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com VOCABULARY FOR DIFFERENT TYPES OF JOBS (TECHNIC AL WORDS) Cashier Vocabulary Word action code adjustme nt age restricted items aisles associate bag verb bank card bar code bill break bulk cash cash advance cash re giste r change charge verb charge verb and noun checkout clerk coins company procedures competition counte rfe it Meaning a number cashiers type on the register to tell the computer to do something (Avoid item) a change (usually related to price change) products such as alcohol, tobacco, and restricted movies and videos which cannot be purchased by minors long narrow areas that a room is divided into another employee who works with you to place purchased items in a bag for the customer a card that allows customers to purchase an item using money from their bank account (also called debit card) a series of lines that a computer reads to determine the product and price the total amount owed by the customer (also called receipt) a short time for an employee to take a rest from work items that are purchased in large amounts (also refers to items where customer collects the amount desired from a large bin) paper or coin money that the customer gives for payment money given to an employee or customer that he will have to pay back later system used to key in purchases; also makes mathematical calculations and records payments the money you give back to a customer to request a certain payment (They charge fifty dollars an hour.) to pay (payment) with a credit card the place where customers go to pay for purchases person who serves customers; usually stands behind a desk small amounts of money; circular shape (also called change) the rules and practices outlined by the employer for the employees other businesses that offer similar products or services money that looks real but is actually fake

coupon consume r coupon currency customer customer service damaged; defective deactivate debit denomination departme nt store discount estimate float feed gift certificate; gift card gift receipt identification initials inquiry key in (put on) layaway log manual merchandise multiple item multitask NOF

a piece of paper that offers a set discount on a product or service the person who buys and uses the products and services a piece of paper that offers a set discount on a product or service type of money used in each count ry (eg. dollar, yen) the person who buys the product or service fulfilling the needs of the people who buy products or services does not work or does not look new remove security device to take money out (also refers to paying with a bank card) related to type of currency (eg. ones, tens, fifties ) a store that sells a wide variety of personal and household needs, such as groceries, furniture and clothing a price reduction guess the right amount the amount of money in a cash register or till before and after a person's shift to insert the end of a roll of paper into a slot a pre-paid card that a customer uses to pay for purchases a receipt that documents a purchase but does not include the price of the product photograph and official document that proves who a person is first letter of a person's first and last name a question to type a code into a cash register to put a product away for a customer who will come back to purchase it at a later time a record of sales information instruction booklet things that customers buy a product that a customer is buying more than one of (eg. five balls) do many things at once an error code that means a product price is not on file

on sale orie ntation peak time perk personal c heck price override POS system price tag produce promotion prompt se rvice punc h in/out rain c heck receipt reduce(d) refund registe r area registe r tape retailer ring in safe sale scan schedule security device serial numbe r shelves

costs less than usual a time for learning about the company and job the busy time of the day a little bonus that employees enjoy on top of their wage or salary (eg. restaurant employees get free lunch) a written document that allows a business to retrieve f unds from a customer's bank account change the automated price of a product or service Point of Sale system (cash register) the sticker or ticket that tells customers what a product costs fresh fruit and vegetables a special discount or offer to help customers quickly record the start and end time of your shift using a time clock system a ticket given to a customer that allows them to receive an out -of-stock item or attend a cancelled event at a later date a piece of paper that records the place, time, and price of items or services purchased price is less than usual get money back the place where a cashier stands and serves the customer the paper that goes into the cash register and provides a printed record of all transactions a store or business that sells products for the manufacturer type the product code or service item into the POS a secure cabinet where a large amount of money is locked up; requires a code or key to open a price reduction pass a product over a laser (scanner reads the bar code and transfers the data (price, product name) to the POS system) a table that identifies the weekly or monthly shifts for each employee a device attached to products that will set off an alarm if it is not removed by the cashier a number system used to identify products and services long rows of flat wood or metal used to hold products that are for sale in a store

paper) the company or business that provides a retailer or wholesaler with products to sell slide quickly across (eg. calculator. Click for answ er Click for answ er 4 When customers bring damaged products back to a store they usually get a . Sw ipe your credit card through the card reader. Click for answ er 5 Clothing. and toys are examples of . Click for answ er . Click for answ er 2 3 The drawer in a cash register is the POS stands for .) add up a special case in which the customer does not have to pay taxes money a single computer or POS system the drawer that holds money in a cash register the sale and purchase of a product or service Universal Product Code: a number the identifies the product and the retailer cancel a transaction the sale of a large quantity of goods to a retail outlet the area where a cashier works Cashier Vocabulary | Cashier Vocabulary Quiz Cashier Transactions | Cashier Customer Service Cashier Vocabulary Quiz 1 Another word for "money" is .shift report sign in/sign off supplies supplie r swipe tally tax exempt tender terminal till transaction UPC void wholesale workstation a record of notes that must be handed in by a cashier at the end of a work shift indicate that one is starting or finishing things that are needed to do a job (eg. . pens. please. books.

Though your time with each customer is short. I'm going to have to call to get a price check. Customer Serv ice: Language Here are some expressions to practise and use on the job.. Thanks for shopping at. Click for answ er 9 Customers who want to pay for their products should go to the . and polite. Refer to cashier vocabulary for any words you don't know. Do you need a hand out with your bags? Have a wonderful day. Cashiers must have friendly skills. Click for answ er Reset ful. See you again soon. Click for answ er 8 Grocery stores are usually divided into many separate . Please come again. You could be the one to put a smile on their face andthe one who convinces them to come again another time. Did you find everything you were looking for today? Has it warmed up/cooled down/dried up out there yet? (More small talk) Are you interested in taking part in our promotion? I apologize for the wait.6 A card is another word for "bank card. your role in their day is important. Sample Custome r Service Encounte rs: Speaking Practice Find an English friend to practise with." Click for answ er 7 A product that costs less today than it did yesterday is . Are you aware of our . I'm new at this job.. Take turns being cashier and customer. Thank you for your patience. Click for answ er 10. Making a sale (upselling) Cashier: I see you've chosen some nice blouses from our fall line.

Please come again.promotion today? Customer: No. Cashier: (laughs) So. the food was good as it always is. though. We know it's your peak time. Would you like to look around some more? There are some great men's dress shirts at the back of the store. We usually try to come a little earlier before the rush. I'd like to make it up to you. actually. I'm going to give you a discount today. Thank you. We were a bit disappointed in the service tonight. I'm not. that would be nice. That's okay. Your satisfaction is important to us. that's all for today. that's great. Cashier: Customer: No thank you. We will. I'll take your drinks and dessert off the bill. Cashier: Customer: Thank you. Handling a complaint Cashier: How was your meal today? Well. . Customer: Oh. Here's a coupon for your next visit. Customer: Cashier: Customer: Cashier: Customer: Oh. Would you like to fill out a comment card? Or I could get a manager for you. No. Well. Cashier: All men's and lady's fall tops are on buy one get one free. Oh. I can't shop for my husband. thank you. just these two blouses today then? Customer: Yes. I'm sorry to hear that. He never likes what I pick out for him.

Would you be able to scan them for me? There was a sign that said fifty percent off. Cashier response: -Click for answ er 2. I'd like to purchase some. Read the three possible cashier responses for each enquiry. Which is the correct response? Check your answers.Customer Serv ice: Liste ning Practice Listen to the customer enquiries below that take place at a checkout area. I picked out these three dresses. These are the last dresses in my size. They were called Snackaroos. Would you be able to put them on layaway for me?" 2." House keeping Vocabulary Rooms in a House | Furniture and Decor | Appliances | Cleaning Supplies Linen & Laundry | Describing Words | Action Words Rooms in a House Word attic Meaning storage room at the very top of the house . but I w asn't able to find them. and I couldn't find another pair that was the same. Cashier response: -Click for answ er 3. Cashier response: -Click for answ er Listening Transcripts 1. 1. "I've just spent an hour trying on a bunch of spring clothes. "There was no price on these shoes." 3. I did a taste test in Aisle 3 and I tried these crackers that were really good. "I was wondering if you could help me. but I just realized I forgot my wallet at home.

books and games. in some houses this room is only used on special occasions long narrow area that joins one room to another place for preparing food. indoor area for kids to play often in basement. often used for relaxation. family room lobby master bedroom nursery pantry patio room for baby or young child room off the kitchen for keeping dry foods and storage items outdoor area in front or backyard. often made of wood room filled w ith toys. used by parents hallway kitchen living room. visiting. sometimes has a table and chairs for eating informal meals place where family spends leisure time. also used for entertaining area in the front entranc e for hanging coats and placing shoes the largest bedroom in the house. or reading playroom rec room sunroom Furniture and Decor Word Meaning . washroom bedroom dining room the lowest level of the house the room for bathing and using the toilet the room where people sleep room with a table and chairs for eating.basement bathroom. often has a TV. extra room for watching TV and playing games such as billiards or ping pong enclosed room with large windows. usually sits slightly off the ground.

gas. bureau entertainment piece of furniture for holding television. cleaning supplies. may be electric. piece used for doing work and holding papers. and other electronic centre devices fireplace square opening on a wall to hold a fire and warm up the home. used for preparing food and holding small appliances storage area with doors. etc. paintings shelves tub. used for view ing one's self decorations hung on walls or placed on surfaces.bed long frame with a mattress on top for sleeping. dishes. writing tools. usually found in an office piece of furniture for holding folded clothing cupboards desk dresser. stereo. used for holding food. often framed mirrors pictures. a large area where you lie dow n and wash your body long shelf-like surface beneath a window window sills. used for changing a baby's diaper long comfortable piece for sitting on. found in common rooms surface in the kitchen. bookcase chair change table couch/sofa counte r various types of furniture used for sitting on surface found in the nursery. books. has blankets and pillows for comfort tall wooden piece used for holding boo ks bookshelf. or wood spec ial glass placed on a wall or counter. bathtub long surfaces for organizing and storing household items found in bathrooms. .

can be "built -in" (under a sink) or "portable" (moved and attached to the sink when in use) electric appliance used to dry laundry electric appliance used for keeping food cold electric appliance used for keeping food frozen (very cold) located inside a drain. range washing machine Cleaning Supplies Word baking soda bleach Meaning white powder used for cleaning and removing odours liquid added in small amounts to water.ledges Appliances Word dishwasher Meaning electric appliance that washes dishes. chops up bits of food int o small pieces to fit down the pipes electric appliance for cooking food quickly electric appliance for baking and heating food elements on top of an oven for heating. and boiling food electric appliance for cleaning laundry dryer fridge freezer garbage disposal microwave oven stove. also used to clean bathrooms brush with a long handle on it for sweeping floors foam or liquid soap used on rugs and carpets broom carpet cleaner . frying. has strong chemicals that remove stains on white clothing.

deodorizer dishwashing detergent dust pan duster product that removes bad smells from a room. often kept outside and used for outdoor cleaning powder or liquid soap used for cleaning clothes and linen laundry detergent mop long stick with a sponge at the bottom that is soaked in water and soap. used for cleaning floors a container that holds paper. and other garbage that can be reused tough cleaning pads used for scrubbing pots. pans. often used for cleaning toilets a soft cleaning product that absorbs water and is used for washing surfaces laundry product used specifically on spots that regular laundry detergent cannot clean (stains include red wine or blood) stain remover . with separate holes for the fingers a long tube that fills with water. glass. and ovens recycling bin scouring pads scrub brush sponge a brush with a handle on it. tins. heavy bag for collecting the household garbage garbage or trash bag garbage or trash bin gloves hose container with a lid that holds large garbage bags coverings for the hands. often scented liquid or powder soap that goes into a dishwasher flat container used for collecting dirt and dust swept up with a broom a cleaning tool with a handle and feathers (or a soft cloth) used for wiping dust off surfaces large.

vacuum cleaner vinegar a machine that sucks up dust and dirt on the floor as you push it around a clear sour tasting liquid mixed with water and used for cleaning. square shaped towel or cloth used for washing the face and hands sheet with elastic that goes on top of the mattress and stays in place make articles of clothing small and neat for storage a towel hung in the bathroom. larger than double) a light cover on the bed . environmentally friendly alternative to store bought cleaners Linen and Laundry te rms Word bath towel face cloth or wash cloth fitte d sheet fold verb hand towe l hange r noun iron noun and verb king size laundry noun do the laundry pillow case queen size sheet noun Meaning large towel used for drying the body after a shower or bath small. used for drying hands a wire or plastic hook used for hanging clothes in a closet an electric appliance used for making clothes flat. to remove w rinkles the largest size bed or bed covering the washing of clothing a covering similar to a sheet that protects the head cushion large size bed and bed covering (smaller than king.

plugged damp when something is blocking the hole of a tube or pipe a little bit wet dirty opposite of clean dusty when furniture and The office furniture upstairs is surfaces are covered with a verydusty. used for one perso n twin size Describing words for Housekeepe rs Word alle rgic Meaning Example se ntence when a person must stay Our daughter is allergic to that laundry away from a certain food or detergent. clean clogged. cleaning product because it can cause them to get very sick remove dirt and stains When the kitchen is clean I will start on the laundry. but it is still a little damp. opposite of neat and tidy . The floors are dirty because the kids walked through with their boots on. I hung up your suit.single stain noun top sheet smallest bed or bed covering size.but it's their job to clean them. The kitchen drain is clogged with potato skins. small layer of matter very dirty The bathroom is filthy because we went away for the weekend and left the kids at home. made for one person a spot that is difficult to clean the sheet that goes on top of the fitted sheet and under a heavier blanket bed or bed covering size that is larger than a single and smaller than a double. The children's rooms are messy. filthy messy out of order.

so I guess I'll be going home now. After you have folded t he laundry. Please dry the dishes fully before you put them away in the cupboards. doesn't contain strong chemicals I just mopped. I put the dryer on twice but the clothes are still wet. soapy Can you rinse the dishes again? They are still soapy. opposite of messy Thank you for leaving the house soneat and tidy. clean up dry Meaning remove dirt.neat. opposite of dry good for the world. wet environmentally friendly Action words for Housekeepe rs Word clean. I'm sorry I forgot to dust the entertainment stand last week. I'm finished everything on the list. We only use cleaning products that are environme ntally friendly. tidy (often expressed as "neat and tidy ") slippery in good order. surface that is wet or polished and is easy to fall on covered with lots of soap bubbles filled or covered with water. so the floors are a bit slippery. and other messes take the water out of something Example se ntence After you clean up the kitchen you can take your break. please hang the guest towels in the washroom. but you could freshen it up a little. hang up organize and store items (often clothes) by putting them on hooks and hangers . dust. complete freshen up make a room smell and look more inviting hang. dust remove the dust from surfaces such as furniture have no more work to do finish. The master bedroom is relatively clean.

sterilize remove any bacteria or other harmful substances that could cause illness. Make sure to polish the silverware before you put it away. wipe up clean up a mess or spill .mop. remove smudges or prints pour water over something for a long time to remove soap The dishwasher flooded. wate r pour water onto plants or grass wipe. vacuum wash Please wash the windows with water and vinegar. tidy. You forgot to water the indoor and outdoor plants. so Imopped up the water. sanitize. Please pick up large items like coins before you vacuum the basement. My coffee tasted soapy today. but you could tidy up the books and toys. mop up clean the floors with soap and water sort or put away in a neat and tidy manner wipe with a special cleaner that makes something (such as floors) shine. tidy up You don't need to vacuum the family room. You have to sterilize the baby bottles in boiling water. I orga nize d the indoor and outdoor shoes. often by using boiling water or a special cleaner use a lot of physical energy and a heavy cleaning tool to remove dirt or stains make a room or area look neat by organizing and putting things away use a special hose that sucks up dust and dirt from the floors and furniture make clean with water and soap scrub You'll have to scrub the upstairs tub because it's pretty dirty. organize polish rinse You'll have to rinse the dishes a little better. Don't use bleach to wipe the counters.

Click for answ er 5 The opposite of messy is .House keeping Vocabulary Quiz 1 Which of the following is not used for washing floors? 2 Deodorizer is used to . Click for answ er 9 After the laundry is done you need to hang up or clothes. it is . Click for answ er To fry eggs you would use a . the Click for answ er 10. Click for answ er 6 If the toilet water won't go down the drain. Click for answ er 7 Polishing the floors makes them . The largest type of bed sheet is a . Click for answ er Click for answ er 3 A garbage bag goes inside a garbage . Click for answ er . Click for answ er 8 A pillow goes into a pillow .

works quickly and doesn't take a lot of rest time tells the truth. Key words found in ads: The following terms are commonly used in ads for housekeepers. but so is your English. will not steal or damage property on purpose the best person for the job is looking for. Finally. requires lives in the home he or she works at lives in a different home from the home he or she works at acts like an adult. and use them on your own resumes and cover letters. usually related to work schedule or duties not lazy. You can prepare yourself for the real job search by studying the vocabulary and exercises on this page. First. trustworthy ideal candidate is see king live-in live-out mature must be le gal Meaning pay or salary is the same or better than most in the area notices everything that needs cleaning or doing. Become familiar with them. Next. you need to contact a potential employer. They are also useful terms to use in interviews.working honest. even if it's small a person who works very hard help around the home (often the subject of housekeeping ads) things the worker w ill have to do not strict or set. you need to have an interview and prove that you are the best person for the job. Your work experience and skills are very important. meticulous dilige nt worke r domestic help duties include flexible hard. not childish has permission from the government to work in this country pay in exchange for room food and a home are given to the person who looks after the house. you need to read and understand the English job listings. Word or phrase competitive wages detail orie nted. and board no pay perfectionist describes a person who wants everything to look perfect (for example one fingerprint would bother this person) .Finding a House keeping Job Finding a job in a foreign country can be very difficult.

