UN  Human  Rights  Council  -­‐  Panel  discussion  sexual  orientation  and  Gender  Identity-­‐  7  March  2012       Senegal  on  behalf

 of  the  African  Group   Thank  you,  Madame  President.   Madame   President,   I   am   making   this   statement   on   behalf   of   the   majority   of   the   member   states   of   the  African  Group.   We  pay  particular  attention  to  the  fight  against  discrimination  and  violence,  as  well  as  any  issues  that   affect  human  beings,  both  their  social,  economic  and  cultural  rights  as  well  as  their  civic  rights.    Our   statement  on  this  controversial  issue  is  an  expression  of  our  commitment  within  this  Council  and  our   determination  as  a  group  to  make  sure  that  our  concerns  are  heard  which  I  will  do  on  the  basis  of  the   following   points,   which   stems   from   the   heads   of   government   and   heads   of   state   summit   held   in   Kampala,   Uganda,   in   2010,   and   is   on   the   basis   of   the   governance   document   and   charter   of   the   African  Union  in  Addis  Abeba,  at  our  heads  of  government  and  heads  of  state  meeting.   We   reaffirm   the   importance   of   the   need   for   respect   for   regional   systems   of   cultural   and   religious   values   when   it   comes   to   reviewing   human   right   issues.     We   would   like   to   highlight   the   need   to   preserve  the  common  ownership  of  the  international  human  rights  programme,  and  to  ensure  that   human  rights  issues  be  reviewed  in  an  objective  and  not  conflicting  way.   We   reject   categorically   any   attempt   to   try   and   hijack   the   human   rights   system   by   trying   to   impose   concepts   or   notions   of   the   social   area,   particularly   certain   behaviours   of   private   individuals   which   do   not   fall   under   the   international   legally   agreed   definition   of   human   rights,   while   being   aware   that   this   seems  to  be  an  act  of  contempt  towards  the  universality  and  universal  nature  of  human  rights.   We   would   like   to   recall   the   importance   of   the   African   Charter   on   Democracy,   Elections   and   Governance.   Thank  you.  


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