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August 15, 2009

Preface & Editorial

Inspiration leads to faith, which in turn makes individuals do extraordinary things. A fan movement which started a couple of years ago has already gone a fair way from just admiring the on-field adventures of their hero to actually making significant advances in self and societal development. Sachinism is the faith which binds a good number of inspired individuals and makes them channelize their collective energies and efforts to achieve something productive. The opening issue of SACHINISM inside out is a living example of this spirit. A lot has been happening in the Sachinism circle, despite of the not so busy cricket season with respect to India. Inside-Out aims at capturing Sachinism in its entireness and giving the readers enough food for thought to eagerly look forward to the next issue. The meaning and essence of Sachinism, Sachin related news, site and community events, tributes, contests, quotes, trivia and just about anything you could wish for in a sachin related magazine. Every page has been carefully designed keeping in mind the psyche of the reader and every article picked for the opening edition is worth treasuring. We have made a sincere effort to make it as informative and appealing as possible, while we still maintain Its just the beginning. Growth never stops at Sachinism and we are committed to take the belief to unforeseen heights. Special Thanks, to Unbreakable for inspiring to make a magazine for Sachinism by showing a template & support he provided. Thanks, to Sachinism Team who supported through the whole process. Team includes Aravind(who helped very much),Pavan, C.Aravind & Jayashree.

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Sachinism -4 A sport even outside his game -7 The Idea , The Inspiration-8 The life & Legen -14

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Fact Its A Lie- 34 Walk The Talk-35


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SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

SACHINISM - More Than A Religion

Here's SACHINISM in its simplest form , and goes beyond a religion as it encourages you to explore your own potential , your human potential perhaps knowing that Sachin is human , Sachin is mortal , Sachin is just like any of us but still SACHIN is SACHIN which is what makes SACHINISM special .


1.COURAGE CONQUERS FEAR--- Believe in yourself, You can do better than what others expect from you, 85 + international hundreds were not dreamt off a decade ago. 2. READ, ANALYZE & ACT ---It is important to have a plan B. Sometimes things dont go as planned, analyze the situation before reacting to it, like every wicket is not a 300+ wicket similarly every war cant be won. 3 .KEEP THE FIRE BURNING--- No matter what height you reach, sky doesnt have a limit, there's always scope for improvement, remember you are as good as your last Innings . 4. A TREE WITHOUT ROOTS IS JUST A DEAD PIECE OF WOOD --- Keep your feet firmly rooted to the ground, its easy to get carried away by success, greats dont let it get to their head. 5. ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS --- Keep your tongue where it belongs (firmly in your cheek) , your acts can make people look at the mirror and introspect, harsh words merely reflect frustration .

7. KEEP IT SIMPLE ---- The simpler you are, the lesser are your chances of messing up , Style fades away , simplicity is always in vogue . 8. TAKE THE RESPONSIBILITY ----Take the responsibility and act accordingly, 91 in 190 odd balls can make you look very very ordinary, but if it helps in the bigger objective(Winning) then its worth it . 9. BE PATIENT --- Rome was not built in a day , 29 Thousand runs were not made in a single series , when it took 19 years for Sachin to achieve all this , what makes you think you can make a difference in a day, week, month or year . 10. KEEP ON MOVING ---Failure is a part of life, and like success you shouldn't allow this to affect you either, one chance, one, year , one world cup. It doesnt mean the end of the world.

By One & Only Unbreakable!

SACHINISM : More Than A Religion

6. TOUGH TIMES DONT LAST, TOUGH PEOPLE DO ---- There are highs and lows in everyone life , You have to be strong when the time demands it .


August 15, 2009

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar , If you have watched the game
like I have, the name evokes a thousand emotions. If you choose to go by what international cricketers say, you'll have to think that he evoked an equal sense of awe from opponents and fans .alike. What is it then, about this person, that even when he is going low, and most of the, so called, "experts" given .up on him, his contemporaries still believe, his fans still cheer. Is it that they know him better? For the former it's .quite possible, but the latter? Obviously it has all to do with blind faith. Faith in the man they call God, as insane as it .may sound. It's obvious that this man is just another man, a mortal like you and me, just gifted with something we .can only dream of! The gift which made people like Bradman and Richards take notice. And notice, not after two .decades at the top, but notice after barely one year into his debut season! At the face of it, one would be inclined to .say it was the genius which was so evident. After all, its not everyday that a sixteen year old hits a veteran leg .spinner for a hat trick of sixes! That seems so long ago now. Maybe because it indeed was a long time ago. Eighteen .years. It's been a long journey. A journey which has seen him spend three very important phases of his life playing .international sport. His teenage, youth, and now his middle-age. Taking the good with the bad, learning at every .step, with nothing but the goal in mind. It had "success story" written all over it even twenty years ago, when he was .a fourteen year old boy making his Ranji Trophy debut. Yes, he is the greatest youth icon that our country has .produced. Yet it's not the enormity of his achievements on the cricket field, which sets him apart. It's the way in which he has achieved it. His records will not last for ever. Some young turk or turks will eventually get to them, no doubt. But will they be broken in the manner that they were set? That's a very tough possibility. The very fact that these records were attained while dealing with stardom, public scrutiny (the kind world leaders would rarely face), criticism and acclaim, at an age when most people just get started makes him incomparable to any living mortal. The legacy that he would eventually leave behind for his fans and followers, thus, is not the records, but something even greater. It's what defines Tendulkar to them, to us. It's not the destination, but the path. This is what makes him appear akin to God for his "followers". A genius, yes. But God? Still, it sounds as insane as it did before! But, now, it becomes important to see it from their point of view. God, not for any supposed super human capabilities or immortality. God, not because of his seemingly impossible achievements. But God because in all his time under the limelight he has refrained from displaying any sort of human weaknesses. The kind his two greatest contemporaries, Brian Lara and Shane Warne, often fell for. It wasn't their fault. It's the sort of temptation that fame and fortune brings with it, and ordinary men can do nothing but bend in front of it. And the fact the Tendulkar could makes him an example for what "we all want to become", to quote Andrew Symonds. And if that perfection is not divine, then I don't know what is! For a lad who made his Ranji Trophy debut at 14, he has been a household name for quite some time. For twenty years he has seen it all. Highs, or lows, they cease to surprise him any more. He has attained a place in not only Indian cricket, but in world cricket, which only few like Bradman and Sobers have attained. Thus it is sad, that when he finally does hang up his boots, his greatest achievement, and his greatest gift to us all who admire him, is in danger of going totally unnoticed. The achievement that should be held aloft at highest pedestal one can afford him, the lesson that he has taught us all, the lesson that every rising star should follow, something his fans, or followers, like to call Sachinism! To stare fear in the eye, to dare and defy any restrictions posed by a challenge, to keep a level head no matter what, to not get distracted, to focus on nothing but the goal, and to give a hundred percent to whatever you do and do it sincerely, so that you don't have any regrets when its finally over, and the curtain comes down. Because nothing is impossible. Because there is no limit to what you can do. Because to be the best is all that matters. Because every adversity is another challenge, and every challenge another opportunity. When Sachin is at crease, we sit with full of relief ; Sachin is God: Sachinism teaches us One Nation n One Belief

SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009


Is Boost the real secret behind Sachin Tendulkars energy? Or is it the other way
round? The SundayET-Synovate Individual-as-a-brand survey hints that the latter might just be true. But thats only the tip of the iceberg global warming notwithstanding! In a quest to zero in on individuals with the biggest borrowed equity (value of an endorser) today, the survey got in touch with 400 respondents belonging to SEC A households from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata and Hyderabad. They were asked various questions ranging from whether a purchase decision is influenced by the celebrity endorsing a brand to whether brand endorsements should be linked to performance in profession. The answers, to say the least, are eye openers, especially in a scenario where breaking through the clutter has become a challenge for companies. For instance, when asked whether a celebrity brand endorser influences a purchase decision, most respondents answered in the affirmative. And interestingly, 85% of the in Delhi think that celebrity endorsers work.

respondents .

Among sportspersons a majority of those polled choose Sachin Tendulkar 75% in Kolkata, which is not shocking considering the citys craze for cricket; and 68% in Delhi and Mumbai. Likewise, Indian cricket captain MMS Dhoni who is also the skipper of Chennai Super Kings and has a huge fan following in Chennai, according to the survey, came second. Yuvraj Singh also makes an entry here at the third position, which might just put automobile company Fiat at ease since they have just chosen him as the brand ambassador for its new hatchback, the Punto. Do You Know ? Opus, the London-based company will shortly release a book revealing Sachin Tendulkar's thoughts on his achievements.

But all is not lost for sportsmen from other fields. In the survey, a lot of respondents felt that sportsmen who are not cricketers but achievers from other sports such as shooting, boxing, golf and hockey, and have bagged important medals for the country, make for good brand ambassadors. And they have Chennai backing them. 100%

And Chennai again steps in with strong views when it comes to remuneration of endorsers. When asked whether astronomical endorsement remuneration for cricketers and Bollywood stars are justified 95% of respondents from Chennai answered in the negative. Overall too, 52% of respondents felt that celebrity brand endorsers should not be paid exorbitant amounts. The only anomaly was shown by Delhi where 62% respondents felt that the amounts are justified.

But last and definitely not the least, respondents came up with the top brands endorsed by celebrities Boost, Lux, Airtel, Nokia and MRF. And the secret behind Boosts energy is now well known, isnt it?

Peter Rebouck(Aussie Journalist)- On a train from Shimla to Delhi, there was a halt in one of the stations. The train stopped by for few minutes as usual. Sachin was nearing century, batting on 98. The passengers, railway officials, everyone on the train waited for Sachin to complete the century. This Genius can stop time in India!

SACHINISM : More Than A Religion

But overall cricketers were preferred over other sportspersons such as Saina Nehwal, Abhinav Bindra and Jeev Milkha Singh. The lone contender though is Sania Mirza who came fourth as respondents thought that she adds value to the brand she endorses.

of the respondents from Chennai felt that these sportspersons should be encouraged to become brand endorsers.

When asked to name the top three individuals as brands from any field respondents mostly chose cricket and Bollywood. Sachin Tendulkar, MS Dhoni, Shahrukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan were a few of the names that came up instinctively. But surprisingly, respondents also thought that social activists too make for good brand endorsers. Unfortunately, business leaders and politicians figured last in the list. .


August 15, 2009

Sachin top taxpayer among Men in Blue

There has been much talk of late about M S Dhoni being more sought after by advertisers than Sachin Tendulkar. Data on income tax paid by cricketers shows that Sachin has maintained a steady level of over Rs 8 crore for the last three years, 2006-07 to 2008-09. Behind him, there's been a reshuffle in the batting order. Dhoni has moved up from third spot in 2006-07 to second last year with a Rs 4.7 crore tax bill. Rahul Dravid, who was Sachin's closest competitor in 2006-07 and a close third behind Dhoni in 2007-08, has dropped to fifth spot. Heaviest Scorers (Income tax paid in Rs crore and figures in brackets indicate last year's

Do You Know? Master

blaster Sachin Tendulkar has been voted as India's role model of health and happiness in a countrywide survey initiated by a


'Complete Wellbeing'
But if payment of income tax is any indicator, the little master is still way ahead of all other Indian cricket stars when it comes to earnings. Dhoni is a distant second, though catching up, in terms of tax paid, while Virender Sehwag is third.



One Nation One Belief

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SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

Sachin Tendulkar : A Sport Even Outside His Game

Square Cut:
During a World Cup, this man learns that his father is no more. He comes back home for the funeral rites; only to be chided by his mother because he did so. You were playing for the country. Who asked you to come back? He returns the next day and in the match that follows scores an unbeaten one hundred and forty. I could have introduced him by his records which is an object of envy for every player in the world; I could have narrated one of his many amazing batting displays; I could have told you that he is the only contemporary cricketer in Sir Don Bradmans all time dream team; I could have counted out the various trophies that he has received; I could have told you that he is Sachin Tendulkar.

Straight Drive:
Over a span of 19 years that Sachin has dominated the cricket world, he has earned as many fans off the field as he has earned on the field people have fallen for his humility, sweet yet caring talks and that ever pleasing smile. His straight and simple persona has influenced even his worst critics and rivals in the professional world; which goes on to speak volumes about him as a person. He is rich. He has been in media glare for most of his life. And yet, there is not a single controversy (the ones that haunt the rich and the famous) which is worth mentioning about this player. No wonder a British Newspaper called him GOD. As a person he is very much like his favorite shot on the ground a Straight Drive!

And yet, I chose to introduce him in a rather unconventional way because that is precisely what he has meant to the game of cricket beyond his talent and his records the spirit of a perfect sportsperson passion, commitment, discipline and a never ending urge to perform.

With that kind of a personality and the charisma that he welds with his willow; he has wooed a nation of a billion cricket crazy people. In a country where cricket is religion and new stars are discovered everyday, it is unimaginable how this genius has managed to hold on to the attention that he had grabbed sixteen years team. May be, that is the reason why he is a genius. A single raised finger that proclaims Sachin out breaks a billion hearts in the country. A survey suggests that the Happiness Quotient of India is up by three percent when Sachin scores a century. Need I say more to justify that this man has swept all cricket lovers off their feet and guess what he has been doing this for the last nineteen years without fail!

Cover Drive:
His cricketing abilities need no words to be described. Over the years he has always let his bat to do the talking. A perfect gentleman on the field, he conducts himself with an exemplary attitude. A cool demeanor and a disarming smile and you can easily take him for a rather gentle player of the game. Not so when he welds his willow. Ask the best bowlers of their worst nightmare and you would realize the king of devastating effect that he can have on his opposition. A British Newspaper had this to say on his batting prowess Commit all your crimes when Sachin is batting, because even God is not looking any where else then. On his day, he can murder any bowling attack, ruin the statistics of the best bowlers in the business and make the entire opposition run for cover. And he has been doing this for many years at a trot now. And he has been doing this without the slightest of arrogance for many years at trot now.

Cricket did exist before Sachin and will definitely do so beyond him. But Sachin will always be remembered as a phenomenon that happened to the game. With respect to crickets entire history, this Indian Batsman might just be a flick; but a flick good enough to mesmerize an entire nation and enthrall every lover of the game on his day. What is even more wonderful is that he does it equally well off the field also. Cricket, after all, is a gentlemans game.

