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Alcatel-Lucent Indonesia Academic Partnership

With Institute Technology of Sepuluh November

2012 – 2013


Applicant must meet the following criteria to be considered for . . the scholarship.




majoring who

in need

telecommunication financial support.


Is not bound to any scholarship contract from other company Has no relationship with any of ALU employees and customers Classified as 2nd years in the first half of 2011. Must have cumulative GPA min. 2.75 on a 4.00 scale Must be an Indonesian citizen

To remain eligible for those scholarships. Must complete 30 semester credit units per academic year with a cumulative GPA min.00 scale. Motivation Letter (not more than 500 words).00 scale Gender balance choice of candidates Performance in engineering and telecommunications related subjects Extracurricular activities participation Likelihood of pursuing a career in the Telecommunications industry Attend an HR Interview APPLICATION PROCESS Applicant must submit following documents by December 16th. ALU reserves the right to terminate the funding conceding that the student is no longer eligible. 2. Scholars should accomplish all studies including thesis to have graduation in July 2014 d. 2. b. c. 2011 Completed and signed Application form Official academic transcript One letter of reference from the lecturer or faculty member.75 on a 4. describing your professional and career goals in English Financial support statement from local government officer (RT/RW) One recent color photograph (4x6) *Incomplete applications will not be considered .75 on a 4. Recipients will be reviewed on yearly basis. SELECTION CRITERIA ALU Indonesia will select the final scholars based on the following criteria Financial Support Cumulative GPA min. students must maintain satisfactory academic progress: a.

PROVISION Recipients will receive the benefit of ALU Indonesia scholarships allowance per semester accordance with company standard * starting on January 2012 and will be awarded the certification. This program is part of the academic program determined by ITS. usually to be accomplished from June to August. INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES There are 2 internship programs the scholars should fulfill with Alcatel-Lucent: ALU Indonesia Scholarship recipients should pursue a 2 months mandatory internship program in ALU Indonesia during their 3rd year at ITS. ALU Indonesia Scholars are obliged to conduct a one year mandatory employment program with Alcatel-Lucent upon their graduation. * It covers tuition fees. . monthly living cost and books allowance. ALU Indonesia reserves the right not to offer the internship position to the scholars if they do not meet the requirements.