Classifie d Ads . My English is improving every day. Match the person to the ad that he or she should apply for. My hourly rate is _______. Read the descriptions of 5 housekeepers looking for work. Check your answers.positive attitude professional reliable responsible for verifiable refe rences is usually in a happy mood has a lot of experience and treats clients with respect always comes to work on time and always does a good job work will include the following tasks past employers someone can contact to prove that the applicant is a good worker Here are some expressions to use in an interview or cover letter: I will clean your home "from top to bottom". 4. Feel free to contact my references. I have been cleaning houses/offices for _______ years now. 3. I work quickly and efficiently. I am very good with children. I promise to leave your house looking neat and tidy. You won't be disappointed. Matching Exerc ise 1. 2. Your satisfaction is important to me. Read all of the classified ads (advertisements) below.

Be upfront about your English ability from the beginning. Business couple is seeking a part -time live-out housekeeper. 5:00 pm. and so me shopping. A London family of 5 is seeking a live-in housekeeper in exchange for room and board. Call 339-9990. Must be detail oriented. Leave extra space for specific instructions and details. Verifiable references required. mature. Send resume with references to bensonfamily@home. dusting. Must be reliable and meticulous. It is a good idea to ask your client to give you a chec klist of things that need doing. vacuuming. miscommunication ca n be a problem. You may want to personalize your chec klist for each client. Specify details where needed. 20 hours per week. Leave message w ith contact information. Ask your client to spea k slowly if you don't unde rstand the instructions.com. House keeping Vocabulary | House keeping Vocabulary Quiz Finding a House keeping Job | Instructions for Housekeepe rs Instructions for House keepe rs The hardest part of your job as a housekeepe r may not be the cleaning. Sample Blank C hecklist Please place a Y (Yes) beside any item you would like completed today. We offer competitive wages.Domestic/Homecare Wante d 1. Duties include laundry. and tidying a large office. Responsible for cleaning. and asking them to take a mome nt to chec k off a nything that needs doing. Some childcare duties required. If you and your client speak different languages. Must be in good physical condition and have valid driver's license. an d legal to work in England. Mandymaids has a full-time position available. Hours are Mon-Fri. Approximately 10 hours per week. Sweep Mop Vacuum Laundry Tidy . general cleaning. Contact Janie at 445-9788. Impress your c lie nt by prepa ring a chec klist ahead of time. 2. We are looking for an experienced housekeeper to join our team. Hours are flexible. 3.12 am.

Specify details where needed. Sweep Y main .Clean Appliances Dust Bathrooms Bedrooms Windows Dishes Take garbage out Other Errands or Shopping: Notes to housekeeper: Notes from housekeeper: Sample Filled-in C hecklist Please place a Y (Yes) beside any item you would like completed to day.

15 pick up milk and postage stamps .floor Mop Vacuum Laundry Y load of whites upstairs Tidy Clean Appliances Dust Bathrooms Y Y all 3 please Bedrooms Windows Dishes Take garbage out Y only if full wate r all plants Other Y Errands or Shopping: pick up kids at school 3.

Answer the questions after each set of instructions. Check your answe rs.Notes to housekeeper: Va cuum isn't working. Where a re the extra towe ls? Notes from housekeeper: Following Instructions: Listening Practice 1. 3. Check your unde rstanding 1 What must the housekeeper do after the general cleaning? Click for answ er 2 How should the housekeeper separate the clothes? Click for answ er 3 What does the housekeeper NOT have to do? Click for answ er B. Listen to the five sets of instructions (A-E) by double c lic king on each green arrow. It's getting repa ired. 4. 2. Listen to the instructions a second time while you read the tra nscripts below. Check your unde rstanding 1 Which best describes the client's opinion of the housekeeper? Click for answ er . A.

Check your unde rstanding 1 Where will the children be while the housekeeper cleans? Click for answ er 2 What type of cleaning is required today? Click for answ er 3 What time must the housekeeper leave to pick up the kids? Click for answ er D.2 What is the housekeepers main job today? Click for answ er 3 What should the housekeeper do if he or she cannot find the sponges? Click for answ er C. Check your unde rstanding 1 What area of the house did the housekeeper concentrate on last time? Click for answ er 2 What does NOT need to be done upstairs? Click for answ er .

I've pulled some boxes out if you don't mind putting the winter clothes through the wash for me. Please make sure to separate the lights a nd darks and to follow the washing instructions. If you have trouble finding anything give me a call on my cell. The re a re also some pots . Our vacuum isn't working. D. I'll be upstairs working on my laptop. That way you'll know for next time. You should leave the house at 3:15 to leave yourself enough time to get there. While they're at school I'd love if you could organize their toys and games. Oh. The kids need to be pic ked up at sc hool at 3:30. It ma inly needs dusting and tidying. Today I'd like you to concentrate on the upstairs. C. I'd like you to do a fe w loads of laundry. because we're going to be hosting a dinner pa rty at the end of the month. If you have any questions just holle r. When you are through with the regula r c leaning. The playroom is rea lly messy. but I forgot to mention that the fridge neede d cleaning. Thanks for doing suc h a great job of cleaning the main floor. Check your unde rstanding 1 Where does the client ask the housekeeper to go? Click for answ er 2 Which appliance is broken? Click for answ er 3 What cleaning job is required? Click for answ er Transc ripts A. and don't forget the freezer. If there are any toys you think the kids would have outgrown. Hang up anything that you think might shrink in the dryer. You did a really great job last time. so I need you to ta ke it to the repa ir shop. You can fold the c lothes and the n when I get home I'll show you where to put everything away. You can also drop off some dry cleaning for us while you're out.3 What should be done with the winter clothes? Click for answ er E. just put them in a basket and I'll sort through them. I'll probably get you to do the oven next wee k. Feel free to rearrange everything in an organized manner. E. but we also need to put away our summer clothes and get out the winte r ones. B.

The bellboy will take your bags to your room for you. . I can book your family in for the weekend of the seventh.and pans in the sink from last night's dinner. He is going to school part time in the day and requires a full-time position in the evenings.Nelson has five years housekeeping experience in the hotel industry.Yoon is studying English online and needs a place to live. If you need help with your baggage we have a cart you can use. She has experience with children. and requires a part -time position to pay her rent. I can book you into a beautiful Bed and Brea kfast on the lake.Sabrina has been cleaning houses for 20 years. She has a working visa and needs a place to live. D . Her visa allows her to work part-time. She is hardworking and detail oriented.Cindy is visiting England for the summer. but you'll need to give them a good scrub. no vacancies Example If you want we can book your parents in an adjoining room. E . House keepers Looking for Work Match the job seeker to the appropriate ad: A . She has her own apart ment. He is retired but loves to clean. The zoo is our city's most popularattraction for kids. We are located downtown. I'm afraid the hotel is booked tonight. HOTEL VOCABULARY WORDS adjoining rooms noun amenities noun attractions noun baggage noun Bed and Breakfast noun bellboy noun book verb booked adj Meaning two hotel rooms with a door in the centre local facilities such as stores and restaurants things for tourists to see and do bags and suitcases packed with personal belongings a home that offers a place to stay and a place to eat a staff member who helps guests with their luggage arrange to stay in a hotel full. C . B . Fred wants to make a little bit of extra money to pay for tennis lessons and swimming classes. She is seeking a position as a nanny or housekeeper to help pay for her private English lessons.Fred is a perfectionist. They're soa king. so we are close to all of the amenities.

I'll let you make your complaint to thehotel ma nage r.brochures noun check-in verb check-out noun complimentary breakfast noun cot. shampoo. There's an inn on the other side of town that has a vacancy. . The heated indoor pool is open until 10 pm. rollaway bed noun damage charge noun deposit noun double bed noun floor noun front desk. maid noun ice machine noun indoor pool noun inn noun small booklets that provide information on the local sites and attractions go to the front desk to receive keys return the keys and pay for the bill free of charge Feel free to take some broc hures to your room to look at. You can check-in anytime after four o'clock. and coffee. so give them a room w ith two double beds. Towels are available at the front desk. Put a sign on the door if you wanthouse keeping to come in and change the sheets on the bed. we have cotsavailable. All of our rooms have complimenta rysoap. a single bed on wheels that folds up money a guest owes for repairs to hotel property (when caused by violent or careless acts) amount paid ahead of time to secure a reservation a bed large enough for two people a level of the building the place where guests go to check in and out and to get information a person that is staying at the hotel a very inexpensive place for backbackers and travelers on a budget person in charge at the hotel staff membe rs that clean the rooms and linen a machine that automatically makes ice that guests can use to keep drinks cold place for guests to swim inside the hotel another word for "hotel" Our washrooms are for guests only. We will have to add a damage charge for the hole you put in the wall. Please return your parking pass when youcheck-out. There is an ice mac hine by the elevator on all of the even numbered floors. reception noun guest noun hostel noun hotel manage r noun house keeping. If you need an extra bed. They are a family of four. In the hostel you probably won't get your own room. You will not receive your deposit back if you cancel. The swimming pool is o n the main floor.

Display this parking pass in your window to show that you are a hotel guest. If you would like a bottle of wine. pillow cases large open area at the front of the hotel a device on wheels that guests can push their luggage on the most amount of people allowed accommodations that are slightly cheaper than hotels loud a piece of paper that guests display in the car window while in the hotel parking lot extra charge for movies and special television features the covering that goes over a pillow bed with plenty of space for two people (bigger than a double) cost of renting a room for a certain time period a request to save a specific room for a future date delivery of food or other services requested by guests . extra large bed a small fridge and cooking area a fee for staying past the check-out time sheets. hot tub. Our motel is very clean and is close to the beach. Your room has a kitche nette so you can prepare your own breakfasts and lunches. the charge will appear on your bill. If you order a pay-per-view movie. We will come in and change the linensw hile you are out of your room.Jacuzzi. just callroom serv ice. The maximum capac ity in the hot tub is ten people. A room w ith a king size bed costs an extra ten dollars a night. They have a queen size bed so the small child can eaily fit in the middle. whirl pool noun king-size bed noun kitchenette noun late charge noun linen noun lobby noun luggage cart noun maximum capacity noun motels noun noisy adj parking pass noun pay-per-view movie noun pillow case noun queen size bed noun rate noun reservation noun room service noun a small hot pool for relaxation Our honeymoon room has a personal hot tub. Our rates change depending on the season. Please return the lugga ge ca rt to the lobby when you are finshed w ith it. blankets. They say they made a reservation but it doesn't show on the computer. Room 201 doesn't need their sheets changed. You can stand in the lobby and wait for your bus. but they requested one newpillow case. You will be charged a ten dollar late charge for checking out after 11 am. The guests next to you have complained that you are being too noisy.

filled with steam a bed for one person a bed built into a sofa or couch We don't recommend bringing young children into the sauna. The economy priced room includes onesingle bed. We only have one vacancy left. The room is more expensive because it has a spectacular vie w of the beach. You can get your swimming pool towe ls at the front desk. thevalet will park your car underground. workout room.sauna noun single bed noun sofa bed. The room contains a sofa bed so the room actually sleeps five. used to cover and dry the body after swimming or bathing available rooms staff that parks the guests' vehicles If you leave your car keys with us. and it is for a single room. The vending machine on the fifth floor has chocolate bars and chips. gym noun a hot room for relaxation. What time would you like your wa ke up ca ll? Our we ight room has a stair climber and a stationary bicycle. pullout couch noun towe ls noun vacancy noun vacant adj valet noun vending machine noun view noun wake up call noun weight room. a machine that distributes snacks and beverages when you insert coins a window that offers a nice image for guests a morning phone call from the front desk. acts as an alarm clock a room that guests can use for exercise and fitness .

on the Click for answ er 8 I'll let you voice your complaint about the rate to the . We are completely . Click for answ er 7 If you need to do your workout we have a third floor. If you need a midnight snack there's a of potato chips on your floor.Hotel Vocabulary Quiz 1 If you've never been to this city. The room has a pull couch. Click for answ er 9 Please put your used in the basket and leave unused ones hanging on the rack. full Click for answ er . Click for answ er 10. so it will sleep an extra person. 3 Click for answ er 4 Click for answ er 5 After your long conference you can relax in the . Click for answ er Click for answ er We do not have a service. We don't have any vacancies. you should take a look at our 2 . You'll have to park your car yourself. Click for answ er 6 I'll call housekeeping and ask them to bring you some fresh .

How can I help you? What date are you looking for? How long w ill you be staying? How many adults will be in the room? I'm afraid we are booked that weekend. We have an indoor swimming pool and sauna.. I'm afraid we're totally booked for that weekend. Morine speaking. I didn't realize. Take Exit 8 off the highway and you'll see us a few kilometers up on the left hand side. We serve a continental breakfast. Friday the seventeenth? Caller: Yes.54 with tax. We require a credit card number for a deposit. Guest I'd like to make a reservation for next week. The rate I can give you is 99. Will two double beds be enough? Do you want a smoking or non-smoking room? The dining room is open f rom 4 pm until 10 pm. but the movie channel is extra. Friday and Saturday. There's a convention in town and we're the closest hotel to the convention centre. Is it necessary to book ahead? Do you charge extra for two beds? How much is it for a cot? Do you offer free breakfast? Is there a restaurant in the hotel? Do the rooms have refrigerators? Do you do group bookings? Is there an outdoor pool? Do you have any cheaper rooms? When is it considered off. . There are only a few vacancies left. Lise speaking.season? Sample Conversation Receptionist: Thanks for calling Quality Inn. We advise that you book in advance during peak season.Taking a Reservation Front Desk Receptionist Enterprise Hotels. Well what about the weekend after that? Receptionist: Caller: Receptionist: So.. Cable television is included. Caller: Hello. Oh. I'm interested in booking a room for the September long weekend.

Receptionist: It looks like we have a few vacancies left. but we also charge an extra ten dollars per person for any family w ith over four people. all of our rooms have two double beds. That's reasonable.our outdoor pool will be closed. Okay. but we do require a fifty dollar credit card deposit to hold the room. Okay. and just to let you know. though. Oh. Okay. Great. Yes. but our indoor pool is open. You can cancel up to five days in advance and we will refund your deposit. Caller: Receptionist: Caller: Receptionist: Caller: Receptionist: Caller: Receptionist: Check your unde rstanding 1 Why did the caller phone this hot el? Click for answ er 2 Why can't the caller stay at the hotel on the September long weekend? Click for answ er 3 Why does the caller have to hang up and call back? Click for answ er . We recommend that you make a reservation. The rate for that weekend is $129 dollars a night. We do. but I'm not positive if she is coming. Can we pay when we arrive? Yes. And do you have cots? One of my daughters might be bringing a friend.. It's still considered peak season then. I have to find my husband's credit card.. The cot is free. I'll call you right back. Do you have any rooms with two double beds? We're a family of four.

The weight room and sauna are on the top floor. Sorry we're a bit late checking-out. Do you have any vacancies? Is the hotel booked. I'll give you two room keys. Just call the front desk if you need any extra towels or pillows. What type of vehicle are you driving? Do you know the license plate number of your vehicle? Complimentary breakfast is served in the lobby between 8 and 10 am. We really enjoye d our stay. We have a few complaints. Guest We're checking out of room 401. The dining room is on the main floor at the end of the hall. Have a safe trip home. or can we get a room for tonight? How do we get to our room from here? Is it okay to park out front? What time is the pool open until? What time is breakfast served at? Is it too early to check in? Can we get a wake-up call? When is check out time? Check Out Front Desk Receptionist Are you ready to check out? What room were you in? How was your stay? Was everything satisfactory? Will you be putting this on your card? And how will you be paying for this? Would you like to speak to the hotel manager on duty? I'll just need your room keys. I'm afraid we overslept/slept in.Checking Guests In and Out Check In Front Desk Receptionist What name is the reservation under? How long w ill you be staying? Are you planning on checking out tomorrow ? I'm afraid you can't check in until after 4:00 pm. . please. Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Guest We have a reservation under Jill McMann. We'll be back next time we're in town.

Click the middle button to stop. Guest: Oh. Guest: The kids were disappointed that the pool wasn't open this morning. Now.from $140. Receptionist: I apologize for that. So. Receptionist: Will you be putting this on your credit card? Guest: No. My husband ordered a plate of nachos. It's always really busy at check out time anyway. though. Guest: I thought it was $115 even. Receptionist: Hi there. No problem. I'll just need to ask you for your room keys.67.Sample Conversation Double-click the left button (>) to start. Are you checking out now? Guest: Yes. How was everything? The room was great. Guest: Receptionist: I'm glad you liked it. Guest: Oh.. Receptionist: The hotel isn't booked this week. Receptionist: OK. Click it again to continue. so it's not a problem. We can't get a cleaner in any earlier than 10 am. The last hotel we stayed in charged us for a late check out. including tax. Receptionist: That's no problem. Click the right button to pause. Receptionist: Yes. Guest: Well we had a nice swim last night anyhow. I'll pay cash. I know we're a few minutes late. So the total comes to $123. really. The beds were really comfortable. and we weren't expecting our own fridge. I forgot. here's your change. That's what they said yesterday when we checked in. Sorry. sorry.. Receptionist: . but there is an extra room charge on your bill.

