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MARCH 23, 2012


This Week in Grade 8

ENGLISH: Students have been working on the nal revisions of their essays - a focus on particular skills that were weak throughout the class - thesis statements and introductory paragraphs, topic sentences, and effective use of quotes. They have completed their propaganda posters, demonstrating their understanding of the various types of propaganda used throughout history and in todays media. SOCIAL STUDIES: Students have completed their speeches for their performance task related to political parties and belief systems. Beginning next week, students will be introduced to the 4th quarter major project for all 8th
IMPORTANT DATES TO REMEMBER: * Spring Break Holiday: March 29 - April 9 (return on April 10)

graders - Advocating for Change (AFC) - in which students will look at an issue within their home country, or a country they afliate with, and analyze that issue on a global, societal, and personal level. It will comprise of research, written essay, and nally, a summit experience with the 8th grade students discussing ways/actions through which they can commit to making a change for the better related to their chosen topic/issue. Topics will be introduced next week by the Social Studies teachers and students will choose their preference before leaving for the holiday. SCIENCE: We are nishing up our content information for the

chemistry unit. Students are exploring, through mini labs, the concepts of formation of a gas, changes in food (color) based on chemical reactions with substances, and the law of conservation of mass. When they return from vacation they will begin working on their performance task for this chemistry unit (a cooking project). MATH: Students will have an assessment next week (3/26 or 3/27) on Pythagoras theorem. Following their return from vacation, they will begin their math performance task for this unit. A Basic Skills Assessment #3 will be on April 27.

UPCOMING ASSESSMENTS & DUE DATES: * MAP Test - Reading (March 26 & 27) * Math Assessment - Pythagoras Theorem: March 26 or 27 (depending on block)

IMPORTANT WEBSITES USED IN CORE CLASSES: Google Docs Noodle tools - research skills & notecards

Strategy Instruction Class

Skill & Strategy Areas of Focus: Vocabulary Development: - Developing strategies to help determine meaning of new vocabulary & expanding students vocabulary base - Using context clues - Categorizing/Classifying - Understanding words with Multiple Meanings - Prex & Sufx meanings using these to help determine word meaning - Root Words/Base words - for meaning The Writing Process: - We are beginning to look at the structure of a persuasive paragraph or essay - how to support your opinion with valid reasons and organize them into a strong persuasive paragraph Research Strategies: - using templates to organize information - Noodle tools online - Paraphrasing skill practice Study Skills: - Note-taking strategies: we are using the Cornell method which is the 2 column notes method (main ideas on left side; supporting details on right) - difference between facts and opinions
child will be learning, practicin g and implementing throug hout this year! e templates on my class . I will be posting thes strategies that your These are some of th e many

Note- Taking Strategies 2.

Study Skills Time Management Self - Advocacy Paragraph Writing Summary Writing Editing Strategies Interactive Reading Learning Styles

Time Management: - chunking long term/ large assignments into smaller due dates

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