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Paula watched as the carousel circled for twenty minutes before almost all of the luggage was gone

. There were only a couple people left standing with her and when they disappeared with the remaining bags, panic set in. Just great! It has already started out to be a bad day. After five hours in the air from Los Angeles to New York, almost missing her connecting flight, and another eight hours from New York, she finally arrived in Milan. Her only thought was to get her bags and head over to the hotel. Paula was tired. If it wasn't for the screaming child who sat near her, she may have been able to get some sleep on the plane, and she didn't want to waste the two days she had sleeping. The girl at the counter couldn't have been more than twelve. Her straight brown hair was pulled back into a high pony tail. Her skin was supple and her frame was small. She had just taken a bite of her sandwich when Paula stepped up to the desk. With her mouth full, she looked doe-eyed up at Paula, covering her lips as she chewed, and motioning that it would take a second before she was able to speak. “May I help you?” said the adolescent as she sucked on the straw in her cup. “I just arrived on Delta 160 and didn't see any of my bags come off the plane.” The girl took a smaller bite of her food. “Mmhmm, well that was the last flight in today.” She wiped her hands on a napkin before typing onto her keyboard. “Ah, well, the woman who can help you is not here right now, but if you stand over there,” she pointed to another desk across the exiting doors, “she'll be out soon.” Paula threw her purse over her shoulder. “Thanks.” She waited at the second desk for almost six minutes before heading over to the child. “She's still not back. Are you sure she's still here?” “Oh! I forgot to call her, I'll do that right now. Go stand over there, and she'll be right out.” What the fuck!? A few seconds later, an older lady came out from the back door. She looked like a grandma with her hair in a bun and age upon her face. Paula was irritated, but couldn't help but loose her attitude when she began talking with the woman. It turned out that Paula's luggage didn't make the flight, and would be on the next one due to arrive in a few hours. Instead of waiting at the airport, she thought it best to go to her hotel, take a nap and come back. On the bright side, she was in Milan and would be for the first day of fashion week. She had called a friend before hand, scheduling time to meet up. Paula asked the concierge of her hotel if she could get a motorcycle to ride for the day. She had researched about the different roads she could go on, and talked to a few people to find the best one. Although all her clothes were probably in the air, she received a t-shirt from the hotel and a toiletry kit. Thankfully it didn't take long for Paula to get her work done for the day. She picked up the luggage at the airport, dropped by the showroom to unload. She spent a little extra time with

the Showroom Rep., before venturing out on the streets and on her way to the restaurant. Every building she passed was historic in one way or another. Each park had statues of famous people or scenes. Each street held a story. It was a skill for woman here to walk in heals along the cobbled streets. Paula found it a challenge, and opted to walk in the waterway, for fear of breaking her neck. The men all around her were gorgeous. It seemed like she had stepped into an alternate reality where there were no unattractive men in the world. Even in age, the men were breath taking. Paula couldn't help but watch as they went by, as if they were a rare breed that needed to be documented before they became extinct. And the music. They seemed to sing as they spoke, and their expressions helped to convey what they were saying in Italian with each note. “Oh my god, did you see him checking you out?” Raina whispered in Paula's ear. Paula turned to her friend and laughed. It was nice to know that she wasn't the only one affected by the surroundings. “And it wasn't just me he was checking out.” she eyed her friend up and down. “To be young again.” Whitney piped in and they all laughed together. The three woman went back to their conversation, updating each other on what's been going on in their lives and what they've been working on as of late. A few drinks later and after eating almost all of her food, Paula's lack of sleep caught up with her. The next morning, she awoke refreshed and ready for the day. The concierge told her that she couldn't get the bike she wanted, so Paula settled for the ballet performance showing in the next hour and rushed to make it on time. Paula shopped for a few hours and then ventured into a neighborhood bar where there was a live band playing and a cute bartender who juggled as he served. She talked with a few people before being introduced to the owner of the establishment by one of the attractive men she had the pleasure of meeting. When Fernando had first approached her, his eyes had caught her attention. They were almost wolf like, a soft gray surrounded by dark full lashes. Then it was his shoulder-length brown hair that framed his beautiful face as he smiled at her. He wore his white shirt unbuttoned a bit, exposing his soft sculptured chest. I'm old enough to be his mother. Paula chuckled to herself as she noted his tight black pants did little to hide the enormous bulge begging for attention. One thing led to another, and she found herself at his flat by the end of the night. It reminded her of her friends studio back home. The furniture was sparse, there were no pictures on the white walls and he had a clothes rack pushed against the far wall. She noticed there were two doors in the room, and wondered which one was the bathroom. It was definitely a bachelor’s pad. Paula placed her bag next to a chair, and took her coat off. “Do you have a closet?”

