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Auction Schmidts Hwy 57 Dairy Sales Arena Featuring (2) Complete Dairy Cattle Dispersal is For: Herd #1 Gary

y Anderson Shady Lawn Farm Princeton, Wi 54968 & Herd #2 Dale & Matthew Kopetsky Mishicot, WI 54228 Friday, April 13, 2012 -12:00 (noon) SALE LOCATED AT: Schmidt's Hwy 57 Dairy Sales Arena, N7337 State Rd. 57 Plymouth, WI. 53073. 4 miles North of Plymouth, WI. Or 11 miles South of Kiel, WI on Hwy 57. Parking is available. PLEASE NOTE: Inspection day of sale only or call first for an appointment, Thank you! Trucking available day of sale for cattle. AUCTIONEERS NOTE: Folks, we have (2) complete milking herds selling cows here that are just fresh or cows due for early summer freshening. Come take a look! Your attendance will greatly be appreciated. Selling 90 Plus Head Of High Grade, High Quality, Holstein, Jersey , Freestall Adapted, Parlor Milked, Tie Stall Adapted Dairy Cattle!!! HERD # 1 Gary Anderson Herd: Reason: Discontinuing dairying. CATTLE: Gary is selling his complete herd of milk cows which consists of (30) Holstein milk cows, (1) Brown Swiss, due for June freshening. *(1) Holstein/Jersey cross due for May freshening, (1) fancy 2nd calf R&W fresh 30 days, (6) cows just recently fresh or within the last 30-60 days, balance of the herd sells in all stages of lactation. (6) large type Holstein bred & springing heifers due for April - June freshening, few will be fresh or springing close at sale time. HERD FACTS; Herd is 100% home raised bred exclusively artificial for the past 40 yrs, presently with Select Sires, of which some of the top sires being used today! COWS BRED TOO: Dynasty, Time, Lawn boy, Force, Emphasis, etc. HEIFERS BRED TOO: Time, Micky, Ruben, (calf-eaze sirs), etc Young herd of cows selling! Majority are either all 1st, 2nd or 3rd calf cows. These cows have nice high udders with good feet & legs. These cows are milked in a parlor and are freestall adapted. Herd is not pushed for production, no BGH, TMR ration is fed daily with good home balance forages used. Herd presently is averaging a 3.9% bf, 3.0% pro. with a SCC of 200,000. Several of these cows are milking 80 -100 lbs. daily! COWS TO LOOK FOR DAY OF SALE: Cow #11 2nd calf, fresh 127-12, milking 90 lbs, several more like her sell in this dispersal! Cow #32 2nd calf, fresh 1-15-12, milking 100 lbs, Awesome! Cow #336 2nd calf, R&W, fresh 3-10-12, milking 95 lbs. She will make your mouth water! Cow #40 1st calf, fresh 228-12, milking 75 lbs, Shes all dairy & type! Cow #50 1st calf, fresh 3-23-12, milking 70 lbs, She has a chrome of an udder! Cow #81 Holstein/Jersey cross coming w/2nd calf, due in 5-25-12 to Eclipse! Cow #7 Coming w/3rd calf, fresh at sale time. Cow #34 Coming w/3rd calf, due 6-

20-12 to Dynasty. This lists of cows can go on forever! Herd is on a monthly herd program with Associated Vet Clinic, Ripon, WI of which all cows & heifers receive their Triangle 9 vaccine shots yearly and are wormed with Epernex. All cattle are calf-hood vaccinated milked with automatic take offs, dry cow treated with tomorrow at dry off. Folks, this is a fine offering of cows and heifers selling that will adapt to any type of dairy operation and fit everyones budget, come take a look! HERD #2 Dale & Matthew Kopetsky Herd: Reason: Discontinuing dairying. Dale & Matthew are selling their complete milking herd and replacement heifers of which consists of (23) Holstein milk cows, (6) cows just recently fresh or within the last 30-60 days, (5) cows springing or bumping heavy calf, or due within the next 30-60 days, (7) Jersey milk cows, (1) Springer due at sale time, balance of the herd is bred back and due for year around freshening. (12) Holstein bred or short bred heifers 12-18 mo. old, (6) Holstein open heifers 8-12 mo. old, (3) Holstein baby calves 3 wks 1 mo. old, (2) Jersey Heifer calves 2 mo. old HERD FACTS: Herd sells young, majority of the herd is either all 1st, 2nd or 3rd calf cows. This herd has been bred exclusively artificial for the past 40 yrs. presently with Genex. This here is not pushed , No BGH, no TMR ration used, just good balanced forages used. Herd presently is averaging a 3.9% bf, 3.2% pro. with a SCC average year around of 200,000-250-000. Several of these cows are milking 70-90 lbs. daily! COWS TO LOOK FOR DAY OF SALE: Cow #391 2nd calf, fresh 3-24-12, milking 90 lbs, SCC 58. You will like her! Cow #372 2nd calf, fresh 3-23-12, milking 85 lbs, SCC 15, Shes all dairy & type! Cow #374 2nd calf, fresh 3-31-12, milking 80 lbs, SCC 115, Wait till you see her on sale day! Cow #389 2nd calf, fresh 1-2212, milking 75 lbs, SCC 110, She has a chrome of an udder! Cow #J-24 3rd calf, Jersey milking 50 lbs, 4.7% bf, 4.3% pro. SCC 150, Nice! Cow #J-2 Jersey coming w/2nd calf, cow with lots of potential! Heifer#407 Coming w/1st calf, springing, several more like her sell in this dispersal! Herd health is done by Dr. Thompson, Tisch Mills Vet Clinic, Cows are all dry cow treated with Tomorrow at dry off. Folks, this herd has lots of potential, there are cows here for everyones pocket book, come take a look! PLEASE NOTE: Both of these herds will be pregnancy checked prior to sale, catalogs with all milk production (DHIA tested), SCC and breeding status will be available day of sale. TERMS: No Buyer Fee, Cash or good check day of sale. Number system will be used. If credit is desired please contact your bank prior to sale. All Checks must be dated day of sale, we will not hold checks. Letter of credit is required for all large purchases. 3% convenience fee for use of credit cards. Any or all announcements take precedence over all printed material. Not responsible for any accidents or any changes in listing. All personal property being sold as is condition. AUCTIONEERS: Rick L. Schmidt, Registered Wisconsin Auctioneer, License #534, Plymouth, WI, (920) 892-8133 home/office or (920) 960-3649 cell; Gary Finley, Registered WI Auctioneer License #167, Walworth, WI, (262) 949-4439 cell or (262) 275-3162 office
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