new approaches and systems of management skills. The decision to close the SJMS office due to a particular urgent need will be made by any member of the Executive Committee.personnel data such as: • • • • • • • Mailing address Telephone number(s) Name and number of dependents Individuals to be contacted in the event of an emergency SSS. SJMS employees will receive official notification from their respective Station Supervisors.10 EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE REVIEW AND PLANNING SESSIONS Station Supervisors will conduct mandatory performance reviews and planning sessions with all SJMS employees after every six months of service. and other weighty 14 . fires. emergencies such as severe weather. purposeful approaches for meeting work-related goals. Performance reviews and planning sessions are designed for the respective Station Supervisors and the SJMS employees to discuss his/her current job tasks. and current at all times to avoid further complications in office documentation. In a word. encourage and recognize attributes. 2. Station Supervisors may conduct informal performance reviews and planning sessions more often if they choose or as the need warrants these. TIN.9 INCLEMENT WEATHER/EMERGENCY CLOSINGS At times. Together. transparent. or power failures can disrupt company operations.

a written warning.11 DEPLOYMENT SJMS employees who hold outside jobs as “deployed workers” in contractual basis should meet the performance standards of their job description. The usual sequence of corrective actions includes initial counseling. 2. are initially according to the guidelines set henceforth by a respective SJMS client. This is very important in order that the ideals and visions of the pioneering founders would find their temporal completion and significance. will be subject to the client’s scheduling demands and work assignments during the duration of an agreed employment contract. That is. As these are necessarily SJMS property and assigned to specific employees with proper documentation from the Executive Secretary. This also means that our corrective action is not judgmental or prejudicial. SJMS expects the immediate employee’s Station Supervisor to take appropriate corrective action to contain the situation. may be used in the area concerned as the job description so requires. These particular standards. they. Thus. final warning. however. 2. it openly allows the rule of reason and of law to unfold such situations so that a fitting Christian approach could be applied with respect and dignity to the employee concerned. When it happens that an employee errs or deviates from these established rules and standards. In deciding which initial corrective action 15 . the action taken in response to a rule infraction or violation of standards typically follows a pattern increasing in seriousness until the infraction or violation is corrected. provided there is proper storage. and maintenance of the same. any loss. repair or damage to such equipment shall be automatically shouldered by the employee whose name appears in the official borrower’s card. when necessary in maximizing optimum service. Rather. SJMS equipment and materials.12 CORRECTIVE ACTION SJMS holds each of its employees to certain work rules and standards of conduct. Corrective action at SJMS is essentially progressive. and ultimately termination of employment. as recipients of job positions.areas for both personal and professional improvement. safety.

or an employee. 16 . However. or training 7) Divulging SJMS business practices 8) Misrepresentations of SJMS to a customer.13 EMPLOYMENT TERMINATION Termination of employment is an inevitable scenario of personnel activity within any organization. As the pioneering and governing body. SJMS considers certain rule infractions and violations of standards as grounds for immediate termination of employment. When an employee intends to terminate his/her employment with SJMS. skills. all the circumstances surrounding the matter. This is intended so that SJMS would truly be a manpower agency that is truly dictated by an informed Christian conscience. a Station Supervisor will consider thoroughly the seriousness of the infraction. he/she shall give SJMS at least two (2) weeks written notice. This is done through a formal letter addressed to the Manager thru his/her immediate Station Supervisor. Thus. These include but are not limited to: 1) Theft in any form 2) Insubordinate behavior 3) Vandalism or destruction of company property 4) Being on company property during non-business hours 5) The use of company equipment without prior authorization 6) Untruthfulness about personal work history. Below are a few examples of some of the most common circumstances under which employment is terminated:    Resignation – voluntary employment termination initiated by an employee. and the employee’s previous record. any pronounced judgment by the Executive Committee in the light of the violations listed above is deemed irrevocable. 2. public or private. Layoff – involuntary employment termination initiated by SJMS for non-disciplinary reasons.would be appropriate. Termination – involuntary employment termination initiated by SJMS. the general public. SJMS Executive Committee has the final decision in this matter. and many of the reasons for termination are routine. though committed to a progressive approach to corrective action.

