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100 Ways to Show Love to Your Wife HER Way

Topic(s): Romantic Ideas 93 Comments A husband considers romance to be one way and the wife considers it to be another. The wife provides many romantic gestures which go unnoticed by her husband, because it wasnt romantic to him. The husband can spend precious time doing what he thinks will bless and romance his wife only to discover she didnt appreciate it at all. What is wrong? Are the gestures extended not romantic or thoughtful? No. Are the recipients ungrateful and self-absorbed? No. The spouse is simply not romancing their spouse in a way that is romantic to them! This is a great truth that once practiced is sure to produce lasting fruit. Study your spouse. Find out what romance means to them? It may surprise you! But if you do your homework you will become the master of what really turns your spouse on! (Tom and Debi, from article, 10 Hindrances to Cultivating a Romantic Vineyard) Discuss this list with your wife. Ask her to check the ones meaningful to her, and then have her tell you the order she considers most important. Use this list to learn what speaks love to her. Its likely very different from what speaks love to you. Your relationship can be strengthened by using this as a guideline but keep in mind that these are only SUGGESTIONS not all or any of them have to be used, if they wont work for your marriage. (Theres also a list under the Romantic Ideas topic which gives wives 100 ideas, as well, titled 100 Ways Your Can Love Your Husband His Way.) 1. Start and/or end each day by holding hands and praying together with your wife. 2. Pray for her every day and make it a point to pray with her when she is troubled. 3. Communicate with her instead of talking AT her or shutting her out emotionally. 4. Talk to her respectfully without demeaning her or hurting her feelings. 5. Compliment her for the giftedness you see in her. Be specific. 6. Show interest in her friends and give her time to be with them. 7. Do something active together to lift her spirit even taking a walk hand-in-hand. 8. Express to her that you need and value her. 9. Show enthusiasm for the things that shes excited aboutlet your actions show it. 10. Find something that makes you laugh together. 11. Put your arms around her when she needs comfort, holding her silently. 12. Surprise her by doing something you think she would want done before she asks. 13. Try not to make sudden changes without discussing them with her first. 14. Show interest in that which she values as important in her life. 15. Allow your wife to teach you things without being defensive. 16. When you feel you must correct her, be gentle speak the truth in LOVE. 17. Let go of the small stuff. We all have annoying habits and preferences that are different from our spouses. (Dave Ramsey) 18. Show her that she matters more to you than any activity you could do, or any one you could be with, that threatens her security in your marriage. 19. Be a good listener. Show her you value what she says. 20. Plan a mini-honeymoon, where the two of you can spend quality time together. 21. Go shopping with her and dont sigh or look at what time it is even once. 22. Take her out to breakfast or make her breakfast (cleaning up afterward).