It might be a bumpy ride because we are flying through a storm.Check your unde rstanding 1 Why does the guest apologize when she arrives at the front desk? Click for answ er 2 Which of the following did the woman's family NOT like about the hotel? Click for answ er 3 What was the woman charged for besides the room rate? Click for answ er Reset Airline Vocabulary Word part of speech airfare noun aisle noun aisle seat noun assist verb baggage noun baggage. Your must present your boa rding pass at the gate. luggage claim noun blanket noun boarding pass noun bumpy. I'll give you an aisle seat in case you need to walk around with the baby. rough adj cabin noun Meaning cost of a plane ticket the long empty space that you walk down the seat that is next to the aisle help the bags and suitcases that travellers put their belongings in place where you pick up your baggage after arrival warm covering part of the ticket that you give to the crew as you step onto the plane up and dow n movement of the aircraft interior of the aircraft Example se ntence The cost of your meal is covered in your airfare. The announcement will direct you to the correct baggage cla im. . I'm afraid your baggage got on the wrong airplane. Please keep your bags out of the aisleso that nobody trips. Please wait until everyone is off the plane so that we can assist you. There is no smoking allowed inside thecabin. If you feel cold I can get you ablanket.

Would the kids like to go and meet thecaptain? If you take a charter it will cost you half as much. We will be landing in Tokyo in approximately ten minutes. Because you have long legs you might be more comfortable in an aisle seat. life jacket a button passengers can press to get a crew member's attention the person who is in charge of the plane discount airline the part of the plane where the captain and his co-pilots sit feel good physically. My body doesn't suffer from jet lag anymore. We aren't doing any more tours of thecockpit because it's almost time to land. earphones noun inte rnational adj jet lag noun land verb life vest. We offer complime ntary coffee or tea. When you sit in first-class you get a better meal to eat. but you have to pay for alcohol. I'm used to travelling now. If the captain gets sick the co-pilot can take over. go up one level. Are you comfortable sitting next to theemergency exit ? You will need to present your identif ication along w ith your e-ticket. You can either pay for your excess baggage or leave one of your bags behind. Gate 3B is dow n this hall and to your right. with better services place where passengers go to wait to board a plane device that allows passengers to listen to music or a movie worldwide tiredness due to travelling through different time zones returning to the ground after being in the air a blow-up device that If you need anything. just press thecall light. We will be coming around to sellheadsets for five dollars. You should be at the airport two hours ahead of time for domestic flights. For inte rnationa l departures. able to relax free of charge person who helps the captain fly the plane within the same country section of the plane that opens in the case of an accident airfare purchased on the internet heavier/more bags than you are allowed more expensive seating.call light noun captain noun charter noun cockpit noun comfortable adjective complimentary adjective co-pilot noun domestic adjective emergency exit noun e-ticket noun excess baggage noun first-class noun/adj gate noun headset. Please take a moment to locate thelife .

provides air in case of cabin air pressure loss document that proves a person's identification and nationality the person who drives the plane drinks and snacks a number of seats beside each other the strip of land that an airplane takes-off and lands on device that holds passengers in their seats man or woman who provides service for passengers during a flight touching down at more than one airport during a flight when the plane leaves the ground driving an airplane to the correct place for taking off or deboarding vest under your seat. . We're making one stopover in Toronto. Put your oxygen mask on first before putting one on your child. It's not a direct flight. so we will be servingrefreshments but not a meal. You'll have to put your bag under your seat because all of the overhead binsare full. We are next in line to take off on this runway. The flight is overbooked. Infant car seats and sporting equipment can be picked up at theover-sized baggage counter. out verb Please have your passport out when you go through security. Please remain in your seats while theseatbelt light is on. You are in seat B of row nine. stewardess (female). The plane almost missed the runwaybecause it was such a bad storm. Please remain in your seats until wetaxi in to the gate. air host noun stopover noun take off noun/verb taxi in. Ask one of the stewardesses for a pillow if you're tired. The pilot is circling over the airport until it is safe to land. passport noun pilot noun refreshme nts noun row noun runway noun seatbelt noun steward (male). There is a paper bag in front of you in case you experience motion sic kness.noun motion sickness noun overbooked adj overhead bin/compartment noun over-sized baggage adj oxygen mask noun you put on in an emergency over water a bad feeling in the stomach that passengers get during a rough ride more passengers than available seats place above the seats for storing luggage items that do not fit in suitcases a device that goes over a person's face. It's a short flight. Four of our passengers will have to wait for the next flight. flight atte ndant.

Click for answ er 3 Passengers must stay seated on the plane during the 1 hour .touch down verb. or injured people seat next to the window where passengers can look out That was a very smooth touc h down. seat B. A steward will take you to the gate with a whee lchair. If your child wants a window seat I can move you back a row. 7 In the unlikely event of a water landing. while the captain Click for answ er 9 In about five minutes time we will get ready Click for answ er . seat to give you more room Click for answ er 2 The captain and his co-pilot sit in the . seats. disabled. you should have printed your . will be served before we begin the in- Click for answ er Click for answ er flight movie. Vocabulary Quiz> Annoucements Airline Vocabulary Quiz 1 I'll assign you to stretch your legs out. Click for answ er 5 6 You are seated in 30. 8 can be found underneath your Click for answ er Please fasten your prepares for take off. This turbulence should only last a few minutes. Click for answ er 4 When you paid for your airfare online. noun turbulence noun wheelchair noun window seat noun when the aircraft wheels land on the ground rough flight a seat for pushing elderly.

How many bags are you checking? Will you be bringing a carry-on bag? I'm afraid that bag exceeds the size restrictions. Did you pack your bags yourself? Would you like an aisle or a window seat? Would you like a wheelchair? You'll board at Gate 7. Martin today? Yes. Please be at the gate thirty minutes before your scheduled flight. Reset Checking In Passengers Check-in Assistant Can I see your ticket. Passenger I'm not sure which of these papers is my tic ket. Flight 87B to Toronto has been canceled. Your flight has been delayed by one hour. Would you be interested in giving up your seat? Enjoy your flight. please? Do you have your passport with you? I'm afraid your passport has expired. Can you check to confirm? Can I take my child through security? Is the flight on time? Will they be serving a meal today? Will they be showing an inflight movie? Where can I get a luggage cart? Can I use my laptop on board? Sample Conversation Check-in Assistant: Passenge r: Hello.to 10. . I'm afraid you're too late to check-in. Your flight is overbooked. Did you need any tags for your luggage? Your flight is expected to take off on time. to the runway. Are you flying to St. Is it possible to get an aisle seat? I requested a vegetarian meal. Click for answ er We are about to go through a large pocket of so prepare for a bumpy ride. I have my ticket here. Do you have a second piece of identification? I'll need to see your child's birth certificate.

I'll put you near the washroom too. Okay. Principio del formulario Check your understanding Check-in Assistant: . we'll check it in the over-sized luggage after you board. I'll need to see your passport as well. Did you pack these bags yourself? Yes. Be at the gate one hour prior to boarding time. It's Bates. I'll take my knapsack as my carry-on. She's 14 months. You will be able to preboard because you are traveling with an infant. Can I take my stroller to the gate? Yes.. Here is your boarding pass. Uh.is this the part you need? Actually I just need your name and I can find you on the computer. I have an e-ticket. you're traveling with an infant today. Okay. I'll need to see your daughter's birth certificate to prove that she is under two years of age. Great. would we be able to get an aisle seat? I may have t o walk her around if she gets fussy. Passenge r: Check-in Assistant: Passenge r: Check-in Assistant: Passenge r: Check-in Assistant: Passenge r: Thanks. Yes. Here you are. Oh.Check-in Assistant: Passenge r: Check-in Assistant: Passenge r: Check-in Assistant: Passenge r: Check-in Assistant: Great.. Here we are. Are you just checking these two bags today? Yes. Say. Frank Bates. Oh OK. Sure. my daughter Mia. Our flight crew will have some special instructions for take-off and landing.

Final Boarding Announcement This is the final boarding call for passengers Erin and Fred Collins booked on flight 372A to Kansas City. what does the check-in assistant ask the man for? Click for answ er 3 Where does the passenger request to sit? Click for answ er Airline Vocabulary | Airline Vocabulary Quiz | Checking-in Passengers | Annoucements Airline Announcements Listen to some typical public announcements made in an airport or airplane.1 What is the man's family name? Click for answ er 2 Instead of a ticket. Please have your boarding pass and identification ready. Thank you. Please proceed to gate 3 immediately. Thank you. Pre-flight Announcement Ladies and gentlemen. Click it again to continue. We are now inviting those passengers with small children. to begin boarding at this time. I repeat. The final checks are being completed and the captain will order for the doors of the aircraft to close in approximately five minutes time. We ask that you please fasten your seatbelts at this time and secure all baggage . This is the final boarding call for Erin and Fred Collins. This is the pre-boarding annoucement for flight 89B to Rome. and any passenge rs requiring special assistance. We are currently third in line for take-off and are expected to be in the air in approximately seven minutes time. Regular boarding will begin in approximately ten minutes time. Double-click the left button (>) to start. Pre-boarding Announcement Good afternoon passengers. Click the right button to pause. welcome onboard Flight 4B7 with service from Hong Kong to San Francisco. Click the middle button to stop.

and the inflight movie will begin shortly after that. However. There are six emergency exits on this aircraft. While we wait for take off. . like this. please take a moment to review t he safety data card in the seat pocket in front of you. Place the mask over your mouth and nose. sit back. 000 feet at an airspeed of 400 miles per hour. I'll talk to you again before we reach our destination. Thank you for choosing Mountain Airlines. If the weather cooperates we should get a great view of the city as we descend. you may also see such words written without accent. Smoking is prohibited for the duration of the flight. liquor noun Meaning without a side dish with ice cream a distilled liquid such as rum or whiskey Example se ntence Is it possible to get the steak à la carte? I don't eat potatoes. Would you like your a pple pie à la mode? This beer has 5% a lcohol. with a high of 25 degrees for this afternoon. In the unlikely event of an emergency landing and evacuation. The time is 1:25 pm. leave your carry -on items behind. Count the number of rows to this exit. on behalf of the crew I ask that you please direct your attention to the monitors above as we review the emergency procedures. Until then. Should the cabin experience sudden pressure loss. First I'd like to welcome everyone on Rightwing Flight 86A. Safety Briefing Ladies and gentlemen. If you are traveling with children. The weather in London is clear and sunny. Vocabulary part of speech à la carte adjective à la mode adjective alcohol. This is your captain speaking. relax and enjoy the rest of the flight. Note that the nearest e xit may be behind you. The weather looks good and with the tailwind on our side we are expecting to land in London approximately fifteen minutes ahead of schedule. Oxygen masks will drop down from above your seat. Pull the strap to tighten it. Please turn off all personal electronic devices. Take a minute to locate the exit closest to you. including laptops and cell phones. Enjoy your flight. Captain's Announcement Good afternoon passengers. stay calm and listen for instructions from the cabin crew. This is why some words about food are written with an accent (for example: à la carte). We ask that you make sure that all carry-on luggage is stowed away safely during the flight. We are curre ntly cruising at an altitude of 33. make sure that your own mask is on first before helping your children. The cabin crew will be coming around in about twenty minutes time to offer you a light snack and beverage. Life rafts are located below your seats and emergency lighting will lead you to your closest exit and slide.underneath your seat or in the overhead compart ments. Vocabulary Note: Many English words and expressions about food come directly from French. We also ask that your seats and table trays are in the upright position for take-off.

haven't you? All of the servers keep bottle openerson their keychains. chec k noun blac k coffee adjective + noun boil verb book off verb booster seat noun booth/bench noun booze noun(idiom) bottle opene r noun bread basket noun customers pay one fee and can eat as much as they wish small snack before a meal looks pleasing to eat a cloth covering worn over the clothes while cooking very bad taste place in an establishment where people go to get a drink (especially alcoholic drinks) southern style of cooking over a grill tall seats that customers use at the bar staff member that mixes. If you sit up at the bar you don't have to order any food. The barbeque wings are our specialty. so let me know if you want more. I do part-time work as a bartende r in a local pub. Will your child be needing a booste r seat today? We'd prefer a booth if you have one available. the slip of paper that tells the customer how much to pay coffee without any milk style of cooking that involves placing food in a deep pot of extremely hot water mark a day that you cannot work a plastic unit that fits on top of a chair to help small children reach the table type of seating in which people sit side by side on a cushioned area alcohol a device used for opening beer bottles that don't twist off slices of bread and butter served before and with a meal . pours. The customer said that her pasta wasawful. The guest fell off his barstool before he even ordered a drink. I need to book off the first week of May. Should I bring some cream. and serves alcoholic beverages drink These are all you can eat fries. You've been into the booze already. Remove your apron before you come out to the dining room. or do you take your coffee black? We usually boil the potatoes first so that they will cook faster. c heque. Would you like some garlic bread or another appetizer to start? I'm afraid these pancakes don't look very appetizing. I'll bring you a bread basket to hold the kids dow n until dinner.all you can eat adjective appetize r noun appetizing adjective apron noun awful (taste) adjective bar noun barbeque noun/verb barstool noun bartender noun beverage noun bill. Can I bring you some beverages while you look at the menus? Table 3 would like you to bring them their cheque.

The plates and everything you need are up at the buffet. We don't have a cashier. You need to clear this table and set it for four. The guest brought his complaint to . You should always check on your guests about two minutes after you serve the meal. The toast is burnt around the edges. combination noun comment card noun complaint rolled and cooked in bread crumbs self-serve tables of food that are set out for the customer to pick and choose from overcooked to the point of turning black rubber tub used for collecting dirty dishes a person who helps out in a restaurant (especially clearing and setting tables) paper money payment counting and submitting the payment of all of the customers bills at the end of one's shift staff member responsible for collecting custome r's money at the front of an establishment to add a fee make sure the guests are satisfied staff member who is professionally trained to prepare food remove finished or unused items from a table an alcoholic drink w ith juice machine that dispenses coffee into a glass container for pouring an offering of coffee and refills around a section of a restaurant mixture a piece of paper that customers are given to record their dining experience a problem w ith service or food The shrimp is breade d in our homemade batter. The buspan is stacked so high it's too heavy for me to carry. Our head che f is one of the best cooks in town. and chicken fingers. Let's ask the busboy to do a coffee round while we take a smoke break. When she asked for a comment card I knew she was going to complain about the food. Ask the busboy to help you bring out all of the food. busser noun cash noun cash out verb cashier noun charge verb check on verb chef noun clear verb cocktail noun coffee maker noun coffee round noun combo. I will have to charge you an extra dollar to add ice cream. Would anyone care for a cocktail on this warm sunny day? You need to teach the new waitress how to operate the coffee ma ker.breaded adjective buffet noun burnt adjective buspan noun busboy. I don't have any cash. ribs. The combo platter has veggies. you have to pay your server. Do you accept Visa? Don't forget to include any coupons from tonight when you cash out later.

It is our policy that the customer is always right.e. Don't forget to defrost some pies for tomorrow. mustard) prepare and heat food until it is ready to serve tool for removing the cork from the top of a wine bottle. spoon) stop serving a customer any more alcohol use bank card to pay directly from bank account cooked in a large pot of oil remove frozen food from the freezer to prepare very good taste food brought to the home person in a party who agrees not to consume alcohol in order to drive everyone home safely . not for alcoholic drinks.noun condiments noun cook verb/noun corkscre w noun counte r noun coupon noun complimentary adjective creamer noun credit card noun customer. flat area often used for placing dishes on or preparing food a slip of paper that offers the customers a discounted rate free of charge small plastic container of cream for coffee a plastic card that allows people to pay for something later person who goes to an establishment to be served treatment of guests the manager. In a fine dining restaurant the staff has to polish the silverwa re. knife. You will need to learn how to work acorkscre w before you start bartending. Can we pay by debit here. Your coupon is only valid for food. I left one of the salads on the kitchencounter by mistake. All of the condime nts you should need are on the table. The guest says that this chicken isn'tcooked enough. The cookies were so delicious they were gone in half an hour. silverware. Will you need more than two creamersfor your coffee? You forgot to sign your c redit card slip. Do you have delive ry or do we have to come in to eat? Is there a designate d driver in your party or are you taking a taxi? tools for eating with (fork. I cut off the man with the beard because he'd had too much to drink. thaw verb delic ious adjective delivery noun designate d driver adjective + noun types of sauces that are added for flavouring (i. Our restaurant got the award for having the best customer service this year. The desserts are complimentary because the dinner took so long. guest noun customer service noun cutlery. utensils noun cut off verb debit noun deep fried adjective defrost. or do you only take credit cards? Most of the appetizers on our menu aredeep frie d.