regardless of how insignificant the injury may appear. employees should notify their Station Supervisor for immediate appropriate action. or fail to report. Employee’s benefits will be affected by employment termination in the following manner. his/her termination of employment must undergo the motions of an executive hearing and shall be evaluated by the Executive Committee. conditions. In the case of an accident that results in injury. may be subject to disciplinary action including possible termination of employment. 17 . Deployed employees must immediately report any unsafe conditions to their Station Supervisor. both the employee and SJMS have the right to terminate employment at will. however.14 SAFETY SJMS provides information to employees about workplace safety and health issues through regular internal communication such as:      Training sessions Team meetings Bulletin board postings Memoranda Other written communications Each SJMS employee is expected to obey safety rules and exercise caution and common sense in all work activities. and limitations of these. The cost of replacing non-returned items will be deducted from the employee’s final salary. any outstanding financial obligations owed to SJMS will also be deducted from the employee’s salary. records. All accrued vested benefits that are due and payable at termination will be paid. Some benefits may be continued at the employee’s expense if the employee elects to do so. keys. The employee will be notified of the benefits that may be continued and of the terms. with or without grave cause. Furthermore. remedy such situations. No final settlement of an employee’s pay will be made until all items are returned in appropriate condition.Since employment with SJMS is based on mutual consent. and any other materials that are property of SJMS. Any employee who terminates employment with SJMS shall return all files. 2. or where appropriate. If an employee is still legally under contract with an SJMS client. cause hazardous or dangerous situations. Employees who violate safety standards.

the alarm system is armed. who leaves the office at the end of the business day assumes the responsibility to ensure that all doors are securely locked. should notify his/her Station Supervisor of their health status. a family member will be called to transport the employee to the appropriate facility. This policy has been instituted strictly to protect the employee concerned and to mitigate eventual absence or failure of service to a client. the Manager still has the last word as to the validity and gravity of such need. the employee’s personal physician must be notified immediately. including pregnancy. The doctor’s note should specify whether the employee is able to perform regular duties as outlined in his/her job description. and all appliances and lights are turned off with 18 .2. If the need arises for a leave of absence. The last employee.16 EMPLOYEE REQUIRING MEDICAL ATTENTION In the event a deployed SJMS employee requires medical attention. A written “permission to work” from the employee’s doctor is required at the time or shortly after notice has been given.17 BUILDING SECURITY All employees who are issued keys to the office are responsible for their safekeeping. SJMS’s employees will not be responsible for transportation of another employee due to liabilities that may occur. or a designated employee. However. 2. This largely considers situations of compromise especially when a client concerned demands otherwise for just reasons. 2. whether injured or becoming ill while at work. Furthermore. A leave of absence may be granted on a case-by-case basis. If it is necessary for the employee to be seen by the doctor or go to the hospital. A physician’s “return to work” notice may be required. employees should notify in writing their respective Station Supervisors at least two (2) days before the start of such leave. thermostats are set on appropriate evening and/or weekend setting.15 HEALTH-RELATED ISSUES Any deployed SJMS employee who is aware of any health-related issue.

Joseph. and morally inflicting to the employee’s ability to exercise his/her best judgments on behalf of SJMS and its 19 . Reimbursements under a specific amount approved by the Executive Committee will be included in the employee’s next regular salary provided that proper documentations are in place. However. 2.18 INSURANCE ON PERSONAL EFFECTS All employees should be sure that their own personal insurance policies cover the loss of anything occasionally left at the office. SJMS assumes no risk for any loss or damage to personal property. this will not be available to anyone when there is a standing previous unpaid transaction of the same kind. 2. Any personal or romantic involvement with a competitor. it is now the sole discretion of the Manager to decide on the mode of payment for so long as it shall not go beyond 26 calendar days. Such occurrences are viewed as injurious. 2. all SJMS employees must avoid situations involving actual or potential conflict of interest. 21 CASH ADVANCES Cash advances. lewd. client. i. 2. are allowed to SJMS employees in as much as P2.exception of the lights normally left on for security purposes. supplier or subordinate employee of the company is strictly discouraged. tuition.e. 22 CONFLICTS OF INTEREST As a Company established on the bedrock values of St. 2. medical. electricity. the Worker. No employee whose regular duties do not include purchasing shall incur any expense on behalf of SJMS or bind SJMS by any promise or representation without written approval. EXPENDITURES. 000. considering the amount an employee needs.19 SUPPLIES.00 only. unethical. especially those urgent in nature. food. In such a case. OBLIGATING THE COMPANY Only authorized persons may purchase supplies in the name of SJMS.20 EXPENSE REIMBURSEMENT Expenses incurred by an employee must have prior approval by a Station Supervisor.

