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ABSTRACT Thesis by Dominic Sairo Kambe entitled: The Relationship Between Motivation Learning Discipline Shiva with Class

X student at SMK Swastisari Kupang academic year 2011/2012. Problem under study: Is there a relationship between the disciplines Learning Motivation of students in vocational Swastisari Kupang?. The purpose of this study to determine: 1). To find out how much the relationship between motivation and discipline of Student Learning in Vocational Swastisari Kupang. The research was conducted during the first month in the month of February 2012. The research was held at SMK Swaastisari Kupang located in five villages of coconut, coconut District Five of Kupang. This study population is Swastisari Kupang vocational students, amounting to 281 students who are misclassified in class 9. Of the total population of 15% is taken as the study sample (15% X 281 = 41 students). The instruments used in this study is the instrument Motivation and Discipline Student Learning students. The second instrument was tested to determine the validity and reliability. Test the validity of the calculation results for Motivation instruments, with the help of SPSS 16. Known from the 30 items there are 20 items that statement valid and 10 invalid, and thus this statement to the 20 items used in the study. While the instrument validity test Calculation results Disciplinary Learning, known from the 20 items tested in a statement that it was valid and thus the instrument is fit for use. The results of reliability test motivational instrument reliability coefficient obtained by learning the value of r = 0786> from r to the instrument table and Learning Discipline obtained values of r = 0.769> r table for dk 5% and 1% = 0325 = 0418 then the instrument is declared reliable (can trust), and worthy to be used for research. From the results of calculations using formula product moment correlation coefficient r = 0.387. R the next count rates compared to the price table r dk = 37, then the table is obtained r = 0325. 0387 turned out to calculate the price of r is greater than the price of table r = 0325. Thus stated bahawa no relationship between the discipline of Learning Motivation of students in vocational Swastisari Kupang with correlation coefficient of 0325. The test results obtained value t t t count calculate the 2689 price then compared with the price of table t. For a 5% error two-party testing and dk = n - 2, 37-2 = 25, then the table is obtained t = 2.042. Apparently the price of 2689 t count bigger than t table = 2.042 price. This means that the significance of relations between the two variables can be generalized to this research entire population where the sample is taken. Thus there is a significant relationship between motivation to Discipline Student Learning in Vocational Swastisari Kupang.