Harsha Bhogles One Liner - Touch of Class & stamp of Authority on Sachin reaching century

SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009 : The Idea , The Inspiration

In the truest sense the actual inspiration started approximately 20 years back when a young lad, barely in his teens walked into the field with a bat that most felt was be too heavy for him. Many felt that the bloke would not be able to handle the pressure of international cricket and may burn out too soon, some suggested he needed exposure at domestic level for a few years ..a certain Imran Khan saw something in him even as he got hit by a Waqar Younis scorcher .and still went on to make a gritty 50. Talk about that inning or the way he smashed Abdul Quadir all over the place or the way he stood firmly when wickets kept tumbling on a bouncy Perth wicket.......... the signs of genius were evident but I doubt anyone expected him to become the greatest batsman ever at that stage. Ive been tracking his career with awe right from the time i was around 8 or 9 seeing him cross his highest score from 30 something to 50 something to 80 something till he finally came off age and slammed his first ODI ton.that was the thrill till then , then his centuries became a national obsession his scoring was no longer a talking point, but his rare failures almost always hit the headlines . It was his authority over the bowlers of the world that forced an otherwise ordinary Indian team to the semifinals of the world cup in 1996 before India faced a familiar middle order collapse to succumb to Champions Sri Lanka in front of an unforgiving Kolkata crowd .It was the way he led his Mumbai Ranaji team to a win against a loaded Australian team and the flavor lasted the entire season with Warnies nightmares and Waughs acceptance that theres no shame in losing to such a man when the mighty Australian were blown away in what is famously known as desert storm. It was his resilience that made Indians feel that it was possible to face the likes of Donald in South African pitches, it was the way he took responsibility to address a tempestuous Indian crowd from South Africa and follow it up by a series of spectacular performances including man handling a Pakistani attack boasting of the likes of Wasim, Waqar, Shoaib and Razzaq, it was the way he decided against playing his favourite strokes and score a resilient 241* against the Aussies in Sydney, it was the way he pierced an outfield loaded with 7 fielders at will in his little cameo of 28* against England, it was the way he returned back after an injury layout and straightaway slammed a classy 141, it was the way he responded after a seemingly disappointing world cup to score runs against every team in the world the examples would never end, nor would the heroics. If his on field antics were awe inspiring, his conduct off the field is a lesson on handling success and fame with utmost dignity. The way he has handled astounding pressure, occasional failures and outrageous criticism with the highest degree of lan and still continue to walk in and live upto the expectations of more than a billion individuals is exemplary. The concept called SACHINISM, in simplest terms is a belief derived from the examples laid by the great man himself, following which we can greatly influence our own lives positively. is a place where Sachin inspires our thought process and the way we react to day to day situations. Off course the idea has been laid down in concrete form by those who believe that the master is the most perfect role model for generations to come, who hold Sachin in very high regard not just for his cricketing accomplishments but also for the lessons he continues to teach tacitly. The technical work on the website began on 24th October 2007 and the site opened up to an overwhelming reception on the 4th of November the same year, its been due to active involvement of a large number of believers that the project was done at such brisk pace and since then the site has been literally being run by those who matter the most. We all have a common belief uniting us and we are committed in using our collective energies to promote the belief so that the benefits are visible in the society.

One nation, one belief.

Sachin Tendulkar -When there is time to think about cricket, I think but when there is time to be with family, I try to do justice to that aspect of my life as well.

SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

Have You Paid , Tribute To Sachin?

Tribute To Sachin, is a Collection of MOM Awards Recieved by Sachin Tedulkar in One Day Internationals (ODI's). Earlier this Tribute was dedicated to whole of his ODI Career , But a Career of 400+ Matches will take more time to cover up. This Collection is Maintained in Our Own Sachinism Community. Members can pick up Maximum of 3 MOM Awards and minimum of 1 MOM. In the first season, Sachins first 10 Man of the Match Awards have been posted. The registrations for the next season comprising his next 15 MoM (11th to 25th MoM) Awards are open. Members are requested to select their choice and register as soon as possible.

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August 15, 2009

I wanted to become Sachin, But he is GOD - Sehwag

Sehwag has been compared to the great Sachin Tendulkar time and again, but swashbuckling opener Virender Sehwag is not sure that he can ever match upto his childhood idol. Sehwag said he always wanted to emulate the little master. Sehwag was compared to Tendulkar when he first broke into the Indian side and his explosive batting style coupled with a remarkable physical similiarity with the little master means the duo are indisguishable when they are out in the middle. Sehwag, however, was keen to assert that he has a long way to go before he can come anywhere near Tendulkar's stature.

Tendulkar is Daniel Radcliffe's idol

Daniel Radcliffe, aka Harry Potter, is a huge fan of cricket & Sachin Tendulkar!
On Being asked Who is his favourite Indian cricketer?
He Said, Im a huge fan of Sachin Tendulkar and I think hes just fantastic. He has always been my idol, and on my 18th birthday, I got his autograph. I showed it to Rupert and Emma and made them so jealous. That was the best birthday gift, a piece of paper immortalised by the words Sachin Tendulkar.

What Sachin Has to Say about it Its after youve asked me that Ive checked with (Team India physio) John Gloster, who was there at that time. Well, he has now confirmed that Radcliffe had indeed been in the queue, a bemused Sachin told The Telegraph. Speaking shortly after arriving here in the afternoon, Sachin added: When there are that many autographs to sign, one keeps obliging without looking up. Unless, of course, somebody says something, Obviously, he (Radcliffe) didnt say anything. Next time, perhaps, Sachin may look up once in a while. Just in case.

Do You Know? Once Sehwags Mother Said , On Standing in front of mirror Sehwag used to say , One day I will become Sachin!

Australian Media On Sachin "-The most exciting batsman of his time because he finds the right balance between reason and passion, technique and power, nerves and placement and judgement that applies to all tastes."


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion

''I wanted to become a Tendulkar, but that's not possible because he is a God of cricket. When I was watching him on television, I tried to copy every single shot,'' Sehwag said.


August 15, 2009

Let us know a bit about Present Moderators Of Sachinism Community

Pavan Kumar-Birthday : April 26 He has been one of the most consistent member of the community and is the oldest moderator among the current list of mods. Some of his new innovations include Fact Its a Lie. He also owns a blog on Sachin Jayashree-Birthday : February 11 The most active female member/moderator of the community. The community is incomplete without her. C. Aravind-Birthday : September 30
24 x 7 active moderator of the community. Innovative and responsible, he is one of the pillars of the community

Christopher David-Birthday : August 15

Active moderator who regularly takes care of updating leaderboard along with C.aravind.

Kunal-Birthday : September 22
A relatively new moderator who joined the panel after his immense contribution to the Six Wise Men contest. A guy with very high potential. (Hope you convert it into kinetic energy).

Srinivasan -Birthday : December 30

A guy with very good knowledge about the game and amazing debating skills! Keeps the community active throughout the day. He takes care of Quiz Threads as well.

Harshit-Birthday : September 23
Became a very active member after the community helped him with his personal life and has been a sincere moderator since he joined.

Shiva-Birthday : April 3
Winner of Leaderboard as a Member for Month of July and was appointed as moderator. Promises a good scope for the community.

To become Sachinisms Moderator become a consistent active member.

Rahul Dravid On Sachin - Playing in the same team as Sachin is a huge honour. His balance of mind, shrewd judgement, modesty and, above all, his technical brilliance make him my all-time hero... You can't get a more complete cricketer than Sachin. He has everything that a cricketer needs to have.


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

New innings at Tendulkar's

Tendulkar's, the restaurant near Gateway of India, Colaba, is going in for a revamp. The restaurant, owned by cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, has been closed from June 22, but is likely to open, "as soon as possible", said a representative of Mars Restaurants, of which the restaurant is a part. The representative added, "It is going to be back as Tendulkar's, but I can't tell you whether it would reopen as Tendulkar's with a capital T or a small t." But he confirmed that, "The Tendulkar family is involved in the revamp. They have always taken a keen interest in the restaurant." When the restaurant was launched in 2002, Sachin was involved in the dcor and planning. Tendulkar's had some of his favourite dishes like fried Bombay Duck and baingan bhartha. Now, the cuisine too will be revamped, but they "would like to keep up the suspense for a while". Sanjay Narang, Sachin's business partner and head honcho of Mars Restaurants, was unavailable for comment.The souvenir store below the restaurant is also going to close.

Sachin & Anjali Tendulkar: On and Off the field ....The Jodi No: 1
A maharashtrian boy who is a legendary cricket player and the girl is Gujrati a doctor by profession ... they met and after dating for few days they decides to tie knot....and today they are one of the most picture perfect and ideal couples for the GenX.... yes we can say ...JODI No.1. We are talking about master blaster Sachin Tendulkar and his better half Anjali Tendulkar... Daughter of industrialist Ashok Mehta and his British wife, Anjali is four years elder to Sachin. But the age difference did not deter Sachin from proposing to her ...going beyond the boundaries of age factor ....The two met through common friends and before they knew it, they decided to tie the knot. This superstar of Indian cricket has all most all the records to his credit on the field...yes who can forget Ferrari 360 Modena that was gifted to him by none other than F1 star Michael Schumacher.....though according to Sachin ..Anjali has given him the best ever gift i.e their two childrens..... Sara and Arjun ..... Both Anjali and Sachin have another humble side of their personalities...and very few people know about it....they sponsor 200 under-privileged children every year through Apnalaya, a Mumbai-based NGO associated with his mother-in-law...... Though the great master is reluctant to speak about this, or other charitable activities, choosing to preserve the sanctity of his personal life despite the overwhelming media interest in him. But this cool and music loving couple loves their privacy and prefers being so low-key that... so far no journalist has ever succeeded in doing an interview with Anjali on and about their marriage.....It is rumoured that he even refused to appear on the Simi Garewal show..... Sachin Tendulkar has many new milestones to archive and defiantly with a wife like Anjali he surely has miles to go..........we can say on and off the field....Sachin and Anjali Tendulkar are the Jodi no.1.......

New Villa Of Sachin Tendulkar

W.V Raman (Former Opening Player) On Sachin Tendulkar While is agreegate may probably be surpassed by someone in the years to come but i seriously doubt if someone can be as a great human being as Mr. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

I worry about runs, not contracts Sachin

Even as quite a few players have sounded the impending death-knell of Test cricket in the wake of the huge popularity of Twenty20 , Sachin Tendulkar , one of the game's icons, has said he does not fear for the health of the game's most traditional form. The master batsman likened Test cricket as the main course in a meal and Twenty20 as its dessert and told Wisden Cricketer magazine in an interview that one cannot survive on just the latter part of a meal. Tendulkar also revealed that he had decided not to play Twenty20 internationals in order to prolong his Test and one-day career. "I felt as though I would have been a loose link in the team, I couldn't do that to them. I was not sure I would last, there was something missing. If my body wasn't strong enough to last through the tournament then I couldn't play," he said. Tendulkar said the secret to his batting lies in keeping the mind clutter-free and his best efforts had come when his mind thought of the present and not of the future, which was not an easy thing to do. "The toughest thing is to clear your mind. The mind always wants to be in the past or the future, it rarely wants to be in the present. My best batting comes when my mind is in the present but it doesn't happen naturally, you have to take yourself there. "I am not able to get in that zone as often as I would like but, when you are there, you don't see anything except the bowler and the ball." As he grows older, Tendulkar feels, he has realised the importance of good and relaxing while batting.

Sachin Tendulkar "There is no way Test cricket is dying. Twenty20 cricket is the dessert and you can't survive on that. Who wants to eat only desserts? Test cricket is my main course, with all the meat and vegetables, and then it is nice to have Twenty20 as a dessert," Tendulkar said. The master batsman, who has earned crores in endorsement deals over several years, said he worries about the runs he would get and not about signing of lucrative contracts. "I started playing cricket at six with a tennis ball not because I wanted to be a millionaire but because I loved cricket. Maybe in 10 years or even now people will pick up cricket bats thinking only about the huge money in Twenty20 cricket. "Money should just be coincidental. The passion and the desire are the most important thing. I worry about runs, not contracts," he told the magazine.


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"You have to allow your instincts to take over, trust me, your instincts are 99 per cent right but, you know, the older I get the more I realise how important your breathing is to good batting. By that I mean, if you focus on breathing and relaxing, you can force yourself into a comfortable place to bat," he declared.


August 15, 2009

The life & Legend of Tendulkar-- Ayaz Memon

For a reluctant public speaker, Sachin Tendulkar's measure of words and timing of delivery today would be only a whit lower in impact than when he plays one of his exquisite straight drives. I remember him as a man with monosyllabic responses to queries, but today he is a seasoned raconteur, with a sharp memory and more importantly a sense of humour. Tendulkar's formal education was truncated just after finishing school, but he appears to have learnt well from the 'university of life'. At the release of Shadows Across the Playing Fields (a book on 60 years of India-Pakistan cricket co-authored by Shashi Tharoor and Shaharyar Khan) the other night, he had the audience in thrall with memories of his introduction to international cricket. He sent me 20hurtling years back in time. I was on that eventful tour of Pakistan in 1989, and remember the callow 16-year-old being the focus of attention of everybody -not the least Pakistan's dreaded pace attack led by Imran Khan and including Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis. Though a raw youngster, for psychological reasons, he was the obvious target for the Pakistan team. eve of the final Test at Sialkot when it was discovered that the young player would not just talk, but often also walk in his sleep. Manager Borde, whose room would often become the hub for hacks in the evenings to sniff out stories, was most distraught. "Ab kya hoga?'' he asked the clueless press corps. As a precaution, I suspect he moved into the room adjoining Tendulkar's and kept vigil. Tendulkar had enjoyed a modest tour till then, and then faced a trial by fire in the last Test when he was felled by a vicious bouncer from Waqar Younis. There was blood on the pitch as he swooned briefly from the blow, but got only muted commiserations from Imran Khan who saw this as a decisive psychological moment to win the series. But Tendulkar was unfazed, and after some quick-fix remedy by the physio, was back into his stance. The next delivery from Waqar was sent scorching through the covers for a boundary. Imran's moment to put India on the mat had come and gone in a flash. Tendulkar had sealed his brilliant script with destiny forever.

Harsha Bhogles One Liner Ind vs Aus 2000 icc knockout champioship played in kenya. Sachin was smasing all aussie bowlers, and then he his a superb off drive off lee. Harsha : " This innings by Tendulkar has been a beautiful garden, the last shot being the most beautiful flower in it "


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It's almost 20 years since that day, and the marvel about Tendulkar is now not so much about his record-breaking feats as his longevity. Heck, twenty years transcends a couple of Ten months earlier Tendulkar had generations at least. There have been 15 cricketers who have not been chosen for the tour of played 20 years or more and in the West Indies despite scoring the early 20th century, centuries in his first Ranji, Duleep England's Wilfred Rhodes's and Irani Trophy matches career stretched to a whopping Tendulkar at his debut against pak in 1989 because the selectors feared he 30 years and 315 days, but might be hit by pace bowlers and nobody has had the workload as Tendulkar who has played lose confidence permanently. But in many ways -- some of 159 Tests and 425 one day internationals. which have been examined by Tharoor and Shaharyar in the This makes for arguably the most extraordinary story in book -- a tour of Pakistan was even more daunting. Indian sport, and while every fact is well known, is still only half told. The other half should come from the man himself. Tendulkar recalled how jittery he was before his first innings, For the sake of posterity, I insist, Tendulkar must start living but I can vouch his teammates were perhaps even more his life again, as it were. nervous. Concern over Tendulkar reached a crescendo on the


August 15, 2009

Leaderboard was implemented for the first time in the Sachinism Community to make the forum ground a competitive one. Every month the topper of the leaderboard becomes a member of Sachinism's moderator panel. Basically it was implemented to Motivate the Members for a Healthy Competetion. It was in Sachinism where for the First Time , Excel Sheets were used as Screenshots to show the Leaderboard Rankings. Definately it was exclusive and new Format which is followed now. The winner of leaderboard is rewarded with the Moderator Post. If Moderator is the winner then the member (NonModerator) is given that post.