This is afast-food restaurant. Have all of the soda you want. We have a selection of local beers on dra ft. I need a roll of quarters for my float. main course noun fast-food noun fine dining noun float noun free re fills adjective + noun fry verb garnish noun/verb glassware noun sweet treat after a meal a plate of all of the desserts that customers can view and order from plates that customers are finished with at a cheaper cost area in the restaurant where the dirty dishes are placed. the staff member/machine that washes the dirty dishes unfinished food that is packed up for the customer to take home two shots of alchohol in one drink beer from a keg that pours out of a tap liquid topping for salads no sauce the largest part of a meal (after appetizer. Jody is not going to want to go into thedishpit today. it's free re fills here. The entrées are after the lunch specials on page 6 of the menu. Would you like Italian or Frenchdressing? I'll have dry toast with two eggs.dessert noun dessert tray noun dirty dishes adjective + noun discount noun dishpit noun dishwasher noun doggie bag noun double noun draft noun dressing noun dry adjective entrée. We don't provide table service. We got a discount because we are regular customers. Make that a double in a tall glass. Make sure the glassware doesn't have any spots before you put it away. I'll bring the dessert tray around and see if I can tempt any of you with a slice of cake or pie. please. The waiters wear bowties because it's afine dining restaurant.e. parsley or fruit) group of drinking glasses I think we're too full to have desserttonight. before dessert) an eatery that offers quick inexpensive food a very expensive eating establishment small amount of cash used to make change at the beginning of a server or bartender's shift beverages that can be filled again without any cost cook over an element in oil food that is added to a plate for appearance or colour(i. Don't forget to garnish all of the entrees that go out. Can you bring the dishwasher these pans to clean? I can't finish my steak. I'll just clear these dirty dishes and make some room for you. . Don't fry the vegetables too long or they will go soggy. but I'll take adoggie ba g.

I'd like to speak to the floor mana gerabout the service. Is this the line up to pay or get seated? Can I offer you a coffee lique ur to go with your dessert? We can make change if all you have is large notes. Please wait and the hostess will seat you. The healthiest way to prepare meat is on a grill. . When we have a large party we're allowed to add a 15% gratuity to the bill. hold the bun. I'll take a hamburger. Your priority as a hostess is to greet the guests at the door with a smile. I'll put the kettle on and make some fresh tea. The party is for ten plus a highchair. If you don't want to wear a hat. lime wedge noun lineup noun/verb liqueur noun make c hange verb + noun manager noun/adjective covering for the hands to prevent the spread of germs extra money given as a thank you for service say hello and welcome customers to the establishment cooking over iron slats that allow for oil and fat to drop down a covering worn on the head while preparing food short amount of time when alcoholic drinks are on sale alcohol served w ith soda a tall chair with a plastic tray designed for a baby leave off/without made from a recipe staff member in charge of greeting and seating customers in a restaurant all of the different foods that are combined in a recipe pot for boiling water for tea the last chance for a person to get an alcoholic drink before the establishment closes a small segment of lemon or lime put on the rim of a glass a number of people waiting for something alcohol that has a syrupy/sweet taste give customers money back from a payment person in charge of a section of a restaurant Whenever you are handling food make sure you are wearing gloves. We'll have two more screwdrivers forlast ca ll. We're expecting a rush because it's almost happy hour. hostess noun ingredients noun kettle noun last call noun lemon. I'll check the ingre die nts to make sure there aren't any nuts. We serve the best homemade soup in town. I'd like a lemon wedge for my ice water please.gloves (plastic) noun gratuity/tip noun greet verb grill noun/verb hairnet noun happy hour noun highball noun highchair noun hold verb homemade adjective host. you can wear a hairnet. Our highballs are on for half price today.

e. I'll take a whiskey on the roc ks. we only had one each. melt two tablespoons of butter in the microwave.melt verb menu noun microwave noun mild adjective nightclub noun non alcoholic beverage adjective + noun notepad noun on the roc ks preposition + noun on the side preposition + noun orde r verb/noun over charge verb pack up verb party noun patio noun paycheque noun pitche r. You'll get a paycheque every other Monday. The chicken fingers are alreadyportioned in the freezer. can we have the sour cream on the side? Is everyone ready to order lunch now? I think you over cha rged us for our drinks. put in a take-out container for the Would you like me to pack up the customer to bring home rest of that pizza? group of people at or waiting for a table outdoor seeating money given to the staff every week or two a container with a spout to pour water. For the nachos. beer. If you work at the nightclub you will have to stay until 2 AM. I'd like a half dozen mild chicken wings. jug noun portion noun/verb pour verb prepare verb warm to soften (i. We'll take a pitc her of beer with four glasses. . or other beverages out of a separate amount of food dispense liquid from a c ontainer get food ready A party of twelve just walked in without a reservation. We closed the patio because it looks like it's going to rain. Can I order a non alcoholic beer? Just let me grab my notepad and I'll take your order. Do you have a children's menu we could see? We can heat your dinner in themicrowave if you like. Can I pour you folks another glass of water? The servers have to prepare the salads themselves. cheese/butter) a booklet of all of the food that can be ordered a small appliance that heats and cooks food quickly not spicy establishment where adults go to dance and drink alcoholic beverages a drink that resembles a certain drink without the alchohol paper that a server uses to write down orders on ice request for a food ite m to NOT be put on top of another food item make a request to a server give a customer a bill that is too high (by mistake) First.

pub noun punc h c loc k and punc h card noun punc h in. let me know before I make the schedule. Before we punch out we have to prepare enough roll-ups for the night shift. a notice of the time and date each staff member has to work in a certain period of time dry flavouring added to food the customers bring their ow n food items to the table and do not pay for service a reduced price for people over a certain age (i. You can give the regula rs a complimentary drink from time to time. it's first come first served here. Can you put a rush on this spaghetti. What kind of sauce would you like on your ice c ream. over 65) . Our chef is so talented that he almost never bothers w ith a recipe. This steak is too rare for me to eat. so get ready. We always have a rush after church on Sundays. I don't want staff members hanging around the punc h c loc k. The restrooms are to your left and down the stairs. butterscotch or chocolate? If you want to book off a day.e. I'm going to punch in a large order now. We have a buffet on. We have a senior's discount of 25% off on Mondays. He wants the chicken plain w ithout anyseasoning. so it's selfserve for lunch. out verb punc hsomething in verb rare adjective recipe noun regulars noun reservation noun restrooms noun roll-up noun rush noun rush noun/verb sauce noun schedule noun/verb seasoning noun self-serve adjective senior's discount noun establishment that specializes in casual food and alcoholic beverages a machine that staff members place a card into when they begin and finish a work shift put a card in the punch clock to mark the time you start and end a shift enter an order into a computer system cooked meat that is pink inside list of ingredients and instructions for preparing a certain type of food people who come into an establishment often a request to have a table saved for a certain amount of people place for people to use a toilet and wash hands a set of cutlery wrapped in a napkin a large amount of customers arriving at the same time prepare quickly for a certain reason liquid flavouring added to food I can wear whatever I want when I work at the pub. We don't take any reservations. I forgot to punch it in. You can punch out as soon as you finish sweeping the floors.

Homemade fish and chips is ourspec ialty. Is there someone in charge of servingout on the patio? I need you to clear and set table five for a party of eight. you'll love our chocolate cheesecake. If you like sweet things. Let's do a shot to get this party started. Would you like to hear the specialsbefore you decide on lunch. Any item with three chilies beside it means that the dish is very spicy. Are these coffees to go or to stay. Can I substitute the carrots for corn? When I'm not here George will be yoursuperv isor. Stir the soup for a few minutes before you serve it. We'd like to sit on the patio if there is any shade.separate che ques adjective + noun/verb +noun serve verb set verb shade noun shot noun shooter noun side dish noun sour adjective sous che f noun specials noun specialty noun spicy adjective stay verb stir. I think the milk has gone sour from sitting out of the fridge too long. bring items to a customer get a table ready with items such as cutlery and glassware place outside that is not in the sun one ounce of alcohol served in a small glass (shot glass) an ounce of alcohol and juice combined choice of food that goes with a main meal acid or fermented taste staff member who works under and assists the main chef items that were prepared particularly for a certain day and are usually at a reduced price food item that a restaurant is popular for hot flavour to eat in the restaurant spin round and round with a spoon long hollow plastic stick for drinking out of alcoholic drink without any mix or ice replace one item for another staff member in charge of watching over things and dealing with problems taste with a lot of sugar We asked for separate cheques but it all came on one bill. Is there a shooter that has orange juice in it? The two side dishes are mashed potatoes or french fries. mix verb straw noun straight up adjective substitute verb supervisor noun sweet adjective a different bill for each member/group sitting at a table look after a customer. Can I please get a straw for my ice tea? He always has a stra ight up glass of rum after his meal. Our sous c hef is leaving to become the head chef at another restaurant. .

or bottle a place where wine is made. litre. If you are intersted in trying some wines you should go on a wine tasting tour. Don't forget to do your two-minute check to make sure the steak is cooked properly. Would you mind warming up the baby's bottle for me? The meat was so well-done it had no flavour. You need a key to open the till and make change. tasted. What type of toppings would you like to have on your pizza? The uniform here is black pants and a white shirt. waitress noun waiting list noun warm up verb well. You will notice that we have a lot of local wine on our wine list. There's one termina l in the kitchen and one on the bar. We're just going to order a pizza to go. and sold sampling different types of wine You can either eat in or order food totake-out. terminal noun till noun to go verb toppings noun uniform noun waiter.done adjective wine list noun wine ry noun wine tasting adjective .take-out adjective/verb two-minute chec k noun food that is packed up and eaten at home a visit to a table approximately two minutes after the food has been served to check for satisfaction computer system for punching in food orders drawer of a cash register that money is kept in to take out of the restaurant food items that go on top of other food items to add flavour clothing that staff members have to wear staff member in charge of taking orders and serving food and beverages list of groups who want a table to eat at heat food to an enjoyable temperature for eating cooked for longer than average a menu of all of the wine you can order from the glass. When I got promoted from a hostess to a waitress I started making tips. There is another winery up the hill that you might enjoy stopping at. We have a twenty minute wa iting listtonight.

Click for answ er 3 Some of our regulars were so drunk they had to be and sent home in taxis. Click for answ er Click for answ er 10 The reservation requested a available at seven. or do you need a few more minutes with the menus? ? Would you like to hear today's . Click for answ er 4 Can you bring table two some their dinner? so they can eat Click for answ er 5 I'll write down that I started at nine o'clock. appetizercookeddecidedfinishedinterestneedingsaveseparate chequesso farspecials 1. but not on liquor. 2. because I forgot to . if there's one Click for answ er Serving a Table> Serving a Table Are you ready to take your first table? Here are some questions that you may need to ask your guests. Click for answ er 7 We have two domestic and two imported beers on . Fill in the blanks with the appropriate word. Click for answ er 6 The cheese on these nachos isn't enough. Your next Saturday because it's my Click for answ er 2 will be by in a moment to take a drink order. Check your answers and then move on to the guests' responses. 3. Can I Has everyone anyone in a cold beverage to start? . on food.Food and Drink Vocabulary Quiz 1 I have to birthday. Click for answ er 8 9 I'll take a gin and soda Seniors get a .

Nachos Tossed Salad. Finger Food. Greens. Combo Platters. 5. Menu Section Also Known As Appetizers Appies. Most menus are divided into sections. bartenders. Snacks. or desserts. 10. Starters Garden Fresh. 6. Cheese Plate. Lighter Favourites. Soup of the Day Salads (and Soups) . A guest might call a drink a beverage or a refreshment. Is anyone interested in soup or salad as an How would you like your steak Is there anything else you'll be And how is everything Are you all Did anyone ? with your plate? room for dessert tonight? ? ? just now? ? Is this all together. 8. 9. 7. or would you like How well did you do? 10 Excellent! 7-9 Very Good! 4-6 Good try :) 0-3 Try again :( Understanding your Guests> Understanding the Me nu If you are going to be working in a restaurant. Learn the different terms that are used so that you can understand and serve your guests promptly and accurately. Cooks have to know the menu inside-out as well. Low-fat Selections Example Items Garlic Bread. Caesar Salad.4. It isn't just the server who should know the menu. They also use certain words to make food sound more delicious. Different menus use different words to mean the same thing. Low Calorie Choices. and bussers may also get asked questions about the menu from the guests. Light Fare. it is important that you understand the menu. if an item says it is smothered in mozzerella cheese it can't just have a sprinkling of cheddar. After all. Hosts. You may need to help a guest find the entrees.

Milk Italian Main Course Entrée. Tex-Mex Signature items. Battered Shrimp. Hearty Stew French Fries. especially North America. Non-alcoholic beverages. Fettucini New York Steak. From the Deli. Liquor. Wraps (Garden) Burger. Kids Stuff. Smoked Salmon Fajitas. Pasta. Jug of Beer. Fish. such as appetizers or dessert. Cheeseburger. Grilled Veggies Fish and Chips. From the Grill. Juice. Chicken Cordon Bleu Apple Pie. having higher sales means earning better tips. On the Side. Chicken Stirfry. 5 Stars Desserts Sweets. Ref reshments Coolers. Chicken Fingers Kids Me nu Descriptive Words and Expressions on a Menu Menus often contain special language to make items sound delicious. Hot Wings. It is useful for servers to learn these expressions in order to sound more know ledgable and achieve better sales. Treats. For the Sweet Tooth Beverages Drinks. In many English speaking countries. Dinners. Main Dish. From the Bar Juniors. Little Tikes. Steak Sandw ich Noodles. These words and expressions can also convince the guests to order more food. Side Dishes Seafood Catch of the day. Specia lty Drinks. Fresh from the Sea Mexican Specialties South of the Border. Draft. Peach Cider Spaghetti and Meatballs. Pepperoni Pizza. Banana Split Soda Pop. Pleasers. Favorites.Sandwiches Burgers. Nachos. For the Munchkins Wine and Beer House Wine. . Spirits. Veggie Menu. Mocha Cheesecake. Lunch Grilled Chicken Sandw ich. Enchilladas BBQ Ribs. Pizza Spaghetti. Rice. Main Event Sides Accompaniments.

loade d with home style. drizzled with finished with fresh just off the farm/ out of the garden/ decorated with garnishe d with generous portion.Description available with Meaning Guests can have this food served a different way. Coffee and tea is bottomless. homemade. and onions Our fish is lightly batte red in beer. glazed crispy Caesar salad with fresh lettuce and crispycroutons Apple pie and vanilla ice cream drizzled withbutterscotch A generous portion of spaghetti and garlic tomato sauce. with liquid remaining for taste Garden salad w ith juicy tomatoes. heaping. cucumbers. made from scratc h juicy a large amount of from a recipe (not a package) Try our chef's homemade chili with fresh baked bread. . All sandwiches are served w ith a generous portion of fresh cut fries. Guests can have more without paying. rolled in bread crumbs. eggs. finished with homemade meatballs All omelettes are made w ith three fresh egg whites. bottomless (free refills) chunky A steaming bow l of chunky vegetable soup Breast of chicken coated in teriyaki sauce coated in. lightly breaded. many large pieces of meat or vegetables covered in a sauce (often before cooking) makes a crunchy sound when you chew a small amount of liquid poured over top final step of the food preparation Example item All burger selections are available with whole wheat buns. Our dinners are ga rnished w ith fresh parsley and seasonal fruit.

8a. 5h. 6f. 4b. 9j. 7c. 2e. A ginger chicken stir fry served on a bed of rice Ask your server about our seasona l fruit pies. 3g. A vegetable medley tossed in olive oil and served over rice Finish your meal off with one of our mouth watering desserts. 1 Dessert 2 Starte rs 3 Specialties a Big Daddy's Hamburger with fresh cut fries b Homemade Iced Tea c Junior Spaghetti and Meatballs 4 Re freshments d Peach pie a la mode 5 Seafood 6 Sides 7 Kids Me nu 8 Sandwiches 9 Spirits 10 Salads e Mouth watering garlic cheese toast f Loaded mashed potatoes g Chef Br ian's homestyle chili h Lemon and herb glazed Salmon i Seasonal tossed greens j 1/2 litre house white ANSWERS: 1d. mixture Our steaks are marinated in a rich peppercorn sauce. 10i . Roasted chicken seasoned with fresh basil and oregano medley mouth watering appearance causes mouth to salivate on top of a layer of on a bed of seasonal produce varies at different times during the year herbs and spices added seasoned with Matching Exerc ise Match the menu items with the menu section they belong in.battered marinated in or other mixture and c ooked left in fridge to soak up sauce/juice/flavoring variety.

Glassware brandy snifter half litre/litre highball glass martini glass a glass container for serving house wine a tall straight glass mug pint glass pitche r/jug roc k glass/tumbler shot glass sleeve wine glass a cup or glass with a handle used for hot beverages 20 oz glass for draft approximately 60 oz container for draft or water short glass for mixed drinks 1 oz glass for shots and shooters 12 oz glass for draft . mixing and serving drinks. you are sure to come across English patrons who want a cold dri nk. measuring. Then read the dialogue and check your understanding. such as learning special recipes. No matter which country you are working in. Study the lists and expressions bartenders use.Behind the Bar> Behind the Bar Tending bar requires special skills. and chatting with guests.

origin Scotland . cranberry juice. rum. salt.Classic Coc ktails There are many different ways to prepare classic cocktails. salt. blended with ice gin. slice celery. on ice (for a white russian-add milk) vodka. origin Caribbean clear alcohol made from grain or potato. (garnish w ith olive) rum. worchestershire sauce. on ice tequila. blended with ice (for a strawberry daquiri use strawberry mix or syrup) vodka. sugar. liquors. origin Russia light brown alcohol made from grain. blended with ice vodka and orange juice. The following recipes do not contain specific amounts. lemon juice. on ice light rum. and mixes. lime. Every bar or restaurant has rules about how much alcohol to put in a cocktail and how to build it. Black Russian Bloody Mary vodka. Use them to learn the names of the cocktails. pineapple juice. cola. on ice gin. orange liqueur. tobasco sauce.coconut milk. coffee liqueur. lime. tomato juice. lime juice. on ice vodka. soda water. celery salt. orange liqueur. gin. lemon juice. dry vermouth. on ice Cosmopolitan Daquiri Long Island Iced Tea Margarita Martini Pina Colada Scre wdrive r Tom Collins Common Liquor Gin Liqueur Rum Vodka Whisky (Rye in Canada) clear alcohol flavoured w ith juniper berries various sweet alcohols clear alcohol made from sugar cane. sugar. pepper.

