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Making the Dots

Desaturate the dots layer (Ctrl + Shft + U).

Next adjust Threshold to something dramatic (still working on the dots layer). Image >> Adjustments >> Threshold The settings I used are shown in the image below, but you will need to experiment to see what threshold settings works for YOUR image.

Using Threshold will leave the image looking very pixelated (jagged). So apply Gaussian Blur (approximately a 2-3 pixels should do it). Filter >> Blur >> Gaussian Blur

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In your Layers Palette right-click on the dots layer and select Duplicate Layer. See image below.

Select New for the Destination Document. Now you will have 2 documents open in photoshop.

Working on your new document change the Mode to Greyscale. Image >> Mode >> Greyscale A dialogue box appearsDiscard color information?Click OK. Now change the Mode to Bitmap. Image >> Mode >> Bitmap A dialogue box appearsFlatten layers?Click OK.

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Choose Halftone Screen on the Bitmap options window. Click OK. See image below. It pretty obvious but make sure your output resolution is the same as the input. If yours design is going to be printed then the input should be 300 pixels/inch and your output will be 300. If youre input doesnt equal your output the youll end up with a change in size!

Next appears the Halftone Screen box. Apply the settings shown below. Note you may want to experiment with the Frequency as this decides the size of the dots. Click OK.

Almost there with the dots. All thats left is to transfer the dots back to the rst document. (See part C).

Note if your dots arent looking very good you may have forgotten to apply blur or need to apply more blur. The smoother gradient is, the better halftone pattern.

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Image Into Lines

1)preparing the image
First you want to isolate the object and delete the rest of the photo i.e the background. To cut out the gun I use the Pen Tool. Now to some-up how to use Photoshops pen tool in a few sentences isnt easyif you have never used the pen tool before, do the PEN TOOL TUTORIAL rst. Remember to make sure the pen tool is set to create a Work Path See below.

Take the pen tool create a path around the gun.

Now go to your Paths palette. (There are 3 tabs on the Layers window, so click on the Paths tab to reveal the Paths palette. See image below).

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Load path as a selection. (Click on the dotted circle button at the bottom of the Paths palette). See the image above. Change your tool to the Move Tool (hit the V key) Copy this selection. Ctrl + C Paste Ctrl + V Go back to your Layers palette and rename this new layer gun. Create a new layer ( Fill it white. Rename it background and place it below the gun layer. See image below. ).

Finally make sure your image doesnt have any colour Image>>Adjust>>Desaturate (Although its not 100% neccessary to desaturate the image, youll nd that you generally achieve better results if you include this step).

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2) Creating the Lines

Working on the gun layer apply the Smart Blur lter. Filter >> Blur >> Smart Blur Set the Quality to High and the Mode to Edge Only. Adjust the sliders for the Radius and Threshold while watching YOUR preview. When you achieve the desired result click OK. My settings are shown below.

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Now invert the image Image >> Adjust >> Invert

Apply a black stroke to your gun layer. Edit >> Stroke Adjust the Stroke Width to suit YOUR picture and click OK.

Almost there

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Now to make the existing lines jump out a bit and look more dened use the lter Poster Edges Filter >> Artistic >> Poster Edges

You could stop there because its probably looking great now but lets make it fantastic! Apply the Cutout lter with settings similar to what is shown below. Filter >> Artistic >> Cutout

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Oh yes

Inevitably you will have a few unwanted squiggles here and there. Just clean them up using your paint tool if you want it perfect. Thats it! I hope you found this Photoshop tutorial helpful. Feel free to contact me via my contact page if you have any questions.

:: photoshop tutorials ::