While not intended to list all the forms of behavior that are considered unacceptable in the workplace. sale. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Theft or inappropriate removal or possession of property Falsification of timekeeping records Working under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs Possession. or other company-owned equipment Using company equipment for purposes other than business Unauthorized disclosure of business “secrets” or confidential information Violation of personnel policies Unsatisfactory performance or conduct 20 . the following are frontline examples of rule infractions or misconduct that may result in disciplinary action. Please note that any employee who seriously deviates from these rules and standards will be subject to progressive corrective action. transfer.noble interests. That is why all employees are strongly urged to become familiar with these rules and guidelines not only for their benefit but also for the positive influence that SJMS tries to carve both in society and in the Church. In addition. distribution. or use of alcohol or illegal drugs in the workplace Fighting or threatening violence in the workplace Boisterous or disruptive activity in the workplace Negligence or improper conduct leading to damage of companyowned or customer-owned property Insubordination or other disrespectful conduct Violation of safety or health rules Smoking in the workplace Sexual or other unlawful or unwelcome harassment Excessive absenteeism or any absence without notice Unauthorized use of telephones. SECTION 3 STANDARDS OF CONDUCT The work rules and standards of conduct for SJMS employees are very important. The Company regards these things seriously. up to and including a very unfortunate termination of employment. SJMS employees are expected to follow these standards faithfully in performing their own jobs in conducting the Company’s business with its valued clients. including termination of employment.

This will allow SJMS the luxury to arrange for temporary coverage of his/her duties. 3. Punctuality means being in the office. Therefore. If there comes a time when there is a need to work some hours other than those that make up the usual work week. or client’s premises and ready to work at his/her starting time each day.2 ABSENCE WITHOUT NOTICE When an SJMS employee is unable to work owing to illness or an accident. Absenteeism and tardiness place a burden on other employees. and to negotiate as well for a replacement. appropriate disciplinary action may be required as recommended by the immediate Station Supervisor or by the client where the employee in question may be connected. and on the Company. based on the records and DTR. The concerned employee is responsible for speaking directly with his Station Supervisor about his absence. the employee should notify his/her Station Supervisor at least two (2) working days in advance. in light of the employee’s needs and the needs of the client. FYI: The Company phone number is 226-3713. and helps other employees to continue their work in such absence. field. Hence.1 ATTENDANCE/PUNCTUALITY The Company expects that every employee will be regular and punctual in attendance. it will be assumed after two (2) 21 . SJMS has a broad discretion as to properly evaluating offenses especially when these evidently injure its Christian ideals and social interests.Final and satisfactory interpretations of these listed violations as well as to their related offenses are the domains of the Executive Committee. Such rare requests though may or may not be granted by the Manager. on the client. if an SJMS employee is unable to report for work for any reason. Each request for special work hours will be considered separately. 3. he/she should notify his/her Station Supervisor at least two (2) hours before the agreed regular starting time. he/she should notify his/her immediate Station Supervisor in earnest. If an employee does not report for work and SJMS office is not notified of such status. Should undue tardiness become apparent.

he/she must be sure to inform his/her Station Supervisor of the situation. Any Station Supervisor who becomes aware of possible harassment should promptly advise any member of the Executive Committee who will handle the matter in a timely and confidential manner. the following items are initially considered inappropriate working attire for SJMS employees:       Open-toed sandals Spaghetti-strapped shirts Tank tops or revealing shirts Short mini skirts Sheer clothing T-shirts with inappropriate or offensive gestures or advertising In a given case. age. 3. If an employee becomes ill while at work or must leave the office for some other important reasons before the end of the workday. 3. and shall be removed from the SJMS payroll accordingly. Employees can raise concerns and make reports without fear of reprisal. jokes.4 PUBLIC IMAGE A decent professional appearance is important anytime an employee comes in contact with clients and the general public. words. report it immediately to the Station Supervisor in your area of work. SJMS shall provide its official blue shirt as regular employee uniform bearing the exclusive company logo. This also includes a signing in our official SJMS log book for proper documentation. Though largely depending on the kind of deployed employment an employee is assigned. or comments based on an individual’s sex.consecutive days of absence that he/she has voluntarily resigned. or any other legally protected characteristic will not be tolerated. The usage of such though is under strict regulation and as deemed proper 22 . race. If you believe you have been the victim of harassment. ethnicity.3 HARASSMENT. SJMS employees should be well groomed and dressed appropriately for our business and for their position in particular. Actions. or know of another employee who has. INCLUDING SEXUAL HARASSMENT SJMS is committed to providing a work environment that is free of discrimination and unlawful harassment. religion.