I meant for beer.Tequila golden or clear alcohol.99. What can I get for you? Guest: I need something cold. . origin Mexico Beer and Coolers Domestic Local Cans Bottles Draft Keg Ciders Coolers beer from country that bar is located in beer brewed nearby beer served in a tin beer served in glass bottle beer on tap beer in a large barrel alcoholic drink from apples or other fruit premixed and bottled alcoholic drinks Sample Conversation Bartende r: Hi there. Bartende r: You've come to the right place. Guest: Sorry. Bartende r: Our beer special tonight is a pitcher of local draft with a half dozen wings for $12. Guest: Do you have any specials on? Bartende r: We have highballs on for half price.

How much do I owe you? Bartende r: $5.Guest: I guess I should have brought a friend. you better just make it a sleeve. I think I'll just have a Heineken for now. would you like that on tap or in a can? Guest: Do you have it in a bottle? Bartende r: No. Bartende r: Sure. Guest: Actually.25. I'll take a pint. Bartende r: Thank you. Check your unde rstanding 1 Which of the following is NOT on special tonight? Click for answ er 2 What does the bartender give the guest to drink? Click for answ er 3 How much money did the bartender make as a tip? Click for answ er . I'm af raid we don't. Bartende r: Sure. Guest: That's okay. Keep the change. Guest: Here's 6. Bartende r: A pint of Heineken coming up. And should I start you a tab? Guest: No. I'm driving.

Didn't I punch in a garlic bread with cheese? I'm missing three side salads. and cooked. Whether the establishment is a restaurant. and dialogue and then check your understanding by taking the quiz. You may also need to communicate with coworkers whose first language is English. is commonly referred to as the back of the house. restroo ms highest cook. or fast-food joint. trained in culinary arts helps other cooks by doing odd jobs such as slicing and portioning cook with the most seniority and experience person who is in charge of the staff in the back of the house cook that helps with food preparation. bake r: dishwasher: executive che f: food preparation worker: head cook: kitchen manager: line cook: specializes in baking bread and desserts cleans dishes.Back of the House Working in the food and beverage industry may also mean working where the food gets stored. Even though you may not have to deal with English guests directly. you will have to understand their needs. vocabulary. but may not have experience or training specializes in fast-food. simple cooking chef that is second in command. which is also where the dishes get cleaned. there are a number of different jobs in the back of the house. floors. Study the expressions. The kitchen area. . Table seven said to give compliments to the chef. works under and learns from executive/head chef short order cook: sous che f: Wait staff to che f Can you put a rush on table two's order? What's the ETA (estimated time of arrival) on the lasagna? How much longer for the roasted chicken? What's the soup of the day? One of my customers wants to know what you put in your cream sauce. all requiring different types of English skills. prepared. cafe.

I need you to put down two orders of fries. The special is a rack of lamb with a tossed salad. . I can do it. right? How does your table like their cheesecake? Don't forget to punch in those salads. Line cook 2: Should I get the steaks on the grill? Executive che f: We're going to hold on the steaks until the appies are out. but I wrote it on the notice board. let's see. but it's going to cost extra. hold the croutons on one salad. We need five caesar salads and two soups of the day. Taste this soup and tell me what you think. It's going to be another minute for the rice. and put the dressing on the side for another one. Line cook 2: I thought we were all out of fries? Executive che f: Oh. Anna is punching in her order of ten now. Sample Conversation Executive che f: Get ready. We just got five orders at once. Did you tell Anna that when she started? Line cook 2: No. Line cook 1: Any holds? Executive che f: Yes. Line cook 1: Should I get the salads and soups ready? Executive che f: Yes. Are all of these separate cheques for the same table? Did you want the chicken wings to come up first? You asked for that hot sauce on the side. that's right. Are you too busy to make me a staff meal? How much should I charge for an extra side of salsa? Chef to wait staff Can you run this food? It's getting cold.My customer says this hamburger isn't cooked enough.

Waitress: She just went for a smoke break. Tell them we can do roasted or mashed potatoes instead. Waitress: Kids? Oh. Executive che f: Tell them ice cream for dessert is on me. Check your unde rstanding 1 What is happening in the kitchen? Click for answ er 2 Which is true about the salads that were ordered? Click for answ er 3 When will the steaks be put down? Click for answ er Vocabulary (nouns) Word activities architecture art gallery Meaning things to do design of a building place to look at professional paintings and draw ings places for tourists to see Example se ntence There are lots of activities that the whole family will enjoy. Ask her w hat they want instead. The architecture of this building is typical of the Renaissance age. can you tell Anna there's no fries left for her table's order. The water park is our most recentattraction . We are going to visit the art galle rywhere local painters exhibit their art. attractions . I'll check with them.Executive che f: Mary. they're not going to be happy about that. Executive che f: It's to go with the kids' meals.

e. Keep in mind that this is the business district so that grocery store may be expensive. a sea monster lives in this lake. This location is the best because you don't need to bother renting a car. it is safe to walk around here at night. Since you have a kitchenette at your hotel you will need to know where thegrocery store is. It may be tough to find parking w ith the car exhibition on this week. There you will find all of yourconvenie nces. People often say that the highlight of their trip is the botanical gardens. I'll give you each a map so you can follow along as we walk. If you want to catch a movie while you're here. While we are en route to the hotel I will point out the beach and the golf course. from suntan lotion to shampoo. No one has live d in this castle since the last king died twenty years ago. With the exception of Johnson Street. According to an old legend. The locals are usually happy to show tourists around. It's a custom to hang beads in the windows at this time of year.bearings feeling for understanding one's location/surroundings in an unknow n area area in a city that has many offices a building for royalty a place to worship God things that make life easier If you're having trouble getting yourbea rings just remember that the mountains are west. The church is the central meeting place in this town. the enterta inme nt district is off to your left. We will meet in the lobby at 8 am sharp. business district castle churc h conveniences custom en route something people of a region do often on the way entertainment district exception a place where there are theatres and concert halls something/someone that does not follow the usual rules or expectations objects (i. art) displayed for a short time for the public to view place to buy food to take home exhibition grocery store/supermarket highlight the best part legend lobby locals location map a person or story know n for a long time front entrance people who live in an area place where something can be found shows roads and directions to places .

but children are free. The driver has made a request that you throw all of your garbage in the bin at the front on your way out. such as postcards of the beautiful waterfalls. You may be surprised how manystreet people ask you for money. action (religious or cultural) that people do often natural beauty to look at people who first made a home in an area area of town where there are many stores place. this home has been left in its original state. This is the site of a very famous battle. original state photograph postcard a card with a picture on one side(usually an object or place that tourists see) that can be mailed without an envelope things that tourists may want to say or ask something that has been asked for politely part of a town/city with many places to eat tradition. This monume nt honours the men and women who died during the war. but you can purchase a postcard. You may not take photographs here. You may want to save some spending money because we'll be visiting theshopping district this afternoon. often begging for money questions or concerns request restaurant district ritual scenery settlers shopping district site stairway/stairwe ll street people . You will see there are many more eateries to choose from when we head to the restaurant district. The stairwe ll is very steep. custom. The plane almost missed the runwaybecause it was such a bad storm. The gift shop has many great souvenirs. so please watch your step.market monume nt museum necessities place to buy fresh food and homemade items a statue/structure that honours an event or person a place where historical items are displayed things that people need for every day living the way something appeared from the beginning picture taken with a camera Every Sunday there is a farmer'smarket on Wade Street. We recommend that you only carrynecessities in your purse and leave everything else at the hotel. It is impossible to capture the beauty of this scenery in pictures.location steps going up or down people who live on the street. The original settlers relied on oxen to carry their wares. Except for the roof. It is an old native ritua l to dance during the sunrise. The museum charges a small fee for adults.

We can peer in the window but I think they are probably closed for the day.surroundings things that you see around you I hope you enjoy the castle and itssurroundings. lake. I will gladly re fer you to my favourite restaurants. but please do not eat any food. If you're all finished looking here. We will close the tour with a view of the city at sunset. You probably weren't expecting to see snow. The last ferry departs at 4pm. I apologize for my voice today as I have a bit of a cold. we will continue onwith the tour. pleasera ise your hand. so make sure you don't miss it. We recommend that you only keep a small amount of cash in your wallet . if you are interested. There will be plenty of live entertainment down at thewaterfront. You are permitte d to have a beverage on the bus. I have enjoyed meeting all of you today. including the secret garden. Please proceed all the way to the back of the bus. If you have any questions during the tour. voice voucher the sound you make when speaking a piece of paper that shows you have paid piece of land next to an ocean. Don't forget to bring your vouche r for a free coffee in the hotel lobby. When we get to the museum someone else . or river glass that you look out wate rfront window Vocabulary (verbs) Word arrive close continue on depart enjoy expect permit proceed raise (a hand) recommend refe r relax showsomeonearound Meaning reach a destination to finish keep going leave have a good experience think that something will be/happen a certain way allow go forward lift suggest suggest sit back and enjoy time in peace take people to see an Example se ntence I am glad to see you all arrived safely. Tomorrow you will have a day to just relax on the beach.

It is fascinating to know how people lived back then. please let me know. June is the most popula r time for tourists to come here. The government named this school as a herita ge site last year. There is an elegant dining room for guests to eat in. Every year it is an internationa l celebration. unfortunate attractive. It's so exciting to see new places.area sit bac k speak up relax in a seated position talk louder will show us around. This enormous sculpture stands one-hundred feet high. You will find beautiful homemade jewellery in that shop. Vocabulary (adjectives) Word ancient beautiful/gorgeous breathtaking customary dange rous devastating elegant enormous exciting extensive fascinating haunte d heritage inte rnational lovely magnificent popular Meaning very old very nice looking when a view is very impressive traditional not safe very sad. The house is said to be haunted and no one has lived in it for fifty years or more. . It is customary to shake hands and bow as you enter. If you need me to speak up or slow dow n. isn't it? This house has an extensive history. It is dangerous to accept a ride from a local. very nice (appearance or This is a lovely place to sit and watch the local personality) birds. amazing liked by many This part of town is known for its magnificent wall murals. with people coming from as far away as Africa. The tsunami was devastating for local hotels. Please sit back and enjoy the bus tour. and you can read more in the brochures. Under the starlight the waterfall is simplybreathta king. yet simple very large makes one feel very happy/energetic covers a lot very interesting to learn about/see believed to have ghosts living there of historical importance around the world Example se ntence The ancient village has been left untouched.

Cliff jumping is a thrilling experience for those of you who aren't afraid of heights. and relax until we're closer to the Click for answ er 6 Click for answ er 7 As you can see. smoking on the bus at any time. All of the antique furniture has been professionally restore d. you really need to get off the bus and get closer to it.prevalent reconstructed restored safe scenic superb thrilling unbe lievable visible very noticeable built again returned to its original state not dangerous nice to look at (nature) very good (i. entertainment) exciting too amazing/strange to seem true able to be seen Crime is prevalent in the old parts of town. The village was reconstructed after the major fire in 1910. It is difficult to get your carry a map at all times. for kids including a zoo and a Click for answ er 2 in this city. service.e. Click for answ er 8 We do not Click for answ er . the damage caused by the recent hurricane is very . Vocabulary Quiz 1 There are many museum. The water is safe to drink here. The top of the tower may not be visible because of the fog. food. We're going to be driving by farmland for the next ten minutes or so. The and housewares. so please Click for answ er 3 will try to sell you their homemade jewellery Click for answ er 4 5 You will find a free shuttle with your airline ticket. The children put on a superb concert at Christ mas time. It is unbe lievable what some of these street entertainers can do. We will go up to the balcony for a scenic view of the grounds. Click for answ er In order to appreciate the of the building. so just city.

I don't quite understand your question. You should also learn how to use variety when you answer questions or respond to comments. Hmm. do you? . Sir? Yes? (if you see a hand raised) Is there something I can help you with? I'll try my best to answer your questions. I'm not sure. Finally. I've never been asked that before. I don't know. which in my opinion is the most part of this tour. I'll have to ask someone about that. One of the hardest parts of your job may be answering questions.That's a tough (difficult) question. Tour Guide Do you have a question. I'm afraid I don't have the answer to that. Pardon my English. We are coming up to the waterfall I mentioned earlier. (Sorry. Tourist Where is the ______ from here? How long has _______ been here? Where are we headed (going)now? What time does _______ stay open until? What else is there to do here? Which _________ do you recommend? Are we allowed to take pictures? What's that over there? (tourist points) Where's the best place to buy _______? My son wants to know if _________? (parent asking a question for shy child) Do you know where the nearest washroom is? Could you tell us where the nearest bank is? You don't happen to have a first -aid kit. (Sorry I don't know. I'll have to look into that further. You may lose interest in your job if you say the same thing each time. However. but I can find out for you.9 The north tower is the only part of the castle that has been changed since the early 1900's. you can anticipate certain types of questions and certain ways that questions will be asked. I wish I knew the answer. Unlike a speech that you can memorize.) That's an interesting question.) Hmm. it is important to know how to politely explain that you don't understand a question. Click for answ er 10 Click for answ er Answering Questions As a tour guide you w ill face new challenges every day. you won't always know what questions people will ask.

No problem. though. No I'm af raid all of the castles are further into the city. The architecture is beautiful. There are so many good restaurants. However. what's that? Where's the best place to have dinner around here? Well. I have another question. Are we allowed to take pictures once we get inside the museum? Oh. please don't hesitate to ask. you can take pictures of the grounds and the outside of the buildings. Guide: Man: Guide: Woman: My daughter wants to know if we're going to be be passing any castles today? Castles. Guide: Man: Guide: Man: Guide: Woman: Oh. It shows where all of the castles are.Sample Conversation Guide: Man: Guide: Man: If you have any questions while we're going along. It's going to come up on your right in a few minutes. I can give you a map of the city. I forgot to mention that taking photographs inside the art gallery and the museum is prohibited. and what time will we be stopping for lunch? We'll break around noon and meet back at the bus at 12:45 sharp. How do we get there? I'll point it out when we pass it. That's what I'm here for. that's a tough question. Guide: . I'm glad you asked that. We're going to be staying near the coast today. I have a question actually. My personal favourite is Spaghetti Alley. Sure. Sorry.

tourists will appreciate any helpful advice you can give them. Please pay attention to the time. by asking. Please stay on the marked path. what types of transportation to use. but remember to place all trash in the garbage bins. You'll have some free time to look around after lunch. After you have explained the rules and safety precautions make sure that guests have understood you. For your own safety. Explaining safety Tour Guide Please keep your seltbelts fastened at all times. please stand behind the yellow line. The bus will be leaving at 5:00 pm sharp. I ask that you keep your hands inside the train. and how to obey the traffic rules. we ask that you refrain from putting your arms out the window. As a safety precaution. Explaining rules Tour Guide You are strictly forbidden from taking photographs inside the museum.Check your unde rstanding 1 What does the tour guide recommend? Click for answ er 2 What will this tour not be doing? Click for answ er 3 What does the tour guide say tourists are prohibited from doing? Click for answ er Vocabulary | Vocabulary Quiz | Questions Safety | Places of Interest | Sample Speech Explaining Rules. It is best if you memorize a speech rather than read from a card. "Are there any questions about this?" or "Is everyone clear on the rules?". Finally. if there are any customs or matters of etiquette that you think tourists should be aware of. Safety and Etiquette When giving a tour there may be rules and safety precautions that you need to explain. People will pay more attention to you and understand you more clearly if you look into their eyes as you speak. such as where to exchange their money. I'm sure this goes unsaid. this is a good time to let them know. Also. so we need to keep our voices down. . Please meet back here in one hour. We don't want to keep the driver waiting. Classes are in session.

. scenery. We suggest only carrying small amounts of cash.. Up ahead. As we turn the corner here. On your left you will see. Please keep to the sidewalk. Please stay with your group at all times. On your right/left you will see. The water is very rough. In the distance.Please do not feed the animals.. 1 The tour will begin at 4:00 . you can always point out something such as a landmark or a type of tree or flower. Please remain seated until we come to a full stop. While you can't talk the whole time. In this region we bow rather than shake hands during a first meeting.. using the public transit Click for answ er 3 It is on your bed. it does not include tips for the bellboy. Tour Guide In front of you is. Here are some different ways you can point out interest points during the tour. Choose the word that makes each sentence grammatically correct. To indicate that you want to get on or off the bus simply wave your hand at the driver. I do not recommend swimming here. you should try to know as much about the history.. to leave a gift for the hotel staff Click for answ er Showing Places of Interest Silence can be uncomfortable during a tour. Check your unde rstanding. .. Though the all-inclusive includes tips for the servers... These rules are for your own comfort and safety. Click for answ er 2 I do not system.. and culture (in English) for the places where you are giving tours so that you can keep the tourists interested. you will see.. If you ever run out of something to say... Explaining etiquette and customs Tour Guide It is customary in our country to tip the friendly bus driver.

