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21th December 2012 by Volkan Akcelik (www.akcelik.


I have to say something about all that stories about 21th December 2012. On
Internet, I visited many websites, where are issues about: "The End of the World",
or about "Illuminati", or the upcoming event of that Asteroid, or the "Switch of
North pole (+) and South pole (-)". All that stuff are just for 50% right, because
it is true, that "Illuminati" do exist in the form of the "Rothschild's"; and it
is true, that Asteroid 2004 MN4, named "Apophis" (Classification: Aten [NEO, PHA]
- (SPK-ID: 2099942)) comes along Earth, but from a distance of 400000 km; and it
is true, that there is evidence of the "+/-" switch. What we know is, thousands of
years ago the Earth was completely covered with ice, and that started to melt,
because of volcanic activities the CO2 value did rise, and that the ice on the
poles are melting faster and faster. We also know, that the global CO2 value gets
higher and higher, also faster and faster. All with all, I only can conclude is,
that just then (these days) Modern People could appear and evolve on Earth (the
beginning of the "fish era"), and that on 12th December 2012 the following will
happen: How closer "Appohis" comes, the faster CO2 will rise, the ice will melt
and the switch moves. At the nearest moment (Su) of "Apophis" with the Earth, CO2
will at the highest level, the ice will be completely disappeared, the oceans will
rise enormous and there will be crushing tsunamis, many earthquakes will shake the
ground and there will be no air to breath. When "Apophis'" distance gets bigger
again and the '''switch''' (not shaft!) of North pole (-) and South pole (+) is
done, and the ice is coming back again, CO2 level decreases again, and all that is
over (the end of the "fish era"), what perhaps a few people could survive, then
the "Aquarius era" starts. This my conclusion
about "21th December 2012". Actually, I don't think that the world ends on
or on Friday-21-December-2012, or on Friday-13-April-2029, or on Sunday-13-April-
2036, either. The switch will happen, that for sure. But when??? Maybe, when it
happens we don't even will notice it... It's up to everybody him/her-self, what to
believe, or not. People are afraid to lose their predictable lives. I predict,
that many people will commit suicide before 999, 2012, 2029, and 2036. Since in my
childhood somebody told me, that the world will end this day, that day or whatever
day. I'm still waiting, ...waiting ...and waiting. I'm 42, but nothing did happen
all those years, yet. There were many predictions, but nothing happens. Come
on..., I'm curious, I wanna see what's gonna happen...

Question: Why switch, and not shaft?

Answer : On Internet many issues tell about a shift. They tell, the Earth's crust
will "shift" slowly. But the truth is that Earth's external magnetic field will
switch very fast, like the AC-power switch.