Leaderboard of July2009
Leaderboard for July2009 was calculated by C.Aravind & Chris

(Sachinism Moderators) , C.Aravind Himself was topper of the leaderboard followed by Deepak & Aravind at 2nd & 3rd postions

Are You Sachinisms Master Predictor?

Master Predictor Sachinism is the

Shiva emerged as topper of leaderboard as a member and was rewarded

with moderator post.

Predictor Series for Ashes 09, which is being managed by C.Aravind. The test matches tops have been declared. Prediction results of the predictions for first 3

Sachinism Community - Hall of Fame

There is no doubt that all Sachinists are special and equal and there is no grading between them. But it is necessary to recognize the unmatchable contributions of some people to Sachinism. The Hall of Fame is dedicated to such people who have done different contributions for popularising the concept of Sachinism and added new dimensions to it. The Hall of fame currently has 10 Sachinists. (to be contd)



Leaderboard. Is he all set to be the "Sachinism Master Predictor"? Is he all set to get one of the rarest collection of Sachin pics (45 pictures)? Only time will tell. Wait for the next magazine to know if he is the one or you get to see your name here! Till then predict predict n predict @ Sachinism Forum. (5th Test Predictor is on. Predict before the toss.)

Sachin Tendulkar is the only player in the history of cricket who got his 1st endorsement even before playing for his nation...


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August 15, 2009

Cricketers We Wished This Month
Sunil Gavaskar, Sachin's Idol turned 60 on July 10. Sachin on his
birthday paid his tribute to him through a beautiful article about his memories with him.

Upcoming Birthdays

"Chandu" Borde celebrated his 75th birthday on July 21. He was a member
of the Indian team between 1958 and 1970. On his birthday, Batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar praised Borde's role in Indian cricket and thanked him for guiding him personally during the 1989 debut tour of Pakistan in which the latter was the team coach. Check Out For Sachin Tendulkars Tribute to them on Page No 21.

Pradeep18th August Deepak27th August

Members We Wished This Month

Amit Singh - A silent member of Sachinism and Owner of "Sachin Tendulkar
- The Maestro" celebrated his birthday on July 14.


Javagal Srinath31st August

Ajay, Sachinism's newbie who joined the passion from CFC community to
participate in Sachinism's Ashes extravaganza - Six Wise Men! He celebrated his birthday on July 15

Tejeswin Sharma - Sachinism's ex and youngest Moderator from Canada

shared his birthday with Ajay and was rocked with wishes from his seniors ;)

RK - One of the die hard fans of Sachin and an ex mod of Sachin Tendulkar
Main community celebrated his birthday on August 5.

Naina - Been one of the consitently frequent visitors of sachinism community

for a long time, Celebrated her birthday on August 7th

Sandesh - One of the active members of Mumbai Indians community who is

a participant of 6wm celebrated his Birthday on august 10.

Birthday Thread

Sathya - Moderator of Sachin Main community,ex mod of Sachinism and a

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Pranav - Ex-Mod of Sachinism and a highly enthuiastic young sachin fan,

Pranav celebrated his Birthday on 14th August.

Chris One of the Senior most Moderator, popular among community

members and friends as Rocky, shared his birthday with 'Mother India'


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August 15, 2009

Sachinisms Cricket - Brain Twister Contest Is Back

A very popular Sachinisms Cricket Brain Twister Contest , is back with Series II. As the Name Suggests , This contest can Twist your mind to any extent. In This Contest , 5 Pics are given as Questions with desired Queries and Participants need to Answer to the Question as per query. This Contest was the one which brought back Activeness to the community again. Now, It is a very Popular Contest. We had 12 Contests in Series Ist , which was very successful many Guys participated in that series. Last Contest being Played in Dec'2008! So, many Guys were missing that series , so the new series of contest has been started , so that new guys should also enjoy the contest. This time there is a limit in series, it will be consisting of 5 contests & Finally the winner will be announced on basis of Top Points. So, best chance to be winner is Participating in all 5 contest. Two Contests have been posted till now , both got very good response.Winner of 1

contest was C.Aravind and

Chris & Illiyas wont 2


contest. 3 Contest is going to be posted shortly.


Dare To Participate In Sachinism Quizes

During the off cricket season of Indian Team, One of the Sachinism Moderator (Srinivasan) took a step by making a thread which will be the Official Quiz Thread to test the knowledge of fellow members regarding cricket and also to make sure the community remains active when there is little news to discuss. Anyone can post questions and people can try to answer them. Here, members are requested to post tougher question which will make it more interesting. questions can be based on all aspects of cricket(players/officials/rules/googly/stadiums/records etc). With this we are also running Sachin Quiz Thread , So its a challenge for all Sachin fans to answer the questions asked by fellow members. There have been few questions which were not easy to answer. There is a Point system for participating in these quizzes which can make you go on top of Leaderboard. So Dare to Participate!

Points Allotment Rule

1. 10 Points for asking a question. 2. 5 Points for answering a question correctly. 3. 20 Points bonus (for members creating a question), if the question remains unanswered and satisfies both the below conditions A. No correct answer for 48 hrs since the question was created. B. Atleast 20 Members have attempted to answer the question unsuccessfully. Currently, the Leader of Quiz Threads is Srinivasan , followed by Shiva & Surendra. Partcipate now to test Yours and Others Knowledge


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August 15, 2009

Special comments On Articles in SACHINISM.COM

Have you ever submitted articles on , The Most Popular website about Sachin Tendulkar? If not then do submit the Best of the articles you read about Sachin Tendulkar. Let us see some of the best comments recived on articles by members.
He made us believe that we as Indians could take on the world, we could dictate our own terms and we could actually be the world's best. For a nation that had shaken from its economic slumber and was entering a new era of opening its doors to the world here was the perfect poster boy. Young, fearless, talented, world class but with a value system that was so endearingly rooted and Indian that he gave the burgeoning middle class of our nation hope that any dream was possible. Alien Quakers for Little man standing tall dear anon, i'm new to sachinism and i thank my kids who have made me a member of the site. read ur article, it is really not only readable but thinkable too. may god bless india with lots of sachins not only in the field of cricket but in other areas of work bcz just like sachin, all areas of work get atleast one sachin, which is equivalent to a superpower in every field. Vikas on Sachinism by Anon Payn Its this article that prompted me to create an account ad join this group, thanks a lot Girish! I consider myself really lucky to have witnessed and still witnessing "the Tendulkar Genius" in my life. I still laugh thinking about some of our teenage stories relating to the Master, one of them being "the last guy entering the TV room before Sachin would get out would be kicked real hard." I think my whole teenage life have revolved around him. I remember I went to watch an Ind-Aus ODI match in a scorching summer day in April. It was hot beyond limit when Aussies were batting and I was cursing myself at my decision to come to watch at the stadium. Then suddenly lunch time came and Indian batting followed soon after. Sachin batted and batted majestically as only He can, a century followed along with 7 sixes, and then everything in this world seemed so beautiful and pleasant, even though I checked out later that the temperature was even more during the post-lunch session.I bunked my college on that day, but I can bunk months of classes if I get to watch Sachin practicing, let alone match plays, or centuries. Its a feeling as if I was the one who was batting and not Sachin. Sometimes I remember watching matches, when I would agree within myself to strike an imaginary deal with the God that I am ready to sacrifice my exam grades for a Sachin century (it was so silly but I still do it at times and I feel proud at the end if he makes it). In Sachin, I think a lot of us try to see ourselves; his pride is our pride, his honour is our honour, his success is ours, his fame is ours, his strength is ours, his character is ours, so is his victory, glory, courage, and vice-versa. Its as if he is a part of all of us. Its a feeling beyond words. I think we all share this feeling that He is limitless just as the God is. Just as I dreamt one day after the 2003 WC final debacle that he scored an unbeaten 200+ as India made 360 to win the final, only to realize after the sleep that it was all a dream. I still remember how I often wanted to have him in the non-striking end, as that was the safest place on the pitch where He is still there for us yet he can not get out (but for the unfortunate ones). I'll always be greatful to God for he created such a wonderful creature on earth - Sachin Tendulkar. Susanta Nanda on Sach-in our teen lives he smiled...oh god , he smiled ....he stopped next to me ...he was looking at me ....HE WAS LOOKING AT ME !!!! Though it wasnt anything remotely close to meeting HIM in person , the experience i had a year back was something similar when he spot our Sachinism poster in a crowd and waved his hand at us during a test match in Chennai Life became frantic. Life became still.Life felt like a life well-lived.Life was worth living again.Life became speechless. Life was a musical. Life "at that moment" was a Life in itself. Ashwin on When I met life

Read best of the articles on & be the one to post best comments on them.


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August 15, 2009


Six Wise Men , War Of Words & Spirit Award
For the first time Last Month Sachinism Introduced- Six Wise Man- Unlocking CFL Code. As the name suggests it is a team game of Six men.It is similar to the normal CFL game but here you must work as a team to prove you are the Six Wise men. This is being played for Ashes. When for the 1st time our Admin Panel decided to play this game for Ashes, it was believed that along with OCT in Match Winner Community, This will be a Failure. But No, This became very famous game in just few days and we got support from everywhere. Our Special Thanks to CFC Community for getting many of their members to play this game & Thanks to Match Winner Community for supporting us to introduce this game alongwith very famous OCT.

Now, You all must be wondering what history did we make?

With Six Wise Men we started a thread, War Of Words (see Below) , after the start of Ashes 1st test we reached 5000 post only during 1st Test , which was big achievement , when it was believed that Six Wise Men along with OCT will be a failure.

Do you want to know the definition of consistency? Ask the Midnight Raiders for they have proved they know the answer. Consistenly topping the 6 Wise Men contest for the first 3 matches, they are suffering a little low in the last day of 4th match but beware of them - the tigers never sink

If Ever There was Proof Needed To Justify Cricket's Greatness It Has to be soemthing Extraordinary , It Had to be the Ashes Here the result is Always Unpredictable and Impossible to Guess Heartbeats Change Their Pace and Players are Always into a Mess The Aussies and British lock their horns for a great Clash Every Series Soemone Becomes a Hero and some Hopes are Buried into Ash Here , National Integrity and pride are at Stake Whoever Holds their nerves till the End burns the Candles on the Cake

War of Words : Want to have a battle ground to show the superiority

of your teams? War of Words discussion forum is the place for you. Credits go to Sumeet - ex mod of sachinism who came up with the idea during V IPL. Aravind developed on that concept and gave a 3 dimension to the idea which later proved to be a huge success. The thread currently running close to 9000 posts is the forum where all participants meet to discuss Ashes. Newbies are welcome to join as the thread is open for non-participants of the contest as well.

Spirit Award : The Team that

tops on a day will be awarded with 10 points, at the end the team which would have topped for maximum days will be acknowledged by the Spirit of the Game Award. Right Now , Midnight Raiders Top Spirit Board also.

A poem for Six Wise Men Ashes By Pravin

OCT Sachinism Update- With able leadership by the Captain of Sachinism CFL Team - Aravind, and support from his teammates Chris, Surendra, Vijay, Harshit, Srini,Illiyas , Sachinism is consistently doing well in OCT for Ashes.The team started at the last place on day 1 of the first test and since then there was no looking back as they climbed up faster than a SSC Ultimate Aero to reach the 2nd O place by the end of the 2nd test. At the end of the 3rd and 4th test they maintained a stable position at the 2nd place. We wish the team all the best and hope they win this season of OCT.


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August 15, 2009

Contests, Passion Play , Updates & More @

Passion Play At
Passion Play at is a Leaderboard which maintains the rankings of the members. This is based on Participation in Forum & submitting Articles & and other informations. Now, has brought New Ranking together with Leaderboard where rankings are as follows on MTV Wassup! has completed more than one and a half years. The site has grown very fast. Thanks to orkut and other social networks and of course, Dr. Akshays banner. To make the concept of sachinism more popular, the diligent and zealous mods of came with a new plan to popularize the website and the concept via MTV Wassup? program. The shoot is on hold due to technical reasons. We hope the problem gets resolved and we get a good coverage of the website, the idea and the passion i.e. sachinism. So have patience till the show is telecasted. Keep in touch with the site/community to know the updates!

1.Absolute Sachinist 2.Hardcore Sachinist 3.Tendulkarized 4.Loyal fan 5.Normal fan 6.Newbie

Spot The Ball Contest

SACHINISM : More Than A Religion

So, to find out your rankings or how big Sachinst you are, just log on to now And Start Contributing to the site to become Absolute Sachinst!!! Although, It has been popular contest but playing on means there will be tough competition , so Gear up to Participate in the contest on your very own website. is now on Facebook as well !! Join The Passion

Be Updated about stuff on Sachinism everyday.


August 15, 2009

Sachin Pays Tribute to Gavaskar & Chandu Borde

I was a ball boy at the Wankhede during the 1987 World Cup. My interest in cricket really took root after we won the 1983 World Cup, and for an aspiring youngster, to be at the ground during the next edition of the Cup and watch his heroes from close quarters was an unforgettable experience. What made it even more special was when he called me to the Indian dressing room and introduced me to the teams superstars. I had just entered my teens and couldnt believe my eyes. These were the men I adored, and here I was, shaking hands with them. Whats more, he spoke highly of me and my cricketing ability to his teammates. It was a big moment, a huge inspiration. After all, how many cricketers get the opportunity to enter the Indian dressing room before making it to the national team? I was then a school cricketer, but from the way he treated me, it felt like I had already played for India. I could feel his affection. Twenty-two years down the line, nothing has changed. I receive that same love and affection from him even today. In many ways, 1987 was a watershed year. I remember batting particularly well, making more than 1500 runs, so it was disappointing not to get the best junior cricketer award from the Mumbai Cricket Association. Thats when I got a letter from him. He wrote that I should not be disappointed because bigger awards were in store. At the end, he mentioned that if I looked at the list of players who had received the award, there would be one name missing that hadnt done too badly in international cricket! He was referring to himself. That letter is as valuable as any other award I have ever received. That was the beginning of a long and cherished association. Just before my Ranji Trophy debut, he gave me a pair of his pads, which I was thrilled to use. It was light and not many of my age could afford them. Though I was young, I could see that there was a special place in his heart for me, something I am as proud of now as I was then. Over the years, we have spent countless hours in Mumbai and almost every cricket ground around the world, discussing cricket. During our first few meetings, it was one-way traffic as I hardly spoke. For one, I was in awe of him, and then, I wanted to make the most of being privy to the wisdom of Sunil Gavaskar. When our coaches told us to follow a particular routine and we asked why, the reply was:SMG did this. He was the ultimate example, and to our coaches and to us, if he did something, then we had to do it as well. Whichever way you look at it, he is an institution. When he retired, for our generation, 34 Test hundreds was the ultimate ambition. I have been fortunate to have done a few special things myself. One of my abiding memories is my 34th Test century in Dhaka. For one, I had equalled him statistically, and he was present at the ground. It was wonderful to be hugged by him after crossing the boundary rope during a break. Seeing him standing there to receive me signified the coming together of my childhood days, my adolescence and youth. After congratulating me, he said: Please enjoy the rare moments of becoming a member of a rare, elite club. But for me, it was a great feeling to climb the same peak as Sunil Gavaskar. Later, he gave me 34 bottles of champagne and I have been fortunate to receive gifts from him time and again. When I got my 35th ton at the Kotla, he wasnt in India. But just before dinner that night, he called from Nepal to congratulate me. I had really been waiting for that call. People say he does not miss a special occasion and I can vouch for that. Im really fortunate that I have had the wisdom of a legend to fall back on. When I got the opportunity to write this piece on his 60th birthday, I told myself: time flies. He still is and will continue to remain my hero, the same person I first met in 1987. The only change is that my respect for him has increased over the years. Many happy returns, and heres wishing you a 35th hundred!