Take a good look at.. Can you point it out again? Did I miss it? Will we see it on the way back? Sample Conversation Guide: It's about a three minute ride up to the top of the mountain.... to the right of the green meadow? Guide: I'm glad you asked....If you look up you w ill notice. if you look up straight ahead.. That's John Lake. but we usually see them around this time of year....you were talking about? Are we going to pass the. Look to the east.. During the 70's there was a lot of . Now.? Is it on the right or the left? I don't see it. We are now coming up to. I'd like to point out. You may have noticed.. Tourist Questions Is that the. Off to the north. It's actually a man made pond that was built as part of a conservation effort over twenty years ago... I haven't seen any yet.. Guide: Man: Guide: Woman: What's that lake down there. Keep your eyes open for w ildlife as we ascend...? Are we going to see any.. To your west. you don't have anything to worry about.. Does everyone see it there? Are there any baby birds? That's a good question... We do about 100 trips a day up the mountain. And to the right of that with the three small points is Mount Brown. As you will see. and these tours have been going on for over ten years without any acc idents.. right? Yes... you should be able to see a large eagle's nest.. It isn't uncommon to see deer and even bears. In a few minutes we'll be passing. As we pass the two towers the gondolla may sway a little. This thing is safe.. Keep your eyes open for.. Man: Guide: Woman: What's that mountain to the left called? That's Mount Karen.

. Thanks. and much of the wildlife was lost. there's plenty to do. Man: Is this the highest mountain in this region? No. There are two deer feeding in the clearing right below us. Oh.clearcutting of forests in the area. We have horseback riding.. So. that should be a great photo. this is the highest mountain for recreational purposes like skiing and guided tours. swans. what is there to do besides ski at the top of the hill at this time of year? Oh. actually. Mount Heather. But. snow mobile tours. Since John Lake was built. Guide: Man: Guide: Check your unde rstanding 1 Where is this tour taking place? Click for answ er 2 Which of the following does the tour guide NOT point out during the tour? Click for answ er 3 What does the tour guide do after he points out John Lake? Click for answ er . Guide: Woman: Can you ski throughout the year? No. and geese have returned to the area. look everyone. If you look to your left you'll see the snow mobile trail going through the mountain. which you we will be able to see in just a minute or so has the highest peak. and a petting zoo for children. it warms up enough to actually suntan up there in the summer. ducks.

I ask that you remain seated until we reach our destination and that you not eat or drink while on the bus. as well as guided whale boat tours. you can always use your credit cards. There will be a short information session at 1pm in the lobby of the hotel tomorrow where you can learn all about these offers. quiet city where you can relax. This is not a safe place to swim because there is a strong undertow. This is a beautiful. Hello everyone. Los Cabos. Or. and fishing charters. we recommend that you take the local bus rather than a taxi. Cabos San Lucas is the place to go if you want to enjoy swimming in the ocean. Some restaurants will accept American or Canadian money. Enjoy your vacation. but do drink responsibly and do not drink and drive. Please do not swim here. My name is Luca. sit by the beach. if you prefer. If you need to exchange your dollars into pesos. I promise you are going to enjoy your stay here in San Jose. Also. if you want to get around the city.Sample Tour Guide Speech Listen to a tour guide on a shut tle bus from the airport to the resort. You can walk into town and enjoy the fountains or take a moonlit walk along the water. They also may charge you more than what they say. You can take a short bus ride from your hotel. Right now I'd like to take a minute to familiarize you with the area and discuss some brief safety precautions. We recommend that you do not purchase packages from street vendors as they are not always 100 percent reliable. There you will also enjoy entertainment and dancing. The bus ride to your hotel will take about fifteen minutes. Suntan tours offers a variety of special discounts depending on your travel plans. Please take my advice and allow Suntan tours to book all of your day trips and activities while you are here. and the driver can give you change if you don't have the exact amount. or travel to Cabos San Lucas. please use a bank or money exchange. Welcoming tourists: Describing the location: Introduc ing special events and offers: Offering adv ice: . We have golf packages. Secondly. please realize that it is against the law to get drunk in public. enjoy great meals and feel very safe. On behalf of Suntan Tours I'd like to welcome you all to Los Cabos. We don't recommend exchanging your money at the hotel because you won't get a fair rate. but you are better off to exchange your money and pay with pesos. The bus costs about one American dollar. If you do decide to take a taxi make sure that you negotiate a price before you go. Firstly.

Please sit back and enjoy the view of the ocean on the left hand side of the bus as we enter the city. I can't sleep because my knees ache in the night. I ask that you remain in your seats until we have come to a complete stop. Check your unde rstanding 1 What does the tour guide say is illegal in Los Cabos? Click for answ er 2 What advice does the tour guide give about transportation? Click for answ er 3 Where are tourists recommended to exchange their money? Click for answ er Vocabulary Word part of speech abnormal adj ache noun/verb acute adj alle rgy noun alle rgic adj ambulance noun amnesia Meaning not normal for the human body pain that won't go away quick to become severe/bad Example se ntence This amount of weight loss isabnorma l for women your age. Javier will be meeting us at the bus to help you with your bags. We called the ambulance when Josh stopped breathing. have a wonderful vacation in San Jose and I hope to see you tomorrow at the information session. Your son is extremely allergic to peanuts. Please double check to make sure your bag has been taken off the bus. a body's abnormal reaction to certain foods or environmental substances (eg causes a rash) emergency vehicle that rushes people to a hospital a condition that causes people to I can't remember the accident .Closing remarks: We're going to be pulling up to the hotel in just a few minutes. We knew the baby was coming right away because the woman's labour pains were acute. On behalf of Suntan Tours.

you will develop painful bedsores.noun amputation noun amputate verb anaemia noun anaemic adj antibiotics noun anti-depressant noun appointment noun arthritis noun asthma (attac k) noun lose their memory permanent removal of a limb occurs when the body doesn't have enough red blood cells medication that kills bacteria and cures infections medication that helps relieve anxiety and sadness a scheduled meeting with a medical professional a disease that causes the joints to become swollen and crippled a condition that causes a blockage of the airway and makes it difficult for a person to breathe a disease-causing organism because I had amnesia. The anti-depressants helped me get on with life after Lucy died. We're hoping that the tests will show that the lump in your breast isbenign. wounds that develop on a patient's body from lying in one place for too long not harmf ul (not cancerous) removal of human tissue in order to conduct certain medical tests the amount of red and white blood cells a person has a person who gives blood to a blood bank or other person the rate at which blood flows through the body (high/low) a device that holds injured body parts in place position of an unborn baby in which the feet are down and the head is up . My grandmother can't knit anymore because the arthritis in her hands is so bad. My throat infection went away after I started the antibiotics. I have low energy because I amanaemic. I carry an inhaler when I run because I have asthma. You will be happy to know that yourblood count is almost back to normal. bacteria noun bedsore noun benign adj biopsy noun blood count noun blood donor noun blood pressure noun brace noun breech adj To prevent the spread of bacteria it is important that nurses wash their hands often. but the baby turned himself around. High blood pressure puts you at risk of having a heart attack. Blood donors have to answer questions about their medical history. We had to amputate his leg because the infection spread so quickly. The biopsy ruled out a number of illnesses. I've made you an appointment w ith a specialist in three week's time. We thought it was going to be abreech birth. You will probably always have to wear a brace on your ankle when you jog. If you don't get up and take a walk.

characterized by itchy spots all over the body a person who determines the cause of death after a person dies requiring immediate and constant medical attention objects that people with injured legs or feet use to help them walk a sac in the body-tissue filled with fluid (sometimes diseased) unable to hear a lack of something necessary for one's health in need of water loss of mental capacity We thought it was just a sprain. It is best to get chickenpox as a child so that you don't get it worse as an adult. We only call the corone r if we think a death is suspicious. The baby was so large that we had to perform a Caesarean section. chemothe rapy noun chic kenpox noun corone r noun critical condition noun crutches noun cyst noun deaf adj defic iency noun dehydrate d adj dementia My mother has already had three rounds of chemothe rapy. The tests show that you have an ironde fic iency. It is hard to watch a loved one . You saved your brother's life by performing CPR. a priest who visits patients in the hospital type of treatment used on cancer patients a virus commonly contracted by children. We're going to remove the cysts just to be on the safe side. c hapeline noun a bone that is divided in two or more pieces as a result of an injury injured body tissue that is visible underneath the skin procedure that involves removing a baby from its mother through an incision in the woman's lower abdomen disease caused by the uncontrollable growth of cells restoring a person's breath and circulation a hard bandage that is wrapped around a broken bone to keep it in place a place where loved ones can go to pray for a patient's recovery. There are many different options when it comes to treating cancer. The woman was badly bruised when she came into the emergency room. I'd rather hop on one foot than usecrutc hes. C-section noun cancer noun cardiopulmonary resuscitation (C PR) noun cast noun chapel. It is easy for the elderly to become dehydrated in this heat. thechapel is on the third floor. You can't see her right now. she's inc ritical condition. The accident left the patient bothdeaf and blind. If you want a place to pray. My leg was in a cast for graduation.broken adj bruise noun bruised adj Caesarean section. but it turned out his leg was broke n.

He is very feverish. Do not get it near your ears.noun diabetes noun diagnosis noun discomfort noun disease noun dislocated adj emergency noun ER (eme rge ncy room) noun external adj false negative noun adj family history noun fatal adj fever noun feverish adj flu (influe nza) noun fracture noun fractured adj germ noun genetic adj type of disease typically involving insulin deficiency medical explanation of an illness or condition experiencing pain a medical disorder that is harmful to a person's health when a bone is temporarily separated from its joint a medical problem that needs immediate attention the hospital room used for treating patients with immediate and life-threatening injuries on the outside suffering with dementia. This pain medication should relieve some of your discomfort. so we didn't know we were having a baby. or mouth. eyes. We had two false negativepregnancy tests. The doctor would prefer to share thediagnosis with the patient himself. especially one that causes disease a medical condition or physical feature that is passed on in the family . People with diabetes have to constantly check their blood sugar levels. The doctor made a fatal error when he wrote the wrong prescription. You will have to wear a sling because of your dislocated shoulder. Your wrist is fractured and needs a cast. The doctor was concerned about my family history of skin cancer. The child was rushed into the ER after he had a severe allergic reaction to a bee sting. and his temperature is near danger point. Flowers are not allowed in the ward to avoid the risk of germs being brought in. This cream is for external use only. I understand that this disease runs in your family. People who have the flu should not visit hospital patients. a test that incorrectly comes back negative medical background of a person's family members causing death higher than normal body temperature many types of respiratory or intestinal infections passed on through a virus broken or cracked bone a micro-organism. It is important that children know which number to dial in case of anemerge ncy. The disease is part genetic and part environmental.

I broke out in hives after I ate that potato casserole. cut in the body made during surgery unclear young baby diseased area of the body (viral or bacterial) appearance (red and swollen) of an injured body part damage to the body section of the hospital where patients get constant attention and doctors rely on specialized equipment under the skin. People who smoke are at greater risk of having a hea rt attac k. Her illness went away when she started eating better. The toddler was so dehydrated that the doctor decided to get him on anIV. If you are allergic to this medication your skin will get red and itchy. You can't have visitors because yourimmune system is low. The wound should be covered when you swim to prevent it from becoming infected. either on or under the skin instance in which blood stops pumping through the heart the virus that infects the human T-cells and leads to AIDS bumps that appear on the surface of the skin during an allergic reaction general term for any condition that makes a person feel sick for a certain period of time the parts of the body that fight diseases. She will remain in the ICU until she can breathe on her own. We have to do more x-rays because the first ones were inconc lusive. Her injuries were minor. infections. just a few cuts and bruises. an injection that protects against Babies are immunize d three times in a specific disease their first year. HIV can be passed down from the mother to her fetus. inside the organs feeling discomfort on the skin's surface a tube that pumps liquids and medication into a patient's body tests that come back from a I had to have stitches to close theincision. The lab results have come in and . The nurse will demonstrate how to bathe an infa nt. My right ankle was so inflamed it was twice the size of my left one.growth noun heart attack noun HIV noun hives noun illness noun ill adj immune system noun immunizationnoun immunize verb incision noun inconclusive adj infant noun infection noun infected adj inflamed adj injury noun inte nsive care unit (ICU) noun inte rnal adj itchy adj IV noun lab results a ball of tissue that grows bigger than normal. The doctors will be monitoring her for any inte rna l bleeding. and viruses That growth on your shoulder is starting to worry me.

school) noun newborn noun numb adj OR (ope rating room) noun operation noun operate on verb laboratory and help doctors make a diagnosis place where samples of blood/urine etc. You have to support her neck because she is still a newborn. The operation lasted seven hours. The patients in Room 4 are not getting along. caused by lack of oxygen in the brain expected to grow and get much worse (especially related to cancerous cells) place where someone trains to be a doctor an infant that is less than three months old no feeling in a certain body part the place where major surgeries and operations take place a medical procedure that involves going inside a person's body in an attempt to fix a problem strong discomfort in certain areas of the body type of medicine that takes away some or all of the discomfort of an illness or injury unable to move certain areas of the body a person staying in a hospital or medical facility a person who fills a doctor's prescription and gives people advice about medication a place where people go to buy you are free to go home. The victim was shot in two places but the bullet wounds are not lifethreatening. The needle will make your lower body feel numb. I'll take these samples down to thelab on my way out. If you are feeling lightheaded again. pain reliever noun paralyzed adj patient noun pharmac ist noun pharmacy. The woman has severe brain damage and is currently on life support. You must wear a face mask and gloves while you are in the OR. You can take two pain killers every four hours. After eight years of medical school I can finally practice medicine. are taken for testing a machine that keeps patients alive by helping them breathe when injuries and conditions are extremely serious feeling of dizziness and being off-balance. but she is learning how to walk. drugstore We gave your husband some medicine to relieve some of the pain. I'm afraid at least one of the tumours is maligna nt. pain noun pain kille r. We thought her legs were para lyzedfor life. but it was successful. Ask the pharmac ist if there is a generic brand of this medication.noun lab (laboratory) noun life support noun life-threatening adj light-headed adj malignant adj medical school (med. You should be able to buy a bandage . lie down and call me.

If the radiation doesn't kill all of the abnormal cells. a student working under a doctor a doctor's appoint ment to check a person's general health plain uniform (usually green. People who suffer from epilepsy are prone to seizures.mate. I have a sore throat and a runny nose. The child was bitten by a poisonoussnake. You will have to pay for a privatehospital room if you don't want a room. You will need to visit your doctor to get another prescription. white. One of the side effects of antidepressants is a loss of appetite.noun physician noun poison noun poisonous adj prenatal adj prescriptionnoun prescribe verb privacy noun private adj radiation noun reside ncy reside nt noun routine chec k-up noun scrubs noun scrub up verb second opinion noun seizure noun medication and other medical supplies doctor a substance that is very dangerous if it enters the human body of the time period leading up to giving birth the correct amount and type of medication needed to cure an illness or relieve symptoms being alone. personal (eg test results) high energy X-rays that destroy cancer cells part of a doctor's training that takes place in the hospital. The woman was well prepared for labour because she took theprenatal classes. the cancer will come back. I have some extra scrubs in my locker. or blue) worn by medical professionals carefully wash hands before and after seeing a patient input from a second doctor about an illness or symptom sudden violent movements or unconsciousness caused by electrical signal malfunction in the brain body not getting enough blood flow other symptoms that might occur as a result of a certain medication or procedure painf ul at the pharmacy. John is a resident under Dr Brow n. I have to scrub up and get ready for surgery. shock noun side e ffects noun sore adj The woman was in shoc k after being pulled from the river. Ask your family physicia n to refer you to a specialist. I went to another doctor to get asecond opinion about these headaches. I'd like to see you a year from now for a routine chec k-up. .

It may sting when I insert the needle. but appearing to be asleep Ever since I injured my leg I've been having muscle spasms in my upper thigh. I knew my ankle was sprained because it was so swolle n. I hit my head on the steering wheel . I was able to go back to work a few weeks after starting the therapy. wrist. symptoms noun temperature noun tender adj test results noun therapy noun transplant noun ultrasound noun You have all of the symptoms of a diabetic. We brought Jesse to emergency because he was running a (high)tempe rature. The heart transpla nt saved your life. The incision was tende r after the surgery. I spra ined my knee playing soccer. The ultrasound shows that we are expecting a baby boy. higher than normal temperature painf ul when touched or used medical information that helps doctors understand a patient's condition or body treatment aimed at improving a person's mental or physical condition moving of an organ from one human to another a test that examines the body's internal organs and processes using sound waves (often used during pregnancies) the lifeline from the mother to the fetus (when cut at birth this forms the belly button) alive. My family doctor is sending me to aspecialist. You need to take some time off work and relieve some of your stress. The test results came back negative. You aren't pregnant. You can see your husband now. knee etc) a patient is stable if their medical condition is no longer changing rapidly sharp. he is in a stable condition. umbilical cord noun unconscious I had an emergenc y C-section because the umbilica l cord was wrapped around the baby's neck.spasm noun specialist noun sprain noun/verb stable condition noun sting noun/verb stress noun stressed adj swelling noun swolle n adj the uncontrollable tightening of a muscle a doctor that is an expert in a certain kind of medicine an injury (less serious than a break) to a joint (ankle. temporary pain worry that causes muscles to tighten and blood pressure to rise ligaments (parts that hold the joints together) growing bigger and rounder after an injury to a joint pain or physical changes that occur because of an illness or disease amount of heat measured in a body.

