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, 2012, 1(1), 111-116



Monika Gupta1, Saoud Sarwar1

AL-Falah School of Engineering and Technology, Dhauj, Faridabad

Wireless technologies [1] are basically developed for people to communicate and transfer data through radio waves. Bluetooth (over IEEE 802.15.1), which was introduced as the new universal way for PCs to talk to devices such as printers, has been mainly used for audio links a very common accessory on modern phone handsets. Zigbee (over IEEE 802.15.4) is designed for wireless network monitoring and control network. Bluetooth and Zigbee are basically used for wirelessly connecting devices within a short range. However the range of Bluetooth and zigbee is different. This study report will provide a study of these short range wireless standards evaluating their main features and behavior in terms of their coverage range .complexity, data rate, efficiency and power consumption.

In the past decades, for the communication of multiprocessor systems, there is a concept called shared memory used in which each processor is assigned a shared memory if and only if required, but as the requirements increases and problems arises with the shared memory concept, each processor being assigned a local memory called private memory and a cache memory for better communication in order to remove the data sharing problem. In the past, wireless technologies have been used on a very small scale. But as the time passes the technologies developed and new wireless standards evolved, these wireless technologies are being used for the communication perspective. There are some technologies which connect the computer systems and devices over the range of hundred meters over the area span, and some of these technologies can only be used to connect such user devices over the range of ten meters only. There are many communication networks [2] such as LAN, MAN, WAN, wi-fi, wi-max, which are being used very widely all over the world. While designing a network, the question arises in the users mind that what standards should be used in order to gain better performance, efficiency, better coverage, less cost, maintenance. But if we want to create a communication network on a small scale (cost, range), then the users can easily rely on Bluetooth and zigbee technologies. 111

For the interconnection purposes, automated systems can be integrated with various sensors, controllers, and heterogeneous machines using a common message specification. Many different network types have been promoted for communication, including local area network [3] (LAN), metropolitan area network (MAN), wide area network (WAN), and so on. However, how to select a suitable network standard for a particular application is a critical issue to the users. As the wireless technologies evaluated the Ethernet (carrier sense multiple access with collision detection, CSMA/CD bus), networked control applications such as Token Ring (IEEE-802.5 standard), Token Ring uses a token-passing scheme for bus arbitration. Token passing scheme used on the physical layer and data link layer of OSI model [4]. The addressing scheme used on to the physical layer and data link layer uses MAC (medium access control) address to identify the devices connected with each other over the network. MAC sub layer protocol for each network has some key parameters of the corresponding network when used in a control situation, including network utilization and time delays. In this study, there are two protocols covering small area range has been discussed in detail. On the other side, for accessing devices and their services on a network cables, wireless communications is a fast-growing technology to provide the flexibility and mobility [5]. Moreover, reducing the cable restriction is one of the key benefits of wireless with respect to cabled International Journal of New Innovations