"Chandu Sir guided me through the difficulties a 16 year old was expected to undergo on his first appearance on a foreign tour. He told me how to improve upon mistakes without disturbing my natural game technique and instincts," Tendulkar said last night, in an overwhelming expression of gratitude to Borde, who served Indian cricket in various capacities. Tendulkar recalled Borde's contribution to his shaping as a cricketer on the debut tour and said the gentle way in which the former all-rounder gave him useful tips in the nets boosted his confidence. "What Chandu Sir did for me then came from his passion for the game.


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion

The felicitation of former India captain Chandu Borde on his 75th birthday here saw batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar reminiscing his 1989 debut tour of Pakistan where Borde, as the coach, introduced him to the cricketing world.


August 15, 2009

Sachin Gives Slip To Media

Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar skipped visits Temple and Sri Kukke Subramanya Temple "Nagarapanchami" today taking a flight to Mumbai Airport much to the disappointment of the press who had been waiting for him.Tendulkar visited the humble town of Bhatkal on Saturday and emplaned to Mumbai after attending a wedding of his childhood friend Mr. Mohammad Umar a shoe factory owner to Kudupu in DK on from Bajpe him against that visit, today being Nagarapanchami the temple was filled to the brim and they were afraid that his visit could throw in some security problems. The police had deployed extra men at the temple and Mr. Tendulkar could have had leisurely darshan but it was too risky said one of the temple officials. Somehow, press corps got information that Sachin would visit Kateel Durgaparameshwari Temple at Kateel, near Mulky in the district, after his arrival at Mangalore and later in the night, he would make an halt for visit to Sri Kukke Subramanya Temple. The press corps descended in hordes waiting in advance for the star cricketer at both the places. He also declined to speak to the waiting press people at the airport. in Dubai. Tendulkar, however, visited the famous Murdeshwar Temple built on a rock near the seashore. Mr. Tendulkar's friendship with the family of Nayate Irfan (father of the groom) was over 2 decades and had been a good friend of the family said sources close to the Nayate family in Bhatkal.

The Master Blaster arrived by a Kingfisher aircraft from Mumbai on Saturday and drove to Bhatkal in a convoy of cars and attended the marriage. Early this morning he left Bhatkal and arrived in Bajpe airport and took a flight and went to Mumbai. According to the police the Master Blaster was supposed to visit the Kukke Subramanya Temple for a darshan of his favourite diety Lord Subramanya but his hosts had advised

Are Tendulkar-Dhoni above Phelps & Bolt?

While the cricket world awaited with bated breath to know what position Indian crickets governing body - the BCCI would take in order to push forward the uncomfortable whereabouts clause of World Anti Doping Agency, the Indian board made it clear that it would not succumb to anything and sided with their players. Prima-facie, what the BCCI has done seems to be right, if one looks at the players point of view, but what it has done is something which will only be detrimental for the reputation and transparency of players like Sachin Tendulkar and Mahendra Singh Dhoni. By refusing to toe the WADA line, BCCI has created a problem for International Cricket Council, as it would become toothless if a few more boards follow the Indian boards footsteps. So, let us take a look at the contentious clause which has Team India worried , and because which it is refusing to sign on the dotted line. In what is possibly, till date, one of the most effective ways to free the sport from cheats and create a fair-play environment, WADA brought its anti-doping code in effect from January 1, 2004. According to its draft, the WADA code is the core document that provides the framework for harmonized anti-doping policies, rules, and regulations within sporting organizations and among public authorities. And to guarantee a dope free sport, it has ensured that players are tested randomly and made to undertake routine sample tests, even if they are not playing.

The number of runs Sachin scored till 11th Feb 2009 in Test, ODIs and First Class cricket are equal to a distance of 1450 Kms. We should remember that the length of the pitch between the wickets is just 22 yards!"


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

Sachin Tendulkar hits back at John Buchanan

Sachin Tendulkar has hit back at John Buchanan for finding faults in his batting technique against pace bowling and advised the former Australian coach to change his opinion which "doesn't have to be right all the time". "It is only his opinion. John Buchanan doesn't have to be right all the time. If I couldn't handle short deliveries, then I wouldn't still be scoring runs," Tendulkar said in an interview to the 'Wisden'.

Sachin slams Chappell

Well, it was just waiting to happen. Master blaster Sachin Tendulkar finally lost his cool and reacted sharply to former cricketer Ian Chappells criticism. Ian Chappel has been unfair to Sachin on more than one occasion. He blasted Sachin in several of his columns. Recently Chappell wrote, "Sachin only plays for records. Its high time he should realise the damage he is doing to Indian cricket. Now he should just retire from cricket".Known for his dignified silence, Sachin finally decided to give it back to Ian Chappel. Sachin said, "Some people indulge in such remarks only to gain popularity. Ian Chappel has no knowledge of cricket"."When I started playing international cricket, I was 16 and used to play aggressive shots. At 26, my style changed and today at 36, I play according to the requirement of the team," Sachin added.

"Maybe he needs to change his opinion. There must be something very wrong with all the bowlers around the world that they have allowed me to score so many runs," he retorted. Buchanan had said before India's 2007 tour of Australia that video analysis of the Tendulkar reveals his footwork has become sluggish, especially early in his innings, making him vulnerable to short-pitched deliveries followed by a fuller one

Milestone man Koertzen lauds Sachin

Looking back on his career, the 60-year-old South African said he was fortunate to have seen Tendulkar and Lara bat from close quarters. "I have been fortunate and privileged to have seen some of the greatest modern day cricketers very closely. It would be unfair to pin-point one or two players but I have to name Brian Lara and Sachin Tendulkar for whom I have the greatest respect and I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing them bat," he said. "They had amazing reflexes and used to pick up the ball as soon as it left the bowler's hand which helped them make batting look very graceful and elegant due to their superb timing, excellent footwork, ability to hit the gaps and score runs off good balls. While Sachin continues to delight us with his batting, it was sad to see retire Brian in 2007," Koertzen said. "I don't think you can replace batsmen like Sachin and Brian in a day or two. The batsmen of these qualities and class are born in years and we are so fortunate to have seen them when they were at their brilliant best," he added.

Sachin Tendulkar - I never played with a runner in my entire life, even in schools, because only I know
where the ball is going and how hard, when I hit the ball, something my runner will never know about.


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion

Rudi Koertzen, who became only the second umpire to officiate in 100 Tests, said Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara are the two cricketers he has highest regard for.


August 15, 2009

A Drama Over a Week , Sachin & Kambli are still Friends Forever!
Tendulkar didn't stand by me: Kambli
One of Indian crickets most enduring friendships has developed cracks. Vinod Kambli blew the lid on his friendship with Sachin Tendulkar on a TV show that goes on air this week. According to an insider at the show, Kambli said his childhood chum Tendulkar didnt lend a helping hand during his downward spiral, which was also marked by self-destructive behaviour. We are very close... we were very close. He could have done a little more, but he didnt, he said in reply to a query on his friendship with Te ndulkar during a polygraph (lie detector) test which is part of the show. The Mumbai southpaw replied in the affirmative when he was asked whether Sachin is embarrassed to accept him as a friend now.

Sachin-Kambli fall-out impossible: Achrekar

While the Indian cricket fans reacted with shock at the news of a rift in Vinod Kambli and Sachin Tendulkar's friendship, their coach Ramakant Achrekar was hurt the most. Achrekar had nurtured the duo's career at Shardashram Vidyamandir (English) and has seen their friendship grow along with their batting partnerships.

"Kharab laga hai sunke (It felt bad to hear)," Achrekar told. "Aisa ho hi nahi sakta, unka baat hota rehta hai. (It is not possible. I know they are in regular touch with each other)," said Achrekar, who speaks haltingly due to old age.

Kambli and Tendulkar's schoolmate Ricky Couto and his brother Marcus, who were both part of the controversial reality show, said their friendship will survive the current controversy. Ricky said: "During schooldays they must have argued hundreds of time, but after two minutes they were best of friends again. They are still good friends and it won't be affected because of this issue." Marcus said the two were still the thickest of friends. "Only last week Kambli had spoken to Tendulkar about attending his function to announce plans for his sports academy. Tendulkar told Kambli that he had his full support in the new venture."

Kambli denied making remarks against Sachin

Former Indian cricketer Vinod Kambli denied having accused his childhood friend Sachin Tendulkar of not helping him enough and said such reports had left him and his family shattered. "I have never said anything against Tendulkar. He is my friend for 26 years, people should know that I will never say such a thing against my friend. He is currently in London and I will meet him soon," Kambli told reporters here. The 37-year-old former batsman apologised to Tendulkar for the inconvenience cause to him and his family by the report. "We share a very good family relationship and I and a lot of my friends are shattered by this. My family is also shattered by this,"he said. Asked from where such a report emanated, Kambli said"I dont know but its is completely baseless. I condemn it I dont do anything for publicity. I know people love me and I have fans who love me. I will not do anything for cheap publicity. During their school days, they were decided to have one wada-pav[vegetarian fast food] after each century. Kambli has presented dozens of wada pav to his pal.

Kambli invites Sachin to open his sports Academy

There may have been TV and media reports about rift between Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli's old friendship but if the common friend between the two is to be believed, India's master-blaster has promised his friend to grace the occasion when the new Khel Bharti Sports Academy is being opened by Vinod Kambli within two months in Mumbai. "The invitation was extended to Sachin Tendulkar (now in England) on the day when Sunil Gavaskar delivered the inaugural Dilip Sardesai Memorial Cricket Lecture in Mumbai on July 2 and Sachin has promised to remain present, if he is in the city on that day", the common friend said on condition of anonymity.

Who says Sachin never scored a 100 at Lords? Sachin Tendulkar treated the Lord's crowd to a sparkling exhibition of batting as he crunched 125 runs off just 115 balls against a Rest of the World attack comprising Glenn McGrath, Allan Donald, Javagal Srinath, Anil Kumble and Brian McMillan. This match was played in July 1998, in order to raise money for the Princess Diana Memorial fund.


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

Tendulkar most reliable batsman : NZ Herald

When it comes to batting for life, Sachin Tendulkar is the choice for most of the Kiwi cricketers, who rate the Indian batting maestro as the most accomplished player of his generation. New Zealand`s `Herald on Sunday` newspaper asked a few former cricketers who was the best batsman in the world and whom they would like to bat for their life? Replying to the questions, former Kiwi Test players John Morrison and Dipak Patel picked the Indian batting ace and were all admiration for his exploits all around the world in different conditions and various match situations. "I`d go with Tendulkar. He is still the most capable batsman in the world. He has the full array of shots too, though he might not play them as freely as he once did," Morrison said. "I like Tendulkar because there are guys out there brilliant on certain types of surfaces but he is adept at playing on anything. Slow, bouncy, turning, whatever he covers the field on all of them. "I`d still back him ahead of everybody, even at the age of 36," Morrison, who played 17 Tests between 1974 and 1982, said. Dipak Patel echoed the same sentiment. "I like Gautam Gambhir and Graeme Smith at the moment but in the end, if they were batting for my life, I couldn`t go past Tendulkar. He`s got the experience, the sheer weight of runs and best all-round game. "He can bat for survival and can bat to force wins. He`s got a big-match temperament and he has scored runs all around the world," Patel, who played 37 Tests between 1987 and 1997, said. "Gambhir is the new kid on the block but I would put Smith in just behind Tendulkar. He has a wonderful track record of getting through the new ball. Every game he is out there facing the music and is just a terrific competitor," he added.

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August 15, 2009

Tendulkar targets 15,000 Test runs

Sachin Tendulkar has said he is not satisfied with his achievements and hopes to accumulate 15,000 runs and win the World Cup in 2011. "I am not pleased yet with what I have done," Tendulkar, who has scored a record 12773 Test runs at an average of 54.58 from 159 matches, said in an interview with the Wisden Cricketer. "Sunil Gavaskar has told me that I have to get to 15,000 runs. He said he would be angry with me and would come and catch me if I didn't. I admire him so much and to score that many would be a terrific achievement, but that is not the only aim." His other big cricketing ambition is to "win the World Cup in 2011". Tendulkar, 36, also spoke about how he has been consistently playing with pain. "I always play in pain, all the time. I played with a broken finger for the last three months, but you know when pain is manageable or not, and most of the time I can do it," he said. "I can still do what I did when I was 25 but the body is changing, so your thought process has to change too. I have had to change how I think, which is about taking less risk." Don Bradman had said Tendulkar reminded him of himself and the Indian batsman was the only modern player in Bradman's all-time XI. Does Tendulkar think the same way about anyone? "I would say Virender Sehwag comes closest to my style." Tendulkar said he was not thinking about retirement yet but he would know when to quit cricket. "I will know when it is the right time, I won't have to be dragged away. I am the person who will make the decision and I will know whether I still belong." He admitted life after cricket wouldn't be easy. "It's a scary thought. It has been there for my whole adult life, it will be difficult, I have been around for a long time, I can imagine when I finish I will long to face just 10 more balls but you have to move."

Lets see , about Sachins Target , what Harsha Bhogle has to say
Meanwhile Sachin Tendulkar, as clean a cricketer as any you will meet, has come public with the targets in his mind. I am intrigued because that is one thing he has never done in all these years. Yes, winning the World Cup is an ambition that everyone harbours and Tendulkar has made no secret of the fact that he yearns for it, but the fact that he has announced this target of fifteen thousand test runs is unlike him. He needs another 2227 runs to get there and even if he can retain an average of 50, it means another 45 innings. Over a long career he has averaged 1.64 innings per test so it would be pretty safe to work with 27 tests as the number he needs to play. I see two things coming in the way. First, his body needs to hold for that long and he has to maintain the resolve to go through more sets of rehab, something that gets increasingly difficult. Second, more critically, the BCCI needs to schedule 27 tests quickly enough. My suspicion is that we are looking at a minimum of three years; three injury free, good form years. It is a daunting target and one that I will be overjoyed to see surpassed.

Commit all your crimes when Sachin is batting. They will go unnoticed for even Lord is watching


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

A Tribute To God Of Cricket

A very beautiful poem contributed by a Member of our Community , Pravin Jain. In Tribute Of God Of Cricket , Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. This is certainly One of the most beautifully written poem you will come across.

