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Faculty of Computer Science & Information Technology CSIT-141: Database Systems Associate Degree CS/IT
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The objective of this assignment is to make students familiar with the ERD Diagrams..

Submission Format
1. Assignment can only be submitted in well structured printed format and also in Soft form (Mail to: 2. Preferably award extra marks if solved by applying some CASE tools.

Assignment Questions Case Study 1

The company sells a number of different furniture products. These products are grouped into several product lines. The identifier for a product is Product_ID, while the identifier for a product line is Product_Line_ID. Referring to the customer invoice, we identify the following additional attributes for product: Product_Description, Product_Finish, and Unit_Price. Another attribute fro product line is Product_Line_Name. A product line may group any number of products, but must group at least one product. Each product must belong to exactly one product line. Customers submit orders for products The identifier fro an order is Order-ID, and another attribute is Order_Date. A customer may submit any number of orders, but need not submit any orders. Each order is submitted by exactly one customer. The identifier for a customer is Customer_ID. Other attributes include Customer_Name and Customer_Address. A given customer order must request at least one product. Any product sold by Pine Valley Furniture may not be requested on any order, or may be requested on one or more orders. An attribute associated with each order and product is Quantity, which is the number of units requested.

Case Study 2
In a courier management system, a customer reaches at courier shop and asks for dispatching of his goods. An attendee verifies his goods and allots an identification number to his goods. Along with this he calculates the amount, which will be charged from customer. After proper packing, a bill is generated whose one copy is given to customer and one copy is kept in record. All the goods received in a day are sorted out according to destination, which can be identified by unique id number allotted to each courier order. All courier orders along with their documents are sent to their appropriate destinations. Destination courier centers receive these orders and record their entries. All courier orders are dropped to their destination, and a signature is taken from each receiving person of courier order. This is recorded in the system, which automatically updates the record at base center from where these courier orders are initiated.

Case Study 3
PC Associates is a large, multinational consulting corporation, which uses a number of PCs and software packages in the course of her work. PC Associates needs to maintain the following information about the PCs and software packages its employee uses to do their jobs. For each PC, the computer number, the computer model and manufacturer, and the type of microprocessor needed to be stored. Data for each employee also needed to be stored - such as the employee name, employee number, and phone number. Also for each PC, the inventory tag number, location, computer number and the number of the employee who owns the PC. For each software package, the package number, current cost, type, name and version needed to be stored. Also for each software package installed on a PC, the package number and cost, installation date and inventory tag number needed to be stored.

Case Study 4
A video store rents movies to members. Each movie in the store has a title and is identified by a unique movie number. A movie can be in VHS, VCD, or DVD format. Each movie belongs to one of a given set of categories (action, adventure, comedy, ... ). The store has a name and a (unique) phone number for each member. Each member may provide a favorite movie category (used for marketing purposes). There are two types of members: Golden Members: Require their credit card and can rent more than one movie each time. Bronze Members: Don't require their credit card and can rent only one movie each time. A member may have a number of dependents (with known names). Each dependent is allowed to rent one (1) movie at a time.

Case Study 5
When a library first receives a book from a publisher it is sent, together with the accompanying delivery note, to the library desk. Here the delivery note is checked against a file of books ordered. If no order can be found to match the note, a letter of enquiry is sent to the publishers. If a matching order is found, a catalogue note is prepared from the details on the validated delivery note. The catalogue note, together with the book, is sent to the registration department. The validated delivery note is sent to the accounts department where it is stored. On receipt of an invoice from the publisher, the accounts department checks its store of delivery notes. If the corresponding delivery note is found then an instruction to pay the publishers is made, and subsequently a cheque is sent. If no corresponding delivery note is found, the invoice is stored in a pending file.

Submission Date: Monday 16,MAY, 2010 Time: 12:00 P.M