Fernando looked at her quizzically and shook his head. “A what?” “You know, a place to put your clothes. A closet.” He laughed as he wrapped his arms around her. When his lips found hers, she knew that their conversation was over. Her coat fell from her hand and landed on the floor. Fernando danced her backward and slowly placed her onto the bed, his lips never leaving hers. Paula wrapped her legs around his back, her fingers grabbing at his soft hair, her arms holding on tight, fighting to feel more of him through their clothes. His hands massaged her thighs before roaming upward to squeeze her ass. Then he unbuckled her pants. She felt his fingers circling over the waistband, pulling them down along with her panties. He broke the kiss to pull her pants all the way off, throwing them to the side before reaching under her shirt to kneed her breasts. She felt desired, wanted, needed in such a primal way. She fought to control her own need to feel him skin to skin. With unsteady fingers she unbuttoned his shirt as their lips joined once again. Her hands exploring his defined muscles as they made their journey back up to his neck. Grabbing his collar, she pulled his shirt back off his shoulders and marveled in the look and feel of his body. Her pussy clenched with anticipation as his kisses trailed down her neck and onto her breasts. With each pull of his mouth on her nipples, a wave of lust swept throughout her body. He nipped at her sides, sucked at the skin on her flat stomach, making his way down her torso. It was pure torture when he reached the apex of her thighs and kissed and bit lightly at her flesh. Her body rose toward his head, begging him to taste her. He teased her with the promise of it for so long that she found herself whimpering. When his warm tongue finally met her engorged clit, fireworks exploded behind her closed eyelids. The waves that had been building rushed full throttle throughout every nerve ending. He lapped up every drop she released into his mouth until her shivering had subsided. His rock hard body made it's way up hers, and she watched his beautiful cock slide along her wet flesh. A drop of pre-come moistened the tip, she knew she needed to taste him. As his soft skin touched her lips, she opened up for him. With one hand propping him up, he held her head with the other, assisting with the motion required to bring him fully into her mouth. He said something she didn't understand, and didn't care to as she enjoyed the taste of him. Just as her pussy had become painfully tight he ended her feasting and repositioned himself directly above her. Paula sighed in relief as his cock probed her opening, the pressure helping to relieving the ache. Their pace began slow but quickly became heated. He became more aggressive, pulling her hair and grabbing her neck in order to get deeper into her. He sat up and placing her legs on his shoulders, nipping at her ankles as he pumped his hips. She climaxed again and again for what seemed like an eternity. She was in a trance from their love making. Unable to think of anything past the feeling of him within in her at the moment. He could have done anything to her, and she wouldn't have objected. He moved her legs to his side, gaining more access, but as if he wasn't deep enough, he quickly flipped her all the way over. She stretched out like a cat in front of him. He fucked her

harder, spanking her ass, adding to the overwhelming sensations flowing through her body. Every touch, every kiss, every thrust pushing her farther and farther into bliss. She was light headed, dizzy, and breathless. Fernando had went through so many positions, he had given her so much pleasure that she couldn't tell if she was dreaming or if she was awake. It barely registered in her mind that he had climaxed when she found herself laying next to him. It took a while for her to realize that she wasn't dreaming and reality to set in. She lazily looked over at the clock. Shit! Paula quickly located her clothes and threw them on. “I have to catch my plane in a few hours.” Fernando lay naked on the bed, watching her frantic movements, saying things she didn't understand. It wasn't until she was seated on the plane headed back that she remembered the paper Fernando had given her. It was when she had found her boots under the bed and began putting them on. She had taken it without thought, placing it in her jacket pocket before thanking him for a wonderful time and leaving. Paula opened it up to see his name and email address scribbled neatly.

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