2.1 Concept Mapping Wiki Project Presentations 7 All of the criteria is met. The goals were achieved.

This is a great resource to learn the 2.1 section and meet the goals. The overall concept of 2.1 was well envisioned and relayed through the site. It is a great resource, and I would change nothing. 5 There is a good attempt to meet the criteria. The goal to teach is clear. The overal concept of 2.1 was taught. I would add a few more definitions, topics, … 3 1 The site's content was missing one or Criteria barely met. I would have two pieces of the criteria. An attempt to change/add a lot to make this was made to meet the criteria, but I an effective resource. would add missing elements to make it an effective resource.

Information Criteria: - The goals below were met: 1. To teach others how to graph from a quadratic equation. 2.) To teach students how to determine a quadratic equation from a given graph - Definitions, key topics, connection, and processes are included

Examples/Problems - There is at least one example or problem for every key concept covered - There is work and thorough explanation - Applications were included and added interest to overall topic (projectile motion, maximization/minimization)

All of the criteria is met. Again, this is a great resource for students to find explanation of examples and problems pertaining to quadratics.

There is a good attempt at the criteria. Applications were there and explanation attempted, but not as indepth as it could be.

The critera was met with average effort. Depth was not there.

Criteria barely met. Depth and explanation was not attempted.

Navigation/Organization All of the criteria is met. I would -The wiki is polished and change nothing. finished on due date It is a nice, organized, userfriendly site to use The navigation does not take away from the goal of the site to teach Creativity: - The student met the criteria with The wiki and presentation of an outstanding site. I would use material was uniquely this site as a suggested resource to presented students in the future. - There was a variety of mediums used on the wiki (video, music, PowerPoints, visuals…) - I was like WOW. Participation No reminders to stay on task or be - Students were all equally respectful were needed. involved in the site production -Students worked together and no reminder to stay on task was needed -Each individual took part in the presentation

Navigation and organization had Navigation and organization was not some flow errors, but did not take well planned, but it did not take away away from the overall goal to from the goal to teach. teach.

The content is not planned out well. The organization and/or completion flaws take away from the overall goal to teach.

The student had a good attempt of The student attempted some There was not attempt to make creativity and orinality. Missing the creativity and originality. May not be it original, creative, and wow factor, but I would still recommended as a resource. interesting. recommend it as a resource.

One or two reminders were needed throughout the work period or the presentations.

Three or four reminders were needed Five or more reminders were throughout the work period or the needed throughout the work presentations. period or the presentations.

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