In such situations. personal and unwarranted access to confidential information should be on a ‘need-to-know’ basis and upon official discretion by the Manager or the Executive the Executive Committee. Hence. He/she shall embody the ideal Christian worker. and attentive to everyone. If the employee is not satisfied with the given response. its other employees. 3. ready to work with dignity. nurtured by the visions of SJMS in all life-situations. an employee may have unavoidable access to confidential information regarding the company. more especially to our valued clients. 3. Any employee who has a complaint or grievance shall discuss the matter first with the Station Supervisor duly assigned in the area where he/she is at work within five (5) working days after the employee has enough knowledge of the incident or issue which caused the grievance. and always aiming for the best interests of SJMS. 3. 2. prompt.6 DEPLOYED EMPLOYEE/CLIENT RELATIONS SJMS employees are expected to be polite. operations. Let it be clear in the outset that any breach of this standard policy shall not be tolerated and appropriate legal action may be taken by SJMS immediately.5 FORMAL GRIEVANCES Formal written complaints involving working conditions should follow these standard guidelines: 1. strategies. the SJMS Executive Committee shall serve automatically as the Ad Hoc Grievance Committee for the said purpose.7 CONFIDENTIALITY The safeguarding of confidential and crucial information obtained during employment shall be a prime responsibility of every SJMS employee. courteous. In the course of service. 23 . he/she may appeal again in writing to the Manager within fifteen (15) days counting the first five in the first step. and clients.

he/she will be informed in full disclosure of his/her status and that continued employment with SJMS and with its client concerned shall be. 1. it should appear as a “progressive” process which is humanitarian and essentially considerate. Final Warning: If. as it is reflected in the Labor Code. SJMS recognizes the premise that a properly constructed and administered system of discipline can produce trust and reliance on the good faith and strength of the Company. Discharge: This is authoritatively imposed by the Executive Committee when progressive discipline has been clearly exhausted or immediately in response to an extremely serious issue in relation to an employee’s performance. 3. Thus. the employee’s performance does not improve or a further problem arises out from such inadequacy.. However. Thus. SJMS is sensitive to these essential statements in Christian charity also to the Employee/Employer relationship: 24 . after receiving a Written Warning.3. 4. and only if. Written Warning: As officially issued by the Manager. This also serves as the oral warning though in the spirit of inter-personal dialogue. in any point in time. this written correspondence which is also signed by the employee concerned will be attached to his/her Personnel File. This too requires proper documentation anticipating future legal remedies and actions. This necessarily contains the description of the offense as well as the Company’s desire to intervene and redeem the situation for the sake of communal solidarity. terminated. Ever mindful also of the Rights of Employees. the gravity and context of the offense in focus might necessitate an uneventful elimination of one or two steps afforded below. The same is applicable to a particular employee when his/her words or actions are proven to be injurious to the image of SJMS and to its mission and ideals. 2. Counseling: This level of performance intervention is accomplished by the Marketing Coordinator or the Manager in a private and constructive atmosphere.8 CATEGORIES OF INTERVENTION The term “intervention” is another name for disciplinary measure in the language of this Employee Manual.

1 WAGE OR SALARY INCREASES 25 . Fair and accurate documentation of the same is highly recommended. d. If necessary. b. The employee has a right to appeal a disciplinary decision. Employees have a right to know fully what is expected of them as well as the consequences of not fulfilling those established expectations. c. or any other person doing business with SJMS.10 ACCEPTANCE OF GIFTS No employee may accept a gift or gratuity from any customer. sleazy transactions. the Executive Committee will initiate proper evaluation. taken as a respectable individual. The burden of determining situations requiring intervention and the appropriate manners of intervening rests exclusively on the shoulders of the Executive Committee. the Manager should secure immediate medical attention for the employee concerned. SECTION 4 WAGE AND SALARY POLICIES 4. The employee has a right to fair discipline based on facts. A complete and detailed medical report must be submitted to the SJMS office within twenty-four (24) hours. Inevitably. if such situations occur beyond one’s control and restraint. this responsibility also demands the necessity of gathering pertinent facts relating to the incident and to review these in the light of reason. Such activities may lead to covert influence in business decisions. and undocumented services. client. 3. 3. However.9 ACCIDENTS Any accident involving a personal injury to anyone associated with SJMS should be reported to the nearest Station Supervisor or to the Manager immediately.a. supplier. The employee. and to question such facts while presenting a defense. The Executive Secretary should be responsible for insuring that the appropriate forms are properly filled out for insurance and record purposes. has a right to consistent and predictable employer responses to violations of rules. vendor.