23. Make the time to set specific goals with her to achieve together for each year. 24. Give her grace when she offends you and forgive (even as you want to be forgiven). 25. Find ways to help her know you are her partner in all areas life. 26. Be polite, courteous, and mannerly with hernot taking her for granted. 27. Exhibit humility, admit your mistakes, and ask for forgiveness. Shell appreciate that! 28. Defend her to othersespecially to your family. 29. Dont belittle her intelligence. 30. Scratch her back, rub her feet, or her rub her neckwhatever shed prefer. 31. Get up in the middle of the night (let her stay in bed) to take care of your upset child. 32. Be especially helpful when she is not feeling well. 33. When she asks how your day went, dont just say fine actually give her details. 34. Thank God for her by name when the two of you are praying together. 35. Try not to argue over money. Peacefully discuss future expenditures instead. 36. Dont embarrass her by arguing with her in front of others. 37. Lead your family in their spiritual relationship with God. This is important to her. 38. Make eye contact when she is talking to you and when you are talking with her. 39. Show her that you prefer her to othersgive her your attention whenever possible. 40. Relate what happened at work or whatever you did apart from her. 41. Keep away from anything that gives you sexual gratification, other than your wife. 42. Be helpful, both before and during the time you have visitors in your home. (If youre not sure of what to do, ask your wife What can I do that would help the most?) 43. Brag about her to others, both in front of her and when she is not with you. 44. Surprise her from time-to-time with a card and flowers or a little gift. 45. Remember to tell her or call her as soon as you know you are going to be late. 46. Give her your undivided attention when she wants to talk. 47. Guard your tongue from saying unwholesome words or down-grading her. 48. Refuse to compare her unfavorably with others. 49. Encourage her to relax in some way while you clean up after dinner. 50. Be an involved partner in helping with the children and spending time together. 51. Maintain good grooming habits so you look and smell good. It shows you care. 52. Be supportive. Help her to finish her education and goals that are important to her. 53. View and treat her as if God put a sign over her that said, Make me feel special. 54. Run errands without complaining. 55. Give her the love gift of being thoughtful and considerate to her relatives. 56. Dont negatively compare her relatives with yours. 57. Sit close to her even when you are just watching television. 58. Be verbally supportive and honor her in front of the children. 59. Show partnership by not making plans without her knowing and agreeing with them (unless its a surprise for her). 60. Pro-actively do things that makes her feel cherished as a woman and as a wife. 61. Keep her trust at all costs. Leave no gray area when it comes to other female relationships, money and your word. (Dave Ramsey) 62. Ask for a list of 3 things shed like done in the home. Priortize to do them ASAP. 63. Ask her and then listen to what makes her fearful and insecure (without judging). 64. Pray about and act upon what you can do to alleviate those fears. 65. Find out what her sexual needs are (and then try to fulfill them). 66. Surprise her with a 15 second kiss (with no expectations to go any further). 67. Keep yourself in as good of shape as is reasonable so shes proud to be with you.

68. Make it a point to write a mission statement together for your marriage and family. 69. Take the time to touch every dayeven if its only for a minute or two. 70. Be polite and kind. (Often were kinder to strangers than we are to our spouse.) 71. Be sensitive enough to ask her if you offend or hurt her sexually in any way. 72. Go out of your way to help her feel valued over everyone else. 73. Consider her as your marital partner in how you spend money. 74. You dated your wife before marriage, and fell in love. Date her now to STAY in love. 75. Be careful to choose your words, especially when angry. 76. Show affection for her in front of friends. 77. Make sure your children speak to her and treat her in respectful ways. 78. Make a point of honoring anniversaries, birthdays, and other special occasions. 79. Make sure she has money to spend any way she would choose. 80. Hold her close and verbally express your love when she is hurt or discouraged. 81. Surprise her by giving her a special gift from time to time. 82. Share the responsibilities around the house (without looking for special recognition). 83. Dont tease and belittle her, saying I was just joking when she doesnt find it funny. 84. Allow her to express herself freely, without fear of being called illogical or dumb. 85. Dont forget to hold her hand in public like you used to when you dated her. 86. Dont criticize her in front of otherskeeping her dignity in tact. 87. Dont focus on the physical features of another woman (It dishonors your wife). 88. Be sensitive to her needslooking for ways to bless her. 89. Let her know you want to spend special time with her and the children. 90. Fix dinner for her sometimes. 91. Be sympathetic when shes sickand help her however you can. 92. Let her sleep in sometimes and you get the children ready for the day. 93. Honor her by not disagreeing with her in front of the children. 94. Dont ignore the small things that bother her and let them build into bigger issues. 95. Surprise her by doing some things around the house that shes wanted done. 96. Tell her (and show her) you love her often. 97. Call, email or text her when youre apart so she knows you are thinking of her. 98. Surprise her by suggesting a marriage seminar or weekend retreat you can attend together to deepen your marital relationship. 99. Express your love and appreciation for her in a love note which you give to her. 100. Show her affection without sexual intentions. Author unknown for the 100 Ways List. ALSO From the ministry of the following is a link you can follow and learn: 50 WAYS TO INSPIRE YOUR WIFE EMAIL | SHARE | PRINT (Send this article to friends & family) [?] Print This Page (printer-friendly) Related Articles (automatically generated) [?]

