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2/2/2014 The text affected in this update: 6.3.6

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‘meat from animal sacrifice to pagan false gods’ > ‘meat from animals offered in sacrifice to pagan idols of false gods’; footnote added on Act 15:20]
‘Nebiim’ > ‘books of Prophets’ ‘Torah’ > ‘Law’ ‘Yeshua haMashiah’ > ‘Yeshua the Messiah’ ‘Mashiah’ > ‘Messiah’; ‘Mashiahn’ > Messianist ‘Mashiahn Community’ > ‘Messianic Community [‘Acts of the Apostles’ – footnote added] Act 1:2 [‘through holy spirit’ > ‘by means of holy spirit’; footnote added.] Act 1:24 [footnote added on ‘O Lord’] Act 3:1 [Footnote on ‘hour-period’ edited]

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Act 3:13 [‘servant’ > ‘child’; footnote added] Act 3:16 [‘Source and Giver of Life’ > ‘Prince of Life’; footnote added Act 3:20 [‘Yeshua haMashiah’ > ‘the Messiah ~~ Yeshua’] Act 4:29 [‘Take notice of their threats’ > ‘Look upon their threatenings’] Act 7:60 [‘O Lord’ > ‘Lord’; footnote added] Act 13:5 [Footnote added on ‘Judaic people’] Act 13:5 [< ‘have brought you forth.> < ‘have revealed me to be father to you’.>]

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Act 15:17-18 [rephrased; cross-references cleaned.] Act 15:19 [The [+] expansion after ‘Elohim’ – moved into footnote]

1/14/2014 The text affected in update: 6.3.5
• • • • • • • • • • ‘from out of dead ones’ > ‘from out of the dead’] Act 2:17 [Footnote added ‘mortal beings of flesh-and-blood’] Act 2:20, 21, 25 [‘Adonai’ > ‘LORD’; footnote added] Act 4:12 [rephrased] Act 9:23 [‘peacefulness’ > ‘peace’] Act 13:10 [‘a Devil’s son’ > ‘devil-like guy’ – footnote edited.] crooked the straight paths of Adonai Act 13:10 [‘the straight paths of Adonai’ > ‘the straight ways of the Lord’; footnote added on ‘Adonai’ and ‘make crooked’] Act 18:25 [‘as to the spirit’ > ‘in spirit’; footnote added] heir perverse thinking Act 20:30 [‘things of perverting truths’ > ‘their perverse thinking’] Act 26:28 [Footnote on ‘Messianist’ – edited.]

11/3/2013 The text affected in update: 6.3.4
• • • Kohen haGadol > the High Priest 19:14 [kohen gadol > a chief priest] 24:5 [‘religious tradition’ > ‘religion’; footnote added.]

Translator’s note:
• Those lengthy speeches in the Acts are put in boxes for easy recognition. See the list in the footnote files. • The place names appearing within the text which would serve as mile-posts are in larger red font.

Markers used in Paul’s journeys



sail out beginning a sea voyage ship landing last port of call during the journey on foot

1 No.E. I An Invitation to Reading in English – N.R. –Vol. [The Renewed Covenant in the Mashiah] The Four Gospels & Acts No. 5 Acts – Readers Edition 1943-0345 Read IRENT Vol.ISSN Read I. 5 The Acts of the Apostles Readers Edition 安路者 Ahnrojah Books 2009 .T.N.T.

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12 – 16) With Paul’s mission .Contents Contents A Publication Notice Overview/Outlines/Acrostic Bible Prequel: Ending of G-Luke Part I (Ch. 1– 11) With Yerusalem Church Part II (Ch.

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1-7 1:1 – 26 2:1 – 7:60 II. Chs. Witnessing through Paul’s mission A. 13-28 Witnessing of the Mashiahn Community through Paul III. 8-12 8:1 – 40 9:1 – 9:30 9:30 – 12:25 Witnessing of Mashiahn Community in preparation A. Yerusalem Community Witnessing of Mashiahn Community from Yerusalem A. Witnessing In preparation B. Yerusalem Council C. Paul’s last days in Rome . Chs. Paul’s 1st journey on mission B. Persecution leads Philips to proclaim in Samaria B. 1 – 12 Witnessing of the Mashiahn Community of Yerusalem I. Persecution leads to conversion & call of Paul C. Paul’s 3rd journey on mission 27:27 – 28:31 Witnessing through Paul’s imprisonment 21:27 – 26:32 27:1 – 28:16 28:17-31 A. Paul’s 2nd journey on mission D. Chs. Paul in Yerusalem: Arrest and Trial B. 13:1 – 21:26 13:1 – 14:28 15:1-35 15:36 – 18:22 18:23 – 21:26 IV. Paul’s 4th journey in chain C. To Judea and Samaria Part 2. Chs.Overview/outline An Outline Acts of the Apostles Part 1.

28:16 Voyage from Caesarea . 13-14) B.items . The witnessing of His church in preparation (Ch. bar Zebedee. 1:1-2:13) . 13-28) A. Persecution brings further expansion of the Gospel (11:19-30) E. Prayer brings the ordaining of seven local ministers (6:1-6) D. 8-13) A. The holy Spirit given for power to witness (2:1-13) II.volume 37 Outline: Acts of holy Spirit thru the Apostles I. Proclaiming & healing by Kefa brings thousands to salvation and growth (2:14-3:26) B. love & unity (4:1-5:42) (5:1-11 Contrast of lies & selfishness on Ananias & Sapphira) C. beheaded. Persecution leads to the conversion & call of Paul (Ch. Paul’s 1st missionary journey with BarNabba & Yohanan Markus thru CYPRUS. 2:14-7:60) A. Vision leads Kefa to perform miracles and present Christ to Cornelius and Gentiles (9:3211:18) D. Persecution brings death & imprisonment to the disciples (12:1-25) (Yaakob. 9) C. The final command of Christ to witness (1:1-11) B. The Yerusalem council to discuss Judaizers & the Gentile converts (15:1-35) C. Kefa delivered & Herod smote by God) IV. 21:27-28:31) We-sections in Acts We-section I: 16:10-17 Into MACEDONIA (in Europe) We-section II: 20:5-16 We-section III: 21:1-18 We-section IV: 27:1 . 8) B. The witnessing of His church in Judea and Samaria (Ch.Search_the_Scriptures -lulu. The witnessing of His church through Paul’s imprisonment (Ch. PAMPHYLIA & PISIDIA (Ch. Paul’s 3rd missionary journey to re-visit Asia Minor & Greece (18:23-21:26) V. The witnessing of His church unto the uttermost part of the earth (Ch. Paul’s 2nd missionary journey with Silas & Timothy thru Asia Minor and Greece (15:36-18:22) D. Persecution leads Phillip to proclaim in Samaria (Ch. Persecution brings deepened spiritual boldness. Persecution brings the message & martyrdom of Stephen (6:7-7:60) III. The spiritual unity & organization to witness (1:12-26) C. The witnessing of His church in Yerusalem (Ch.

15:36-40. Col 4:10 12:12 Yohanan. Excused himself from the mission work of proclaiming the Gospel to the Gentiles. C. not as ‘John ~~ Mark’. 13:5b.Basic Words in the Scripture 1. Clifton Black (2001). ~ Markus’. /x: John] [‘Markus’ – Greek name. the one also called Markus ░░ (IWANHN TON EPIKLHQENTA MARKON) [‘Yohanan’ – Hebrew name.] [Ref. (Ch. E. associated with the locus for the Judaizing party. . 95-113. for which they – Paul and BarNabba (Barnabas)–were set apart by the holy Spirit (Act 14:26).g. /> Mark] [Scholars refer him by “Mark the Evangelist”. /Yohan. The Case of the Feckless Ficelle) pp. 5.)] [The name in the Scripture is not like the modern English convention in the style of first name and last name. ‘Yohanan the one also called Markus’ (‘John Mark’) in Acts Acts 12:12. Only ‘ben’ (Hebrew) or ‘bar’ (Aramaic) would tell whose son the person to be identified. His name should be transliterated as close as possible to the original as ‘Yohanan. The Rhetoric of the Gospel.] A Yerusalemite. 13b. Yudah the son of Yaakob in Act 1:14 would be ‘Yudah ben Yaakob’ in Hebrew. which sounds like an English name. 25.] [BarNabba’s cousin – Col 4:10 – Luke does not mention this.

Kindness mixed with confusion 15. Sapphira and Ananias judged 06. Holy Spirit warns Paul 22. Relaying gospel to Antioch 14. 18. the author of ‘The Acrostic Bible’ (1978). Lame man is healed 04. Taking gospel to Cornelius 11. Intensive defense by Stephen 08. Hearing held by Felix 25. Gospel presentation in Athens Special thanks to Barry Huddleston. Introducing Saul to gospel 10. Caesarea to MALTA Island 28. Rising persecution scatters church 09. Yield from public preaching 20. Interview with Aquila. Worship with Gentiles defended 12.Acrostic Bible: Acts Holy Spirit Working in Church 01. Heavenly ascension of Christ 02. Council of the Sanhedrin 24. Priscilla 19. Urgent appeal to Caesar 26. New believers in Ephesus 21. Outbreak from the prison 13. Outpouring of holy spirit 03. Heralding Gospel in chains . Need for Timothy's circumcision 17. Providing deacons ends injustice 07. Touching farewell from Ephesians 05. Reasoning with King Agrippa 27. Investigation by Yerusalem Council 16. Effect of Paul's Testimony 23.

26 Act 7:2 Act 7:2 Act 7:3 Act 7:4 Act 7:4 Act 7:5 Act 7:5 Act 7:6. 14 Exo 18:3* Exo 3:2* Exo 3:6 Exo 3:5. 2 Gen 15:7* Neh 9:7* Gen 12:1 Gen 11:31* Gen 12:4. 28* Gen 39:1. 9* Gen 45:1-28* Jos 24:32* Exo 1:7& Exo 1:8* Exo 1:10.html Acts Act 1:20 Act 1:20 Act 2:17-21 Act 2:25-28 Act 2:30 Act 2:30 Act 2:31 Act 2:34 Act 3:22. 34 Act 7:35 Act 7:35 Act 7:36 Act 7:36 Act 7:36 Act 7:36 Act 7:36 Act 7:37 Act 7:38 Act 7:38 Act 7:40 Act 7:41 Act 7:42. 5* Gen 12:7* Gen 13:15* Gen 40* Gen 41:54* Reference Act 7:12 Act 7:13 Act 7:14. 8. 7 Act 7:8 Act 7:8 Act 7:8 Act 7:8 Act 7:9 Act 7:9 Act 7:10 Act 7:11 Source (*allusion) Psa 69:25 Psa 109:8 Joe 2:28-32 Psa 16:8-10 2Sa 7:12* Psa 89:4* Psa 16:10 Psa 110:1 Deu 18:15. 15 Act 7:16 Act 7:17 Act 7:18 Act 7:19 Act 7:20 Act 7:21 Act 7:24 Act 7:26 Act 7:29 Act 7:30 Act 7:32 Act 7:33. 11. 14 Gen 17:10* Gen 21:3. 4* Gen 25:26* Gen 42:13* Gen 37:4. 43 Act 7:44 Act 7:44 > Source (*allusion) Gen 42:2* Gen 45:1. 2. 10 Exo 2:14 Exo 3:15-18* Exo 7:1-12:51* Exo 14:21* Exo 12:41* Exo 15:23* Exo 16:1-36* Deu 18:15 Exo 19:3* Exo 20:1-24:18* Exo 32:1 Exo 32:19* Amo 5:25. 21* Gen 41:37. 23 Isa 28:16 Psa 2:1.OT quotations & allusions in Acts Parallel Passages in New Testament from Old Testament: (Direct/indirect quotations + * Allusions) <from http://blueletterbible. 18. 7. 22* Exo 2:2* Exo 2:3-10* Exo 2:11* Exo 2:13. 26* Exo 25:40* Exo 26:30* . 19 Gen 22:18 Gen 12:3* Psa 118:22. 23 Act 3:25 Act 3:25 Act 4:11 Act 4:11 Act 4:25.

34 Act 7:35 Act 7:35 Act 7:36 Act 7:36 Act 7:36 Act 7:36 Act 7:36 Act 7:37 Act 7:38 Act 7:38 Act 7:40 Act 7:41 Act 7:42. 8. 2 Isa 53:7. 50 Act 8:32. 26* Exo 25:40* Exo 26:30* Jos 3:14* Jos 18:1* 2Sa 7:2* Acts Act 7:46 Act 7:47 Act 7:49. 33 Act 10:34 Act 10:34 Act 13:17 Act 13:17 Act 13:18 Act 13:18 Act 13:18 Act 13:19 Act 13:19 Act 13:20 Act 13:20 Act 13:21 Act 13:21 Act 13:22 Act 13:22 Act 13:22 Act 13:33 Act 13:34 Act 13:35 Act 13:36 Act 13:41 Act 13:47 Act 13:47 Act 15:16. 43 Act 7:44 Act 7:44 Act 7:45 Act 7:45 Act 7:46 Source (*allusion) Gen 42:2* Gen 45:1. 22* Exo 2:2* Exo 2:3-10* Exo 2:11* Exo 2:13. 15 Act 7:16 Act 7:17 Act 7:18 Act 7:19 Act 7:20 Act 7:21 Act 7:24 Act 7:26 Act 7:29 Act 7:30 Act 7:32 Act 7:33. 12* Psa 9:9* Psa 96:13* Psa 98:9* Exo 22:28 Isa 6:9. 7. 14 Exo 18:3* Exo 3:2* Exo 3:6 Exo 3:5.Acts Act 7:12 Act 7:13 Act 7:14. 9* Gen 45:1-28* Jos 24:32* Exo 1:7& Exo 1:8* Exo 1:10. 8 Deu 10:17* Job 34:19* Isa 1:2* Exo 12:37* Deu 1:31* Num 14:33* Psa 95:10* Deu 7:1* Jos 14:2* Jude 2:16* 1Sa 3:20* 1Sa 8:5* 1Sa 10:21* 1Sa 13:14 Psa 89:20 1Ch 10:14* Psa 2:7 Psa 55:3 Psa 16:10 1Ki 2:10* Hab 1:5 Isa 49:6 Isa 11:10* Amo 9:11. 27 Source (*allusion) Psa 132:5* 1Ki 8:1-66* Isa 66:1. 10 Exo 2:14 Exo 3:15-18* Exo 7:1-12:51* Exo 14:21* Exo 12:41* Exo 15:23* Exo 16:1-36* Deu 18:15 Exo 19:3* Exo 20:1-24:18* Exo 32:1 Exo 32:19* Amo 5:25. 17 Act 17:31 Act 17:31 Act 17:31 Act 23:5 Act 28:26. 10 .

] .[This page intentionally left blank.

24:51 And as giving them blessed words. //Acts 1:9-11. yes I. 8] Yoů. “These are my words which I spoke to yoů. And look¡ I.} Closing Remark Festivals mentioned in Acts: 1.12} 24:50 And He led them out as far as Bethany and He lifted up His hands and gave them blessed words. Mt +28:18-20. Pesach (the Festival of Matzah) – Act 12:5 (KJV rendering ‘Easter’ is anachronistic now)) 2. are to remain in this City {of Yerusalem} until yoů become clothed with power from on high.Prequel: G-Luke – Ending Committed Disciples 24:44-54 Lk: 24:44-49 (cf. The Fast (of Yom Kippur) – Act 27:9 . Shavuot (‘Pentecost’) – Act 2:1. which are written about me in the Torah of Moshe and the Nebiim and the Psalms. 13:31) 24:53 And afterwards they were all their time celebrating in attendance at the Temple courts.//Mk +16:15-18) Commission to the Disciples 24:44 And He said to them. though. while I was still with yoů: — that it is necessary for all the things to be fulfilled. beginning from Yerusalem. am sending upon yoů the promise of my Father: [i.} 24:52 And they. Lk 24:53 {//Mk 16:19} (cf. Acts 1:3. {Amen.” 24:45 24:46 24:47 24:48 24:49 Then He opened up their mind so that they could understand the Tanakh Scriptures. He departed from them { and was carried up [by the angels] to the heaven. {having prostrated to Him}. “thus it has been written [in the Scriptures]{/mss} that the Mashiah must suffer and rise up from the dead on the third day.” Ascension Lk 24:50-52 {//Mk 16:19. and He said to them. 20:16 3. holy spirit as gift] [⇨Act 1:5. with praising{/mss} God. returned to Yerusalem with great joy. and that repentance for {/mss} forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in His name to all the nations. Yoů are witnesses of these things.e.


[Page intentionally left blank] .

To Judea and Samaria II. 1-7 1:1 – 2:13 2:14 – 7:60 Witnessing of Mashiahn Community in preparation A. Chs.Acts . Persecution leads Philips to proclaim in Samaria B. Chs. Yerusalem Community Witnessing of Mashiahn Community from Yerusalem A.PART I The Acts of the Apostles Part 1 Chs. 8-12 8:1 – 40 9:1 – 9:30 9:30 – 12:25 Acts of the Apostles – Acts of God in holy Spirit through the Apostles after death-resurrection-ascension of Yeshua haMashiah. 1 – 12 a I. a . The preparation and empowerment B. Persecution leads to conversion & call of Paul C.

Gk. And. /> John. 14:4. ⇨Act 2:4. 1:2 until the day that he was taken up [+] c [⇦Lk 24:49] after having shown them through holy spirit d what they should be doing soon to the apostles e whom he had chosen. my dear Theophilus. Cf. e. b a concerned itself with everything Yeshua set out to do and to teach. 26] Yohanan i. g 1:3 had himself be seen ░░ (optanomai). Presence of the risen Lord in person 1:3-8 1:3 Holy Spirit Promised Likewise after his suffering [unto death on the cross]. Lk 24:51] [dual sense of ‘heaven’ and ‘sky’ d 1:1 through holy spirit ░░ [Gk. Depending on the context. while being together{/mss} h with them.(Acts 1) Introduction 1:1-2 Introduction 1:1 The earlier writing of the narrative account I have produced. Yohan]. having himself be seen g to them over a period of forty days. /> appear. 38] 1:1 earlier writing ~ ░░ [=Gospel of Luke] 1:1 Theophilus ░░ [= Lk 1:3. by many an irrefutable proof of it. 20:22. Jn 14:16. God’s spirit. but of missionary character with a commissioned task. but [now] as for yoů all it is in holy spirit that yoů shall be immersed not many days from now. 14. 11. dia pneumatos hagiou – ‘by means of holy spirit. who dearly loves God’] c 1:1 taken up [+] ░░ [+ into the heaven] [from v. it also refers to other than the orginial Twelve apostles. h 1:4 being together {/mss} ░░ {/having meal together}{/staying together} i 1:5 Yohanan ░░ [the Baptizer.] e 1:2 apostles ░░ [not in the hierarchical sense as suggested by the term ‘apostleship’ as such. he ordered them not to leave Yerusalem but remain there and 1:4 1:5 “Wait for what Father has promised to be fulfilled about which yoů all have heard from me: [⇦Lk 24:49. as I told yoů. indeed did immerse [people] in water. a b . he showed f himself to these apostles as the living One [having been raised to Life]. [⇨1:15a ⇨2:1] and telling the things concerning the Kingdom reign of Elohim.49. />/presented himself to. cf. that is.g. See GG] f 1:3 showed himself to ░░ (paristēmi).” [⇦Lk 24.

as it is called. pemitted on shabbat day]. and for the Lord. yoů shall receive power. Rev 11:3] and Samaria — yes. 1:8 the [promised] holy spirit ░░ [i. shabbat ░░ /sabbath – most.] b 1:12 ‘shabbat day′s walk’░░ [distance of about 0. the very one which was promised’. And while they were looking on into the heaven as he was on his way up. a place which is near Yerusalem [to east] — at a distance within the bound of a ‘shabbat day's walk’ b. so shall also come just as the sure fact as yoů have seen his going up into the heaven. and a cloud caught him out of their sight. when they had come together. <Yoů Galileans¡ why are yoů standing here.] . transliterate. who said.” Ascension to the Father 1:7 1:8 Yeshua’s ascension to the Father 1:9-11 1:9 1:10 1:11 And after Yeshua had spoken these words. Not ‘the Holy Spirit (the Holy Ghost – KJV). they began to ask him. because of the Lord. And when they entered. look¡ two mmen stood by them dressed in white. ecclesiastical as well as usage outside the Scripture.][As provided for the daytime of 7th day of the lunar week. it is not yoůrs to be concerned about dates and times. since English word ‘sabbath(s)’ has different meaning and usage.e. nor legalistic ritual. when the [promised] holy spirit a comes upon yoů[⇨2:4] [Jn 7:39. it is not prohibitory regulation.] a . they went up into the upstairs room c. /> ~ journey.] c 1:12 upstairs room ░ /> upper room [cf. However.> Apostles gathered 1:12-14 1:12 Apostles’ gathered in the upstairs room 1:13@ Then they returned to Yerusalem from Mount of Olive-grove. saying “Lord! Is it at this time you are to restore the sovereign Kingdom rule to Yisrael?” And he said to them. Fr. the Cenacle’( > Latin cenaculum) – the site of the Last Supper. which the Father has set by His own authority. from the Lord. [‘Sabbath’ is God-given rest (‘Sabbath-rest’ Heb 4:9) in the Lord – with the Lord. [IRENT renders as ‘shabbat(s)’. looking on into the sky? This very Yeshua. ‘holy spirit. who has been taken up from yoů into the heaven.58 mile. as they were looking.1:6 So. 14:26] and yoů shall be witnesses of me{/mss} both [here] in Yerusalem as well as in all Judea[Cf. “No. Heb. to the far ends upon the earth. he was lifted up.

c 1:13ff Shimon ░░ [Hebrew name] /> Simon. Ματθαῖος.where they had been staying. Jn 14:22] d ● and Yudah the son of Yaakob. etc.)) 1:12ff Kefa ░ /> Peter. Matthias chosen 1:15-26 1:15 [⇨2:1][cf. /Miryam – JNT. ● Bartholomew and b ● Mattityahu . d 1:13 Yudah ░░ /> Judas – most. Maria in Latin][She was in early teen.20] which the very holy spirit forewarned by the mouth of David concerning [what would fall on] Judas h. only ‘Judas’ is retained in IRENT only for Judas Iscariot.] [Not from David’s line (of the tribe of Yudah) but from the Tribe of Levi. fellow brothers! it was necessary that the Scripture of Tanakh should be fulfilled.] e 1:14 supplication ░░ [not same as ‘prayer’ – See ‘prayer’ in Basic Words in the Scripture. ((the one who became a guide for those who came to arrest Yeshua. /> Matthew – most. Lk 24:53] Choosing Matthias And it was during those days that Kefa stood up to speak in the midst of the fellow brethren {/mss} g ((— the whole company of persons who gathered together was about a hundred and twenty.. / g 1:15 fellow brethren {/mss} ░░ {/disciples} h 1:13 Judas ░░ [To distinguish among many with same name Judah (Yudah). See ‘Peter’ under Basic Words in the Scripture. also Mariam the mother of Yeshua + ● and together with Yeshua’s brothers [ including Yaakob]. [To distinguish among many Judah (Yudah).] f 1:14 Mariam ░░ [ in Aramaic and Greek. [v. etc. only ‘Judas’ is retained in IRENT only for Judas Iscariot.] b 1:13 Mattityahu ░░ [Hebrew name] /Gk. They were a ●-Kefa ● and Yohan ● and Yaakob ● and Andrew. in Hebrew. common name of unclear origin. (Lk 1:5 her being a relative of Elishaba /Elizabeth )] /Mary – most.] a . He was not called ‘Peter’. [Gk. ● Yaakob the son of Alphaeus and c ● Shimon the Zealot. Peteros is a Greek translation word.)) And this is what he said: 1:16 “Gentlemen. Mary in English. the usual age of marriage in that society. Jude. Philip and ● Thomas. ● 1:14 All these were devoted in one mind with prayer and supplication e f ● together with some women. Jude. [Lk 6:16.

Yosef. ((As yoů know [this refers to what happened:] it is from the act of this very Judas a field became to be acquired with the payoff of his unrighteousness. know everyone’s heart [what we have in mind] – Show which one of these two you have chosen to take part in this ministry and apostleship which Judas abandoned to go on to the place marked out for him. in fact. /x: O Jehovah – NWT. “You. he burst in the middle and all his bowels gushed out. kurie . the ‘Field of Blood-money’. south of Yersualem running W to E to Kidron Valley] b 1:24 O Lord ░░ (7:60). <His office of overseeing — let someone else take. being chosen to have his part in this ministry. and it went to Matthias. And they prayed. <Let his dwelling-place become deserted and let there be no one dwell in it>:{Ps 69. so-that in their own language that field was called Akeldama. rather than in the sense of ‘Adonai’ which would be for the anarthrous nominative kurios. 25} and. [afterwards. O Adonai.”⌂ 1:23 1:24 1:25 And they put up two.)) It is.1:17 because he had been numbered among us. [Gk. and he was counted along with the eleven apostles. Possibly. so-called BarSabbas. — beginning from His receiving the immersion from Yohanan.” And they drew names between them. 1:26 a 1:19 Akeldama ░░ [located in the Hinnom Valley (‘Gehenna’). . O Lord b. until the day that He was taken up from us — it is necessary that one of these must become a witness with us of His resurrection. he went away and hanged himself] falling headlong.].vocative (anarthrous) anaphorically to the preceding v. a that is. written in the book of Psalms. 21 ‘Lord Yeshua’. ((who was surnamed Justus)) and Matthias. and.> {Ps 109:8} Therefore. And it became known to all the dwellers in Yerusalem. as we have here mmen those who have accompanied with us 1:18 1:19 1:20 1:21 1:22 during all the time the Lord Yeshua went in and went out among us.


but not to be confused with the so-called ‘Christian Pentecost’. and those dwelling in MESOPOTAMIA. and Elamites. [cf. There suddenly came from the heaven a sound as of blowing of a mighty wind. [the promised gift]. v. 11] Indeed the people were {all} astonished and began to wonder. saying “Look¡ here. being separated apart — which came to settle above each one of the apostles. 6] in different language dialects as the Spirit [of God] was granting them to speak out and declare [the message] boldly. v. PONTUS.11. the sound to fill up the whole house in which they were seated. 2:8 2:9 a b 2:1 Shavuot ░░ in Heb. 2:5 2:6 2:7 the multitude gathered around and became bewildered over how they could [somehow] hear in his own dialect b as the apostles speaking. And before their eyes appeared something like tongues of fire. cf. Gen 2:7] Diaspora Judaic people hearing in their own dialects [⇦ 1:15] [Lev 23:15-22. (Gk. aren’t they? How is it. cf.4. JUDEA and CAPPADOCIA.) 2:6 dialect ░░ [of the common language Koine Greek after Alexander the Great’s conquest] . And when this sound [+from the place of the Apostles] came out and reached their ears. All {the apostles} gathered together{/mss} as one. as there sojourning in Yerusalem were devout Judaic people [of Diaspora] [visiting on pilgrim for the Festival] from every country [in the Roman Empire] under the heaven. and Medes. then. And they were all filled with holy spirit. Pentecost. Mt 3:11] [cf. all these guys — speaking [like that]! but [obviously] they are [plain] Galileans.(Acts 2) 2:1-2:47 Shavuot – Gospel proclaimed to people of Diaspora Shavuot (‘Pentecost’) 2:1-4a 2:1@ Coming of the promised gift of holy spirit 2:2 2:3 2:4a And the day of ☼Shavuot a finally arrived. v. ☼Deu 16:9-10] 2:4b-2:13 2:4b And the apostles began to speak [+ about the great things God has done][2:11] [for the diverse people of Diaspora to hear] [= v. that we [+the Diaspora Judaic] are hearing — each in our own native dialect from where we were born? — Parthians.[⇦ 1:5. and Proconsular ‘ASIA’.