undocumented absences. However. Therefore. The employee will be given thorough instructions on usage and instructions on what to do should a problem occur. and ability to meet or exceed duties per job description and achieve performance goals. 26 . including termination of employment. tampering with time records. adherence to company policies and procedures. Such reviews though may be conducted more frequently for a newly created position.Each SJMS employee’s hourly wage or monthly salary will be reviewed at least once each year or depending on the hiring rate of the client concerned. Time worked is the time actually spent on a job. Time Cards (DTR) – SJMS employees will initially be issued a time card on their first day of employment. Questions regarding the timekeeping system or time cards should be directed to the Executive Committee. Each client job is assigned a job number for more clarity. The amount of which shall be finalized by the Manager. Expectedly. In special cases. The Executive Secretary is the primary authorized personnel who will review time records each week. or based on a recent promotion while depending so much on the monetary terms and conditions of a contract. Acts of altering. 4. or time spent on personal matters outside of work. performing assigned duties for a client. SJMS does not pay for extended breaks. Employees are responsible for accurately and honestly documenting their time spent on individual jobs. Any change to an employee’s time record must be approved by his/her Station Supervisor. all possibilities under this Section are subject to such collective determination. falsifying. or recording time on another team member’s time record will result in strict disciplinary action. the Executive Committee solely determines the financial pulse and capability of the Company.2 TIMEKEEPING An accurate recording of time spent in quality work is the responsibility of every SJMS employee. possible increases in wages will be determined on the basis of performance. Employees will be charged for replacing lost and stolen cards.

The allocation of such is under the fair judgment of the Executive Committee. 00 3. Allowances for meals and others of the same are on a case-tocase basis depending on the nature of work and extent of daily service. 00 P P P P 2. If the employee is not at work when salaries are distributed and does not receive his/her wage. or as soon as the Payroll is ready.4 PAYROLL DEDUCTIONS While this monetary calculation is largely subject to change in accordance to future statutes which SJMS might encounter in the Labor Code.3 PAYDAYS All SJMS employees are paid in a quarterly basis. Such actuations are considered malicious and highly unethical. 4. It is not very pleasant to overhear complaints of this kind from other sources not necessarily connected with the Company. 85 3. under any circumstances. Salaries will not. i. Minimum Wage Deductions: SSS Contribution Pag-ibig Contribution PhilHealth Contribution Shortages (at most) Staff Shop Benefit P 275. In an event that a regularly scheduled payday falls on a weekend or holiday. 37 000. the Executive Committee strongly encourages any SJMS employee to confer directly with the Manager.e.4. the salary will be kept by the Executive Secretary until such time that he/she could pick it up in person and formally sign the paperwork. 27 .. every 15th and 30th of every month for the duration of a contract. this is the exact Payroll Deduction as of this issuance of this Employee Manual. be given to any person other than the employee without his/her written authorization. 00 Should there be valid clarifications and inquiries on this important concern. 9. employees will receive their pay a day earlier.

and PhilHealth. If there is ever any conflict between the Employee’s Manual and any documents issued by one of the Company’s insurance carriers. the carrier’s guideline regulations will be regarded as authoritative. However. i. the existence of these programs does not signify that an employee will necessarily be employed for the required time necessary to qualify for the benefits included in and administered through these programs.2 SOCIAL SECURITY (SSS)/PhilHealth SJMS withholds income tax from all employees' earnings and participates in Social Security System (SSS). 5. Should there be any job termination or transfer. SJMS is very much willing to forward all documents pertaining to an employee’s insurance and other benefits to the next employer.SECTION 5 BENEFITS AND SERVICES SJMS offers a benefits program for its contractual and regular employees.1 GROUP INSURANCE Health Insurance     [when coverage begins] [percentage of premium your company pays] [percentage of premium employee pays] [how employee pays premium. It is intended only to provide general explanations.. payroll deduction] Life Insurance (Briefly describe your company’s life insurance policy here. 28 .) This Employee’s Manual does not contain the complete terms and/or conditions of any of the Company’s current insurance benefit plans.e. 5. Pag-Ibig.

