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Wine Classification

Classified by Fermentation Process
1.1 Natural Wine, 10-14 % alcohol (v/v) 1.2 Fortified Wine, 15-21 % alcohol (v/v) 1.2.1Sweet wine
• • • White wine : Muscatel, white port Rose wine: California tokay, tawny port Red wine: port, black muscat

1.2.2 Sherry Aged types, Flor sherry types, Baked types 1.2.3 Flavoured wines : Vermouth

2 semi-dry wine 3.3 sweet wine . Classified by sweetness 3.2 Sparkling wine: Champange.Wine Classification (2) 2. Table wine 2. Classified by Carbondioxide 2.1 Still wine. Carbonated wine 3.1 dry wine 3.

Classified by colour White wine: Chablis. Cabernet Sauvignon. Carnelian. Riesling. Pinot noir. Zinfadel . Gamay. Pinot St.Wine Classification (3) 4. Sylvaner. Chardonnay. Treminer Rose wine: Rose. Vinorosso Red wine: Barbera. George. Rhine wine. Pinot blanc. Claret.

2 Classified by region: Bordeaux. Classified by Place of Production 5.Wine Classification (4) 5. California. Australian wine.1 Classified by country : American wine. French wine. Chablis . Italian wine 5. Burgandy.

Grape Family : Vitaceae Genus : Vitis European grape: Vitis vinifera 5000 cultivars Amirican grape: Vitis labrusca 2000 cultivars “Foxy” flavour or methyl anthranilate Vitis rotundifolia .

1 Muscat flavour White wine: Muscat blanc. Gianea. Malvasia.Vitis vinifera 1.Orange muscat Red wine: Muscat .Grape (2) 1. Muscat otonel. Gold.

Tinta Cao. Durif. Merlot. Zinfadel . MullerThurgau. Tinta Madiera.Grape (3) 1. George. Pinot St. Cabernet Sauvignon.2 Flavour related to grape cultivars (except Muscat) White wine: White Riesling. Melon. Ruby Cabernet. Sylvaner Red wine: Barbera. Shiraz. Carnelian. Emerald Riesling. Chadonnay. Sauvignon blanc. Helena. Nebbiolo.

Palomino. Green Hangarian.3 Flavour unrelated with grape cultivar White wine: Aligater. Grillo. French Colombard. Veltliner .Grape (4) 1. Thomson seedless.

Missouri.Grape (5) 2. Diana. Ives. Agawam. Vitis labrusca “Foxy” flavour or methyl anthranilate White wine: Niagara. Vergennes . Campbell’s early. Iona. Steuben. Elvira. Niabell. Catawa. Diamond. Black pearl. Dutchess. Clinton. Isabella. Riesling Noah Red wine: Concord. Delaware.

Vidal blanc. Eden. Rosette. James. Willard Red wine: Burgaw. Colobel. Hunt. Beta Cascade. Thompson 4. Landal. Chancellor. Royalty. Topsail. Salvador .Grape (6) 3. Vigonoles Red wine: Baco noir. Vitis rotundifolia fruit flavour and muscadine flavour White wine: Scuppesviong. Hybrid grapes White wine: Verdelet. Chombourcin.

Ammonium salt.Nutrients Carbon source: Sucrose. Glucose. Amino acid. NH4H2PO4 . (NH4)2SO4. Fructose Nitrogen source: Protein. (NH4)3PO4. (NH4)2HPO4.

Yeast Wild Yeast Candida colliculosa Candida pulcherrima Hansennula anomala Kloeckera apiculata Wine Yeast Saccharomyces carlsbergensis Saccharomyces cerevisiae Saccharomyces capensis or fermentati .

Fermentor Open Fermentor Close Fermentor Material of Fermentor Cement pond with glazed tile Wood Barrel Fiber glass Barrel Stainless Barrel Glass bottle .

01%) Crushing & Pressing Must Fermented White Wine Must & Pressed Fermented Rose wine & Red wine .Raw material Preparation Grape Stemming Add KMS 100 ppm (0.

Centrifugation.005%) Bottling Improve quality Wine KMS 50 ppm (0.Fermentation Grape must & pressed 10% Starter Ferment for 3-5 days (Soluble Solid: 5-6 obrix) Separation (filtration.005%) Separation Sediment Maturing (1 Month) Separation Sediment . Siphon) Lees. Sediment fermentation Precipitated Wine 2 weeks KMS 50 ppm (0.

/ L. -year ) Temperature Acidity & Basidity Period of maturation ( 3 year in barrel or bottle will lost Anthhocyanins about 50% ) . 5 diglucoside Factors that effect colour in red wine Period of colour extract Oxygen ( Not over 40 mg.Colour Change in Wine Red colour of Anthocyanins Vitis vinifera Vitis rotundifolia : monoglucoside : 3.

000.8-5.Turbidity in wine Suspended substant Microorganisms Tannin Protein ( Molecular weight: 40. pl 4.00-200.7 ) .