The virus is contractable through the exchange of bodily fluids. Vocabulary Quiz 1 You shouldn't drive because this medicine might make you feel 2 The children's hospital. is located on the fourth floor of the Click for answ er Click for answ er 3 Discontinue using this cream immediately if it makes you feel . The technician took x-rays of my shoulder to make sure it wasn't broken. . If you get in the wheelc hair I'll take you down to see the garden. I should warn you that we're entering the mental health ward. The urine sample tells us how much alcohol is in your blood. The wounded soldiers are being airlifted to the hospital. I'm afraid you'll have to come back during visiting hours. I'm just looking for the best vein in which to insert the needle.adj urine sample noun vein noun virus noun visiting hours noun vomit noun/verb ward noun wheelchair noun wound noun wounded adj x-ray noun/verb and unaware of the surroundings a small amount of the body's liquid waste that is tested for different medical reasons the thin tubes that transport blood around the body and back to the heart a dangerous organism that causes the spread of minor and major diseases time of day when friends and family are allowed to visit patients in hospital discharge of a person stomach contents through the mouth a section of a hospital or health facility where patients stay a chair on wheels used for transporting patients from place to place injury to body ("flesh wound" means not deep) a photograph of a person's bones and organs and was still unconsc ious when the ambulance arrived. . Click for answ er for a new type of pain Click for answ er . The pregnant woman can't stopvomiting. so you may have The doctor wrote me a reliever. Click for answ er 4 5 Your blood count is abnormal.

The neck is what attaches the head to the upper body. Beneath this area is called the armpit orunderarm. inside which the spine connects the upper body to the lower body. which in women includes the breasts. The top of a person's scalp is covered with hair. On the inside of the upper body are the heart for pumping blood and the lungs for breathing. The rear side of the upper body is called the back. and on the inside of the mouth are the teeth for biting and the tongue for tasting. On the outside of the mouth are the lips. At the bottom of a person's face is the chin. Below the wrist is the hand with four fingers and one thumb. Here are the basics to get you started. from this medication include nausea and Click for answ er suggests that your wife is seventeen weeks Click for answ er 8 The patient has asked for some is visiting. Beneath the ribcage are the stomach and the waist. On the front side of the upper body is the chest.6 depression. is located here as well. 7 The pregnant. The jaw is located on the inside of the cheeks and chin. The upper arms have the muscles known as triceps and biceps. more commonly referred to as the belly button. which is responsible for thinking. Beside the thumb is the index finger. Uppe r Body At the top and front of the upper body. just below the neck is the colla r bone. the nose for smelling. . is the forearm. Food is swallowed down the throat. Beneath the hairline at the front of the face is the forehead. Underneath the forehead are the eyes for seeing. The navel. Between the elbow and the next joint. You will need to learn the names of the internal (inside the skin) and external body parts. At the sides of the face are the cheeks and at the sides of the head are the ears for hearing. You couldn't have inherited the disease because it is not . Head Inside the head is the brain. while her family Click for answ er 9 to make Click for answ er 10 Click for answ er Human Body One of the first things you need to know when working in English is the parts of the body. Uppe r Limbs (arms) The arms are attached to the shoulde rs. The joint halfway down the arm is called the elbow. and the mouth for eating. You will also need to learn the words for the functions of each of these body parts. Babies suck on the nipples of their mother's breasts. the wrist. The physician will be monitoring your sure it isn't cancerous.

The front of the lower leg is the shin and the back of the lower leg is the calf. . the penis (male) or the vagina (female). followed by the ringfinger and the little finger. Human Body Quiz 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Your tonsils can get swollen when you have a sore The My Dad's little is located in the middle of the arm. which holds a baby when a woman is pregnant. are the hips. . Click for answ er Click for answ er Click for answ er The patient lost so much weight his We'll put a cool cloth on your Another word for belly button is The newborn is getting his She may never walk again because her injured. The smallest toe is often called the little toe while the large one is called the big toe. Each foot has five toes. Click for answ er . Lower Body Below the waist.Beside the index finger is the middle finger. At the ends of the fingers are finge rnails. on left and right. At the ends of the toes are toenails. and the joint in the middle of the leg is the knee. was lost in the accident. Lower Limbs (legs) The top of the leg is called the thigh. At the back of the lower body are the buttoc ks for sitting on. They are also commonly referred to as the rear end or the bum (especially with children). The ankle connects thefoot to the leg. changed in the nursery. was so badly Click for answ er Click for answ er Click for answ er Click for answ er Click for answ er 9 on his knee was scraped off when he hit the Click for answ er 10 Your grandfather will be able to walk better after his surgery. The internal organs in the lower body include the intestines for digesting food. This area also contains the woman's ute rus. The road. as well as the liver and the kidneys. were sunken in. to get your fever down. the bladde r for holding liquid waste. Between the hips are the reproductive organs.

antiseptic bandage liquid used to sterilize (clean) the surface of the skin a cloth covering that is placed over a wound to prevent bleeding. netted material used for dressing wounds sharp pointed metal piece that pricks the skin (attached to a syringe). Study the vocabulary and try the matching exercise. used for taking blood or administering medicine the pouch that contains liquids to be pumped into a patient's body small plastic measuring cup equipment that makes small things appear larger than they are a device used for looking into a patient's ears equipment that fits over the nose and mouth and supplies oxygen an object that is used to separate the doctor and patient from others in an open room a device that measures a person's weight equipment for listening to a person's heart and lungs a cylinder-shaped piece that attaches to a needle and can be filled with liquid paper that is placed on an examining table or head-rest to prevent the spread of germs glass cylinder that is filled with blood or other liquids and can be capped and placed in a storage area bandage scissors blood pressure monitor dressing elastic tape eye chart forceps gauze hypodermic needle IV bag medicine c up microscope otoscope oxygen mask privacy screen scales stethoscope syringe table and head-rest paper test tube . word. and retrieving) thin. operating rooms. and number combinations of various sizes used to test a person's eyesight instrument used during operations and medical procedures (assists the doctor in pulling.Medical Supplies and Tools Here is a list of some of the most common supplies found in doctor's offices. and medical kits. swelling and infection tool used to cut bandages a tool that measures the force of blood flow through a person's body protective covering that is placed over a wound a thin roll of stretchy material that is sticky on one side a poster of letter. holding.

5i. such as the back or the brain. Study the list and then check your understanding by taking the quiz. 10 Can you cut this gauze for me? Answers: 1c. 4h. In many cases specialists require a refe rra l from a family doctor before they will see a patient. 7 I need to examine the patient in private. Pre pare the examining table for the next patient. 9 Let's see if you are running a fever. 7j. 6 Let's find out your weight. such as cancer. Here is a list of the most common types of specialists. 9b. 2a. Family doctors keep a list of local specialists and can help patients choose the right specialist for each medical issue. a table and head-rest paper b thermometer c oxygen mask d hypodermic needle e bandage scissors f scales 3 We'll have to get a blood sample. 3d. 5 We'll have to feed him with liquids. They either treat specific parts of the body. 6f. or they specialize in certain diseases. alle rgist: anesthesiologist: cardiologist: chiropractor: dentist: specializes in determining food and environmental allergies specializes in pain prevention during surgery heart specialist back specialist tooth specialist .thermomete r vial an instrument used to check a person's body temperature a small bottle or container used for storing liquids Matching Exerc ise Match the comments with the supplies that are needed: 1 2 I can't catch my breath. 10e Medical Specialists Medical specialists are experts in certain fields of medicine. 4 I need to sterilize the wound. 8g. g eye chart h antiseptic i j IV bag privacy screen 8 Let's c heck your v ision.

dermatologist: fertility spec ialist: gynecologist: massage the rapist: midwife: naturopath: neurologist: obstetrician: occupational therapist: oncologist: ophthalmologist: pediatric ian: physical the rapist: podiatrist: psychiatrist: radiologist:

skin specialist helps people who have difficulty getting pregnant specializes in women's needs specializes in muscle relaxation helps women deliver babies in a natural way specializes in natural cures and remedies brain specialist specialist for pregnant women specializes in workplace health tumour specialist, including cancer specializes in eye diseases specialist for babies and children specializes in the body's movement foot specialist specialist in mental health specializes in imaging tests

Re ferral Quiz Read the patient complaints. Which specialist does each patient need? 1 I have a terrible rash on my arms and legs. I think I'm allergic to dairy food, but it also might be grass.

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My husband and I just took a home pregnancy test, and it came out positive. We want to know when we are due and we want to make sure the fetus is healthy.

Click for answ er


I still can't walk and it's been three months since my accident. I hate being stuck in a wheelchair.

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The test results show that I have an advanced form of blood cancer.

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My left eye has an infection that won't go away and my vision has been blurry for two weeks now.

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I don't want to take any drugs that will cause me to become addicted to them, but I do need some sort of pain relief.

Click for answ er


I've been having major chest pains this week. I'm also having trouble breathing.

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I get terrible acne and I have tried all of the products in the pharmacy. I don't know what to do now.

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My baby is not developing properly. She hasn't put on any weight in two months and she keeps getting ear infections.

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My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for three years. We have tried everything that the books suggest.

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Doctor's Diagnosis Physic ian Your test results have come in. I'm afraid the prognosis isn't good. You have a long road to recovery. We have several options to discuss. The blood test came back negative. The transfusion was a success. It looks like you're ready to go home. I'd like to keep you here over night. We'll know more in a few days. You're not in the clear yet. We've ruled out diabetes. I'm hoping to get to the bottom of this soon. Patie nt I don't understand what this means. Am I going to need surgery? Is it good news or bad? When will the tests results come in? How long do I have to stay in the hospital? What is the success rate? Are they going to run more tests? Is this a common problem for people my age? I'd like to discuss other options. I'm going to get a second opinion. Sample Conversation Doctor: Hi Jessica. How are you feeling today?

Patie nt: A bit better. Doctor: That's good to hear. Are you still feeling nauseous?

Patie nt: No, I haven't felt sick to my stomach since you switched my medication. Doctor: Great. Say, your test results came in this morning.

Is it good news or bad? Doctor: I guess it's a bit of both. Now for the good news. The biopsy shows that the tumour is benign. That means no soccer. We're going to take it out anyway just to be on the safe side. Doctor: Patie nt: Wow. Doctor: Don't get too excited. After the operation you're going to have to stay off your feet for at least three weeks. which means it's not cancerous. Okay. Which do you want first? Patie nt: Let's get the bad news over with. Patie nt: I've probably just been so worried about this stupid lump. Thanks Doctor. that's a load off my mind. I'm thinking more along the lines of a food allergy. Doctor: Patie nt: I was afraid you were going to say that. These things often are stress related. We still need to get to the bottom of all of this weight loss.Patie nt: It's about time. Check your unde rstanding 1 Why did the woman have to switch medication? Click for answ er 2 What bad news does the doctor give the patient? Click for answ er 3 What medical procedure did the patient already undergo? Click for answ er . but we're still going to do a few blood tests just to rule a few things out. Doctor: Patie nt: Things like what? Cancer? Doctor: Actually. It looks like you're going to need surgery to remove the tumour from your leg.

Depending on the condition of the patient. My child would like something to drink. It is a difficult time for people who have loved ones in the hospital. In many cases you may form stronger relationships w ith the patients' visitors than the patients themselves.mate (a person the patient lives with) Neighbour (a friend who lives near the patient) Co-worker (a person who works with the patient) Boyf riend or Girlf riend (the man or woman the patient loves/dates) Fiancé (the man or woman the patient is engaged to marry) Questions and Concerns of Loved Ones We're Michael's grandparents. When a patient is staying in a hospital or other health facility.Visiting Hours Part of being a nurse. involves dealing with the people who are close to your patients. it is often necessary to welcome. . Immediate family Mother and Father (patient's parents) Husband or Wife (the man or woman the patient is married to) Son and Daughter (children of the patient. (I'm trying to find my sister's room. Show ing them compassion and explaining the rules is much easier if you have the necessary English skills. while others w ill not. monitor. Study the different people that may come to visit the patient. Then read some typical concerns and questions that visitors may have. Could you tell me where the chapel is? Please tell her to get well soon. and inform visitors on a daily basis. Could you tell me which room Mrs Smythe is in? Is my child going to be okay? When can we speak with the doctor? What time are visiting hours? I'm trying to locate my sister.) Is there anything you can do to make him more comfortable. Is there somew here I can lie down for a while. certain loved ones will be allowed to visit. boy and girl) Brother and Sister/siblings (other children of the patient's parents) Extended family Grandmother and Grandfather (mother and father of patient's parents) Aunt and Uncle (brother and sister of patient's parents) Niece and Nephew (girl and boy child of patient's siblings) Cousins (children of patient's aunt or uncle) Friends and othe r loved ones Best friend (patient's closest friend) Room. and some appropriate responses that you may be able to give them.

Ms Lee is too tired for visitors. Now. Does your daughter need anything? I'm afraid she's not having a very good day today. but I'm afraid while your w ife is on bedrest the doctor has requested that only immediate family members come in to see her.Questions and Responses from Nurses What is your relation to Jessica? You'll have to come back during visiting hours. We had to transfer your mother-in-law to the ICU. sir Visitor: My wife's in room 3B. Sample Conversation Nurse : I'm afraid visiting hours are over. When can they come? Visiting hours are from 9 to 11 in the morning and 4 to 7 in the evening. There's a quiet room for families down the hall. We do the best we can around here. Nurse : Sorry. He's in isolation because of the transplant. sir. Nurse : Visitor: Well. Nurse : Visitor: Can't her friends even stop by to bring her flowers? Flowers are not permitted in this ward. Visitor: Surely you can make an exception? What if she needs me in the night? Nurse : Don't worry. Why don't you . Visitor: Some of her friends want to see her too. Room 7 is down the hall to your right. Nurse : Thanks for understanding. you'll have to come back in the morning. (The doctor wants to speak to you. Visitor: And leave her all alone overnight? Nurse : I'm afraid that's the policy.) She's doing much better this morning. I'll give you two some privacy now. I'm going to bring your wife her dinner. we'll look after her. What she really needs is her rest. We just can't risk any germs that might come in with them. I guess it's all in her best interest. It's in your brother's best interest. The doctor would like to have a word with you.

head home and get something to eat yourself? Visitor: Okay. Nurse : Check your unde rstanding 1 What is the man's relatio n to the patient? Click for answ er 2 Why does the nurse send the man away? Click for answ er 3 The nurse thanks the man because. The doctor wants to see me again in two week's time. You'll be seeing Dr Lindsay. We'll call you if there are any cancellations. I need to see the doctor. Dr Jones is away. She's in good hands here. Do you think the doctor could squeeze us in today? I need to make an appoint ment for my husband.. When is the doctor free? I need to renew my prescription. . I really hate to leave her. My child needs to come in for a check-up. We're running an hour behind schedule. Receptionist What is your chart numbe r? What is the appoint ment regarding? Which day/what time is good for you? Is January the 3rd okay with you? How does four o'clock sound? We'll see you then. I'll tell her you were here and that you'll see her in the morning. Click for answ er Booking a Doctor's Appointment Patie nt I need to make an appoint ment.. but that's probably a good idea. I'm sorry the doctor is not taking new patients.

Now. Thanks for fitting me in. Receptionist: Do you know your chart number? Caller: No. We'll see you in an hour or so. it's almost 1:00pm already. sorry. Receptionist: No problem. We're running a bit behind schedule. Receptionist: Okay Mr Mason. Caller: Receptionist: Hmm. Caller: Receptionist: Caller: Receptionist: Caller: Receptionist: No problem. Receptionist: Thanks for waiting. please? Caller: George Mason. What's your name. I think I can make it if I leave right now. Jane speaking. That's great. I've been fighting a cold for more than a week. Caller: Sure. so you can probably count on seeing the doctor around 2:30. Maybe I'll have to go to the walk-in-clinic instead.Sample Conversation Receptionist: Doctor's office. Mr. Actually. How can I help you? Caller: I need to make an appoint ment with Dr. Harris. Hold one moment while I grab your chart. what do you need to see the doctor about? Well. Check your unde rstanding 1 Why does the caller phone the doctor's office? Click for answ er . It's at home and I'm at work right now. Gee. Do you think it can wait until Wednesday? Oh. we had a cancellation for 2:00pm today if you can get away from the office. please. I was really hoping to get in today or tomorrow in case I need some antibiotics. My cough is getting worse each day. and I think I might have a chest infection or something. Doctor Harris is off tomorrow. Mason.