Crete. v. saying to each other.m. Not same as o’clock. [⇨v. please! These people are.] 2:16 2:17 2:18 And in fact. not drunken. saying “[No. even on My servants and on My maiden servants in those days I will pour out [a share] of My spirit. yoů Judeans — also all staying here in Yerusalem! Get this clear#2 to yoů! pay attention to what I’m going to say. <I will pour out [a share] of My spirit upon all mortal beings of flesh-and-blood and yoůr sons and yoůr daughters will prophesy and yoůr young men will see visions and yoůr old men will dream dreams. Mitsrayim (as in Act 7:9ff)] b 2:10 sweet-wine ░░ [the season is not yet for summer harvest of grape to make wine] c 2:15ff hour-period ░░ [+ on sundial] [‘hour-period’ = a period on sundial with 12 periods in a day time. who jeered at them.2:10 2:11 and PAMPHYLIA. 33] and they will prophecy. as yoů think. EGYPT and the parts of LIBYA toward Cyrene. 2:15 [≈ 8 to 9 a. began in a loud and clear voice to address to them[2:6] these words: “My fellow men. nothing much of substance to it. and the visitors from Rome – both Judaic and even proselytes to Judaism. “What on earth going on here with all this?” There were others. — yoů see.] [third hour-period – the time of the morning prayer/sacrifice at the Temple] . 6] PHRYGIA a 2:12 Yes.4b. they were all astonished and were [now] perplexed. standing up there with the Eleven.] It’s all ☼sweet-wine b — they’ve had that much of it [to talk boldly like that]!” 2:13 Kefa's Address 2:14-47 2:14 Kefa’s preaching to his own Judaic people But Kefa. and Arabia! How is it that we all hear as in our own language dialects when these men say as they tell about the great things Elohim has done?!”[=v.] [Heb. says Elohim. a 2:10 Egypt ░░ [A Roman Province since BC 30 after its last Ptolemy dynasty (under Ptolemy XV coruled with his mother Cleopatra VII). it’s only third hour-period c in the day! But here is what has been spoken through the prophet Yoel{Joel 2:28-32a LXX}: And it will be in the last days. however. the fact is.

and my mortal body of flesh too will have a sure hope [of being raised to Life] in which it can rest. 31. lunar eclipse] c 2:21 of Adonai ░░ /of YHWH – Heb. 2:23 2:24 2:25 2:26 2:27 2:20 sun ~ dark ░░ [i. 13:29) e 2:24 ropes of death ░░ [ropes – emended based on the Aramaic word.] [fig. i.2:19 2:20 And I will spread wonders in the heaven above and signs on the earth below. the sun shall be turned dark a and the moon turned red as blood b [Rev 6:12b.. “ fIndeed. /of Jehovah – NWT. Yes.e. 10:39. it was [as to be seen] in reference to the Mashiah — we should grasp this point! — that David says [as for himself].> [Rm 10:13]  2:21 2:22 “My fellow men. MT. solar eclipse] 2:20 moon ~ red as blood ░░ [= ‘blood moon’. a man shown forth by Elohim to yoů as what He truly was. blood and fire and smoke. and yoů put Him to death: But Elohim raised Him up to Life. / d 2:23 fastened [+] ░░ [+ on a wooden-stake](Act 5:30. ESV. 16:8-11}[⇨v. the great and notable day. Ps 18:5. Mt 2:29] before the Day of Adonai comes. Because He is at my right side I shall not be shaken. And it shall come to pass that whoever calls on the name of Adonai c shall be saved. cf. Act 13:35] <I’ve set the very Adonai always before my eyes.e. through mighty works and portents and signs which Elohim wrought through Him in yoůr midst. /x: pains of death – KJV etc. /LORD’s – LXX. Because you will not abandon my soul to Hades in death. This is why my heart has rejoiced and my tongue has been full of exultation. 116:3]. yoů Israelites! Hear these words [from me]: Yeshua the Nazarean. /x: agony of ~ – NIV. having loosed ☼the ropes of death e since it was not possible for Him to be held in the power of it. / f 2:25-35 ░░ [with Kefa’s own midrash (Judaic interpretation) on the David’s Psalm. [//‘ropes of sheol’ in 2Sam 22:6.{Ps. /x: pangs of ~ – ASV. just-as yoů yourselves also well know this One – the very Yeshua – who was given over — and that happened in accordance with the definite plan and foreknowledge of Elohim — yoů had Him {taken and} fastened [+] d in the hands of those outside the Torah.] a b . of ‘holding power’].

16:10} It is this very Yeshua that Elohim raised Him up to Life — of this we are all witnesses. Jn 14:16] Hex has poured out this promised holy spirit[=v. if I may say this openly to yoů about this very patriarch David … ((Yes. until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet. nor did the flesh of His body get decayed off.> 2:29 2:30 2:31 “My fellow men.)) Being a prophet. 38] — this is what yoů see and hear today! It was. to the whole House of Israel that the man whom Elohim has made both ‘Lord’ and ‘Mashiah’ is the very Yeshua whom yoů have crucified. it is a fact that he died and was buried and his tomb is with us to this day. ⇦v.” 2:37 Now when they heard this. yoů brethren. 25] {mss} a he was ☼not to be abandoned there in Hades. in fact. Having been thus exalted to the right hand of Elohim [cf. You shall fill me with joy by your presence. • having known that Elohim ☼had sworn to him on oath that from among his descendents# {according to the flesh-and-blood He would raise up the very Mashiah} to seat upon his# own throne.⇨v. thus.2:28 Neither will you let your loyal one get decayed off. 2:38 a 2:31 He ░░ {/His soul (‘his being’. or ‘immortal soul’)} . “Fellow men. [cf. • foreseeing [the reality of] it. Isa 53:1 ‘arm/power of YHWH’] and. “Be you seated at my right. 18. what must we do?” And Kefa said to them. having received from the Father. not a disembodied spirit. they were stabbed in their heart [and terrified] and said to Kefa and the rest of the apostles. yoů brethren! Please. therefore. not David who ascended not into the heavens. ghost.”…> 2:32 2:33 2:34 2:35 2:36 With certainty. [⇦2:27]{☼Ps. let it be known. his own words being as follows: {Ps 110:1} <YHWH Elohim said to my Master. 4b. David did — yoů all should not miss! — [actually] speak of the resurrection of this Mashiah when he said [as for himself] that [⇦v. [2:31] You made known the ways of Life to me.

the [promised] holy spirit. Not related to the Lord’s Supper (1Co 10:16). 46] And awe-struck were every soul as many wonders and signs occurred through the apostles. ⇦2:33. 2:40 2:41 2:42 2:43 2:44 2:45 2:46 2:47 2:38 repent and turn from your sins ░░ [not ‘feel remorse’. and indeed to all those. NKJV} a . 2:39 that is. As they were bringing praise Elohim. [v.” And with many other words he testified and encouraged them. Lk 22:19) [Hebrew idiom – having a meal together in the setting of apape-meal (Cf. ‘immersed into the name of’ – See BW ‘in the name of’] c 2:43 breaking of their bread ░░ (Same in 20:7 and Lk 24:30. Yeshua’s ‘I am the bread’ – Jn 6:48ff. they found favor with all the people while day by day the Lord kept adding to them{/mss} d those getting saved. They had ‘breaking bread’ at their house [of meeting]. sharing meals with joyfulness and generous heart. saying “Get yourselves kept safe away from this crooked generation!” Then those who gladly received his word received immersion. cf. And on that day about three thousand souls was added. They sold from their properties and goods and divided them to all as anyone had need.KJV.). 26:20] — yes. And every day they continued steadfastly with one accord gathering together [at the prayer call] in the Temple court. it is to yoů the promise belongs — and to yoůr children.“repent [and turn from yoůr sins] a [3:19. And they continued placing themselves faithfully ▪ to the teaching of the Apostles [5:42] ▪ to the fellowship of participating Life together ▪ to the breaking of their bread c ▪ and to the prayers [to God]. an annual observance. And all those who became believers were together in having all things common. cf. epi ~ [Cf. yoů are to be led] into [receiving] the forgiveness of yoůr sins and yoů shall have the freely given gift given to yoů. ‘regret’. Mk 1:4b] on [the basis of] b the name of Yeshua haMashiah — [That way. or ‘repair’ ‘fixing’ but changing one’s thinking] b 2:38 (immersed) on the basis of the name ░░ Gk.] d 2:47 to them {/mss}░░ . 10:44] Yoů see. each one of yoů get immersed [⇨2:41. Cf. however afar off. ‘immersed in the name of’ . whom YHWH our Elohim will call to Himself. [=2:4b.most {/to the Apostolic Mashiahn Community – /church .

4 p.] 3:2 3:3 3:4 Now Kefa and Yohan were going up into the Temple court at the hour of [priest’s] prayer — ninth hour-period. and said. and they were filled with amazement and astonishment at what had happened to him. Kefa said. And leaping up. seeing Kefa and Yohan about to go into the Temple. a 3:1 hour-period ░░ [a period on sundial. all the people ran together to them in what was called Solomon's Colonnade. a {Ps 55:17} And a certain man who was lame with crippled legs from birth was used be carried up there by others This man would be put daily at a gate of the Temple precinct which is called ‘Beautiful Gate’. utterly-amazed. And all the people saw him walking and praising Elohim.m. Kefa Addresses the Crowd Act 3:11-26 3:11 3:12 And as the lame man who had been healed was holding on to Kefa and Yohan. he stood and began to walk. “Look at us in the face.(Acts 3) 3:1 Act 3:1-10 Kefa and Yohan heal a crippled at the Temple [≈ 3 . All at once strength came to his feet and his ankles. And when Kefa saw it.] . he addressed these words to the people. . walking and leaping and praising Elohim. that it was the one who sat for gifts-of-mercy at the Beautiful Gate of the Temple. He. And they took knowledge of him. watched him carefully.” And he having eyes on them. And Kefa along with Yohan. “Silver and gold I have none . . but what I do have — that I am giving yoů in the name of Yeshua haMashiah the Nazorean — I say <Get up and walk on your feet!>” 3:5 3:6 3:7 3:8 3:9 3:10 And Kefa taking him by the right hand and lifted him up. began begging to get gifts of mercy. there to beg for gifts-of-mercy from those entering into the Temple court. expecting to get something from them. and he entered with them into the Temple. however. about an hour (with a daylight period = 12 hour-periods).

So then.“Israelites. come to repent and turn from your sins and turn [to our Elohim. and He shall send the Yeshua haMashiah 3:16 3:17 3:18 3:19 (3:20) 3:20 3:13ff Yitzchak ░░ /Isaac. 3:13 servant ░░ (Gk. has been given strength by virtue of that name.] It is because of putting faith in the very name of Yeshua. No. why do yoů marvel at this man? Or why do yoů stare at us. I know that what yoů have done has been done in ignorance as yoůr rulers did. yes. however. /Son – KJV. pais). [it’s not our power or godliness. / a b . whom yoů are seeing here and yoů whom recognize. /Prince of Life. a man who was a murderer be released as a favor to yoů. the true God] to get yoůr sins blotted out. instead. / c 3:15 the Source and Giver of Life ░░ (archeos ~). that restored him to full strength as all of yoů can see. rooted in Yeshua. /one who leads people to Life. that this [lame] man. as though it were by some power or godliness of our very own that we had enabled him to walk? 3:13 [Yoů-all should know this:] The very Elohim of Abraham (3:14) 3:14 3:15 and {Elohim} of Yitzchak a and {Elohim} of Yaakob — Elohim of our fathers — ☼ has glorified His servant bYeshua. /Originator of Life – NET. But Elohim fulfilled what He had fully announced in advance through the mouth of all the prophets — that His Mashiah should suffer. thus yoů put to death the Source and Giver of Life c the very One whom Elohim raised to Life from out of dead ones — a circumstance and fact of which we ourselves are witnesses. demanded that. disowning the Holy and Righteous One. /the Source from whom Life flows out – ARJ. whom yoů delivered up and disowned before the presence of Pilate. /x: child. it is this man’s faith. yoů. Even when Pilate had decided to release Him. so-that appointed times of refreshing shall come from the face of the Adonai. And now brethren.

a things which Elohim has spoken of through the mouth of the {/mss} His holy prophets {from ages past}. many came to believe. 18f LXX} And it will be. they also told of these days. 22:18.> {Lk 23:29} 3:24 3:25 Yes and all the prophets from Samuel and those who followed afterwards.3:21 who has been appointed beforehand for yoů: whom the heaven must receive until the times all things are restored. cf. saying to Abraham. {/LORD our/yoůr God} [Cf. ((However. that every soul whoever does not listen to that prophet. on earth and in time. 28:14} <And in your seed will all the families of the land get blessed words. as many as have spoken. Yoů will listen to and obey him in all things whatever he speaks to yoů.[2:24] Elohim sent Him to give yoů blessed words by turning every one of yoů from yoůr evil ways. ☼<YHWH Elohim{/mss} b will raise up for yoů a prophet like myself.> It is to yoů especially that. as for those who had listened to the message. Not about the enetinity and heaven for ‘universal salvationism’] b 3:22 YHWH Elohim {/mss} ░░ /= LORD God. LORD your God – LXX Deu 18:15] . 3:22 3:23 taken from among yoůr own brethren#2. 3:26 after having raised up His servant/child {Yeshua} to Life. 4:2 4:3 4:4 a 3:21 all things are restored ░░ [restoration with realization. Yoů are the sons of the prophets and of the covenant which Elohim covenanted with yoůr fathers. 3:19 ‘turn to’] ⌂ (Acts 4) 4:1 And while Kefa and Yohan were still addressing to the people. 3:22. there suddenly landed upon them — a pack of priests and the captain of the Temple guard and some Sadducees! These got greatly provoked because they were teaching the people and because they were announcing – on the basis of the very Yeshua [for their argument] – the resurrection from out of dead ones. [also 7:37]{☼Deu 18:15.26:4. They seized and put Kefa and Yohan under guard until the next day since it was already evening. {Gen. of messianic Hebrew prophecy from Moshe to Malachi. Moshe indeed said. shall be utterly rooted out from among the people.”[cf.

Cf. also assembled there were Hannan. And indeed. “By what power or in whose name. Jn 18:13. they began to inquire.)) 4:5 4:6 4:7 4:7 On the next day. who were. having [+ along with the lame man who got healed] [v. obviously uneducated and ordinary men. /John. as they could see. 24][cf. they began to inquire. a former Kohen haGadol. similar named but different from Hananiah (Gk. it is in this very name that this man stands here before yoů — sound and healthy [as yoů see]! This Yeshua is ☼the stone-block rejected by yoů the builders. in no one else there is such salvation [to be found]! Truth is.and the number of the mmen happened to be about five thousand. the High Priest in 23:2.] b 4:6 Kayafa ░░ /Caiaphas. “By what sort of power or in what sort of name. [father-in-law of Caiaphas] [Also Lk 3:2. 10] brought out Kefa and Yohan to stand in their midst. And.” ◊ Well then! 4:13 Now when they saw boldness of Kefa and Yohan in speaking out. ‘Ananias’). whom Elohim raised to Life from out of dead ones — yes. and Alexander. neither is there any other name under the heaven that has been given among mortal humans by which we must get saved. that has become the cornerstone. filled with holy spirit. 24:1. and Kayafa b. said to them. and Yohanan c. the Sanhedrin members and the Elders and the soferim were gathered together in Yerusalem [at the Sanhedrin Hall [v. and all the rest belonging to the family of Kohen haGadol. did yoů [blatantly] do this?” Then Kefa. 4:6 Hannan ░░ /Annas (in English from Greek form). the Nazorean. having Kefa and Yohan stand in their midst. a . c 4:6 Yohanan ░░ [different one from the baptizer]. same named persons (Greek form Ananias) – (1) the ill-fated one in Act 5:1 ff and (2) one of Yeshua’s disciples in Act 9:10 ff. on their part. did yoů all [blatantly] do this?” And. “Leaders of the people and Elders! 4:9 Are we being interrogated today over the matter of what we did good to an infirm man? By whom was this very man saved to be made whole? 4:10 4:8 4:11 4:12 Let it be known to yoů all and to all the people of Israel that in the name of Yeshua haMashiah. 15]] [+over such a dead serious development]. whom yoů crucified.

the apostles went home to their fellow believers and reported all that the chief priests and the Elders had said to them. indeed a remarkable sign that has come about through them is plain to all who dwell in Yerusalem. However. “Whether it is right in the sight of Elohim that we should listen to yoů rather than to Elohim. and simply we cannot deny it. saying “O Sovereign Adonai! You who made the heaven and the earth and the sea and all that is in them: who {through holy spirit}. they lifted up their voice to Elohim with one mind. said. was over forty years old. let us sternly warn them to speak out no more to anyone upon the basis of this name. But in reply Kefa and Yohan said to them.4:14 And they came to recognize them as men — no doubt about it — who had been with Yeshua. the man. <Why do the Gentiles rage and the peoples plot futile things? The rulers of the land stood up alongside and the leaders were gathered together for the same purpose. they had nothing to speak against it. Still. 4:15 4:16 4:17 4:18 4:19 4:20 4:21 4:22 4:23 4:24 4:25 4:26 . yoů can judge for yourselves.” The authorities uttered further threats.)) And having being released. as far as we are concerned. they conferred with one another. on whom this sign of healing occurred. Yet. having ordered the apostles to leave the council chamber. And seeing the very man who was healed standing there with them. And on hearing this. Yet they let them go since they were unable to come up as to how to punish them because of the people who were all praising Elohim on account of what had happened ((By the way. it is impossible that we should not speak out what we have seen and heard. in order to keep this from spreading further among the people. saying “What are we to do with these men? The fact is. by the mouth of {our father} David your servant.” And they called them back and gave them strict order not to speak out or to teach on the basis of the name of Yeshua.

same word Aramaic for child or servant.against the very YHWH Elohim and against His Anointed One a. 2:1-2} 4:27 4:28 Indeed. but all things were common to them to share. so that signs and wonders may take place through the name of Your holy servant d Yeshua. being translated.anachronistic). the place in which they were gathered together was shaken.] . 4:27 Herod Antipas ░░ [Ihe Judean Authorities against Yeshua along with Pilate. His Mashiah (>Messiah)] /x: his Christ (. O Adonai¡ Take notice of their threats and grant Your servants to speak out Your word with all boldness. God’s great blessing was upon them all — in fact. there was not even one in need among them anymore. called by the apostles <BarNabba> ((which is. ready to do the very things Your hand and Your plan had foreordained to take place. And with such great power | the apostles kept giving their testimony of the resurrection of the Lord Yeshua {haMashiah} and. paidon. only also in Lk 23:6ff] 4:30 servant ░░ [Gk. sold a field that belonged to him and brought the money to place at the apostles' feet. truly {here in this City} they have assembled themselves for a plot against Your holy servant b/child Yeshua. ‘Son of Encouragement’)). ⌂ 4:32 4:33 4:34 4:35 4:36 4:37 a b c d 4:26 His Anointed One ░░ [that is. a Levite. with them the Gentiles and the peoples of Israel. There were both Herod Antipas c and Pontius Pilate. as was shown that all those who have fields or houses in possession would sell them and bring in what the things sold had fetched and would lay them at the feet of the apostles for its proceeds to be distributed to each as anyone had need. /x: child – KJV.” 4:29 4:30 4:31 And when they had made supplication. And now. So it was that Yosef. and they were all filled with the holy spirit and they spoke the word of Elohim with boldness. while you stretch out Your hand for the healing of people.” And the whole company of those who came to believe were of one heart and soul and not one of them said that anything belonging to him was his own. whom you have anointed as the Mashiah.>{Ps. 4:27 servant ░░ (pais). a native of CYPRUS. yes.


the footsteps of those who have buried your husband are at the door and they will carry you away. . not knowing what had happened. haven’t you? Was it not all yours so long as it remained as it was in your possession? And even after it was sold. and they carried out and buried him. And when Ananias heard these words he fell and dropped dead and great fear came upon all who heard about it. “Tell me if two of yoů sold the land for this much. And it came to pass after an interval of about three hours.” And she said. But Kefa said. and gave up her soul and the young men came in and found her dead and they carried her away and buried her by her husband. “Yes. and kept-back part of the proceeds for himself. “Ananias! how did you get Satan to take{/mss} a control of your mind and make you to cook up a falsehood and cheat the very holy spirit? You've held back part of the proceeds from the sale of the land. /Church – most.” But Kefa said to her. and brought only a part and placed it at the apostles' feet. for that much. was it not perfectly yours to do with in whichever way you pleased? How could you have conceived in your mind such an awful thing like this? It is not men to whom you have told your lie: but it is rather to Elohim. with his wife's knowledge as well. “How is it that yoů two came to agree between yourselves to put the Spirit of Adonai b[cf. with Sapphira his wife. And the young men came in and removed him. /x: of the Lord – most. 5:3] to test? Listen.(Acts 5) 5:1 5:2 5:3 5:4 Yet there was a certain man named Ananias. his wife also came in. /> of Jehovah. And Kefa answered to her. sold a property. in an instant.” And she fell down at Kefa’s feet. And great fear came upon the whole Apostolic Mashiahn Community c 5:5 5:6 5:7 5:8 5:9 5:10 5:11 a b c 5:3 take control of {/mss} ░░ {/hardened} 5:9 of Adonai ░░ /of LORD. 5:11ff Apostolic Mashiahn Community ░░ /Messianic Community – JNT.

And having return. “Well. But Kohen haGadol rose up and all those who were with him the men belonging to the Sadducean party — they were filled with envy. sir. so much so that they even carried the sick out into the street. at the least his shadow might fall upon some of them. 5:12 5:13 5:14 5:15 5:16 And through the hands of the apostles many signs and wonders were shown forth among the people. as for the prison-house we found it locked securely and there were guards standing at the gates. and sent men to the prison-house to have the prisoners brought out. during the night an angel b of Adonai opened the prison doors and brought them out. they went into the Temple Court at early morning and began to teach. the full assembly of elders of the Israelites. but rather the people gave them high praise. But. sir. They put their hands on the apostles and placed them in the common jail.and upon all who heard these things. 13] 5:19 angel ░░ [x 20 in Acts.” And when they heard this. and they got perplexed 5:17 5:18 5:19 5:20 5:21 5:22 5:23 5:24 a b 5:16 unclean spirits ░░ (also 8:7)[cf. And the crowds gathered together also from the towns around Yerusalem. “Yoů go forth. However. that is. a large number of men as well as women were added to them as believers in the Lord. they summoned the Sanhedrin. and said. Now when Kohen haGadol and those who were with him arrived.” Thus heard these words the captain of the Temple guard and the chief priests. Now no one of the rest had the courage to interfere with them. This English word refers to ‘divine messenger’ – created spirit being. when Kefa passed. when we opened them. they reported the matter in these words. in the hope that. However. evil spirits – 19:12. what’s more.] . and. and by common consent all the apostles were gathering together in the Solomon's Colonnade. we found no one inside. bringing those sick and those afflicted by unclean spirits a — these were all healed. when the officers came for them they did not find the apostles in the prison. putting them on cots and pallets. take your stand and proclaim in the Temple Court to the people everything which concerns this new way of Life.

