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March 11

Director's note
SIOM experienced another eventful year with lots of activity on and off the campus. Initiatives like Joy Fest, Rang De, SIFE projects, HR Summit all added to the experiential and fun filled learning. The Society of Operation Management (SOM) Nashik chapter was also flagged off. We hope to initiate research and value adding lecture series enhancing the creation and dissemination of Body of Operations Knowledge. The STAR News award for Best Industry related syllabus in Operations Management has encouraged us to constantly prove ourselves as best competency building institution in Operations Management. Tattv 10 and the lectures by Prof. Okuda Kazuhiko from Ferris University, Japan and Prof. Dr. Arun Jamkar from Maharashtra University of Health Sciences were indeed a treat to the students. Our poise to welcome the new academic year is confident with restructured syllabus, deep thrust on Faculty research and increased faculty strength. The ERP implementation will fortify our systems. Dr. S B Mujumdar's 75 years - Each one a "Renaissance" - "As part of the 75th Birth year Celebrations of Dr. S B Mujumdar, Founder President of Symbiosis, SIOM, Nashik conducted a blood donation by staff, faculty & students. Students also engaged themselves in various social projects, reaching out to the less privileged. To remind ourselves Sir's vision of " Vasudhaiva Kutumbakkam", a botanical garden of rare plant species will be developed on the campus." I am glad to announce that SIOM is organizing the 10th International Conference on Operations and Quantitative Management (ICOQM10) on 28th June – 30th June 2011 on Building World Class Operations Management - Issues, Challenges & Opportunities along with AIMS International. The conference will also be supported by the International Journal of Operations and Quantitative Management ( and AIMS International Journal of Management. The last ICOQM was organized by College of Business Administration, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles and the previous ones have been hosted by Assumption University (Bangkok), Indian Institute of Management Indore (India), Hanyang University (S. Korea), University of Western Sydney (Australia), Institute of Management Ahmedabad (India) and National Cheng Kung University (Taiwan). We await to welcome the SIOM fraternity of practitioners and academicians. I am happy to share with you the happenings at SIOM and look forward to your feedback on the same, Happy reading!! Dr. Vandana Sonwaney Director

Mr Ashok Venkataramani (CEO.for the first time. SIOM had arranged a Presentation Contest for Management Students in Nashik. C. . He spoke highly on the importance of quality management education in India. Second prize was won by IMRT college of Management and Third prize was won by Moonje Institute of Management. an event to recognize the BSchools which offer excellence to the industry through quality education. Media & Communications Services Pvt Ltd) presided over the event. IMRT college of Management. Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management did presentation on the 7th Nani A. on 20th January 2011 at Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management Nasik .K. Rahul Chaudhary & Mr. He was of the view that talented and efficient workforce will be of great importance in propelling the country on a path of unparalleled economic growth.Rahul Chaudhary (MBA 10-12) Forum For Free Enterprise In association with the Forum of Free Enterprise. Bandra .SIOM Bags Star News National B-School with the Best Curriculum in Operations Management Award 2011 12 February: At a glittering function held at TAJ LANDS END. The Contest was sponsored by Central Bank of India with the object of encouraging the management students to analyze. Matoshri College of Management & Research. . Rahul Guha (MBA 10-12) receiving the Star News National B. The participants from various Management colleges like Moonje Institute of Management. th Students Mr. This was the third event where the dynamic curriculum of SIOM was acknowledged. SIOM bagged the honors of being “The B-School with the Best Curriculum in Operations Management”. Prahalad in January 2010 In this event First prize was won by SIOM.School Award. Palkhivala Memorial Lecture by Prof. Awards were distributed across 18 categories to felicitate the B-Schools who strive to make a difference. STAR NEWS organized . MET of Management. The event was held to recognize and emphasize the role the management institutes will play in the scenario of businesses across the globe looking up to India as the new destination for the expansion of their operations. discuss and make presentations on important subjects and books.

