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A Poem

A Tract Book


Anthony J. Fejfar

© Copyright 2006 by Anthony J. Fejfar

Once I looked upon a Star

And saw pure beauty from Afar.
Christmas Star it was to me,
Signaling Nativity.

Holy Spirit,
Pure Love to me,
God the Son,
In Nativity.

His smile was perfect

For all to see,
Love and Reason,
For Nativity.

Virgin there,
With happy Heart,
Knowing soon,
They should depart.

Swaddling clothes,
In manger bare,
Straw for cushion
Not a care

Presents from,
Wise men afar,
Gold for Kingship
Under Cross of Star

Love His promise,

From Advent,
As messiah,
To people sent.

Here to lead us,

On our way,
Path of Spirit,
Dare not stray

Omniscient Child,
For us as Gift,
Hoping our Spirits,
He would Lift.

Leading Santa Claus

On his way,
Christmas Day.