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FEE CATEGORY STATUS (Rs.) (Rs.) (Rs.) (Rs.) 2% NBT 12% VAT TOTAL

House Member






House Member






Social Member Social Member

Family Individual





MEMBERSHIP GUIDELINES 1. Membership will not incur an initial enrollment fee. 2. New Members are expected to meet the General Manager or the Manager of the Membership Department prior to the organization issuing the membership. 3. Membership term for 2011 will be from 1st. January – 31st. December 2011. 4. New Membership cards will be issued on payment of the fees. Kindly permit 7 working days to process the cards. New members will be expected to submit two photographs of themselves and their family members as per the selected category. 5. Vehicle parking will be on a First-Come-First-Served basis. There is no dedicated member parking area. You are requested to use the Valet or Concierge services to have your vehicle parked. However Members will be issued with vehicle parking stickers. 6. Gym etiquette. Members are kindly requested to follow the dress code at all times. Children below 15 years are not permitted to use the gym equipment at any time. Little children are not permitted into the gym.

7. Food & Beverage discount will be 15% on dine-in or take away items only. May not be applicable for special promotions.

and/or credit card at the cashier outlets at time of consumption or collection of items. Bottle Bank facility. long shorts/Jeans in good condition. The Members Lounge dress code is as follows: By Smart Casual we mean that: Gentlemen & Boys may wear Top : Shirt with collar & sleeves Bottom : Tailored trousers. Long shorts. Storing of wine. SOCIAL MEMBER excludes use of the gym but includes use of the Pool. Thereafter a minimum payment of 3 months of the selected category will be charged. Credit. Dress Code applies to all members & is determined by the venue. Family membership includes only the Member. 10. Kindly ensure that your little sons and daughters use the appropriate washrooms. Bottle Bank facility. 13. Dresses.8. Payments can be made by cash.(discount value subject to change) 14. Please ensure you collect a receipt for all payments made. There is no credit facility. Members Lounge. Moccasins or Deck Shoes. 10% discount at ‘The Spa’ & 10% discount at the Hair & Beauty Salon. No flip-flops *National dress is permitted ‘Smart Casual’*. Skirts or Jeans in good condition No tank tops or exercise attire Footwear : Shoes or dressy slip-ons. 11. No exercise attire Foot wear : Dress shoes. Bottle Banks will be made available for those members who wish to entertain at the Members Lounge.B could contain 6 bottles of spirits only. HOUSE MEMBER includes the use of the Gym. Payment : Please draw check payments to ‘Waters Edge Ltd. 12.(discount value subject to change) 15. No flip-flops or open sandals Ladies & Girls may wear Top : Fashionable blouses Bottom : Dress pants. 9. Capri pants. 15% discount on food & beverage. his or her spouse & children below 21 years. Pro-ration of fees will be ensured up to the month of September ’11 for new members. beer etc. 10% discount at the spa & 10% discount at the Hair & Beauty Salon. 15% discount on food & beverage. is not permitted. 16. Members Lounge.’ . The B. Pool.