Free Trade Negotiations and Operations enlightened the students with the growth history of Japan and how it came out of a difficult situation and excelled in everything they did. Gautam Bhimani stepped up the magic quotient as he hosted Inquizitive a quiz show. Now with the financial crisis. Mr. returns are less due to lowering of base rates. Atlas Copco as Guests of Honour. Great Lakes. the stock market is down. Japan and is specialised in teaching Global and International Studies gave a session on Japanese growth and innovation at Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management. Okuda Kazuhiko who is a senior faculty of Ferris University. Drishti clearly cast a spell on everyone from Jan 15 Jan 16. Indian rock band Prayag enthralled the audience with its electrifying performance. K.Pandit. MICA.J. FORE. Nashik.SIOM's Annual Event Drishti 2011 Leaves Everybody Enchanted Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management spelt magic in its sixth edition of Drishti this year. SIBM. Drishti 2011 which was sponsored by Atlas Copco saw a host of technical and cultural events which had BSchools participating from all across the country including IIM-A. Atlas Copco India and Mr.Rucha Pimprikar (MBA 10-12) Professor of Ferris University. DCP Nashik as the Chief Guest. Okuda Kazuhiko from Japan visits SIOM Mr. In the last few years many institutional investors borrowed yen at very cheap interest rates and used it to invest in other countries where the returns were higher. investments looking more risky. a visiting Professor at Boston University. With magic as its theme for the year. Drishti 2011 had Dr. NIRMA and Welingkar amongst others. Convenor for the event and the entire Drishti team for putting up a good show! . Mr. Director Dr. the need . IIFT-Delhi. GM.Somaiya. JBIMS. Boston and has also written many articles on economics. NITIE. Business Controller.Nikhil Gupta. Mark Hosley. Mr. 2011. Simulacrum. who was the member of Organizing committee for the “UN Global Seminar”. Kazuhiko.Vandana Sonwaney acknowledged the efforts by Ronak Shah. The two day event succeeded at putting theory to practice and bringing management concepts alive with its flagship event Maestro and other business events including Nimbus.C. When asked why Yen is such a strong currency in the world market he replied that it is due to presumably largely related to carry trade.

000 motorcycles per month and had officially changed its name to Suzuki Motor Co. Ram Bhogle who heads Nirlep Appliances Ltd . The underlying objective of this lecture was to focus on entrepreneurship and its challenges. Bhogle of the Nirlep group addresses students of SIOM Mr. However. Aurangabad spoke about how he took the reins of the business which was not in a good shape then and how he turned it around in due course.. The E-cell at SIOM facilitates such lectures from entrepreneurs as part of its initiatives to promote entrepreneurship. Ltd. He also Mr. He also answered various questions posed by the budding managers of SIOM. values and commitment that are aligned with sustainability. a mechanical engineer from Government College of Engineering. Japan. By 1954. Bhogle gave valuable insights on what goes behind the making of an entrepreneur.a company manufacturing Nirlep Nonstick cookware addressed the students of SIOM on Aug 16. Ram Bhogle. Therefore a lot of these loans are being repaid. Following the success of its first motorcycles. Suzuki was producing 6. -Rucha Pimprikar (MBA 10-12) Dr. to repay they need to buy Yen. All in all. Ram Bhogale being honored by emphasized the importance of ethics in business and how it Dr. Vandana Sonwaney always helps in the long run. Suzuki created an even more successful automobile: the 1955 Suzuki Suzulight. the lecture achieved its aim of bringing the focus back on entrepreneurship. which was exported overseas. Michio Suzuki invented a new type of weaving machine. Gerard F. He stressed on the fact that the sole aim of any business should be to add value. The fundamental idea of the session was to bring in different prospective & make students ponder about the implications of an environment which is not sustainable & thus strive towards a better secure & sustainable environment. Farias @ SIOM . so due to high demand the yen has appreciated. Mr. Business boomed as Suzuki built weaving looms for Japan's giant silk industry.for cash is high to cover write downs. It looks even more severe when compared to some countries like UK pound where the currency has significantly depreciated as even is the case with the dollar. Suzuki filed as many as 120 patents and utility model rights. He told the Symbiosis Students about Suzuki which he illustrated that in 1909. Farias @ SIOM Dr. Gerard F. In 1929. The students got an overview of how Yen maintains its value in the world market and the growth story of Suzuki as well as of Japan. The session consisted of the growth story of Japan and which consisted of Presentations and videos. 2010.Nitichandra Ingle (MBA 10-12) Mr. Michio Suzuki founded the Suzuki Loom Works in the small seacoast village of Hamamatsu. Dr. Mr. Gerard F. Farias the FDU representative on the United Nations NGO Committee on Sustainable development addressed the students on how the businesses can integrate sustainability into their strategies and operations and will also emphasize the importance of developing leadership. .