Once in a Millenium ,On Earth Comes God's Incarnation As Every other Day such Legends are not Born God Sent it to Earth to Bless us people Thats Why for Everyone he is So Special He is the Soul of the World And this Run Machine Never Comes to a Halt He is as Pure as the Ganges' Water He is Popularly known as Sachin Tendulkar His Class and Elegance is Difficult to counter He can Play any Ball Whether That be a Googly or Bouncer I Call him the Cricketing Czar Because one Special Innings from him can end a War As Even the War Fighters Wont do Such Silly Things They Would Miss Everything but not Sachin's Innings This Maestro is Just so Difficult to Explain When he is Batting the Runs Keep Coming like Rain His Smile is Sweeter than a Sugarcane His Batting Will Give Nightmares to Bowlers Even 20 Yrs Down the Lane He Performs the Art of Batting to an Amazing Perfection Watching him Play, every Youngster has a Lot to Learn His Class Can Never Be Imitated by Anyone He is the One and Only " The Cricketing Don" This Master Brought So Many Critics to Rest He has in a Magical Way Surpassed Every Test He Lets his Bat do the Talking And if he is Out , You'll FInd him Walking Thats why he is a Cricketing Genius Who has an Inborn Class He has Proved Time and Again that he is A Champion Cricketers May Come and Go But Like Sachin There will be None Yet This Day is Just so Special for Me $ the Sachinism Family All the Records have Been Bagged Finally I Will Party Dance and Rejoice I Will Shout at the Top of My Voice Thanks Sachin For Everything tat U Have Given No one Can Ever Come close To your Contribution You Efforts Will Never Ever Be Forgotten You Are and Will Always Be Loved by Everyone!!


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

One summer in the life of Sachin Tendulkar

It is not often that Sachin Tendulkar gets a break from cricket. The few times he does, he somehow finds himself in London. He may not accept it but he loves the English summer and tries to spend some quality time with his family and friends there. It may be his way of unwinding and getting fresh before the demands of a new season, or a new series. Tendulkar's trip to London, this For, he made his first-ever trip figure came up recently, gracing Muhammad Ali, Tiger Woods and summer, was however extra special. to Madame Tussauds where his wax the A-list lineup along with greats like Jesse Owens.

He joined his contemporaries Brian Lara and Shane Warne but still he is the first Indian sports personality to be portrayed here. Tendulkar also caught up with Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe, who incidentally is a huge fan of the little champion. He also joined greats like Rod Laver, Bjorn Borg and Pete Sampras in the Royal Box to watch his favourite, Roger Federer, make history. He just has one little regret though: his plan of watching Michael Jackson didn't materialise due to the American icon's unfortunate, and unexpected, death. "You can say it struck a jarring note on what was otherwise a great trip. Michael Jackson's death came as a shock because I was actually looking forward to his concert in London," Tendulkar told TOI in an exclusive interview. "It was unnerving for me because I grew up listening to his music. I missed his concert in Mumbai, way back in 1996 because we were playing the Titan Cup final after five days. I was looking forward to this show." On the positive side, Tendulkar made his first ever trip to Madame Tussauds. "My family had been there before but this was the first time for me. It was a terrific experience. All the personalities there are special. Their precision and accuracy in producing the wax figure is unbelievable," quipped Tendulkar whose wax figure came up at a cost of 150,000. Yet another first for Tendulkar was catching up with Daniel Radcliffe. The Harry Potter star took Tendulkar's autograph at Lord's on his 18th birthday in 2007. But so engrossed was Sachin in obliging his fans that he didn't even notice signing up for Daniel. "I first met him when we were touring England in 2007. After the Lord's Test, we drove down to Nottingham for the second Test and it was there that I got a call from my wife, Anjali, who asked me about my meeting with Harry Potter. I said, no, I haven't met him. But she insisted I did because the statement had come from Daniel himself that he got his best birthday present. As it turned out, just before the day's play at Lord's, I was obliging fans on my way back to the dressing room. And when you sign autogrpahs you aren't always looking up at the person. So I missed the opportunity to meet him and say hello to him then. However, this time around I met him at Lord's during the T20 World Cup and I got a chance to say hello to him." A summer in London is incomplete without a trip to the Centre Court at Wimbledon. Tendulkar, who grew up admiring John McEnroe, made an appearance at the Royal Box to watch Federer make history. "I am a huge Federer fan, so obviously I was backing Federer. But at the end I didn't want a loser there." Tendulkar, who knows former champion Michael Schumacher and Australian Mark Webber on the Formula One circuit, hasn't had the chance to meet Federer. "I would love to say hello to him sometime somewhere," says Tendulkar. While he isn't too passionate about golf, Tendulkar enjoys following Formula One. But, after the limits on spending this season, this year's Formula One has been different. "To be honest, this year I haven't been able to follow much. And, this year, it hasn't been the same."

Sachin Tendulkar

-I am not thinking too far ahead, just want to take it one thing at a time.


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

Bringing Back Memories An Old Article On Master Blaster

Belief in himself, the will to win, the fear and respect of the rivals--he has it all. India's star batsman is sheer genius. What makes him a living legend? By Rohit Brijnath and Peter Roebuck. I don't think anything is impossible. Of course, I'm not always right. -- Sachin Tendulkar, after scoring 143 against Australia
This is the first thing about genius. Self-belief. Inside the stomach of some men smoulders a defiance that is abnormal, a will so powerful that no ordinary barometer can register it. We dream, Tendulkar does. On that day when the sandstorm blew in to stop play -- it was God announcing he had taken his seat -- Tendulkar told coach Anshuman Gaekwad in the dressing room: "Don't worry I'll be there in the end." Don't worry! With four of the topline batsmen out and 94 runs to get in 87 balls; Vinoo Mammen of MRF telling his wife, "Let's go to the hotel and cry", and hope generally abandoned by all. Except by one man. Later, a spectator says, "It's sad one billion people in India have to rely on one man." This is the second thing about genius. Desire. They could have turned off the lights in Sharjah, Tendulkar's shots would have illuminated the city, such is the sunlight of his batting. India has qualified for the final, but he paces the dressing room hissing, "I was not out." It was the rage of a man who believes he has no limits. He was not there to help India qualify, he was there to win the match. We dream small, Tendulkar lives bigger. Says Allan Border, Australian coach, a day later: "Hell, if he stayed, even at 11 an over he would have got it." This is the third thing about genius. Fear. From the Aussie dressing room bustling with hard men, all sorts of stories emerge. One strategy is "get the bugger to the other end"; another says, "We bowled short, on the off stump, nothing worked." Michael Kasprowicz is sort of speechless. In the first match, he hits Tendulkar on the pads, smirks, gets hit for two successive fours. This match it's two successive sixes. Now he swears, "Shit, I'm sick of this *$#%."

This is the final thing about genius and that innings. Respect. Next day, by the pool side of the Princeton Hotel, WorldTel boss Mark Mascarenhas throws a party for Tendulkar. Friday, final day, is his birthday and it strikes you starkly that as he turns 25, he has more centuries (14 in one dayers, 16 in Tests) than he has years in front of his name. Meanwhile, in a corner the conversation goes something like this: Border: It's scary, where the hell do we bowl to him. Ian Chappell: Yeah mate, but that's with all great players. Border: Well yes, but imagine what he'll be like when he's 28.


Harsha Bhogle released a book on Sachin on his 35th birthday. The 300-page hardbound book,"Tendulkar" contains several rare photographs of the master blaster, including those from his childhood days.


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


I'd like to see him go out and bat one day with a stump. I tell you he'd do okay." - Greg Chappell.

August 15, 2009

Finish the argument, close the conversation, end the discussion about Brian Lara. The Aussies insist. Mark Waugh says, "Sachin's better; Lara is more risky outside the off stump." Shane Warne adds, "Nothing affects Sachin, Brian lets things bother him." Steve Waugh then takes the debate to a higher plane with one statement, a grand canyon of a compliment actually: "In history Sachin will go down as second to Bradman." What he's saying is this: Tendulkar owns the present, and perhaps one day will surpass the past as well. It is too early to go further, but this much can be said already. His average in Tests at 54.84 is already higher than those of Greg Chappell, Vivian Richards, Javed Miandad, Lara, or Sunil Gavaskar. But it's not just that, it's not either the awesome truth that in 61 Tests he has 16 centuries, while Richards got 24 in 121 Tests. No, statistics are not the scale to judge him by; it is in the stories that the bowlers tell, the men who stare at him down 22 yards. Listen to Warne: "You have to decide for yourself whether you're bowling well or not. He's going to hit you for fours and sixes anyway." Kasprowicz has a superior story. During the Bangalore Test, frustrated, he went to Dennis Lillee and asked, "Mate, do you see any weaknesses?" Lillee replied, "No Michael, as long as you walk off with your pride that's all you can do." There is no one thing to greatness. It is physical, alertness, technique, wisdom, humility, patience, vision, but more a confluence of these in one surging river of genius. Tendulkar, five centuries in his last 12 Test innings, but not yet arrived at his peak, is a river bursting its banks. What doesn't he have?

He is calm, the impulses from his brain bringing the message to the body never impeded by tension or indecision. When he does this, he gains something: time. Other men look rushed, he unhurried and able to play any shot he desires, arrogant hook or artful slide. He has vision or what Chappell calls "peripheral awareness", a man who without looking already has a map of the field logged into his brain. He has technique, says Ravi Shastri, meeting the ball under the chin and the eyebrow where timing comes sweetest. It is so outrageous these gifts, to play with the abandon of a street thug and yet with the finesse of Michelangelo, that some men find it unreasonable. Master technician Geoffrey Boycott, so goes one story, actually called to argue when Gavaskar recently said that Tendulkar's technique was the best.


Hashim Amla Once Said "Nothing bad can happen to us if we're on a plane in India with Sachin Tendulkar on it."


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion

He is short, a Maradona of a man at 5 ft 4 inch, and, like the footballer, blessed with a balance that all sport demands. He can see so well that as the ball leaves the bowler's hand, he has decided -- while lesser men are still deciding -where to go, back or forward. He is never wrong.


August 15, 2009

He has ... is there anything left? Yes, he has strength, in wrist, in thigh. The heavy bat helps. Still, says Warne, he has enormous power. "It's a bit discouraging. In India he ran down the pitch and hit me off the toe of the bat. It should have gone to mid-on but it went for a six." On that day in Sharjah, it was in evidence again. Gaekwad was stunned, for Tendulkar was running singles like a demon -- four 3s, fifteen 2s, thirty-five 1s -- yet hitting sixes (five of them) in between. "The running tires you, yet he was never out of position for a shot." "In an over I can bowl six different balls. But then Sachin looks at me with a sort of gentle arrogance down the pitch as if to say 'Can you bowl me another one?'" -- Adam Hollioke to a friend.

So what is it Tendulkar, what's the motivation, what moves you? Records? No. He just says, flatly, "It's the challenge that drives me." There is an understanding, a never articulated awareness among the abnormally gifted that records will arrive anyway. It is the situation to be mastered, the opponent to be numbed that pushes such men. It is elevating not oneself but an entire sport, it is stretching the envelope of possibility, it is all this desire that lurks within Michael Jordan and John McEnroe and Sachin Tendulkar. Eleven versus one on the cricket field is the Tendulkar fantasy. Says Shastri: "I have never seen such arrogance, such contempt for bowlers since Richards." Yet it takes work, talent bolstered by industry. Tendulkar will sweat at the nets on a line that troubles him. He would, prior to tours of the West Indies, get net bowlers to fire away at him from 18 yards. When he was told that like the Sri Lankans who discomforted him by bowling down the legside, Warne might aggravate him similarly, he went to the nets in Mumbai, snuffed the pitch where he expected the ball to land and asked the bowlers to bowl there. When Warne arrived, the greatest batsmen in the world awaited him. Ready. Now the search begins, in all earnestness, for the chink of daylight in his stance, the edge of weakness in his method. Tendulkar himself sees none. "I don't think I need to improve in any specific area, just generally." The Aussies are as unhelpful. Steve Waugh feels -- and check this for a weakness -- "his only danger is seeing the ball too well and going for his shot too early". Warne says bowl dot balls to frustrate him. Kasprowicz says, "Don't bowl him bad balls, he hits the good ones for fours."
They know, Tendulkar knows there is no fragility apparent. As with all such men, it is only themselves who can prove to be the

Of that night some final stories remain. Chappell saying, "What would I want of his batting? Everything." And then finally, Ajay Jadeja, echoing us all: "I can't dream of an innings like that. He exists where we can't.

An Amazing Incident
17 year old Lavan Sagar from Hyderabad is living with a rare form of renal failure which retards growth. Since his childhood he has been an avid cricket fan and naturally a big admirer of Sachin Tendulkar. It thus came as no surprise when he told our volunteers that his cherished wish was to meet his cricket hero. When Sachin Tendulkar was visiting Hyderabad the foundation arranged for Sagar to meet him in his room at Hotel Taj Krishna. Sagar could hardly contain his excitement when he was introduced to the greatest cricketer of our times. He was bursting with questions about the game and the cricketer patiently answered them all. Having got over his initial shyness Sagar patted Sachins cheek and told him that he liked not only the style of his game but his smiletoo. When it was time to leave Mrs.Tendulkar gave Sagar a pat on his head and affectionately tugged his cheek. In response our little man like a true gentleman kissed her hand.


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion

enemy; Tendulkar may nurture his genius or spurn it, the responsibility of greatness lies with him. It seems he understands that. He is surer now than before, less driven to petulant strokes or rakish indiscretion. That innings was just a reminder, a page from a book, that this is a batsman who was conceived under God's full attention. Imagine, what greater deeds remain, the other pages of that book are yet to be turned.


August 15, 2009

We are Official Partner Of Tendulkar Opus Website

"Tendulkar Opus, a tribute to the cricketing legend" : Newspapers and magazines glittered with this headlines a few weeks back. As a part of it, a website has been launched by the opus group . The site has some copyrighted wallpapers and screensavers of Sachin for download. Apart from this, you can win signed items(of Sach) by participating in the competitions.

This Month we also became Official Partner of Tendulkar Opus website.

Thanks to the 800+ people who have joined recently since us getting official status from We now have more than 4000 fans of Sachin Tendulkar. Pls Continue to give your support for this page and Sachin by registering on http://www.tendulkar

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Opus Touch & Turn delivers a digital platform with software developed to give the viewer the best possible experience in virtual book viewing.