Kohen haGadol began his questioning them. ‘hanging on a stake’ is not of crucifixion for execution. But someone stood up in the Sanhedrin council. Deu 21:22. yes. whom Elohim has given to those who obey Him. There. there. whom. but. 5:26 5:27 5:28 5:29 5:30 5:31 5:32 5:33 5:34 5:35 5:36 5:30 hung on a wooden-stake ░░ (also 10:39) [Cf.” On hearing these words they got infuriated and determined to bring them to death. yoů have blanketed Yerusalem with a bunch of yoůr teaching stuff and determined to bring the very blood of that man upon us!” But Kefa and the apostles answered and said. about four hundred. “Look¡ those men whom yoů put in prison are standing in the Temple courts and there nonchalantly teaching the people!” At that the captain went off with the officers and fetched the apostles. [< 6 CE] to whom a number of men. 5:25 But someone came and reported to them. having hung up ☼on a wooden-stake{☼Deu 21:22} a — the One whom Elohim exalted to His right hand as ‘Leader’ and ‘Savior’ — to bring repentance to Israel.and were wholly at a loss as to what this could possibly mean. “We must obey God rather than men. but dared not to use any force.] a . “Yoů hmen of Israel! Be careful what yoů are about to do to these men Remember that some time ago rose up claiming to be somebody a man called Theudas to a revolt. with these words: “We have given yoů the strictest orders to desist from teaching upon the basis of that man. yoů slew. forgiveness of sins And we are witnesses of these things. a Torah-teacher# honored by all the people — and ordered the men to be put outside for a while. {have we not?} And look. but of impalement of the dead body for exhibition after execution by stoning. — a Pharisee. being afraid that they themselves might get even stones thrown at by the people who saw this not to be their liking. and so is the holy Spirit. And he said to the council. And the apostles were brought in and made to stand before the council. named Gamaliel. Elohim of our fore-fathers raised up Yeshua to Life.

stay away from these men and leave them alone: because if this plan or this working be of men. 6 CE. yoů may even be found fighting against God. And now I say this to yoů. Cf. history. or. yoů will not be able to overthrow. / [‘Israelite’. i. it shall be overthrown: but if it is of God. 3Jn 1:7] honored.] b 6:1 Greek-speaking ~ Hebrew-speaking Israelite people ░░/Hellenistic ~ Hebraic Jews. After him rose up Yudah. a Galilean. Note: ‘Christianity’ as such was not a religion as such separate from pre-Rabbinic Judaism. they never ceased teaching.5:37 joined themselves to his cause. and all those who were obeying him were scattered [— + then turned into the Zealots]. This man was killed [by Romans] and all those following him was dispersed. b a 5:37 registration ░░ [the one taken under the governor Sulpicius Quirinius. Lk 2:2 a special registration administered by him.. And every day.” ⌂ And the Council took his advice and summoned the apostles in. So the apostles.e. And after having them flogged they ordered the apostles not anymore to speak out upon the basis of the name of Yeshua. ‘Judaic people’ of Judaic culture. left from the presence of the council. ethnicity and religion.] . both in the Temple courts and at home. announcing good news about the very Mashiah [having come in the person of] Yeshua. rejoicing that they were deemed worthy to suffer indignity in order to keep that very Name [5:40. not as a governor. and then released them. in the days of the registration a for census and drew-off some people to follow after him: he also perished [by Romans]. for their part. 5:38 5:39 5:40 5:41 5:42 (Acts 6) 6:1 Now in these days when the disciples were increasing in numbers there was [within the Mashiahn Community] a murmuring from the Greek-speaking Israelite people against the Hebrew-speaking Israelite people. and nothing came of it.

nor ‘the Holy of Holy places’ in Heb 8:2ff. Then. as for us. There they set up false witnesses.> And they stirred up the people as well as the Elders and the soferim and jumped out at him. who prayed and laid their hands upon them. and Philip and Prochorus and Nicanor and Timon and Parmenas— and Nicolaus a proselyte [=converted to Judaism] of Antioch [of SURIA]. Yet. seized him and brought him to the Sanhedrin Council. we will give all our time to prayer and to the ministry of the Word. — composed of the Cyrenians and of the Alexandrians. Stephen Arrested 6:3 6:4 6:5 6:6 6:7 6:8 6:9 6:10 6:11 And Stephen.” And what they said pleased the multitude and they chose [seven – ] Stephen. not same as ‘the Holy places’. And the Twelve called the multitude of the disciples to them and said. a man full of faith and of holy spirit.6:2 because their widows had been slighted in the daily distribution of food. they were not able to stand up against and refute the wisdom and the spirit with which he was speaking out. seven men well witnessed. whom we may appoint in charge of this necessary-task. “It is not pleasing that we should leave the word of Elohim in order to ‘serve tables’ instead! Therefore fellow brethren yoů choose from among yoů. But some from the so-called synagogue of the Libertines. And the word of Elohim kept spreading. and as well as of those from the Roman provinces of CILICIA and ASIA — came forward and began to debate and dispute with Stephen. full of {holy} spirit and of wisdom. “This man does not stop speaking blasphemous words against this holy place b [=the Temple] and the Torah: In fact | we have heard him say. {/mss} a 6:12 6:13 6:14 6:8 grace {/mss} ░░ {/faith – KJV++} 6:13 this holy place ░░ [= Mt 24:15 ‘a holy place’.] a b . Then they secretly put up some mmen to say. and the number of the disciples greatly increased in Yerusalem. the Temple in general. and a large number of the [Judaic] priests became obedient to the FAITH. did great wonders and signs among the people. they presented these men to the apostles. full of [God’s] grace and of power. who said. <We have heard this man speaking blasphemous words against Moshe and against Elohim.

And Elohim spoke as this: <☼his seed will be alien-resident in a foreign land — even they should bring them into bondage and mistreat them — 7:5 7:6 7:2 Charan ░░ /Harran. hear me! Abraham (Gen 12:1ff) 7:2 7:3 “The Elohim of glory appeared to our father Abraham. (Acts 7) Stephen’s apologia 7:1-53 7:1 Stephen’s apologia And Kohen haGadol asked. “These accusations – are they as facts as has been stated?” And Stephen said.” 6:15 And looking at Stephen with their eyes fixed on him. before he went to settle in Charan a. ‘Haran’ – Abraham’s elder brother] b 7:4 his father ░░ [Terah was 205 year-old when he died (Gen 11:32).that this Yeshua the Nazorean will tear-down this Place and will have the customs changed. when his eldest son Haran was born).] a . Abram was 75 years old when he left Harran (Gen 12:4) – this means Terah was 130 year old when Abram was born. “mBrothers and fathers. even though as yet he had no child. and said to him. which Moshe handed down to us. And God did not give him any of it as inheritance. into this very land. <Get out of your country and from your kinsfolk and go forth to a land I will show yoů. in which yoů now dwell. /[a city which in Northwestern Mesopotamia] [cf. Haran were born to him after when he was 70 year-old (Gen 11:26) (= Terah began having children at age 70. all those sitting in Sanhedrin Council saw that his face was like the face of an angel. Nahor. while he was in MESOPOTAMIA. Abram. not even a foot of ground and promised to ☼give it to him as his possession and to his seed after him.> 7:4 Then he came out of the land of the Chaldeans and dwelt in Harran and after the death of his father Terah [at hundred thirty years of age] b God had Abraham resettled# from there.


four hundred years. < I surely will judge the nation to which they will be in bondage,

And Elohim said, <and after these things
they will come out of there and render-sacred-service me in this place.>

And He gave him the covenant of 'circumcision' [Gen 17:10] and thus [= in accordance with all this] he fathered Yitzchak and gave him brit-milah a on the eighth day, and Yitzchak did the same for Yaakob, and Yaakob for the Twelve Patriarchs. [Gen 37 ff]
Yosef as a like-model



“And the patriarchs, being jealous of Yosef , sold him into Mitsrayim b. But Elohim was with him, and rescued him from all his afflictions and gave him favor and wisdom before Pharaoh, king of Mitsrayim, who made him rule over Mitsrayim and his entire household. Now there came a famine over the whole of Mitsrayim and CANAAN and great misery prevailed when our forefathers found nothing to eat. But when Yaakob heard that there was grain to be found in Mitsrayim, he sent down our forefathers there first. And it was at the their second visit, Yosef made himself known to his brothers, and so it happened that Pharaoh came to be informed of Yosef’s family. And Yosef sent for Yaakob his father and all his relatives, seventy five souls in all. Thus, Yaakob went down into Mitsrayim, and there he himself died.
[his body was carried to Canaan and buried an Abraham’s burial site, the cave at Machpelah] And his descendants—our forefathers died there too; and their bones – Yosef and his sons – were later removed to Shechem and laid in the tomb [in the field] — the [family of] Abraham, [that is, Yaakob], purchased






b 7:16

for a price in silver from the sons of Hamor in Shechem.
a b

7:8 gave brit-milah ░░[‘brit-milah’ - Judaic circumcision rite]; /> circumcised - most; 7:9ff, 34, 40 Mitsrayim ░░ [= Pharaoh’s Egypt, in contrast to Roman Province in Act_2:10]

Moshe as a like-model (Exodus 1 ff)

“But as the time drew near for Elohim to fulfill His promise the one He had covenanted with Abraham, the people grew and increased in number in Mitsrayim,
until there arose another king to rule over Mitsrayim, who did not know about Yosef. This one exploited our people and oppressed our fore-fathers, forcing them to abandon their babies out exposed in the open



so that they might not be kept alive.

At which due time Moshe was born and was wonderful to Elohim, and he was nursed three months at home. And when he was exposed as such, Pharaoh's daughter declared to be hers and reared him up as her own son. And Moshe was instructed in all the wisdom of People of Mitsrayim, and was mighty in his words and works. But when the time of forty years was fulfilled with him, it came into his heart to visit his brethren, the children of Israel. And seeing one of them being ill-treated, he defended him and, by striking that guy of Mitsrayim down, avenged the one who had suffered cruel treatment#: And he supposed his brethren would understood that Elohim was putting him to deliver them with his hand — the fact was, they failed to grasp this. And on the following day he came upon to a scene of two of them who got into a fight and seeking to reconcile them and talk them into making peace, he said “Hey, yoů are brothers! Why do yoů hurt each another? At that the man who had been first to make his fellow countryman suffer wrong thrust him aside with this word,
“Who set you over us a ruler and judge? You do not wish to kill me as you killed the guy of Egypt yesterday, do you?”










And on hearing this Moshe fled the country and settled as a foreigner in the land of MIDIAN, where eventually two sons were born to him.

And when Moshe saw it. yes. yes. he was with our fore-fathers.] 7:34. he marveled at the sight and as he came near to consider what it was. at the time when the people was assembled#1 in the desert-wilderness. in a flame of fire in a bush. 10} 7:34 7:35 This same Moshe whom they had rejected by saying <Who designated you as a ruler and a judge?>{Ex 2:14} — Elohim has sent him as both a ruler and a redeemer with the hand of the angel that appeared to him in the bush. an angel appeared to him in the desert-wilderness of Mount Sinai. having done wonders and signs in Mitsrayim as well as at the ☼See of Reed c. quote or in O.>[also 3:22] {☼Deu 18:15. [IRENT has ‘Elohim’ in place of ‘God’ in O. setting. {You shall hear Him}.7:30 7:31 7:32 “And when forty years were fulfilled. who said to the children of Israel. encountered the angel#2 who spoke to him on Mount Sinai. And now come! I will send you off to Mitsrayim [to face the Pharaoh].T. I am the Elohim a of your fathers — ☼‘the very Elohim worshipped by Abraham. ☼<Elohim will raise up for yoů a prophet like myself. LXX . It was Moshe who received the God’s living utterances to give to us: a b c 7:32. [Pharaoh’s Egypt] 7:36 Sea of Reed ░░ . This is that Moshe.T. I have certainly seen the oppression suffered by my people who are in Mitsrayim b and have heard their groaning and I have come down to rescue them. the very Elohim worshiped by Yaakob’. This man led them forth. 40 Mitsrayim ░░ (7:9ff). and in the desert-wilderness forty years. 18-19} 7:36 7:37 7:38 This was he who.[☼Exo 3:6] 7:33 And Moshe was trembling.after MT reading. a voice of YHWH came to him. the very Elohim worshiped by Yitzchak.>{Ex 3:7-8. and did not dare to consider what it was. taken from among yoůr own brethren. <I. And the Adonai said to him. /Red Sea – Gk. <Take the sandals off your feet: you see. the place where you are standing is [now] holy ground. 37 Elohim ░░ / God – most.

O House of Israel? 7:43 No. our forefathers. 7:46 tabernacle ░░ [skēnōma . /> shrine 7:45 Yehoshua. who led us out of the land of Mitsrayim. you see. instead yoů put up the tent of shrine a for Moloch as well as {/your} star god Remphan. as it has been written in the Scroll of the PROPHETS. saying to Aaron. After that. On the contrary. {Amos 5:25-27 LXX} <It was not to me that yoů offered slaughtered animals and sacrifices forty years in the desert wilderness. who had told Moshe to make it after the pattern which he had seen. /Joshua. was it. /x: tent. finding favor in the sight of Elohim. See BW. our fore-fathers refused to render obedience to him. it was Solomon who built Him a house. asked to search out a tabernacle c for Elohim of Yaakob.7:39 7:40 “However. As for this Moshe.[Ps 132:5 LXX] In the end. I shall put yoů on exile to beyond Babylon. son of Nun. skēnē. fashioned according to the direction given by the God. But Elohim turned and gave them up to serve the host of the heaven. we do not know what has become of him!> 7:41 7:42 And they made a calf in those days and brought a sacrifice to the idol and was merry in the works of their hands. thrusting him away and turned towards Mitsrayim in their hearts. b as they were entering the land at the time of dispossession of the Gentiles. Cf. having had the tabernacle handed over to them. who. <Make us gods to go before us on our journey. who Elohim was driving out before the face of our fathers. the images which yoů made as objects for yoůr worship. took it with them when they were with Yehoshua. son of Nun.‘tent of mortal body’ 2Pe 1:13. And so it continued until the days of David. a b c 7:36 tent of shrine ░░ /x: tabernacle – KJV.] . /Jehoshua.> 7:44 7:45 7:46 7:47 “The tabernacle of the testimony was with our fathers in the desert wilderness. Therefore. however.░░ (also in Heb 4:8) (Not same person of Lk 3:29).

<The heaven is my throne and the earth a footstool of my foot: What sort of house will yoů build me?> {Is. Here the only instance in which the Lord was thus referred to by human lips. they covered their ears [with their hands] [not to hear any more of blasphemy from him]. “Behold. crying out with a loud voice. I see the heavens opened up and the Son-of-man a standing at the right hand of Elohim. Which one was there among the prophets whom yoůr forefathers did not persecute? Moreover. they were cut to the heart and they were gnashing their teeth at him. and having thrust him out of the City they began stoning him to death. 7:55 7:56 7:57 7:58 And all rushed together upon him. used by Yeshua as circumlocution of ‘I’ in the Gospels.] a . as says the prophet.” At that. As for the witnesses they took off their robes and laid at the feet of a young man named Saul. so do yoů also. 7:56 the Son-of-man ░ {/the Son of God}. 1a} says YHWH Elohim. and said. <Or what is the place of my rest? Did not my hand make all these things?>{Is.)) But he. 12} 7:49 7:50 7:51 “☼Yoů stubborn and obstinate. being full of holy spirit.messianic title. 66. they put to death those who announced in advance the coming of the Righteous One. yoů on yoůr part have become betrayers and murderers. [‘Son-of-man’ . looked up and fixed his eyes intently to the heaven and saw God’s glory and Yeshua standing at the right hand of Elohim. of this very One. now in our own day. 66.7:48 “But the Most High does not dwell in what has been made with hands. The risen Lord is ‘who the Son-of-man was’. with no circumcision of either heart or ears! Yoů are the ones who always ☼defy the very holy Spirit: as yoůr fathers did. Yoů are the very ones who received the Torah as transmitted through divine messengers’ hands [7:35] ☼ 7:52 7:53 but yoů have not obeyed it!” 7:54 ((Now when they heard these things.

As a result there was great rejoicing in that city.7:59 Yes. went from place to place. many who were paralyzed or crippled got healed. rather than in the sense of ‘Adonai’ which would be for the anarthrous nominative kurios. they were stoning Stephen.]. Some devout mmen carried [the body of] Stephen [to a tomb] 8:2 and mourned deeply over him. 1:24) [kurie in vocative (anarthrous) anaphorically to the preceding v. Philip proclaims Mashiah in Samaria 8:4 8:5 8:6 8:7 8:8 There. as they dispersed. Shimon the magician converted 8:9 But there was a certain man. the Risen Lord]. Philip [one of the Seven][6:5. a do not hold this sin against them. 21:8] on his part went down to a city of SAMARIA and proclaimed the Mashiah to the people. his aim was to wipe out the Mashiahn Community — going from house to house.NWT a . dragging away both men and women.” And falling on his knees. Shimon by name. on their part. proclaiming good news of the Message [of the Mashiah. receive my spirit. /x: Jehovah . he called upon [the Lord] and said “Lord Yeshua. as they heard and as they witnessed the signs he performed — indeed. [Stephen’s martyrdom – ca 37 CE] As for Saul he gave his hearty consent to the execution of Stephen. who had previously been practicing [shamanic occult] magic there in the city 7:60 O Lord ░░ (Cf. except the apostles [themselves]. and putting them into prison. 59 ‘Lord Yeshua’. as for Saul. Persecution of Mashiahn Community in Yerusalem 7:60 8:1a (Acts 8) 8:1b c It so came on that day a great persecution upon the Mashiahn Community in Yerusalem. and as they did so. [in case of] many of those who had unclean spirits these spirits. came out [of them]. Those who got dispersed.” And it was his last words as he fell asleep to rest in the Lord. And the crowds with one accord paid close attention to what Philip was saying to them. crying with a loud voice. 8:3 There. he cried with a loud voice. and all were dispersed over the regions of JUDEA and SAMARIA. “O Lord. Besides.

even this Shimon himself became a believer. for | your heart is not right before Elohim. When the two had come down.” But Kefa said to him. high and low. 8:20 8:21 a 8:16 immersed into the name ░░ [(19:5) different from ‘immersed in the name’ Act 10:48. 8:11 8:12 8:13 Kefa and Yohan sent to Samaria 8:14 8:15 8:16 8:17 8:18 8:19 Now when the apostles who were at Yerusalem heard that [people in] SAMARIA had received the word of Elohim. so that everyone I lay my hands on may receive holy spirit. asking that these new believers may receive holy spirit. [as telling them about] the good news of the name of Yeshua haMashiah. In the end. — known as “the Great Power-”. Now when Shimon saw that it was through the laying on of the apostles' hands that such {holy} spirit was given. both men and women. after receiving immersion. he offered them money. they prayed on the behalf of those Samaritans. paid attention to him. saying “Give me also this power and authority. they sent Kefa and Yohan down there to join them. they submitted themselves to immersion. attached himself with Philip. And they were paying close attention to him. See BW] . as yet holy spirit as such had fallen upon none of them: they had only been immersed into a the name of the Lord Yeshua.8:10 and astonishing the people of SAMARIA. and as he saw great signs and mighty works taking place he got astonished. saying <This is a man of the divine power>. and. because for a long time he had astonished them with [performances of occult] of his sorceries. “May your silver be destroyed together with you! You thought that the freely given gift of Elohim could be bought with money! You have no part or place in this work of ours. But when the people began to believe Philip as he proclaimed the good news of the Kingdom reign of Elohim yes. Everyone. The fact was. Then they laid their hands on them and they began to receive holy spirit. claiming himself to be someone great.

a high court official of Ethiopia. that is. and unrighteousness holds you in its grip☼. repent a [to turn] from your evilness and why don’t you pray to Elohim {/mss}! Who knows.”{Dt 29:18 LXX. 8:24 8:25 Philip witnessing to a high official of Ethiopia 8:26 8:27a 8:27b 8:28 8:29 8:30 8:31 8:22 repent ░░ [not ‘feel remorse’. queen of the Ethiopia.][Modern day Ethiopia is not the same as ancient one here.)) And he got up and went off. yoů pray to the Lord for me. The fact is. “Do you actually understand what you are reading aloud?” And he said. ‘regret’. “Go up there and join him in that chariot-carriage. this intention in your heart might be even forgiven. and had come to Yerusalem to worship at the Temple. “Really?! How could I ever? Unless someone guides me …” And he pleaded with Philip to come up and sit with him. /x: the Holy Spirit – GNB. He was in charge of all her treasury. “Please. / d 8:29 the spirit [of God] ░░ /the Spirit – most. saying <Get up and go south down on the road that runs down from Yerusalem to Gaza. c 8:28 Yeshayahu ░░ /Isaiah. which was more northwest. /x: an Ethiopian (man). he was reading aloud the prophet Yeshayahu c. or ‘repair’ but chaning one’s thinking. seated in his chariot. And the spirit d [of God] said to Philip. so that none of the things which yoů have spoken of may befall me.]. even as proclaiming a good-news to many villages of the Samaritans [on the way]. / a b .> ((This is a desert road.” And Philip ran up to him and heard him reading aloud Isaiah the prophet and said. and he was now on his return journey and. But an angel of Adonai spoke to Philip. God permitting. NLT.] 8:28 a high court official of Ethiopia░░ [a Greek-speeking Israelite in Diaspora.8:22 8:23 So. they started-back to Yerusalem after they had borne witness and spoken the word of the Lord. I can see plainly that a ☼bitter poison has taken hold of you. And look¡ there. Is 58:6} And Shimon answered and said.” Then. as for the apostles. b a man in power under Candace.

8:32 Now the passage of the Scripture which he was reading aloud was this. and as a lamb before a shearer [of its wool] is silent. I believe that Yeshua haMashiah is the Son of Elohim. about whom is the prophet saying this? Is it about himself or about some other?” And Philip opened his mouth — beginning with that very passage of the Scripture he went on proclaiming-the-good-news concerning Yeshua to the official. If you believe with all your heart. both Philip and the high court official. <As a sheep He was led to the slaughter. seeing that His life is taken away from the earth a?>{Is. they came to a certain body of water. and the high court official says.} 8:35 8:36 8:37 8:38 8:39 8:40 And he commanded the chariot to stand still and they went down into the water. And as they proceeded along the way. even thus He did not open His mouth: 8:33 In {His} humiliation justice was taken away from Him. and the high court official on his part saw Philip no longer and went on his own journey rejoicing But as for Philip [the next thing which happened to him was that] he was shown up at Ashodod and going through all the towns he continued proclaiming-the-good-news until he got to Caesarea-by-the-Sea. 53. Who is going to tell about the generation which might come from Him. And when they came up out of the water. it is permitted. “Look¡ here’s some water! What would keep me from getting immersed?” {And Philip said. “May I ask you. 8 LXX} 8:34 And the high court official answered Philip and said. and Philip got him immersed [into Yeshua]. And he answered and said. 7. Lord’s spirit took Philip away. a 8:29 earth ░░ [metonymic for ‘the land people live in’ ‘the world of people’] .

}” 9:3 9:4 9:5 9:6 And he. Cf. Sir?” And the One {said}{/mss}. is me! {It is hard for you to kick against the goads/sticks [like this]. ‘a way of salvation’ (16:17)] [The expression is related but not identical to the word ‘Christianity’ = ‘revelation and teaching’ from the Mashiah. asked of him letters to the synagogues in Damascus to authorize him so that if he find there anyone fled from Yerusalem – whether men or women – who were followers of ‘the Way’ a [as it was known] he could arrest and bring them back to Yerusalem But it came to pass as he was going along. 22:9] but seeing no one [other than Sau himself]. 18] So they led him by the hand and brought him into Damascus. as approaching Damascus suddenly a light from the heaven flashed around him: and he fell to the ground and heard a voice saying to him. “Who are you. Now there was a certain disciple by the name of Ananias in Damascus. trembling and astonished said. “Lord. hearing a voice [of Saul speaking] [cf. [22:7. 26:14a – all fell to the ground] a . Protestantism. [cf. 9:10 9:2 ‘The Way’ ░░ (19:9. the One you’re coming after.] b 9:4 coming after on me with such ill intent ░░ /> persecuting me – most. 26:13] “Saul. approached Kohen haGadol. ‘the way of the Lord’ (18:25).). And Saul got up from the ground. still spewing death threats against the disciples of the Lord. the way of God’ (18:26).} but “Get up and go into the city and you will be told what you must do!” 9:7 9:8 9:9 But the men who were on journey together with him remained there speechless c. what will you have me to do?” And the Lord said to him. etc. Saul. 23. However ‘Christianity’ as such is usually mistaken as a religion and often equated with Christian religions (e.g. he could see nothing. Cf.(Acts 9) Conversion of Saul 9:1 9:2 Saul. meanwhile. And he was for two days unable to see and did neither eat nor drink.[v. “The same Yeshua. 24:14. 22) [= The Way of Mashiah. Catholicism. c 9:7 remained speechless ░░ /stood speechless – most. and when he opened his eyes. how is it that you’re coming after on me with such ill intent b?” And he said.

