The objective of this document is to start developing more projects among the individual Ebber companies, leveriging on o have


On the following tabs you will find an overview of the main retailers and manufacturars and the Ebber companies that a) h starting to work with them and need to be introduced. The idea is that both Ebber companies in collaboration prepare a joint pitch that addresses possible solutions the company in question.

dual Ebber companies. leveriging on our local know-how and contacts and the retail expertise we ars and the Ebber companies that a) have already worked with them or b) are interested in esses possible solutions the retailer or manufacturar can be interested in and present this to the .

Butt Grocery IKEA Inditex Intermarche J. contact by RAMMS Client of GN no consulting mind .Name Ahold Aldi Alimentation Couche Tard Amazon AS Watson Auchan Best Buy Carrefour Casino Centres Distributeurs Coop Group Coop Italia Costco CVS Caremark Delhaize Group Edeka El Corte Ingles Empire Company Group Adeo H. client of GSMD Client of GN.E.C Penney Kingfisher Kohl´s Loblaw Companies Louise Delhaize Lowe Macy´s Marks & Spencer Meijer Mercadona Metro Ag Migros PPR Publix Super markets Rewe Rite Aid Corporation Safeway Sainsbury Schwarz Unternehmens Treuhand Sears Seve Eleven Staples SuperValu Systeme U. Centrale Nationale Country origin Netherlands Germany Canada US Hong Kong France US France France France Switzerland Italy US US Belgium Germany Spain Canada France US Sweden Spain France US UK US Canada Belgium US US UK US Spain Germany Switzerland France US Germany US US UK Germany US Japan US US France Ebber having contact Contact of MD (Europe) Contacts of Dia-mart. contact of IRM Client of Dia/mart.

of GSMD in Brasil . Client of MD Current prospect of MD Client of MD in US.Target Tesco The Gap The Home Depot The Kroger The TJX companies Walgreen Wal-Mart Wesfarmers WM Morrison Supermarkets Woolsworths Yamada Denki US UK US US US US US US Australia UK Australia Japan Only old contacts.

Action Potential intro of Ebeltoft Europe?? Follow-up 1 Dia-Mart help RAMMS. GN with KISS reg. ASL (2md tier). KISS and Dia-Mart on Spain GN help RAMMS. Mediamarkt GN with Fabrizio .

JCW and MD elaborate actions MD help ASL. MD and GN on target group GSMD help ASL and RAMMS .GN provide contact name to MD and JCW.

Follow-up 2 Follow-up 3 Follow-up 4 .

C. Inc Bausch & Lomb Inc Beiersdorf AG Cloro Colgate-Palmoliv Coty Ecola GlaxoSmithKline Henkel Johnson & Johnson Johnson Diverse Kao Kimberly-Clark Corporatio LG Limited Brand Lio Liz Claiborne L'Oréal LVMH Mary Ka Mead Johnson Nutritional Natura Nestle Health Care Nutritio Novartis Consumer Healthcar Pierre Fabre Procter & Gamble Pui Reckitt Benckise Revlon S.Name Alcon Laboratorie Avon Products. Johnson Sara Le Scotts Miracle-Gro Co Shiseido Sun Product Unileve Yves Roche Bayer Consumer Health Chanel Estée Lauder Spectrum Brands Wyeth Consumer Healthcare Altria Group GSK Coca-Cola Country origin Switzerland US US Germany US US US US UK US US US Japan US US US Japan US France US US US Brazil Switzerland US US US Spain UK US US US US Japan US UK US US US US US US US US US .

PepsiCo BAT US US .

clients of RAMMS Client of GN. kikilab Client of GN. clients of GSMD. clients of RAMMS clients of RAMMS. IMR. contacts at GN. contacts GSMD in Singapore. client of MD . contacts of GN. client of IMR Contacts MD.Ebber having contact Clients of GN. client of KISS clients of RAMMS Contacts of GN.

clients of RAMMS. contact GSMD Snack division clients of RAMMS . contacts of KISS.

GSMD.Action Follow-up 1 Follow-up 2 GN and GSMD on OTC RAMMS would be interested in getting introduced. Bodyshop opportunity GN with RAMMS. SPAIN GSMD and ASLProspect RIS project Go after research project as Ebeltoft (MD) .

RAMMS approach them for Expansion of Aliva .

Follow-up 3 Follow-up 4 .