. Saint Gobain India.. The Second Session excavated ideas on how “Being an Employer of Choice A Tight Rope Walk in these Dynamic Times” The session was graced by the following dignitaries: Session Chair: K S Sarma-Principal Consultant. ACC Concrete. Honorable Chief Guest. Tanaya Mishra-Chief People Officer. Pankaj Bansal-Co Founder and CEO.Executive Vice President . Hemal J. Speakers also threw light on how mergers of companies need to handle the final sculpting of HR policies to bring out a better work ambience.Director HR. Mr. paving a road towards higher efficiency and productivity.HR. The first session on Lean HR practices was graced by: Session Chair: Sharad Gangal. Harsh Bhosale-Vice President-HR. Anil Gaur-GM-HR. Ms. People Strong HR Services. Hindalco Industries. Minvesta Infotech Ltd. DC Mandlic -General Manager-(P&A). The speakers in this session brought out the Business Need for Operations Management through exemplifications from industries and personal experiences.. The speakers in this session brought out live industry illustrations on how industries combat with the dynamism of the recent business scenario. Reliance Broadcast. Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Indi. This session gave us an insight on how Operations management is important in any kind of organization. Larsen & Toubro.Achieving Operational Excellence through People . modern day challenges of the HR function and how HR and Operations can amalgamate to facilitate the process of achieving business objectives. Rajiv Oza. on “Achieving Operational Excellence through People” saw grand success. Thermax Ltd. The session broadened our views on how the HR function of modern times can merge into mainstream business operations and organizational operations. The response from corporate houses and human resource professionals across India was really encouraging. be it manufacturer or service providers. Dr. IL & FS. We extend our heartiest gratitude to everyone who took keen interest in the HR summit which gave it a fantastic start! -By Dinesh Sharma Core coordinator HR Summit (MBA 09-11) . Dr. After-Market & Corporate Services & Member of the Group Management Board. Shalaka. The Third session delved deep into the “Business need for Operations Management” Session Chair: Marcel R Parker-Chairman. Mr.Executive Vice President (HR/IR/Admn). Greaves Cotton Ltd. Dr Raj Dravid-Chief Operations (Skills Initiatives). Legal. IKYA Human Capital Solutions. Admin & EDP Dwaraka Group. Mahindra & Mahindra enlightened us with his experiences speaking about people. The seminar covered major issues faced by the HR HR Summit 2010 function in India.The HR Summit We are highly elated to announce that our Maiden Seminar scheduled on 4th September 2011 at Ramada Plaza.Lancelot Cutinha-Vice President-HR. They spoke on how being a preferred employer is possible only treating employees as internal customers and drawing a fine line of demarcation between them and the external customers. irrespective of the size. This session broadened our perspectives on how implementing Lean in HR can be a powerful transformational tool. competitiveness. Thakkar Director HR. Dhananjay Bansod-Chief People Officer. Juhu. . Reddy's Laboratories. The Fourth session was on “Business Strategy-HR Still a Functional silo?” The speakers for the session were: Session Chair: Vineet Kaul-Chief People Officer. Rajiv Dubey. Maruti Suzuki Ltd.Vijay Deshpande .