“Get up and go down to the street which is called ‘Straight’ and at the house of Yudah look for one named Saul of Tarsus: indeed. But Ananias answered. and he got up and received an immersion-rite. And he began at once proclaiming Yeshua in the synagogues.and the Lord said to him in a vision.” And at once something like scales fell from his eyes and {instantly} he regained his sight. But the Lord said to him. you’ll find him at prayer at this moment! yes. Lord!” he said. “Brother Saul! The Lord Yeshua. in a vision he has seen a man named Ananias coming in and laying his hands on him so that he might receive his sight. “Lord. so that you may regain your sight and be filled with holy spirit.] . 9:11 9:12 And the Lord said to him. there are many who have told me about that man! What great harm he has done in Yerusalem to those consecrated to you! Moreover. The name YHWH would not be understood by the Gentiles. laying his hands on him said. “Ananias!” “Here I am.] 9:19 Damascus ░░ [See Gal 1:17 – he went to Arabia (for three years) and returned to Damascus.” And Ananias went off and entered into the house and. look. There for several days Saul remained with the disciples in Damascus b. who appeared to you on the road in which you came. taking some food. here he is with the authority from the chief priests to imprison everyone who calls upon your name a. 9:13 9:14 9:15 9:16 9:17 9:18 9:19 Saul Proclaims Yeshua in Synagogue 9:20 a b 9:14 your name ░░ [= Yeshua (v. has sent me. he was strengthened. and. I myself will show him how many things he must endure and suffer on behalf of my name. “Be on your way seeing that this man is a chosen vessel of mine to bear my name to the Gentiles and kings as well as to the sons of Israel: And indeed. 16).

their plot against him reached to his ears. and he was speaking and debating with the Greek-speaking Judaic people. Then the Mashiahn community 9:22 9:23 9:24 9:25 9:26 9:27 9:28 9:29 9:30 9:31 a 9:30 Caesarea [by the Sea in Samaria] ░░ [= ‘Caesarea Maritima’. they took him down to Caesarea [by the Sea in Samaria] a and sent him off to Tarsus. by the proofs he gave that this Yeshua is indeed the very Mashiah [they have been long waiting for]. but they were making attempts to kill him. in Damascus. And after quite a few days. Cf. speaking out boldly in the name of the Lord [Yeshua]. When he got back to Yerusalem. An important seaport city built by Herod the Great in Samaria. He also built Caesarea Philippi] . let him down the city wall [through a look-out opening] [to escape]. But BarNabba took him and brought to the apostles and told them in detail how he had seen the Lord on the road while he was on his journey and how the Lord had spoken to him. Thus. 55 miles NNW of Yerusalem. he had spoken out boldly in the name of this very Yeshua. lowering him in a large basket. And when the brethren found about this.9:21 that this Yeshua is the Son of Elohim. however. not believing that he was now a disciple [of the Lord]. isn’t he?” But Saul was all the more empowered [in his proclaiming] and was stirring up the Judaic who living in Damascus. and how. the [Diaspora] Judaic people deliberated together to bring Saul to death. They closely guarded the city gates both day and night [waiting out] for a chance to do away with him. And all who heard him were astonished and said. Saul tried to join the disciples but they were all afraid of him. However. one night the disciples {of the Mashiah} took him and. Saul became freely associating with them in Yerusalem. “This is the very one who made havoc in Yerusalem on those who called upon this name and that he had come here for the very purpose to bring them bound to the chief priests.

he said. who is called Dorcas c as translated to Greek. she sat up. pleading him <Please come to us without delay>. This woman was full of good works and acts of mercy. Now Lydda was near to Yafo. And it came to pass in those days. having washed her. finding itself consoled by the holy Spirit. it increased in the number of the followers. And Kefa said to him. having knelt down. prayed. they brought him into the upstairs room. who was paralyzed and had been bed-ridden eight years. deer] . modern Jaffa merged with Tel Aviv] 9:36 Dorcas ░░ [Gk. and. and they turned to the Lord. 9:32 9:33 9:34 And it came to pass. and turning toward the body. “Aeneas. — she was doing them at all the times. he came down also to those consecrated to God who had their dome at Lydda a. that she died. And all the widows stood by him weeping and showing the tunics and garments which Dorcas made while she was with them. and when she saw Kefa.– throughout all Judea and Galilee and Samaria – indeed enjoyed a period of peacefulness. [a seaport 35 miles NW of Yerusalem.” And at once he got up. And there was a certain disciple named Tabitha in Yafo b. And all who lived in Lydda and in Sharon saw him. Arise!” And she opened her eyes. Yeshua haMashiah divinely heals yoů! Get up and make up your bed. they sent two men out to him with for him. “Tabitha. as Kefa went through all the regions. They were being up-built [in the faith] and living on in the reverence for the Lord. And when he had come. being sick. And Kefa arose and went with them. and when the disciples heard that Kefa was there. and. But Kefa put them all outside and. dorkas – gazelle. And he found there a certain man named Aeneas. 9:35 9:36 9:37 9:38 9:39 9:40 a b c 9:32 Lydda ░░ [11 mlies SE of Yafo] 9:36 Yafo ░░ /Joppa. they laid her in an upstairs room.

who is surnamed Kefa: he is lodging with a certain Shimon a tanner. Day 1] he saw clearly in a vision — an angel of Elohim come in toward him and say to him. on-sundial.m.[a period of about an hour around 3 p. whose house is by the sea f. he showed her to them alive sound and safe. Shakharit. And it came to pass that he stayed many days in Yafo with a certain Shimon a tanner. and calling the God’s consecrated people.m. who. sir?” And the angel said to him. he sent them off to Yafo [a coastal city 30 miles south]. Cornelius by name.worshiped Elohim. And now send men to Yafo and send for a Shimon. rather than a 24-hr calendar day. (Acts 10) Cornelius becomes a believer 10:1-8 10:1 A vision of Cornelius 10:2 10:3 Now there was a certain man in Caesarea [Maritima]. widows. and having explained all things to them. c Just about ninth hour-period d of the day e [while in minkhah prayer] [3 p.e. Not to be confused with Sea (Lake) of Galilee.] e 10:3.] [Also v. And it became known throughout all Yafo and many believed on the Lord. 22 righteous (Torah-observant)] 10:2 worshiped Elohim ░░ [i. 22.e. d 10:3 ninth hour-period░░ i.] b .. “Your prayers and your gift of mercy are gone up to be remembered before Elohim.] c 10:2 offered prayer without missing any prayer hour░░ [Judaic prayes three times a day] [Minkhah is the afternoon prayer. 9 day ░░ [ = that which begins at sunrise for daytime.e. together with his whole household. A vision of Kefa 10:4 10:5 10:6 10:7 10:8 10:9-43 a 10:2 devout ░░ [≈ v. constantly).] /> pray always (continually. “Cornelius!” And Cornelius stared at him in fear and said: “What is it. and Maariv before going to bed. ‘God-fearer’. he called two of his house-servants and a devout soldier from among those who had continued-steadfastly with him. b 1 being generous with gifts of mercy for the [Judaic] people and offering prayer to Elohim without missing any prayer hour. the Great sea.” And when the angel who spoke to Cornelius had departed.] f 10:6 the sea ░░ [i. yes.9:41 9:42 9:43 And he gave her his hand and raised her up. a Roman centurion in the Cohort ‘Italian’ as it was called. a term denoting a gentile who has become to follow Judaic life-style but not fully converted. recited upon arising. As a devout a man.

Lord! See that I’ve never eaten anything that is ritually unfit and unclean.” And again a voice came to him. Kefa on his part went up onto the flat rooftop to offer a pray around sixth hour-period a And he became very-hungry and wanted something to have a bite on: but as they were preparing it. stood at the gate” and they called out and inquired if Shimon. arise and go down and accompany with them without hesitation in doubt: because it is I who have sent them. called Kefa. “What Elohim has declared clean. look¡ the men who were sent by Cornelius. What brought yoů [to trouble] to come down [this far]?” [Day 2] [around noon] 10:10 10:11 10:12@ 10:13@ 10:14 10:15 10:16 10:17 10:18 10:19 10:20 10:21 a 10:9 sixth hour-period ░░ [a period of about an hour-period before midday. “By no means. the Spirit said to him. “Look¡ { three}{/mss} men are looking for yoů [at the door]! So.] . the second time.10:9 Now on the next day.” And Kefa went down to the men and said. you [must] not regard [anyone] ritually unclean!” And this happened three times And then at once the holder was taken up into heaven. having made inquiry for Shimon's house. And he sees the heaven opened and some sort of holder descending {toward him} — like a very large linen-sheet held by its four corners being let down to the ground in which were all kinds of four-legged and creeping reptiles of the land and flying-creatures of the air. “Here I am — the one yoů’re looking for. was staying there [as a guest]. Kefa. And as Kefa was mulling over the vision. And there came a voice to him. a trance fell into {/mss} him. Now while Kefa was perplexed in himself over the meaning of what the vision he had seen. “Get up. slaughter and eat!” But Kefa said. while these [three men of Cornelius] were still on the journey [afoot] and approaching the city [of Yafo].

> 10:30 10:31 10:32 a b 10:22 righteous ░░ [Torah-observant. Day 1] and look¡ a man stood before me in bright clothes.” 10:27 10:28 10:29 And after talking with Cornelius. “Cornelius. Kefa went in. Cornelius met him and knelt down at Kefa’s feet and prostrate before him [in profound respect]. 2 ‘God-fearer’. 10:23-44 Kefa finds Cornelius 10:23 So Kefa invited them in and welcomed them to stay overnight. 10:25 And it happened that when Kefa entered. [Day 4] And Cornelius was waiting for them. And he said to them. by the [Great] sea. has sent us — a [Torah-obserant] righteous a man. 2 devout] 10:22 gentile Elohim-worshiper ░░ [= v. I came really up here without objection. he is staying in the house of Shimon a tanner. “Yoů yourselves well know how it is not permitted [at all] for any man who is Judaic to associate with or visit anyone who is not Judaic.] . our centurion of our army. having called together his relatives and his close friends. well-spoken of by the whole nation of the Judaic people.[around 3 p. “From then – on three days ago – until this very hour I was {fasting. a gentile Elohim-worshiper b. called Kefa. saying “No. I myself am just a mortal man too. And on the next day he got up and set out with them. ≈ v. <Cornelius! Your prayer has been heard and your gifts of mercy are remembered in the sight of Elohim. sir! Do rise up. please. don’t I?” And Cornelius said. 10:26 But Kefa raised him up. Send therefore to Yafo and call for Shimon. and finds there many people gathered together. Now I have to ask the reason yoů have sent for me.. and} praying at the ninth hour-period in my house. he’s got divinely warned by a holy angel to summon you to his house and to hear what you have to say.m. when I was sent for. and yet Elohim has shown me that I should regard no one ritually unfit or unclean. [Day 3] and some of the fellow brethren from Yafo accompanied him. and says.10:22 And they said. So. 10:24 And on the next day they arrived at Caesarea .

but to witnesses that were appointed before by Elohim. yes. but. about Yeshua. good-news of shalom was announced. ‘hanging on a woodenstake’ is not of crucifixion but of impaling of the body after execution. we are now all here in the sight of Elohim. 10:43 To Him all the prophets testify. no matter what nation they are from. are pleasing to Him.] . it was to the sons of Israel that He sent forth His message. after the immersion proclaimed by Yohanan. ☼Deu 21:22} a 10:40 Elohim raised him up to Life on the third day and gave Him to become manifest. “I now certainly see that Elohim is not someone who shows partiality in dealing with men 10:35 On the contrary. Moreover. 10:39 And we are witnesses of all things which He did both in the land of Judea. 10:41 not to all the people. yoů know well enough of the events which have lately occurred throughout Judea events which started from Galilee. there. those+ who revere Him and follow what is righteous before Him. through Yeshua haMashiah. as Elohim was with Him. who ate and drank with Him after He rose from the dead. 10:37 As for yourselves. in Yerusalem — whom they put to death having hung up ☼on a wooden-stake. the one who was from Nazareth — how Elohim anointed Him as the Mashiah with holy spirit and with power: who went through the land doing good things and healing all those oppressed by the Devil. to us. 10:36 True enough. 10:42 And He directed us to proclaim to the people and to testify that this is the very One who has been chosen by Elohim to be a judge over both the living and the dead. that through His name everyone who believes in Him will receive forgiveness of sins.” 10:34 a 10:39 hung on a wooden-stake ░░ (also 5:30) [allusion to Deu 21:22. It is this Yeshua haMashiah who is Lord of all. that is. and it’s very good of you to have come.” And Kefa opened his mouth and said. and it was to them that. 10:38 Yes. to hear all that you have been commanded by the Lord.10:33 So right away I sent for you.{Cf.

See BW] d 10:48 Yeshua haMashiah {/mss} ░░ {/the Lord} a . Rm 6:3. Is 32:15} even on these b Gentiles. 10:45 And those believers from among the ‘circumcision’ who had come with Kefa were astonished. Mt 28:19b. “You went into [the home of] uncircumcised men [to be their guest] — [how in the world]! you did [even] share a meal with them?!” But Kefa began and explained it to them [what happened] all in order. they were hearing them speaking in [their own Gentile foreign] ‘tongues’ and praising [the greatness of] Elohim. And this having been done. those of the circumcision party found fault with him. cf. Gal 3:14] 10:46 indeed. 10:47 “Is there anyone who would presume to withhold the water for immersion from those people who have received the very holy spirit?” 10:48 So he gave an order to have them get immersed in the name c of Yeshua haMashiah{/mss} d.[11:16-18. Gal 3:27). (Acts 11) 11:1 11:2 11:3 Now the apostles and the fellow brethren who were in Judea heard that the Gentiles too had received the word of Elohim. arguing. So when Kefa came up to Yerusalem. 19:5-7. the very holy spirit fell on all those [in Cornelius’] who were hearing the word. breathed out ~ received (Jn 20:22)] [spirit //water – Isa 44:3] b 10:45 these Gentiles ░░ [they were God-fearing Gentiles] c 10:48 immersed in the name of ░░ [different from ‘immersed into the name of’ (Act 8:16. there praying and in a trance I saw a vision: 10:45 spirit ~ pour out ░░ [pour out – baptized. saying 11:5 11:4 “I was in the city of Yafo.Cornelius . Then Kefa replied. they asked him to stay on for a few days. because the freely given gift of the very [promised] holy ☼spirit had been poured out a {☼Ezk 39:29.Holy spirit to the Gentiles 10:44-48 The Gentiles receive the holy spirit 10:44 While Kefa yet spoke these words.

Lord! Absolutely not! because never did anything common or unclean enter into my mouth. And the Spirit told me to go with them.> And this happened three times and all were pulled up back into the heaven. <Yohanan indeed immersed* in water. 2:1ff] . having been sent to me from Caesarea. 11:6 ((as I looked at it intently I was observing:)) And saw the four-legged animals of the land — even wild beasts— and crawling things and flying-creatures of the air. Kefa. and we all entered into the house of that man.> But a voice replied the second time from the heaven.>[1:5] 11:7 11:8 11:9 11:10 11:11 11:12 11:13 11:14 11:15 11:16 a 11:15 at the beginning ░░ [i. <What Elohim has made and pronounced clean.e. And I remembered the word of the Lord. <No. And behold! right away three mmen stood before the house in which we-were {/mss} staying. {doubting nothing /without hesitation} And these six fellow brethren here also accompanied me. and it came right down to me.> And as I began to speak. by which you will be saved — you and all your household. he will speak to you words of a message. but yoů shall be immersed* in/with holy spirit. <Get up. have them slaughtered and eat!> But I said. lowered from the heaven [held] by four corners. the very holy spirit fell on them. who is called Kefa. And I heard also a voice saying to me.Here descending down some sort of a holder like a very large linen-sheet. how He used to say. at the Pentecost Event vv. And he [Cornelius] informed us how he had seen the angel standing in his house and saying <Send someone to Yafo and send for Shimon. just-as upon us at the beginning a. [Cornelius]. you stop making it common and calling it unclean.

CYPRUS. When. brought him to Antioch. quieted down ceasing their objections and glorified Elohim. full of holy spirit and of faith)) — even a large crowd was added to the Lord. [cf. Grecians – KJV} . Gal 3:14] when we believed on the Lord Yeshua haMashiah. bringing to them good news of the Lord Yeshua And the hand of Adonai was with them and a great number who believed turned to the Lord [Yeshua]. And when this news about Antioch reached the Apostolic Mashiahn Community in Yerusalem. upon arriving. saying “Well then. and. as for those who had been scattered as result of the persecution which took place following the death of Stephen they made their way as far as PHOENICIA. And it came to pass for them to meet with the congregation there for a whole year and to teach a large crowd 11:22 11:23 11:24 11:25 11:26 11:26b a 11:20 Greek-speaking ~ people ░░ (also 6:1. He encouraged them all to remain [faithful] to the Lord with devoted hearts ((there he was. 19:5-7. natives of Cyprus and Cyrene. {now} who was I so that I should be able to stand in the way of Elohim?” 11:18 And they. /> Hellenists. began to speak to the Greek-speaking Israelite people a too. and Antioch [in SURIA] — it was only to the Judaic people there [in Diaspora] they managed to proclaim God’s message. And BarNabba went to Tarsus to seek Saul. 9:29). there were among them a number of men. and became full of joy. it prompted them to send out BarNabba to Antioch to check things out. 13:1] who. when they had come to Antioch [in SURIA]. However. having heard these things. indeed to the Gentiles also Elohim has granted repentance into Life! BarNabba looking for Saul 11:19 11:20 11:21 Meanwhile.11:17 If then He {/mss} gave to them the same freely given gift [of holy spirit] [equally] like he did also to us [10:45. having found him. being a good man. he got to witness the working of Elohim’s grace there. {/mss – Greeks.

11:27 11:28 11:29 11:30 Now in these days prophets came down from Yerusalem to Antioch. /congregation.and for the first time there in Antioch it came [for them] to call the disciples ‘Mashiahns’ a. [62 CE] And having seen that it was pleasing to the Judean people. ‘Christianos’ (> ‘anointed’) only here (and in a singular form. according to their ability. while guards in front of the door. the brother of Yohan. /xx: Easter – KJV (has it only here). 1Pe 4:16).][i. / a . he proceeded to seize Kefa also. turning him to four quaternion cof soldiers. [Here. uses the word ‘Pascha’ (fr.] b 12:3 Matzah Festival ░░ [20:6] [here. Thus Kefa was being kept in the prison. pointed out to them that there was going to be a great famine throughout all the land of Judea: ((This in fact occurred in the days of Claudius {Caesar}.] [See ‘*Christians’ BW. to death with the sword.) And having hold of him. carrying different sense and connotation). determined to send ministering relief to the fellow brethren living in Judea. he placed him in prison. having it sent to the [Israelite] elders. 11:26 Mashiahns ░░ /> Messianists. Mashiah-followers (= those of Mashiahn Community). /xx: assembly. /> Passover. Pesaḥ. Gk and Latin) in Eastern Orthodox = Easter of Roman Catholic. once the Pesach d season was out of the way.] e 12:5 people of Mashiah-followers ░░ />church – most. /pascha – Vulgate. the days would naturally include the day of Pesach feast itself] c 12:4 quaternion ░░ [a four-men squad] d 12:4 Pesach ░░ [= the Festival of Matzah] /Heb. Easter was in archaic use for Passover as ‘ester’ in Tyndale’s translation’. but prayer was fervently done by he people of Mashiah-followers e to Elohim on behalf of him. And on that very night before Herod was about to bring him out. with BarNabba and Saul in charge. /x: Christians – most (–anachronistic.))[CE 41-54] And the disciples [there in Antioch]. Herod’s intention being that. [The Gk. They carried out what they had decided. (Acts 12) Yaakob BarZebedee martyred and Kefa imprisoned 12:1 12:2 12:3 12:4 12:5 12:6 Now about that particular time Herod Agrippa I the king began to put his hands to harm on some of those of the Apostolic Mashiahn Community And he put Yaakob bar Zebedee. See EE][Note. Kefa bound with two chains was sleeping between two soldiers. (This happened during the days of Matzah festival b. in Act 26:28. And there one of them named Agabus came forward and.e. he would bring him out to the public. prompted through the Spirit.

] [Yohan is a Hebrew name. And finally the angel told him: “Put on your robe and follow me. a Greek name. 13:5. — this gate opened before them by itself! So they came out and after they had walked the length of one narrow-street. And they said to her. “You’ve lost your mind!” But she kept insisting that that it was true. And when she recognized the voice was Kefa's. And having passed the first guard and then another. saying “Get up.)) Poking him on his side the angel woke him. /x: John Mark ( sounds rather like an English name)] b 12:15 messenger from him░░ /his angel – most. said. he thought he was seeing a vision. And when he knocked on the door of the gate. “Gird yourself and tie on your sandals. quick!” And his chains fell off from his hands. /x: his angelic counterpart – Cassirer. He did not know. instead.12:7 watching over the prison. “It must be the messenger b from him. right away the angel departed from him. Markus.” Meanwhile Kefa kept on knocking. that the Lord has sent forth His angel and rescued me out of the hand of Herod and from all that the people of the Judeans expected of him. And look¡ an angel of Adonai stood by ((and there a light shined in the prison cell. a maidservant named Rhoda went out to answer the call. however. 13. all this was real – what was happening as directed by the angel. he came to the house of Mariam ((the mother of Yohanan.” And being aware of it. 12:12 12:13 12:14 12:15 12:16 a 12:12 Yohanan. And the angel said to him. 15:36-40] [Luke does not mention he was BarNabba’s cousin (Col 4:10). they came upon the iron gate which would lead them into the city. .” 12:8 12:9 12:10 12:11 So Kefa went out and just followed. And Kefa. the one also called Markus ░░ [12:25. “Now I truly know. the one also called Markus. in fact. And they said. she was too overcome with joy to mind opening the gate. coming to himself. a))[⇨12:25] Many were gathered there and were in prayer.” And he did so. ran back inside and reported them that Kefa was standing outside in the gateway.

he put a thorough search for Kefa.e. Then he ordered them to be led away to execution and then went down from Judea to Caesarea and spent some time there. he died. “Report these things to Yaakob [brother of the Lord] [15:13. Ga1 1:22. 21:3] and Sidon. But he. And as for BarNabba and Saul.] 12:20 cultivated-land ░░ [Emended based on Aramaic word]. after having won over Blastus. [cf. 13] 12:18 became day ░░ [i. A day in the Scripture begins with sunrise. /peace – most. Herod put on his royal robes. Now Herod [Agrippa I] had been in state of furious anger against the inhabitants of Tyre [cf. and there. told in detail how the Lord had brought him out of the prison. As for Herod [Agrippa I]. they sent in a petition for the king to grant use of cultivated-land b. he interrogated the guards.] a b . and. There. And the assembled mass of people began shouting. the representatives of them set out to come to him. having taken his seat on the judicial rostrum. Thus. not a man’s!> But at that very moment an angel of Adonai struck him down because he failed to render due honor to Elohim. there was great consternation among the soldiers. as their country was dependent for its supply on Herod’s royal land. they returned to Antioch from Yerusalem.12:17 and when they opened and saw him. [BarNabba’s cousin – Col 4:10 – Luke does not mention this. 12:18 12:19 When it became day a. morning came. and so. with one accord. [CE 44] Meanwhile the word of Elohim{/mss} c went on flourishing among the people and spreading to a large number of people. they were shocked. the royal chamberlain.] c 12:24 God {/mss} ░░ {/the Lord} d 12:12 Yohanan the one also called Markus ░░ [Luke does not mention he was BarNabba’s cousin (Col 4:10). <This is a god’s voice. who were wondering what could have become of Kefa. and. 21:18] and to the fellow brethren. having become eaten up by worms. when not finding. on an appointed day.” And he left the house and went to another place. d Death of Herod Agrippa I 12:20 12:21 12:22 12:23 12:24 12:25 [⇦12:12. 2:1] after having completed their mission of relief work. not with sunset. ⇨13:5. taking along with them Yohanan the one also called Markus. And he said. beckoning to them with his hand to be silent. began to give out a harangue to them.

[Page intentionally left blank] .

Ch.PART II Part 2.Acts . Paul’s 2nd journey on mission D. Paul’s 1st journey on mission B. Paul’s last days in Rome . Paul in Yerusalem: Arrest and Trial B. Yerusalem Council C. 13-28 13:1 – 14:28 15:1-35 15:36 – 18:22 18:23 – 21:26 II. Chs. Paul’s 3rd journey on mission through Paul’s imprisonment A. 27:27 – 28:31 21:27 – 26:32 27:1 – 28:16 28:17-31 through Paul’s mission A. 13-28 Witnessing of the Mashiahn Community through Paul II. Paul’s 4th journey in chain C.

” 13:3 Then after they had fasted and prayed. determined to send ministering relief to the fellow brethren living in Judea. They carried out what they had decided. “Set both BarNabba and Saul apart for me. the very holy Spirit said. taking along with them Yohanan. they sent them off. according to their ability. 13] (Acts 13) Commissioning of BarNabba and Saul 13:1 13:2 Now in the local congregation in Antioch [in SURIA] there were prophets and teachers. <Imprisonment and Escape of Kefa 12:1-24> 12:25 And as for BarNabba and Saul. 2:1] after having completed their work of service for relief mission.connectors) 11:29 11:30 And the disciples [there in Antioch]. having ‘laid their hands on’ them for commissioning. Ga1 1:22. they returned from{/mss} a Yerusalem.e. having it sent to the [Judean] elders. 11:20]  Manaen ((who had been reared together b with Herod [Antipas] the Tetrarch)). And when they were serving the Lord and fasting. [cf. for the work to which I have called them.(reprise .  and Saul c. such as  BarNabba. the one who came to be called Paul (See Act 13:9)] . [13:5. foster-brother to] 13:1 Saul ░░ [He was last on the list. with BarNabba and Saul in charge.  Lucius ((the Cyrenian)). the one also called Markus. a b c 12:25 from {/mss} ░░ {/to} 13:1 reared-together with ░░ [i. [cf.  Symeon ((who was called ‘Darkie’)).

14:28 {Paul’s First Missionary Journey. 47-48 CE) Paul & BarNabba and Yohanan Markus Together 1st Missionary Journey to Galatia (CE 46-49) Acts 13-14 Depart from Antioch <on the sea> Selucia Cyprus Salamis Paphos <on the land> Attalia Perga Antioch of Pisidian Iconium. Attalia and Perga is in Pamphylia.1st Journey [Taking off on ship from Antioch in SURIA] 13:4. Iconium. Derbe Returned to Antioch (of SURIA) [Note: the placement of labels ‘Pamphylia’ should be just belowe where ‘Pisidia’. Antioch – in Pisidia. Lystria and Derbe in Lycaonia] . Lystra.13:4ff .

they began to proclaim the word of Elohim{/mss} there in the synagogues of the [Diaspora] Judaic people a. you — a Devil’s son¡ c you — enemy to all that is righteous! You never stop making crooked d the straight paths of Adonai e. But Saul. pronounced as Yahweh etc. Sergius Paulus — a man of sound judgment. vocative). being sent out by the holy Spirit. will you? Well then.] e 13:11ff Adonai ░░ [Gk. where they found a certain shamanic sorcerer named BarYoshua. /xxx: Judeans. 25. See BW. said. “O my — full of all kinds of deceit and every schemes. IRENT renders the Tetragrammaton as YHWH (vocalized as Adonai. and you will be struck blind 13:8 13:9 13:10 13:11 13:5ff Judaic people ░░ /Yahudim. a Yahudi b who claimed to be a prophet. ⇨13:13] accompanying as their helper)).] d 13:10 make crooked ░░ [Gk. /x: Jehovah). /devil-like guy. having summoned BarNabba and Saul. /x: son (/child) of the devil. />> Jews.Begins Paul on his first journey 13:4-12 In Cyprus. diastrephō ‘cause truth perverted’][ See ‘*perversion in BW. look¡ Adonai’s hand is against you. Proconsul Sergius Paulus. wanted to hear the Word of Elohim. But Elymas the shamanic sorcerer ((such is the way his name is translated into Greek)) began opposing them and tried to turn the proconsul away from getting to the faith. [Hebrew idiom – ‘son of what devil is’ ‘man of devil-like character’. ((Now.] /> LORD. a b . [See *Jews in BW] 13:6 Yahudi ░░ /> Jew. /x: the Lord. This proconsul himself. And they had made {all the way} inland across the island as far as Paphos [a port city on the west coast]. 13:4 So these two [BarNabba and Saul]. c 13:10 a Devil’s son ░░ (huie diabolous. ((known from here on as Paul)).  13:5 13:6 13:7 And when they arrived at Salamis [a port city on the east coast]. being filled with holy spirit And. they had also the same Yohanan [the one called Markus] [⇦12:12. who was attending with the proconsul. first went down to the harbor city Seleucia and from there sailed to the Island CYPRUS. having looked intently at him. kurios ‘Lord’][Where God’s very name should be known (as in the Synoptic Gospels).

until they reached Antioch in PISIDIA . And after the public reading of passages from the Torah and the Nebiim. however. 13:4-12 In Antioch in PISIDIA 13:13 Now Paul and his companions put out once again to sea from Paphos a [of the island of CYPRUS]  and.] 13:13 Perga ░░ [about 8 miles inland from the south central coast of Asia Minor] c 13:13 left them [+] ░░ [+ to go on for the mission work to the Gentiles from which he excused himself out] (⇨15:38) [This caused a rupture later between Paul and BarNabba (15:36-39). having witnessed what had happened with his own eyes and being astounded.” And Paul stood up and. and he became groping about and tried to find someone to lead him by the hand. disembarking at the port Attalia in PAMPHYLIA[14:25] M came to its principal city Perga b ○ E Yohanan the one called Markus leaves them behind ((Here at Perga. the proconsul came to believe the teaching about the Lord. the leaders of the synagogue sent them [a message]. yoů brethren¡ if yoů have any word of exhortation to offer to the people. There. Of Mark’s leaving them.” And immediately there fell upon him something of mist and then darkness. began to give this [long speech]: “O men.][ about 100 miles voyage from to Perga. beckoning with the hand. the narrator of Acts left reasons undisclosed here. 13:12 Then.and become unable to see even the sunlight for a time. Feel free to speak [now]. they continued their journey on foot from Perga. on the day of one of the shabbats they went into the synagogue to attend and took up their places. Yohanan [the one called Markus][⇦ 13:5] on his part left them [+] c and returned alone to Yerusalem [+] d. yoů Israelites and those ‘God-revering’ Gentiles [among yoů]¡ Please hear me out [if yoů will]! 13:17 13:16 The Elohim of this people {Israel} chose our fathers and exalted the people when they lived as foreigners in the land of Mitsrayim 13:13 Paphos ░░ [on the southwestern coast of the island.] d 13:13 Yerusalem [+] ░░ [+— his home place] [12:12] a b .)) [⇨15:36-39] 126F 127F Paul’s Speech in Antioch 13:14 13:15 As for Paul and BarNabba. saying “O men.

he would say. a man of the tribe of Benjamin. who yoů are waiting for. according to His promise to Israel. yoů brethren¡ sons of of Abraham’s offspring b as well as ‘Elohim-worshing’ Gentiles among yoů¡ It is to us the message of this salvation has been sent forth! The fact is.13:18 and with a uplifted arm He brought them out of it. Before this Yeshua came on the scene [on His public ministry] Yohanan [made the way ready by] proclaiming-publicly to all the people of Israel immersion calling for repentance to turn from their sins. And when He had removed him. And as Yohanan was completing the course of his mission. 13:26 sons of Abraham’s offspring ░░ [See ‘Abraham’s seed’ in BW] . for forty years. 13:19 And when he had destroyed seven nations in the land of CANAAN. 13:23 13:24 13:25 13:26 13:27 a b 13:22 Yishai ░░ /Jesse – in English form. Yet. the very Mashiah. Elohim brought{/mss} a savior in the person of Yeshua.> From the seed of this man. which are being read-out aloud in synagogues on every shabbat. <Who do yoů think I am? I myself am not that One. those who dwell in Yerusalem and their rulers did not recognize this One [Yeshua] [as Mashiah]. He gave the land of these to them for an inheritance {and after these things}{⇋} {13:20b} 13:20a — all that during about four hundred and fifty years. look¡ one is coming after me — the sandals of whose feet I myself am not worthy to untie. He raised up David to be their king. And Elohim gave to them Saul the son of Kish.> “O men. by condemning Him [to death] it is the voices of the prophets that they actually fulfilled. And He put up with the manner of{/mss} them in the desert-wilderness for about the time of forty years. to whom also He testified and said. <I have found David the son of Yishai a. And thereafter they asked for a king. David. But. b 13:21 13:22 “And after these things{⇋} He gave to them judges until the last one being Samuel the prophet. who will do all my will. a man after my heart.

