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Mobilization of Funds

Banks utilize its funds in suitable area and right sector. Banks cannot achieve its goals until and unless it mobilizes its deposits in right sectors and by performing different activities. Much kind of activities and other thing can origin for the purpose of receiving invest from the bank. But bank should separate the useful and profitable sector for mobilization its deposits. Banker being only a financial intermediary, we will not be able to make any profit unless he has to pay interest on deposits, meet establishment expenses, meet liquidity of cash balance, and yet allow him some balance from out of which he can build reserve and pay dividend to the shareholder. As commercial bank they are expected to make profit. If there is no profit, there will be adverse criticism against public sector banking, both in and outside the parliament when these banks are asked to open new branches in areas which do not allow profits for years, or asked to grant loan to the priority sectors such as small industries and agriculture with a high incidence of bad debts, there is need for counter balancing profit from elsewhere. Therefore, these banks will have to show an ascending order of profits in order to ensure growth with stability. For this purpose the bank will have to allocate land able resources to different segments in such a manner these banks can ensure adequate profitability while at the same time responding to policies laid down in accordance with national objectives. Therefore, banks should mobilize its deposits in suitable and profitable banking activities and right sector. Generally bank has mobilized its deposits in the following activities. a. Liquid Funds A bank has kept a volume of amount in liquid funds. The funds have so many responsibilities in banking activities liquid funds has covered following transactions.

Cash in hand Balance with NRB Balance with domestic bank Call money

b. Investment Bank invests its fund in different banking activities and different fields. Many types of fields are shown in market for investment. But banks invest its funds in profitable and safety activities. Bank invests its fund in the following titles:

Share and debenture Government securities Joint-venture

c. Loan and Advances Banks mobilize its funds or deposits by providing different types of loan and advances to customers, by charging fixed interest. Different types of loan and advances are

To government enterprises To provide enterprises

Bank manages the different types of loans i.e. providing loan, business loan, and traditional loan to priority area. d. Fixed Assets Land and buildings are essential for the establishment of bank. Banks funds are used in buying of furniture, vehicle, computer, and other concerned instrument, which are related to banking activities. Bank cannot take direct gain from these assets, but bank should buy it. A bank has a need of fund to purchase fixed assets for the new branches of the bank. e. Administrative and Miscellaneous Expenses Bank should manage funds for administrative and other miscellaneous expenses. The administrative expenses are:

Salary of Employee Allowances Pension Advertisement Stationery Provident Fund Rent Income tax Donation Insurance Tour expenses Commission

The miscellaneous expenses are

To distribute the dividend to shareholders To bear the loss on sale and purchase of banking assets Maintenance expenses To pay the interest on borrowed amount Reserve fund

In this way, bank mobilizes its deposits by performing different activities to achieve its desired goals i.e. earning profit. Banks are able to earn sufficient profit by mobilizing its deposits in proper way into the different profitable sector. It can utilize its collected deposits as well as own funds in all banking activities by performing effective deposit mobilization procedure