with the 25 member contingent for were called upon to rag each other. he gave numerous examples from his work experience which sure were breath taking. Basketball. the annual sports event. He gave many tips and advised the students regarding all the activities which they should be performing during given a particular situation. Dr. . In all. Table Tennis and Lawn Tennis. Nilesh Dham an informal introduction where members from each team (SID.Nitichandra Ingle (MBA 10-12) RampagerZ in IMT Ghaziabad Veni. orations and hundreds of research papers in various national and international Prof. Mr. This was the first time that a SIOM team has won the finals in a sports meet. We conquered) Date. He has also delivered several guest lectures. It was marked by a lot of sport events in which teams from all over India had come to compete. Out team made it possible during Chakravyuh. He encouraged students to help the needy during crisis. but our teams battled on till the end with confidence and a sense of sportsmanship. The inauguration ceremony was a formal introduction of all the teams in IMT's huge foot ball ground followed by Dr. Ashish Phulkar (SIU Sports Director). Of Maharashtra for his able administrative and management skill in drastic H1N1 upsurge in Pune with ventilator management the first in India. Throwball. Our cricket team created history by winning the finals and returned with a smile of victory on their face and the trophy in their hands. Arun Jamkar being felicitated by conferences. to the land of India gate and chats. this was what made the team clear 5 rounds and win the finals. The first cricket match started with a sense of apprehension but after winning the first match.An Insight on the Disaster Management and Human Skills for SIOM students Prof. Vidi. .Mankaran Singh (MBA 10-12) . along with SIOM members comprised of 19 boys and 6 girls ready with their weapons to battle it out in various events such as Cricket. Dr. there was no looking back for the boys. Football. But it was for a purpose this timeto the grounds of IMT Ghaziabad for Chakravyuh. lost a few. he said that the basic thing during these times is to keep calm and act according to the demand of the situation. Badminton. Pune) . Vandana Sonwaney. Vici (We came. a fierce determination and an unbeatable attitude in each player's mind. We saw. to support the statement. and several surprise events. Arun Jamkar a renowned professor and a surgeon in the medical world gave a lecture to students at SIOM. Wickets fallings and runs pouring in. Dr. Management plays a very crucial role under these circumstances and these are the times when the true manager or the leader emerges. We won a few. The SIOM team IMT Ghaziabad. He received 'word of praise' from the Govt. Volleyball. the three days spent over there were exciting and memorable for the 25 students who went there. the annual sports festival of IMT Ghaziabad and thus imprinted their names in the book of history.11th Feb' 2011 to 13th Feb' 2011 It was quite an experience going to Delhi.

Mritunjai Kumar Gir.asp MBA (2009-11) Snehalkumar Patil Ritu Rajpal. Mumbai Won 1st Prize in Business Plan Competition @IMRT College. Vinay Nadar. Ajit Albert Minj MBA (2009-11) Won bronze medal as a part o f SIFE-SIOM team organized by SIFE MBA (2010-12) Participated in the Street Play organized by MICA. Mumbai Winner in Dream Merchant . Rehan Shaikh Manav Virdi .Case Study Competition @ SIBACA . Ajit Albert Minj. Bilma Balan. Got 2010 HSBC financial literacy grant of USD 500 for year achievements Student Name Ghanshyam Meena (along with team members) Ghanshyam Meena (along with team members) Snehalkumar Patil. Sneha Shah. Lonavala Certificate of Appr eciation in Gordian Knot . Bhupesh Dua. Rahul Chiplunkar Arpit Mishra. Nitichandra Ingle.he is the first student from SIOM to be both CPIM n CSCP certified MBA (2010-12) Participated in K2S Night Adventure Race organized by National Education Foundation *Certified in Production & Inventory Management by APICS *Certified Supply Chain Professional by APICS. Gunit Kaurm. Vinay Nadar Pankaj Murudkar. Sanjay Sabhagani. Vikram Shidne. Nashik Won 2nd Prize in Business Badshah Competition(Marketing Event) @ Sydenham Institute Of Management Studies. Nilesh Devikar Arpit Mishra. Hariaka Kurnala Batch MBA (2009-11) MBA (2009-11) MBA (2009-11) Accolades/Achievement/ Participatio n Participated in SIFE Regional and won bronze medal for SIFESIOM team. Anindya Patra Saurabh Pansare. Krishna Prasad AG Mangesh Ghandat. Gaurav Mishra.Ahemdabad MBA (2010-12) MBA (2010-12) MBA (2010-12) Won 1st Prize in "D Optimizer " competition organized by KJ Somaiya college Mumbai Was among the Top 4 Finalists in D' Optimizer (Supply Chain Event) @ Somaiya Management College. Lonavala MBA (2010-12) MBA (2010-12) MBA (2010-12) . Pankaj Murudkar. Shortlisted for II stage in Business plan Trash to cash Was among 30 students from India selected as campus ambassadors Technical paper on "Co -existent roles of TRIZ & Six Sigma selected for presentation Rajesh Bagrecha MBA (2009-11) All the 5 modules of CPIM completed in one go with good scores Selected for final presentation round in The Great Indian B -Plan Were amongst the top 5 teams in final round in Yukti Operations case study contest Aniket Bagde. Vinay Nadar Pankaj Murudkar.Marketting Plan @ SIBACA . See his testimonial on the below link http://www.