I have brought you forth. they had Him taken down from the wooden-stake and laid in a memorial-tomb. as it has been written also in the {second} {/mss}a Psalm. 31] “Indeed. “Therefore. {Ps. /have begotten you– most. Lk 3:22} <You. fell asleep and was laid-beside his forefathers and experienced decay: on the other hand. But Elohim raised Him to Life from the dead: and He was seen for many days by those who had come up with Him from Galilee to Yerusalem. And when they had accomplished all things that were written concerning Him. it is to yoů that forgiveness of sins is being proclaimed: and that from all the things [of sin guilt] from which yoů could not be declared righteous within the [framework of] Torah of Moshe 13:36 13:37 13:38 13:39 a b 13:33 {second}{/mss}░░ {/first} 13:33 have brought you forth ░░ [See ‘only begotten’ in BW] /have revealed me to be father to you ARJ.13:28 13:29 13:30 13:31 And though having found not one ground for death in Him.>{Isa 55:3} 13:32 13:33 {/13:33} 13:34 13:35 This is also why it is said further on in another psalm. the fact that Elohim has fulfilled this [very promise] to the{/mss} children. they still asked Pilate to have Him executed. fellow brothers. who are now His witnesses to the people. today I. cf.7}{Heb 1:5. {Ps. 2. on the one hand. 10} <You will not allow your holy One to become decayed off. David. — to us — having raised Yeshua up to Life [from out of dead ones]. “And we are bringing to yoů the good-news about the promise which came to the forefathers. the One whom Elohim raised up to Life did not get decayed away. /have fathered you . . you are my Son.> [Act 2:25.> b And the fact that Heg — raising Yeshuah up to Life from out of dead ones no more to return [to die and] to decay off — He has spoken in this way: <I will give yoů [people] the trustworthy holy [promises] to David.NET. /have declared your sonship. through Yeshua. 16. let it be known to yoů that through this very One. having served the purpose of Elohim in his own generation.

13:40 13:41 — everyone who believes [in Him] is set free and declared-righteous by this One/Yeshua Therefore beware. Now when the synagogue broke up. persuaded them to remain in the grace of Elohim. and you to be for salvation [from me] to the uttermost parts of the land. many of the Judaic people and the devout proselytes followed Paul and BarNabba. this is what the Lord has commanded us to do. 49:6} <I have set you to be a light to the Gentiles. they were filled with jealousy and contradicted the things which were spoken by Paul. yoů despisers! Marvel and perish because I am going to work a work in yoůr own days. a work which yoů will never believe.>” 13:48 13:49 13:50 13:51 And when the Gentiles heard this. And the word of the Lord was carried throughout all the country.> 13:47 In fact. they were gladdened and gave praise to the word of Elohim{/mss} and as many as [Gentiles] who have gotten themselves in line for eternal Life came to believe. However. here. that what has been spoken in the prophets {Hab 1.>” 13:42 13:43 13:44 13:45 13:46 And as they Paul and BarNabba went out {from the synagogue of the Judaic people}. {contradicting and blaspheming him. And the next shabbat almost the whole city was gathered together to hear the word of Elohim {/mss}.{Is. But they. 5} may not come upon yoů: <Look. But the Judaic people incited the devout {and} prominent women and the chief men of the city and aroused a persecution against Paul and BarNabba and threw them out of their region.} And Paul and BarNabba spoke out boldly and said. look¡ we are now turning to the Gentiles [to continue proclaiming the message]. But when the Judaic people saw the crowds. who speaking to them. they {the gentiles} began pleading with them that these words might be spoken to them the next shabbat. “It was necessary for us to proclaim the word of Elohim to yoů all first — the Judaic people. since yoů spurn it and thus prove yourselves unworthy of [receiving] eternal Life. saying. on their part. even if one declare it to yoů. shook off the dust off their feet [as a sign of protest] against them .

This man was listening to Paul’s words. they were being filled with joy and with holy spirit. And on the part of both the Gentiles and the Judaic people with their leaders there arose a hostile movement to resort to violence. BarNabba and Paul remained there for a considerable time. Nonetheless. by bringing out signs and wonders through the works of the hands of them. Now as for the Gentile followers.[13:50] and these succeded in stirring up the minds of the Gentiles and in provoking animosity against the brethren. 14:19] Realizing what was happening.13:52 and went off to Iconium . BarNabba and Paul. . the two took to flight and went off to the towns in LYCAoNIA – Lystra and Derbe – and the neighboring region. there were Judaic people who would refuse to accept [their message]. Got stoned to half dead 14:8 14:9 Now. But the large mass of people of the city was divided in their opinions — some sided with the Judaic people and some with the apostles [v. yes. and. there in Lystra was a certain mman sitting helpless on the ground. 14] themselves. was adding His own testimony to vindicate their message of His grace. even to putting them to death with stones throwing on them. adopting the same way as before [as they had done at Antioch] Paul and BarNabba made their way 14:2 into the synagogue of the Judaic people. And it was there that they set out to bring good news: 14:3 14:4 14:5 14:6 14:7 Paul heals a crippled in Lystra. And there they spoke with such power that a great number#2 of both Judaic people and [proselyte] Greeks did believe what they heard. unable to make use of his feet because he had been crippled from his mother's womb and had never been able to walk on his own feet. However. speaking boldly relying on the Lord. (Acts 14) 14:1 Now here in Iconium. [cf. for His part.. who.

BarNabba and Paul. shouting in the native Lycaonian tongue. referring to a commissioned messenger. [Luke calls Paul an ‘apostle’ are here v.] b 14:9 Hermes ░░ [– the messenger and attendant of Jupiter. 145 endnote …. said with a loud voice. heard of it. saying “mGentlemen! Why are yoů doing these things? As for us. who ☼has made the heaven and the earth and the sea and all the things in them: 14:12 14:13 14:14 14:15 a b c 14:16 14:17 In the generations gone by He permitted all the nations to living on in their own ways. (Here in the text) the peasants welcome the reappearance of the gods. This is a non-technical use here. 14 and v.14:10 Paul. And yet He did not leave Himself without-witness.] a . brought oxen and garlands to the gates and wanted together with the crowds to offer sacrifices. whose temple was before the city. “The gods have come like mortal humans and have come down to us!” a And they called BarNabba ‘Zeus’ [after the supreme Greek god = Roman god ‘Jupiter’]. and the description here is shared with BarNabba. for his part. 4. by doing yoů good. and seeing that he believed that God could save him to be made whole. “{In the name of our Lord Yeshua haMashiah}[Peshitta] stand straight up on your feet!” And he jumped up and began to walk off. they raised their voices. we are also mortals who feel same way as yoů do. The Roman poet Ovid gave Lystra as the scene of his story of the visit of Jupiter and Mercury to the faithful couple Baucis and Philemon.] c 14:14 apostles ░░ /x: Apostles. Local stories and inscriptions give additional evidence that Zeus and Hermes were worshipped in the district. a chief speaker among the gods. as giving rains and fruitful seasons from heaven. Here we are announcing good news for yoů to turn from these worthless things to {the} living God. looked straight at him. 14:9 gods ~~ have come down to us ░░ [Rieu p. [unknown to Paul]. and called Paul ‘Hermes’ [= Roman god ‘Mercury’] since he [as they saw] was the chief speaker [among the gods]. b And then the priest of Zeus. But when the two apostles c. they tore their clothes and rushed out into the crowd and exclaimed in loud voices. 14:11 And when the crowd saw what Paul had done.

> And having appointed for them elders to every congregation. having persuaded the crowds. When. they stoned Paul to put him to death [2Co 11:25] and dragged him off outside the city. further strengthening the souls of the disciples. confronts Judaizers 14:27 14:28 And when they had come to Antioch [in SURIA] and had gathered the Apostolic Mashiahn Community together. And after speaking the word in Perga. he got himself up and went back into the city Lystra.filling yoůr hearts to the full with cheer a and gladness. he went off to Derbe. together with BarNabba. saying <Through undergoing great deal of sufferings we must enter into the [coming] Kingdom of Elohim. And they stayed there no little time with the disciples. however. the disciples got to him and gathered around. they came back to Lystra. encouraging them to remain in the faith. they related all things that Elohim had done with them and that He had opened a door to faith to the Gentiles. But some Judaic people came from Antioch and Iconium and. a 14:17 cheer ░░ [Emendation based on Aramaic split word] . with prayer and fasting they committed them to the Lord. And on the next day. and from there they sailed off for Antioch [in SURIA]. they went down to the port Attalia. then to Iconium and then returned finally to [Pisidian] Antioch . from where they had been entrusted to the grace of Elohim for the work [commissioned to them] they had fulfilled. in whom they had come to believe. taking him for dead. 14:19 14:20 14:21 14:22 14:23 14:24 14:25  14:26  Paul at Antioch.” 14:18 And even with these words it was only with great difficulty that they succeeded in preventing the crowd from making [animal] sacrifice-offering for them to take. And after they had announced good news in that city and had made many disciples. And they went through PISIDIA and came to PAMPHYLIA.

to the apostles and elders in Yerusalem to consult with them on this controversial question. Kefa rose and said to them.” 15:2 15:3 Thus.” And the apostles and the elders gathered together to see about this matter. on the other. where they reported how the Gentiles were turning to God. this news causing great rejoicing among all the brethren. from the apostles as well as the elders. “mBrothers! Yoů know that from earlier days Elohim chose me among yoů{/mss} c[⇦11:21] so that by my mouth 15:6 15:7 a b c 15:1 brit-milah ░░ /circumcision rites. saying “It is necessary to have them submit to ‘circumcision rites’ and to be ordered to keep the Torah of Moshe. some who had become believers there ((they were from the party of the Pharisees)) stood up and insisted. they were warmly-received by the Mashiahn Community. when there was much dispute and heated debate between Paul and BarNabba on the one hand. and so they gave an account of all the things that Elohim had done to aid them. CE 49)] 15:4 15:5 And on arriving in Yerusalem .Gal 2:4-6] 15:7 yoů{/mss} ░░ {/us} . and these men. Paul and BarNabba were then appointed to go up along with some b of other men among them in Antioch. and went through both PHOENICIA and Samaria. began to teach the following to the fellow brethren: “Unless yoů should [first] undergo brit-milah a {and conduct yourselves} in conformity with the tradition from Moshe yoů cannot come to get saved. They were then sent off on their way by the congregation. /> circumcision 15:2 some of other ░░ [Titus one of them . Yerusalem Council [Yerusalem Council] (prob. Now. And after much debate had taken place.(Acts 15) 15:1 At this stage certain men#1 came down [here to Antioch in SURIA] from [the Yerusalem Mashiahn Community in] Judea.





the Gentiles should hear the word of the Gospel to believe. And Elohim, knower of hearts, has testified to them, giving them the very holy spirit, just as He did to us the Judaic people also; and He made no distinction between us and them, cleansing their hearts in such faith. Well then, why do yoů now set out to put Elohim to test to provoke Him by trying to put a yoke [of the demands of the Torah of Moshe] upon the neck of these [new] disciples [from among the Gentiles] a yoke so heavy that neither our fathers nor we have been capable to bear? Surely the truth is that it is by the grace of the Lord Yeshua that we trust and are saved — in the same way as those [Gentiles].” And the whole assembled company kept quiet as they listened to BarNabba and Paul relating all the signs and wonders Elohim had shown among the Gentiles through them. And after they stopped speaking, Yaakob [half-brother of the Lord] [12:17; 21:18] responded, saying “Fellow brethren, hear me: Simeon [=Shimon Kefa] has explained as how Elohim first showed His care for the Gentiles, [⇦15:7] to take out from among them a people dedicated to His name. And the words of the prophets agree to this; as it has been written, {Amo 9:11-12} <“I’ll turn back after these things
and I’ll build the tent a of David again, which has fallen to the ground. And I’ll build it again from ruins. And I will restore it: that the rest of mankind may seek after the Adonai, — yes, all the Gentiles who are called to bear my name”, says YHWH, who does to bring these things made known from ages ago>.










“Well then, in view of all this, I’ve decided that we do not burden those among the Gentiles who are turning to Elohim [+] b. What we should do instead is to send them a letter, instructing them



15:15 tent ░░ (Heb. sukkah); /> booth; /> tabernacle (- different connotation); 15:19 Elohim [+] ░░ [+ the true God, by requiring them be circumcised]

to abstain [//15:29; cf. ‘avoid’ 21:25] ▪ from things polluted a by worship of pagan false gods b { that is, from fornication} ▪ {and from eating meat from animals killed by strangling} ▪ and from blood [sacrifice] c ▪ {+mss}.

Moshe has, yoů see, from earliest generations, had spokesmen to proclaim such teaching from him — in every city [where there were Israelites] his words being read out aloud#0 in the synagogues every shabbat.”


Then it pleased the apostles and the elders, with the whole Apostolic Mashiahn Community, that representatives be chosen from among their number and sent to Antioch along with Paul and BarNabba; So they chose Yudah (also called BarSabbas) and Silas [=Silvanus][1Th 1:1], two in a leading position among the brethren. And they wrote thus a letter to be sent by them: "From the apostles and the elders as well as brethren here; To our Gentile brethren in Antioch and SURIA and CILICIA: Shalom.



Since we have heard that some have gone out from among us without our orders and have confused yoů, upsetting yoůr souls with words, {saying <yoů must be circumcised and keep the Torah>[15:5]}, it pleased us, having come to one accord, to choose out men and send them to yoů along with our beloved BarNabba and Paul, two men who have risked their lives on behalf of the name of our Lord Yeshua haMashiah. Accordingly we have sent Yudah and Silas, who themselves also will give yoů the same message personally by word of mouth. Yoů see, it seemed to the holy Spirit and to us that no burden is to be put on yoů beyond these essentials:





15:20 things polluted ░░ [referring to meat from pagan animal sacrifice. – 15:29; 21:25] 15:20 pagan false gods ░░ /x: idols – most [now English word has different sense and usage.] c 15:20 blood [sacrifice] ░░ [not related the ‘strangled’ in the preceding line, as blood in the meat of animals killed without properly drained off]
a b


that yoů are to abstain ▪ from eating meat from animal sacrifice to pagan false gods ▪ and from blood [sacrifice] ▪ {and from [eating meat of] animals strangled to death} ▪ and from fornication. If yoů keep yourselves from these, it will be well with yoů. Be strong! With our best wishes.”





So they, when they were dismissed, came down back to Antioch [in SURIA], and having gathered the multitude together, they delivered the letter. And when they had read it, they rejoiced because of its encouragement. And Yudah and Silas, being themselves also prophets, encouraged the brethren with many words and supported them further. And after they had spent some time there, they were let go in peace from the brethren to those who had sent them forth.
{But it seemed good to Silas to remain there.}

15:34 15:35


But Paul and BarNabba stayed in Antioch, teaching and proclaiming the word of the Lord, with many others also. And after some days Paul said to BarNabba, “Let us return now and visit the brethren in every city in which we have before proclaimed the word of the Lord to see how they are doing.” Paul and BarNabba split




Now as for BarNabba, he wanted to take with them Yohanan also, the one called Markus. a [12:12; 13:5] Paul on his part, however, did not consider it unwise to take this man — the very one who had gone off and left them when they were in PAMPHYLIA [⇦13:13] instead of accompanying them to take his part in their mission work [+] b. Then there was a sharp disagreement over this, and resulted in parting of their ways and BarNabba took Markus with him;[⇨ 2Tm 4:11] and sailed off to CYPRUS.

15:38 Markus ░░ [Yohanan the one also called Markus, Yerusalemite, BarNabba’s cousin (Col 4:10), associated with the very locus for the Judaizing party.] b 15:38 work [+] ░░ [+ of the mission proclaiming the Gospel to the Gentiles, for which they were set apart by the holy Spirit] (14:26) [Cf. 28:28]

15:40 ff - 2nd Journey [Taking off on land from Antioch in SURIA] Paul’s 2nd Missionary Journey to Greece (CE 50-52) Acts 15:36-18:22 From Antioch, through Cyria and Cilicia Lystra Phrygia and Galatia Traos Philippi (city in Macedonia) Thessalonica (leading city in Macedonia) Berea Athens Corinth – stayed 1 ½ years Ephesus Caesarea Returning to Antioch (of SURIA)

[Note: the placement of labels ‘Pamphylia’ should be just below where ‘Pisidia’. Antioch – in Pisidia; Attalia and Perga is in Pamphylia; Iconium, Lystria and Derbe in Lycaonia]

(15:40- 18:22){Paul’s Second Missionary Journey, 49-52 CE}

Paul & Silas

Paul begins his second journey with Silas


But, having chosen Silas, Paul set out from Antioch on his journey, being entrusted by the brethren to the grace of the Lord. And he went through SURIA and CILICIA, further strengthening the congregations there.

Paul and Silas joined by Timothy
(Acts 16)


then Paul continued on to Derbe and then on to Lystra . And look¡ a certain disciple was there, named Timothy, the son of a certain Judaic woman believer; but of a Greek father.
[This makes him a Judaic.]

16:2 16:3

He was well-spoken of by the fellow brethren in Lystra and Iconium. This one – Paul wanted to go along with him; Thus, Paul, having taken him, did brit-milah a
[as required for any Israelite man]



so as to conciliate the Judaic people who were living in those parts: the fact was, everyone knew that his father was a Greek. And as they went on their way through the cities, they delivered to those there for observance the decrees that had been decided upon by the apostles and elders who were in Yerusalem. So the congregations were strengthened in the faith and abounded in number daily. And {after} they went through the region of PHRYGIA and GALATIA, having been forbidden by the holy Spirit to speak the word in ASIA, getting down toward {/mss} MYSIA they attempted to go into BITHYNIA, but the Spirit {/mss} b did not allow them; thus, after traversing MYSIA, they came down to Troas a seaport.
And a vision appeared to Paul in the night. There was a certain man, a Macedonian, standing before him, pleading in these words: “Please, come over into MACEDONIA and help us.” And after Paul saw the vision,




(We-section I: 16:10-17) Into MACEDONIA (in Europe)


16:3 brit-milah ░░ /(Judaic) circumcision rite; /> circumcision 16:7 Spirit {/mss} ░░ {/Spirit of Yeshua PNEUMA IHSOU}{/Spirit of LORD} [cf. Mashiah’s Spirit – PNEUMA CRISTOU Rm 8:9; 1Pe 1:11]
a b

concluding that Elohim had called us to bring the good-news to them. we made a straight course to Samothrace Is. a Roman colony. saying “If yoů consider me to be a believer in the Lord. having a spirit of Python [a demon of divination]. 16:14 16:15 whose heart the Lord [Yeshua] opened to devote herself to the things which Paul spoke. and we sat down and began to speak to the women who had come together there. came upon us a certain servant girl who. It was this girl who. where we thought there would be a place of prayer. which is the principle city of that part of MACEDONIA. setting sail from Troas. {/a city of the first district of}  16:12 And we stayed in this city for some days. Finally. 16:11 we sought immediately to go forth into MACEDONIA. the Most High a. a dealer in purple-cloth from the city called Thyatira. Slave-girl Possessed of Spirit-of-Divination 16:16 16:17 And it happened as we were going to the house of prayer. turned around and spoke to the spirit. And when she received a rite of immersion along with her household. she pleaded with us. following after Paul and us. “These men are servants of Elohim. 16:13 And on the day of one of the shabbats we went outside the {city} gate to a riverside.” Thus she pressured us. /x: the most high God – KJV. come to my house and stay. kept crying out. and the following day to Neapolis [to disembark there]. /x: the Most High God – most. and from there to Philippi .El `Elyon]. a God-fearing [=convert to Judaism]. . Paul had enough of it. “I command you in the name of Yeshua haMashiah — to come out of her!” 16:17 Elohim the Most High ░░ [Heb. they are proclaiming to yoů{/mss} b a way of salvation!” 16:18 And she went on this for number of days. / b 16:18 yoů {/mss} ░░ {/us} a . Therefore. There a certain woman named Lydia♀ listened to us. brought her masters a good business by fortune-telling with divination.

they said. and the other prisoners were listening to them. And.” And the crowd rose up together against them. and suddenly there was a great earthquake. he said. they seized Paul and Silas and dragged them into the marketplace to face the authorities. Having received such an order. what must I do to be saved?” And they said. “These men are Judaic people and greatly disturb our city. The prison broken open on earthquake 16:25 16:26 16:27 16:28 16:29 16:30 16:31 .And it came out of her at-once. trembling. The jailer. But about midnight Paul and Silas were praying and singing-hymns to Elohim. they threw into prison and ordered the jailor to guard them securely. so-that the foundations of the prison-house were shaken and instantly all the doors were opened and every one's chains were loosed. saying “Don’t you harm yourself! All of us are here!” And he asked for lights and dashed in and. “Gentlemen. since we are Romans. But Paul shouted with a loud voice. being awakened from sleep and seeing the prison doors were open. When they had brought them to the magistrates. came to fall before Paul and Silas. 16:22 16:23 16:24 And after ripping the clothes off the two. And when they had inflicted many stripes upon them. drew his sword and was about to kill himself. having brought them out. thinking that the prisoners had escaped. he threw them into the inner cell and fastened their feet in the wood stocks. and advocating customs which it is not allowed for us to accept or to practice. Paul and Silas got imprisoned 16:19 16:20 16:21 But when her masters saw their hope of money-making was gone. Paul and Silas the magistrates then ordered to beat them up with rods.

a 16:33 hour-of-the-night ░░ [i. they asked them to leave the city. And having taken them out at that hour-of-the-night a. come out and go on yoůr way {in peace}. in contrast to ‘hour-on-sundial’ during daytime. Thus they came down and pleaded with them. saying “Release those men!” And the jailor reported the words to Paul. saying “The magistrates have dispatched men to release yoů. they themselves must come down here and escort us out!” 16:34 16:35 16:36 16:37 16:38 16:39 And the constables reported these words to the magistrates and they became fearful when they heard that these men were Roman citizens. and now secretly they are throwing us out? No way! Instead. the civil-magistrates dispatched the constables.e. and as they brought them out. But when day came.” But Paul said to the constables. Easy now. “They had us beaten in public without having convicted of anything wrong — although we are Roman citizens — and have thrown us into prison. when Paul and others came out of the prison they went to Lydia’s home and when they saw the brethren there 16:40 they encourage them and then departed.” 16:32 16:33 And they spoke the word of the Lord {/God} to him together with all those of his household.“Believe on the Lord Yeshua and you shall be saved.] . you and your household. he had the wounds of their stripes washed off. From there. After that the jailor brought them up to his house and laid a table for them and rejoiced greatly with all his household having come to believe in Elohim. And there he and all his household all came to receive immersion rites right away.

to see if these things were so. And the brethren at once sent Paul and Silas off by night to Berea [the capital of MACEDONIA]: who when they had come there. as his custom. when they heard these things. Now these were nobler than those in Thessalonica. examining the Scriptures daily. they went into the synagogue of the Judaic people. whom I am proclaiming to yoů. But the non-believing Judaic people. they had journeyed through Amphipolis and Apollonia. And Jason has received them with hospitality and these all practice things which are against the decrees of Caesar. many of them came to believe. Thus. But when the Judaic people in Thessalonica learned that also at Berea the word of Elohim was being proclaimed by Paul. one Yeshua. And when they did not find them. also men as well. “These who have upset the world* have come here also. crying. they went down there too 17:4 17:5 17:6 17:7 17:8 17:9 17:10 17:11 17:12 17:13 . saying that there is another king. and that this is the Mashiah — this Yeshua. they sought to bring them forth to the public.” And they disturbed the crowd and city-rulers. And some of them and of the devout Greeks a great crowd and of the chief women not a few. And when they had taken bail from Jason and the rest. and standing up against the house of Jason. they released them. and came to Thessalonica . where there was a synagogue of the Judaic people: and Paul. in that they received the word with all eagerness. made the city into an uproar. they dragged Jason and certain brethren before the city-rulers. took to them certain evil men from among the market-loafers and gathering a crowd. were persuaded and associated themselves with Paul and Silas. went to their meetings and for three shabbat-days he reasoned with them from the Scriptures.(Acts 17)  17:1 17:2 17:3 Now. including not a few of Greeks from among women of nobility. explaining and pointing out to them that it is the Mashiah who must suffer and to rise from the dead.

began to speak as follows: “Athenians! I have seen for myself how every ‘which’ way yoů do seem remarkably ‘religious’. standing in the midst of the Areopagus Council. <It seems to be some novel foreign deities that he is advocating. his the spirit got stirred at sight of the city so rampant of worshiping false gods. left behind there were both Silas and Timothy. And indeed. I found even an altar with this inscription on: 17:16 17:17 17:18 17:19 17:20 17:21 17:22 17:23 . Sounds interesting enough. then. as I was going through the city and observing the objects of yoůr veneration. We should like to know what they mean. in the synagogue he carried on debates with the Judaic people and Gentile Elohim-worshipers.) Paul. you bring some subjects which sound strange to our ears.” (There. <What is this idle babbler trying to say?> Others said. Paul leaves Silas and Timothy behind At once the fellow brethren sent Paul off as far as the sea coast. asking “Is there any way of knowing about this new teaching you are giving? After all. all Athenian citizens and likewise foreign residents used to spend their time in nothing else than talking about something new or listening to.17:14   17:15 and began to cause disturbance among the crowds. Those who were escorting Paul brought him as far as Athens then returned carrying an instruction for Silas and Timothy to rejoin him as soon possible. [18:5] There. There were a few among Epicurean as well as Stoic philosophers who came to engage in dispute with him. So. in Athens while waiting for them. > ((They would say in such a way because what Paul was proclaiming was all about the good news of ‘Yeshua’ and the ‘resurrection’. and every day in the city square it was with those who happened to come across. some remarking.)) And so it came that they got Paul and brought him to the Areopagus [Council].

