Dialogue 6 ± Shopping at a Supermarket Rose: I don't know where the meat department is.

Manager: Walk down this aisle all the way, you'll see the sign for the "Meat Department". Rose: Thank you. Rose walks down the aisle. She goes inside the meat department to order lean ground beef. She meets the butcher. Butcher: How can I help you, Mme? Rose: I need fat-free ground beef. Butcher: There are quite a few packages of fat-free ground beef out on the shelves. Rose: Are there? I didn't see any ground beef out there. Butcher: Okay. I'll show you where they are displayed. Come with me, please. Rose: Okay. Thank you. The butcher takes Rose to the meat section where lean ground beef packages are displayed. Rose takes two packages of lean ground beef. One package contains six lean burger paddies. The other package contains one pound of lean ground beef. Rose goes to the cashier and pays the cashier 9.00 dollars in cash.

Vocabulary: supermarket: compound noun. a large food store meat department: the section in a supermarket where the meat is cut, grounded or packaged butcher: the person who cuts, grounds and packages the meat Mme: abbreviation of Madame. Mme is used in the United States for Madame. A polite and formal way of calling a woman whose name we don't know Walk down: phrase verb. go into a direction in front or behind you all the way: adverb. until you reach an end point order: verb. to ask for a merchandise to be made to your specific needs lean: less fat or none-fat (in this conversation) ground beef: beef that is minced using a grinding device fat-free: containing no fat; none-fat

issues bills. and returns cash in cash: Payment made for a product or service by using hard cash but not other ways of payment. It means the area where the meat packages are put out for customers to take. considerable amount in number. a round beef American sandwich paddies: plural noun of paddy. . Round shaped food pound: almost half a kilogram. The same concept as in you'll explained above. A few is used for countable objects. 453 grams. to put out. takes money or credit cards from customers. contain: verb. package: a wrapped product place: verb (in this conversation).quite: large enough quantity a few: large in number. to have. a beef in a round shape usually placed between a round bread. Pound as a weight measurement unit for solid objects cashier: A worker who operates the cash machine in stores. The pronunciation of 'I'll' sounds like 'Il' take someone to: to escort a person to a place meat packages are displayed: This sentence is in the passive voice. such as credit card or check. to display display: to put out products on shelves or window outlets for customers to see and purchase I'll: I will. to include burger: noun.

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