Independence Day 7. Good Friday 4. Christmas Day 10. 5. 5.4 TRAININGS SJMS recognizes that the skills and knowledge of its employees are critical to the fulfillment of its mission that is to serve the poor. are largely discretionary to the fair judgment of the Executive Committee. particularly. April 9 5. SJMS offers a handful of venues for growth for its workforce in order that there would a dynamic and dialectic exchange of knowledge between one employee and another. Rizal Day Other holidays and religious days of observance. proper and clear taxation is understood by SJMS as patriotic and economically necessary. both Christian and Muslim. New Year’s Day 2. the unemployed. Please refer to Payroll Deductions (4. and enhance an employee’s ability to compete for reasonably attainable jobs available in the SJMS and in its growing clientele. As such. This thought is reflected in its philosophy and in its brief history. Maundy Thursday 3. improve job-related skills. Here is a temporary list of programs in this area: 29 . Phil-Am Friendship Day 8. In view also of these matching government programs required and mandated by law. Furthermore. thereby increasing levels of understanding and opportunities.3 HOLIDAYS SJMS observes with respect and allegiance the following paid holidays per year for all its employees: 1. training programs are designed also to encourage personal development. Labor Day 6.4) for more guidance. All Souls’ Day 9.This is what the Philippine Constitution requires and surely SJMS simply wants the best welfare it could give to its dignified workforce.

1 STAFF MEETINGS Quarterly meetings of the Executive Committee will be held every Friday of the week or as deemed necessary by the Manager. It is the 30 . financial status. hand-on application of past and present knowledge of an assigned job. 6. 2. it believes. 4. These also include discussions on significant change in the workplace. concerns. like meetings and others of their kind. SJMS strives to grow also as a community by responding to the myriad challenges in its place in history. “Adlaw sa Pakighiusa”: A spiritual and social workshop designed to initiate solidarity of vision and camaraderie between the Executive Committee and all SJMS employees. These informative meetings allow employees to be informed on recent company activities.1. and employee recognition. This is ideally warranted every six (6) months.2 BULLETIN BOARDS Bulletin boards placed in designated areas provide employees access to important posted information and announcements. is none other than clear and substantive communication. Officially facilitated by TESDA personnel and assisted by other established gurus and artisans in various fields. allowing a liberating experience of honesty and acceptance of personalities. modular. 3. SECTION 6 EMPLOYEE COMMUNICATIONS As a dynamic organization of young men who share one common vision. 6. These moments of communication. Skills Training: This is a short. Social Etiquette: A brief seminar on proper manners and grooming while still anchored on the timeless idea of simplicity. are properly documented by the Marketing Coordinator for further reference and benchmarking. The only dynamo that could propel such envisioned maturity. urgent problems. Inter-Personal Relationship (IPR) Workshop: This is a very intimate exercise of personal sharing and disclosure between employees.

At this level. 6. as the frontline management group. has the obligation to check the box on a regular basis. A member of the Executive Committee. and most satisfactory solution. Employee Signature Date 31 . or the Executive Secretary. SJMS employees who have job-related problems.4 PROCEDURE FOR HANDLING COMPLAINTS Under normal working conditions. This is done anonymously.3 SUGGESTION BOX Provided that the rule of constructive criticism is practiced. and the values of honesty is lived by everyone. 6. The employee. and every care will be taken to preserve the employee’s privacy. is responsible for reading necessary information posted on the bulletin boards and spread the content to others in the team. The notes shall be digested and a summarized report about its contents will be furnished during the weekly meeting. If the employee and supervisor do not solve the problem for one reason or another. Any act of vandalizing with the bulletin boards is a ground for disciplinary action.domain of the Marketing Coordinator to update this posted information to keep pace with the growth or decline of the Company. I have read and agree to abide by this SJMS Employee Manual. will discuss these concerns as a decision-making body for the benefit of SJMS. quickest. SJMS encourages its employees who have vital suggestions for company improvement that they do not want to offer orally or in person to write them down and leave them inside the Suggestion Box located in the Company office. however. questions or complaints should first discuss them with their immediate Station Supervisor for direct intervention. employees usually reach the simplest. SJMS encourages employees directly concerned to contact any member of the Executive Committee and they.

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