Now what you venerate. having determined their appointed seasons and the limits of their dwelling-place. — be it life and breath and everything else. Yoů see. without even knowing what it is. and in fact. ho theios. He Himself is the One who is giving to all beings. does not dwell in temples made by human hands. [adj. as if He has need of anything. each one of us: as even some of yoůr own poets have said: <And indeed. ‘divine’ – 2Pe 1:3. is the very thing which I am proclaiming to yoů: 17:24 The Elohim that made the world and all the things in it.> Being then the offspring of the Elohim. nor He allows men to serve Him by human hands. so that they would seek the Elohim — if in fact they really grope after Him they may find Him. or stone — carved out by craft and imagination of mortal human — does the deity a bears any semblance. /> divine-being. He is not far from us. what He now proclaims to people everywhere is that they must all repent and turn from their sins b: because He has set a [coming] day when He is going to judge the inhabited-earth and do it with divine justice by a Man [Yeshua] of His own choosing [for this task]. But.<To Unknown God>. as to such times when people were ignorant of Elohim.] . or ‘repair’ ‘fixing’ but changing one’s thinking. [See BW ‘godhead’] b 17:30 repent and turn from their sins ░░ [not ‘feel remorse’. and out of one {blood-line} He made all nations of hmen to dwell on all the face of the earth. Moreover. True. /x: Godhead – KJV. it is in Him that we live and move and have our very being>. and. He has dealt with it as though it had never been. 17:25 17:26 17:27 17:28 17:29 17:30 17:31 — He who is Lord of heaven and earth. ‘regret’. we ought not to think that to something of gold. 4. silver. here is a sure proof God has given of this to all people [to come to faith] by having raised Him to Life from out of dead ones!” a 17:29 the deity ░░ \Gk. <we also are indeed His offspring.

of the same trade by trade as himself. [50 CE] 18:2 And he found a certain Judaic named Aquila. [17:15] Paul then got himself devoted in full time to proclaiming the Word. both Judaic and Gentile people. I am now clean of this obligation to yoů: a 17:34 Areopagite ░░ [a judge of court of the Areopagus – NWT] .” Thus Paul went out of their midst. witnessing to the Judaic people to prove that the very Mashiah [they have been expecting eagerly] is [to be found in the person of] Yeshua. both Silas and Timothy [as they were told to come and rejoin] had arrived from [Beroea in] MACEDONIA. with his wife Priscilla. “We will hear you about this yet again. every shabbat Paul would find chance to address in the synagogue to persuade them. a native of Pontus. 17:33 17:34 (Acts 18) 18:1 After these things Paul departed from Athens and came to Corinth . he made his home with them. But certain men joined themselves to him and became believers.17:32 Now when they heard of the resurrection of the dead ones. who recently had come from Italy. but others said. Paul re-joined by Silas and Timothy Once. and they did the work together{/mss}. 18:3 and {on finding that they were tent-makers}. Paul finally said to them. shaking [dust] off his clothes [as a gesture of protest]. some mocked. because Emperor Claudius had ordered all the Judaic people to be expelled from Rome. Among them also were  Dionysius the Areopagite a  even a woman named Damaris♀  and others with them. 18:6 But. 18:4 18:5 Now. “Yoůr ‘blood be upon yoůr own heads’! As for me. when the Judaic people kept on opposing and reviling him.[49 CE] And Paul approached them.

or perhaps some evil deeds. saying “he is trying to persuade people into venerating the Elohim in a way contrary to our own Torah. notable was this incident: With Gallio as Proconsul of ACHAIA. it would be reasonable for me to give yoů a hearing upon your complaint. the Lord [Yeshua] said to Paul in the night by a vision. O yoů Judaic people. because I am with you and no one is going to lay a hand on you to badly harm you. Gallio was the one got in and said to the Judaic people. [one of] the presiding officers of the local synagogue — he himself. yoů should settle it yourselves. but keep on speaking out and do not keep silent: because there are many here in this city who are to belong to me. teaching the word of Elohim among them: {Paul’s 1st & 2nd Thessalonians written from here. [51-52 CE] the Judaic people got together to round up Paul and drag him before the magistrate’s judicial bench. but if it is a matter of disputes about words and ‘names’ [to call upon]. Poss. “If it were indeed a matter about wrong-doing against the law. about yoůr own Torah.” But when Paul was about to open his mouth to speak. I on my part do not want to be a judge over such matters!” 18:14 18:15 . Now. a Gentile worshipper of Elohim.from now on it is to the Gentiles that I shall [better] move on!” 18:7 18:8 So he left there and went on to the house of a certain man named {Titus} Justus. “Have no fear. now came to believe the Lord [Yeshua] together with his entire household. Galatians} 18:9a 18:10a 18:9b 18:10b 18:11 18:12 18:13 Interlude: Paul before Gallio There. whose house was adjoining the synagogue.” And he settled there to be staying a year and six months [there in Corinth]. Crispus. Moreover many of the Corinthians that listened to Paul came to believe and got immersed [into Yeshua]. [they are hungry for the good news to hear]. yes.

18:17 18:18a Paul sails for Ephesus with Priscilla and Aquilla And after this incident Paul stayed on some time longer [thus. he went up [to Yerusalem] and greeted the congregation of Apostolic Mashiahn Community there and then went down [from Yerusalem] returning to Antioch [in SURIA] [+ where he started and now was ending his long second journey]. addressed to the fellow Judaic people there. another presiding officer of the synagogue.” He set sail from Ephesus. none of these things were any concern to Gallio. Yes.  18:19 And [from there] they reached at Ephesus. disembarking. taking ♀Priscilla and Aquila with him. from there he set sail bound for SURIA. said farewell them and saying “{it is necessary for me by all means to keep the coming festival at Yerusalem} but again I shall return to yoů. entering.18:16 And he drove them away from the judicial bench. He then went by himself to the synagogue and. And though they asked him to spend more time with them. his whole stay in Corinth lasted one and a half year]. . he could not be persuaded. [18:11] ((After having his long-grown hair shorn off in the port city Cenchreae [7 miles E of Corinth] c — it was that he had taken a vow some time before — b  he said farewell to the brethren{/mss}. and. Elohim willing. and gave him beating in front of the judicial bench. Then they all got hold of Sosthenes. [Note: comes back again later on his third journey– 19:1] 18:20 18:21   18:22 And when he got landed at Caesarea Maritima . instead. he dropped them (Priscilla and Aquilla) off there.

Iconium. .[Note: the placement of labels ‘Pamphylia’ should be just below where ‘Pisidia’. Attalia and Perga is in Pamphylia. Antioch – in Pisidia. afterwards.3nd Journey: [Taking off on foot from Antioch in SURIA] 53 – 57 CE 18:23  And having spent some time there [in Antioch in SURIA]. further supporting all the disciples. Lystria and Derbe in Lycaonia] 18:22ff . he set out and went through the [highland] region of GALATIA and PHRYGIA.

And he asked them. Having been instructed in the way of the Lord Yeshua b{Cf. 24:14] and being fervent as to the spirit c.18:24 18:25 18:26 Interlude: Apollos’ mission Meanwhile. he proved to be a great assistance to those who had.] the highland regions of the country. And when Apollos had set his mind on crossing over into the province of ACHAIA. came down to Ephesus and found some disciples there. holy Spirit. while [this] Apollos {18:24} [having left Ephesus] was now over there at Corinth. a certain Yahudi a. by God’s grace. 26.] [the original expression equivalent ‘Messianity’.19:9. ‘the Way of Elohim’ v. saying: “Have yoů received holy spirit d when yoů first came to believe {+mss}?” 18:24 Yahudi ░░ /> Jew. well-versed in the Tanakh Scriptures. although he was acquainted only with immersion rites done in the manner of Yohanan’s: [19:3] and he began to speak boldly in the synagogue. /x: with the spirit – NWT. /x: the Holy Spirit – most. he refuted the Judaic people in public with vigor. Paul on his part. Cf.[//18:5] 18:27 18:28 (Acts 19) Paul came to Ephesus 19:1 19:2 And it came to pass that. See fn 9:2][Cf.26}. / a b . / d 19:2 holy spirit ░░ or. /x: the Holy Ghost – KJV. 9:2. And when Apollos arrived there. having gone through [GALATIA and PHRYGIA. showing by the Tanakh Scriptures that the very Mashiah [they had been expecting eagerly] was [to be found in the person of] Yeshua Himself. See BW ‘*Christianity’] c 18:25 as to the spirit ░░ /in spirit – most. indeed.25} more accurately. v. Simply ‘the Way’ in 9:2. 18:25 ‘the Way of the Lord’ Yeshua ░░ [cf. they took him aside and expounded to him the way of Elohim {Cf. 19:9. but when Priscilla and Aquila heard him. 24:14. arrived at Ephesus — an eloquent man. come to believe in Mashiah. named Apollos.[cf. the fellow brethren encouraged him and wrote to the disciples there asking them to give him a cordial welcome. he spoke and taught accurately the facts about Yeshua. The modern term ‘Christianity’ is often confused with a religion or something clothed with religions. a native of Alexandria. v.

Different from ‘immersed in the name of’ 10:48 See ‘in the name of’ in BW. “Then. speaking-evil of the Way before the crowd.] a b . “Nay. and they began speaking in [their] languages to proclaim messages [of what God had revealed]. “Yohanan immersed them in the immersion rite calling for repentance to turn from their sins. not the nation as in Mt 28:19. into what sort a of immersion rites did yoů get immersed?” And they said [as taught by Apollos[18:25] when he was there]. we have not even heard that [is there] such a thing as holy spirit!?” 19:3 And he said. coming Yeshua. so that all those living in the Roman Province ASIA had heard the word of the Lord {Yeshua}. cf. ‘into the covenant reality of’.” b 19:4 And Paul said. that is. //Mt 28:19b. 18:25] he withdrew from them and took the disciples away. [19:2. But when some were hardened and disbelieved. 19:11 19:12 Paul’s mighty works. And when Paul had laid his hands upon them. both Judaic people and Hellenic alike. 19:3 into what sort of ░░ [not ‘whose baptism’. 24:14. And this went on for 19:5 19:6 19:7 19:8 19:9 19:10 two years in Ephesus as Paul stayed there. addressing#x and persuading them concerning the Kingdom reign of Elohim. “into the immersion rites after Yohanan’s. the very holy spirit [which they were told about] came upon them. And they were about twelve men in all. telling the people to come to believe in the One coming after him. they c were immersed into d the name of the Lord Yeshua.] 19:3 into immersion rites after Yohanan’s ░░ [not ‘Yohanan’s baptism’ they got. then he addressed daily in the lecture hall of Tyrannus. Sons of Scaeva And Elohim kept performing extraordinary mighty-works through the hands of Paul: so-that even sweat-cloths or work-aprons taken off from his body were brought to the sick.And they said to him. Over a period of three months he attended the synagogue and spoke up boldly.] d 19:5 immersed into the name of ░░ [= 8:16.] c 19:5 they ░░ [these were of Judaic God-believers.” And when they heard this.

19:13 There. who dwelt at Ephesus. both the Judaic people and the Greeks. the man with the evil spirit jumped on them and mastered and overpowered them{/mss} c. So he sent to MACEDONIA two of his assistants. I must see Rome as well>. And this became known to all.)) And in response the evil spirit said to them. and to do so by way of MACEDONIA and ACHAIA. {Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians – written here 55-56 CE} 19:13 I adjure{/mss}░░ {/we adjure} 19:14 seven sons to{a certain} Scaeva. ((There indeed were seven sons to {a certain} Scaeva. while he himself stayed there in [the province of] ASIA for a while longer. but yoů — who are yoů all?” With that. saying <I adjure{/mss} a yoů — by ‘this Yeshua whom Paul proclaims’>. Paul set his hear on going to Yerusalem.Vulgate} a b . some itinerant Judaic exorcists also got on to invoke the name of the Lord Yeshua over those possessed by the evil spirits. a certain kohen ~} c 19:16 them{/mss} ░░ {> /both} d 19:20 Lord {/mss} ░░ {/God . “This Yeshua — {indeed} I know and this Paul — I recognize. a Jewish head kohen who were doing this{/mss}░░ {/~ sons to Scaeva. and they calculated the price of them and found them worth fifty thousand pieces of silver. And not only a few of those who used to practice magical arts brought their books together and burned them in the sight of public. remarking that “After that. Many of those becoming believers came forward confessing-openly and declaring their former practices.there the diseases left them and the evil spirits departed {from them}. and fear fell upon them all and the name of the Lord Yeshua went on being magnified. a Judaic kohen gadol — who were doing this{/mss} b. 19:14 19:15 19:16 19:17 19:18 19:19 19:20 19:21 19:22 Paul resolved to move on Now after these things have taken their course. So the word of the Lord{/mss} d grew in might and prevailed with power. so-that they fled naked and wounded out of that house. Timothy and Erastus.

how Paul. 24:14] [i. and {running out to the street} shouted. “Great is Artemis. ‘the Way of Mashiah (> God)’ = ‘teaching of Mashiah’).” And when they heard this they became furious angry. daughter of Zeus and Leto. her greatness itself might get degraded — the goddess who is venerated throughout the province of ASIA. or robed with religions. some cried one thing and some another: for | the assembly was in confusion. this fellow. But that’s not all as he has exposed us to the danger that our line of trade might fall apart into disrepute. but the disciples of the Way did not let him. 24:14] became the cause of no small disturbance. There. And even some of friendly local provincial officials sent a message to him to plead with him not to risk into the amphitheater. the term ‘Christianity’ is often confused with a religion. On his part. Now. 19:28 19:29 19:30 19:31 19:32 a 19:23 ‘The Way’ ░░ [= 9:2. Paul's traveling companions. having with them dragging along the two Macedonians. not only here in Ephesus but nearly all over the province of ASIA. who was making silver shrines of [Greek goddess] Artemis[=Diana].] b 19:27 Artemis ░░ [Greek goddess (her temple was just outside the city of Ephesus). Paul wanted to go inside among the public assembly. “Yoů all! You realize very well how our prosperity depends on this particular line of trade. Now yoů have been watching and hearing for yourselves. set out to mislead the people and succeeded in winning over large number of them to his specious position that the gods made by man’s hands are no gods at all. Gaius and Aristarchus. Cf. the whole inhabited-world. he gathered them and those who worked at such things and said.e. yeah.] . Even further. the moon and birthing. bringing a considerable business for his craftsmen. and the twin sister of Apollo. Here is what happened: there was a certain silversmith man. but also that it is the temple of the great goddess Artemis b itself that should come to be looked down as nothing worth to be reckoned.Disturbance in Ephesus 19:23 19:24 19:25 19:26 19:27 Now it was about this time that what was now being referred to as “the Way” a [9:2. goddess of Ephesians!” And the city was stirred up with uproar and the crowd rushed all together into the amphitheater. Roman goddess of the hunt. Demetrius by name.= ‘Diana’.

But if yoů require anything beyond that. wanted to make a defense to the public. Ephesians! Who is there not knowing that the city of the Ephesians is the guardian of the temple of the great Artemis as well as of her image which fell down from Zeus [=Jupiter]? Therefore. For | yoů have brought here these men. The fact is that we do indeed run the risk of being charged with rioting over today’s event particularly as there is no single excuse to offer. and if the matter be brought forward. goddess of Ephesians!” And having finally calmed the crowd. these facts being undeniable. crying.19:33 19:34 and most did not know why they had come together. and so made his way into [the province ACHAIA of] Greece. let them bring their charges and counter-charges. the town sofer says. who are neither temple robbers nor blasphemers of our goddess. Return trip of Paul’s Third Journey on His Mission . have a matter against anyone. But when they found that he was a Judaic. 19:35 19:36 19:37 19:38 19:39 19:40 it is impossible for us to account for this disorderly gathering of people. he dismissed the assembly.” 19:41 After having spoken these things. the lower-courts are open and there are proconsuls to appeal to. (Acts 20) Through Macedonia 20:1   20:2 And when the disturbance was over. one voice came out of all. motioning with his hand. {? Paul’s letter (2Co). 56-57 CE} and left [Ephesus] to set out on his journey [1Ti 1:3] to [the province of] MACEDONIA [of Greece]. “Great is Artemis. “Gentlemen. Therefore if Demetrius and the craftsmen who are with him. Paul called for the disciples. And when the Judaic people thrusted Alexander up front some of the crowd together prompted him. it is necessary for yoů to calm down and to refrain from doing anything rash. And as he was going through those regions he gave many words of encouragement to the followers there. Thus Alexander. for about two hours. After encouraging them he said farewell. then it must be resolved in the lawful assembly.

2Ti 4:13] within five days a b 20:4 Berea ░░ [spells also ‘Beroea’] 20:6 Matzah Festival ░░ [12:3] [here. as well as Aristarchus and Secundus — from Thessalonica. 2Co 2:14. {Paul’s Letter to the Romans from here} 20:3b 20:4 Because some#2 Judaic people made a further plot against him as he was about to set sail for SURIA [from there]. seaport [10miles SE] of Philippi  Later. [16:8-11. Paul decided to make his return journey [home]#3 [taking a detour] through MACEDONIA [instead]. we joined them up at the very Troas where we stayed seven days. plus Tychicus and Trophimus [21:29] — from [the province of] ASIA.20:3 There Paul made his stay [in Corinth] three months. and Gaius — from Derbe. {the son of Pyrrhus} — from Beroea a. and Timothy. (We-section II: 20:4-16)  20:5 Leaving GREECE These on their part proceeded ahead of us. 16:8] while we on our part put out to sea after the days of the Matzah Festival b at Neapolis.  20:6 and it was arranged that they were to await for us at Troas [in MYSIA] [cf. And these were accompanying him {as far as into ASIA}: Sopater. the days would naturally cover the day of Passover feast itself] .

[⇨v. solar week)] 20:7 breaking of bread ░░ [a Hebrew idiom for a custom having a meal together (as in Lk 24:35). threw himself on the young-lad and. And Paul on his part went downstairs. he fell down from the third story and was picked up [appearing as] dead [to them]. he is still alive.13] ((As for the boy they brought back home alive and they found themselves immeasurably relieved. while.20:7-12 20:7 Story of Eutychus There. 11b] And quite a few oil-lamps were lit in the upstairs room where we were gathered together. “Stop making ado. [⇦v.[v.[⇨v. Not related to the Lord’s Supper. Here it was after the Sabbath was over after having returned from worship at Sabbath (synagogue or Temple). holding him in his arms. v.” And Paul went back upstairs and broke bread and took food.)) 20:11 20:12 20:6 day one of the lunar week ░░ [not related to ‘Sunday’ (first day of the week. he kept on giving speech until midnight 20:8 20:9 20:10 as he was to depart on the following morning. And seated on the window sill was a certain young lad named Eutychus//‘Lucky’.7] He continued to talk with them for quite a while — until daybreak [in fact] — and then he departed [from us]. who was sinking into a deep sleep as Paul’s talk went on and grew longer. 11a] Paul began addressing those who had assembled.] a b . on the day one of the [lunar] week a [cf. Being overcome by sleep. yoů see. he exclaimed. 16] when we were gathered for breaking of bread b.

Voyage from Troas to Miletus 20:13 We on our part. serving the Lord with much humility. and the next day we touched at SAMOS (Is. And sailing from there the following day we arrived opposite CHIOS (Is. the true God. 20:19 20:20 20:21 “Yoů yourselves. a 20:16 [56 CE] ░░ [a sabbatical year] . 7a]. in tears. proceeded to Mitylene . and through trials of hardship I had to endure because of the plots by the Judaic people. went on ahead to board the seafaring ship and set sail from Troas to Assos where we were to take Paul aboard from there as he had ordered it so.).  how I was the whole time with yoů. well know that — from the first day I set foot into [the Province of] ASIA. He meant to make haste because he was anxious to be in Yerusalem 20:15  20:16 by the Day of Shavuot [‘Pentecost’⇦v. he addressed them in these words. from there.  and about coming to believe in our Lord Yeshua haMashiah. and. if that were possible. of Ephesus] The fact was that Paul had already decided to sail past Ephesus.). as he did not want to spend time there in [the Province of] ASIA. {and remained at Trogyllium}. [a coastal city about 30 miles S. testifying both to Judaic people and to Greeks  about coming to repent and turn to Elohim. 20:14 And so we took him aboard when he caught up with us at Assos . And when they had arrived. and on the day after we came to Miletus . while at Miletus. [in 56 CE] a (20:17ff Addressing to Elders) Addressing to Elders from Ephesus 20:17 20:18 Thus. Paul sent off a message to Ephesus to summon the elders of the congregation [of the Apostolic Mashiahn Community] to come down to see him. because he wanted to get there by himself on foot. then. yoů know how I have never shrunk back from telling yoů anything that yoů might benefit as telling and teaching yoů publicly and from house to house. I’m sure.

I have not held back from telling yoů the whole plan of Elohim. responsible for no man’s perished soul. to bear thorough witness to the Gospel which proclaims the grace of Elohim. imprisonments and hardships are waiting for me there. remembering that for three whole years. see. keep yourselves alert. uttering things of perverting truths. even with tears in my eyes I did not cease to admonish each of yoů. /x: acquired. ravenous wolves will come into among yoů. /xx: purchased. even from among yourselves | some mmen will come out. not knowing what will I face there: except this. to shepherd the Apostolic Mashiahn Community of the {Lord — that which belongs to} Elohim — which He secured a to Himself with the very blood of His own [Son]. now. I know that. to draw away the disciples after them [and making them over to their side]. “Therefore. and will not spare the flock from devouring. And now I’m putting yoů elders to the care of God {/mss}. that the very holy Spirit leaves me in no doubt that. And look¡ among yoů I have gone about proclaiming the Kingdom reign of Elohim.20:22 20:23 “And now. yes. when I am gone. I know that none of yoů will see my face again. Still. 20:24 20:25 20:26 20:27 20:28 20:29 20:30 20:31 20:32 a 20:35 secured to Himself ░░ /secured for Himself – Danker p. Be on yoůr guard for yourselves and for all the flock. it matters so long as I should finish {with joy} [running] the race laid out for me and [complete] the task which the Lord Yeshua has given to me. city after city. and to the [whole Gospel] message of His grace. among which the very holy Spirit has made yoů overseers. 281. . bound in the spirit. not a bit I consider it worthy as dear to myself. I am going up to Yerusalem. that I am clean of anyone’s blood — Yoů see. night or day. I assure yoů solemnly this very day. as far as my whole being is concerned. that is. That being so.