2 Which is true about George Mason? Click for answ er 3 When will the doctor see Mr Mason? Click for answ er Vocabulary Vocabulary part of speech arrest verb assailant noun at large (on the loose) preposition + adjective armed and dange rous adjective back-up noun bail noun baton (night stick) noun book someone verb break into verb burglar noun cell noun Meaning take into police control person who assaults or attacks not caught. Did you see the assailant run away? I'm afraid that the man who robbed the bank is still at large. running free Example se ntence My partner arrested the man who set fire to the building. No. We're taking your brother down to the station to book him. Your husband's bail is posted at 20. We only have batons. is carrying a weapon and has a Do not approach the thief if you see him. Do you have any idea who would have broken into your car? We think the burglar got in through your chimney. police that are called in to support or help large amount of money that someone pays as a promise to appear in cour heavy stick that police use for controlling crowds or defending themselves register someone as a criminal enter a residence. . we don't carry guns. 000 dollars. We'll have to keep you in a cell until someone comes to pay your bail. violent background He is considered armed a nd dangerous. car. or business illegally a person who breaks into a home or business and steals items individual room in a jail/prison We're calling for bac k up now that we know she has a gun.

It is illegal to carry unregistered firea rms such as rifles and pistols. We've had a number of calls reporting adomestic dispute in your hotel room. Stay away from this area at night as there is a lot of gang activity. You will be happy to know that we have taken the kidnapper into custody. Your record says that you have two previous DUIs. a group of people often associated with crime and drugs responsible for a crime. under police control (Driving Under the Influence/Driving while Intoxicated). This is acrime scene.g. You can get charged a large fine for speeding in a school zone. You will be considered innocent until you are proven guilty. We're going to have to check your personal belongings for finge rprints. Please step out of your vehicle and get into the police cruise r. Did somebody here call the cops? We don't allow anyone with a criminal recordinto our country. Driving after drinking too much alcohol police officer responsib le for solving crime receive punishment for a crime by spending time in jail argument/trouble in the home(often leads to violence) get away from a holding place a major crime (e. Please stay outside the yellow tape. Murder is considered a felony and is punishable by life in prison. deserving of punishment metal rings that attach to We put your boyfriend wrists to keep criminals (or the in ha ndcuffs. because we saw him accused)from escaping climbing through your window and thought . murder) money that a person pays for breaking a law marks left by fingers that identify a person weapons that shoot detective noun do time verb + noun domestic dispute adjective + noun escape verb felony noun fine noun finge rprints noun firearms noun gang noun guilty adjective handc uffs noun The detective is going to ask you a few questions about the man's appearance. You won't be required to do a ny time but you will have to pay a fine.convict noun cop/coppe r noun criminal record noun crime scene noun cruiser (squad car) noun (in) custody noun DUI/DWI a person who is doing (or supposed to be doing) jailtime police officer (common slang) a file that lists all of the crimes a person has committed the place where a crime happened police car Please be aware that there is a convict on the loose. If you try to escape we will have to restrain you with handcuffs.

You will only be promoting street c rime. a fine given to a driver who Your license shows a clean driving record gets caught driving beyond the except for one speeding tic ket from five speed limit years ago. to take something that does not belong to you crime such as drugs and prostitution somebody who steals Do you know who stole your wallet? Don't give the beggars any money. We always patrol the downtown core on the weekends. According to our rada r you were driving well above the speed limit. often with force patrol (on patrol) verb perpetrator noun pic kpoc ket noun pistol noun pursuit noun radar noun/adjective robbe ry noun speeding tic ket noun steal verb street crime noun thie f Our local cops carry pistols but rarely use them. Someone called to report an intrude r on the third floor. innocent adjective intruder noun jail (prison) noun misdemeanor noun noise complaint noun partne r noun not responsible for the crime We'll believe you are innocent when you show us your receipt for the items in the bag. We have found the thief who stole your . Beware of pic kpoc kets on the subway. The guards will be patrolling the prison all day long. Stealing a road sign is considered amisdemeanor.but is punishable by a large fine. taking something that does not belong to you.he was an intruder. We have twenty officers investigating the bankrobbe ry. We are in pursuit of a man in a green jacket and orange pants. Two of your neighbours have made a noise complaint tonight. I'm going to get you to tell your story to mypa rtne r. a person who enters a home or business illegally a place where criminals are confined a minor crime (punishment is usually a fine or less than one year in jail) a call to the police to complain of disturbing noise (usually music or a party) another officer that a policeman drives and works with observe and protect an area person who committed the crime a thief who steals from people's pockets in transit or in crowds a hand held firearm the act of searching for radio wave transmission that helps police track cars and map crime scenes theft. The perpetrator is still at large.

Your punishment will be less severe because you are a young offende r.noun walkie-talkie noun wanted adjective witness verb young offe nder (juvenile delinquent) noun Vocabulary Quiz 1 2 illegally. My partner told me your license plate over hiswa lkie-talkie. Click for answ er is a person who enters a house or business Click for answ er . Three people witnessed the murder but they are afraid to speak. The opposite of guilty is . Click for answ er 5 Dealing drugs behind a restaurant is an example of a . Click for answ er 6 When a man commits a felony he gets taken into police . A man from your hotel is wa nted for his involvement in a murder. Click for answ er 9 One of the first things detectives do at a crime scene is check for . Click for answ er 10 Another word for prison is Click for answ er Crime and Punishment . Click for answ er 7 8 Another word for a thief is Click for answ er In order to prevent a criminal from running. 3 4 Some misdemeanors are punishable by paying a hand held radio each partner carries being searched for by police to see something happen a minor who commits a crime (usually under age of 18) car. police use . Click for answ er The person a police officer works closest beside every day is his . . .

A crime is a serious offence such as murder or robbery. I am taking you to the police station. A punishment could be. Please get in the police car. I'm going to write you a ticket. It is against the law to do drugs in public. Types of crime Crime abduction/kidnapping armed robbery arson assault De finition taking a person to a secret location using force using a weapon to steal setting fire to a place on purpose hurting another person physically . Criminal law deals with matters such as murder. Civil law deals with matters such as contracts or divorce. We'll tow your car to the station. A punishment is a penalty imposed on somebody who is convicted of a crime. The police are not normally involved in civil law. There is an important difference between crimina l law and civil law. Questions from law breake rs or suspected criminals Why did you pull me over? Have I done something w rong? Is this illegal? What are my rights? Can I call a lawyer? Where are you taking me? Can I make a phone call? Questions police may ask a suspected criminal Are you carrying any illegal drugs? Do you have a weapon? Does this belong to you? Whose car is this? Where were you at eight last night? Informing someone of laws and police procedures You are under arrest. I will give you a warning this time. Smoking in restaurants is illegal in this country. for example. You will have to pay a fine for this. Put your hands on your head. time in prison or a fine.

breaking and ente ring child abuse domestic v iole nce drug traffic king drunk driving fraud hijac king murder/homicide shoplifting smuggling speeding terrorism theft torture vandalism white collar crime trying to kill someone (but failing) going into another person's home or business with force injuring a child on purpose physical assault that occur within the home trading illegal drugs driving after having too much alcohol lying or cheating for business or monetary purposes holding people in transit hostage (usually on a plane) taking someone's life through violence stealing merchandise from a store bringing products into a country secretly and illegally driving beyond the speed limit acts of crime against a group (political/religious) or another country stealing extremely cruel and unfair treat ment (often towards prisoners) damaging public or private property (for example with spray paint) breaking the law in business .attempted murder burglary.

A child steals a chocolate bar from a store. A teenager drives faster than the limit.Types of punishme nt Punishment (example offence) traffic tic ket (speeding. Click for answ er Click for answ er Click for answ er Click for answ er . A Mexican sells cocaine to a Canadian. parking) license suspe nsion (drunk driving) fine (hunting out of season) house arrest (a young offender who is waiting to go to court) community se rvice (a youth that steals a car for the first time) jail time (man w ho assaults his w ife) life in prison (a woman who commits homicide) De finition leaves marks on driving record/involves paying a fine driving rights are removed for a certain period of time pay money as punishment for minor/petty crime remain in one's home for a certain period of time do volunteer work such as teaching children about crime or cleaning up garbage spend a certain amount of months or years locked away from society spend the rest of one's life in prison w ith no chance of going back into society Crime and Punishment Quiz 1 2 3 4 A thief goes into your house through a window.

I'll give you a map of the city. The ambulance is on its way. Click for answ er Click for answ er 8 A terrorist group takes over an airplane and changes its course. I can give you a ride to the hospital.5 A guard refuses to give a prisoner food or water unless the prisoner gives up information. I am going to help you. A juvenile delinquent throws a lit match into a building. My luggage/suitcase was stolen. . Try not to panic. Click for answ er 10 A man opens a law firm and pretends that he is a lawyer. Click for answ er 9 A group of kids use spray paint to write on a bridge. Click for answ er 6 7 A man shoots his second wife dead. Click for answ er Helping Tourists Questions tourists ask police I'm lost. Our child is missing. Questions police ask tourists Which hotel are you staying at? When did you lose your wallet? How much money was in your purse? What did the thief look like? What was the man wearing? Did he have a weapon? Where/When did you last see your child? How old is your child? What was your child wearing? Comforting a tourist in distress Please stay calm. Can you help me find the Pacific Hotel? I'm looking for the Amer ican Consulate/Embassy. What should I do? Who can we trust to exchange our money? Where is the bad part of town? Please help us. We will do everything we can.

Woman: What should I do? Stay right at the front of the store in case she comes looking for you. Sample Conversation A Spanish police officer helps a British woman find her missing child. She's skinny and small for her age. She doesn't know how to speak Spanish! Police: Okay. I think. Police: Okay. We'll start looking for her now. What's her name? Woman: Erica.Don't worry. She has a hat on too. She's only five.. Calm down. I can't find her anywhere! Police: Okay. Police: . I turned around and she was gone. everything is going to be okay. Police: Don't worry. Woman: Help! Police! Police: What's wrong? Woman: My daughter is missing. What does Erica look like? Woman: She has brow n curly hair. Police: And where did you last see her? Woman: We were just shopping in the vegetable section. Police: How long ago did she go missing? Woman: I've been looking for her for almost an hour now. I'm going to help you find her.. What is she wearing today? Woman: Blue shorts and a pink T -shirt. everything is going to be okay.

You didn't obey the traffic signals. You were driving on the wrong side of the road. You aren't wearing your seatbelt. They will give your driving licence back to you. We've called an ambulance. You cut off another car.Check your unde rstanding 1 Why is the woman panicking? Click for answ er 2 Which is true about Erica? Click for answ er 3 Where was the little girl last seen? Click for answ er Traffic and Accidents Pulling over drivers Can I see your driver's licence and passport? Have you been drinking tonight? How much have you had to drink? How fast do you think you were going? Do you know what the speed limit is? Is this a rental car? You were driving too fast. Questions police ask an injured drive r Are you hurt? Can you stand up/move? Where does it hurt most? How did the accident happen? Who was at fault? What did the other car look like? Is there someone you want to call? Don't worry. You aren't allowed to park here. You were travelling too close to the car in front of you. You broke the speed limit. . You're driving the wrong way in a one-way street. I'm going to keep your driving licence and give you a ticket. You can go to the police station to pay the fine.

I'm okay to drive. yeah. Man: I'm not drunk.Sample Conversation A Japanese police officer pulls over an American driver on the highway for speeding. Police: How long have you been in Japan? Man: A few weeks. You were also going over the speed limit. Police: In Japan you cannot operate a vehicle after consuming any alcohol. though. Mr. Police: Man: Police: Check your unde rstanding 1 Why does the man get pulled over? Click for answ er . I didn't know that. Man: Oh. why? Police: It seems you are unaware of our zero tolerance for drinking and driving. But what about my car? We'll have the rental car towed to the agency. Police: Can I see your driver's license please? Man: Ah. Maybe my wallet. I think it's in my pocket. When you're in our country you have to respect our rules. It's a rental car.. Yeah here. sorry. I know my limit.. I'll blow into a breathalizer. This is crazy. Davidson. Davidson? Man: I had one or two drinks. Mr. No. I'm not used to it. Police: Have you been drinking tonight. Uh. Police: Do you know how fast you were driving? Man: No. I'm going to have to ask you to step out of your vehicle and get into my car.

red. She was dressed in black. short. spiky. shoulder length. please notify us. Hair: short. blond. Davidson's excuse for his driving erro r? Click for answ er 3 What will happen to the man's car? Click for answ er Questioning a Witness to witness (verb): to see something happen a witness (noun): a person who sees something happen Witnesses are valuable to the police. Description of a suspect He was wearing sunglasses. long.2 What is Mr. How long ago did this happen? If you think of anything else. brown. He had a beard. accident or other event. in a ponytail Body: skinny. average height . tall. He had a mustache. She had a baseball cap on. muscular. chubby. curly. black. Questions police ask witnesses Did you see what she was wearing? Did he have a weapon? Was the gun loaded? What kind of car was the thief driving? I will need to get a statement from you. medium build. fat. The police usually like to question all w itness es as soon as possible after a crime. She was wearing gloves. A witness is somebody who is actually present when something happens and sees what happens. straight.

Woman: Police: Woman: Police: . he just told me to get on the ground. he had a pistol in his back pocket.Sample Conversation An ESL teacher working in Korea w itnesses a bank robbery. I don't know how much help I'll be. What makes you say that? Woman: Police: Woman: Police: Woman: He was just a kid. If you think of anythi ng else. Did he talk directly to you? I mean. did he ask you for your money or anything? No. Probably fifteen or younger.. The police question her as a witness. but I doubt it was loaded. I was the only other person in the bank besides the tellers. He threatened to use it. Probably five foot six. Woman: Yes. I can't remember what else he was wearing. please notify us. Police: Are you okay to answer some questions for me? Sure. Was he carrying a weapon? Yes. Is it okay if I go now ? I just want to get your name and phone number. That's all I know. Police: Can you describe him for me? He was Asian. I'm running late for a class. He was wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses.. He made me get on the ground so I didn't get a very good look at him. Police: I understand you were the key witness for the robbery.

In many countries such as Greece and Spain a national ID card is compulsory. Police and officials in these countries often use another system to identify people. Types of ID Passport Government-issued Photo ID card Driving licence/Driver's license Birth certificate Permanent residence card Social security card Medical/Health card Voter registration card Information/security items that may appea r on documentation bar code a series of thick and thin black lines that holds computerized information date when the ID holder was born: Date of birth (DOB) . such as asking for two pieces of ID. However. in other countries ID cards are not required. please.Check your unde rstanding 1 Why is the policeman questioning the woman? Click for answ er 2 Which of the following does not describe the robber? Click for answ er 3 What does the woman say the thief was carrying? Click for answ er Asking for Identification (ID) and Information May I see some photo ID? Can I see your passport? Driver's license. Do you have your birth certificate? How long have you been in the country? Are you here for a holiday? Do you have another piece of ID? ID is diffe rent in every country It is important to keep in mind that every country requires different documentation that proves someone's identification (ID). Citizens are expected to have these cards on them at all times.

landed immigrant.day/month/year: 23/05/1970 (23rd May 1970) month/day/year: 05/23/1970 (23rd May 1970) year/month/day: 1970/05/23 (23rd May 1970) Date of Issue Eye colour Finge rprint date when documentation was created blue. grey markings of a person's thumb or finger tip Height Hologram how tall a person is in centimetres or feet and inches a laser photograph which makes a picture or image look life-like a long black stripe found on the back of a card that can be swiped into a computer for information a woman's surname before marriage single. married. immigrant. refugee) recent picture of ID holder city. divorced (no longer married). common law wife. common law husban d citizenship (native citizen. black. teacher. F (female) hand-written name of ID holder Magnetic stripe Maide n name Marital status National status Photograph Place of birth Profession Serial number or PIN (Pe rsonal Identification Number) Sex Signature . separated. country where ID holder was born current job (doctor. retired) number that can be entered into government systems to find information about a person M (male). brown. green. permanent resident.

As police find new ways to crack down on fake ID (i. However. while others think it would help to prevent crime and illegal immigration. As police find new ways to __________ fake ID (e. Some thieves make a profession out of stealing wallets. such as concerts and nightclubs. There is great __________ over whether or not all countries should opt for national ID cards. Answer Today.e. Many young people use __________ ID to access adult venues. searching the Internet for __________ companies). Many young people use counterfeit ID to access adult venues. . true stealing someone else's identity for personal use (or sale) not publicly know n. or personal mail in order to sell new identities to criminals or illegal imm igrants. purses. such as magnetic stripes and barcodes help to prevent people from getting away with fake ID. ID cards with security measures. while others think it would help to prevent crime and illegal immigration. Some people do not think that the police should have access to such personal information. not real illegal immigrants people who do not have government permission to live or work in a country crack down on authentic identity theft unde rground to put a real stop to real. ID cards with security measures. an even greater problem for police is the concern of __________. new technology is created to help make fraudulent ID look __________.g. ID fraud is a major concern for police around the world. purses. __________ is a major concern for police around the world. such as magnetic stripes and barcodes help to prevent people from __________ fake ID. such as concerts and nightclubs. There is great controversy over whether or not all countries should opt for national ID cards. or personal mail in order to sell new identities to criminals or __________. Some people do not think that the police should have access to such personal information.Valid until/expiry date the last date when an ID document can be used Reading Exercise : Identity Fraud Read the vocabulary and then try to fill in the blanks. ID fraud counte rfe it lying about one's identity fake. Some thieves make a profession out of stealing wallets. However. usually illegal getting away with not getting caught by police or the authorities controve rsy disagreement surrounding an issue Today. an even greater problem for police is the concern of identity theft. searching the Internet for underground companies). new technology is created to help make fraudulent ID look authentic .

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