Join the website to be a contributor Sachin Tendulkar Says:


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August 15, 2009

CROSSWORD TIME - Word for Word

1. Sachins 10000th ODI run was scored off this bowler (5) 2. This Sachinism mod celebrates his bday on the Independence Day(5) 4. Who had the Nickname Atlas (6, 7) 6. Which Cricketer recently scored 3 conscetive 100 in tests? 7. Old name for Yorker (4) 10. This guy scored a Double century and picked 4 wickets in the same test, a spin legend made debut in that match. Name him (4,7) 11. This is the home ground of which County (10)

13. This batsman has the 2nd highest number of runs in a single innings batting at no 3 (5,4) 15. Dadas 100th ODI victim (6)

3. Identify the player based on his actions (5) 5. Who was sachin's last test wicket (8) 8. The only bowler to get Sachin hit-wicket (5,3) 9. Sachin broke Lara record of max test runs against this bowler (5,6) 12.Which current international cricketer has a score of 199 in tests? (3,4) 14. The team which won the inaugural World Cup Short Form (3) 16. What was the Nick Name of Charles Turner (6) 17. Sachin crossed Sunil Gavaskar record of most test 100s in which CITY? (5) 18. He was the MoM in Indias victory over Zimbabwe in ICC CT in 2002? (4)

Submit Your Answers, with your Name at


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

Fact Its A Lie

After the immense response in the Funny Photos thread, we decided to have some funny comments about the Pictures related to CRICKET. In this a Picture is posted by the Administration and all the members must give funny comments about the Picture. And the Best comments(Top 3) among them will be chosen and credited in the Leader Board. All Participants will be given points in the Leaderboard. Members can also contribute the Pictures, but they cant post it directly they must give the Picture to theAdministration and we will post the Picture. Contributing Pictures will Fetch Valuable Points in the LeaderBoard. This thread is managed by

Santa went to a police station for filing a report. Santa: Paaji, Yesterday some thiefs entered our house and robbed everything Fridge, clothes, Furniture, Jewellery, money they took everything. Inspector: They did not leave anything behind? Santa: Ah Paaji, Only TV was left out, I was watching a match wherein Sachin was batting.. ---------------------------------

Winner for comments on 1st picture was Badrinarayanan, followed by Swarnapali & Shiva both were on 2nd Spot and Rashpal on 3rd spot.

2nd Picture (Ganguly & Chapell) is posted in Community , Make your Comments quickly to be winner.

Community Moderator , Pavan Kumar along with C.aravind.

Already, two pictures have been posted and Results of 1st Picture (Ponting & Clarke) have been declared.

Submitting photos for Fact - Its a Lie will fetch you extra points in Leaderboard.

First : Pointing : Welldone Mate. That was a Captaincy material. You opened the doors for us to stay in alive in this series. Clarke : But still u showed who's the captain, I fought hard for four n half hours to open the doors but u made it in jus 2 seconds by breakin the Doors itself.... he he he Pointing : Lol...! Stumped....... By Badrinarayanan

Sticky Ponting: ''(undertone) cams everywhere mate, show as if we are very happy and content...(loudly,with a broad smile)congrats mate, you saved the match,that was a great century!!''

Pup-Some cause happiness wherever they go. Others whenever they go.HE hE HE By Shiva Third :

Clarke:(loudly,with a broad smile)Thanks, skip!...(undertone)Why ''as if''? Goddamn it, I am indeed very happy and content!!'' Caption: Though they are one down in the series...Team Australia looked very happy and content after the 3rd test match which was saved partly by Michael Clarke and rest by the rain. By Swarnapali

Punter: Well Done Pup , but you were way too lucky to score this 100.

Clarke: Thanks Captain , but more than me you were lucky that i scored a ton with luck else we would have lost and ur a** would be on fire by now from all quarters. By Rashpal

Mahatama Gandhi has said

- Sach Hi Ishwar hai!! (Sach Is God)


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion

Top 3 Comments As per Judges For the 1st picture :

Second :

Punter-LOL,that century was damn fluke,somehow u got it...hehe!


August 15, 2009


Sometimes we really dont know why we are Sachin fans, same with me. I admire his talent, the way he dominates the opposition, he has been an inspiration to me. Impossible is nothing is what i learnt from him, proof-just go through his stats. And there is something called members count,which never remains constant whenever you log in, just shows the

How did you come to know about Sachinism ?

I knew Sachinism through an ad in the CFC community for Six Wise Men

Which knock of Sachin you like the most?

Hmmm.. All his centuries are my favourite. If i had to single out one, it would be definitely the 143 vs Aus at Sharjah 98...If anyone want a match won by single player dominance i would definitely recommend this at first place. Complete massacre of the Australian bowling attack. Fortunately sandstorm was the only one which was able to contain Sachin and the stadium for a while and not the Australians. Pure

He Loves Eminem
growth never stops here.

Did you like the concept of Sachinism ?

Ya. I do like the concept nd thats why am here

How did you feel when you came to know that you are a mod of Sachinism ?
That was really surprising and great experience. I just logged in to check the community,and found myself being invited. Being a mod for god's community is really fantastic and its a great privilege to me ,there was no second thought and I accepted it immediately

Roger Federer his Favorite Tennis Player He Cheers For Arsenal

Genius, no more words to say.

Whats your favourite match?

My fav match is the one with Pak in ICC world cup2003.Chasing a target of 273. Sachin and Viru opened for India. Consecutive upper cut sixers ,flicks,elegant straight drives and most importantly blowing off Shoaib who was breathing fire, was simply a treat to watch. Though unlucky not able to get a century, his 75 ball 98 sent pakistan packing. A absolute magical innings and a great match.

From when did you started watching Cricket ?

I guess its somewhere around the year 1995. I dont remember exactly when, but I loved and started following the game for Sachin.

How was your first day experience?

Everyday when I enter the community,i can be sure of atleast two articles which would be put up on the forum .All sachin related news here at one place from different corners of the world.

What made you become Sachin Tendulkars fan?

Sachin Tendulkar - At least with me, the match starts much, much earlier than the actual match.


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

Anything For A Quiet Life

A black Mercedes pulls up to the curb in a central London street and out steps Sachin Tendulkar. There are no crowds, no bodyguards, and no one pays any attention to this stocky and unremarkable gentleman who, aside from a chunky watch, looks like any other office worker as he stops to make a call on the pavement. Tendulkar wanders up and down the busy street, tourists and Londoners walking past him, enjoying the midsummer warmth and the rare anonymity. It is a mundane act for the rest of us but a treat and something to revel in for him. I like it here, I have more freedom to do whatever I want and move around without any problems, he says. I enjoy that feeling, it is very different for me. I am given my space, which is important, and I can go for nice walks in the parks. While his Indian team-mates were unsuccessfully attempting to defend their World Twenty20 title Tendulkar was here to spend time with his family at their London home. He watched cricket from the stands, went to the mens final at Wimbledon, took a trip to Iceland to sample some cold weather, took his nine-year-old son Arjun for net sessions at Lords and simply enjoyed unmolested trips to the cinema and restaurants. When asked if he could repeat any of these pursuits in Mumbai he laughs and looks utterly astonished at the question. No, no, no, I couldnt do any of that, I have not done it for a long time and I dont see myself doing it again really. Back home in India, of course, Tendulkar is an icon. His every movement and utterance are monitored, while his image is on billboards and in as many as a quarter of all advertisements on Indian television. Tendulkar recalls one public appearance several years ago in Bangalore when nearly 200 policemen were needed to control an impromptu crowd of up to 7,000 people after word had spread he was in the city. There have been a few scary moments but that was the worst, it was out of control and there didnt seem to be enough policemen, he says. A lot of people wanted to get close to me, it was just affection but there was a chance of me or others getting injured. To avoid a repeat Tendulkar rarely ventures out or, when he does, it is in disguise or very early in the morning. I have sometimes worn a baseball cap, a beard, spectacles and a wig not to be noticed, he says with a smile. It was just a bit of fun and I was once getting away with it until I dropped the spectacles and a couple of guys recognised me. I also love going for a drive about 5am, when the roads are empty and people wont see me. I am not driving fast, just 25mph, I listen to relaxing music, there is no one else, I like it being just me on my own. Today Tendulkar has come to the Opus store in Covent Garden to promote his own forthcoming Opus, a mammoth 800-page book weighing 30 kilos, which will tell the story of his career (see panel). Tendulkar is only the second sportsman after Diego Maradona to be given such lavish treatment. Tendulkar remains humble and warm, obliging and polite, speaking in a soft voice. In a room decorated with large images of Tendulkar and his greatest innings he will later hold a press conference that offers a glimpse into the madness of his life. It begins with a nurse taking a swab of saliva for his DNA profile, which will then become a work of art for his Opus. It ends with a gaggle of fawning Indian journalists, prefacing their questions with statements such as I would like you to know I named my son Sachin

Sachin Tendulkar - I want to give my six hours of serious cricket on the ground and then take whatever the result.


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


Tendulkar is at pains to make clear that the launch of his Opus does not signal the end of his career and, while at 36 it is inevitably approaching, he has set no retirement date, even privately. I have given it no thought at all, he says, I am good at cricket, so I will play a while longer. I still love the game as much as ever, it is my job but it remains my passion too. This is fun. Cricket remains in my heart. As the scorer of both the most Test and one-day runs, as well as the most Test and one-day centuries Tendulkars standing as one of the modern games greatest players is secure, and the 2002 Wisden argued that only Sir Donald Bradman can claim to be better in the entire history of the sport. Even so he is far from sated. He wants more. Tendulkar once said being satisfied is like pulling up the handbrake on a car and expecting it to keep moving forward. I am not pleased yet with what I have done, he says shaking his head. Sunil Gavaskar has told me that I have to get to 15,000 runs, he said he would be angry with me, he would come and catch me if I didnt. I admire him so much and to score that many would be a terrific achievement but that is not the only aim. What else? Winning the World Cup in 2011. To prolong his Test and one-day career Tendulkar has decided not to play Twenty20 internationals. I felt as though I would have been a loose link in the team, I couldnt do that to them, he says. I was not sure I would last, there was something missing. If my body wasnt strong enough to last through the tournament then I couldnt play. At 36, does he feel his body is letting him down? He pauses to think. No, it still does what I want it to but I am older so it is different, you just have to work harder. There are moments when I try something and it doesnt happen but it isnt because of my age. In recent years Tendulkar has tightened his style, becoming increasingly cautious, but he remains as prolific as ever with an average of 52.11 over the last 18 months. The last year also contained what he considers to be his greatest innings, the unbeaten 103 he made against England in Chennai, for the performance but also for its defiant symbolism coming weeks after the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. After two decades playing international cricket, how has he so ruthlessly accumulated these runs? The secret to batting is to stay still and just react to what the bowler has done, he says, making it all sound simple. You have to be still both in your mind and physically. It is so important that your mind is not full of a lot of thoughts because your reaction time is not going to be good. You have to keep your mind blank. The toughest thing is to clear your mind. The mind always wants to be in the past or the future, it rarely wants to be in the present. My best batting comes when my mind is in the present but it doesnt happen naturally, you have to take yourself there. I am not able to get in that zone as often as I would like but, when you are there, you dont see anything except the bowler and the ball.

August 15, 2009

You have to allow your instincts to take over, trust me, your instincts are 99% right but, you know, the older I get the more I realise how important your breathing is to good batting. By that I mean, if you focus on breathing and relaxing, you can force yourself into a comfortable place to bat. And when the end does finally come Tendulkar says he will not resist it: I will know when it is the right time, I wont have to be dragged away I am the person who will make the decision and I will know whether I still belong. And what will he do afterwards? I would like to do something with the game. How will he adjust to life without playing cricket? It is a scary thought, he says candidly. It has been there for my whole adult life, it will be difficult, I have been around for a long time, I can imagine when I finish I will long to face just 10 more balls but you have to move away. Who will surpass Tendulkars record haul of runs? Bradman anointed Tendulkar the player who most reminded him of himself and picked him as the only modern player in his all-time XI. Would Tendulkar extend the same compliment to anyone? I would say Virender Sehwag comes closest to my style. What state will Tendulkar leave the game in when he does eventually retire? He made his name in Test cricket but he has significantly added to his fortune with the emergence of Twenty20 as captain of the Mumbai Indians in the Indian Premier League. There is no way Test cricket is dying, he says. Twenty20 cricket is the dessert and you cant survive on that. Who wants to eat only desserts? Test cricket is my main course, with all the meat and vegetables, and then it is nice to have Twenty20 as a dessert. But does he have any fears about the growing influence of Twenty20 cricket? I started playing cricket at six with a tennis ball not because I wanted to be a millionaire but because I loved cricket, he replies. Maybe in 10 years or even now people will pick up cricket bats thinking only about the huge money in Twenty20 cricket. Money should just be coincidental. The passion and the desire are the most important thing. I worry about runs, not contracts. Following the attacks on the Sri Lanka team in Lahore and those attacks in Mumbai, which prompted the IPL to relocate temporarily to South Africa, Tendulkar has seen terrorism pose an increasing threat to cricket. It was a horrible surprise I was shocked about what happened to the Sri Lankans. I always thought that sportsmen would be left alone and we wouldnt be targeted. Would he ever feel safe touring Pakistan again? It is not up to me to judge whether it was safe, it is up to the government to make those decisions once they have done their homework. And that would be enough? Probably, yes. A couple of hours after his arrival, a small band of mostly Indian students are now milling around the front of the store and attempting to take pictures of Tendulkar through the windows.

Sir Garfield Sobers on Sachin - I have watched a lot of Tendulkar and we have spoken to each other a lot. He has it in him to be among the very best.


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

Indo-Pak matches cease to remain cricket: Sachin

Fans in India and Pakistan react in the extreme and cricket does not remain merely a sport when the arch-rivals lock horns, said Sachin Tendulkar. Indian players are either garlanded like 'kings' or treated like 'criminals', depending on the outcome of an Indo-Pak series, and the feeling is not different on the other side of the border, Tendulkar said at the launch of 'Shadows Across the Playing Field', a book authored by Minister of State for External Affairs Shashi Tharoor and former Pakistan Cricket Control Board chief Shaharyar Khan. "Both the nations react to our highs and lows. Sometime we say that cricket is just a sport...but that does not happen. You get different reactions on your performance and rather (on the performance) in the last match," he said. Referring to the 1997 ODI series in Canada, Tendulkar said, "We beat Pakistan 4-1 and the reception we got in Delhi was incredible. About 5000-7000 fans were there to receive us at the airport at two in the morning. They threw garlands and roses at us. We were treated like kings," he recalled. The Mumbaikar then revealed the other side of the coin. "We lost an ODI series 2-1 and the reaction was completely different. People looked at us as if were criminals and we have done something wrong. We lost 2-1 and because Ijaz Ahmed played an outstanding innings. "These experiences teach you and help you lead a balanced life," he said.

Sachin, other Test cricketers back Wadekar for gymkhana post

Sachin Tendulkar and a number of former players have come in support of former India captain Ajit Wadekar in his quest to retain his seat as the President of the famous Shivaji Park Gymkhana in Dadar here.

Supporting Wadekar, who led India to historic back-to- back series wins over the West Indies and England overseas in 1971, Tendulkar, in a letter to the former Test batsman, said the gymkhana, where he learnt his ropes as a young boy, needed Wadekar&aposs leadership qualities it its centenary year. "I am glad to learn that the Shivaji Park Gymkhana (SPG), which has produced so many cricketers for the state and the country, will be completing 100 years soon,"the champion batsman has said in his letter to Wadekar. "It is also heartening to see the tremendous progress made by SPG not only in cricket but in other sports like tennis, billiards and lots of indoor games too, especially in the last six years. "It requires sporting leadership and I hope that you continue to lead SPG as President in the centenary year too", Tendulkar has said in his letter to Wadekar. Wadekar&aposs former Mumbai and India colleague Bapu Nadkarni, ex- India skipper and selection panel chief Dilip Vengsarkar and flamboyant ex- India batsman Sandeep Patil have also written letters to Wadekar extending their support

Expect the Unexpected In Test Cricket

Expect the unexpected when it comes to Test cricket says Indian batting ace Sachin Tendulkar, who recalled how Wasim Akram peppered him with bouncers even as he expected yorkers in his maiden Test series in Pakistan. Tendulkar was speaking here yesterday at the launch of a book 'Shadows across the playing field, authored by India's Minister of state for External Affiars Shashi Tharoor and former PCB Chairman and diplomat Shaharyar Khan . "I was included in the first Test (in 1989). On the first day we fielded and I was so tired after six hours on the field that I slept after we returned to the hotel, woke up for my dinner and again went back to sleep," Tendulkar said. "The next day we batted and Wasim Akram and Waqar Younis were charging in. The first ball I faced from Wasim was a bouncer.