20:33 20:34 20:35 Silver or gold or clothing [to sustain me] — these things I have never asked for to anyone. and they hugged him and kissed him again and again for farewell being-pained by his saying that they are going to see his face no longer. yoů yourselves know well enough that these very hands [of my own] have provided my needs and the needs of those who were with me. <It is more blessed to give than to receive. by one’s own laboring. Pr 11:24. Mt 6:20] [Eph 4:28]…” And when Paul finished speaking. They then accompanied him to the ship. In all things I have always shown yoů by my example how. Lk 6:38. And all of them wept and wept.] . having knelt down with them all he prayed. how He Himself said. 20:36 20:37 20:38 a 20:35 to give than to receive ░░ [the purpose of work is to have is to give.> a [Cf. we ought to help the weak and to remember the words of the Lord Yeshua.— the message which is able to build yoů up [to grow mature] and to give yoů the promised share — to yoů among all those who are consecrated to God.

who was one of ‘the Seven’[cf. we remained there seven days and these said to Paul prompted through the Spirit.6:5]. and having hugged one another for farewell. PHOENICIA. we made a straight course to COS (Is. we passed it larboard. And it came to pass when we had completed the days. 21:7  21:8 Return trip of Paul’s Third Journey on His Mission And on the next day we {/Paul’s traveling companions} left and came to Caesarea [to end a long journey] and having entered into the house of Philip the evangelist. And continuing our voyage we left Tyre. and they returned to their own homes.) and the next day to the port city of Rhodes (on the same named island) and from there to Patara [on the mainland opposite to Rhodes]: and having found a ship crossing over to we boarded and set sail. for | the ship was to unload her cargo there. we stayed with him ((— by the way this man had four unmarried daughters with the gift of prophesying. and all. And having come to us He took Paul's belt and bound his own feet and hands with it 21:9 21:10 21:11 . And having knelt down on the shore. named Agabus. And when CYPRUS (Is.(Acts 21) To Phoenicia (We-section III: 21:1-18) 21:1  And it came to pass   21:2 21:3 when having parted from them and had set sail at Miletus. we departed and went on our journey.  21:4 21:5  21:6 and sailed to SURIA and brought the ship in at Tyre . we arrived [and landed] at Ptolemais.)) And while we were staying there several days. there came down from Judea a certain prophet. And having found the disciples. we prayed. and we greeted the brethren and stayed the night with them. with wives and children.) sighted. we boarded the ship. [rather] not to be going up to Yerusalem. accompanied us until we were outside the city.

saying “May the Lord’s will be done. we did not push any more.” 21:14 To Yerusalem 21:15 21:16 And the days of our visit having come to an end. And when we had come to Yerusalem .>” 21:12 21:13 And when we heard these things. that you teach all the Judaic people living among the Gentiles to turn away from Moshe’s teaching. “Thus says the very holy Spirit: <The Judean authority at Yerusalem will bind this way the man who owns this belt and will deliver him into the hands of the Gentiles. 15:13] [who was in charge of the Yerusalem Mashiahn Community]. when they heard this. and said to Paul. all the elders [of the Mashiahn Community] being assembled in place. What are we then to do? Assuredly they’re bound to hear that you’ve come 21:21 21:22 a 21:21 have ~ brit-milah ░░ /give ~ circumcision rites. both we and those living there pleaded with him not to go up to Yerusalem. all of them have zeal for the Torah: At the same time they have been informed about you. a native of Cyprus. And the following day Paul took us with him to pay a visit to Yaakob [brother of the Lord] [12:17. “What are yoů doing. . the brethren gave us a hearty welcome. but even to die in Yerusalem for the sake of the name of the Lord Yeshua. by telling them not to have their children brit-milah a and not to follow our [solemn] traditions handed down to them. we packed up and set out for Yerusalem. they gave praise to Elohim. And.and said. accompanied by some of the disciples from Caesarea. escorting us as far as the house where we were to stay. “Brother.” And when he was not persuaded. you are no doubt aware how many have become believers tens of thousands among the people of Judaic faith! Yes. Then Paul answered. a disciple in the faith from the early days. It belonged to a man called Mnason. /> circumcise ~. 21:17 21:18 21:19 And after exchanging greetings with them Paul gave full account of what Elohim had done 21:20 among the Gentiles through his ministry. weeping and breaking my heart? For | I am ready not only to be bound.

As for the Gentiles who have become believers. [Nm 6:9-20] 21:26 {Paul’s Journey to Rome – 21:27-28:16} 21:27 21:28 And when the seven day period [of the purification rite] was about to be ending. and the ‘Place’ [= The Temple]. the Torah.” [//15:20. Take them along with you and join them in their purification rite. not same as ‘the Holy places’. give us hands! This is the man who is teaching everyone everywhere things against the people. but you live. In that way. Yeah. moreover he brought even Gentile Greeks into the [inner] Temple court! yeah. //15:29] Then taking these men the next day. the Temple in general. and shouted out. everyone will know that there is nothing of substance in what they have been told about you. They began to get all the crowd stirred up to lay hands on him. also take care of their expense incurred in having taken this vow [+ for offering the burnt sacrifices] so that they may end their vow and will then have their long-grown hairs shorn off [+ at the end of the purification period]. yourself keeping the Torah as you should. “Fellow men. nor ‘the Holy of Holy places’ in Heb 8:2ff. the Judaic people from [the Province of] ASIA spotted Paul in the Temple.] a . we have written to them giving our decision we have come to — that they should avoid to be on guard [15:20.} So. when the required days of their purification would end the offering would be presented for each of them. having gone through purification rite himself as well along with them [required for ending of their Nazarite vow] Paul went into the Temple to give notice to the priests that. yoů Israelites. Also Mt 24:15 ‘a holy place’. 29 ‘abstain’] ▪ against eating meat from sacrificed animal to pagan false gods ▪ and against blood [sacrifice] ▪ and against [eating meat from] animals strangled to death} ▪ and against fornication.21:23 21:24 21:25 {— a multitude is going to come together. he defiled this holy place a! [24:6]” 21:28 this holy place ░░ [= 6:13. this is what you must do as we tell you: there are with us four men – themselves each having taken a [Nazarite] vow.

with shouts. “Is it permissible for me to speak some words to you?” And he replied. can you? [you know that guy. people rushing in together. And when Paul got on the steps. They got hold of Paul and dragged him off out of the Temple sanctuary. to the effect that all Yerusalem was in a tumult like a riot. Then the commander came up and took hold of him and ordered him to be bound with two chains. don’t you?] 21:38 the one some time ago started an insurrection. “Put him to death!” 21:37 There. some another. And some among the crowd shouted out one thing. 21:39 But Paul said. for | the crowd of the people kept following them. And when the mob saw the commander and the soldiers [rushing down on them]. it turned out that he had to be actually carried off by the soldiers because of the violent crowd. “Well. so you know some Greek! Then. thus assuming that it must be Paul who had brought him into the Temple sanctuary. they stopped beating Paul. and since it was impossible for him to be certain of the facts because of such commotion that was going on. he gave the order that Paul be brought to the headquarters. Acting immediately.)) [He had accompanied Paul on the way from Macedonia. well. they had previously seen Trophimus the Ephesian [a gentile] in the City [Yerusalem] with him. and at once the gates were shut. a report reached the commander of the [Roman] cohort. he says to the commander. you really can’t be that Egyptian. when Paul was about to be taken into the headquarters.] [20:4] 21:30 21:31 21:32 21:33 21:34 21:35 21:36 And the whole City was in an uproar [because of this]. and questioned who he was and what he had done. and led the four thousand men of ‘Assassins’ off into the Judean desert-wilderness to hide there. While they were demanding to put him to death. the commander took soldiers and centurions and raced toward the scene.21:29 ((The fact was. .

(cf. indeed a Yahudi a.most. permission being given.  born in Tarsus of CILICIA. And it came to pass that. cf. a city by no means insignificant. 22:1 22:2 22:3 22:4 22:5 “I myself am indeed a man from the tribe of Yudah b– just like yoů all. and when a great hush fell. 24:14. permit me to speak to the people. native of Tarsus in CILICIA. 18:25-6] that I persecuted even to the point of death. 19:9.)) Then he continues. being a loyal person to Elohim.e. [26:14] saying “mBrothers! Also fathers [of this people]! Please yoů hear my defense which I am making to yoů now. suddenly there shone around me a great light from the heaven. …” ((Now when they heard that he addressing them in Hebrew language. the Way of God 18:26) = teaching of Mashiah. arresting and delivering into prisons — both men and women. 22:6 21:39 Yahudi ░░ /> Jew. the ‘Way’ c as it is called. ‘the Way of the Lord 18:25. they became all the more quiet. I myself am a man. 19:23] [i..] c 22:4 ‘The Way’ ░░ [= 9:2. as I went on and coming near to Damascus. motioned with his hand to the people. /x: noon (=‘sixth hour-period’) – See ‘hour’ under BW.] a b . [Here Paul was indentifying with them. about midday d. Paul. [See ‘Religions’ under Basic Words in the Scriptures] d 22:6 midday ░░ (also 26:13).  but brought up in this very City Yerusalem at the feet of Gamaliel having received learning in every detail of the Torah of our forefathers.” (Acts 22) 21:40 Act 22:1-21 Paul's Self-defense Then. standing on the top of the steps. 22:3 a man indeed from the tribe of Yudah ░░ \a Jew . [9:2. just-as yoů all are this day: Yes. he began addressing them in Hebrew language. So I beg you.“No. as both Kohen haGadol and all the eldership can testify of me —They even gave me letters [to take] to their fellow brethren of the Judaic community and I was on my way to Damascus to arrest even those who were there and bring the prisoners to Yerusalem to get punished. it is the followers of this one.

8. <Who are you. have your sight back.> And I on my part in the very moment looked and saw him before me.> 22:11 22:12 22:13 And I did not see from the glory of that light. being led by the hand by those who were with me. And I said. because you are to be His witness before all people testifying to what you have seen and heard. a man devoutly observing the Torah. I came into Damascus. <Yeshua the Nazorean. And one Ananias. came to me and standing by me said to me. <What might I do. well-spoken of by all the Judaic people who dwelt there. the one whom you’re persecuting.> 22:9 22:10 But those who were with me indeed saw the light and became fearful. sir?> And He said to me. <Brother Saul. <Get on your feet and proceed on your way to Damascus.] . sir a?> And the Lord said to me. and there it will be told to you about all that is appointed for you to do. Saul. and get yourself immersed — and have your sins washed off by calling on the Lord’s name.22:7 And having fallen [with others] to the ground I heard a voice saying to me. why are you persecuting me?> 22:8 And I answered. And he said. what is there to put off? Rise to your feet. [9:4. is me. <The Elohim of our fathers has appointed you to know His will setting your eyes on the Righteous One and hearing His very voice. but they on their part did not hear the very voice [I heard] of the one who was speaking to me. Here both kept same. Now.> And a remarkable thing happened to me after my return to Yerusalem. here ‘Lord’ may be appropriate in the context. then. 26:13] <Saul. When I was in the Temple court offering prayer I came to fall into a trance 22:14 22:15 22:16 22:17 a 22:10 sir ░░ [same as in v.

.” And. “Yes. saying “{Watch} what are you about to do. when the very blood of your witness Stephen was being shed. the commander ordered him be brought into the headquarters. do so quickly. this was my own reply: <Lord.” 22:19 22:20 22:21 22:22 22:23 22:24 22:25 22:26 22:27 22:28 And the commander answered. Paul said to the centurion who was standing by. “Tell me: you really are a Roman citizen?” And he said.22:18 — and there saw Yeshua and heard him saying to me. “As for a man who is a Roman citizen and hasn’t even had a proper trial — is it allowed for yoů to flog/scourge him?” And when the centurion heard this. listening to his word this much. giving my approval {of his execution}.> And He said to me. You see. <Be on your way! because I now am sending you out to far-off nations. saying that he should be interrogated by flogging him to know the reason they are shouting at him this way.[8:1] and had even my eyes on their robes as they took off to get on stoning him to death. . I myself also stood there.> Then. And when they had strapped him down ready for the lashing. he went to the commander and reported it.” And the commander came and asked Paul. the crowd thus raised their voice. <Hurry and get out of Yerusalem.> . these are the very men who know that I am the one who used imprison those putting their faith in you and who had them flogged in every synagogue: Morever. . actually this man is a Roman citizen. throwing down their robes and throwing dust up into the air. seeing that people who are there will refuse to accept the testimony you bear on my behalf. shouting: “Get rid of that guy off the face of the earth: — he doesn’t to be alive!” As they were screaming like this.

“I for myself had to pay a large sum [of money] for this citizenship!” And Paul said. But on the next day.” And Kohen haGadol Hananyah a [47-59 CE] ordered those who stood by him to strike him on the mouth. mbrothers. “Elohim is going to strike you. I should have refrained. “mBrothers. you whitewashed wall! and you–you sit there judging me according to the Torah and then contrary to the Torah you are ordering me to be struck! And those who stood by said. staring up at the Council. “I had no idea. There Greek form Ananias is used. said. it stands written. High Priest similar named but different from Hannan Act 4:6 = Lk 2:2 = Jn 18:13 (‘Annas’)](same named persons – (1) the ill-fated one in Act 5:1 ff and (2) oneYeshua’s disciple in Act 9:10 ff.) a . as Paul said to him. desiring to know for sure why Paul was accused by the Judaic people. I have lived my life to this day with a perfectly clear conscience before Elohim. as regards to myself. the commander let him unshackled {from the chain} and ordered Kohen haGadol and all the Council to come together and brought Paul down and had him stand before them. that he was Kohen haGadol: [How was I to know? If I did. [56 CE] 22:30 23:1 (Acts 23) And Paul. {Ex 22:8} 23:2 Hananyah ░░ [also 24:1. “But I even was born a Roman citizen!” 22:29 Then those who were about to interrogate him at once stayed away from him and the commander became now afraid when he found out that Paul was now turned up a Roman and because it was this Paul he had actually put in chains.] 23:2 23:3 23:4 23:5 yes. “What? He is Kohen haGadol of Elohim! How dare do you insult him!” And Paul said.

nor a spirit. saying with an oath that they would neither eat. but the Pharisees acknowledge them all. yes. And they were more than forty that made this oath of conspiracy. for yoůr part. the commander began to fear lest Paul should be torn in pieces by them. and what if a spirit has spoken to him or an angel? {Let us not fight against God. And they came to Kohen haGadol and the elders and said. there began a dispute/argument between the Pharisees and {the} Sadducees. nor drink again until they had killed off Paul. Thus he gave an order to the soldiers to go down and snatch him out of their midst and bring him into the headquarters. “We have bound ourselves with a curse not to take any food until we have killed off Paul. {some of} the Judaic people made a plot and bound themselves under a curse. yoů. so must you bear witness also at Rome. saying “We find no fault in this man. he cried out in the council.” And when it became day. Well then. neither an angel. “Have courage: it is that as you have borne witness about me at Yerusalem.<You will not speak evil of a ruler of your people. And the Lord appeared to stand by his side as night came and said.)) And there broke out a great uproar and some of the soferim of the Pharisees stood up and began contending. and the multitude was divided.}” And when there was a great dissension. I really am a Pharisee. ((That was because the Sadducees say that there is no such thing as resurrection [of the dead]. together with the Sanhedrin 23:7 23:8 23:9 23:10 23:11 23:12 23:13 23:14 23:15 .>” 23:6 But when Paul knew that the one group was Sadducees and the other Pharisees. a son of a Pharisee! It is over the matter of my confident hope in resurrection of dead ones that I am being judged here!” And when he had said this. “Brethren! I.

m. And Paul called one of the centurions to him and said. And we. [≈ 8-9 p. and addressing him in these words: “The prisoner Paul called me to his side and asked me to take this young man to you. because there is something he has to tell you.” So the commander dismissed the young man after ordering him. and drew him to his side. [9 PM] 23:18 23:19 23:20 23:21 23:22 23:23 23:23 third hour-period-of-the-night ░░ (in contrast to ‘hour-on-sundial’). “Make ready two hundred infantrymen by the third hour-period-of-the-night a to set out for Caesarea. And they are ready now. it is that there is something he has to let the commander know. and asked him. waiting only for the promise from you to fall in with their scheme. don’t yield to them: the truth is that more than forty out of them are lying in wait for him.” 23:16 23:17 But Paul's sister's son over-heard of their plot of ambush and he came and entered into the headquarters and had Paul know on that matter. And these have bound themselves under a curse that they would neither eat nor drink again until they get rid of him.” At that the centurion took the man and brought him to the commander.notify the commander/chiliarch to bring him down to yoů. for our part.” And he summoned two of the centurions and said. if sunset is 6 p.] [This is the only example of an ordinal numer for Roman reckoning of hours-of-the-night with a night period a . “The Judean people have devised a scheme that they were put before you a request to bring Paul tomorrow before the Sanhedrin. on the pretext that they mean to inquire more accurately into his case.m. “Bring this young man to the commander. “What is it that you have to have me know? And he said.” And the commander took the young man by the hand. are to be ready to get rid of him before he arrives. “Don’t blab to anyone that you have made these things clear to me. So then. on the pretext that yoů are about to make a more thorough examination of his case.

an information came to me that there was a plot afoot against the man {by the Judaic people}.23:24 together with seventy horsemen and two hundred spearmen.}” Thus.” 23:31 23:32 23:33 23:34 23:35 divided by 12. provide beasts of burden so that Paul may ride and be taken safely to Felix the governor. only to learn that he was from CILICIA. upon reading it. Moreover. He said. I took him down before their Sanhedrin: However. when I have found out that he was a Roman citizen I went up with my troop and got him away out of harm’s way. asked Paul what province he was from.” And he wrote a letter in these words: “From To: Claudius Lysias. I found that there was an accusation concerned with disputed points of their Torah. 40 miles NW fr. at the sometime instructing his accusers to present their case against him before you. Moreover. that’s why I immediately proceeded to send him to you. but there was nothing to charge against him for which he would deserve death. same as a day was. But. “I will hear your case as soon as your accusers also have arrived. His Excellency Governor Felix 23:25 23:26 Greeting! 23:27 23:28 23:29 23:30 This man you are going to see was seized by his own Judaic people and they were about to get rid of him. And the governor. Moreover.] . or even imprisonment. Judaic-Scriptural reckoning is to divide a night into four watches and to divide a day into 12 hrs. taking the orders given to them. {Sincerely. they also presented Paul before him. the soldiers took Paul and brought him that night as far as Antipatris. Yerusalem On the next day they returned to their headquarters [in Yerusalem] leaving it to the cavalry to continue to go on with him: And when the cavalry arrived Caesarea-by-the-Sea further 25 miles NWW and delivered the letter to the governor. since I desired to ascertain on what ground they were accusing him.

.Then he ordered Paul to be kept under guard there in the Praetorium [here at Caesarea Maritima] built by Herod the Great.

In every way and everywhere we may be. Still.(Acts 24) 24:1 And after five days Kohen haGadol Hananyah [CE 47-59] came down [to Caesarea] with some elders and a certain orator. claiming that the facts were as stated.” And the Judaic people supported this indictment. and they brought formal charges against Paul to the governor. I am pleading with you to hear us briefly by your kindness. Paul having been called. [See BW *Jews] . a real troublemaker. with all the thankfulness. Lysias the commander came upon us and with great force took him out-of our hands. to stir-up discord among all the Judaic people a throughout the inhabited-land. That fact is. one Tertullus. Tertullus began to accuse him. I am readily bringing in my defense concerning my own affairs: 24:9 24:10 a 24:5 Judaic people ░░ /Yahudim.)) — When you order his accusers to come forward to you. /x: Jews. Now. saying 24:2 24:3 24:4 24:5 24:6 24:7 24:8 “A great peace having become ours to enjoy under your rule the reforms brought to this nation through your forethought. Beside. in response to a signal to go ahead from governor Felix. by simply questioning him yourself.} — ((Then. And now. acting as the ringleader of the Nazorean sect. we have come to acknowledge this. So. you will be in a position. we have found this man to be such a plague. /xx: Judeans.} as regards yourself. Paul answered. to ascertain from him the truth of all the charges we ourselves are making against him. your Excellency Felix. “Knowing fully well as I do that for many years you have been performing the function of a judge on behalf of this nation. and it was in these circumstances that we put him under arrest {and want to have him judged according to our Torah. he tried to desecrate the Temple court. nothing could be further from my intention than to hold you unduly long.

There was no crowd. /xx: good ~~ bad. — except this one statement that I shouted out as I stood in the midst of them: All I said was this: <It is because of the view I take of the resurrection of dead ones 24:14 24:15 24:16 24:17 24:18 24:19 24:20 24:21 a 24:15 righteous ~ unrighteous ░░ /x: just ~ unjust – KJV. cf. a And it is in consideration of all this that I myself also do strive ever to keep a conscience clear before Elohim and before men. that by following the new Way [of our Mashiah] [9:2. I will say openly to you. only certain Judaic people from [the Province of] ASIA were with me: These are the men who ought to be present here before you if they had anything to charge me with.24:11 24:12 24:13 As you are able to ascertain — it is for me not more than twelve days since I went up to Yerusalem to worship: yet. or in the City. let these men themselves who are here declare what wrong-doing they found me guilty of when I was confronting the Council. 19:9. Now after an interval of some years I returned to bring gifts of mercy to [the people of] my own nation as well as to make my offerings: and I was engaged in this task of offering sacrifices in the Temple courts. having purified ceremonially. This. 18:25] (those [bringing charges against me] refer to it as a [heretical] sect [of our Judaism]) in that way I do render sacred service to Elohim of our forefathers. /xx: good ~ evil. neither there was any uproar. be in the synagogues. when they came upon me. / . of righteous ones and also unrighteous ones. I have a confident hope that rests in Elohim — the hope shared by these men here — that there is to be a resurrection{of dead ones}. however. Since there are not here. believing all the things laid down in the Torah and written in the PROPHETS. no one found me in the Temple courts debating with others. Nor are they able to present to you the charges they are right now making against me. nor was I discovered in attempt to stir up a crowd.

24:23 24:24 24:25 24:26 24:27 Felix was succeeded by Porcius Festus. I suggest that those influential among yoů accompany me . sent for Paul and listened to what he had to say on the Paul’s faith in the Mashiah {Yeshua}. I shall decide upon these matters involving yoů all. saying “As soon as Lysias the commander comes down here. “For the present you may go. Wishing to gain favor with the Judaic people. (Acts 25) 25:1 Having arrived in his own province to take up his new post. a Jewess. I’ll send for you again. having learned more accurately concerning the Way. three days later. Felix became uneasy and apprehensive.” Entertaining a hope that Paul would pay him some money to secure release from the prison. he often summoned Paul to come and talk privately with him. this Festus. — they were surreptitiously plotting to lay an ambush and to kill him along the way. went up from Caesarea to Yerusalem. Meanwhile two years passed. Moreover. After a few days Felix with his [third] wife Drusilla. 25:2 where Kohen haGadol and the leaders of the Judaic people laid case before him against Paul. adjourned the proceedings. But when he dealt with the subjects of righteousness and self-control as well as the God’s Judgment to come. He replied. Felix left Paul behind as a prisoner [there in Caesarea].” And Felix commanded the centurion to have Paul kept in custody but to give him some freedom and to allow to be attended upon {or visited} by his own. they made the request 25:3 (as a special favor for them) that Paul should be brought up to Yerusalem.that I myself am on trial before yoů today>.”⌂ 24:22 But Felix. 25:4 25:5 Festus then replied: “As Paul is being kept prisoner right now in Caesarea and as I myself was shortly returning there. When a convenient time is found.

saying “There is a certain man here.” 25:6 25:7 And after a stay of eight days or ten in Yerusalem – not more – Festus went down back to Caesarea. [58 CE] And during their stay of several days. — To Caesar I appeal!” Upon this. nor against Emperor Caesar have I committed any crime! 25:9 But Festus. anyone should be able to hand me over to my adversaries. 25:8 “Nothing against the Judaic Torah. Next day he took his place on the judicial bench and ordered Paul to be brought. Then Paul said in his defense. however. and brought against him a variety of serious charges. the Judaic leaders from Yerusalem took their stands around him. 25:10 25:11 25:12 25:13 25:14 25:15 . On an occasion when I went to Yerusalem. none of which they were able to substantiate. Thus. what I’m doing is wrong and I have done anything deserving death penalty. [Herod] Agrippa II the King and Bernice arrived at Caesarea [from Yerusalem] and paid their respects to Festus. “Are you willing to go up to Yerusalem and be tried there on these charges before me?” But Paul said. if. wishing to gain a favor with the Judaic people. after conferring with his advisers. there is no substance whatsoever in any of these charges brought against me. replied to Paul and said. or the Temple. they may bring charges against him there. to Caesar you shall go!” Now after an interval of several days. This is about him. I have done nothing wrong to the Judaic people. as you also know well enough. As in fact. Festus gave out this reply: “To Caesar you have appealed. “I should be standing before Caesar's judicial bench — that’s where I ought to be tried. I do not ask to escape the sentence of death. who has been left in prison by the former governor Felix. Festus laid Paul's case before the King.and if he has done anything wrong. And with Paul in place. on the other hand.

I asked if he was willing to go to Yerusalem and stand trial on these charges. I acted without the least delay: the very next morning I took my place on the judicial bench and ordered the man to be brought to the court. “King Agrippa. “I’d like to hear the man myself as well.” he says.” “Tomorrow. they were not bringing up charges of any misdemeanor which I expected.> So in time when his opponents joined me here. . but whom Paul declared to be alive.” And Agrippa said to Festus. and all of yoů who are here with us. Agrippa and Bernice made their appearance with great pomp.” 25:17 25:18 25:19 25:20 25:21 25:22 25:23 25:24 So the next day. And at Festus’s order Paul was brought.25:16 Kohen haGadol and the elders of the Judeans presented their case about him and asked for a guilty sentence against him. When the accusers took their stands. “you shall hear him. before the accused have had a chance to see the accusers face to face and had been given an opportunity to defend himself against the charge. I gave them this reply: <It is not a custom for Romans to hand over any man {to death penalty}. And Festus says. who died. I gave orders to have him kept under remand until I should send him to Emperor Caesar. Since I myself was completely at a loss as to how to investigate these matters. But when Paul appealed to be remanded for the decision of His Imperial Majesty. but it was just that they argued on with Him about their own peculiar religion and about a certain Yeshua. and entered into the audience chamber attended by the commanders as well as the city notables. both in Yerusalem and here. this man is the man about whom the whole Judaic community has petitioned me.

For my part. it seems to me absurd to send a prisoner without specifying the charges against him. On the other hand. That’s why I have brought him out here before yoů all and especially before you. but when he himself appealed to His Augustus Majesty. I decided to send him. Yoů see. that. King Agrippa.25:25 25:26 25:27 clamoring that he no longer had the right to live. I have nothing definite about him to write to my Lord Caesar Emperor. I realized that he had done nothing deserving death penalty. after this examination finishes.” . I may have something to write.