Deepak M. Tree Plantation. Arpit Mishra (MBA 10-12) Rang De Symbiosis Nashik Chapter Team . Nashik. The SIOM students taught the children the basics of computer and showed them how to interface with fun programs such as paintbrush. we finally decided to start-up the Rang De Chapter in Nashik.Students Initiative Celebrates Joy Fest 2010 Joyfest is a part of the “Joy of Giving Week” which is a national movement started with an idea of 'giving'. clothes donation. The launch event was attended by first year MBA (Operations) students and faculty. Looking forward to kick start the series of activities under our Nashik Chapter!!!! Rang De Symbiosis Nashik Chapter Team Pavan Bhat. The programme was inaugurated by the planting of a coconut tree in the school premises by the headmistress Smt. After many discussions with Mrs. The students of Symbiosis Institute of Operations management this year celebrated Joyfest at Mahanagar Palika Shiksha Mandal School. Sachin Bajaj. It offers students a chance to use the power of collective individual action to make a difference to the society. The children were then taken through animated movies which looked at instilling both moral values and environmental awareness. President of Rang De Symbiosis Nashik Chapter. Nandkishor Boddu. Educating students about Global warming. Vandana Sonwaney. The event ended with Pavan Bhat. Joyfest this year focused around educating the students about issues revolving around the environment such as cleanliness and global warming. SIOM has volunteered to become a member participant college in this movement. It was an interactive session about “MICROFINANCE” and was well appreciated by one and all. 2011 (Symbiosis Nashik Campus) It all started during our first interaction with Mr. Pangudwale along with the SIOM students and faculty. Inauguration of Rang De Symbiosis Nashik Chapter 19th February. came down to our campus to officially flag-off the launch of Chapter. Mitesh Tank.Ram Krishna N K (CEO of Rang De) during the Boot Camp of Thought berg Campus Ambassador Program in October 2010 at Bengaluru. Smita Ram (Cofounder) and our Director Dr. working for the lesser privileged sections and much more in the near future. expressing vote of thanks to Mithesh. Mithesh explained the business model of Rang De to the students through illustrations and presentation. The programme ended with the national anthem after which the students of SIOM distributed sweets to all the students of the school. President of Rang De Mumbai Chapter. The institute plans to extend its hand to the society by way of launching various initiatives like tree plantation. educating students about global warming.

