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Its designed to keep your hotel smiling. Guests included.


FortuneNEXT Express offers you the flexibility to effectively manage mid segment and budget hotels. A single database keeps all aspects of management at your fingertips, speeding up information sharing for greater efficiency. Extensive user-defined parameterization is available in all the modules. A wide range of interfaces simplifies day-to-day running, making it easier for your staff to offer quick, efficient service to guests. Whats more, it uses the latest technology and design to provide reliability and stability thats unrivaled. FortuneNEXT Express also grows with your enterprise, making it highly cost-effective. Guest History Night Audit House Keeping Telephone Management Point-of-sale Billing Guest history accounts receivables stores Inventory & Purchase Management Food & Beverage Costing Finance General Ledger Accounts Payable

This software ensures 100% application uptime without night audit shutdown

hErE arE soME oF ThE ways ForTuNENEXT EXPrEss Could MakE your hoTEl haPPy:
An attractive user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface Proven quicker reservations on a single screen Drag-and-drop check in and check out for individual guests as well as groups Multi-window bill split option Cost centre wise profit and loss report helps the hotel improve profitability across the property The most robust hotel audit mechanism including a night audit feature that requires no shutdown


This module comprises of various sub-modules - Reservation, Registrations, and Cashiering. Guest History, Night Audit or Day End process and House Keeping. The reservation sub-module enables FIT

ThE INTEGraTEd ModulEs:

Front office Reservations Registrations Cashiering

& Group reservations, multi level corporate rate definition, assigns rooms, manages on-line guest history, room & block room inventory and more. The Registrations submodule enables rapid check-ins and walk-ins, guest management, guest services, manual & automated telephone management, on-line guest history tagging, room sharing & history, group management, audit trail and standard occupancy reports. The Cashiering or Billing submodule enables various postings, split & transfer folios, paid outs, city ledger, check-outs & settlements, on-line receipt & voucher printing, user defined packages, multi-mode & multi-currency settlements,

credit card interface, automatic guest history posting, credit card encashment, foreign exchange encashment, transaction search, user-designed bill splits, guest exemptions, on-line room balance, drill-down bill view facility, all inclusive rates & taxes, audit trail of transactions & operations, bill summary, cashier & revenue reports. The Guest History sub-module manages exhaustive history of room guests, retrieval of history on various criteria, mailing labels & letters, standard guest history reports. The night audit day end sub-module helps an uninterrupted night audit process, enables manual sales & collection entries, MIS consolidation and automatic purging of data. The House keeping module assists the team with room status, lost & found management and guest complaints. The Telephone Management submodule interfaces with EPABX and handles call accounting, wake-up call, activation & de-activation

FortuneNEXT Express streamlines integration between the Front and Back Office systems

during check-in & check-out respectively, room status and minibar billing. All these sub-modules are equipped with the necessary tools to generate reports concerning their function. The add-ons to the Point-o f-Sale module are Fortune Mobile POS that enables wireless order taking and Fortune Touch - the touch screen interface.

analysis (various criterion), quotation requesting and Quotation updation

It handles order generation and billing for chargeable and non-chargeable orders

are the other features that this module offers.

Food & BEvEraGE CosTING

Departmental costs are easily and efficiently computed and analyzed. The Food and Beverage management system includes four types of costing: Food Costing Beverage (liquor) costing

The POS module adapts itself to suit the type of operation. It can efficiently manage operations such as fine dining, fast food, food courts, discotheques and room service. It handles order generation and billing for chargeable and non-chargeable orders. It also enables remote order printing, selective bill printing, multicurrency billing & settlement, fast food billing, unique room service billing user defined KOT along with modifier master, non-chargeable KOT management, KOT analysis, automatic & manual order number generation, group table orders, tips & paid-outs, chefs recommendations, time based popularity analysis, on-line table status and tax exemptions & discounts. This module also comprises of a full-fledged delivery system. for ad hoc receipts. On line Account Balance, Agent Commission, Credit Card Register, Ageing Report (User defined ageing), Invoice & Reminder Printing (User defined rooms), Standard Debtors Statement, Receipt Printing and Transaction Search are the other functionalities of this module. The module helps better cash flow management by providing an elaborate ageing report.

