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2008 AT 9
00 A

PRESENT Mayor Alice M Baker Chairnan Jane Mealy Chairman John

Vice Fcind
Commissioners Joy McGrew Ron Vath and Linda Provencher Interim City Manager Bernie

Murphy Public Works City Engineer

Director Bob Smith Interim Finance Director Kathleen

Doyle CRA Director Caryn Miller Assistant to the City Manager Libby Kania and Deputy City
Clerk Penny Overstreet

1 CALL THE MEETING TO ORDER Commissioner Mealy called the meeting to order at

9 m

2 PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE Mayor Baker led the




Interim Manager Murphy addressed the Commission regarding the agenda Commissioner Vath

requested they address the inquiries trolTT the first budget workshop Commissioner Vath

expressed concern on the items and requested the Commission ask for consensus on the items as

addressed He with page 102 Fund He the

they are began Utility Capital requested capital
amount shown on page five 5 of 554
365 also be included in the detail on page 102
Commissioner VatlT requested on page 102 under the detail of capitalized equipment the
reference to item
U10 which is identified
page 12 be the same Page 85 Utilities Misc

Revenues the line item support for Interest Income SBA Commissioner Vath requested the
words All Restricted Cash be included before Water Impact Fees Page 90 Telemetry
Sunstate Systems inquired what the 4
000 fee is City Engineer Public Works Director Bob
Smith responded the cost would allow them to connect their chlorine systems at the South Water
Tower and the gallon
Million tank Commissioner Vath felt a more detailed description would

add transparency Commissioner Vath inquired why on page 12 item U 11 there would be this
type of equipment needed for a new plant Mr Murphy responded the pumps are for the
Wastewater Treatment Plant Page 96 Capitalized Equipment change the nomenclature
Commissioner Vath inquired why the Coquina water project was not included Mr Murphy
indicated he does not feel this will be a reoccurring charge Commissioner Vath inquired if the
fee of000 was reoccumng Mr Murphy indicated
Transportation Planning Organization
there has been no real direction and it was not included ConTlnissioner Vath expressed concern
spending from the reserve Page 58 Commissioner Vath suggested removing under
Professional Services the line item for the GIS Consultant and GIS
Explanation support for the
Consultant was
provided for the budget request by the Assistant to the City Manager the CRA
Director and the Deputy Clerk Commissioner Vath rescinded the rejection for the line item
Page 72 Beach Commissioner Vath requested 1
000 removed from supplies no consensus was
reached to remove the funds Discussion turned to the service provided City Wide by the
company Cintas Life and Safety which is the
supplier of first aid
supplies Consensus was

reached to remove 000

2 across the board for the line items associated Cintas First Aid and

Safety Interim Finance Director Kathleen Doyle requested 1200 be left in General
Government and 700
00 in the Beach for the first aid supplies It was noted it would be

removed from General Government Commissioner Vath indicated the office supply budget is
approximately 000
18 through out the City he would like
5 cut and the remainder placed
under General Government with the departments pooling from the same
supply closet No
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consensus was reached to do this Commissioner Vath out of the line item
requested a
expenses for office supplies Commissioner McGrew suggested and received support from the
Commission to end the use of the cover sheets used for agenda packets and addendums to those

packets to reduce the paper expenses The Commission recessed 10

11 a m Commissioner
Mealy reconvened the meeting at 10
23 am Commissioner Vath requested a consensus to
remove 2
0 00 from General Government for Supplies a consensus was not reached to do this
Commissioner Vath inquired regarding the fee for Paychex Assistant to the City Manager
Libby Kania reviewed the services provided in the package Commissioner Vath indicated he
would like the addition of the Part
time position of the VOCA removed Discussion began
regarding the grant application for the VOCA Program Mr indicated
Murphy the change would
be addressed under the General Government budget

1 GENERAL GOVERNMENT Page 43 Interim Manager Murphy reviewed the

budget highlights Indicating the budget was reduced by 90

37 for a total of
690 He noted the increased cost as 496 for apart time
Administrative Assistant for Utility Services and noted all associated cost would
be transferred from the Utility Fund Contractual Services increased
Utilities increased000 and 10
6 000 for two new servers Mr Murphy
indicated we would be receiving back 392
000 for the MHz radios which will
be placed back in the reserve fund some will be restricted Commissioner Feind

inquired of the reimbursement for the two lots CRA Director Caryn Miller
indicated our Grant was ranked 54th she added generally the top 60 are funded
and the reimbursement would be approximately 400
000 back in the restricted
reserves Commissioner McGrew inquired about the well cost under
Improvements Mr indicated it for the Library air
Murphy was
system Commissioner Vath suggested moving the line item over to the Library
budget The Commission reached a consensus to move the line item to the