100 Ways You Can Love Your Husband HIS Way

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Isaiah 23 October 2007 at 7:54 am I agree. Reply

Doctor Courtney 28 November 2010 at 10:16 pm (AUSTRALIA) JUST REMEMBER, NO TOUCHING ABOVE THE KNEES GUYS Reply

Roger 6 December 2010 at 5:10 am (USA) Im not sure if you noticed the title of this, Doctor Courtney I will touch my wife however I please. Reply

Danielle 30 April 2011 at 12:08 pm (USA) Roger, Im not sure if YOU noticed the title, but its 100 Ways to Show Love to your Wife HER Way. Maybe you should touch her however SHE pleases.

Carolyn 10 October 2011 at 10:10 am (USA) I dont know, Danielle. I love it when my husband touches me however he pleases. I am his for the taking.

Christine 14 October 2011 at 11:30 pm (ALABAMA) Carolyn: The point is thats what YOU like. Which is fine because this whole article is about the wifes happiness. But not all women like to lay there like a cold fish. Some are more lively and passionate and like to take the reigns at least some of the time. Most men enjoy that.

I think Danielles point is that this list is about pleasing your wife. Not your husband. There was another list for that (which got a lot more comments since many of the things listed there were UNfair and UNreasonable). This list is much simpler and easier to follow. Any husband no matter how simple minded he might be can manage to do all these things.

Arnold 27 December 2007 at 3:15 am (USA) Im just looking for suggestions. Reply

Cindy Wright 27 December 2007 at 9:27 am We encourage everyone who can, to give additional suggestions to show love in a way a wife appreciates. Whether it is one suggestion or many, please help all of us who are romantically challenged! Reply

Thomas 23 February 2008 at 10:48 pm (USA) God bless you for compiling and posting these lists! You are helping an emotionally challenged but well-meaning husband (that would be me!) to connect much better with his loving wife! Reply

Tim 1 April 2008 at 4:44 pm (USA) Thanks, for the ideas. As a man that loves his wife I must admit It is hard for a man to understand, nuture and honor his wife as he should. This should help us all. Reply

Jack 10 July 2008 at 11:45 pm (KENYA) I agree Reply

Mike 11 July 2008 at 10:20 pm (USA) Great advice! Love it. Great book to read thats along the same lines- "How to Love Your Wife" by Dr. John Buri. Changed my life like I didnt know was possible. Its a must read for anyone looking to be a better man. John Buris website:

Heres the description of the book: "Some people have suggested that a successful marriage requires tremendous insight to understand and super-human effort to achieve. Others contend that happy marriages are the purview of a lucky few. In this groundbreaking book, How To Love Your Wife, Dr. John Buri makes it clear he doesnt agree: thriving marriages can actually be achieved through sensible effort by reasonable people. But because the majority of marriages in this country consist of unions in which wives are more heavily invested in marital success than are their husbands, much of this sensible effort by reasonable people needs to be consistently initiated and maintained by men. In fact, men often hold the keys to bringing about the type of loving marriage they had hoped for when they first said "I do." In How To Love Your Wife, Dr. Buri makes these keys clear, understandable, and accessible." It really changed my life! Reply

Phil 29 July 2008 at 2:20 am (AUSTRALIA) I reckon I know the author. Check out Gary Smalleys book "If only He Knew", (1972)page 32. Almost word for word. Very challenging book for husbands looking at your wifes problem, then considering what you are doing that may be causing her to think and act that way. Reply

Lawrence 18 September 2008 at 2:53 am (USA) Those tips are great! I had a 20 year marriage that failed, and now I am living the story book marriage that many people think doesnt exist. I follow many of your suggestions. Also, my wife never has to open a door, pull out a chair, or drive anywhere if I am on the scene. Great website! IHS, Lawrence Reply

Jennifer 3 March 2009 at 3:01 pm (USA) Dont send your wife the list of 100 Ways to Show Love to Your Husband HIS Way, unless you are sure you are doing all of the above. As a matter of fact if you want improve your relationship with her, dont send that list to her AT ALL!!! Reply

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