Dinesh Khisti Total Productive Maintenance .By Mr. VIP Industries Ltd. P N Parmeshwaran Lean Manufacturing & Services: A Bright way to Success .Project . Ltd. Everest India Ltd Graphite India Ltd. I cycle KDKCE. Megafine Pharma (p) Ltd. Indian Tool Manufacturers Division. Schneider Electric India Pvt. Many cooperative societies. The Marketers Tl cycle TIME TECHNOPLAST LIMITED Ugam Solutions.By Mr.Feb 11) Quality Tools . Reliable Autotech Pvt.By Mr. Dinesh Khisti Beneficiaries of MDP Ashgraph technologies Pvt. Ltd. Pvt. Janalaxmi bank.By Mr. Mumbai. . EPCOS ind. This project is one of its' kind to be implemented in this part of the country. Ltd. The members will fetch right price for their products and the company will also pave the way towards rural entrepreneurship development.EVERYONE's ROLE .. Parle Biscuits Pvt. Narke Electricals R ltd Neutron.Mr.. NAGPUR. After selling their products to the traders they fetch a meagre amount which is sometimes even less than their investment. Buy farm products from its members and sell them directly to the end user. Prime Industries. Renfro (I) ltd. Lear Automotive (I) Ltd.Ms. Ltd. Atlas Copco Construction & Mining Product Company Bedmutha Industries Birla Precision Tech Ltd. To setup Producer Company.Path for Consistent Quality Products & Services . Ltd. Ekvira Coats. clubs have been started in the past but most of them failed to impact on the social status of farmers. The project 'Kshitij' will ensure sustainable development which will be based on principles of community involvement and Kshitij team along with NGO inclusive capitalism. Project is supported by an NGO 'Yuva Mitra' ‘Yuva Mitra’ members SIOM Trains Managers (Sept 10 .Ambad & Gonde. Shilpa Parkhi Total Quality Management .'Kshitij' Project 'Kshitij' is an attempt towards giving back the long lost financial and social stature to marginalized farmers. But the traders earn enormous money in this business and ultimately the consumer has to pay an unjustifiably higher price. Mahindra & Mahindra LTD. Prashant Barge Indian Taxation . Dinesh Khisti Excellence in Data and Information Management Using Advanced Ms-Excel 2007 . Project Kshitij will help a group of 103 farmers from Sinnar Taluka near Nashik.

11 • INDEST. Mumbai on 17. Prashant Barge at International Conference Faculty of management.11.06. P N Parmeshwran at the 9th manufacturing Summit 2010 CII on 26.02.10 to 04. Jan 11 issue.10 & 18. Sahar Mumbai on 17.B. Bibhuti Tripathy at SOM 2010 Conference at NITIE Mumbai on 17. Ms.11 to 20.aligned to PMBOK 2008 by Mr. The Management Accountant' Ms.10 . Yogesh Chandratre.10 & 15.10. Prashant Barge & Mr.GNIMS National journal by Mr. • “Best Practices in Library Services” in 'Open Access Resourecs. P N Parmeshwran. Mr. Bibhuti Tripathy at SOM Conference.10 to 19. • Effective Project Management. Dinesh Khisti. • “Goods and service tax in India: The Changing Economy” in The Vesimsr Press Journal of Development research by Ms. USA ( in press ) International Journal of Operational Research by Mr. issue July-Sept 2010.10 & 18. issue Jul-10. Bibhuti Tripathy.10 to 19.10 & 27.11 • XIV Annual International Conference of the Society of Operations management by Mr.10 • A Comparison of experimental Heuristic and Optimal solution in Resource Constrained Project Scheduling Paper presented by Mr.10. • "Taxation Awareness of MBA students .02.06. Hema Gwalani at Internalization of Higher education with Special reference to Management Education SIU on 14. Mr.11.03.10 • In Consym 2010 by Dr.11 to 23. Shilpa Parkhi. research & Training (CCGRT) The Institute of Company Secretaries of India from 20.11.10 • The myths and Realities of India Advantage:What needs to be done to reach the potential by Ms.Role of professionals" in Journal of ICWAI (Vol.10. Mr. Prashant Barge & Ms.10 • Re-inventing" the Indian Manufacturing Advantage: A new agenda! By Mr.12.10 & 15. 7).10 • Internationalization of Higher education with special reference to Management Education by Mr.04. P N Parmeshwran & Mr. SIU on 14.12. Dinesh Khisti & Mr. Yogesh Chandratre on 18. March 2011 issue.45 No.10 • Aligning TCM with strategic & operational cost management by Ms. Dinesh Khisti at Project management Course PMAC Consulting Private Limited on 24. Shilpa Parkhi.02. Hema Gwalani organized by SIMS. B. Inderscience publication.12. Pune on 17.AICTE Consortium Workshop & 8th Annual Meet in Cost management division. Tripathy Issue 2010 Conference/Seminar Proceedings: • Critical Analysis of Knowledge Management framework in open and distance learning in India by Mr.11. NITIE.Publications/ Research/ conferences Paper Published: • “An optimisation technique for crashing PERT network in project management” in International Journal of Operational Research by Mr.10 • Management Skills Orientation Program by Ms. • “An optimization technique for crashing PERT network in project management”. Vandana Sonwaney. SIU Pune on 21. Shilpa Parkhi at Cost Congress 2010 CII .10 & 27. Shilpa Parkhi at ICSI .10. Dinesh Khisti at SIC-ODL.12.02.12.AICTE Consortium and Central Library IIT Madras by Mr.Centre for corporate Governance.12. Shilpa Parkhi.