Paul is not using a technical term ‘religion’). In other words. Why do yoů all who are here think it is something incredible that Elohim does raise the dead to Life? “Indeed. it is in conformity with what is laid down by the strict party of our religious tradition a. And it is. And now it is on account of this hope in the promise that made by Elohim to our fathers that I am standing here on trial — the very promise that our twelve tribes hope to see fulfilled as they earnestly worship God night and day.(Acts 26) 26:1 And Agrippa said to Paul. . they have known me for a long time — if they would only to admit to this fact— that. a life lived from the beginning among my own people and in Yerusalem— this all the Judaic leaders know. all the things about Judaic customs and controversial matters. as for myself. when they were being sentenced to death. O King Agrippa! I consider myself fortunate that I am about to make my defense before yoů today: especially so. {being aware that} you are familiar. I cast my vote against them. /religion – most (. “Now you may speak on behalf of yourself. My way of life from my youth.” Then stretching out his hand Paul motioned for silence and began his defense: 26:2 26:3 “Concerning all the things of which I am accused by the Judaic authorities. there was a time when I became convinced I my own mind that it’s my duty to do lots of work in opposition to the very name of Yeshua the Nazorean. I lived as a Pharisee as I should. 26:4 26:5 26:6 26:7 26:8 26:9 26:10 a 26:5 religious tradition ░░ (thrēskeia ). And this was what I did in Yerusalem: many of the those dedicated to Elohim did I myself lock up in prisons — this being done on the authority received of Kohen haGadol — And. on account of this very hope that I am being charged — by our own Judaic people. O king {Agrippa}. So I beg {you} to be patient and hear me out.

disobedient to the heavenly vision? 26:12 26:13 26:14 26:15 26:16 26:17 26:18 26:19 a 26:13 middle of day ░░ (= 22:6 ‘midday’). <Who are you.26:11 And.> “So then. they may be granted forgiveness of sins and. Iesus (an old English transliterate of Greek). that was for this purpose of appointing you as my servant and a witness.> And I said. To the Gentiles I’m sending you. Enough of this: rise up and stand on your feet: Indeed.] b 26:15 Yeshua ░░ [a transliterate of Hebrew. so that. to open their eyes. sir?> And the Lord said. Cf. is me. 22:7] in Hebrew language. [21:40] <Saul. that you shall testify to what you have seen [of me] as well as what I’ll yet reveal to you.]. Saul. Jesus (metamorphosed after ‘j’ sound having come into English in the mid 17c. how could I remain. <Yeshua. O King Agrippa. as He used to introduce Himself. Iesous (Greek transliterate). /x: Jesus (. And we all fell to the ground. by putting [their] trust in me.” “That’s how I came to be heading to Damascus authorized and commissioned by Kohen haGadol.). and then I heard a voice saying to me [9:4. I tried to force them to blaspheme [the name of Yeshua]. In the middle of day a. much brighter than sun. so that they may turn from darkness to light and from the authority of Satan to the Elohim. I’ll rescue you from your own people and from the Gentiles. may become part of those who have been consecrated to God. why are you persecuting me? You only hurt yourself by kicking against ox-goads like this. shining around me and my travelling companions. punishing them often in all the synagogues. /x: noon (which is ‘sixth hour-period’) – See ‘hour’ under Basic Words in the Scripture. as I was on my way I saw a light from the heaven. O King. if I have come to appear to you. And in an excess of fanaticism with hate against them I even went to persecute them even in the cities beyond Judea.Here it is illogical to have Him say his name was ‘Jesus’!) . b the One whom you’re persecuting.

Paul! Your great learning is driving you insane!” 26:21 26:22 26:23 26:24 26:25 But Paul says. King Agrippa. not of ‘honorable evasion’. when Festus cried out loudly [+ cutting him off as soon as Paul mentioned the resurrection of the dead].” And Agrippa said to Paul. for | this thing has not been done in a corner [and tucked away outside of the view]. I have stood to this day to bear my witness to one and all. [20:21. and then those in Yerusalem to reach throughout the whole Judea. the king to whom I am speaking boldly also well knows about these things. In reality. See Act 11:26 EE. “I am not going insane. but speaking out words of sober truth. By the grace of Elohim. “Do you. after all I can’t believe that any of these things has escaped his notice. even to the Gentiles. “I bring my wish to Elohim that. however. “With such a little effort you’re persuading me to turn to turn into one of your Mashiahn a fellas!?” 26:26 26:27 26:28 26:29 And Paul said. also ‘*Christians in BW. believe the PROPHETS? — I know you do. yes. cf. — whether it takes a little or much persuasion — a 26:28 Mashiahn ░░ /> Messianist. the true God.” Now Paul had reached this point in his defense. This is why the Judeans took had me arrested in the Temple court and were trying to put me to death. “You are insane#. I’ve brought the word that they should come to repent and turn to Elohim.anachronistic).] . /x: Christian – most (. Nothing what I say differs from what the prophets and Moses foretold: That the Mashiah would have to suffer [to death] and would be [the] first[-fruits] out-of the resurrection of the dead.26:20 On the contrary. your most Excellency Festus. to proclaim ☼light both to our own Judaic people – and to the Gentiles☼. [king’s utterance is in cynical tone. to those right there in Damascus first. 3:19] and do what they should do in keeping with repentence having turned from their sins.

of course.” 26:32 . if he had not appealed to Caesar. saying “Nothing worthy of death or of chain is this man doing.” And Agrippa said to Festus. “This man could have been released. for … these chains I’m bound in.” 26:30 26:31 And the king rose and so did the governor and °Bernice [°=king’s incestuous sister] and those seated with them: and as they withdrew they spoke to one another.not only you but also all those who hear me today may become such as I also am — except.

php?map=jp4 .27:1ff – Last Journey [Caesarea to Rome] Map Paul’s Voyage to Rome

And then crossing the sea off the coast of CILICIA and PAMPHYLIA. And from there we put out again to sea sailing under the shelter of the Island CYPRUS avoiding contrary winds. about 130 miles from Myra]. who belonged to the [prestigious] Augustus Cohort. Paul. who was a Macedonian from Thessalonica.(Acts 27) (We-section IV: 27:1 . we reached to Myra. For a good many days we made but little headway and we had considerable difficulty to reach Cnidus [a port city on a peninsula. And since much of time had been lost by now and the weather was getting dangerous for seafaring because the season was now late in the fall well after time of the ☼Fasting on the Day of Atonement [=Yom Kippur].28:16) Voyage from Caesarea 27:1  27:2 Once the decision was made that we were to go to ITALY by the sea. we dipped down south and sailed under the shelter of the Island CRETE.  27:3 there being with us Aristarchus. a fellow prisoner. [☼Lev 16:29] Paul gave them this warning: 27:9 . which was to be bound for places along the coast of [the province of] ASIA. with a few other prisoners. We then struggled [about 60 miles] along its [Southern] coast until we reached a port called Fair Havens [Gk. which was a short distance [5 miles to East] beyond the town of Lasea [on the coast]. was handed over to a centurion named Julius. and he put us aboard her. a port in LYCIA. As the wind not letting us head on any farther in that direction. we were put out to sea.  27:4 And the next day we were put in at Sidon and the centurion Julius treated Paul kindly enough to permit him to go and see his friends and be cared for. which was bound for ITALY. 27:5   27:6 27:7 27:8  There. the centurion found a [very big premier] [grain cargo] ship hailing from Alexandria. KAOLI LIMENES]. And having boarded a ship from Adramyttium. off Cape Salmone on the Eastern coast of the Island.

they thought they had as good as realized what they intended. but also of our lives. rather than by anything Paul said. v. and the third day they started throwing [some of] the ship’s gear overboard [cf. /> captain . /x: master – KJV. “My fellow men! I can see that the voyage is likely to end up in a disaster with much loss. they lowered the drift-anchor and so let it driven along. looking northwest and southwest. hoping that perhaps they could make it to Phoenix for wintering there. And running under the lee of a small island called CLAUDA. and let it driven along by the wind. feared Euraquilo{/mss}.NKJV. any lingering hope for us to be saved was all evaporated. the majority decided to sail on. And since they could not bother to eat for so long. And when a light south wind sprang up. /.27:10 saying to them. we had to give in. . and lifted the anchor up and began coasting close by along the coast of CRETE (Is. Fearing they would be-thrown away further down onto the Gulp of Syrtis Major [of North Africa to the south].most. And because the harbor was to them unsuitable for wintering. But being violently tossed by the storm next day. not only of the cargo and the ship. the [feared] tempestuous wind storm.). But not long after. a harbor of CRETE (Is. Paul stood up in the midst of them and said. 27:11 27:12 27:13  27:14 27:15 27:16 27:17 27:18 27:19 27:20 27:21 a 27:11 shipmaster ░░ /helmsman .” But the centurion was more persuaded by the shipmaster a and the ship-owner. they began to jettison the cargo. 40] with their very own hands. they used cables to under-gird the ship.). And as neither sun nor stars appeared for many days and not a small! storm raging upon us. we were with difficulty able to get under the control the ship’s life-boat on tow: and after the crew had hoisted it up aboard. rushed down upon it! and as the ship was violently caught by it and could not keep its head against.

the soldiers cut the ropes off the life-boat and let it drift away. [=120 ft] and after a short interval. they dropped four anchors from the stern and wished for day to break. they took soundings again and it was fifteen fathoms. But when the sailors were trying to abandon the ship and had lowered the life-boat into the sea on the pretext of dropping anchors from the prow. In fact. So now. my advice to yoů is to keep up your courage. we will have to come ashore-on some island. [=90 ft] And fearing that we might run aground somewhere on the rocky place.27:22 27:23 27:24 “O gentlemen. And now.).” But when it became the fourteenth night. here none of yoů will have their soul lost. They took soundings. Paul. And as day was about to break Paul encouraged them all to eat. 27:25 27:26 27:27 27:28 27:29 27:30 27:31 27:32 yoů yourselves cannot safely make it!” Upon hearing this. they found it was twenty fathoms deep. then yoů would have spared yourselves such a disaster like this to incur so heavy a loss. last night there stood by me someone from the Elohim to whom I belong and whom I serve — an angel of messenger saying <Do not fear. it is necessary for you to stand before Caesar and behold. saying “Today is the fourteenth day since yoů have waited out without bothering to touch food. Paul said to the centurion and to the soldiers. I encourage yoů to take some nourishment: 27:33 27:34 . yoů ought to have obeyed me and not have dared to set sail from CRETE (Is. having taken nothing in. but only the ship will be lost. Now. Around the middle of that night the sailors suspected it was approaching some land. “Unless these sailors remain in the ship. we were still driven in the Adriatic Sea. gentlemen: as I believe Elohim that it will happen just as he has told me. indeed.> So keep up your courage. Elohim has graciously granted [safety of] everyone sailing with you.

if it were possible [at all].)) And after they had eaten enough to be satisfied. into a place of two [strong] sea-currents. and at the same time unfastened the lashings of rudders [to allow steering]. And when day broke. the ship got run aground [on to the rocky reef] — [on the one end] the prow got stuck and remained immobile. we found out that the island was MALTA as it was called.yoů need it to stay alive. ((In all there were {two hundred} seventy six souls of us on board. however. So they decided to run. he took bread up. not a hair will be lost from yoůr heads. at the south-eastern Malta. some indeed on planks and others on some broken pieces from the ship. a 27:39 a certain bay ░░ [St. And the rest were to follow. blocked their plan. (Acts 28) 28:1 28:2 Once we had made it ashore to safety. and he broke it and started to eat. they could see a certain bay a with a beach. 27:42 27:43 27:44 while [on the other end] the stern began to break up by the violence of the waves. the ship on to the shore.] . Traditionally. And the native islanders showed us extraordinary kindness. abandoning them in the water.” 27:35 27:36 27:37 27:38 27:39 27:40 27:41  And when he had said this. Thus [finally] they cut the anchors free. and ordered those who were able to swim to jump overboard first and get to the land. and hoisting up the foresail to the blowing wind. And the soldiers was planning to kill off the prisoners to prevent any of them from swimming away to escape. they set out to head the ship [straight] for the beach. They all cheered themselves up and ate some food too. The Lost Shipwreck of St Paul (2003). bent on securing the safety of Paul [under his responsibility]. Thomas Bay. St. But the centurion. And so it came to pass this way all were brought safely to the land. he gave thanks to Elohim in the presence of all. Paul Bay in the north-eastern Malta. according to Bob Cornuke. they lightened the ship by throwing the cargo of grain out into the sea. though they could not recognize which land [it was]. After they fell. yoů see.

driven off by the heat. and when we were setting sail. seeing the venomous wild-creature hanging from his hand. But Paul gathered a bundle of dry sticks of brushwood and as he was putting it on the fire. Three months having gone by. other sick people in the island also kept coming and were healed. And when this happened. that the father of Publius became sick in bed with bouts of fever and dysentery: Paul came to see him. But. They also honored us with many honors. fate of justice would not let him live. after waiting for a long time without seeing anything unusual happen to him. 28:7 28:8 28:9 28:10  28:11 Now in the area around that place were fields belonging to the governor of the island.” 28:5 28:6 However. he just shook off the venomous creature into the fire and suffered no harm. Sicily]. . an Alexandrian ship with the ‘Heavenly Twins’ [=Sons of Zeus] on its figurehead. “This man must be a murderer. they changed themselves in their mind and were now saying that he must be a god. But they were expecting that he was about to swell up or to suddenly drop dead. we sailed in a ship  28:12 which had wintered in the island. From there we went around and arrived at Rhegium [on the southern tip of Italy].  28:13 And being brought into Syracuse [on the Is. his name was Publius. And it came to pass. a viper came out. Though he made it safely out of the sea. and latched onto his hand. Then. He welcomed us into his house in a friendly manner to lodge there three days. the islanders said to one another.28:3 28:4 kindling a fire to warm us in welcoming all of us since it started to rain and was cold. we stayed there for two days. After praying Paul laid hands on him and divinely healed him. they brought the things for our need and placed aboard.

After questioning me. I was handed over to the hands of the Romans as prisoner from Yerusalem.” 28:18 28:19 28:20 28:21 28:22 And they said to him. 28:15 28:16 28:17 {Paul’s Last Days in Rome} And it came to pass. And the fellow brethren there. “We have neither received letters from Judea concerning you. “I for my part. because there was no ground for death penalty in my case. I was compelled to appeal to Caesar. but Paul was allowed to live by himself with the soldier to guard him. For this reason I have asked yoů to see and to speak with me: indeed. But we consider it worthy to hear from you what do you think: for | indeed concerning this sect.” . he thanked Elohim and took courage. the centurion delivered the prisoners to the commander. it is known to us that everywhere it is spoken-against. that after three days he called together those who were the local leaders of the Judaic people. the Romans were willing to release me. nor has any of the brethren come here and report or speak any evil concerning yoů. fellow mbrethren! although I had done nothing against to our own people or against the customs of our forefathers. traveled down to bid us welcome as far as the ‘Forum-of-Appius’ and the ‘Three-Inns: When Paul saw them. it is for the sake of the hope of Israel that I have this chain hanging on me. And when we entered Rome. he said to them. But when our Judaic people spoke against it. There we found fellow brethren and were invited to stay with them for a week and thus we headed for Rome . when they heard that we were coming. When they assembled. not that I had anything of which to accuse my own nation. 28:14 and after one day a south wind sprang up and on the second day we came to Puteoli.

lest they should perceive with their eyes. the Judaic people departed. to whom he expounded the matter. they will certainly hear it [to their hearts]!” 28:29 {And when he had said these words. and turn around and I shall heal them. boldly and openly in public. therefore. that {this. testifying the Kingdom reign of Elohim and persuading them concerning Yeshua. the heart of these people has become callous and their ears they are hard of hearing and their eyes they have shut.} And Paul stayed quite two years there [in Rome] in a place he got the use of for himself and would receive in all who came to see him. 28:30 28:31 [END of TEXT] . {☼Ps 98:3} they. and understand with their heart.…> {Isa 6:10 LXX} 28:28 Be it known to yoů. proclaiming the Kingdom reign of Elohim and teaching the things concerning the Lord Yeshua haMashiah — freely. they came to him into his lodging in great number. having much debate among themselves. they dismissed themselves after Paul had spoken one statement: “The very holy Spirit has well spoken through Isaiah the prophet to yoůr fathers.} the gift of ☼salvation from Elohim {☼Ps 67:2} has been sent ☼to the Gentiles.28:23 28:24 28:25 And when they had appointed him a day. from morning until evening. both from the Torah of Moshe and from the Nebiim. yes. as the prophet {/mss} says: <You go to this people and say: 28:26 28:27 “By hearing yoů will hear but will never understand. and hear with their ears. And some indeed got persuaded by what they were told but others would not believe. being unhindered by anyone. and by seeing yoů will see but will never perceive!” {Isa 6:9} Indeed. And when they disagreed among themselves.

footnote added on ‘tent of shrine’] 7:56 [Footnote on ‘Son-of-man’ edited.] 7:25 [rephrased] 11:26 [‘Messianists’ .1 • • • • ‘hour-period’ > ‘hour’ (with an ordinal number) 1:8 [‘to the far ends upon the earth’ > ‘to the outermost parts of the inhabited-land’] 2:24 [‘ropes of death’ > ‘pangs of death’. 10/27/2013 The text affected in update: 6.] 8:16 [Footnote on ‘immersed into the name’ edited. footnote added. footnote added] 19:3 [‘into what sort of immersion rites did you get immersed’ > ‘in what manner did you receive immersion’.] 10:48 [Footnote on ‘immersed in the name’ edited.] 19:3 [‘into the immersion after Yohanan’s practice’ > ‘/in the manner of Yohan’s immersion’.3 • • • • • • • • • • • • • ‘give blessed words’ > ‘bless’ (for Gk. the Most High’ > ‘the Most High God’] 26:28 [‘one of your Messianist fellas’ > ‘[what I hear] a Messianist’.] 4:33 [‘abundant grace’ > ‘great blessing’] 7:43 [‘instead put up the tent of shrine for’ > ‘took up instead the shrine of’.3. eulogeō) 2:38 [Footnote added on ‘immersed on the basis of the name’. foonote edited] 9/26/2013 The text affected in update: 6.3. footnote added] 19:5 [footnote edited on ‘they’ and ‘immersed into’] 10/5/2013 The text affected in update: 6.foonote edited] 16:17 [‘Elohim. but the readers may find useful when comparing the previous updates. footnotes added.] 13:33 [‘have revealed me to be father to you’ > ‘have declared to be father to you’] 13:36 [‘sons of Abraham’s offspring’ > ‘sons of the offspring of Abraham’. foonote added on] 17:29 [‘deity’ > ‘divine-being’.] 5:40 [‘speak out’ > ‘speak’] . foonote added in 7:9.3.2 • • • • • • • • • ‘Elohim’ > ‘God’ for the Greek ‘the God’ 2:10 [Footnote edited on ‘Egypt’] 2:23 [footnote added on ‘servant’] 4:30 [Expansion [+] on ‘fastened’ – moved into footnote] 7:9ff [‘Mitsrayim’ > ‘[Pharaoh’s] Egypt’.Appendix List of the previous updated texts This list is to serve an editorial record keeping.

‘worshiped Elohim’ > ‘Elohim-worshipper’. footnote edited] 27:40 [‘cut the anchors fee.8 • • • • • • • • • • • ‘CE’ > ‘C. footnote added] 13:13 [footnote added on ‘Paphos’ and ‘Perga] 13:13 [‘Here at Perga’ > ‘Here’] 13:13 [‘left them’ > ‘got separated himself from them’. abandoning them in th sea’ > ‘cut away the anchors. Expansion [+] on ‘work’ – added into footnote] 15:39 [‘disagreement over this’ > ‘argument’] 15:39 [‘parting of their ways’ > ‘getting them parted’] 28:28 [‘gift of salvation’ > ‘message of salvation’] 28:28 [‘they.2. footnote added] 26:13 [‘middle of day’ > middle of the day’. 22. yes.] 9/4/2013 The text affected in update: 6. in fact’] 22:6 [‘midday’ > ‘noon’. you brethren > ‘Brethren’] 15:38 [‘consider it unwise to’ > ‘deemed unworthy to’] 15:38 [‘them to take his part in their mission work’ > ‘them on their work’. 13:26 [rephrased.• • 10:2. you Israelites’ > ‘Israelites’] 13:26 [‘O men. they’ll certainly hear it to their hearts’ > ‘it is they who will also listen to it’] 8/2/2013 The text affected in update: 6.3.0 • • • • • • • • • ‘Kefa’ > ‘Peter’ 1:14 [‘prayer and supplication’ > ‘their prayer’] 7:45 [‘Yehoshua. son of Nun’ > ‘Joshua’.’.9 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ‘BarNabba’ > ‘BarNabas’ ‘Yohanan who is also called Markus’ > ‘Yohan ~ Mark’ (footnote added) 13:11 [‘devil-like guy’ > ‘devil’s son’. footnote added] 7:55 [‘looked up and fixed his eyes intently to the heaven’ > ‘gazed to the sky’] 7:56 [footnote edited on ‘Son-of-man’] 9:14 [footnote edited on ‘name’] 20:11 [‘in fact until daybreak’ > ‘until day break. footnote added] 8/10/2013 The text affected in update: 6. Expansion [+] added into footnote] 13:13 [Expansion [+] on ‘Yerusalem’ – added into footnote] 13:16 [‘O men. dropping them off in the water’.2. ‘Yafo’ > ‘Jobba’ 1:1 [margin note moved into footnote] 1:2 [rephrased] 1:2 [ Expansion [+]after ‘taken up’ – moved into footnote] 1:3 [ ‘having himself be seen’ > ‘appearing’] 2:43 [ footnote added on ‘breaking of the bread’] 3:18 [ ‘had fully announced in advanec’ > ‘had foretold’] 3:21 [ footnote added on ‘restored’] 5:37 [ footnote added on ‘registration’] 7:52 [ ‘announced in advance’ > ‘had proclaimed beforehand’] 8:32 [ ‘a shearer of its wool’ > ‘its shearer’] .E.

21:25 [rephrased the items listed for prohibition for the Gentile believers.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • 8:33 [ footnote added on ‘earth’] 9:4. 34 [rephrased. footnote added] 8:28 [footnotes added on ‘Ethiopian ~ official’ and ‘Ethiopia’] 23:23 [‘third hour-of-the-night’ > ‘third hour tonight’.6 • • • • 1:1 [footnote added on ‘Theophilus’] 1:14 [‘Mariam’ > ‘Miriam’.] 28:30 [‘in a place he got the use of for himself’ > ‘in his own rented-lodging’] 28:31 [rephrased] 5/9/2013 The text affected in update: 6. 26 [syntax changed to bring the emphasis on ‘me’] 9:7 [‘remained there speechless’ > ‘stood speechless’.2.2.] 16:33-34 [rephrased.footnote added. 5 [ ‘come after on me’ > ‘persecute me’.] 26:12 [‘heading’ > ‘travelling’] 26:20 [rephrased] 27:33.] 9:4.] 10:35 [‘follow what is righteous before Him’ > ‘do what is right’] 10:35 [‘pleasing to’ > ‘acceptable to’] 16:32 [‘hour-of-the-night’ . 20:6 [footnote added on ‘Matzah festival’] 15:20. -footnote added] 12:3. footnote added. 20:6 [footnote added on ‘Matzah festival’] 12:3. 26:14 [cross-referenced for ‘voice’] 9:5b.] 19:2 [‘footnote added on ‘holy spirit’] 20:7 [‘day one of the lunar week’ > ‘first day of the lunar week’] 20:7 [footnote added to ‘break bread’] 20:28 [‘secured to Himself’ > ‘got for Himself’] 21:39 [‘a city by no means insignificant’ > ‘quite a major city’] 21:40. 10:39 [‘having hung up’ > ‘hanging’. 22:8. footnote added. 29. 22:7.7 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • ‘shabbat’ > ‘sabbath’ 1:12 [ ‘sabbath day's walk’ > ‘sabbath day's journey’] 1:13 [footnote added on ‘upstairs room’] 5:21 [‘full assembly-of-elders’ > ‘whole council of’] 5:30.5 • • ‘LORD’s’ > ‘of YHWH’ 1:12 [rephrased] . footnote added] 10:2 [ ‘offered prayer to God punctually’ > ‘was offering prayer to God continually’] 10:2 [ footnote added on ‘devout’] 10:14 [ ‘see that’ >’ ‘because’] 10:22 [ ‘Torah-observant righteous’ > ‘righteous’.] 4/17/2013 The text affected in update: 6.2. footnote added. 26:14 [‘in Hebrew language’ > ‘in the language of Hebrew people’] 27:11 [footnote added on ‘shipmaster’] 6/1/2013 The text affected in update: 6.

2. 21:28 [rephrased. ‘High Priest’ > ‘Kohen haGadol’ ‘chief priests’ > ‘head Kohanim’ ‘Greek-speaking Judaic people’ > ‘Hellenists’ ‘Hellenist Jews’ 2:20 [footnotes added on ‘sun ~’ and ‘moon’] 4:34 [rephrased] 6:13. /God-fearing man Those Gentiles who worship the One true God. ASV.• • • • • 4:10 [rephrased] 9:11 [‘at prayer’ ‘engaged in prayer’] 9:13 [footnote on ‘your name’] 9:15 [‘of mine’ > ‘to me’] 16:13 [rephrased] 3/8/2013 The text affected in this update: 6. /worshiped . HCSB.E. ESV trio. /x: feared God – Wuest. KJV++. . cf. Diagl. PNT. / 10:2 worshiped Elohim. Noyes.4 • • • • • • • • • • • ‘Yohan’ > ‘John’ (cf. /fearing God – CLV. /worshiped the true God . Rhm. John – for the Gosple name) ‘Yerusalem’ > ‘Yerushalayim’.ERV. NLT. ‘Yeshayahu’ > ‘Isaiah’. NASB. ALT. /live worshipfully before God – MSG (. footnote added on ‘holy place’] 9:2 [footnote edited on ‘the Way’] 13:26a [rephrased] 15:21 [expansion added] 12/31/2012 The text affected in update: 6. ‘B.2. /fearing Elohim – ISR.’ [Note ‘C. Yohanan – for the Baptizer. ‘SURIA’ > ‘SYRIA’ ‘priests’ > ‘Kohanim’. /x: and respected God – GW. /x: and had great respect for God – AUV.God – NIrV. Morduck. /God-fearing – WNT. NWT. Webster. /reverenced God – TCNT. HNV.3 • ‘repent and turn from sins’ > ‘change in one’s thinking’.2 • • • ‘Kingdom reign of God’ > ‘reign of God’s Kingdom’ ‘brit-milah’ > ‘circumcision rite’ ‘Yaakob’ > ‘Yacob’ 1 – NET.C’ – Before the Common Era’] ‘Yohanan’ > ‘Yohan’. keeping Judaic life-style.E’ for the Common Era. BBE.░░ (FOBOUMENOS TON QEON) / “God-fearer” – JNT. not yet made full conversion to Judaism. (Etheridge). ISV. ‘Yisrael’ > ‘Israel’ 12:24-28 [rephrased] • • 12/17/2012 The text affected in update: 6. GNB. GSNT. CEV.2.’ > ‘A.D. //venerated God and treated Him with reverential obedience – AMP.baloney). • ‘C. NIV duo. Mft. /revered true God – Cass.

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