Library budget Commissioner Feind further suggested a footnote indicating the

well is for the conditioning system Page 44 Commissioner Vath
air questioned
the unemployment compensation budget line item and the Professional Service
Line Item Mr Murphy reviewed the changes Concern was raised regarding the
Brighthouse Channel 199 budget line item Commissioner Mealy indicated she is
representative to that Board and it was indicated to her the budget would be
lowered but she has not been provided the exact amount Commissioner Vath

requested a consensus to remove the Part

Time Utilities Assistant position He
further requested job description for the position A consensus was reached to

retain the position in the budget Discussion turned to the Employee Appreciation
Luncheon Consensus reached to remove the
Employee Appreciation
Luncheon line item 000 also remove 500
budgeted at 2 00 from the line item
for the Christmas Luncheon A consensus was reached to remove the 500
budgeted for the Creekside Festival Discussion turned to Professional Services
line item particularly the
budget for Marlowe Co Consensus was reached to

keep Marlowe in the budget Discussion turned to the line item for Promotional
Activities specifically the Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon Consensus was
reached to reduce the line item from 750
00 to 00 The Commission
recessed for a lunch break at 09 p
12 m Commissioner Mealy reconvened from
Lunch at 1
00 p

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revenue from Ad
Valorem decreased significantly which demands
they budget
these projects longer than initially projected Mr Murphy noted the operating
costs were reduced as much as possible CRA Director Caryn Miller reviewed
the received and did not receive Discussion turned the Stormwater
funding we to

project Ms Miller indicated we are looking at 250

000 from a SJRWMD Grant
and they have earmarked 500
000 from the CRA budget that would be a total of
000 she is requesting 150
750 000 from the Stormwater Fund to assist funding
the Phase One of the Stormwater Project She indicated if the Supreme Court
issues a ruling and the project can be bonded they would not need the 150
from the Stormwater Fund Commissioner Vath inquired if the project could be
Ms Miller indicated SJRWMD is
pieced out
willing to work with us but we

would have to reduce the scope of the project Discussion developed regarding

bonding vs
borrowing from our infrastructure fund Mr Murphy suggested the
net onthe Stormwater fee after expenses is around 150
000 he suggested
considering taking the 000 and purchase 20
150 a
year bond and at least
complete the most critical areas identified in the Stormwater Master Plan he
stated this augmented by grants we may receive could complete many of these
projects Commissioner Vath suggested borrowing from our Infrastructure Funds
but not
depleting them Mr stated you could do this either way The
discussion turned to the Promotional Activities Commissioner Provencher

questioned the cost associated with the Music in the Park events and disagreed
with the charges for entertainment Ms Miller stated she is looking into

sponsorship of the events Page 131 Commissioner Vath inquired ofthe

Landscaping Grant line item


City Engineer Director Bob Smith
reviewed the Stormwater plan and indicated we are
working on an update to the
Stormwater Master Plan Mr Murphy suggested we wait until that revised plan
back before amend the future years and we are at this
comes we
looking budget
yearright now
Mayor Baker inquired if there was a five 5 year schedule for

paving Mr Murphy indicated do schedule

we a
annually and we will be
completing a2 year schedule this fall Mr Smith distributed a handout to

the Elected Officials indicating the schedule for paving Commissioner Feind

inquired on the status of the Morningside Sewer litigation Mr Murphy indicated

he did not have any new information

The discussion turned back to the VOCA positions Interim Finance Director Doyle indicated
the grant is based on the salaries for both ofthe positions full and part
time and we do have to
keep them to retain the grant monies She again indicated the grant submitted was not for the
full salary amount and they did not include the cost associated with benefits Ms Doyle
indicated she has been in contact with them and has noted the changes to be submitted in next

cycle and should receive the full amount benefits pay in that
years we
including we
cycle No changes were made to the VOCA budget

Discussion ensued regarding the Millage rate Mr Murphy indicated for

Flagler County 3
is the that can be
approved with three 3 votes from the Commission any amount over that

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would require majority Interim Finance Director Doyle indicated the maximum
a super millage
is 3
rate 0199 The discussion continued with the arguments of a majority vote to raise the
maximum millage rate to provide a 2 raise to the employees The proposed millage rate is
based 733
0087 in Ad Valorem Commissioner Feind what
on revenue
inquired rate will be
brought forward at the first Mr indicated the tentative trim rate is
budget hearing Murphy
0739 which is in the budget book and
3 requires a super majority vote to pass that rate Ms

Doyle indicated she would make the changes approved today

ADJOURNMENT Motion by Commissioner McGrew seconded by Commissioner Vath to

adjourn the meeting at 41 m

2 p The motion carried unanimously

Penny Overstreet Deputy City Clerk

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