distinguished Professor. KleenTek Solutions.Imitator or Innovator? Retailoring Retail. Financial Innovation . Rajan. ISRO. Chief Executive Officer. The sessions included topics like Supply Chain A Cost Centre or Profit Centre.Nitichandra Ingale Dr. Thyagarajan.” Other guests include Mr Pradeep Mishra. Director SIOM.Business Development. where the event took place with all the big names in the diverse business arena arriving there to share and glorify the event with their presence. founder. Brand India . th . the sleepless nights spent for the preparation of the event Tattv'10 would now be delivering its fruitful results on 25th September 2010 and why not? The event Tattv'10 the National event organised by Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management was a huge grand success. graciously witnessed the event and shared his view on various topics and how a budding entrepreneur must have the fire inside him to change things and follow the heart. Mr Somesh Yadav. The chief guest for the event Dr Y. Transport Corporation of India Ltd. Head . Vandana Sonwaney congratulated the students on their efforts and making the event a grand success despite such a short time span allotted and praised them by saying that now the students have truly become complete managers by proving that big tasks can also be accomplished with the constraints given. The event added another feather to SIOM which is in its 5 year from the time of inception and still growing. Mr D. ISRO Chief Guest @ Inauguration of Tattv 10 (MBA 10-12) . Safe Express.Post Crisis? and also Adapting Lean to services – Revisited. Y S Rajan Professor. The Fifth National Summit “Changing Gears by Gearing Change” The stage was all set. They all gave brilliant insights on their relative fields and shared their experiences in the business world which helped the students to understand the market scenario as well as the difficulties faced in different types of organisations and the methodologies which these people implemented to solve the issues. It was the early morning at the Taj Hotel Nashik. The theme for this 5th National Summit was “Ideate Innovate Integrate” “Changing Gears by Gearing Change. Carnation Consulting. Senior Corporate Manager. S. and Mr Rajkiran Kanagala.TATTV 2010.

.. • • • • • Siemens • Tata Chemicals • TCS • TATA Motors • Tech Mahindra • Texas instruments Wabco-TVS • Wipro Technologies • ABB • Alstom projects • Bechtel •Bharat Forge • Bosch Capgeminl • Coca Cola • CTS • Escorts Group • Essar Groups • Godrej and Boyce • HCL Honda Siel Cars • IBM • Infosys Technologies • Ispat Industries • Kirloskar Group • Larsen & Toubro Mahindra & Mahindra • Mahindra Satyam • Oracle • RIL • Rico Auto • SCI .Corporates Participating in the Placement Process at SIOM (2009-11) Students Placed : Sector wise Split-up Sectors Manufacturing 27% Logistics 1% Consulting 29% Consulting IT/ITES Manufacturing Logistics Number of Companies Manufacturing & Automotive Consultancy IT/ITES FMCG Logistics 10 6 9 3 1 29 IT/ITES 43% Total MBA(10-12) Batch Profile Companies we come from.