Sachin Tendulkar - I hate losing and cricket being my first love, once I enter the ground it's a different zone altogether and that hunger for winning is always there.


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

Sachin Hands Youth Inspired Association - Trust

SERVICE TO MANKIND IS A SERVICE TO GOD This is a famous quote. But we feel that its a duty of every citizen to do the best for the society and make this world a better place to live. Its not a service its a duty. SACHINs HANDS Youth Inspired is a charitable organization formed by a group of motivated and fans of Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar in May 2008. Tendulkar a Successor to Dr. A P J Abdul Kalam in the Board of CARE Hospitals, and the hospital has been of great help to the needy, especially sportspersons of the state. Tendulkar has been instrumental in the hospital taking care of total expenses for treatment of even state level sportsmen and women.

Tendulkar has also been lending a helping hand to the downtrodden in Tardeo in Mumbai for over 11 years now by providing clothes and other necessities to 250 children besides taking care of their complete education, including books, notebooks, shoes and school uniforms. Tendulkar has helped over 300 have-nots so far through the Dr. Agarwal Eye Hospital in Chennai since October 2004 to get their cataract and eye grafting operations done.The champion batsman said he was unwilling to talk about this aspect of his as he did not want to seek publicity from these causes. "Sachin is involved with 'Apnalaya' in Tardeo, Care Hospitals in Hyderabad and Dr. Agarwal Eye Clinic in Chennai, besides the 'Make Wish Foundation', which has been doing a remarkable job for over a decade."

Vision: Make this society a better place to live in! Mission: A little help in whatever possible way to all the needy people. There are lots of charities, Why one more ??? In every walk of life we meet several people who amaze us, motivate us and inspire us. One such name is Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, the difference being, that this inspiration spans across several generations. A person who not just made us believe that Indians are good enough to be the best in the world, but actually went ahead and gave us an entirely new set of ethics which help us battle any situation. The teachings were instrumental in starting a new cult, which has now become a rage. Yes Sachinism is the way to a successful, satisfying and more meaningful life. His service to nation is incredible and might take centuries for one to match his inhuman talent and records, but little master is master of all celebrities when it comes to giving back to society and being unselfish irrespective of the richest sportsmen in the country. He has been involved in humanitarian deeds since quite some time and would continue to do his bit to help the underprivileged. Sachin dreams of an India which is more than just hope, and to fulfill it he is actively involved in various programs for social upliftment in various capacities .But since God cannot be everywhere its our responsibility to take the teachings further and ensure that no child remains underprivileged in the country. There are still lots of places which needs attention. Our motto is to make those places a better place and thats why we have started this. Sachin's hands starts with a vision that even if a handful of us contribute to the society to whatever extent we can, we can definitely make a difference. Please do remember that this is not a fan club but a TRUST formed by fans of Sachin inspired by his contribution to the society and following his foot steps. Also this TRUST is no way affiliated to Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar and the acts of the TRUST are purely based on the board and members of the TRUST. Unarguably Sachin Tendulkar is a silent crusader when it comes to charity. We have been following him since 18 years and he gave us all moments of joy and happiness that makes us proud to be born in TENDULKAR ERA.

Small acts of help can make a big difference but helping to make a big difference is not a small act!!


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


Achievements :
We planned to help an orphanage (Barath Matha Orphanage)which is giving shelter for about 30 odd children in Chennai this year and collected money from friends and relatives. We collected nearly Rs/-20,000 and donated it to the orphanage. At that time our TRUST was not registered. But only after that we felt that we have to be professional in dealing with such things and contribute to the society in whatever manner possible. Hence as a result we have formed this TRUST.

August 15, 2009

orphanage self dependent (guiding them how to earn small money even while reading etc) and try to make them capable of joining us in future.

Primary Members and Board:

Right now we have about 20-25 active members and trying to increase the strength. President: Prasanna.V.K. from Chennai Vice-President: Prem Prakash Pandey from Chennai Secretary: Pavan Kumar from Hyderabad Treasurer : Ashwin Susarla from Chennai Joint Secretary: Karthik from Hyderabad Executive member1: Sunil from Hyderabad Executive member2: K.Sumithra from Chennai DayCelebrationsPartII


Current goals: -

April 24th 2008 we did our duty for an orphanage of about 30 children ( brationsPartII). One of the current goals is that to get them a house of their own (they are in a rented house), to get them their basic needs like food, clothing and study continuously.

Other active members and office bearers are: Pradeep Srinivasan :Sydney,AUS Badrinarayanan : New Castle,UK Ankit : Delhi Rajesh : Bangalore Manuj : Delhi Aravind : Trichy

Generalized Goals of the trust: Update on Registration of the TRUST:

1. To help the children to study, to provide clothes, books, food and everything we can do for the kids in orphanages. 2. To help the people who need medical emergency i.e. blood and cant afford things necessary for any operations. 3. To create an awareness about Child labour. 4. Apart from these goals we will fix a period of duration (say 2 year or like that) depending on our resources and in this period we will select one orphanage (again this will be done city by city depending on the resources in each city, resources here mainly stands for no of members who can devote some time) and will work with them in co-operation to make that We are done with Registration. Waiting to get bank account opened which may take couple more weeks

Meetings and Agenda:

Since the members are from different parts of the world we conduct online meetings every week on Sunday at 11 am. The MOM and Agenda are captured online in a social networking site called ORKUT and discussion will go on there. Apart from this, people in INDIA will meet once in a year and have a BOARD of members meeting. Also, member in each city will meet often and do the work allotted by BOARD.

Sachin Tendulkar me.

- I always had a dream to play for India but I never let it put pressure on


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

Pictures Zone
Here in this zone, Check Out for some of The Rare Photos of Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar.
--> "You dont raise heroes, you raise sons. And if you treat them like sons, theyll turn out to be heroes, even if its just in your own eyes."

Sachins Superb Poses for <Opus!

-->Rare collection of Sachins Young Age Photographs!

->Sachin watching finals @ Wimbledon 2009

Sachin at madame tussauds to check out his statue. -


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

Upcoming Fixtures
Some important upcoming fixtures next month. India Plays a Tri Series in Sri Lanka & Ashes Continues. Other Series are not so big as these two series as we see

For Team India

For The Ashes

Mathew Hayden, on Sachin Tendulkar -His life seems to be a stillness in a frantic world... [When he goes out to bat], it is beyond chaos - it is a frantic appeal by a nation to one man. The people see him as a God...


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

On This Day - Archive The Ashes

Australia opt for pace barrage Uncapped keeper Hartley covers for Haddin, Manou Aug 14, 2009: Australia draft in Chris Hartley, an uncapped wicketkeeper, for tomorrow's two-day match against England Lions. I don't want it enough - Trescothick Aug 13, 2009: Marcus Trescothick rules out a return to international cricket, ending all speculation about a dramatic comeback to the England Clark no certainty for The Oval Aug 11, 2009: Andrew Hilditch, the Australia's chairman of selectors, insists Stuart Clark could be dropped for the final Ashes Test Australia name Nannes for Twenty20s Aug 11, 2009: Two months after making his debut for Netherlands, Dirk Nannes is given a lifeline by Australia after being named. Flintoff to play Ashes decider Aug 10, 2009: The England & Wales Cricket Board is understood to have received a positive diagnosis of Andrew Flintoff's knee condition England defeat proves costly for Leeds Aug 10, 2009: England's dismal defeat to Australia at Headingley cost the local economy in Leeds up to 2 million Ponting ready for 2005 revenge Aug 9, 2009: Ricky Ponting artfully dodges questions relating to England's 2005 Ashes triumph. Dominant Australia take control Aug 7, 2009: Ricky Ponting and Shane Watson compile more in a single second-wicket stand of 119 than England's entire line-up managed in 33.5 overs Ponting record looking beyond Border's Aug 3, 2009: Mitchell Johnson delivers a promise to team-mates to puff his chest out against England on Sunday despite his series-long struggles with the ball The Watson gamble pays off Jul 30, 2009: Shane Watson enters the Edgbaston Test having never batted higher than No. 6, and scores amazing 50s Haddin out with broken finger Jul 30, 2009: Australia deal with a major blow just moments before the scheduled start of play with Brad Haddin forced out of the side with a suspected broken finger Hauritz battles the pain Jul 18, 2009: Nathan Hauritz ignored a badly bruised middle finger to dismantle England's top order but his brave performance was not enough to stop Australia from needing a monumental effort to save the second Test Lord's Test to be Koertzen's 100th Jul 16, 2009: Rudi Koertzen will become the second umpire after Jamaican Steve Bucknor to stand in a 100 Tests Flintoff to retire from Test cricket Jul 15, 2009: Andrew Flintoff announces retirement from Test cricket at the end of the summer Ponting Fletcher hits back at 'hypocrite' Aug 6, 2009: Ricky Ponting is torn between wanting the booing from the local supporters to stop and giving himself more of an opportunity to be a target Aura-less Australia could slip to fourth Flintoff ends England's 75-year wait Aug 4, 2009: Australia require victory at both Headingley and The Oval to retain their No. 1 Test ranking Johnson comes out of his shell Jul 20, 2009: In his last Test at the home of cricket, Andrew Flintoff broke England's 75-year Lord's curse with his first five-wicket haul Koertzen upset by catch "cheats" Jul 22, 2009: Rudi Koertzen has bemoaned the attitude of batsmen who refuse to take the word of fielders. Aug 6, 2009: Australia consider employing four fast bowlers at Headingley in the hope of blasting out England in the fourth Test and leveling the Ashes series Ponting brushes off spectator incident further scrutiny after it emerged his Achilles injury deteriorated in IPL Lee rules himself out for Edgbaston Jul 24, 2009: Brett Lee confirms his unavailability for the third Test next week and is focusing on a potential return in the fourth Test at Leeds

Jul 29, 2009: Ricky Ponting is 25 runs from becoming Australia's leading scorer and the third most prolific in Tests. Pietersen experienced pain at IPL Jul 24, 2009: Kevin Pietersen's participation in the IPL comes under

Jul 15, 2009: Ricky Ponting labels Duncan Fletcher a "hypocrite" after the former England coach's comments that Australia had no right to claim the moral high ground on Spirit of Cricket issues

Navjot Sidhu on Sachin - "His mind is like a computer. He stores data on bowlers and knows where they are going to pitch the ball."


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

Best Off Topics Of Community This Month

We dont only discuss abt Sachin & Cricket always sometimes off topics are also discussed. Here are some of the good off topics discussed last month.. SWINE FLU ---- don't panic WHAT IS SWINE FLU?
Influenza A (H1N1) virus is commonly known as swine flu. It is a viral infection that originated from pigs, it is a pandemic strain that is brand new to humans which means we do not have natural immunity to it and therefore are prone to this viral infection.

The symptoms of swine flu are similar to that ofregular human flu and include fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, headache, chills and fatigue. Some people can have diarrhea and vomiting associated with swine flu. It can cause severe illnesses like pneumonia, respiratory failure and could worsen chronic medical conditions.

When Former FI Racer, Michael Schumacher announced he will be returning to the F1 Grand Prix circuit to fill in at Ferrari for badly injured driver Felipe Massa. It was a good news for all his fans. But he dissapoined everyone by finally calling of his return due to a bike injury. Emergency warning signals that need urgent medical attention Fast breathing or trouble in breathing or shortness of breath Bluish or gray skin color Pain or pressure in the chest or abdomen Sudden dizziness , Severe or persistent vomiting Flu-like symptoms improve but then return with fever and worse cough

Swine flu can be prevented and following precautions can safeguard us: Practice a high standard of personal hygiene - routinely wash hands with soap and warm water Wear a face mask/respirator in crowded places. Avoid/defer nonessential travel, especially to affected places; if necessary to travel, carry and use mask. Avoid spreading of germs - cough on your sleeve and not into your hand Avoid contact with sick people. If you are sick, then immediately report to the hospital and stay at home Use alcohol-based hand sanitizers to minimize infection risk. Air purifier can also be used to help reduce exposure to airborne germs. Get an influenza shot for now. Antibiotics do not help this infection since it is not from bacteria. The only medicines which help are antiviral.

Roger Federer is showing off his new doubles team.

The Swiss tennis great has posted the first public photo of his twin girls on the Internet. Federer wrote below the photo on his Facebook account today that the girls and mother are "doing great." He thanked friends and fans for their wishes. Federer and his wife, Mirka, are each holding a baby in the picture. Federer said the photo was taken by his father.

Symptomatic care is most important. You should ask your doctor about options. Those at high risk should strongly be considered for treatment with medication. (High risk patients include those with diabetes, heart disease, immune compromised



SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

August 15 : Lara eyes T&T coaching role in Champions League John Wright, confirms he is in the running for the coach's position at the Kolkata Knight Riders August 14: Sehwag to 'wait and watch' on his fitness KPL : Uthappa highest earner, Binny comes close August 13 : Younis Khan takes responsibility but refuses to resign from the captaincy August 12: Pakistan signed off the tour in style with a comprehensive 52-run win in the one-off Twenty20 Wanderers regains international status August 11 : Four new venues announced for IPL's third season August 10 : ICC clears Pakistan players of contact with bookies BCCI holds fitness camps in Delhi, Mumbai August 9 : Winning belief helped us win series - Sangakkara Pakistan won 5th test by 132 runs August 8 : Shoaib's career not over - chief selector July 27 : Sreesanth joins Warwickshire Glucose injections revived Bond's battered back July 26 : Razzak and Shakib seal Bangladesh win July 23 : Langer breaks Bradman runs record Pakistan won 4th odi by 146 runs July 22 : IPL accused of violating norms at Wanderers August 5 : Gibbs picks Deccan over Cape Cobras July 21 : Taibu slapped with ten-match ban August 4 : ICC board will hold on to WADA July 20 : $4 million prize money for Champions Trophy August 3 : Srikkanth pleased with depth in Indian cricket July 18 : Karnataka board launches Twenty20 league August 2 : Caddick announces retirement July 15 : Chennai target Flintoff for entire third season New Zealand players admit missing IPL will be 'tough' August 7 : Zaheer ruled out of Champions Trophy

August 1 : India take Emerging Players title July 31 : Bangladesh complete 3-0 sweep July 30 : Muralitharan says he will retire from Test cricket in November 2010 July 29 : Yusuf questions Irfan's exclusion July 28 : Shoaib in more trouble with PCB Tampering with ball won't help much Akram

Brett Lee, on Sachin Tendulkars batting, 1999 - You might pitch a ball on the off stump and think you have bowled a good ball and he walks across and hits it for two behind midwicket. His bat looks so heavy but he just waves it around like its a toothpick.