Soft drink costing Tobacco costing Food & Beverage costing allows you to maintain issue based and recipe based costing which gives you complete control on your production areas. Features include manual sales and consumption entries, automatic sales and consumption transfer, inter cost and kitchen transfer, sales and cost budget. Kitchen / bar stock analysis, standard vs. actual reports (Quality/ Value) and many others. The module also maintains standard recipes to ensure consistent quality.

sTorEs INvENTory & PurChasE MaNaGEMENT

This module enables multi & substore accounting. It offers weighted average, last purchase price and FIFO method of valuation. It handles the complete flow starting from indent updation, managers indent authorization, routing of direct items to cost centre and others to stores, purchase requisition, contract items orders up to purchase order generation. Physical stock updation, stock variance report, ABC / FSN analysis, cost centre wise consumption, priced stock status, item transfers, indent templates(user & department wise), Auto DPR generation, vendor

FINaNCIal aCCouNTING (optional)

It follows the Universal System of Hotel Accounting policy, cost centre wise profit & loss, ledger, handle multi-currency and daybooks. It validates entries made into the multiple book types that it handles. The other features include bank reconciliation, audit block, cash flow statements, budget variance, voucher printing, on-line trial

Accounts Receivables forms a part of the Financial Accounting System. It streamlines integration between the Front and Back Office systems. All sales and collections made at any outlet are transferred to this module. It enables payments against receipt and journal entries and bill matching

Even my room temperature was perfect

The GUEST HISTORY feature ensures complete insight in to your guests needs.

Payroll (optional)
The Payroll module enables default attendance posting, standard payroll reports, and an interface to attendance recording systems, balance, detailed vendor master payment advice generation, cheque printing and VAT, ETDS & TDS system. It allows for user-defined MIS formats. It enables auto-posting of payroll, sales, collection with link to accounts receivables. The module integrates seamlessly with the other modules thus enabling smooth functioning. Fixed Assets, a part of the Financial Accounting System handles Asset History, written down & straight line methods of depreciation calculation against each asset and asset sales & purchase. multi-unit / multi-department processing, flexible user definable computation, and leave management and personnel data base maintenance.

Pda (optional)
Steward wise login screen

Multi restaurant selection Group wise item selection Open item definition Option to select multiple items on single screen Modifiers for each item Allot cover number to each item ordered from the table Remote KOT printing & bill printing options Option for NC KOT Operation

SAP and many more. Apart from the above, IDS also offers its users innovative complimentary products such as Fortune Central - a reservation system, Fortune Mobile P0S for wireless order taking, Fortune Touch - the touch screen interface to POS, Fortune Analytix - a BI tool for smart decisions, Fortune Care-quality management system and lots more. Our suite of hospitality solutions covers all the functional needs of: Independent & Chain Hotels Resorts & Clubs Restaurants & Cafs B&Bs & Serviced Apartments You are guaranteed total reliability, faster transactions and smoother information exchange when you choose from our range of: Property Management Systems Restaurant Management Systems Centralized Solutions Business and Service Enhancement Solutions

kITChEN dIsPlay sysTEM (optional)

Item wise or KOT wise kitchen display Option to select items as start process on start of preparation Keeps track of ordered/prepared & delivered items Displays modified & cancelled orders

The software has the ability and flexibility to interface with various third party hardware equipment such as EPABX, voice mail, credit card reader, door locking systems, interactive television, pay television, internet billing (W1Fi), attendance recording systems, energy management systems and many more. In addition to the above the software can also interface with various software applications such as IDeaS revenue management system, Global Distribution Systems,


We understand that your hotel will achieve optimum revenue only when it is at its peak efficiency. Our range of property management systems ensures this by comprehensively covering your enterprise and integrating every department. FortuneNEXT Enterprise All-in-one Property management

system for large scale hotels and hospitality businesses FortuneNEXT Professional Fully integrated solution to empower full service hotels and hospitality enterprise operations FortuneNEXT Genie Property management system for limited service properties

Fortune r&B Ideal tool for all F&B outlets Fortune r&B Central Centralized solution for chain hotels

A quality management system that hand-holds you to great service Fortune rewardz Encourage customer loyalty Fortune ialert Remind customers and alert staff, automatically Fortune iBooking Real -time on-line web booking engine To meet us and learn about our extensive range of solutions for hospitality, please feel free to reach us at

CENTralIzEd soluTIoNs
Fortune Central reservation system Fortune Central reservation office Fortune Central sales Force automation Fortune Central Financing reporting system


For the F&B sector, our restaurant management systems have proven to be invaluable. Extremely reliable, they help streamline all operations across all areas- from stores to POS.


Fortune Care

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