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

Latest ICC Rankings

ODI Rankings :
Teams :
In the Latest annual ODI rankings released after the year 2008-09 SA are placed 1st ahead of India which is at a close 2nd and Australia. After the impressive show in the last 12 months Dhoni and boys jumped 1 place ahead of Aus to become the 2nd best team.

Test Rankings :
Teams :
In the Latest annual Test rankings released after the Year 2008-09 Australia(124 rating points) continue to stay at the top of the charts, but they are closely followed by South Africa(122 rating points), Sri Lanka(119 rating points) and India(119 rating points).

Batsman :
In the Batting rankings for ODIs there are 5 Indians at the Top 20. And the top two slots is being taken by MS Dhoni and Y Singh. V Sehwag, S Tendulkar and G Gambhir also are in the Top 20. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar is currently at 14th spot with 689 ranking points, after missing the West Indies series and Last part of Sri Lanka series.

Batsman :
In the Batting rankings for Tests there are 4 Indians in the Top 20. G Gambhir is the Top ranked Indian at Thrid Spot. The other Indians in the Top 20 are S Tendulkar, VVS Laxman and V Sehwag. The Top spot is occupied by K Sangakkara of Sri Lanka with 862 ranking points. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has climbed upto 14th position with 720 ranking points after a Good show in the India - New Zealand test series.

Bowlers :
In the Bowling rankings for ODIs there is only one Indian bowler in the Top 20. Its is Zaheer Khan at 16th spot. H Singh is the next best Indian bowler, he is at 23rd spot. The Top spot is occupied by N Kulasekara of Sri Lanka with 730 rankings points.

Bowlers :
In the Bowling rankings for Tests there are 3 Indians in the Top 20. Harbhajan Singh is the Top ranked Indian at tied Fifth spot. The other Indians in the Top 20 are Z Khan and I Sharma. The Top spot is occupied by D Steyn of South Africa with 844 rankings points.

All Rounders :
In the All Rounders rankings for the ODIs Y Singh is the only Indian in the Top 10. He is at 6th Spot with 330 points. The Top spot is occupied by Shakib Al Hasan of Bangladesh with 424 ranking points.

All Rounders :
In the All Rounders rankings for Tests H Singh is the lone Indian in the Top 10 with 213 ranking points. The Top spot is occupied by J Kallis of South Africa with 455 ranking points.

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SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

How I met life

This is a story written by on of the regular member (Madhyama) of, about how she met Sachin Tendulkar & her personal experience over it. This is a beautiful write up, a must read for all.. I was next to him...I still don't remember what I said ,I only know that mumbled for his autograph... he was holding a bouquet ...he smiled...oh god , he smiled ....he stopped next to me ...he was looking at me ....HE WAS LOOKING AT ME !!!! ... he gave the bouquet to someone else ...had a look at my Sachin diary , signed it and went ahead ...I don't know whether I said thank you or not...I probably didn't , couldn't .....

25th October 2007 A day I can never forget. A day when my dream came true. A day when time stopped still in the madhyama world. A day when I met Sachin Tendulkar !
Yes, THAT day!! how can I ever describe it ! that's the day when 25 became the most beautiful number and Hotel Maurya Sheraton , Delhi , became the most sacred place in the whole of India ! for that's the day and place on which I finally got proof that Sachin Tendulkar wasnt a myth . that he actually existed , in flesh blood and bones . that there actually was somebody who could change millions of lives everyday .our dictionary doesn't have words enough to describe what all happened to me that day ! There I was impatiently waiting for Him to come . fidgeting all around , unmindful of hunger , thirst or fatigue . not believing it all was actually happening . not believing that in a few moments Sachin himself would be in front of me .not believing that I could be so very blessed ! that's when there was some commotion in the main entrance of at mighty hotel .i rushed as I have never rushed... There he was , clad casually in a red T- shirt , blue jeans and goggles , an aura of power and peace emanating from him . he looked magical ! I stood rooted to the spot . couldn't move an inch . my voice died in my throat . the only thing I did was to look at his serene face . looking at him strangely filled me with immense calm and wonder . sense prevailed. I thought to myself " madhi , this is the one chance you have , go forward ". But my legs didn't want to move ! I stood transfixed .somehow though, I made a move. I thought, could it be this easy, just one more step and I will be standing alongside my idol ? I took that one step, it was the most laborious step I have ever taken . but then no other step changed my the way this one did , so it was more than worth it !!

I wanted to tell him how much he meant to me. I wanted him to know how my whole life and personality had been determined by his presence. I wanted to show him how much more than a great cricketer he was .i wanted him to know how looking at him made me feel blessed to be living and how I pray to god everyday for his happiness and peace . I wanted him to know that I learnt my biggest lesson, of being courageous enough to dream, from him ....i wanted to hold him say thank you .... but I couldn't say anything .not one single word... I just stood there , feeling him beside me ,blessed to be breathing from the same air as him , watching at his hand trace our his signature and then watching him go away ! everyday since then , whenever I am sad or depressed , the thought of this amazing day fills me up with hope and happiness !! I get faith that as long as somebody like him is around , there is hope for this crazy world. I get reassured that if ever I feel that life isn't worth living I will only have to remember those few hours spent at Maurya Sheraton , to know how good dividends one can get paid to be alive .I hope others like me are also bestowed upon with such an honour and that they are sensible enough to value it . but more than any of this , I feel peaceful , serene , calm and happy from the very roots of my heart . I feel alive !!

Tennis legend Martina Navratilova -"Sachin was so focused. He never looked like getting out. He was batting with single-minded devotion. It was truly remarkable. It was a lesson."


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

Sach-in our teen life

One of the most read article on written by a Member- Girish is again back in the Articles collection of So, we are again sharing that article through our 1st edition..
This isnt an attempt to write an elegy about the man. Better and gifted pens have already done that. Neither is this an attempt to "statistically" prove the "greatness" of this man and how he is "non pareil". Those have been done to death as well. I am just representative of the coterie of preponderant number of people who entered their teenage world with the entry of cable TV, liberalized economy, rapidly changing middle class dynamics, clandestinely purchased Debonairs, paradigm shift in middle class values, increased access to happenings in "western world", ubiquitous Street cricket, cornucopia of Hardy boys, Nancy Drew's and Archies, highly accommodative parents, over achieving siblings, the ravishing Steffi Grafs, vanishing Sabatinis', ebullient Agassis and one man whose presence in the currently playing Indian Cricket team could bring our whole day to a standstill. Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar. In hindsight it is amazing how the Sachin phenomenon had perpetrated into the Indian collective consciousness ( especially the middle class the one I was intimately acquainted with ). I am an unabashed Sachin fan ( using it as loosely as possible ) not because of his exquisite strokeplay, his dazzling cover drives, his scintillating straight drives, his pulverizing pulls or the impeccable prancing down the tracks to hoist the hapless fast bowler for a maximum.It was for all this and so much more.Again going down the nostalgic lane it is amazing how much of my teenage life I remember revolving around Sachin and his innings. There would be plenty in this forum who, I am sure ,like me would have feigned illness on a match day just to watch the little Master play. There would be plenty who would have sneaked a radio into the class just to be updated ball by ball how Sachin (ostensibly "India" ) was progressing. (Remember no mobile phones in mid nineties) There would be plenty who like me would have dreamed before a match day the Little Master would yet again score a century. Assuming they slept. There would be plenty who like me could recount in amazing detail the exact words he spoke in the man of the match ceremony, the way he got off the mark, the number of balls he took to do it, the way he "unfortunately" got out, the number of fours and sixes you ask? Child's play. There would be plenty of people like me who would have had a knot in their stomach every ball he faced. Waiting. Hoping against hope hopen. The desperate of us even praying. There would be plenty of people who like me would have hurled imprecations on the poor non striker who didn't have the "common sense" to "take a single" and give "strike" to the Little Master.

There would again be plenty like me who would have missed the "model board exam" ( oh what is the wrath of the principle and parents when compared to the master dancing down the track and giving Warne the nightmares of his life? Nothing was comparable to it and nothing could have compensated missing it.) and sneaked into Chepauk stadium just to see the Little man take on the mighty Australians . There would be plenty like me who would have read the dependable "The Hindu" the moment we woke up after a match day, the habitual morning ablutions hardly being a priority. There would be plenty like me who when introduced to a girl who professed interest in cricket and actually remembered how much Sachin scored in the last match would immediately start believing in soul mates. There would be plenty like me who would have devoured every article about the Master ( Favorite being R. Mohan's ) and still feeling no adjectives could do justice to him. There would be plenty like me who would have expressed an undisguised scorn at the disinterest shown by the sis and the parents with their callous and blasphemous "I don't understand what the big deal is!!" There would be plenty like me who would have thought spending a whole three hours seeing the Little master striking a ball with a wood a life well spent. There would be plenty like me who would have stayed well late into the night just to catch the highlights after watching the full match in the morning. Sometimes watch a re run of the match again in the night. Finally there would be plenty like me for whom teenage life without Sachin would be almost unimaginable as The God Father without Don Corleone. Lets face it there are probably people like me out there for whom it was never really about India actually "winning". ( If Sachin plays and they win it would be just a "nice feeling". ) Who really cares about how many matches India actually "won" because of his contribution? It's like arguing Britney Spears sells more than Beethoven ergo Britney Spears is a better artist. Yes that's bad logic but logic, teenage life and Sachin didn't really go hand in hand.For some of us it wasn't really about winning at all.It is the realization how far we would have gone to just see him play that shot. Oh just to see him on the pitch. Oh the unbridled pure adulation for a man whose dismissal could break a billion hearts. Oh if there was heaven it would be just it. It's a moment of epiphany which plenty of people like me would have gone through. It wouldn't be banal to say "You can take Sachin out of the Indian team but can never ever take him out of some people's teenage life!


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

Tendulkar to attend fitness camp in a few days: Kirsten

Sachin Tendulkar will attend the pre-season fitness camp in a few days' time as he was unavailable today due to prior commitments as eight players were put through their paces here. Coach Gary Kirsten, who oversaw the fitness camp at the Mumbai Cricket Association's Indoor Academy in Bandra-Kurla Complex today, said it was not possible to get all the players available for the camp at a short notice. "Sachin was unavailable today. It was not possible to get everyone available at such a short notice. Sachin would do the test in the next few days," Kirsten said. The eight players who took part in the fitness camp conducted by Indian team physiotherapist Nitin Patel and trainer Ramji Srinivasan, who is tipped to soon join the national squad, were Yuvraj Singh, Rohit Sharma, Yusuf Pathan, Dinesh Karthick, Pragyan Ojha, Abhishek Nayar, Ravindra Jadeja and S Badrinath.

Tendulkar can continue as long as he wants: Ganguly

Age might be catching up with Sachin Tendulkar but former India captain Sourav Ganguly feels the Mumbai veteran is the best cricketer in the world right now and can continue as long as he wants. The iconic left-hander said his 36-year-old former opening partner is a better batsman than him and can pick the time to call it quits. "To be honest, he is a bigger player than I am. He deserves to go whenever he wants to. He is probably the best in the world with (the retired) Brian Lara. He can play until anytime he wants and I am sure his performance will remain consistent," Ganguly told PTI in an interview here today. Ganguly said he enjoyed partnering Tendulkar at the top and doesn't regret quitting earlier than him.

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SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Yuvraj Singh, Virender Sehwag might have arrived ... But for a school going kid, who bats in the streets and the maidans of our country, he still dreams to be a Sachin Tendulkar! Sachin's stance, style of play is what every kid on the streets of India wants to impersonate. Everyone wants a slice of the little genius. We found Sachin over 20 years back as a prodigiously talented teenager; even our mums loved him. The curly hair, the boyish looks, he was the kid in a man's world. In the 1990s, Sachin became synonymous with the Indian cricket team. When Tendulkar would be dismissed early in an innings the spectators in the stadium retreated, and the ones watching at home switched off their TV sets. For a million Indians, the word Sachin spelled hope. Sachin was also the only Indian batsmen whose game did not falter when playing on the hard and bouncy or seaming tracks abroad. He was at ease on all surfaces. He was one Indian batsman, whom we knew would never flinch in front of bouncers or short-pitch bowling. In the 1990s the Indian team did not win any Test matches outside the subcontinent, and the only consolation would be a Sachin hundred on foreign soil. Away from Tests, Sachin's attacking style of play made him an exciting proposition in the 50-over version of the game. Every time he was called onto bat, the expectations surgedanything less than a hundred was deemed as a failure. In the ODIs, Sachin played a number of memorable knocks, but one of his innings stands out. Remember the 'desert storm' in Sharjah in 1998, when he single-handedly took the Indians to the finals of the tournament, and then followed it by a matchwinning innings in the same. He psyched the Australians then and simultaneously mesemerized us. But for the champions, the real test is not only the numbers but the spirit as well.

Just days after his father's funeral death, Sachin returned to score a century in World Cup England 1999. Such is Sachin Tendulkar. The hundred that was dedicated to his father was testimony to his focus and a tribute to his commitment towards the Indian cricket team. In 2003 World Cup when the cricket fanatics were seething in anger, Sachin Tendulkar was called upon to do some firefighting on behalf of the team. When the master spoke, the nation listened, as he asked the fans to keep their faith. In the next few games India worked a turnaround chiefly on the back of some scintillating knocks from Sachin. The beginning of this decade saw the younger brigade in the Indian team come to the fore. As for Sachin, he never grew old, yes the bones creaked much more, and tennis elbow injury kept him down for almost a year. The master though never got tired of making centuries. After surpassing Don Bradman's record of 29 Test centuries, Sachin is now at 42 and still counting for more. He is also the highest run maker in both Test match cricket and ODIs. From a child prodigy to an institution of the game itself, Sachin has walked straight into the hearts of his fans and his team members alike. He is the senior member now, a person to whom everybody looks up to for all sorts of advice. Be it a technical flaw in the batting style of a way to deal with all the pressure on the cricketing field, Sachin Tendulkar is the man-to-go for all the members of the team. On the field or off it, Sachin soothes the nerves of his team members, by constantly joking and squeezing in humour in the tense dressing room atmosphere. The master is enjoying the success of the Indian team , something which he missed doing during the 90's. For the fans, he is the cricketer for whom kids have bunked school, the office-goers have feigned illness. After a hard day's work he is the one guy who has lit up the faces of the common man, with his breath-taking performances. Everyone relishes Sachin Tendulkar. His game, his smile, his humility has charmed one and all. At the age of 36, Sachin is still playing with the same passion, the same hunger that he had when he first held the bat to thrash a turning or a swinging ball to the boundary. All we can say is may the good work continue for a long time in the future. India@62 loves Sachin Tendulkar and asks for more!

We Wish You All a Very Happy 62nd Independence Day


SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

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SACHINISM : More Than A Religion


August 15, 2009

Thank You, Sachin Tendulkar , For the entertainment & joy over the years!! WE ALL LOVE YOU!!

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